Third Time's a Soul Bond?

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Chapter 11, "Souls, Bonds, and Wands" where Ron experiences more…

Looking back, there were hints that things would get massively "pear-shaped" again, though they did turn out well, in the end.

First, some time between when Dad went in to work (despite what was going on at the Burrow, he was having to go in early at 6:00 AM instead of 8:00 that week) and 6:15, Luna and Ginny decided that they would have breakfast early at the Burrow, and woke Harry and me up.

Harry, for once, got up right away, before I was even completely awake. He even put on his holster along with his glasses. However, he had spent far more of his life sleeping in something instead of nothing, so he was wearing exactly what he had been wearing, which is to say nothing, plus holster, wand, and glasses when he opened the door.

Luna and Ginny must have been counting on this, judging by the smiles on their faces when a still more asleep than awake Harry opened the door. Judging by what I felt through the bond, they hadn't asked Harry first.

I summoned my bathrobe wandlessly to preserve at least my modesty as I rolled out of the bed. Harry had backed up, slightly frightened, very embarrassed, and quite "pointy." I wandlessly closed the door most of the way, since they had their feet in the way and I didn't want to hurt them for "peeking."

I said, "This wasn't very nice, girls."

They answered by summoning our socks from where we had laid them out. Luna said in return, "You'll get your socks back after visiting with us at breakfast. Also, no fair giving Ginny a show and not me."

Knowing Luna, and that she wouldn't "let it go," I motioned Harry out of the line of sight, dropped my robe, and opened the door enough for Luna to see. I was also "pointy." I turned all the way around as quickly as I could to give her a "good" show, and wandlessly closed the door back.

I asked, "Good enough, Luna?"

She answered, "For now, Ron. Hurry up, breakfast is waiting."

Harry and I quickly got dressed, with Harry still blushing down to his chest, minus our trainers and socks. We went to the loo, washed up, and went down to the kitchen for breakfast.

Second, Ginny and Luna had arranged themselves in such a way as to strongly suggest we sit paired with them instead of each other.

I told Harry in my mind, "They probably want to play 'footsie' with us, either to tease us, flirt with us, or both. Just let them, and be nice but honest.

"You will need to marry someone because of who you are, and you're insisting that if you marry a girl, that I'll have to, too. With our being us, there aren't many witches that will willingly share like that! Luna's my best bet and Ginny just might be yours.

"Just remind them that we're still young, and that the bond might not let us be more than friends. Other than taking the Mick at a quarter-past six, they're fun to hang out with."

Harry replied, "But she's your sister, Old Man!"

I replied, "And Luna's her best friend. If either of us does anything I wouldn't approve of Ginny and you doing, they can both take care of themselves and each other – to the point that neither of us would be able to kill the other, because we'd both be dead!"

"Girls are scary," he answered silently before we both said, "Good Morning, Ginny, Luna."

Luna replied, "And good morning to you too, Ron and Harry."

Ginny seemed to be silent, but I just ignored it, since she isn't that much of a morning person, unlike Luna.

We each sat down next to "our" girl as Mum put breakfast on the table for us. Right before we started eating, Luna grabbed my hand while caressing my right foot with her left. While I felt the spark, I just didn't get it at the time, thinking it was just a prank spell.

Across from me, Harry was blushing almost purple, and Ginny was slightly pink. Luna distracted me from them, while we started eating.

"I see why Harry likes this so much," she said.

I asked quietly, "Why did you have Ginny summon our socks?" though I pretty much knew the answer.

"So she and Harry could get to know each other better, silly. Besides, I still like you." was her answer.

I answered honestly, "And I'm starting to like you as well, Luna. You do know what a male to male soul bond means though, right?"

"That Harry would be in bed with us?" she said sweetly as I was taking a drink of Orange Juice.

Sorry Luna, I know you. Plus that was part of the answer anyhow!

After swallowing without choking or spilling a drop, I answered, "Nice try, but yeah, and another girl too; probably Ginny, but that would depend on if any of the other girls around our age at Hogwarts could be trusted enough for him to date, and would also be willing to "share," since we're now a magically matched set. And, that's if our soul bond allows it in the first place.

"Harry has to get married and father children. While I don't, Harry insists that I do as well. Provided I find the right one, and the soul bond lets me, I more or less have to get married, so that he will. Like I told you back in Hospital, you're fun, funny, and fun to be around. The idea of my not leaving Harry or not giving up having sex with him after we marry isn't bothering you either, so there is that. But actually getting that far isn't happening any time soon."

"But you will, when the time is right?" she asked.

I answered in total sincerity, "Of course, Luna! I'll bring you into my heart, and ask you to do the same. Just don't be surprised to find Harry, and don't expect him to clear out for you, either."

She was holding my hand again, and her left foot was starting to make my left foot jealous! A second jolt of magic hit both of us. Judging by how Harry and Ginny jumped at more or less the same time, Luna and I must not have been the only ones.

I realized that I had felt that particular jolt once before. I also realized that Harry and Ginny's silence, wasn't really silence at all, and that even though Luna had been having an otherwise "normal" conversation, that I hadn't spoken out loud since wishing them "good morning," and that they hadn't spoken to us aloud since waking us up!

With equal parts joy and fear, I quietly looked through my bond with Harry, but looked deeper. What I saw was definitely not Harry! I drew back into myself and found a second bond!

Neville walked in to the kitchen, still in his bathrobe and nightshirt, and just as distracted as he was the night before.

I asked him, "Neville, what is a more 'typical' time between when a bond is sealed and when consummation starts?"

He answered, "There's no set answer really, and that's why some people will actually break a soul bond if they realize they have one before it's sealed, which almost never happens. Sometimes the couples can go years, but sometimes the bond 'takes over' and your 'first time' happens within hours or even minutes.

"Hermione and I are hoping for a "long" time, since she's only just going on twelve, and she's afraid that her Muggle parents would literally lose their minds. My only worry is that she's able to carry full-term and have a healthy child without damaging her health. The bond normally strengthens a woman 'down there,' but twelve is still not the best age to start your family, even without having to worry about money and even with having family to support you and help you raise your kids. Why?"

Taking a deep breath, I say, "Mum, could you come over here and sit down, please?"

She did, and I made sure that Luna and I stood up and were not "hemmed-in." While I trusted Mum, I wasn't "taking any chances."

Mum asked worriedly, "Are Harry or you expecting? Is that even possible?"

I answered, "No, Mum! It doesn't work that way!"

I could feel the blush heat my face. But I had to get control of my emotions, and let Mum know what was going on, rather than "surprising" her with it.

"The news I have isn't that much better. Luna and I just sealed a soul bond with each other, and Harry and Ginny also just sealed a soul bond with each other. The good news is that the four of us just might be able to 'put off' having children if we get ahead of the bonds and slow them down, and that at least you were told this time by us instead of Headmaster Dumbledore."

A loud –CRACK—sounded in the kitchen, announcing the arrival of Pandora Lovegood, who was holding a Ministry letter, and was not happy! The slightly quieter –CRACK—announced the arrival of Xenophilius, who wasn't overjoyed either, but who was more concerned with his wife.

Taking control of the situation, I said in a loud voice that did not sound raised, "Let's all not lose our heads, here! These things do just happen. We at least have enough warning that we can hopefully 'minimize' any problems, rather than getting surprised by them."

-Knock!- -Knock!- -Knock!—

Neville had ended up closest to the Kitchen door. I asked him, "Neville, see who that is, please?"

He answered, "It's Great-Uncle Algie!"

"Let him in." I retort.

As Neville let Croaker in, I sent a quick message. "Adfero Arthur Weasley Dad, it's Ron! You need to come home now! It's too important to say in a spell. Thanks, Dad! Adfero."

While I was sending my message, I saw a flash of fire just outside of the corner of my eye from just outside of the kitchen door. Sure enough, Headmaster Dumbledore followed Croaker, with Hermione Granger in tow no less. His face was tense at first, but relaxed as he walked in the door.

As crazy as things were, they could have been worse. Instead of trying to kill Harry, Mum had actually got him in her lap, and was holding and comforting him. Ginny was also comforting Harry as she stood beside them. As the Headmaster was able to see this, he finished relaxing.

I asked him, "Did the wards alarm or something? And while Hermione is welcome in this mess, I suppose, why did you bring her if you suspected problems?"

He answered, "Apparently, neither Croaker nor the section of the DOM that maintains the soul bond registry are ready to handle near instant forming and sealing of soul bonds. Also, when one or more of the persons involved attend Hogwarts, the Headmaster is notified both for the forming, and the sealing of each bond; even prior to the notifications being sent to the persons and families involved. I received Lord and Lady Longbottom's notices late yesterday afternoon, and received the forming notices for Lord and Lady Peverell-Potter and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley less than ten minutes ago.

"The wards were 'stumbling,' though still stronger than they had been at Privet Drive, when I collected Mrs. Longbottom to come out here and find out what was going on."

Croaker added, "I have the sealing letters for all three couples in my hand. Pandora, while I have already put a twenty-four hour hold on the notifications, that doesn't stop DOM employees or Hogwarts from receiving the notifications automatically, since those notifications can't be blocked. Everyone else was blocked including the courtesy and congratulatory copies for the couples themselves. I hand-carried the notifications for the three new couples with me."

Dad Apparated home just outside of the back door. With wand drawn, he walked in to the kitchen.

I told him, "We aren't under attack, Dad, but things are beyond crazy. It seems the 'soul bond fairy' went nuts on us overnight. Ginny and Harry are bonded without affecting his and my bond, and I'm bonded with Luna the same way. Neville is bonded to a girl I'll introduce you to in just a minute or two."

He holstered his wand, but understandably didn't relax that much. As I worked longer in the Craft, I stressed using holsters instead of just having a wand in a pocket, though only Harry, Neville, and I had the restricted Auror holsters. Mum and everyone else except for Charlie had regular civilian arm holsters with chameleon glamours. Dad technically could wear an Auror Holster, but actually refused in order to make his department more "approachable" then the rest of the DMLE, which he actually fell under, reporting directly to Madam Amelia Bones.

