Rumor's Confirmed

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fanfiction. I do not own HP, Battlestar Galactica or any of these wonderful characters, I am simply borrowing them from the three wonderful authors that created them. I make no profit from any of these works.

          He stood at the windows in his grandfathers office, awaiting his return from the meeting of the Caprican Military Council, to tell him their decision on whether or not the actions he had taken on Aquaria had been justified.  Actions that had led to the deaths of Tom Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort.  Bellatrix Black Lestrange, an assassin who worked for Riddle and Captain Ardyn Grenville, an Officer in the Caprican Colonial Armed Services.

          As he stood at the floor to ceiling windows, he looked down into Presidium Square, watching the people that moved around, entering and exiting the Governmental buildings that ringed the Square.  He gave a sigh suddenly, his eyes slipping closed, his head lowering, his thoughts, despite himself, returning to the Inquiry that had concluded less than an centar ago.  An Inquiry that, upon entering the large room, he saw was to be a full Military Council Inquiry.

          He moved to the table set up just below the dais, a wall to wall half moon table on it, at which the Colonial Officers that made up the Military Council now sat, a closed file laying on the table before them.  His, no doubt.  Once he was seated, the Officer on the right side of Admiral Roark Durin, head of the Military Council turned his head.  

          "I trust, Healer-Colonel Severus, Doctor-Lt. Colonel Sebastien, that Lt. Roark is up to this Inquiry?"

          "THAT, Commander," Severus answered caustically, "is a matter of opinion.  I still maintain that this inquiry is much too soon.  He was only released from the Life Center late yesterday afternoon.  He should NOT have to go through this just yet.  But, as I have been overruled--Sebastien?"

          Doctor-Lt. Colonel Sebastien Durin looked up from the file spread open before him on the table, making notes on the papers within.  "Agreed.  However..." he looked down at Roark, studying him carefully, taking note of the still slightly pale face, but his silver eyes were clear, bright.  "Roark?" he asked, a dark brow arching.

          He looked up at him.  "Sebastien?" he returned instantly, his eyes shifting to Severus, then back, his lips quirking slightly.

          Sebastien shook his head, turning to look down to the other end of the table to where one of his many cousin's sat.  "Schyler?  What is your opinion on this matter?"

          Doctor-Colonel Schyler Durin had also been studying Roark from the moment he had entered the room.  He had noticed how thin the young man had become, noted that he still looked pale, but, as Sebastien had noticed, his silver eyes were clear of pain, bright.  They held, he thought with amusement, an impish look, like he was ready to play...If he was worried about this Inquiry, he certainly wasn't showing it.

          "I agree with your assessment.  If Roark says he is up for this Inquiry, then we will allow it to continue, however, let me make this very clear to all of you.  If we," he pointed down to Severus, who was sitting beside Dacian, then to Sebastien, who was in the process of putting aside the file he had been working in and reaching for another, "feel for any reason that he is becoming too stressed, or too upset, we WILL call an immediate halt."

          "We will not, under any circumstances, risk his health because SOME of you," a glare was thrown at Malfoy, as well as several other Officers, "feel the need to badger him simply because you do not approve of him."

          Commander Thorin Durin gave them a smile.  "Accepted.  Then let us get this started, shall we?"  He opened the file before him, as did everyone else, each looking at the medical report that had been added to the file recently, some of them paling as they read about the wound. 

          "Lt. Roark Peverell Potter," Thorin said as he looked down at the young man he had helped to put into the uniform he now wore.  'So damn young,' he thought behind tight shields.  'He is, perhaps, too young.  Yet despite his age, he was proving to be one of their better Officers.  He and Harry had done extremely well against Riddle.'  "Colonial Counter-Intelligence.  Tell us, Lieutenant, are you aware of why we have called you before this Council of Inquiry?"

          "Yes, Sir," he answered, suddenly feeling very nervous beneath their stares, but damned if he would let them see that

          Several brows went up at once.  "Indeed, young man," came from Admiral Maxwell, his amusement plain for them to see as he sat forward in his chair.  "Well, then, Lieutenant, why don't you tell us exactly why you have been called before us?"

