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                                                               A RUMOR OF PEACE

                                       A HARRY POTTER/BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CROSSOVER

                                                                CHAPTER ONE

          He hit the entry buzzer and waited, lifting his hands to straighten the beige uniform shirt tucked into matching beige pants, a dark brown leather jacket, his officers pins pinned to the left and right of the collar, his viper pilot pin clipped on the left chest.  His weapons belt, a thin leather strap tied around his right thigh to keep the holster from swinging too much if he should have to run, was around his hips.  He then lifted his hand to run it through his dark, thick hair, slightly longer than what was regulation, as the ends curled around his neck and the collar of his uniform jacket.

          He even drew in several deep breaths, releasing them slowly in an attempt to calm his racing heart, but THAT was to be a lost cause as a deep muffled voice called out, "Enter."

          He stepped forward, the pressurized door sliding open at his approach with a soft hiss.  He entered the large, brightly lit office, his combat boots making no sound on the carpeted floor as he crossed to the large desk that sat before a wall of floor to ceiling windows, a stunning view of Caprica Bay behind them.

          He halted before the desk, saluting sharply to the three men.  One was sitting, the other two, his eldest twin sons, were standing on either side of him, both leaning lightly on the corners of the desk.  The three men looked identical in black flight shirts tucked into black pants, and scarlet jackets, their officers and viper pilot pins clipped like his.

          All three were dark of hair, cut relatively short, though the sitting man had hair slightly longer and interspersed with gray.  The seated man also had eyes of a dark forest green.  The elder of his twin sons also had eyes of forest green, while the other had eyes of nearly sapphire blue.

          "Lt. Roark Peverell Potter reporting as ordered, Sir," he said, noticing two files on the immaculate desk, both open.  'One is probably mine,' he thought, but the other...The other he had an idea whose it may be, but--  A barely smothered chuckle sounded, drawing his attention back to the three, seeing an amused smile on the lips of the man on the left.

          "Gabriel, behave," the seated man admonished, though he too was smiling.  "Relax, Roark.  Have a seat.  Dacian, get Roark a cup of tea, please.  Have you had anything to eat today, Rory?"

          He blinked at the question, a confused look entering his eyes.  "I...don't understand," he said looking from the seated Admiral, to Gabriel, then over at Dacian, who was now at the sideboard.  "Major Raphael ended our training session early saying that I had been ordered to report to you.  I thought it was official so I came right away, and no sir," he went on quickly, seeing the gray/black brow arch.  "I had something about six hundred this morning, but nothing since.  I haven't had time to eat."

          "We made it an order because we needed it to look as official as was possible."  Admirial Roark Durin, patriarch of the current Durin hoard said with a warm smile.  His head turned.  "Dac, call down and order up some lunch, would you?  He has to be getting hungry by now."

          Roark's stomach chose that moment to let out a rather loud rumble, alerting them that he was, indeed, getting hungry.  All three Durin's chuckled and Roark felt his face flush.  "Sorry, Sir," he said, though he really didn't sound, nor look a bit contrite.

          "Of course, Dad," Dacian said as he turned from the sideboard, "and don't be sorry, Rory.  Eating as early as you did, you were bound to be getting hungry about this time, though I AM surprised that it wasn't sooner."

          "So am I," he murmured softly.

          "Just in case someone was watching our movements," Gabriel spoke up, picking up where his father had left off moments ago.  "It is, however, far more personal.  Raph should have let you eat something before your class began."

          "It was a practical today.  Best not to eat before a practical," he told him with a slight chuckle.  Then he sobered.  "Personal?" he asked, his head turning slightly as he took a seat in one of the chairs before the desk, taking the steaming mug and sipping from it immediately, his eyes slipping closed with a hum of appreciation as Dacian reached for the comm pad.  "Thank you, Dacian.  If I didn't want it getting back to Harry, I'd tell you your tea was better than his, but as I don't, I won't."

          Chuckles sounded from all three.  "You just did, but don't worry, we won't tell him that you said so.  Now, Raph informed us that you and Harry have received your orders to report to Aquaria."

          He nodded.  "Yes we have, but I would have thought that Kale would have told...you..." he saw them look at each other, then back at him.  "What's wrong?" he asked immediately.

          "He didn't tell us anything," Gabriel said.

          Surprise flared in Roark's bright silver eyes.  "What?  That's...odd," he murmured, a frown beginning to curve his forehead.  "The last time I spoke with Logan and Kili, they said that Kale had requested that Harry and I be assigned to him.  He also said that they had received copies of our reports as to what had happened on Virgon.  Logan said, after they had finished reading them, they had all agreed that we would be able to help them with their current investigation."

          "And so you could, Rory," Gabriel said with a smile, moving around the desk to take a seat in the chair beside him.  "What happened on Virgon was unprecedented, and most unexpected."

          Roark gave a snort of derision.  "You THINK?"

          All three men blinked at the slightly sarcastic tone they heard.  "You did a good job there, Rory.  You BOTH did."  Dacian took a seat on the corner of the desk.  "Better than good, really.  I'm not sure anyone could have done what you and Harry ended up having to do.  You took a bad situation that went much worse on you and turned it around."

          "Well, of COURSE we did," he snapped.  "What choice did we have?" he asked them with a shake of his head.  "After the entire team, including Colonel Bertrum was murdered, the new team that they sent us was nothing short of a joke.  Not a single one of them knew anything about the case when they arrived, therefore none of them knew what needed to be done next, let alone how to go about doing it."

          "Which you and Harry found to be odd."

          "Oh for Kobol's SAKE, Gabriel!" he exclaimed, wanting to throw his hands up in exasperation were it not for the mug of hot tea he was still slowly sipping from.  "Of COURSE it was ODD!  What kind of IDIOT sends a replacement team without telling them a Gods DAMNED thing about the investigation?!  They were Warriors, for Kobol's sake!  Every one of them higher ranked than either Harry or I--"

          "He's been hanging around Severus too much, I think.  He's channeling him."

          "My husband is not THAT bad, Gabriel.  He's just..." the twin incredulous looks had him drifting off.  "Okay, fine," he said with a sigh, "he IS that bad--"

          A smothered chuckle sounded.  "The POINT I was trying to make is that they had all been in the service longer than either Harry and I had been. Even after they read the files, not a single one of them could agree on what should be done next.  I don't think we have ever been so disgusted in our lives!"

          "So you were given command, even though Harry had been there longer, and was higher ranked than you, if only by a few sectars," Admiral Roark spoke up.

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