We now had six adults and six kids ranging between the ages of ten and almost twelve, in a house that wasn't all that big. I had to raise my voice to get Dumbledore's attention.

"Headmaster, may I borrow a Hogwarts house-elf and some chairs and refreshments as needed, since I don't see this 'meeting' moving anywhere else?"

He called, "Tansy."

Tansy appeared, just as Neville summoned Mipsy, telling her to follow my instructions.

"Tansy, Mipsy, we need the furniture in the kitchen and living room to be moved somewhere close by without damage. We will need enough chairs to seat everyone here, and for the doorway to be temporarily expanded without damaging the house. When we finish with the meeting, we'll need everything put back to rights. We'll also need a breakfast buffet service suitable for a meeting from the Hogwarts stocks. Are the two of you able to do this?"

Tansy answered, "Master Headmaster said for Tansy to follow Master Ron's instructions. Tansy and Mipsy will make it happen. Will Master Ron make Mistress Weasley with two kids move?"

I looked, and Mum was in 'Dad's' chair, with both Harry and Ginny in her lap.

I told him, "No, work around them as best you can."

Two "snaps" later, and things were set up, even including a raised box at one end of the living room and a podium.

I got up and got everyone's attention again. "Everyone, please be quiet, and spread out as needed. Hogwarts has sent some food along for those of you who haven't eaten, or eaten enough yet. And yes, Dad, the house-elves will put the house back together when we're done here.

"First off, Pandora, do you know anything beyond 'common knowledge' about soul bonds?"

She answered, "Only arcane theory, and I haven't studied that in years."

I replied, "We may need that, since we are in uncharted territory here. Also, everything discussed here is now "most secret" under the British Wizarding Secrecy Act. Authority to downgrade and or release is limited to Director Algernon Croaker and me, under mutual consultation except on an emergency basis. The information we discuss will not only affect mainline DOM research into Soul Bonds and other arcane magics, but will also affect an ongoing Battle-Mage Office mission involving the security of the Wizarding United Kingdom.

"First, and of greatest concern to the parents both notified and not, what factors are known or suspected to affect the length of time between the sealing and the consummation of a Soul Bond, particularly a magic induced involuntary consummation?

Surprisingly, Croaker provided part of the answer first. "What little is known suggests that the strength of the bond itself may drive the intensity of consummation, but doesn't appear to affect the time. The time is affected by stress the couple are enduring, their need for comfort from each other, the degree of physical desire the couple would have had for each other without the bond, and the comfort the pair had or would have had with each other absent the bond. But, it's not a precise science.

"Your bond with Mr. Potter illustrates this. Despite your unknowing efforts to the contrary on the Hogwarts express, you only delayed your involuntary consummation by hours at best. Of course, for the sake of discretion, this actually was for the best. Do you know what to look for, Albus?"

"Yes I do, Croaker. Ron, if you use the 'Mage Sight' spell, you might be able to read Harry and Ginny. You will be able to read Neville and Hermione."

I cast the spell, and felt a 'pull' on my magic as I did so.

First, I looked at Harry and Ginny. Their magic seemed to be "synchronizing" in both frequency and colour, and was fairly close; being light gold and pulsing in fairly close but not perfectly synchronized slow and steady pace.

Next, I looked at Hermione and Neville. Their magic was pure white, fully synchronized, and was pulsing so quickly that it hurt to watch.

I asked, "Headmaster, what am I looking at, and for?"

He answered, "The colour will become closer to pure white, and will flash more quickly, the closer to the time then the bond will take over and assert itself. For some reason, all of the bonds are progressing exponentially faster than we have previously observed."

The Headmaster asked, "Mr. Longbottom, how big is the bed in the room you are using?"

Neville answered, "It's only a twin. Mipsy?"

"Yes, Master Neville?"

"How easily can the clearing from yesterday be warmed?"

"It can be done, Master Neville."

"Take Hermione and me out there right now. Hermione, hold on, we'll be able to take care of this…"

Hermione blushed, but smiled as she nodded her head. She took Neville's hand, and the two vanished.

Looking at Harry and Ginny, their bond was lightening, as he stared at Luna and me in open-mouthed shock.

I said, "Drop the Mage-Sight spell and relax! I listened in with you and Mum. She told you that she loved you and wouldn't throw you out or make you leave. Relax."

I said to the Headmaster, "How far off are the four of us? Will we need different rooms, or will we need the same room or area?"

He answered, "Because of the bond between Harry and you, you will probably be best to just use the same room. And as difficult as it is for me to say, you had probably best go to that room." I felt myself pale more than a little bit.

Xeno reassured me, saying, "I think the two of you are too young, but magic thinks otherwise. You aren't lying or taking from Luna, so we're good. I'll take care of her mother, and send her things over. Luna is more portable than Harry's wards, and we'll always love her. She's moving out, not being thrown out, so don't either of you make yourselves scarce around the Rookery."

Luna's eyes were shining as she said, "Thanks, Daddy."

Xeno kissed the both of us on the foreheads, and was gone.

Dad had us kids follow him outside the back door. He said, "Since Harry showed it meant a lot to him, each boy pick up your girl."

Harry, who had mostly recovered, picked up Ginny, who made sure she pulled her skirt up between her legs before Harry picked her up. He said, "Dad? Please get the doors; I'll have to make it in one go. He kissed Ginny, and took off at a brisk walk. I picked Luna up and followed behind. She didn't bother with her skirt.

Between the two of us, Harry had the heavier girl, by about ten pound or so. Ginny was a bit of an "early bloomer" at 5 foot even and one hundred pounds. Luna was only four foot ten and ninety pounds.

As we entered the house and kissed, Luna spoke through the bond. "I thought we'd be older."

I answered, "So did I, Luna. I had thought it would be a different house, too. At least I got the girl right."

"Yes," she answered. "And it only took three lifetimes to do it. I'm sorry about the other two not 'making' it, though."

"Don't be, Luna. My other lifetimes were exactly that. You only share me with Harry. He and you are the only ones I'll ever see as lovers. You are equals, just different."

"Ron, I've never been so horny in my life! Is this what you and Harry have been going through?"

"Yes," I replied as we made it to the door, which Harry fortunately hadn't latched. I entered the room, kissed Luna, and set her down on her feet. Before closing the door, I hollered downstairs, "Dad, I'll have the privacy charms up. If you hear anything clearly, be discrete, but we might need help. Otherwise, it should be like all four of us were grown-up and doing this somewhere else."

I closed the door, and locked it. Without any magic on top of it, a simple Alohomora would unlock it just fine if needed.

Harry and Ginny were sitting very nervously on the edge of the bed, appearing as if in conversation. If I tried, I could hear Harry's half, but not Ginny's. Just as well, really.

I said, "We are about to do something we hadn't expected to do for years. First, unless you really want it secret, say it out loud."

I raised the privacy charms a lot, and spoke again.

"I've got the privacy charms up so that no one outside of this room will hear. If we actually need help, I can drop them even quicker. Otherwise, it's just us.

"First, Ginny, get over it. I'll be in the same room at the same time. I'm not a Carrow, and I'm just as squicked-out in a way as you are. But if you had thought about it, you'd have realized that this was a possibility, if not really likely. Same to you, Harry. She'll know when we're doing it, too. The only thing that will stop her from looking in through your eyes will be that she'll see me. I'd be more worried about Luna, myself."

Luna smacked me on the arm, and a lot of the 'nerves' were broken.

Harry asked, "So, Old Man, how are we going to do this?"

Answering the girls' confusion, I said, "First, when we're having sex, he calls me 'Old Man,' and I call him 'Brat.'" Harry blushed at this, or at least blushed more.

"Second, if you get nicknames, they will only be used when the four of us won't be overheard. Whatever we call each other 'in the bedroom' stays 'in the bedroom.'

"Finally, we'll figure it out as we go along. The first time we penetrate you girls, it might sting when we tear your 'maidenheads.' You will also probably bleed, at least a little. Harry and I are also 'adult size,' and the two of you aren't, really. But, if you're horny, and you relax, it should be fine. We'll also do stuff with and for you, so we'll all have climaxed at least once before we get to 'that.'

"With the bond, the guy will 'share the pain,' too, if there is any. If there is any pain, it should go away before too long, but I'm not sure how long.

"Luna, both of you are wearing skirts. Are either of you wearing knickers?" They both shake their heads.

"Do the two of you want to undress Brat and me?"

We all blushed, but Ginny nodded, and Luna said, "That will help us relax. We'll strip for you first, though. I don't know about Ginny, but I'm all 'wet,' and it'll stain my skirt if I keep it on. Trade places with Ginny?"

Ginny and I swapped. I asked, "Ginny, have Brat and you figured out how to look through each other's eyes yet?"

She nodded and blushed as she looked at herself through Harry's eyes. When Luna and I 'traded vision,' she gasped in wonder.

They weren't wearing much. They started with their skirts for the reason Luna had already said. Luna was wearing two tops, which she took off as one. Her areolas were fifty-pence size, but she was just starting to "grow."

Ginny was wearing a t-shirt and a training bra. She removed the t-shirt, but left the bra on. She walked to Harry carefully, since she was using his eyes.

When she got well within reach, she asked, "Unhook me, please?"

Harry was able to undo the bra, though he was nervous, too. She walked carefully back to Luna, turned around, and let the bra drop. She needed the bra. I really didn't want to pay attention, so I didn't.

I asked, "By the way, have the two of you tried anything together?"

Ginny squeezed her eyes shut and covered her face. Luna answered, "We did, after lunch on Tuesday. It wasn't that interesting, and we didn't do more than get naked out in the woods and touch each other's chests. Ginny didn't want you to know."

"Sorry, Ginny," I replied. "We're both going to see a lot more of each other than we wanted to, if you follow. But Harry is bonded to and needs both of us, just like I now need both Luna and him.

I listened in to Harry. He was sobbing to himself, "please forgive me… please forgive me…"

I hit him with a wandless cheering charm and grabbed him in a tender embrace, kissing him deeply. I broke the kiss after about ten seconds and answered, "Whatever it is, Brat, I forgive you, and so does Ginny."

