Book 4: The Half-Blood Princes

BY : DamianTheSnowLeox
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Saiyan Pregnancy Woes




(Bits And Pieces of Scattered 18+ Scenes Ahead)




Bardock stared down the floor as Voldemort gave the group of Death Eater’s their newest instructions. His eyes narrowed and his tail tightened around his waist. His summer did not go as he had planned. Bardock had planned to get to know his cub better and to help him out during Vegeta’s pregnancy. Yet here he was, taking orders like he was under Frieza’s control again.


“Bardock.” The Saiyan looked up at his name. Voldemort smiled that creepy smile that made Bardock’s fur bristle “Do not fail me Bardock. You show much promise. Get it done and get it done quickly.”


Bardock bowed his head “Of course… My Lord…” he didn’t look up as the reptilian humanoid walked away. Bardock silently growled then pulled on his cloak and disappeared along with four other Death Eaters. Bardock appeared in alleyway next to Death Eater that he had locked onto. He glared at everyone then snarled “Let’s get this shit done. Greyback.” the werewolf grunted “Go get the old man.” Greyback nodded then took off. Bardock cracked his neck “Come on.” The remaining Death Eaters and Bardock turned invisible then took off towards a bridge.


Bardock growled and flew underneath the bridge. He put his hands on the underside then  roared as he pushed upwards. Slowly the bridge started to bend and shake as the metal structure started to bend. With a burst of strength, Bardock pushed it up and heard cracks form in the concrete and metal then heard metal wires snap as the bridge started to give out. He flew out then to the other side and slammed down with his elbow and snapped the bridge in half. Bardock flew back up, his ears listening to the screams of terrified lower life forms. In the past, the sound would have exhilarated him. But now, it just disgusts him.

He flew over to where he sensed Greyback as the bridge collapsed and landed. He sneered at the werewolf “Thanks.” he grabbed Ollivander who had his head covered with a bag then put two fingers to his forehead and vanished. He popped back and smirked “Sorry, forgot you weaklings can’t do that.” he crossed his arms as the Death Eaters scowled then went up to him and put their hand on his shoulder or back. Bardock then vanished, leaving no trace that he was there.










Goku yelped then ran into the bedroom he just left “Y-Yes Geta?”


Vegeta growled “Where the fuck are you going third class?”


Goku gulped “Uh… G-Getting you the stuff you asked for?”


Vegeta shot a Ki blast at Goku and yelled “Shut the fuck up! Don’t you dare mock me!” he rolled onto his hands and knees, his tail lashing behind him “Get the fuck over here.”


Goku cautiously walked over slowly “W-What do you need Geta?”


Vegeta growled in his throat “Get on the fucking bed.”


Goku gulped and when he got close enough, Vegeta grabbed his shirt and flung him onto the bed “GAH!” he crawled backwards “C-Come on V-Vegeta! W-We just did it like ten minutes ago!”


Vegeta licked his lips “I don’t care.” the Beta Saiyan crawled forwards like a predator then  yanked down Goku’s pants enough to free his member and started to suck on it enthusiastically.


“NNGH!” Goku twitched and bit his lip, he was still extremely sensitive from the last time they had sex. He looked down with a nervous expression, half expecting Vegeta’s hunger to kick in and bite off his manhood. Satisfied with Goku’s hardness, Vegeta crawled up Goku’s body and sat on his hips. The Beta looked down at Goku like a delicious piece of meat as he licked his teeth. Like Bardock had said, Vegeta had been almost insatiable with his needs, whither it be sex or food. His morning sickness had gone now that it was four months and one week into the pregnancy. The very pregnant Beta had started to lactate one week after getting back home to Malfoy Manor. Goku had thoroughly enjoyed helping Vegeta’s aching chest by kneading the flesh and sucking on the nipples to taste the sweet milk himself, but now Vegeta hissed at him whenever he tried. Draco for the most part was allowed near the Beta, often seen sleeping with him or talking. But, Vegeta had also taken to hissing and growling at Goku whenever he tried to insert himself into the cuddle group. Narcissa and Lucius were in shock when Vegeta had revealed to them that he was carrying a child, but Narcissa had accepted it faster than the Head Malfoy. The Malfoy Mistress was allowed near Vegeta sometimes if he called for her or allowed her to be in his proximity. She often carried food offering to keep his hormonal temper at bay. Lucius grovelled of his hand and knees for Vegeta’s forgiveness that he had gotten hurt. After a few well deserved punches, Vegeta forgave Lucius as long as he was able to buy everything he wanted for his cravings. They had also moved their pets into another room because when one of them made a noise if the Prince was sleeping, Vegeta either tried to kill it or eat it.


