When Dogs Howl

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“Of course Ron, it’s everyone’s fault but yours, I’m sorry I didn’t realize it!” I yelled angrily feeling my magic crackling around me, as I faced off with my ex boyfriend. Ron and I had tried to have a relationship after the final battle at Hogwarts. But we were too different to work, each of us too stubborn. We held onto a damaged and fraying relationship for to long. The end came with broken bottles and another woman in our bed. 


The other occupants of the kitchen watched us silently. The most surprising of all was the silence of Ron’s eldest brother Bill. He watched along with Sirius both remaining still and quiet. 


“Oh what? Little miss know it all can’t be wrong about anything?” Ron shot back. “Don’t you dare turn this on me Ronald! I told you that continuing down the path you were would end up getting someone hurt. And what happened? Seamus is in St. Mungos, because of your actions. I warned you and you refused to listen!” I yelled seconds before the glass panes in the cabinets exploded shards of sparkling glass shimmering around us before clattering to the ground. 


“Whoa!” Someone yelled. “Grab her” another yelled. Sirius grabbing my waist and pulling me from the room as Bill pushed wrong towards the kitchen counter.


“Kitten, you’ve really got to control those claws of yours.” Sirius murmured once the library door was close behind us. I turned to face him. “You think I don’t know that? If he would have just listened to me instead of being a prick! None of this...” I sighed collapsing in the overstuffed chair. 


“You can’t let him rile you like this. As much as I enjoy watching you get all feisty, other parties worry when glass starts flying.” He shrugged sitting down across from me. 


“I’m gonna take a bath and calm down.” I murmured rising from my chair and heading towards the stairs. “You ok, bookworm?” Bill asked as I started up the stairs. Turning I offered a small smile and shrugged before continuing on my way, turning back in time to see Bill disappear into the library. 



I watched the eldest weasley walk into the room shaking head head. “Whiskey?” I offered pouring myself a glass. “Please.”


Handing him his glass I sat back down with my own. “That girl...what did she see in your brother?” I asked shaking my head and earning a laugh. “Nothing, trust me. Don’t tell anyone but I had a part in that relationship ending.” He breathed leaning his head

Back and stretching his legs out. 


“Do tell?” I prodded. “I honestly don’t know. I overheard her a Gin, talking about sex and she said she didn’t know what the big deal was. Well a few more questions and I understood, she had never orgasmed with Ron. Didn’t know what she was missing...” 




“Bill, will you go get the girls, tell them tomorrow I’m going to Diagon ally, ask if they need anything.” My mom asked as she bustled around the kitchen. “Sure thing.” I answered glad to be out of the kitchen and away from questions of my love life. 


“Seriously Mione?” I heard Ginny gasp before there was a muffled shuffling. “Yes Gin. I’ve managed myself. Never with Ron though.” I heard Hermione whisper. Curiosity piqued I carefully moved closer to the door. 


“No wonder your avoiding Ron.” Ginny murmured. “I think us having a few days apart may be best.” Hermione answered. “No! You breaking up with my idiot brother and getting shagged by a man that can give you an orgasm would be best!” Ginny snapped. “Gin!” I heard Hermione yelp. 


I took a step back from the door. She had never had an orgasm? With a shrug I headed to my room. Laying down on my bed and resting my head on my arms, I replayed the conversation before a knock on my door broke my thoughts. “Bill?” Hermione’s voice called. “Come on in” I answered sitting up as she walked in.


Looking at her I could see why Ron was attracted to her. Creamy smooth skin, vibrant eyes. Her hair had calmed in the last year falling in waves down her back. She was curvy,   Attractive as all hell honestly. 


“What’s up bookworm?” I teased seeing a blush rise on her cheeks. “Your mom was looking for you. Just a heads up, she was also mentioning a friend of hers with a single daughter.”


“Yeah, not walking into that trap.” I laughed leaning back. “Are you ok?” I asked suddenly realizing she had zoned out. 


“Yeah, I’m just surprised your mom is trying to push you back into dating so soon after ...” she trailed off. 


“After a failed marriage to a Veela?” I laughed. She nodded biting her bottom lip. I patted the mattress next to me. 


“Mentioning her name doesn’t bother me. Fleur couldn’t handle the more... I exuberant nights” I answered. Hermione frowned and looked at me in confusion. 


“Since the attack, the scratches. I don’t turn, but there are some nights...when I get a little...wilder.” I answered seeing Hermione’s cheeks turn bright red. 