"Ginny," I say, "Your lover is overheating from all the extra clothes he's wearing. It's your turn this morning, so be a dear and get him starkers. Also, rub his feet; he loves it! And when you take his shirts off…"

Harry had his glasses off and in his hand. He said, "Please strip me, Ginny! I'll need to put my glasses back on after you get my shirts, though."

She took off first his (my) work shirt, and then his t-shirt, throwing both to the floor. She took his glasses from his hand, and gently put them back on his face. She leaned forward, and kissed him.

He took off his holster and passed it to me, saying, "Set it on the nightstand, Old Man, and yours too! I'm pretty sure that Luna won't appreciate them against her bare back."

I stood up as I removed my holsters, leaving the shirt cuffs unbuttoned. Ginny paused in undoing Harry's trousers, and passed her civilian holster with wand over to me. I collected it, and Luna also handed me a holstered wand. I suppose that that was why she had her left side to me instead of her right.

I said, "Stand up a sec? I'll banish the blankets to the foot of the bed. We won't worry about towels or anything since we're still trying to figure out what we're doing, here."

Harry asked, "Should I get out the 'jelly?'"

I replied, "Get it and set it on the nightstand, in case the girls get 'curious,' but we won't be going there on them right away if at all."

Ginny went to Harry's trunk and fetched it, sitting it on the nightstand. She knelt in front of Harry, and dropped his trousers. She helped him step out of them, and I decided to pay a lot more attention to Luna.

She said, "Kneel down in front of me, Ron."

I did, and she took each shirt in turn.

"Now stand," she said.

I did, and she undid my trousers, pulling them to the floor.

I stepped out of them with her help, and the y-fronts were next.

Several of the Hogwarts washcloths appeared both near me, and near Harry and Ginny, who I was trying to give as much privacy as possible…

Luna announced, "I want some in my mouth, and some on my face," and with that, I was suddenly watching through her eyes as she went down.

She asked in my mind, "How do I get it all in?"

I replied in hers, "Relax your throat, and go slow. When I pull it back into your mouth, let me. I'll be about to come. You should already be starting to feel my sensations as well as your own. I can already feel in my throat as well as feel your desire building 'down there.'

She looked up at me, looking directly into my eyes with her pale silver ones, and that had me going over the edge. I pulled it back from her throat, and she took control from there.

I started releasing in her mouth, and she took out to get the rest on her lower face. When I was done, I knelt in front of her, and slouched down to reach her face with my tongue. I licked her mostly clean, and finished up gently with one of the washcloths. We French-kissed and she stood up before me, spreading her legs.

She looked over her shoulder, and changed her mind. She said, "Lady Gold wishes to lie beside Lady Red while her needs are taken care of!"

Harry exclaimed, "Like from your mum's comic books?"

Luna replied, "Why not, it's better than Brat and Old Man! Especially since we're both younger than either of you! How'd he taste, Gin?"

"I thought it was 'Red,' Gold. And it tasted like Brat. Did you make the 'sell-by' date?"

"The Old Man is always perfectly aged." Luna quipped as she lay down beside Red.

Harry asked in my mind, "How do I do this, Old Man?"

"Ask her," I replied. "Every girl or woman is just a little different. Do it how and where she says, and you'll be fine."

Ginny's face cycled through several colours, before she sat up, pulled Harry's face to hers, and kissed him. She said out loud, "I love you, Harry James Potter. Now, quit apologizing and eat me! If you're nice enough at it, for your first try, I'll let you stick your tongue in my bum like you do Old Man, and I'll even try it with you! He blushed again, but also smiled, and they got back to it.

I turned back to Luna, and 'went down.' She was aroused enough that I could start off more directly than I might have otherwise. I licked around her 'button,' her 'lips,' and even went inside her several times with my tongue. I decided to 'finish' her from 'inside' if I could, and actually managed to do it.

Luna rolled over onto her stomach, to get what Harry was giving Ginny. She got it, with a little help on the other side from my hand, and climaxed again. She asked, "Do you want me to return the favour?"

Harry was on the floor, on his knees and left hand. Ginny was returning the favour, and lending a helping hand as well. Harry's had cupped his hand in front of himself. We got down on the floor, and followed their lead. After finishing, Luna and I shared what I'd 'caught,'

They had us lay down on the beds, on our backs. Luna said, "I read that this is easier for a virgin, and it's not like we'll be flying the sheet from the battlements like in the Middle Ages.

I paid attention to Luna, but hearing Ginny and Harry gasp in unison distracted me for a moment.

Luna decided to let 'gravity' do the work, and rather than easing on, just sat straight down on it, after making sure that she and it were lined up. It wasn't "Harry rammed it home the first time" painful, but it definitely got my attention. While she was an "early bloomer" down there, I was still already "adult sized," and she just sat on it!

After we both caught our breaths, she and Ginny started to 'ride' in unison. I lasted five minutes before climaxing the first time, just as she started to come. I let both climaxes 'roll' back and forth between us, until we were both utterly spent – or at least she was. I was still hard, if satisfied. She lay down on me, and we kissed deeply again.

She asked, "How much do you have to clean it after doing me in the bum to do me in front again without giving me an infection?"

I answered, "Soap and water will do just fine. There's a pan under the bed, we have soap in the room, and I can cast the Aguamenti spell easily. Did you want to try that?"

Luna nodded her head, adding, "I think I'm good in front, but if the 'zombie sex' hits…"

Harry said, "Hold that thought." He thought, and his wand just barely left his holster, and remained on the nightstand. He incanted, "Adfero Albus Dumbledore Professor, it's Harry. Will the uncontrolled stuff like Sunday night happen if she's already pregnant from you? We're still worried about that. Please let us know by return spell, thanks. Adfero"

Harry's stag Patronus nodded once and vanished in a streak of light. About three minutes later, a silvery ghostly phoenix entered the room and spoke in Dumbledore's voice.

"Congratulations on learning a new spell. Be careful what you send with it, since the spell cannot tell who else is with the person whom you have sent the message. I was fortunately alone, but had several of the faculty in my office not two minutes prior.

"As you guessed, the magically driven act is to force pregnancy in male to female soul bonds, as well as to open the bond further. Having that act magically driven after first conception is not known to happen. But you will want to be careful, and you should be more concerned with opening yourselves with and to each other, which is by far the greater benefit to the bond."

I wandlessly cast a pregnancy charm on Ginny, who was sitting up on Harry with him still inside of her. Somewhat surprisingly, she was pregnant! I repeated the spell with Luna, and got the same results, but with an added pulse.

All four of us gasped, though in my case, it was the idea of putting 'tiny little Luna' through twins for her first pregnancy.

I asked, "How far out from your last period was this for each of you?

Ginny answered, "Fifteen days for both of us. Why?"

I said, "The timing influences whether the child is a girl or a boy. On the early side of the fertility window, only the larger and longer living female sperm can make it all the way to the egg. On the late side, the smaller and faster male sperm out swim the female sperm, and get to the egg first."

I could see a hundred different emotions cross Harry's face, before he settled on "prank." He turned pensive again, and called for Mipsy.

Before the house-elf could speak, Harry asked, "Were Master Neville and Mistress Hermione 'in control' when they went out to the clearing? Did they stay in control?"

Mipsy paused, before saying, "Master and Mistress stayed in control of themselves and enjoyed the time. Mistress is sad, now, and Master is having trouble cheering her up."

Harry answered, "Thank you Mipsy. We'll be busy a while longer."

The house-elf left, and Harry became devious again He incanted, "Adfero Hermione Longbottom Cheer up, Hermione! At least your sibling wasn't watching you get it on! Nyaah! Adfero."

He rolled over on his stomach and caressed my leg with his foot. He said, "Open the window, Old Man, and lube me up and take care of me. Ginny wants to try, but she's scared of what it will feel like."

I wandlessly opened the window, and Luna looked me in the eye. She said, "After that, he takes care of you too. Then, Ginny and I will ride the two of you that way." Off in the distance, we heard Hermione scream, "HARRY POTTER, YOU BRAT!"

I closed the window to the sound of Harry's giggling. I grabbed the 'jelly,' and went to town on Harry's arse while kissing his back and neck, and while Ginny held his hand. He cried and hollered, but enjoyed every minute, caressing my feet with his while he cried and shouted – how good it felt, and for her to not 'hitch' or hold her breath, because he was bigger than me, and she would be "smaller than I was, before Ron happened." We both came after about five minutes, along with Ginny!

She exclaimed, "Oh Merlin, Gold! You won't believe it! I felt Brat and Old Man, and I came too! I squirted half-way to my knees!"

I felt a sharp stinging slap to my arse, and yelped in pain. Luna said, "Budge up and let the Brat have you, Old Man. so Lady Gold can get her due!"

Switch it up we did, and boy, did we! He had my eyes watering, and my arse was on fire! I shouted until I almost lost my voice. But I also had never felt better in my life. Luna had held my hand in one of hers, and was squeezing it with her other. I barely lasted four minutes before both Harry and I climaxed, almost passing out.

We lay there catching our breath, with Harry nuzzling my ear whilst stroking the soles of my feet with his toes. I had never felt so spent, yet so alive.

After she had somewhat caught her breath, Luna said, "I didn't know girls could 'squirt' at climax. I think I made my knees!"

Harry 'pulled out,' and rolled toward the foot of the bed as I rolled back towards the head. Luna straddled me right away, facing back-on towards me. She said, "Please finger some 'jelly' into my bum, while I make sure you're still slick." After fingering her, and working her up to two fingers, she turned around to face me. I saw that Ginny was hovering over Harry, and still looking worried.

They lined themselves up, looked at each other, nodded, and sat down quickly, shouting as they did so. Harry grabbed my right hand with his left, as I grabbed one of Luna's. They were both hurting, yet wouldn't admit it, and rode us like carousel horses. We made love and sex and noise, lasting for almost ten intense minutes, before all four of us climaxed through our bonds, and into, and onto each other. Luna and Ginny collapsed onto us, as they caressed, kissed, and hugged us, and we them.

