Gooey Melting Hearts

BY : Blackkitten23
Category: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and I don't make a profit off my stories

I don't own Harry Potter and I don't make a profit off my stories

Warning – AU, abuse, sexual content, Mpreg, language, violence

Good Lucius/Severus/Narcissa/Bellatrix

Awesome Slughorn and McGonagall

Irritating and manipulative Dumbledore/Lily - Bashing

(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M – top James x bottom Severus


“whoa! Almost the end of fifth year already … what do you guys want to do?” asked a young fifteen year old Remus Lupin as he and two of his friends, Sirius and James, walked around outside on the Hogwarts grounds.

Sirius twitched “anything that doesn’t involve more studying for those stupid OWLs! My head hurts!” he whined dramatically making Remus roll his eyes as James snickered.

“I know what you mean, my head needs a break” James smirked “lets go find Snivellus”

Remus sighed in frustration “you guys should just leave-” he shook his head as his friends ran off without hearing a word “him alone … why do I even bother?” the brown haired werewolf grumbled as he followed after his friends.

“found him” Sirius hissed as they spotted Severus Snape through the trees helping a bloodied and bruised Lucius Malfoy sit down on a fallen tree “looks like that Malfoy guy was clobbered- crap, we should get Peter to join in”

James grinned “no lets get closer and see what they’re talking about. We’ll tell Peter later” with great care and a reluctant Remus following they moved closer and stayed hidden behind some trees and bushes, but well within hearing distance. They watched as Severus helped the blonde sit before removing a small brown bag from his pocket and were slightly impressed when the bag enlarged. The dark haired Slytherin pulled off his black robe and set it on the ground next to the spot where he kneeled.

“I’m not a healer you know. You should go to Poppy” Severus sighed when Lucius simply shook his head weakly. The potions lover pulled his hair back with a green hair tie, rolled up his sleeves and opened the brown bag “you’re a stubborn ass … here, drink these” Severus ordered with a kind patient tone that caught the Marauders by surprise as he held up a set of three potions for Lucius to take “I haven’t seen you all weekend. Not since lunch on Friday and you suddenly appear like this … do you want to tell me what happened Luc?” Severus was already worried because his left handed friend took the red vial with his right hand not even attempting to move his limp left arm even in the slightest.

Lucius said nothing as he stared at the red potion in the vial with lifeless silver eyes. He threw his head back and downed the liquid in one go before taking the next two potions. As the blonde finished the potions a patiently waiting Severus pulled out a jar of bruising salve to start tending to the bruises all over the blonde. As Severus gently applied the salve to the boot print shaped bruise on Lucius’s right wrist the Malfoy held up his left arm to the raven. The Marauders couldn’t see what was being shown, just the torn sleeve and the look of horror on Snape’s face that turned to anger.

“your father forced you to get it” Severus scowled … and almost looked like his eyes were tearing up, but no tears fell.

“yeah” Lucius gasped with a horse voice. The bruises on the right arm started fading as the left fell limp at his side again as if he hoped it would fall off. The pale fingers of the dark haired Slytherin gently caressed his face in order to spread the healing salve on the wounds “what day is it?”

“it’s Sunday right after dinner” Severus answered not realizing that his confused expression was mirrored by three other people hiding not far away.

“oh… about two and a half days” Lucius barely moved as Severus spread the salve over his black eyes and busted lip “my father wanted to talk with me about what I’d do now that I’m an adult and graduating so I flooed home … I knew what he wanted to discuss. I straight out said I’d never take the Dark Mark” he gulped and felt sick “he wasn’t happy obviously … he used the torture cruse on me for a while, but when I still said no he locked me in the cells below our mansion. After failing to ‘convince’ me with curses he decided to try other ways without magic me for … I guess days” the blonde spat out some blood.

The Marauders gaped, they couldn’t believe what they were hearing …

Severus frowned as he moved from the now healing bruises on his friend’s face to the clearly injured right ankle “I know how you all hate the marks your parents took … you still said no I take it”

Lucius winced slightly as his tattered pant leg was moved revealing his swollen ankle “of course … he knocked me out and when I woke up I was staring into that madman’s eyes … It hurt so much that I passed out only to wake up on the school grounds with this thing on my arm” he glared at his left forearm “Bellatrix was forced to take it too, but they went easy on her since she agreed in order to save Narcissa … I’m lucky he at least gave back my wand. My patronus got to you … can we discuss anything else? Have those Galloping Gits been bothering you?” Lucius asked eager for a change of subject.
Three Gryffindors twitched at the twisted version of their group name. James felt a sharp pang of something in his chest as Severus began unbuttoning the blonde’s shirt and applying the salve to the horrible bruises, but he ignored it …

“no more than usual … they really screwed up and don’t even know it. Even though they seem to thrive in making my life hell they can’t resist spreading it around. Sadly for them that means that they targeted a Ravenclaw whose older brothers are 6th and 7th year Gryfindors so … they made some enemies” the dark haired Slytherin said with a sigh. Said bullies twitched while Remus shook his head in exasperation, he knew something like this would happen and tried to stop them “good thing is that everyone knows Remus isn’t the culprit so Potter and Black are the ones in trouble … oh, and Pettigrew is at it again”

The blonde scowled “another attempt to drug the werewolf with a love potion and rape him huh, how pathetic” he said with a snarl of disgust as a light started coming back to his silver eyes.