Goku was often seen moping around and staring at Vegeta from across the room longingly. When he wanted Vegeta, the Beta always seemed to not want him. When Vegeta wanted him, Goku couldn’t get away, often for days at a time. Draco one day heard Goku ranting to himself that he was going to die from sex whilst in his room while Vegeta took a walk downstairs in the garden outside for some fresh air. Draco managed to convince the Alpha Saiyan that he was not going to die from sex, but the large Saiyan was still on edge and skittish. On the days Goku saw Bardock, the male would often laugh at his pain and didn’t give him any sympathy. To Draco’s amusement, the scar-faced Saiyan would regale them with tales of when Toma was pregnant with Raditz and Goku. He even showed them some scars that he says Toma gave him. One on his arm was when he didn’t get exactly what the Saiyan Beta asked for when he was having his cravings.


Goku looked at his Father miserably and whined “Why do they have to be so mean?” The two of them were on the roof of Malfoy Manor while Vegeta had a nap with Draco.


Bardock snorted “The Gods have a cruel sense of humor. They go back to normal after a while. When your cub is first born, he’s going to be extremely protective of him. Tellin you now, he’s gonna cut off sex for at least a month, or until the babe is weaned.” he looked at Goku “Strangely, Omega’s don’t really act like this from what I’ve heard and seen. According to some buddies of mine, Omega’s generally keep to themselves or stick really close to their Alpha or Beta. Very cuddly.” he sniffed then leaned back and put his hands behind his head “Have you tried reasserting your dominance?”


Goku blinked at his Father “What?”


Bardock shrugged “You know, remind him who’s the Alpha. Growl back at him, bite his bond mark, spread warning pheromones, all that jazz.”


“All that jazz?” Goku asked in confusion.


Bardock shrugged again “Dunno, some Earthling saying. Means and all that, etcetera, to be continued.”


Goku blinked repeatedly “O...kay...?” he sighed and looked up at the darkening sky “So, how are you and Tomas doing?”


Bardock sighed heavily “I… I broke it off. He was getting too attached to me. Besides, with this Death eater shit it would only be a matter of time before Voldedick dragged him into it. He’s a good kid, I'd hate for him to get killed because of me.”


Goku nodded “I get that.”


Bardock sniffed “Let’s get back inside.” they flew down off the roof and walked back inside. Bardock spotted Lucius and nodded to him “Malfoy.”


Lucius flinched “Bardock.”


Bardock grinned and patted Lucius on the  back heartily “Come on Luc!” He grinned but his eyes were deadly “As long as my Grandcub doesn’t get involved in this shit I aint gonna hurt ya. Alright? We good?”


Lucius nodded “Y-Yes, right.”


Bardock grinned crookedly “Good man!” he patted him hard on the back making Malfoy stumble then started to walk away, Goku walking next to him. When they went into the room they both froze at the smell, sight and sound of moaning. Bardock blinked repeatedly then grumbled as he averted his eyes “I… did not need to see that…”


“O-Oh…” Goku gulped thickly at the sight of Draco being ravished by his very pregnant Saiyan Beta. Vegeta was eagerly sucking on Draco’s member, his hand closest to Goku and Bardock was stroking and rubbing Draco’s twitching tail. The Prince’s own tail waving behind him happily, curling and uncurling in the air.


Draco suddenly cried out and arched his back as he came down Vegeta’s throat. Vegeta purred as he licked up any stray cum then sat up “Mmm… Thank you for the meal Draco…” Draco was breathless and tired so he just nodded and put an arm over his eyes, all he wanted to do was sleep now. Vegeta sniffed and sensed two Alpha’s in the room. The Beta purred as he spotted his mate “Mm… looks like I have two Alpha’s in my midst…”


Bardock blinked then raised his hands “I’m out.” he turned around with his hands still raised and said as he walked away “I had to deal with Toma, you deal with your mate Kaka.”