Harry surprised us all when he spoke. Though heard by all three of us who were in the room with him, he spoke to only one. "Sometimes, Ginerva Molly Potter, you who are the purer portion of my soul; only the wild feast will fill you. Other times, a quiet supper is more than enough.

"In my memory, Ginny, I have never had a pair of shoes that truly fit, or socks that were fit to wear, until I bought my dress shoes and socks for Hogwarts. I was also never in a place where I felt safe to remove them. My cupboard was cold, and the spiders might 'take a bite.' I didn't wear shoes or socks to bathe, but 'bath-time' on the best of days was only for hygiene and that as quick as I could manage.

"I had no safe refuge, no place where I could remove the minor tortures from my feet, because of the major tortures that dogged my heels from first light to last post. I had to be ready to run like the wind, duck, and dodge, and all of that with shoes that never fit well. My last pair of trainers came from the dumpster behind the second-hand clothing store. Until Sunday, the first of September last, when my True Hero met me at King's Cross.

"I had arrived to catch a train, Ginny, when we met in passing. My Hero met me instead, that I would ride on the train instead of beneath the wheels of one. He bore me up from the depths of true despair, to the light of happiness, and of life well and truly lived. I gave myself to him utterly, fearing he would reject me, or say that I 'wasn't good enough.'

"But, he accepted me, and gave me the entirety of himself in return! I don't know if even he appreciates just what he gave me along with a meal, and the chance to remove my trainers and socks in peace. I thought I would trade the use of my body for a few hours respite. Yet he not only gave me his body in return, but also gave me true peace, for the first time that I could remember.

"I also discovered things that most people take for granted. I discovered that being touched felt good, and that you could touch or hug a person without getting slapped or punched. I discovered that it felt nice to have someone prepare a meal for you, and actually put in the effort to make the food taste good.

"I also discovered that it felt nice to go around without shoes or socks, and that it felt even better to do so with a lover who appreciated me completely, even down to caressing my feet with their own, and thinking that they are not only nice, but sexy too. While not quite hugging or kissing, it also feels nice. I've had more nice in the last five days than I've had in the last five years, and that is not including the sex, which I can't even find words to describe.

"Magic, at times, is both kind and cruel in equal measure. Our bond, and Ron's bond with me may bind me to the both of you, but they have also set me free. If the world ever slows down long enough for me to get my mind around it, I will be truly happy for the first time that I can remember, even with the price we're paying for being 'ahead of the time,' and 'not exactly what society will accept.'

"My life is actually worth living for the first time that I can remember, and I actually look forward to tomorrow and the day after that with something other than fear and weariness. And, it all comes down to twelve words, half of which are proper nouns.

"I love you, Ronald Billius Weasley. I love you, Ginerva Molly Potter. Twelve words in two sentences that are also only one, and life is for me now a wonderful word, rather than a sentence.

"Even with all the uncertainty in our lives, and I'm every bit as scared about everything to do with starting our family at our ages as you are, I now have hope again, for the first time that I can remember. There are no words to express how thankful I am to the two of you and to your family with allowing me into their lives as well…"

I checked through my bond with Harry. Both he and Ginny were fast asleep.

I called Mipsy.

"Master Ron called for Mipsy?"

"Who else is in the house besides the four of us?"

"Only Master Neville and Mistress Hermione are in the house. Master Arthur told me to tell you to send your talking dog spell to him when all six young masters are cleaned up and dressed again."

"Have Master Neville and Mistress Hermione used the loo and gotten cleaned up yet?"

"Master and Mistress have cleaned themselves but have not dressed yet. Master Neville asked that Masters and Mistresses come down stairs without getting dressed first."

I looked at my watch. Even with all the excitement, it was still only eleven forty-five.

I told Mipsy, "We need our clothes laid out, so we can dress later on. Let Master Neville know that we will be downstairs in just a moment. Thank you." Mipsy vanished to do that, and I stretched out.

Luna asked, "How long do we let Red and Brat sleep?"

"Only a minute or two, Lady Gold. After we clean up ourselves just a bit, we need to head downstairs."

"My bum hasn't closed up all the way yet. And I think I might have…" She was slightly ashamed.

I reassured her, "You did, but I wandlessly banished it, and Ginny's, too. I think it's either the bond that Harry and I share, or just plain dumb luck that we haven't done that. When having anal sex, the receiving partner or partners use the loo first to make sure that they're 'empty' down there.

"We won't be able to wash you girls' hair…"

"Let's just wipe off with damp cloths so we aren't really nasty, and wash our hands. I think that that might be what Neville and Hermione were expecting. Harry will need to share the shower with Ginny and you with me as we work through it. We'll find out downstairs from Neville how long we have to stay starkers together, and when we may finish the errands you're thinking about." After Luna said that, we kissed, and started to get cleaned up.

While we were cleaning up, I silently asked her, "Why weren't Ginny and you surprised about your Soul Bonds with us?"

She replied in my mind, "We were partly surprised. A night or two before your 'Acceptance Letter Party,' I saw that I could have you, and that Ginny and Harry could become a couple, but that we would never have the two of you only to ourselves. I thought about that, and decided that it would be ok to share, so long as you loved me enough.

"I shared my vision with Ginny. After thinking about it, she came to the same conclusion. She was more nervous worrying about her brothers' reactions, oddly including you.

"When we were told Tuesday that Harry and you had bonded, Ginny and I were both crushed at first. But your Mum mentioned that Harry was wanting to try dating Ginny in a few years, and asked about it in such a way that he didn't come off creepy or anything. Ginny and I talked about it, and decided that that was what I saw.

"Our bonds with Harry and you actually opened up the same time as Hermione's bond to Neville did. He's not going to share our bed too, is he? I don't think Hermione is the type that would share."

I answered, "No, he isn't. Harry and I doing that with him was the first time we actually touched him. We'd masturbated together once a couple of days ago, and the six of us might do this kind of stuff together now, but I will only ever touch you and Harry like that, and he will only ever touch Ginny and me. Neville and Hermione will only ever touch each other."

She silently asked, "What about you travelling time twice? When were you going to tell Ginny and me?"

I replied in kind, "If the bonds hadn't happened, I'd have told you right before we got engaged. I'd have told Harry before you, but I wasn't in any hurry to tell him before he needed to know. Ginny would probably never have found out, and Neville and Hermione wouldn't have, either.

"While I'm sure everyone already knows by now, I'll tell everyone once we all get downstairs. We need to keep this a secret as much as possible, because there are people out there who would kill all six of us to learn what I know, even knowing that my past experiences may not come to pass this time and in this world."

She nodded, and we kissed.

I had found out while cleaning up that Neville had 'helped himself' via house-elf to two pain relief potions, and had returned the empty vials. Though I had stocked up on those for a different kind of action then we had actually faced, they were just what they said on the tin. With all the 'shared sensation' the bonds pushed around, especially with Luna and Ginny in the mix, they were quite useful. I was going to need to stock up again anyway before too long.


Ten minutes later saw the four of us descending the stairs wearing much less than we wore going up. Harry and I were wearing wristwatches, and I carried all five of our holstered wands in one hand while holding Luna's hand with the other.

We got down to the living room to discover that other than folding some of the chairs out of the way, that the Burrow was still turned around as I had done for the aborted "morning meeting." Neville and Hermione were both completely nude, sitting together on one of three "matching" chairs that was widened to fit two people and covered with throw cloths. We barely got off of the stairs and into the living room before Hermione asked her first question.

"Brat, what was with the talking deer that made faces at me?" she asked…

And was almost immediately cut off by Neville retorting, "Take it easy, Otter Girl! Bedroom names are just that, and we don't quite share their bedroom.

"Thanks for the potions by the way, Ron. And I'm sorry for not asking first. I'll pay you back, and I also got you a tube of 'jelly' from the chemist's yesterday evening when I had Mipsy get a tube for me. Mipsy can get me stuff from the Muggle stores without stealing it. I've given her permission to access my trust vault, and withdraw in either wizarding or Muggle money. She goes in invisible, has the shop clerk 'see' a non-descript Muggle instead of a house-elf, and pays for whatever I sent her to buy."

"You're welcome, and thanks, too. If we have to 'settle accounts,' the pain relief potion is about half the price of the 'jelly' when you convert the money back and forth, so we're good. And, I was really not looking forward to going in to the chemist's as an eleven year old to buy a tube of that."

Hermione asked, "So, what spell was that?"

Harry looked down, tracing an arc with toe of his right foot, and quietly asked, "You're not mad, are you?" Ginny squeezed his hand lightly.

Hermione answered, "No, Harry, at least not now. I had been crying, and I guess that you'd figured out somehow. When that crazy ghost-deer showed up and made its face at me, I wasn't crying, and I got rather embarrassed. To put a point on it, I was sitting on Neville taking him in my bum, and the spell startled me into sitting all the way on it, hard. I shouted so loud that you probably would have heard me back at the house."

Harry looked up blushing, but with a slight smile on his face. He answered, "We did hear you, sis! The spell is one-way only, so we wouldn't have heard it otherwise. Sorry about that, though. You try to take it in slowly when starting, especially the first few times you do it.

"The spell is called Adfero, and is a communication version of the Patronus spell. You incant the spell by saying Adfero, the name of the person you're sending the message to, the message, and Adfero to send it. I just picked it up because Ron has sent a bunch of them. I can probably do a Patronus too, but even with everything else going on, I haven't needed to. We can teach you guys the Patronus first. Once you can do that, Adfero is easy. You look nice, by the way."

She returned blush, smile, and compliment. "Thanks, little brother. You look nice, too; especially your eyes. And, your feet are kinda cute, too…" she finished with a slight blush.

Hermione trailed off as Ginny took Harry in a possessive but loving embrace. They hugged and kissed deeply and lovingly, while Ginny caressed the tops of his feet with one of her own.