James and Sirius jumped up ready to defend their friend’s honor, but Remus clapped a hand over each of their mouths and forced them to sit … these two Slytherins knew what he was and seemed to have kept it quiet for a while so he wanted to hear this …

“indeed … I spotted him spiking a bag of cauldron cakes with the love potion, but I had the counter potion ready and I spiked the cakes again when he was distracted …” Severus said casually.

“oh? What distracted him?” Lucius smirked as if he already guessed the answer.

”I might’ve  made Pettigrew a little sick with my own potion. He was sent to the infirmary a  while ago-hey!” Severus yelped as Lucius pulled him against his bare chest with his arm firmly wrapped around the smaller wizard’s waist. James Potter’s clenched his jaw for some reason “Luc put me down before you hurt yourself” Severus stated calmly as if this happens a lot.

“you’re too nice … they humiliate you and you consistently protect them” James felt his blood boil as Lucius rested his head in the crook of Severus’s neck as his other hand made quick work of all the buttons on the white shirt “they don’t even know how much they hurt you” the shirt slid down the pale shoulders exposing Severus’s torso that was covered in various bruises the sight of which made the Marauders flinch … they didn’t think they hurt him that badly “why won’t you just use your own damn salves on yourself?”

“you know I only have so much. I can’t waste it” Severus said stubbornly as if this conversation came up a lot.

Lucius seemed to ignore the comment and let his hands roam the pale skin “and further more why hasn’t anyone told the bastard that you are-”

James snarled as he saw the blonde’s hand move lower to try to unbutton the dark haired Slytherin’s pants …

“if you go any further Lucius Malfoy I’ll tell Bella you molested me. I bet she’ll take any excuse to torture someone right now” the blonde recoiled so fast he yelped in pain caused by straining his own injuries making James feel a sense of smugness for some reason “good boy, honestly how can you say you’re straight when you are always trying to strip me?” Severus explained as he buttoned his shirt up again …

The Potter was trying to blow up Lucius with his eyes … for some odd reason he was pissed that the blonde does this a lot …

Lucius smirked “you have an interesting birthmark, I can’t help myself- ow!”

Severus tweaked the blonde’s ear “leave my butt out of this conversation Luc or I’ll tell Narcissa what really happened to her favorite cloak” he threatened and was rewarded with a frightened Malfoy paling in fear.

Somewhere in James’s mind he found himself wondering about this birthmark … until he realized that he was thinking of the Slytherin’s butt and immediately forced himself to focus on the eavesdropping …

“I’ll behave, I’ll behave” Lucius chuckled. Severus just rolled his eyes clearly not believing the older Slytherin making the blonde pout “hands to myself”

“you better …now to clarify, I can handle their idiotic antics and I’m protecting Remus only. He’s the only one who tries to talk some sense into the idiots and he has enough problems being labeled a dark creature, which is ridiculous. The guy is too nice save for that one night a month” Remus felt his heart warm up at the kindness “and for that other point you were about to make I don’t think bringing it up now will make a difference”

Lucius scoffed as Severus went back to looking at the ankle and treating it the best he could “it should. When a guy likes a girl the way Potter likes Lily he should be sucking up to the gay best friend not torturing him. I can see why you can’t tell Potter that you’re gay and not competition so he can finally leave you alone. The fool would probably hex you before you can even speak, but why hasn’t Lily explained? After five years she should have figured out what’s going on”

Sirius and Remus winced at the new information and glanced at James … the Potter’s jaw was on the floor and he looked like he wanted to bash his head against the nearest tree while screaming at himself …

“I have no bloody idea. I tried to bring it up with her, but she changes the subject and runs off. I can understand why she’d do that now with the OWLs starting tomorrow, but I‘ve been trying to bring it up for a year now even risking running into her sister Petunia by going to her house last summer. Lily doesn’t want to discuss it beyond insulting Potter and claiming he may grow out of it … you won’t be able to walk until that Skele-gro I gave you is done, but the swelling is down” said Severus as he added a little more salve to the other ankle “that seems to be the worst of it … I’ll look you over when we get back to the dorm and get you something to eat. Just tell me if you need another pain reliever” Severus said softly, the forest certainly wasn’t the place to completely strip the blonde and heal everything.

“yeah … it should be almost curfew anyway. You aren’t going to stay up late brewing again are you? I don’t care if you’re looking for a cure for Lycanthropy, you need sleep. Besides, all that brewing is why you’re teased for greasy hair” said the older Slytherin with concern lacing his tone.