Goku whined “D-Daaad!”


“Kakarroooot…” Vegeta purred.


Goku gulped then slowly turned back to look at his mate “Yeah…?”


Vegeta got off the bed with a grunt and sauntered over to Goku. Goku gulped again with side eyes as he watched his swollen-with-cub mate walk over to him “My chest is aching again, I want you to help me.” he grabbed Goku’s shirt and dragged him over to the bed and tossed him on it. Draco scooted away, thankful that the bed was a king size so there was enough room to not be in the way. Goku made a small nose when Vegeta straddled his thighs then pulled off his shirt. Goku stared at Vegeta’s nipples which were lactating with white, sweet smelling milk. Vegeta raised an eyebrow “Well? You going to stare all day Kakarrot?”


Goku jolted then his tongue darted out to lick his bottom lip “Oh uh, right.” he reached up with both hands and gently grabbed Vegeta’s soft pecs then kneaded them. Vegeta let out a small chirp and trill noise of approval, his tail curling with Goku’s. The Beta Saiyan leaned into the touched then gasped and purred when Goku took one of the nipples into his mouth. Goku sucked on the nipple and found himself purring at the taste of the milk. He swirled the bud in his mouth then let go and latched into the other one and sucked on it. Vegeta trilled happily, his fingers threading into Goku’s hair and tugging on the locks encouragingly. Goku closed his eyes and purred happily as he sucked then opened his eyes in confusion when he felt something hitting him in the stomach. He let go of the milky bud then looked down. Goku put his hands on Vegeta’s belly then grinned when he felt something hit his hand “Geta! He’s kicking!”


Vegeta looked down and smiled “Yeah, I feel it. He’s going to be one Hell of a warrior.”


Draco sat up and crawled over “Can I feel?” Vegeta nodded and Goku leaned back enough for the blonde to reach over and put his hand on the Beta’s belly. A smile grew on his face when he felt something hit his hand. He looked up “Think of a name?”


Vegeta nodded “It is tradition in my family to name the first born male, Vegeta. I will allow people to refer to him as Veget as to not cause too much confusion.”


Goku chuckled “That’s fine.” he tilted his head “Ne, Geta?”




Goku smiled “Because the Saiyan race is growing, don’t you think it’s more appropriate to call yourself King Vegeta instead of Prince?” Goku put a hand on Vegeta’s belly “I mean, the little guy would be considered a prince when he’s born right?”


Draco grinned “Yeah, that’s true.”


Vegeta looked at his swollen stomach thoughtfully “Hn, I guess you’re right.” he smirked “I’ll have to think this over more when he is born.”


Draco tilted his head “You said first born’s get named Vegeta right?” Vegeta nodded “Then why was Trunks name the way he was?”


Vegeta scowled “The woman wanted to name him that. I had no say.”


Goku nodded “I didn’t really have a say with Gohan’s name either. Goten was named without me there so…” he giggled “Grandpa says he almost named me Clark when he found me as a  baby.”


Vegeta snorted “I prefer Kakarrot but Goku is better than Clark.”


Draco nodded “Agreed.”


Vegeta licked his lips then said “Kakarrot, I want a raw steak or something. Not chicken.”


Goku nodded “Alright.” Vegeta crawled off of Goku and sat of the edge of the bed then watched as Goku walked out of the room.


Goku sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he hopped down stairs. He walked into the kitchen and looked around to see if they had any meat left over from his last hunt.


“We’re out of venison if that’s what you’re looking for.” Narcissa said softly as she entered the room.


Goku turned “Oh. Okay, thanks.”


Mrs. Malfoy smiled softly “How is the young prince?”


Goku smiled sheepishly “Uh… Fine? A handful honestly. I wasn’t expecting it to be this hard.”


Narcissa chuckled “Yes, most new couples say that. I’ve never been around a pregnant male but it does seem more involved than a female pregnancy.”


Goku laughed nervously “Y-Yeah. It is.”


“Count yourself lucky cub.” Bardock gruffed as he walked into the room, a large buck on his shoulder “Toma was five times worse than Vegeta when he was with Raditz.” he practically threw the buck at Goku and said “You’re welcome.”