“So the whole idea of you dating?” She asked. “I’m not opposed to it, but right now I just need to have fun, I guess.  Currently I have a slight interest in someone but she’s in a relationship which I’m not looking for, and I’m not a homewrecker.” I shrugged. 


“How did you know...” she trailed off. “What bookworm?” I asked softly.  “How did you know it was time to end things?” She asked before looking up at me our eyes locking. “Are things ok with you and Ron?” I asked wondering what she would tell me. 


“I can’t talk to you about your brother.” She mumbled shaking her head. “Mione, yes Ron is my baby brother, and yes I love him. But for the life of me I do not know why you two are together.” I answered seconds before she stiffened. 


“So I’m not good enough?” She growled standing up. “ i never said that!” I countered. “It was implied. Of course what could your brother see with the know it all!” She yelled moving for the door. Without realizing it, I caught her and spun her around so that I was against the door blocking her exit. “Move!” She growler. “No” I laughed. “Let me finish.” I ordered.


Realizing I wasn’t going to let her out she sat down on my bed angrily. “What I was saying was I can’t understand why you are together because he doesn’t deserve you.” I finished causing her eyes to meet mine in shock. 


“Talk to me bookworm. What’s the problem?” I asked moving forward and crouching down in front of her. “We’re just too different. He likes to go to the pub, he loves the fame since the end of the war. I just want to stay low and do what makes me happy, and he gets annoyed. There’s no spark.” She growled. 


Moving I sat down next to her. “Mione, I think realizing something doesn’t work is different for everyone. But if your unhappy it’s probably time. Are you two still..” I trailed off. She let out a soft laugh. “Not when I can avoid it.” She breathed. “He never cares to see how I feel afterwards. Maybe if I had a....” she trailed off her eyes widening. I knew she was about to run, and grabbed her before she could. 


“Oh no you don’t” I laughed pulling her back to me. “I heard you and Ginny talking. And before you ask I didn’t start listening intentionally but enhanced hearing.” I explained quickly. Hermione sagged in my hold and I felt her let out a defeated sigh. “Is it my fault?” She asked softly. 


“No it’s not, if you were mine...that wouldn’t be an issue” I breathed, feeling her shiver as my breath grazed her neck. “If you were mine you wouldn’t be able to walk.” I assured. “What happened to home wrecking and not wanting a relationship?” She asked. “It’s not home wrecking if the home is already wrecked, and I don’t want a relationship but I want you. I’m thinking purely casual. I get off, and you get off.” I said punctuating my sentence by bringing my knee against her earning a soft moan.


“Your questioning your relationship. Give me tonight. Afterwards if you think you can make it work with Ron, it will be our secret. If not then you know.” I growled the small part of me that was wolf growled with desire. We were in agreement we both wanted her. I inhaled her sent the tip of my nose brushing the tender skin of her throat. She smelled like coffee, and clean linen, with a hint of the cigarettes she liked to sneak when she thought no one was looking. 


“Think about it Mione” I breathed feeling her body tremble I never called her anything but bookworm my personal pet name. “ I don’t want to be the butt of one of your jokes.” She murmured making me frown. 


“What makes you think I’m joking?” I asked in confusion. “Please Bill dont play dumb. I’ve never been more then a kid to you, I’m not the like the girls you date I mean let’s look at Fleur... I don’t need your pity.” She finished pulling free of my hold. I was dumbstruck. What the hell? Who was playing with my bookworms mind? 


Before she could leave the room I caught her again taking her hand and placing it over my hard cock. “Still think I’m playing a joke?” I growled seeing her eyes widen well her cheeks turned pink her , her lips parting slightly as she met my eyes. 


“Let me own you...” I growled. She has barely finished nodding when I had her pressed against the door my arms caging her in while my mouth dominates hers...



“Wait so you and Mione?” Sirius asked drawing me from my memories. I nodded and ran a hand over my face. “That girl isn’t what she appears.” I murmured. 


“I’m not joking either. I don’t know what Ron was doing, but she was a different creature. She was shy at first but once she was past that...i can’t even describe it.” I answered. 


“While I’m still intrigued that doesn’t help our situation of your brother riling her up enough to make my cabinets explode” Sirius murmured. I nodded in agreement. “She’s feisty, Ron is trying to get her to take him back and going around it the wrong way, besides I don’t think it matters what he does that relationship was over long before I was with her.” I assured. 