Remus gaped at what he heard. Severus was looking for a cure! Guilt was spreading through each Marauder’s body as they recalled how many times they teased Severus about his hair or watched him be teased for having greasy hair.

“unlike you I don’t care about my hair and besides … we both have handled much worse than teasing or school bullies. More importantly I need to restock my potions. A full moon will hit before everyone goes home so I want to be ready to heal Remus again” said Severus as he put his salves away for later and closed his bag.

James and Sirius suddenly felt a weight on their shoulders and looked to see the silently crying werewolf leaning on them for support. They understood why. Remus mentioned loving being at school with his friends. It seemed like the full moons were significantly better here than at home, but it wasn’t just because of his friends … it was because of Severus … the boy who he sat back and watched get bullied was the one who came every full moon to heal him … how long has Severus been helping Remus?

“people can call you whatever they want, you’re just a fluffy kitten on the inside” Lucius chuckled.

A blush graced Severus’s face and he huffed “for that comment you can rot here” he walked away getting closer to the hidden Gryffindors who tried to dive deeper in the bushes to avoid being seen.

“WAIT SEV! HOW WILL I GET BACK?” Lucius yelled as Severus retreated, but the Marauders noticed that the blonde was smiling.

“WE’RE NEAR THE LAKE SO TRY ASKING THE SQUID FOR HELP!” Severus snapped over his shoulder as he unknowingly passed three Marauders. James for some reason couldn’t help but notice that Severus was quite slender and a little curvy without the baggy black robes covering the shirt and pants … and kind of cute with his hair pulled back …

“I’LL BUY YOU YOUR FAVORITE CHOCOLATE IF YOU HELP ME” Lucius smiled as Severus stopped in his tracks “two bars of Honeydukes extra dark chocolate and I’ll throw in those little truffles with the raspberry filling”

Remus stifled a chuckle as Severus spun on his heel and walked back to Lucius who was smirking victoriously, but he wondered if Severus was even serious … he didn’t collect his robe or potion bag before storming off, which didn’t seem like him … were they just friends joking around? …

“you’re still a jerk” Severus huffed and with one fluid wand motion changed a stick into a stretcher and levitated Lucius onto it.

Lucius laid back and relaxed “but you put up with me anyway-mmph” instead of putting the robe on Severus tossed it in Lucius’s face to shut him up before grabbing his potion bag. The bag was shrunk and set it next to the amused blonde on the stretcher before levitating it was away by the dark haired Slytherin who was following close behind.

“hn, I’m starting to wonder why” Severus sighed as he shook his head.

“hey … you’re cute when you’re riled up-ow” Lucius pouted as his ear was tweaked by the blushing potion lover.

“You’re incorrigible” Severus sighed in mock exasperation, but ended up smiling slightly, which the Marauders never saw before.

Remus stepped out from behind the trees once the Slytherins were gone “guys … I think we have some bridges to start mending” he said with determination as he wiped some tears away. He wasn’t going to sit back and wait for them to grow up. This stops now …

“quick Remmy, what were those chocolates Severus liked?! Extra dark raspberries-no no that’s not right!” James exclaimed in a panic as he whipped out his Quidditch book and a quill intent on getting on the Slytherin’s good side right away.

The werewolf rolled his eyes “calm down James. It was Honeydukes extra dark and the truffles Lucius mentioned are probably those Blood Droplets, the chocolate with the red fruit filling” Remus looked amused as James frantically scribbled it down in his prized Quidditch book without hesitation, but then he turned to Sirius “are you ok Siri?”

Sirius looked incredibly guilty “Bellatrix is my cousin and Narcissa too. I … I never liked them because they used to say I was lucky to be disowned … that I was better off … I didn’t think it was true, but … I thought you had to want to be a Death Eater to get the mark …Remy, what do I do? My little brother could be forced to …” Sirius trailed off and tried to swallow, but the knot he felt in his throat made it difficult.

“oh Sirius … we’ll figure this out” Remus said soothingly as he rubbed Sirius’s back in an attempt to comfort him “for now lets head back to the dorm”

Once they got there the clock hit the curfew time. They made it just in time, but the common room was oddly silent or to be more precise all the Gryffindors fell silent the second they entered the common room. Before any of the Marauders could say something everyone left or retreated as it seemed … everyone except two people … two tough older Gryffindors, a 6th year and a 7th year.

A 4th year student held Remus by the arm and pulled him towards the dorm “I’m glad you’re here Remus, oh, Peter had a bit of food poisoning and is in the infirmary. He should be out tomorrow … I … umm … I need you to help me with a charms essay. Could you, please?”

“well I …” Remus glanced at his friends, but they weren’t looking at him meaning they were going to deal with this themselves “yeah … ok” the werewolf let himself get dragged away leaving James and Sirius alone with the two older Gryffindors.

“Potter, Black, we’d like a word” said the 7th year student …

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