Goku smiled “Oh, thanks.” he then went back outside to go cut and clean it, grabbing a knife with his tail on his way out.


Bardock opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of beer he bought, pulled off the top and took a gulp. He leaned against a wall and sighed “Bringin back a lot of memories.” he chuckled and looked at Narcissa “Did ya know that when Toma was pregnant, he almost bit off my tail?”


Mrs. Malfoy raised her eyebrows “Oh?”


Bardock laughed and nodded “Yeah, he woke up in the night and was hungry. He tried to wake me up but apparently I was out cold.” his tail waved behind him “To wake me up, he took my tail and bit it.” he walked over and grabbed his tail then parted some hairs to reveal a silvery teeth shaped scar.


“Oh my… That looks painful!” Narcissa gasped at the mark.


Bardock barked out a laugh and wrapped his tail around his waist “He was so upset with himself when he was out of the pregnancy. Wouldn’t stop following me around for three days till I sat him down and made sure he understood that I forgave him.”


Narcissa smiled “He sounds like a wonderful husband.”


Bardock sighed and rubbed his bond mark “Yeah… he was. Like I told my cub, we both hated each other when we first met. Somehow along the way, we both fell in love.” he smiled softly, a low purr bubbling in his chest “It’s not often Saiyan’s find their soul mates, but I know for certain I found mine in Toma. I could never love another like I did him.”


Narcissa put a hand to her chest “So sweet. I’m sorry to hear that he died.”


Bardock sighed “Lucius told ya hn?” Narcissa nodded and Bardock leaned his head back and took another long gulp of his beer “Yeah… I miss the bastard.” he pushed himself off the wall then started to walk away when he saw Lucius walking towards them.


“Bardock.” the elder Malfoy said.


Bardock raised an eyebrow “Yeah?”


Lucius looked uncomfortable but he said coolly “Narcissa, the Dark Lord has requested to speak with Draco. As well as to use our home as a… base.” he said the last work with a twitch of his fingers on his cane head.


Narcissa paled “Oh, a-alright.”


Bardock sniffed and looked up “I’ll get him.” he looked at Lucius “I don’t recommend you goin in there right now.” he snickered then took another swing as he walked away, his tail waving behind him. Bardock hopped up the stairs four at a time then knocked on the door “Oie, Drac, you two decent?”


“Yeah.” Draco called out.


Bardock opened the door to see a sleeping Vegeta curled up on the bed with Draco as his pillow. Bardock grimaced “Er… The Dark Lord wants to see you Drac… Um… I’ll… try and get him off of you without losing a limb...” he inched forwards then poked Vegeta’s arm and took a few steps back.


Vegeta blinked awake then growled at Bardock in the Saiyan tongue “Bastard…” he growled deeply in his throat as his tail puffed up.


Bardock yelped “Now Draco!” Draco made a small noise as he jumped off the bed and ran out the door, tucking in his tail as he left.


Vegeta made a noise that sounded like an angry yowl and roar. “BARDOOOCK!”


Bardock quickly walked forwards with his hands up “Hey hey! H-How about I sleep with ya instead hm? More surface area to cuddle up with ya know?”


The Beta glared at Bardock then snarled “Get over here… now…”


Bardock jolted then quickly rushed over “Alright alright!” he yelped when he was pulled onto the bed then Vegeta curled up into him. Bardock sighed then pet Vegeta’s hair “Feels like Toma all over again for sure…” Vegeta growled and Bardock quickly shut up.





Goku sighed and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. He just finished preparing the meat for Vegeta then stored the rest in the fridge and freezer. Goku put some of Vegeta’s favorite cuts into a bowl then put the bowl down on the counter and washed his hands and  anywhere he saw blood. He sighed at the blood on his shirt and took it off then started to scrub at it. He sniffed and over the smell of blood he smelled his Omega. Goku turned to see Draco rushing away to somewhere “Draco?” the blonde froze and looked at Goku who tilted his head “Thought you were with Geta?”


Draco smiled sheepishly “Bardock’s kind of trapped for the moment instead.”


Goku chuckled “Alright then. Where you goin?”


