Tarnished Lion

BY : InvidiaRed
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Hatred burned brightly in his chest.

Peter Pettigrew was a monster.

He betrayed his parents to serve Voldermort.

 He was the reason why his parents were dead.

His parents had believed in their friend and he had betrayed them.

Harry struggled against the gravestone angel’s embrace.

The rat was going to bring his master back.

Voldermort was going to return. And Harry was going to behold this dark resurrection.

The murderer of his parents.

The one who gave him his scar.

The one who made him live with the Dursleys.

And the traitor was going to bring him back.

He wanted Peter Pettigrew dead.

He knew the words. Mad-Eye Moody had taught him and the intense  training he had to endure to merely survive the tournament he never wanted to compete in.

The fingers in his hand were clenched in a death grip around something. Somehow, he managed to hold on to his wand.

Harry couldn’t believe it but, in his hand, was undoubtedly his wand.

He thrashed against the statue’s hold, but it was futile.

He struggled against the bonds and he managed put the wand in his offhand. Harry promptly tucked his hand and wand under his offhand sleeve. Hiding his wand from view.

That traitor Harry decided wasn’t going to leave this graveyard.

 Peter had killed in front of him.

Cedric had crumbled from the flash of red light.

His father’s friend or no.

Wormtail had to die.

The fire burst to raging life underneath the cauldron. Despite his pounding headache as the rat faced murderer carried around a horrid thing.

A dreadful thing.

The rat faced Peter Pettigrew held the thing reverently.

“Do it now!”

 Commanded the horrid thing.

As the cauldron bubbled to life.

Peter dropped the wretched wrinkled thing into the bubbling soup. Harry wished that hideous mockery of a baby would drown but he knew for a fact that he wasn’t that lucky.

Voldermort was going to return. He could feel it. His scar quivered painfully. The murderer


Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!” The ragged man in torn clothes sliced empty air the stone beneath Harry’s feet trembled with a loud crack. A wisp of dust swirled into the cauldron.

The bubbling mass changed color becoming a dangerous poisonous blue. The coward trembled for a moment as if steeling himself as he slowly pulled out a knife.

Peter Pettigrew’s voice grew high. Harry struggled but he couldn’t get a decent angle yet.

Flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed, you will revive your master. “Harry looked on as the blade of the knife of the knife turned red hot and with a agonized yowl. The traitor took off his own hand with one clean motion.

His hand splashed into the cauldron. The frothing mess in the cauldron turned into a burning unwholesome red.

Harry felt sick to his stomach.

Peter Pettigrew had just mutilated himself for his master.

He was more deranged than Harry thought.

The horror he had just witnessed had reaffirmed his decision to kill the bastard who took everything from him.

Peter Pettigrew’s agonized baleful blue eyes glared at him. Completing his look of a rabid man in need of being put down. His mousy brown hair fluttered in the brief breeze.

The coward trembled in his patched worn clothes for a moment.

The knife’s blade had cooled. The smell of blood and burned flesh filled the area.

Harry tried not to gag on the stench.

The mad man advanced on Harry and grabbed his wand arm and with a fanatic frenzy he sliced away the sleeve.  Harry was grateful he had the foresight to hide his wand.

Harry cried out as the knife parted his flesh as Wormtail sliced his arm.

Wormtail chanted.

“Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, You will resurrect your foe!”

Wormtail hurried to the cauldron. Harry thrust his wand out of his offhand sleeve and passed it to his wand arm and took aim while Wormtail was distracted. Wormtail was poised to flick his blood into the cauldron. Harry took his chance.

Harry Potter focused and pointed at Wormtail’s back. The hatred in his chest raged to life. Wormtail had to die.

Avada Kedavra! ”

Harry Potter roared. There was a flash of green light and a rushing sound.

Peter Pettigrew fell backwards. His face still locked in complete surprise. His eyes alighted on his killer.

Harry Potter laughed as a rush of euphoria.

Of complete and total joy washed over him.

He had done it.

Peter Pettigrew was dead.

Relashio” He sighed as he struggled to aim at the statue that held him prisoner. The statue released him as he landed face first.

All that training, all those late nights studying all manner of spells in the hope of surviving the tri-wizard tournament was a success.

The traitor was dead.

Power surged throughout his body. Harry Potter struggled to get to his feet. The world swirled delightfully around him.

“You need my blood to come back you bastard?”

 Haha!” Harry struggled to the cauldron.

Harry Potter felt invincible.

Like he could take on Voldemort himself.

He looked down at his pants.

There was an unquestionable fact he was hard.

Harry unbuttoned his fly and freed his straining member from his trousers. He gave himself a cursory stroke and then he gazed at the cauldron.

He could just kick over the cauldron.

A wickedly mischievous thought entered his mind. As he holstered his wand.

Harry Potter all that studying meant he hadn’t had a chance to sate his urges. He strolled over to the cauldron.  He stroked himself slowly at first. Enjoying the feeling of pleasure.

