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                             CROSSOVER FANFICTION

                                       CHAPTER ONE


His Royal Highness, Hunter Declan Potter al Aurelia, the youngest son of the Royal House of Aurelia, was fourteen today.  His brother, Hadrian James would be twenty, born six years earlier on this same day.  That, however, wasn't what mattered most to Hunter.  'Why should it?' he asked of himself, he had shared this day with Hadrian for fourteen years.

No.  What REALLY mattered to him...ALL that mattered to him, was that he would finally be able to attend his first OFFICIAL Ball tonight.  He had been wanting to attend one since his brothers had begun to tell him all about the ones that they had been too, as they were all older then him.  He had even tried to sneak down to the Grand Ballroom on several occasions, only to be caught by one of his brothers Guardian's, usually Maverick or Kartiel, his brother Alekzander or Adriean's Guardian's.  They would take him back up his suite, scolding him the entire time about sneaking out, for risking his safety.  Especially, they said, as he knew how dangerous it was with so many strangers in the Royal Palace.

On this particular morning, he had awakened early, the excitement thrumming through him as he heard the arrival of several carriages in the private inner courtyard beneath his open balcony doors.  Wanting to see who was arriving so early, he threw back the light blanket and silk sheet, jumped out of his bed and ran out onto his balcony.

Stepping up onto the bottom rung of the gold, ornate rail that ringed his balcony, he leaned over to look down.  "Aidyn!  Kili!  Uncle Thorin!" he called down to them upon seeing them, all talking as they headed toward one of the many side doors into the Palace.

All three stopped, looking around, then up upon hearing their names called out so excitedly.  His uncle was dressed in smoky blues and grays, a jeweled circlet resting on his dark head.  Kili was wearing blues with silver satin trim along all the edges, a simple, plain gold circlet resting on his own dark head.  Finally, there was Aidyn, who was wearing soft grey's and black, he too with a plain golden circlet resting on his blond head.

"Well, good morning, birthday boy!" Aidyn called out to him cheerfully, a grin curving his lips.

Thorin was just about to scold his youngest nephew when he heard a deep voice calling out.  "Your Highness!"  The voice was stern, scolding as it came from somewhere inside the bedroom behind the boy.

Hunter looked back.  "Um...oops," he said, not sounding one bit contrite at being caught doing something he knew he shouldn't be doing.

Aidyn and Kili both laughed.  "Caught again, Imp."

"You two should not be encouraging him so," Thorin scolded his son and nephew lightly, though he was smiling.  "As for you, young man," he turned to look up at the imp they all adored.  "You know better than to be climbing up, and leaning over balcony rails."

"You should not be out here, Highness, in your pajama's, bare of foot, and leaning so dangerously over that rail.  Come inside at once--OH!  Good morning to you King Thorin, Prince Kili, Prince Aidyn."

All three inclined their heads to him.  "Good morning to you as well, Guardian Maverick," Thorin said in an amusement rich voice.  "You have your hands full with our imp, as always, I see."

"Aye, Majesty, that I do, but I do not mind, nor would I have it any other way."

"I'm sure that you wouldn't.  We will be seeing you soon, my Ghivashel {precious}."

"Okay, Uncle.  I'll see you all at breakfast."

"I'll be up to see you soon, Hunter.  There are a couple of things you and I need to talk about."

"Okay, Aidyn."  He jumped down, then turned to face the frowning, disapproving visage of his brother Alekzander's Guardian.  "I'm sorry, Maverick, but I heard the carriage arrive."

A shake of his sandy brown head.  "Of course you did," he said in a resigned tone.  "As did your brothers, but you do not see THEM out on their balcony's, calling down to guests, now do you?"

He shook his messy midnight haired head.  "No, but then Aidyn, Kili and Uncle Thorin aren't really guests, are they?  They're family."

A soft chuckle sounded almost reluctantly.  "Well reasoned indeed, my Prince.  Now, come inside at once.  Let us at least get your bath done before Prince Aidyn comes up to see you."

"Okay," he said, following him back into his room.

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