Book 6: Z Warriors And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

BY : DamianTheSnowLeox
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Game Plan






A few hours after everyone is settled from escaping Malfoy Manor, Piccolo looked out at the purple skyed sea, his cape fluttering behind him in the wind. His hand absent rubbed at his ear that was previously missing as he looked outwards. Today had been a close call for all of them, he wouldn't be surprised if the Dark Lord was punishing those at the Manor as soon as they left for failing him. Glancing back at the cottage, he turned and walked towards it, intent on check on Dobby. Piccolo kneels down and rumbles “Dobby.”


The small house elf stirs then blinks open his eyes “Piccolo sir?”


Piccolo nods “You're all healed Dobby. Although I recommend a long rest.” he glanced at the door then back to dobby “I know you might want to help in this war Dobby, but I feel any further involvement will undoubtedly be your end, an end that I cannot save you from. Do you understand what I am saying Dobby?”


Dobby sighed and nodded, his floppy ears wobbling “Yes sir, Dobby understands.”


Piccolo smiles softly then put his hand on Dobby’s head “You did a good job today from what I heard Dobby. Thank you.”


Dobby blushed slightly from the praise “Th-Thank you sir. Dobby is very happy to serve his friends.”


Piccolo chuckled deeply then shook his head “Not serve Dobby, help.” he stood up with a small grunt then said “Rest up Dobby. Go talk to Bill when you wake up again. He'll tell you what I told him.”


Dobby nodded “Alright Piccolo sir. It was good to see you again sir.”


Piccolo smirks “It was good to see you as well.” He turned then walked out of the room. Piccolo looked around and saw Bill so he walked over to him. “Bill.”


The scarred wizard turned from the herbs he was chopping up. “Ah, Piccolo. How is he? Dobby?”


“He is fine. Needs rest since he lost a lot of blood.”


“Poor thing…” Bill sighed as he scrapped the herbs into a pot “He'll recover though right?”


Piccolo nodded “He should make a full recovery with rest and a couple healthy meals.” the Namek picked up a tangy smelling herb leaf then ate it out of curiosity then continued speaking “Since his is resting right now and needs recovery time, I told Dobby to come see you when he wakes up again.


“What do you want me to do?” Bill says as he chopped up pork inside bite sized pieces.


“I want you to either care for the elf here or send him to Molly. He has no place in this war and I feel he will permanently die if he participates further. He almost died today if not for my healing.”


Bill nodded “I understand. I'll make sure to tell him when he awakes.” he turned and out a hand on Piccolo's shoulder “Thank you for helping Harry and the others. I'm sorry you have to endure what Bellatrix did to you.”


Piccolo half smoked, flashing a bit of white fang “I'm alright Bill. I've endured worse.”


The two of them watched as Harry walked up to them with Ron and Hermione close behind, his expression determined. “I want to talk to the goblin.”


The Namekian glanced at Bill “I'll take him.” he motioned with his head “Come on.”


Harry and the others entered the room to see Griphook the goblin sitting up in a bed. Harry went up to the goblin and sat down on the edge of the bed “How are you?”


“Alive.” Griphook said shortly.

“You probably don’t remember-”


The goblin interrupted Potter “That I showed you to your vault the first time you visited Gringotts? Even amongst goblins, you are famous, Harry Potter.” he peered at Harry and Piccolo “You brought me here and saved a house elf. You are a very unusual wizard and creature.”


Piccolo’ expression was stoic as he said “Why did you leave Gringotts?”


“Soon Death Eaters will control it. That is unacceptable to me.” Griphook said bitterly and Piccolo nodded then looked away.


“Then you’re on our side?” Ron asked.


“This is a wizard’s war. I take no side.”


“I need to get inside Gringotts, into one of the vaults.” Harry said firmly.


“It is impossible.” the goblin replied simply.


“Alone, yes.” Piccolo rumbled from against the wall he was leaning against. He glanced over at Griphook again “With you, a goblin who worked there, the chance of getting inside is higher than without you.”


Griphook stares impassively at him, silent. He then glances at the Sword of Gryffindor that was in the corner of the room “How did you come by this sword?”

“It's complicated. Why did Bellatrix Lestrange think it should be in her vault at Gringotts?”


“It's complicated.” Griphook said almost mockingly.


Harry and the goblin stared at each other then Harry says “The sword presented itself to us in a time of need. We didn't steal it.”


Griphook nodded then said “There is a sword in Madam Lestrange’s vault identical to this one, but it is a fake. It was placed there this past summer.”


“And she never suspected?” Piccolo mused.


The goblin nodded “The replica is very convincing. Only a goblin would recognize that that” he points to the sword “is the true Sword of Gryffindor.” Griphook lowered his hand.


