HPIA: The World Behind The World

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Harry Potter and the Imprinted Animagus:

The World Behind The World

A HP/Twilight Crossover


Chapter I: The Journey

“Expelliarmus!” yelled a young black haired, and emerald eyed male who was slightly disheveled with cuts, bruises along with dirt and dust caked to his face. He wore a long sleeve shirt and pants with tennis shoes. He had once upon a time wore thick round glasses that had once made him seem younger but now, he wore contacts that made him look more handsome as his eyes stood out more. He was almost of a height that stood just shy of six feet and had a slight body frame that relied more on speed than strength. His name was Harry Potter and he was in the middle of a pitched battle that had lasted the better part of almost two years. Harry had remembered how it had all started.


This battle, more like war started almost two years previously when Harry was kidnapped at the age of fourteen during the reemergence of the Triwizard Tournament in which he was an unwilling participant against three older students who were all seventeen. Victor Krum of Durmstrang Academy, Fleur Delacour of Beaubatons School of Magic and Cedric Diggory of Hufflepuff House from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry of which Harry was also a student and from Gryffindor House.

Harry had watched as Peter Pettigrew had killed Cedric Diggory and forced Harry to participate in an extremely dark ritual that combined necromancy and blood magic to create a homunculus body for the wraith spirit of Voldemort, who was the murderer of Harry’s parents, Lilly and James Potter at the age of one, and the Darkest Wizard of the Modern Age.

Harry had escaped with Cedric’s body and tried to warn everyone about Voldemort’s return, but only Albus Dumbledore had truly believed Harry and the following summer, two Dementors had tried to silence him, but he had staved them off with a Patronus Charm and had had a full blown criminal trial in front of the wizarding worlds high court, the Wizengamot, to which he was found not guilty, even though Minister Fudge had his toadies and tried to railroad him into the ground.

As a consequence of his actions the previous June, harry had found his fifth year at Hogwarts to be dismal in the way of Delores Umbridge, the Minister’s Undersecretary who had made it her distinct pleasure to force feed the school a Ministry approved curriculum, which included reading from the text she had assigned but practicing no spells.

To which, three fourths of the school had banned together and created a study group called Dumbledore’s Army to combat Umbridge and her increasing reign of terror on the school. It had gotten so bad that the Minister had made her the High Inquisitor of the school and had truly run rampant over the staff and students alike.

She had even had Harry and a few other students in detention, to which they had had to write lines using a Black Quill, which had written lines using the writer’s blood and had the unfortunate side effect of writing the same lines into the back of the writer’s dominant hand. They had eventually run the foul loathsome pink monstrosity out of the castle after she had tried to arrest Hagrid and had put Professor McGonagall down with several stunners.

The following year, which was Harry’s sixth year turned out to be even more strange with Love Potions be tossed around, Draco Malfoy disappearing at times into a secret room and lessons with Dumbledore. These lessons turned out to be fruitful in that they had revealed the truth of Voldemort’s survivability the Halloween night that he had attack Harry and his parents fifteen years previously. But it was all for naught as harry had seen Dumbledore struck down by treachery and the school in a pitched battle against Death Eaters that were let in by Draco Malfoy.

The next year which was supposed to be Harry’s seventh year, saw Harry and his best friends Ron and Hermione traveling across country (dodging Death Eaters and various snatcher groups) to find and destroy Voldemort’s Horcruxes, to which they had succeeded and finally found themselves back at Hogwarts for the Final Battle. But Harry had found out that he was a Horocrux and had set himself against Voldemort who had killed him, and Harry had risen once again to battle Voldemort.

He had fought Voldemort across the grounds and school, cast spells and curses and dodging debris and Voldemort as they apparated across the castle and its environs. They had finally ended up in the ruined courtyard surrounded by Death Eaters, and the students and staff of Hogwarts alike. They watched silently as the two males had circled each other waiting and watching as they circled each other testing the waters.

…. Flashback End

“Expelliarmus!” was shouted by the black haired teen.

“Avada Kedavra!” was shouted by the black clothed and red eyed snake-like Dark Lord, Voldemort.