I asked, "Neville, hanging out naked together is nice, and will help us get comfortable with everything else about each other. But how long will we need to do this? And when should the four of us from upstairs work through the loo?"

He looked at us and answered, "After I answer, Harry and Ginny can go upstairs and shower together first, then Luna and you. Take your showers together, wash each other more than yourselves, and shampoo each other's hair. Get dried off, brush your teeth if you need to, and then come back down here. Brush each other's hair, especially the girls, with your girl sitting between your legs if you can work it out. Make sure that you touch each other and share small physical attention with each other as much as possible, to reduce the chances of going through what Harry and you did, which was basically the bond making you keep contact with each other.

"All of our bonds 'worked through' much faster than what passes for normal with these things. If the girls are all pregnant, we will likely not have an 'episode' like Harry and you did.

"Also, Harry and you need to keep touching each other, if you haven't been, to keep that bond stable as well. After a bond is sealed, breaking one never ends well or pleasantly."

I said, "Ginny and Luna are both pregnant, Luna with twins, probably fraternal since I got two pulses from her within minutes of my climaxing in her the first time. I can check Hermione if the two of you both want?"

They both nodded while blushing. I said, "Hermione, please spread your legs. I'm actually much better with this spell without a wand than with.

Out of the six of us, she was the only one who had started to grow any hair in those places. She was also at the point where she needed to learn the depilatory spell and how to shave the 'Muggle way.' She was also carrying twins.

I told them, and congratulated passed all the way around. I asked Hermione when her last period was. After I explained why she asked, she said that hers was also fifteen days ago. They were happy, yet rightly concerned. While Hermione wouldn't have things quite as difficult come the fifth of June or so if all the girls were magically "helped" to carry to full term, she was still just shy of twelve years old, which isn't the best of ages to start a family even without any worries about money.

Harry and Ginny started up the stairs to the loo, after I gave Harry a quick passionate kiss and a gentle caress on the bum. Luna had me set our wands on the table that would have held the food for the meeting. Then she guided me to a chair.

She had me sit on the edge of the chair. She said, "I want to try something."

With no further warning, she French-kissed me, took me in her mouth just enough to get me fully hard, and sat down on me and rode me.

We heard from upstairs, "Gold, you miIIINX!"

Hermione stood up and brought Neville to the edge of the chair…


Half two saw all of us freshly showered, brushed, and back downstairs. Tansy had sent food from Hogwarts for us to eat a 'buffet' lunch with pumpkin juice and water to drink. Neville once again supplied the orange juice, along with three tokkuri.

He said, "It's a little early in the day for sake, but I hope a toast to our new families is in order. Also, Hermione was very curious about trying some. One saucer only each for the girls and no more until after all our first children are born. While 'no alcohol during pregnancy' would be even less obvious a 'problem' with our age issues, it does need to be said. Unlike the Weasley or Potter tables, we Longbottoms tend to start drinking alcohol somewhat younger than our peers do, though not all the time, and almost never to excess.

"While I've only shared sake so far, the Longbottoms fortune is based in the trade of wines and spirits, as well as citrus. So, in my life, it's 'always been around.'"

Luna added, "We first tried sake when I was seven, after Ron had mentioned that he would like some sake and sushi in passing. My mum had a friend at the magical Japanese Embassy, but had not previously tried any Japanese food or drink. This was about the time "Hand-Cast-Ronnie" first started drinking sake and eating sushi when relaxing."

The ladies drank their one saucer each, after we poured for them. Hermione, who was the only one in the room who hadn't had sake before, actually liked it. 'First-Hermione' never cared for any Japanese food and drink, though she would eat and drink politely as Minister so as not to offend anyone at international meetings and receptions. Since the "friendliest" beverage "second-Hermione" would give me would be Draught of Living Death, I wisely never willingly dined in close-quarters with her.

Three o'clock saw us "fed and watered," and still "behaving ourselves." I had Tansy and Mipsy bring back the love seat to the living room. Neville was in "Dad's chair," with Hermione in his lap and a sheet underneath. The love seat also had a sheet on it. Harry and I sat together with our "inside" arms around each other's shoulders, and our "playing footsie." Ginny and Luna were sitting in our laps, with each of us caressing them and holding them to our chests.

I announced, "In case any of you haven't already been told or seen it in your lover's mind for yourself, I've time-travelled twice. This is the third time I've lived, and this might be my third dimension. Both times, I was 'moved' against my will, and taken to the point of my conception.

"Other than the six of us, only Mum, Dad, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Croaker, and Master Garrick know. This information is classified 'most-secret,' and there are people out there who would kill all six of us to find out what I know, even with the 'future' changed from what I remember.

"This is the first lifetime where any of us in this room experienced a Soul Bond, so I don't know any more about that than the rest of you, and certainly less than Neville. Does anyone have any questions they want to ask me directly?"

Hermione asked, "You told Neville that you had married me in my first lifetime, but that I tried to kill you in my second. Why?"

I replied, "People in this world strongly resemble people in my first world. But it's at least two worlds if not three, and the same number of different people minus me. I haven't seen anything that would prove or disprove this world being a different dimension from my first lifetime.

"The people in my second lifetime sometimes resembled people in my first, and sometimes not. Harry was a girl, for starters. The 'Ron Weasley' that was supposed to be in that world did something to piss that 'Hermione Granger' off badly, as in wanted me dead and ended up sending me into this dimension badly. Neither she nor that world's 'Harri Potter' would ever tell me what he did or why.

"In this lifetime, absent any bonds, I might have gotten together with you, but Luna had a far better chance. With only Harry's and my bond, it would definitely have been Luna, since she told me she would 'share' if she had to, and I strongly suspect that you wouldn't. Of course, we are several years younger from where I thought it would need to be discussed."

"Are there any other questions for right now?" I finished.

With no one having any more questions about time travel, we started to talk more about the bonds. We also discussed our guesses at how it would affect school.

Neville started with "Luna and Ginny will need to start school 'early' once we're all 'stable' enough to go back to Hogwarts. While Luna and Ginny might not sort into Gryffindor like the rest of us, it still won't really matter, since we will have to make time to socialize with our classmates in our houses as it is.

"Since we will all have to share quarters, we might not even be able to board at the castle. We will have to ask Headmaster Dumbledore about this, since he will have to set up an entire suite to accommodate the six of us, particularly with Harry and Ron's bond being 'in the mix' as well.

"While I'm sure that our parents can watch our kids during school, I will not leave our children to bond with either Gran or Hermione's parents and see us only as 'visitors.' I'm fairly sure that the rest of you feel the same way, even if Harry is scared because he never had a 'good' example while growing up.

"So, our 'married suite' will also need to be suitable for five children, between our three families. We'll need to spend what time we aren't actually in classes or training with them instead of 'goofing off.' We'll have to work our studies and homework in around them, too. Otherwise, what's the point in keeping custody of our kids if we don't actually raise them? Other than for feasts, we will also be taking most of our meals together as well.

"We just might be told to buy, rent, or build a house in Hogsmeade, and attend as 'day-students.' It will definitely be easier for Hogwarts, even if they give us the use of castle house-elves and send us food from the castle kitchens.

"They have a similar arrangement with the 'Werewolf house' as well."

Hermione asked, "Werewolf House?" I was interested, too.

Neville said, "It's a house that's been on the grounds for a couple of hundred years or so. Some people still call it 'The Shrieking Shack.' When Remus Lupin attended Hogwarts back in the 1970s, it was actually illegal for werewolves to go to school. If they were infected before they passed their OWLs, they lost their right to carry a wand completely. Fenrir Greyback infected Remus Lupin personally when Mr. Lupin was only five.

"Headmaster Dumbledore arranged to make the former Headmaster's cottage into 'the most haunted house in Britain,' and used it to confine Mr. Lupin on the nights of the full moon. Somehow, Mr. Lupin's lycanthropy wasn't discovered until after he had passed all of his NEWTs with top marks, and left Hogwarts. Since the Ministry couldn't prove that Mr. Lupin was infected prior to taking his NEWTs, they could do nothing to him. He kept his wand and his NEWT results as well.

"When the werewolf laws were radically liberalized in the mid 1980s, the 'Shrieking Shack' was rebuilt into the Werewolf House. While there is a potion that allows the lycanthrope to retain their human minds during their transformation, that potion is highly regulated, since a werewolf like Fenrir Greyback would use it to more easily infect other people. It is also expensive, toxic, and builds up toxicity in the body to where people under 25 or so can't take it at all, and the adults can only take it for ten consecutive months at most, with a five-month break before they can take it again. That's all if they can afford it in the first place, because only a Potions Master has the skill to brew it correctly, and if not brewed correctly it becomes a very deadly poison.

"As for infected Hogwarts students, they get sorted just like anyone else. Sally-Anne Perks was infected over the summer, and is the only lycanthrope in our year. On the afternoon of the 'full-moon' night, they go to the Werewolf House, strip naked, and eat an early dinner upstairs. When dusk approaches, they go down into the basement, and are locked into a cell with Professor McGonagall and Mr. Hagrid, who are also Animagi to 'supervise' and act as chaperones. When the moon rises, and they are transformed, the just howl and wrestle and play with each other.

Harry interrupted, "But I thought Hagrid wasn't allowed to do magic!"

Neville answered, "It isn't polite to bring it up, but Mr. Hagrid was expelled and had his wand snapped in the 1940s. Headmaster Dumbledore, who was then the Deputy under Armando Dippett, persuaded Dippet and the Board of Governors to hire him as a gamekeeper-apprentice that very day, and he has remained at the school ever since.

But Mr. Hagrid's magic ban only applies to wanded magic, and a wizard doesn't need a wand to transform once they become an Animagus. I have no idea how Mr. Hagrid did so without a wand, but he is a giant panda Animagus, and is registered and everything.

"Anyway, in the morning the infected students transform back, take pain-relief and healing potions if needed, and eat breakfast. By the start of classes, they are showered, back into full uniform, and back to class with the other students. Some of them, even though so far they've sorted into every house except Slytherin, hang out together, going so far as to get chaperoned, and hang out starkers together in the Werewolf House on nights when the full moon isn't rising. They're not allowed to make out or anything like that, but the school goes along with it since it makes the transformed pack 'friendlier' with each other, and not prone to biting and hurting themselves or each other.