“Did he put it there? The fake?” Ron asks curiously.


“It was not my place to ask, nor did I desire to. There are more than a few curious things in the vaults at Gringotts.”


“And in Madam Lestrange’s vault as well?” Harry asked.


“...Perhaps…” the goblin said carefully.


“I have gold. Lots of it.”


“I have no interest in gold.” the Goblin said as he folded his hands together.


Piccolo studied the Goblin and noticed his eyes flickering to the sword repeatedly. “You want the sword, don't you?”


The goblin nodded and Harry nodded “Deal.”


“I have your word, Harry Potter, that you will give me the Sword of Gryffindor if I help you?” Harry nods again as Griphook extends his hand. The glasses wearing wizard reaches out, takes his hand and they shake on it.


When they left the room, Hermione whispered “Harry, are you thinking there’s a Horcrux in Bellatrix’s vault?”


“I can answer that…” Piccolo growled “She was plainly terrified when she thought we had been in there. She kept asking me as well as Hermione how we got into the vault. I’d bet my wand that there is a Horcrux in there that she's been told to protect.”


“And if we kill it, we’re one step closer to killing him.” Harry finished and Piccolo nodded.


“And if we find one? How’re we supposed to destroy it if we've given Griphook the sword?” Ron asked skeptically.


“I’m still working on that part…” Harry mumbled.


Piccolo glanced up at the door were Ollivander was resting and rumbled “He's still weak. Be careful and mindful Potter.” Harry nodded then the three entered the room as Piccolo walked away. The Namekian spotted Luna wandering around and he called out “Luna,”


The blonde stopped walking and looked over “Oh, Piccolo.” she glided over and smiled “Hello. You look much better than you did before.”


Piccolo rolled his eyes but smiled “Yes. I heal very quickly compared to you humans.”


They were silent for a moment then Luna said softly “I hope you don't stay mad as Dad for long. He cares for you, really. It's not his fault.”


“I know.” Piccolo leaned against a wall and looked down at the floor “If I were in his situation of powerlessness…. I would have probably done the same.” he looked up at the ceiling with closed eyes “If my child was taken from me… I'd do what I could to get them back.”


“Children with Gohan?” Luna said dreamily.


Piccolo opened his eyes and murmured “One day, yes. I'd love to see a being of mine and Gohan's blood running around.”


“Mmm…” Luna hummed thoughtfully “If you were to have one with him, what would you name them?”


Piccolo tilted his head a bit to the right “Hm… I've always liked the name Reed…”


Luna smiled “Sounds lovely. I don't know if I'll have a family. No one seems to show interest in me. But that's alright.”


Piccolo looked over at the dirty blonde witch “You'll find someone Luna. You're still young.”


“Thank you Piccolo. That's very kind of you.”


Piccolo and Luna looked over as Harry and the others walked into the room. “Find what you were looking for Potter?” Piccolo rumbled.


Harry nodded “Yeah. Come on, we've got some stuff to talk about.”


Piccolo nodded once then looked at Luna “Go get some sleep.”


“Alright.” she went on her tiptoes and kissed Piccolo's cheek “Good luck you four.”


Piccolo grunted then Luna walked away. The Namekian followed the golden trio onto the patio as the sky darkened to a pink and purple color. Seeing a fire pit, Piccolo pointed at it and lit the logs with a beam of Ki. The Namek crossed his legs in midair and floated there in lotus position “So, I assume you want to talk about getting into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault?” Harry nodded and Piccolo gruffed “And how are we supposed to do that? Walk in and ask? You three are wanted, especially you Harry. And I'm probably on the watch list now too as someone who was a companion of Harry Potter.”


Hermione pressed her lips together then said “We do what we did in the Ministry. A Polyjuice potion.”


Piccolo eyed Hermione “And I assume you have hair from Bellatrix herself if you are suggesting this?”


Hermione nodded, her expression a bit haunted as she unfolded a white napkin and revealed its contents to be a singular strand of curly black hair. “This is hers. I… saw it fall on me when she got up after torturing me…”


Piccolo put a hand on her shoulder in silent comfort then pulled his hand back “What about the rest of us?”


Ron smirked “Got me a hair from one of the Snatchers.” Piccolo nodded then closed his eyes in thought. The three of them looked at the Namekian curiously then jumped when a figure suddenly appeared. “Blimey!” Ron gasped and put a hand to his heart.


The now present Goku rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and grinned “Sorry!” he turned to Piccolo and held out an envelope “Here. From Fen.”


“Thank you Son.” Piccolo rumbled as he took the envelope.


“Fen…?” Hermione said nervously.