“You think?” Sirius asked. “ I have scars on my back to prove it. Probably one of the reasons I don’t date now.” I reasoned. “Do you love her?” Sirius asked suddenly. I met his gaze. “Don’t you?” I countered seeing him stiffen. 


“How long have you known?” He asked lowly.  “Awhile,” I shrugged. “Your not exactly subtle, well to me anyway. You watch her, your touch always lingers just a few seconds too long. I can smell your arousal around her and I can smell hers as well. The only question is which one of you will make a move first?” I answered. 


“What about you?” Sirius asked. “What about me?” I asked in confusion. “Please if your noticing me around her, then your looking at her just as much. Don’t bull shit me Weasley, you want her too.” He growled. 


“If I do?” I asked. “I’m not willing for her to get hurt...” Sirius murmured. “Either am I, what’s your point?” I asked. “We can let her pick, but I know she’s attracted to you as well, your not the only dog in the room.” He assured. “So what, each go after her? And let her choose?” I asked. “She deserves to make her own choice.” Sirius answered. I nodded in agreement. 




I leaned back into the claw foot tub a folded rag behind my neck. I needed to relax, once again I was goaded into an argument. Ron would never learn. It wasn’t that I liked arguing with him, but I wasn’t going to let him slide after he deliberately made light of my concerns resulting in someone being injured.


Weeks ago he had decided to go to work with Fred and George, the pay was good without the risk of bodily injury which Lavender was understandably worried about. Fred and George usually asked me to double check the safety features for some of their more dangerous products. Something they had been doing since a particularly nasty event involving their prototype of a “new and Improved” projectile throwing exploding dung bomb. 


I let out a sigh and sank even deeper into the tub. I had warned Ron and the twins. Fred and George had listened. Ron had wanted to manufacture a delayed version of the tongue toffees. The only issue was is that the delay time was off. The ingredients weren’t at the right measurements and I had told him that. along with the wrappers he wanted looking too close to normal candy wrappers. Poor Seamus had eaten one by accident and had nearly died from lack of air. 


Despite our break up Ron and I stayed on friendly terms after about 6 months of not taking to each other. When I had found him with Lavender I hadn’t really reacted. I had gone to the one place I felt safe, shell cottage. When it all came out, I found Ron had been carrying on with lavender since the final fight at Hogwarts. 


While that cut deeply, I had been unfaithful the week before with his brother of all people. But that had been the push I needed.


Bill was different from his brothers. Within minutes he had me a whimpering quivering mess. I had never felt that way with a Man. 


He had awoken a desire I didn’t think existed, the way his fingers would dance over the curve of my hip. His tongue lapping over my skin before he would leave a trail of hot kisses down my stomach and bury his face in my pussy...


I got wet just thinking about it.


Once I had truly ended it with Ron we started to experiment with each other. He would tease me to the point where I begged for it. He loved seeing how hard or rough I could take it. He loved to palm my tits while I rode him. There were times we were unable to wait.


Sometimes resulting in me being bent over Mrs. weasleys kitchen table, or on top of her counter. The night Bill had taken me right in the side of the burrow, pounding into me with rough deep strokes warning me not to make a sound, his eyes flashing amber. 


I was well aware it was just sex, when it came to us. But when I had found Ron with Lavender...something had shifted. Bill knew immediately what to do as soon as the words left my mouth. I wasn’t heart broken, more shocked. I realized at that point that I wasn’t in love with Ron, we were together because it was expected. 


Bill on the other hand, didn’t care that he had slept with me a week earlier, he still wanted to rip his brother apart. It had taken a few hours and a few more glasses of fire whiskey to calm him. 


I stayed with him for two weeks after that. Spending some time In the small library bill had started building. He had found me in there the first night. I was leaning back in the chair when without a word he sank to his knees and buried his head between my legs, not stopping until I was hoarse from screaming. 


By the time those two weeks were over, There was no lingering questions. There was a connection. Both of us had felt it. It wasn’t until months later that we finally spoke about it. 




“Bookworm?” Bill called as he walked into the cottage, I was standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to whistle. “Everything ok?” I asked seeing his brow furrowed. “Can we talk?” He asked stepping closer to me his hands resting on my hips. “Talk? Or is this your excuse too...” I was cut off by his lips meeting mine. 