It was gratifying beyond words. Harry Potter sped up. The sensations built quickly.

Harry cried out


As his came as his scar throbbed in sudden agony. 

It pushed him over the brink as pleasure and pain mixed until he could no longer discern which was which.

 Harry came mightily into the cauldron. His body contracted once, twice, three times. He gripped the cauldron to steady himself just as the blood trickled into the cauldron.

The cauldron burst into flames and Harry stumbled back tucking himself back into his trousers. He didn’t want burns anywhere near his family jewels. Thick black obscuring smoke billowed up from the cauldron.

The euphoria departed only to be replaced with mounting dread as Harry came to his senses. A silhouette emerged into a figure.

He scrambled towards Cedric’s body. The cauldron exploded sending shrapnel everywhere and there in its center of where the cauldron was a figure. The cemetery was silent.

A naked figure that sighed and exulted for a moment in its new-found body touching and confirming itself. Before it stopped its red eyes, snake eyes opened in apprehension.


Voldermort turned his nakedness on full display.

His pale form completely smooth.  Voldermort had no male organ. He was smooth as a doll. It was as if Voldermort was a completely hairless doll. His doll body however did little to quell the dreadful aura he possessed. That froze Harry cold even as his scar awakened in agony.

Voldermort did the most horrifying thing he could. He laughed. A mirthless laugh. He scanned the graveyard. A scornful look as he paused for a moment to linger on Wormtail’s body.

His red eyes meeting Harry’s own. His mouth split into a terrifying malicious grin.

Voldermort’s laugh was bereft of any hint of kindness and held naught but sadistic revelry.

“A dark lord’s rise is heralded by murder Harry Potter. I wonder which wretch will be your first follower, one of mine perhaps?” Voldermort mused.

Anger bubbled to the fore. His escape forgotten.

“I am not a dark wizard!’ Harry roared. A sliver of fear a shard of ice pierced his anger. Pierced his heart.

Voldermort laughed his eyes never left Harry’s as he lazily opened his hand and his wand sailed into it. With a flourish black robes flew onto him. Covering his nakedness.

“I almost envy you, Harry Potter. Nothing is as intense as your first kill. Except perhaps your first follower the moment you link eyes with them. You will know. Their destiny is yours to command.”

Wormtail’s body forgotten.

“The weak ones come first. Unable to resist themselves. The powerful ones. Those make the greatest sensations. Quite like the ecstasy of the killing curse”. Voldermort continued as he turned his wand on Harry.


Harry Potter Screamed in absolute agony as white-hot knives pierced the entirety of his body.  The pain lifted as the curse ended.

“My dearest Bellatrix is a wonderful connoisseur of that curse.  for her loyalty, she is entombed in Azkaban. She will be rewarded beyond her wildest dreams.” Voldermort praised his loyal follower.

“Muggles are dangerous Harry Potter.” Harry struggled to his feet even as the lingering pain of the curse made his abused body ache.


Harry whispered in pain Voldermort was about to curse him again.

Imperi-“Voldemort stopped with the look of surprise on his face. He strode over and touched Harry’s scar.

Harry was tired of all the agony.

“Blow me” Harry rasped.

Suddenly the pain lessened as Voldermort had stopped touching his scar. Harry looked down just in time to see the dark lord himself. Take his knob in his mouth.

The sudden sensation made him hard all over again. Those serpentine eyes looked up at him with horrified surprise.

Harry dimly realized with the sudden surprisingly capable dark lord sucking him off. He felt like he was taking the piss.

He felt great. He felt powerful.

And he very much liked this feeling. He reveled in it.

He had wanked himself into the cauldron and now Voldermort was sucking him off.

It felt divine. He couldn’t help himself any longer. His knob started pulsing in the dark lord’s mouth

“Swallow it.” Harry commanded. The dark lord scrambled off him and tried fumble away


Voldermort froze and fell into the grass.  Harry could feel the fear and it made him excited.

“You know, I’ve never had time because of you. Always studying.”

 Always training since you’ve hounded me for years. You’ve ruined my life.”

“Its MY turn.” Is this what it felt like?!!

On the opposite end of the wand.

This was power.

It was heady stuff.


Harry slashed.

“You will never wear clothing in my presence again.”

 Harry commanded.

He stroked his wand made of holly eleven inches. The black robe of Voldermort laid in tatters and his doll like nakedness was apparent.

Voldmort hadn’t moved.

“See Voldy, you murdered my parents." 

You tried to kill me in my first year at Hogwarts. The first place in my life I have ever considered home.”

Harry Potter’s eyes gleamed darkly as he recounted Voldermort’s transgressions.

“You tried again my second year and I killed you by stabbing your diary.”

Harry walked around the prostrated dark lord.

How the tables have turned.
“Third year, that rat faced murderer prevented me from having my godfather adopt me. So I could leave those horrible muggles. “

“Year four, you tried to kill me again. Rat bastard stunned Cedric. Not quite sure how you managed to get my name in the goblet of fire.”  Harry shrugged.