"Back to us; I can feel that Hermione's and my bond is stable. All of your bonds look stable as well, but I think we'll all need to get used to seeing a lot more of each other for the next few weeks to keep the bonds stable, including all of us having sex more or less at the same time and in the same room. With your unusual multiple bond, I can't in good conscious just 'leave you in the lurch.' Since Hermione goes where I go, well…" He and Hermione both took a turn to blush.

"You four will be together for the rest of your lives. Even after the bonds are fully settled, you will not want to be separated into groups of less than all four of you, and you will probably satisfy all of your bonds more or less in one go each time." Now, it was our turn to blush.

"We should be able to get dressed for a while for the last of the afternoon and evening. The adults are going to need to figure out how to take care of things for us, and we'll need to be involved. I'm actually trying to be somewhat 'conservative' with the six of us, to avoid the bonds acting up, and having us 'act up' in public."

After checking Luna's thoughts, I said, "We might be moving into the Rookery for a day or two, for the extra room…"

Harry interrupted, "No, we won't, Ron. I'm not saying that to be difficult, but because of the blood-wards that followed me home from the Dursleys. Mum will have to come home as well, at least to check in on us, so that her contribution to the wards keeps up too.

"I don't know how I know, but so long as I am under the 'adult age' in the wizarding world, and I believe myself still a child needing the care and guidance of my parents, still consider the Burrow home, and am still welcome by Mum, that the shields will hold. Even as weak as they were at Privet Drive, they were enough to drive off attacks without our even being aware of the attacks taking place."

Speak of the Mum… I heard the back door open, and Mum ask, "Kids?" She sounded nervous and still somewhat upset, not that I could blame her in the slightest. Sheets covered us and tucked around to allow for 'modesty' without a word. Thanks, Mipsy.

I answered, "Mum? All six of us are in the living room, and covered up. We haven't had Tansy completely set things back to rights with the house yet, but we can if we need to.

She walked into the room, and kissed all four of "hers" on the forehead. She asked me, "Ronnie? Do you know how to cast the pregnancy detection charm?"

I answered, "I do and did. Ginny is expecting one, and both Luna and Hermione are expecting twins. I'm…"

She kissed me on the forehead again, and sat down facing us. She said, "We're all rather upset, but it's with the timing and the difficulties the six of you will face, not any of you. Even if you had the opportunity to stop the bonds, it's not something you should have stopped lightly, if at all.

"The magic of the bonds, from what we understand, makes all of you more magically powerful, and sometimes has magic itself give the occasional boon.

"The land this house sits on now has protective wards over it that almost rival Hogwarts itself, though they will only last until Harry is seventeen or eighteen, or so. These wards were originally installed in Surrey, fairly close to London, and there was no way they could have been moved. Yet, the wards moved themselves, including their multiple ton per stone set of ward stones.

"We are trying to figure out how to deal with things to get the four of you already enrolled back to classes, and the other two enrolled. Once you lot are able to go out in public, we'll need to get Luna her wand and both Ginny and her their school supplies."

Ginny said, "One of our 'box wands' chose Luna Tuesday while we were playing, and Xeno got both of us regular clamoured holsters, too. That is ok, right Mum?"

Luna added, "Great Uncle Garrick said that the wands chose us completely, so they're as good as they get, Molly."

"We'll still need to get your uniforms and ma… ma…"

The four of us were up like a flash to comfort Mum as she started to break down. Fortunately, Mipsy was even faster with the nightshirts and nightgowns. Thanks again, Mipsy. Harry, Neville, Hermione, and I were in nightshirts. Ginny and Luna were in nightgowns. With the mood, getting "pointy" wasn't an issue.

After Mum got her emotions back under control, she said, "Even with all the good the bonds will do for you, it still hurts and makes you feel like a failure as a parent to say that you're helping two ten year old girls, and one who isn't quite twelve, to shop for maternity clothes."

Neville said, "How should I address you now? With Ginny and Harry bonding, you are now publicly part of Harry's family, and thus are allied more closely again with House Longbottom, even more so than Mum and you being fourth cousins with the same maiden name."

She replied, while still hugging Harry and Ginny, "Molly and Arthur are still fine, Neville. Unless you've sent a message, your Gran probably doesn't even know yet, and we're still trying to figure out how to tell Hermione's parents."

I said, "While I might otherwise check with Croaker first, he and Lady Augusta are related, so I'll just send her an Adfero directly. Let me do that while you check that the Floo is open, Mum?"

I wandlessly cast, "Adfero Augusta Longbottom Lady Augusta, we need you to Floo to the Burrow at your earliest possible convenience. I have important news for you that is best delivered in person. Thank you. Adfero."

I asked, "How long before we have to get starkers again, do you think, Neville?"

He replied, "We can probably get fully dressed now, or at least Ginny and Luna. We'll want to keep as much skin-to-skin contact, preferably affectionate contact, for as long as possible. But with your message, we won't really have time…"

The sound of Lady Augusta arriving in the kitchen interrupted Neville. We walked into the kitchen, which by now was already set back to rights.

Lady Augusta was just brushing some ash off of her dress, while carrying a decently large sized tin of Floo Powder with her.

She said, "Good call on the Floo, Ronald. I would not have wanted to Apparate through intent based wards right now, though I am also happy for the news if not the timing.

"Your Great-Uncle Algie figured that you'd want me to know, so he told me this morning. Enid will wait to read it in the society pages, of course. Please introduce the new Lady Longbottom."

He replied, Gran, this is Lady Hermione Longbottom, nee Granger. Hermione, this is Lady-Regent and Lady-Dowager Augusta Longbottom, my paternal grandmother, and the woman who is raising me from toddler-hood on."

Hermione curtseyed, and kissed Lady Augusta's offered hand. She said, "Thank you for welcoming me into our family. Though I am not from a more 'expected' background, my parents are the Muggle equivalent of Healers who specialize in the healing of the mouth, so we have some money. Neville and I will see to it that I learn what I need to learn quickly, so that I can stand by his side as solidly as his Mother stood beside his Father."

"Well spoken, Lady Hermione. I am guessing that Neville and you need, as well as you are still needed?"

Neville answered, "Yes, Gran. Mipsy has also been most helpful. Can you spare Odo as well?"

She answered, "Seeing that Odo is actually a Potter house-elf, he will be delighted to serve. Our alliance is more than strong enough that we may continue to have our house-elves intermarry at their desire, as we always have done."

In my first lifetime, that Harry and I hadn't ever figured out what became of the elves, once he figured out that at one time his family had had some. But that was ten years after the battle of Hogwarts, and they may well have all died off, even if that Neville's family had taken them in.

Lady Augusta called, "Odo?"

"Odo answers Lady Augusta's call."

Lady Augusta called, "Harry?"

Harry had been 'listening in' in the background, so he brought Ginny around the table with him to stand with Lady Augusta. He asked, "First, Odo, do you want to come back to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Peverell-Potter? Second, how will this affect Mipsy and you, since I think you're married? Third, if you do 'switch over,' how do we do this?"

"If Odo may speak to young Master for Mistress? Odo and Mipsy will stay where we are needed, with places to sleep in both Longbottom Hall and wherever Master has us do Master's bidding. When not doing Master's bidding, we house-elves stay wherever convenient to both Master Peverell-Potter and Mistress Longbottom. Odo would be most happy to serve Master Peverell-Potter's house again. If young Master and Mistress Longbottom wish it, Mistress Longbottom will guide young Master."

Harry replied, "Odo, Master Harry is fine. You will also help Mipsy with Master Neville and Mistress Hermione, Mistress Ginny, Mistress Luna, and Master Ron."

He asked, "How do we do this, Lady Augusta? And does my Deputy Seneschal know about the rest of the Peverell-Potter elves?"

She replied, "I've continued to keep them with his knowledge and consent, since without you available, we had no one to transfer the house-elf bond to in any case. Even with your magic, you will not want to take the bond of any more than Odo right away, anyhow. You can have Odo direct the other Peverell-Potter elves as you need, with them remaining at Longbottom Hall until you have more time to figure out everything else. The only difference is where they sleep and whose base magic sustains them. If you know the name of any Peverell-Potter or Longbottom house-elf, you may call them at need. Mipsy is Neville's personal elf, and unless you have a sizable estate to take care of, you generally only need the one, if they're any good and they're healthy. Between the twelve Longbottom elves, and the ten remaining Peverell-Potter elves, it's a challenge to give them all enough work."

She continued, "Bonding our elves is a little bit different, since we more or less do share them. Place your hand on top of Odo's head next to mine."

He did, and she continued. "I, Lady-Regent Augusta Longbottom, return the primary house-elf bond to Lord Harry James Potter, the Head of House of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Peverell-Potter, while keeping the secondary. Continue to serve well, as you have done.

"Now, Harry, repeat after me…"

In less time than it takes to describe, Harry had the return of his family's still fairly young Chief House-Elf. Harry told Odo, "Go catch up with Mipsy. She will explain how she has helped. By the way, how do I set it up so you can draw money from my vaults?"

Odo answered, "If Master places the key on top of Odo's head and taps it with his wand, Gringotts will recognize that you are my bonded Master and that Odo may withdraw and deposit to Master's vaults for Master's business. Should Master also send Odo to Seneschal Lupin to tell him?"

Harry answered, "I will have you stick around with Mipsy for right now in case we need both her and you. I will send a spell message to Remus to let him know. Odo disappeared, and Harry ejected his wand from the holster in the living room and sent the Adfero to Remus.

Lady Augusta spoke again. "Though the time could have been better, magic works as and when it does, so congratulations to all of you. Are any of you ladies not expecting yet?"

All three of the ladies blushed scarlet. Not that there is a polite way of asking, and she did have the right to know.