Draco paled “Uh, Father wanted to see me about something.”


Goku shrugged “Alright.” he then went back to scrubbing at his shirt. He gave up on it ten seconds later with a huff and left it on the side of the sink. Goku picked up the bowl then started towards Vegeta’s room. When he opened the door, Vegeta sat up immediately and sniffed the air. Goku chuckled “Hungry Geta?” Vegeta licked his lips but didn’t get off of his living pillow.


Bardock lifted his head up “Little help?”


Goku laughed and handed the bowl to Vegeta “I think you’re stuck there for a while Old Man.” Bardock groaned loudly as Vegeta sat on his more and started eating.


Bardock sniffed the said “Can I at least have some?” Vegeta growled and Bardock sighed “Never mind…”


Goku grinned in amusement then sat down next to his mate. He knew better than to try and talk to Vegeta when he was eating so he just watched at Bardock put his hand over his eyes and tried to go to sleep.


Vegeta suddenly stopped eating and looked up with alert eyes. He put the bowl aside and murmured “Draco…”


Goku frowned “What’s wrong?” he noticed a while back that Vegeta has keener senses during his pregnancy, often sensing someone’s distress before anyone else.


Vegeta growled, blood coloring his fangs “Someone is upsetting my Omega…”


Goku blinked then said “Draco said he was going to talk to his Father about something. Maybe that’s it? I didn’t want to try to connect with his mind to give them privacy.”


Vegeta snarled, his tail lashing back and forth, making Bardock sit up. Bardock groaned “Oh shit… I didn’t realize he was here already…”


Goku looked at Bardock “Who?”


The scar-faced Saiyan grimaced “The Dark Lord. Lucius mentioned he would be living here and that he wanted to speak to Draco.”


Vegeta’s growling got deeper but louder. The Prince then crawled off the bed and started towards the door, a murderous glare in his dark eyes. Goku went after the pregnant Beta “Geta! Don’t!”


Vegeta snarled at Goku “He is upsetting my Omega!”


Goku whined “I know! But I don’t want you getting hurt again!”


Vegeta narrowed his eyes then roared “You think me weak Kakarrot?!”


Goku shook his head vigorously “No no! Far from it! But, you have to remember he made that spell! If he used it on you… Then he could hurt you and…” he put his hands on Vegeta’s exposed belly “He could hurt him…”


Vegeta glared at Goku “You think… that I would allow my son... to get hurt?” he snarled and slapped away Goku’s hands “Get out of my way you buffoon!” Vegeta tried to leave again but Goku hugged him from behind. “Get off me!” he struggled then froze when he felt teeth bite his bond mark. The Beta made a small whine noise in protest as his body went lax.


Goku picked his Beta up bridal style and walked over to the bed. Bardock quickly got off the bed and Goku laid down his mate. Vegeta was glaring daggers at him and Goku felt horrible “I-I’m sorry Geta. I’m not gonna almost lose ya again...”


Vegeta huffed then grumbled something in the Saiyan tongue. Bardock growled “Oie, watch your tongue. He’s tryin to help your arrogant and stubborn ass!” he huffed and ran a hand down  his face “The fuck am I doing… I know that won’t work.” he waved a hand then went over to a chair in the corner and sat down “I’m takin a nap.” he leaned back, closed his eyes and was sleep in seconds, snoring softly.


Goku blinked at his Dad “Geez, and I thought I fell asleep fast…” he looked back at Vegeta who was still glaring at him “Don’t look at me like that Geta…” he sat down next to him and pet his hair “Draco wouldn’t want you bursting in there either. We can sleep with him when he gets back, then you can comfort him all you like.”


Vegeta huffed then nodded “Fine.” he sat up and growled “Give me my damn food.” Goku paled and quickly handed his mate the remaining meat in the bowl. Vegeta narrowed his eyes as he took the bowl then dove into it.


Goku sighed then leaned back on the bed, his legs over the edge of the bed. He put his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling in thought. When Vegeta was done eating, he slurped down the blood that was at the bottom then put the bowl aside and laid down, curling into Goku’s side. Vegeta’s head, leg, and most of his belly was on Goku’s chest, midsection and leg as the Beta closed his eyes for a nap. 

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