“Mad-Eye Taught me the three unforgivables. While I had to constantly study just to survive the Tri-Wizard tournament.”

 “He made me practice on rats.  You have to mean them.  After all, You don’t want to go to Azkaban for nothing.” Exactly what Alastor Moody taught him.

Harry Potter took his time aiming at the unmoving body of naked body of Voldermort.


Voldermort’s body jerked from the impact of the curse.  Harry kept his wand trained on Voldermort’s body. Until the body started jerking and twitching. He watched as the muscles started spasming.

Harry released it.  Voldermort was breathing heavily.

“Doesn’t feel so good does it?” Harry spat.

Expelliarmus!” Harry spouted and Voldermort’s wand flew out of his hand. Beyond his immediate reach.

“Lay on your back so I can look at you but don’t make any moves.”

This control of Voldermort was far more powerful than a full body bind.

The dark lord was at his leisure.

Voldermort glared at him.

His nakedness on full display.

“Bartimous Crouch Jr. is the one who put your name in the goblet of fire.”

The bare dark lord answered.

Harry grew hard again.

“You Are The Boy Who Lived. “ The dark wizard began.

“And You Are The Dark Lord Who Got Fucked.” Harry grabbed Voldermort’s leg and pulled that pale naked form to him. Those eyes widened a little further. Harry drank in the fear.

Harry kept his wand pointed at Voldermort.

“Bartimous Crouch Jr. Is yours.  He has taken the appearance of Alastor Moody.”

Harry let Voldermort’s leg drop.

The one who had trained him?

Death Eater? The shock broke that heady feeling. Harry felt sick and he tucked himself in.

Harry was horrified and he stumbled away.

He looked for the goblet of fire.

He stumbled towards Cedric’s body. He hovered over the fallen favorite of Hogwarts. Harry actually liked Cedric.

What had he done? Tears ran down his face.

He couldn’t help it.

There was a chuckle behind him


A hand pulled his trousers down even as Harry felt calm and all floaty. All that horror and dread slowly slipped away. For the first time in a long time…. As bliss came rushing in.

Harry was happy.

“Wormtail’s demise was unexpected but not unwelcome.” A confident voice whispered in his ear.

“How can a rat that returned to his master out of fear possibly compare.”

Harry felt the breath on his ear.

“To a budding dark lord?” Voldermort chuckled softly.  A wand roughly jabbed his inner thigh.

Agony thundered through his body as he just stood there and accepted it.

“Harry Potter, I will be keeping an eye on you closely. Wouldn’t want you to run off and hide, now would we?  Now pull up your trousers and drag wormtail’s body over here.”

“No, Master.” Voldermort laughed darkly. The words flew from his lips and he calmly pulled up his trousers and dragged the fat bastard towards Cedric.

“I had planned to call my faithful here. However, only one deserves to see me and he will be properly rewarded.”

“Malfoy and the rest will be punished.  Take this one’s wand-” The serpentine smile was delighted.

Harry shuddered as he attempted to push past the imperious curse laid upon him. His hand twitched.

“Cedric” Harry groaned out.

“Take Cedric’s wand and when you return to the maze. Place my mark in the sky.  Voldermort had never looked so triumphant in his smile.

Voldermort showed him the wand movement and whispered the dark incantation in his ear. Harry felt a hand slide beneath his trousers and touch the sore area that began to course and throb with pain.

Harry pointed the wand at the goblet of fire and with his free hand he clutched Cedric and Wormtail’s corpse. Voldermort removed his hand from Harry’s waistband and stepped back. Voldermort gleefully giving him instructions.

The last Harry heard was a variation of a memory charm…


Harry came to a blurry indistinct happiness.




Harry clasped the goblet of fire and the world warped and twisted and Harry clutched on tightly as he felt himself get sucked through a small tube.


Harry rolled and groaned. He released the cup immediately to clatter on the ground.

And pointed Cedric’s wand to the sky.

Morsmordre!” as he performed the spell just as Voldermort wished. With a thundering boom, A green constellation in the form of a massive skull with a serpent protruding from its mouth.

He quickly placed the wand back into Cedric’s swiftly rousing body. Harry drew his wand fell back and swiftly crawled beneath Wormtail’s bulk and forced his hands around his neck.

 “Cedric! Help!” He coughed and thrashed as if being strangled. As he forced Wormtail’s hands to choke him with his own. He squeezed until he could barely breathe. Wormtail’s hands cracked audibly from Harry’s curse enhanced grip.

Cedric’s voice groggily came from his side.

“Harry? Harry!”


Cedric roared.

Harry felt Wormtail’s body launch off of him and with a sickening crack and a dull thud.

A tree broke from the impact.

Harry struggled against the curse as Voldermort’s instructions forcefully dragged him towards slumber. Cedric shook him heavily.

Cedric shouting his name distantly and those gray eyes looked at him imploringly.

Harry was dragged down into slumber by the curse afflicting him.

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