Hermione answered, "Lady Augusta, Lady Ginerva is expecting the first Peverell-Potter heir. Luna Weasley and I are each expecting twins. Due to the timing of our 'monthlies,' we expect all five children to be sons, but they will be welcome blessings whatever gender they actually are.

"Do these soul bond things require or at least allow for an actual marriage ceremony? If so, then we should want to do something before the end of the year. If they also allow for 'white' weddings, we should want that as well, since only Harry and Ron were not virgins."

Lady Augusta gave Neville a rather curious look, Harry, and me even more so. She looked Hermione in the eye, and smiled.

Lady Augusta replied, "It's 'Gran' when we aren't being formal in public, Hermione. Magic has truly chosen well for the both of you.

"As for the ceremony, Neville and you can plan it with your fellow-bonded, and we'll figure out how quickly we can have it or them. Ron and Harry might want a very private formal ceremony as well, or not. They can figure it out. If I'll be needed later on this evening, Neville, have Harry or Ron send me an Adfero with the time and location. I'll be on my way to let you get back to whatever you needed to do." She Floo'ed back to Longbottom Hall, just as Pandora Lovegood knocked at the back door.

Mum let her in. Her composure was slightly better than Mum's was, but not by much; not that I blamed her. Luna guided me toward Pandora, and she hugged both Luna and me, barely holding back a sob.

She said, "I've had a king-sized bed with a bookshelf headboard, mattress, and bedding delivered to the Rookery, since you'll need it. Molly and I haven't figured out where to put it here, yet. With the wards, you will have to live here now."

Odo appeared. "Master Harry, Tansy is still here from Hogwarts, and is very good at fixing rooms. Mipsy and Odo are here to help as well. Elves will need permission from Master Arthur first, since it is his house, but Elves can make the room bigger without damaging the house."

Mum said, "Odo? I can give permission as well, and I give you permission to make your master's room here larger, and set up the new bed in it. If you lot can also make Charlie's old room bigger if it needs it, and put the bed that's in your master's room into Charlie's old room. Also, put the house back together like it was before Ron had you set it up for the meeting.

"Elves will do this," Odo answered before disappearing. The doorway was now a doorway again instead of an open wall, all the Burrow furniture was back where it belonged, and the Hogwarts furniture was gone.

Harry and Ginny walked up to Pandora, hugged her, and kissed her, each kissing one cheek. Harry said, "Thank you for the new bed Pandora; and thanks for thinking of me, too. Since I can't sleep on the outside anymore, and I'm not good with wandless summoning…"

Pandora hugged Harry and Ginny back a second time, as the rest of us kids thanked her for her generosity and effort.

Dad came home by the back door, with Xeno, Croaker and Dumbledore in tow. The Headmaster spoke first.

"Seeing a cold stove in this house is a rare sight indeed. Tansy, if you can have a supper for sixteen sent over?"

The food appeared. As all of us took seats around the table, Dumbledore spoke again. "This won't be a meeting as such. However, there a few things we have to decide upon almost immediately. The first thing is the information about the soul bonds between the Longbottoms, Potters, and Weasleys, not counting the 'secret' bond between Harry and Ron. I would recommend releasing the information and announcing this mid-day on Saturday. This will allow us time to tell the other three Weasleys at Hogwarts, and Hermione Longbottom's parents, before everyone else finds out. This will also give us the opportunity to do whatever we end up doing to house you, as well as admitting Luna and Ginerva to school."

I said, "I agree. Unless Croaker feels differently, we'll do it then. Can you send Professor McGonagall an Adfero or a note via Fawkes, and have my brothers Floo home for a few minutes?"

The Headmaster replied, "I anticipated that, and they are already waiting in my office with Professor McGonagall. After we finish talking about things they are not to know of, they will be able to come home to the Burrow for up to two hours, before Flooing back to my office. They can be sent back sooner, though you will probably want them to visit the whole time."

"The second issue is your housing while at school. Part of that depends on whom you intend to raise your first children."

I answered again. "We actually talked about this earlier today. While we will desire all of our parents' help every bit as much as we will need it, including Hermione's parents; we will raise our children ourselves. While our schoolwork and training for the resumption of the war are important, and will not suffer, our children are just as important, and that includes them realizing from instinct and daily interaction that they actually are our children, not just a rather taxing 'present' to their grandparents. Hermione and Luna are both expecting twins, and Ginny one, so that's five children between the six of us. We have also decided that we will remain living in the same quarters for mutual assistance for the duration of our time at Hogwarts, as well as here at the Burrow during the summers so as to have our children protected by the blood-wards, for as long as they hold."

Dumbledore replied, "Very well. This will take us until the end of next week to arrange. You will all live here in the mean time?"

Harry answered, "We live here anyway, Headmaster. Why would we move, except to go to a boarding school?"

The Headmaster replied, "Fair enough. Your rooms will consist of a living room, kitchen-dinette, squad room, and three bedrooms, along with an en-suite. You will be expected to take as many of your meals in the Great Hall when you can this year, and visit your house common rooms from time to time. After this year, you will need to appear mostly just at the major feasts. The castle house-elves can provide baby-sitting services if you don't bring your own elves and need it."

Neville said, "Headmaster, Harry and I will both be bringing one elf each. They should have no problems working with the school elves. Mipsy will be my elf, and had no problems. Odo has returned to Harry's house, and should also get along well."

"The final thing is lessons. For all the regular classes, you will be given the time to make up the material, even in Potions class. However, there is one practical lesson that you are required to take as soon as your bonds are stable enough to allow. Fortunately, the property here is already warded for it, and your bonds appear to be stable, so there will be no problems.

"On Monday next, Madam Hooch our flying instructor will come by along with Professor McGonagall, to give the six of you at least one flying lesson. We are required to do this by the Board of Governors whether you already know how to fly or not. But, it's also part of an afternoon flying.

"Professor McGonagall and I will tell your parents in person, and will let you know when we have set a time up with them tomorrow afternoon or evening. Neville and you both will need to go with us. While we will make every possible effort to diminish their shock and confusion, they are their own people and will react how they will. However, your marriage is already recognized as legally binding in the Muggle world as well as the wizarding one. Unlike almost all other forms of marriage, a Soul Bond cannot be annulled due to lack of age or lack of parental consent.

"Finally, Garrick Ollivander made and confirmed an interesting discovery while working on the Longbottom wands earlier today. In addition to being wands, the majority of the souls of Frank and Alice Longbottom are also still in the wands, and still tied to their bodies as well."

Everyone gasped in shock, especially me. But Dumbledore continued before the shock could truly set in.

"While there is a Dark spell that has some similarities to what has happened, this is not that spell. Their souls are still intact, and still have some connection with their bodies. I am working on a spell that the six of you young people may be able to cast together, that will return their souls to their bodies, and in turn may see them leaving St. Mungo's more or less sane and healed within a year of our casting the spell.

"However, there is no guarantee of success, either. Their souls may completely depart once freed from the wands, leaving them as if they had been given the Dementor's Kiss. Or, the spell may cause their bodies to die upon casting. While we have time, we don't have a lot of time before all hope is lost, and we will have only one chance to cast that spell.

"Reconditioning the wands actually helped us greatly in our efforts. Not only did the reconditioning allow us to discover what had happened in the first place, but also the reconditioning actually made it possible to try reversing the damage and setting the elder Longbottoms back to rights. Does anyone have any questions?"

Everybody declined. The Headmaster said, "Croaker and I will leave you then. Your siblings will come through the Floo right after I leave through it."

Dad interrupted, "Wait, Headmaster. How did you get Hermione past the wards?"

The Headmaster replied, "We came in via Fawkes. I had forgotten all about the wards."

Dad said, "You'll need to take her out to the gate post with Fawkes, so I can key her in to the wards. Otherwise, she's stuck here."

He explained to Hermione, "I had a very powerful set of wards put up at Ministry expense right after Peter Pettigrew was caught. The wards specifically block any and all Animagi or potential Animagi from entering or leaving the property. An Animagus is a wizard or witch that can take the form of an animal. Phoenixes can easily bypass most wards, along with whatever they are intentionally carrying. But otherwise, if you have the potential to become an Animagus, you will not be able to leave without Fawkes taking you, since our wards also protect our Floo connection.

A pair of "sensible-twelve-year-old-girl" knickers, a pair of jeans, a pair of socks, and a pair of trainers appeared in Hermione's lap. She had everyone turn around for a moment, while putting on her clothes, leaving on her borrowed nightshirt tucked in for a top. A jacket then appeared which she put on as well.

"Thanks, Mipsy." she said.

She then inquired, "Headmaster, Arthur? May we take care of this now?"

The Headmaster replied, "If Arthur is ready, there is no time like the present." He summoned Fawkes, had Dad and Hermione grasp the phoenix's tail feathers along with him, and they vanished. Two minutes later, they arrived back in the same way. Hermione was holding her finger, but she was also smiling.

Croaker finally spoke. "Harry, I'll give you at least a few more days before deciding on joining. Your soul bond is also too fresh to want to administer the oath. Hermione, I am Algernon Croaker. I am Neville's Great Uncle, and head of the Department of Mysteries. Welcome to the family, and do not mention me to any of the three other school age Weasleys, or anyone else not present here either. Neville will explain. Have a good evening, everyone."

Croaker walked out the back door as Remus Lupin and Sirius Black entered. Dumbledore left via the Floo. Fred, George, and Percy replaced him in mere moments.

I announced so that our five new visitors could all hear. "We had new soul bonds happen this morning. While Harry and I are still bonded, Harry is now also bonded with Ginny, I am bonded with Luna, and Neville Longbottom is bonded with Hermione, nee Granger. Stand up please, Hermione?

"The two people by the door are Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Sirius is Harry's godfather. Remus is Harry's Deputy Seneschal, and is still actually doing almost all of the work. The two red-headed bookends are my older twin brothers Fred and George, whom I'm sure you saw in the common room once or twice, and Percy is the oldest of us siblings here, as well as being the fifth year male Gryffindor Prefect.

"Everybody, this is Lady Hermione Longbottom, the soul-bonded wife of Neville Longbottom, and a very smart girl.