“As much as I would love to ravish you, we do need to talk.” He murmured our eyes locking. The kettle whistles pulling us apart. I made us each a cup of tea before following him into the library and taking a seat on my favorite chair. 


“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Do you remember when this started it was just sex?” Bill asked looking me over. “Yes...” I started confused as to where this was going. Had I made him think something? 


“Well that’s not exactly true anymore. I do have feelings for you. But I also know myself and I don’t want a relationship, and I’m not going to ask you to wait around until I am.” He started.


“Bill, I do care about you. But I wouldn’t wait around. This right now is comfortable.  Yes there’s a connection, but I’m not looking for anything more. This seems to work best for us.” I answered with an amused shrug. 


“So your ok with what we’re doing?” He asked in surprise. “If I wasn’t...” I started standing up and walking towards him. Slowly I lowered myself to his lap my arms wrapping around his neck. “Would I be sitting on top of you right now waiting for you to touch me?” I asked before nipping his earlobe. 


Bill let out a growl and one hand came to grip my waist while the other pulled my mouth to his.  I quickly undid the buttons of his shirt pushing it off his shoulders. My nails running along the ridges of his chest. His lips left mine, moving along my throat his teeth nipping the tender flesh of my collar bone. he pulled away breathing raggedly his eyes amber.


“I have to fight not to Mark you.” He panted his hips thrusting against me. I looked at him in surprise. “Did you forget I’m part wolf love? As far as he’s concerned your ours.” He breathed. 


“Well tell Spot that right now it’s adult time.” I growled before pulling his lips back to mine. I could feel his smile against my lips as he lifted me up and set me on the large oak desk. His hands pulling my shirt over my head before he was undoing my jeans and pulling them off. He stopped and looked me over.


“I like the black and pink lace.” He murmured fingering a strap. I raised a brow before unbuckling his belt and pushing them down his legs, revealing his hard cock. 


Before he could react I slid off the desk and to my knees. Taking his cock in my hand I looked up at him our eyes locking before I took the head in my mouth, rubbing my tongue over it before taking more. 


Bills hands grabbed my hair as I bobbed my head up and down. My hand holding the base of his cock. I took him as far as I could thankful I had no gag reflex. “Fuck Mione, you keep that up and...shit” Bill groaned his hips bucking. I carefully cupped his balls in my hand before humming around his cock. I felt his hands tighten on my hair before he pulled me off of him. Pulling me to my feet he swiftly spun me around and pushed me forward on the desk. 


“Hold on tight bookworm” he growled before he was inside of me. “Fuck” I whimpered clenching around him automatically. “Fuck I love how tight you are.” He growled his hands kneading my ass before delivering a slap to one cheek. I clenched at the sensation. 


“Such a dirty girl. You love when I slap your ass just like you get wet when I slap your pussy. I feel you flutter around my cock.” He growled. “Fuck, Bill more!” I cried. “You want it hard baby? I can do that.” He assured leaning down and moving my head to the side nipping my throat. 


I gripped the desk my nails biting into the wood as Bill thrust in and out of me. Deep powerful thrusts that caused my body to surge forward each time he would thrust. Our skin slapping together. “Fuck! So fucking tight for me. Pussy like a god damn glove” Bill growled gripped my hips harder. He slapped my ass again a cry escaping my lips. I was flat in the desk unable to hold myself up. “Bill! Fuck yes, fuck my pussy! I need that cock!” I cried feeling my orgasm approaching.


“You wanna cum?” Bill growled slapping my ass. “Yes! Please let me cum. I wanna cum please baby! I cried feeling my pussy beginning to clench. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” I chanted feeling the pressure build. 


“Come for me bookworm.” Bill breathed and that was all it took. My orgasm slamming into me full force. “Fuck fuck FUCK! Yes!” I cried milking his cock drawing his orgasm from him as well “fuck mione! Shit!” Bill roared emptying himself inside of me. 


Slipping out of me he turned me over our lips meeting. “Your always beautiful but you glow when you let go” he murmured pulling me down to the floor with him our breathing erratic. “Should have had this talk a lot sooner” he murmured making me laugh.



“Fuck!” I whimpered my pussy spasming around my fingers as I came from the memory. My nipples hard my pussy aching.


Tonight I would go to Bills room.

So guess who's back??? It's been a wild ride everyone. Moves, job loss, assholes who likes to play mind games. This little idea wouldn't leave me alone. So here we are, I hope you love it. As always R&R feed musie! 

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