Harry raised his eyebrows “You mean Fenrir? Fenrir Greyback?”


Goku nodded with a grin “Yup! Piccolo told Gohan to tell me to tell Fenrir that he needed a Death Eater to impersonate. Fen volunteered since he could just claim you guys got the hair from when he had a run in with you guys at Malfoy Mansion.”


Ron blinked repeatedly then said slowly “Wait… Are you tellin me… child killer Fenrir Greyback is on our side?”


Goku frowned “He hasn't done that or anything really bad of his own free will in years actually. Me, Geta and Draco have been keepin tabs on him for a while now. He's in a similar situation as my Dad was. Turns out he wants that Voldi-dude gone as much as we do.” He then grinned widely “Even said he'd fight on our side when the time comes. Neat huh?”


Harry looked surprised with his eyebrows raised and eyes wide “Fenrir is… on our side? Really?”


Piccolo then said “People can change Potter, especially in times like these. Some people see these kind of situations to be the thing that helps them be someone else, someone better than who they were before.” he looked up and murmured “One person and a bit of hope is all it takes for a change of heart…”


Goku smiled fondly at Piccolo, knowing his ex enemy was referring to when he first met Gohan. Hermione and the others looked at Piccolo curiously as the Namek looked lost in his memories. “Piccolo?” Hermione said carefully as to not startle the Namekian. Piccolo blinked then looked at the witch. Hermione twiddled her thumbs then said “You say that like… you had experience with a change of heart… Do you mind if I ask how you talk with experience in this?”


Piccolo looked at the crackling fire for a few moments then rumbled “When I was born, I was conceived by my father who birthed me as an egg. My father was… in a word, a villian. He could be compared to the Dark Lord but… worse…” he shook his head “Being egotistical and power hungry, as my father was killed and I was created as an egg, he inserted all his memories and hatred into my being. I was born with hatred in my mind and heart. My main goal in life was to kill the man who killed my father.” he felt Goku’s hand on his shoulder squeeze supportively and he continued “For years I spent hating the world and looking for a way to rule it like my father envisioned. But… one day… I came across someone who changed me, changed my life forever.”


“Who?” Ron asked as he leaned forwards.


Piccolo looked up at Ron with a small smile “Gohan. I met Gohan and his pure innocence and kind heart slowly melted my cold exterior. I didn't love him as I do now back then. It was… admiration if anything. It wasn't till my first year here I discovered that I had fallen for the boy I'd know for so long and that he'd fallen for me a long time ago but never plucked up the courage to tell me.” he reached up and patted Goku's hand and said “Looking back, it was only a matter of time before one of us admit our feelings in some way. I… I finally told him that I loved him not that long ago. I’d been terrified before that if I admit my feelings… that I would lose him. However… now I don't think I could stop telling him that I love him and I hope one day he would have cubs with me and be a proper family.”


Goku smiled warmly down at Piccolo and said in Japanese “I'm happy you and Gohan are doing so well Piccolo. And I'm glad to have you as part of the family now.


Piccolo blushed a bit and nodded “Th-Thank you Son…” Piccolo cleared his throat then said “I don’t think you are needed anymore Son. Thank you for your assistance.”


Goku waved at the trio and grinned widely “It was nice seein ya again guys! Till next time and good luck with whatever you're doin!” Goku raised his fingers to his forehead then vanished.


Piccolo glanced down at the envelope in his and then said “So. We leave in the morning I assume?”


Hermione nodded and Harry said “Yes. The sooner the better but we need the rest.”


“Then go do so. You've all had a hard day.” he looked at Hermione curiously “I could do something about your arm tomorrow. I used a large portion of my energy to restore my body earlier and it needs rest. But, I could help you tomorrow.”


Hermione smiled in relief “I'd love that. Thank you.”


Piccolo nodded once then looked them all “Now go get some sleep.” The three stood up, Hermione and Ron walking away into the house. Harry stood behind in front of Piccolo, a question obviously on on his mind. “Do you have a query Potter?”


Harry bit his inner cheek then said quietly and slowly “You said… people change… Do… Do you think Fenrir really changed? Because of me and what I'm doing?”


Piccolo looked a bit exasperated but he nodded “Yes, I believe Fenrir has changed. If a being like myself who was born to hate can change as much as I did, then a man who was made into the monster he is can change. Bardock and Goku have faith in him therefore I do.”


Harry looked down still in thought then mumbled “Have a good night Piccolo…” he hesitated then moved it and awkwardly hugged the Namekian for two seconds before pulling back “I'm sorry that you had to deal with Bellatrix…’


Piccolo smiled crookedly “Go get some sleep kid. We've got a big day tomorrow.”









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