"Our bonds are already consummated, though not completely stable. All three girls are pregnant, Luna and Hermione with twins. We didn't 'ask for it.' Anything other then 'congratulations,' especially if you're a schoolboy named 'Weasley,' and you get to find out just how far a random Portkey made by an angry eleven year old without using a wand will take you!"

I sat down, poured myself a saucer, and drank deeply. Luna asked in my mind, "Angry much, Old Man?"

"No, Lady Gold. But they would have given the Brat and Lady Red no end of grief, had I not stopped them the second they left the Floo. If I am angry, they were no more and no less than a convenient target." I replied.

Harry and Ginny ran past their brothers to the door, and were in a 'group hug' with Remus and Sirius. Mum and Dad were looking adrift and forlorn, when two stags left the living room at a trot, one for each parent.

"I love you, Mummy" the one that came to Mum said. It nuzzled, or perhaps whispered into Mum's ear before it faded.

"I love you, Daddy" the other one told Dad, and did the same as its sibling.

"First-Harry's" secret to success in politics, to the degree he was involved, was that he never lied when speaking in public. I suppose that was also why he stayed out of politics as much as he could.

Not wanting Mum and Dad to feel neglected, I stood and walked to they were sitting. I hugged both of them, which they returned. I said, "I love you, Mum and Dad. I'm sorry that I had to be reminded to tell you."

Mum just hugged me tighter. Dad did as well, and said, "Take care of those you call your own, son. Even with the unique ways you've found to get in to trouble, I've always loved you, and I've always been proud to claim you as my son." That was good for a kiss to the cheek of each of them, which they returned.

The tension more or less faded, and we visited on into the evening. The first to leave were Percy and the Twins. Professor McGonagall was obliged to fetch then, since everyone had lost track of the time. Hugs were shared all around the room, and then they Floo'ed back to Hogwarts.

Sirius and Remus were the next to leave. Harry had introduced Odo to Remus, so they could make better use of the Potter and Longbottom house-elves. I later learned that Remus was looking to lease both ex-Dursley properties based on demand to whoever wanted them on a short-term basis. The Woodmancote estate would be more of an 'upscale' hunting lodge, whereas he would lease the Privet Drive location to those who had extended business in the City. Little Whinging was on the major rail line in to London from the southwest, and the prospects looked good. The Obliviators had also gone to town on the 'locals.'

The bus crash in Brixton was the talk of both towns. along with the highly resented nephew who was orphaned by terrorists, but was taken in in-spite of a near-legendary falling out between the wife of a Managing Director and the wife of an up-and-coming MI-5 agent and middling nobleman anyway, because it was the right and proper thing to do.

The borderline abuse of their nephew was borderline scandalous. However, the townspeople had to admit to themselves that few would have done better than Petunia Dursley. Every day, she had to face the eyes of her once adored sister who had wounded both she and her husband so deeply before managing to be murdered in her home by a mole whom she should have caught. The nephew was now in an exclusive boarding school in Scotland. The nephew's family had finally stepped up to the wicket after only ten years, so, it was all 'working out' in the end. I could only hope that James and Lily Potter would approve. I could give a rat's arse about the fucking Dursleys.

Xeno, Pandora, Dad, and Mum left next. Mum said, "We'll leave the lot of you here for what will need to pass for a 'honeymoon,' though a lot of that has already happened. Between Ron and two house-elves, I doubt than any of you will go hungry. Don't destroy the house, and what ever the lot of you get up to, have it packed upstairs before 10:00 tomorrow morning! I'll be back around eleven to check on you lot, and make lunch and start dinner.

All six of us were in on the hug and thank fest before Xeno, Pandora, Dad, and Mum left ten minutes later. We were far more grateful for the show of trust, affection, and support then we were about fourteen hours of 'anything goes.' We all knew that it had to be tearing them up knowing that we had the relationships we had, but more so at the ages we had them.

The six of us sat down at the kitchen table. A good-sized assorted tray of sushi came into the kitchen, with three tokkuri and six glasses of what appeared to be a cross between limeade and crème soda.

Neville said, "I forget what the Brazilians call it, but it's Brazilian limeade made with condensed milk, cane sugar, limes, and water. I'm not sure how well it will pair with the sushi tray, but it is good, and I hope will make up to the girls that we're having sake and can't share it with them."

It was good, whatever the name of it was. Neville, Harry, and I only had the one tokkuri each, but all six of us had two glasses of the limeade. While we were talking, none of us, except for Neville, had noticed Hermione getting angrier by the moment. She got our attention quick enough, though.

"Harry, it's beyond 'bad form' to 'test-drive' your big sister's husband before throwing her the keys. And, Ron went along with it. And, it's even 'worse form' to get caught by what passes for your big sister's mother in law.

Neville muttered, "Must have been Valentine…"

Hermione said, "What. The. Hell. Is. Valentine?"

Neville answered, "Gran's buzzard familiar. His name is Valentine.

"Last century, even Muggle women of means would have songbirds taxidermied and mounted on to their dress hats. Some wizarding women still do.

"If you see Gran's dress hat, she has a complete buzzard on it. But the buzzard isn't taxidermied, he's only stuffed. That bird is such a glutton it's a wonder he can still fly! He does a really good "stuffed bird" act though, so Valentine rides along on top of Gran's head.

"She must have had him flying around yesterday. He would have passed through the wards easily enough, and I was rather distracted with other things to be looking for him."

"Fair enough," Hermione answered. "But the three of you are still going to make it up to me!"

"Old Man, Little Brother, you will strip your big sister in the living room, so that Neville can put 'Trevor' in the hole again.

We all went into the living room. The house-elves had cleared it out again and laid the sheet on the floor. They also left the tube of 'jelly' handy. Harry was just as nervous, and embarrassed, come to that, as I was. I think that Hermione was going for that, though.

Ginny and Luna were watching nervously, and Neville was more debating with Hermione in her mind, than paying attention.

Hermione looked at Harry and me, and sighed deeply. She answered, "Ok, guys. Apologize for your getting caught, and you're off the hook."

Harry quickly hugged Hermione, and kissed her on the cheek. He said, "Thanks, Sis! Ron and I really are sorry we got caught like that, forgive me?"

She answered back, "I forgive you, little brother," and kissed his cheek in turn.

Putting in my two Knuts, I said, "I'm sorry we got caught and embarrassed you, too. If I had known that Neville's Gran had a buzzard familiar, we'd have found someplace else if we had done anything at all."

"Fair enough," she answered, and shook my hand.

"You two and your reactions have also convinced me that I can 'trust' you, since Harry really does see me as an older sister, and that you accept that you and I were never married."

Turning to Neville, she said, "You though, mister, still owe me one, in the bum, right here and now, while our hosts get to watch!"

And, that's what they did. She had him undress her by the numbers, leaving just her trainers and socks. She took off his nightshirt, and they each kissed the other on the mouth, and a bit lower. She got down on her hands and knees, and Neville removed her trainers and socks.

Neville lubed her up, then himself. I noticed another nightshirt at my feet along with a nightgown I was still much more comfortable seeing worn than removed. Ginny was on her stomach, so Harry could hold Hermione's hand while he was otherwise "occupied."

I turned to face a Luna who had removed her nightgown without my realizing, and was now pulling my nightshirt over my head.

She said in my mind, "I'm getting jealous with all the other sex in the room. I've also shrunk in 'the back.' Make me bigger?"


We all took care of our bond mates, including Harry and me doing it with each other. We rotated through the showers again, brushing teeth in the loo and hair in the living room. After one more tokkuri each for Neville, Harry, and me, and one more limeade each for the girls, we finally made it up to the bedroom, me again carrying all of our wands and holsters.

The bed was just as advertised. The headboard was a one rank bookcase that ran the width of the bed, with a flat shelf on top.

Harry said in awe, "I won't have to sleep on the outside to get my glasses…"

"Or wands, not that I need them that desperately…" I added. Mum and Pandora had gone all-out with this. For that matter, so did Tansy. The room actually had more open floor space than it did last week, with an eleven-year-old virgin and a twin bed in it. There was even enough space between the "far side" of the bed and the wall to fit a smaller nightstand and to allow someone to enter or leave the bed from that side as well.

We pulled down the comforter, blanket, and sheet to get into bed. We were all sleeping nude, which under the circumstances was wise as well as 'nice.'

As Ginny got in first, I said, "It's six to the bed. If you need to get up later on, be as easy as possible about it. If you get 'crawled over,' get over it. While all of our parents, including yours, Hermione, will continue to help and support us, the six of us in this room are our first and likely best help for the problems we'll face together in life. We might not always get along, but we must always try to get along, for all of our sakes."

Mrrow! Mew!

Lucky Boy decided to stop in and say 'hello,' and brought a guest. It was an orange ball of fluff, appeared to have just been weaned, had a very flat face, and bowed legs. It figures.

I asked, "Is he your son?" Lucky Boy nodded his head.

"Can he use the human loo yet?" He shook his head there.

"Will the old locations for your litter pans be good for him?" A nod of the head was my answer.

"Does he know not to pee on things when he's old enough to look for girls?"

Lucky Boy looked at the orange fluff ball, who was now loudly purring in Hermione's arms and uttered, "Grrmroow." The fluff-ball answered with a timid "mew." My familiar looked at me and nodded.

As I wandlessly opened the window, I asked Hermione, "What's his name?"

She thought a moment, and answered, "Crookshanks. He's so adorable!" Crookshanks 'mewed' his agreement, while Neville winced.

Hedwig soared in at that moment, and landed on the bed next to Harry. Ginny and he got out of bed from the far side, and got some owl treats out from his trunk. The second owl perch appeared by their side of the bed. Hedwig moved herself to the perch and ate, while soaking up Ginny and Harry's attention. Luna and I sat down on the bed and petted Lucky Boy, who was in a rather affectionate mood.

We weren't able to get to sleep until two in the morning, which I suppose is "par for the course" for a wedding night, though had we limited ourselves to that, we would have been asleep an hour earlier or more. We were able to sleep in until almost noon.

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