          "I am here, Admiral Maxwell, to answer your questions on the actions that were taken in Warehouse 13.  Actions that led to the deaths of Tom Riddle, Bellatrix Black Lestrange, and Captain Ardyn Grenvile.  I am also here so that you may determine that I acted correctly, and without malice in the events that led up to their deaths."

          More than a few looks of surprise at his correct assumption, though there were four that were frowning as they looked at him..  Commander Thorin gave him a warm smile as he spoke, "That would be correct, Lieutenant.  Very good."

          "Why, thank you Sir," he replies wth a smile of his own, a touch of cheek in his tone, followed by a round of chuckles, but from the four watching him with such disapproval, the frowns only deepened.  "I DO pride myself on being correct on any number of things."

          "So tell us, Lt. Roark, DO you believe that you acted correctly?  That you did not, in fact, act with undue malice?  That you did not kill Tom Riddle because he murdered yours and Lt. Hadrian's parents?  Do be sure to keep in mind that we have already spoken to your brother, Healer-Colonel Severus as well as the Durin's that were in the Warehouse with you."

          His silver eyes narrowed, a spark of anger in them as they zeroed in on the man who had just asked those questions in such a condescending tone.  "Are you suggesting, Commander Jansen, that I would LIE about what had happened that day?"

          "Would you?" came the demand from further down the table.

          "NO, Colonel Markum, I would not," he snapped at the Officer who was the second in command of the Battlestar Atlantia.  "And I find not only the suggestion, but the implication WITHIN that suggestion extremely insulting.  I am, Colonel, first and foremost, a Colonial Warrior, a viper pilot, and an Officer in the Colonial Counter-Intelligence Unit.  I DO NOT lie.  For any reason."  'Though I may stretch the truth a bit,' he thought to himself, seeing smirks appear on the lips of several Durin's.  'um...oops.'

          He looked up at the Colonel, his eyes meeting the dark brown, holding them for a few microns until they dropped away, his face flushing.  "My apologies, Lt. Roark," he muttered. clearly unhappy.

          "Accepted, Colonel," he said with his head tilting slightly.

          "Lt. Roark?" came the deeply amused question.

          Roark's head turned again, seeing approval in nearly every eye he looked past.  He had obviously handled that well.  "Lt. Colonel Gabriel?"

          He grinned, eyes alight with amusement.  "We await your answer, Lieutenant."

          "Of course, Sir," he said, then looked thoughtful for a moment as he thought about what had happened that day.  "I felt that I not so much acted correctly, as I did what was necessary for me to do.  Considering the circumstances Harry and I were in, that the team was in, the choices available to us at that moment were very limited."

          "A very interesting answer, Lt. Roark," came from the man who was sitting to Gabriel's left, making a note in the file, before lifting sapphire blue eyes to look at him, sitting forward as he lay his arms on the table.  "An interesting choice of words too.  You will please explain exactly what you meant."

          "Of course, Lt. Commander Roark," he said to the man who was the eldest son of Admiral Roark's brother, Kendric, the second in command aboard the Battlestar Solaria.  "First, there was a five yahren old child's life at stake, as well as those of my team,  Captain Payton and Lt. Kili were both wounded, and while the wounds themselves were not serious, both WERE bleeding.  Then there was Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange.  Once they had announced themselves as our informants, and--" he broke off, looking over at Admiral Roark, who arched a brow, tipped his head.  

          "And...what, Lieutenant?"  came from Commander Stuart.  "The Lestrange's announced themselves as your informants, and...what?"

          "Undercover Colonial Counter-Intelligence Officers," he answered, seeing the stunned surprise in the eyes of those who were not Durin's, especially his grandfather's, who looked down at a now smirking Admiral Roark..  "They had, upon that announcement, placed their own lives at risk.  Riddle was...furious, beyond any sort of attempt to reason--"

          "Did you even try, Lieutenant?" came the snide interruption from Admiral Lucius Malfoy. 

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