The two spells, one of burnished red and the other a sickly acidic green color met in the center of the courtyard and through force of will, Harry managed to send the acidic spell back at its caster.

“Noooo!” Voldemort screamed as he was hit by the spell and had at the same time lost the Elder Wand (that he had stolen from Albus Dumbledore’s tomb hours previously) that arced towards Harry who had caught it with his honed seeker reflexes as he dispassionately watched as Voldemort’s body began to dissolve into flakes of ash as the Killing Curse had an adverse effect on his magically created body. As the body finished whisking away into ash, the Hogwarts fighters yelled out and hugged each other and, in some cases, kissed as they celebrated the true end of the Darkest Wizard of the Modern Age that had plagued them off and on since the early 1970’s.

Harry sighed in relief as he had fulfilled what he had set out to do by stint of the prophecy said before his birth. As everyone was celebrating, he wrapped his invisibility cloak around him and silently escaped the celebrations. His wandering through the once high ceilinged hallways took him to a familiar gryphon statue that he knew was the guardian of Dumbledore’s old office.

As he approached the statue, it turned to reveal the stairwell and as he climbed it, he took a few deep breathes and steadied his heart beat as his body calmed from all of the adrenaline running through his body from all of the running and fast paced movement and fighting, he had just ended a few minutes ago. He soon reached the top of the curved stairwell to see a solid wood door with an old style handle. Grabbing it, it turned the handle and pushed the door open to reveal a circular office that contained the portraits of the long dead Heads of Hogwarts and recently held the portraits of Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore.

He entered the office to only be shocked as the men and women whose painted likeness began clapping and congratulating him. Harry subtly nodded and turned to see the large portrait of Albus Dumbledore looking at him with his blue eyes tearing up behind half moon glasses and falling into his long white beard.

“The wizarding world thanks you, Harry. I know that you will probably want some time to yourself to come to terms with this so, I took the liberty of drawing up some plans for you to ‘get away from it all’ as it were. In the right hand desk drawer is the paperwork.” Dumbledore said as Harry moved to the drawer in question and took out the large packet. Harry opened the packet and dumped out the contents of it onto the desk.

“What is all this, professor?” Harry asked, looking at the sheaf of papers and a small blue book. Harry picked up the book to reveal an embossed insignia of the flag of the United Kingdom and upon opening the book, it showed a picture of Harry, along with his name, birthdate, gender and various other information.

“That is a passport, and the papers contain information on where you will be going on vacation.” Dumbledore replied.

Harry looked over the paperwork and saw a ticket to a small town named Forks in the state of Washington in the United States, along with several other items of note such as a driver’s license, high school enrollment forms that were filled out and a wallet that upon further inspection had a large amount of US money in it. Harry gathered up the items and placed them into the moleskin pouch around his neck. He then looked up at Dumbledore’s portrait. 

“Do you really think I need a vacation?” Harry asked.

“I honestly believe you do, my boy. You need time away from the wizarding world and magic in general so you can come to terms with everything that has happened this past year and even earlier today.” Dumbledore replied.

Harry looked thoughtful as he thought about the opportunity, he was being given to get away from absolutely everything and be able to go somewhere where no one knew who he was and where he could just slip into the background and not be in the spotlight.

Harry looked up at Dumbledore one last time and said, “I’ll do it.”

A few hours later found Harry winging his way towards the United States on an airplane instead of using a portkey as he wanted to do something that had no magic tied to it. After saying goodbye to his friends and the Weasley’s, he had boarded the plane to Seattle Washington.

After a six to eight hour flight to Seattle, Harry rented a dark blue car with silver rims and drove the rest of the way to Forks. As he drove along the highway, he heard a howl of an animal that he had identified as a wolf and as the howl traveled across the forest and over the highway, Harry felt as if the wolf was in someway welcoming him home.

Little did Harry know that this was to be the start of a new life filled with love, heartache and supernatural creatures, but as Harry traveled into the town of Forks, a large black wolf the size a horse with amber eyes followed Harry’s car with its eyes as it traveled down the highway, before turning and trotting back into the forest.

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