Harry Helps Daphne

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Harry Helps Daphne

Chapter 1

Harry sat on the floor of the seventh-floor corridor, across from the portrait of Barnabus the Barmy, waiting for Daphne Greengrass to arrive. When Daphne had asked to speak with him earlier in the day he had been surprised. He had only shared a few words with her in class, and he couldn’t think of any reason why she would want to talk to him. Once they were alone in an abandoned classroom, Daphne explained that she needed his help. Apparently, him being chosen as a Champion in the Triwizard Tournament had greatly upset Malfoy, and he spent the better part of an hour bitching about it in the common room. Daphne’s best friend, Tracey Davis, got fed up with him, and the two ended up having an argument, with Tracey insulting Malfoy about his inability to get the best of Harry. Somehow, Daphne wasn’t sure how, and Harry couldn’t begin to imagine how it could happen either, the insults had turned to Tracey insinuating that Harry was better in bed than Malfoy. This really got the blonde prick upset, and he offered to prove that he was better than Harry by having Tracey or Daphne sleep with both him and Harry to determine who was better in bed. When both Tracey and Daphne refused, Malfoy threatened to use Daphne’s sister, Astoria.

Daphne explained to him that her grandfather, Cygrus, had owed the Malfoy’s an unspecified favor when he had borrowed money from them in order to get his wife, Marna, treatment for a blood curse that the women of the Greengrass family carried. However, rather than ask for the loan to be paid back, the Malfoy’s asked Cygrus for a vow that the Greengrass family would owe them an unspecified favor in the future that they couldn’t refuse. The worst part was, the cure that the Greengrass family had spent the money on didn’t even work, and the women of the family effected with it were cursed to die exactly one year after giving birth. The curse, however, only effected one girl every generation. They still didn’t know if the curse would affect Daphne or Astoria, as it wouldn’t show up in medical scans until after they were fully matured. Markus, Daphne’s father, was sure that the Malfoy’s were waiting to see which daughter had the curse, so that they could force a marriage contract between them and Draco. This would give the Malfoy family access to the Greengrass family’s business holdings once the wife passed. 

Draco Malfoy, the slimy little bastard, knew about this, and had been holding it over Daphne and Astoria since they came to Hogwarts. Astoria, a second year Slytherin, had especially been targeted by Malfoy’s threats, and was terrified that he would force her to do something awful. Daphne, however, had seen an opportunity to free her and her sister from his threats, at least while they were at Hogwarts. So, she made a deal with him. If she slept with Malfoy and Harry, and told him who was better, he would vow to leave her and Astoria alone and not use the vow they owed to his family until they were finished at Hogwarts. Malfoy, in his anger and desperation to prove he was better than Harry, reluctantly agreed. Malfoy made her sleep with him that night, as he said he didn’t want her after she’d been “sullied by Potter.”

Harry was a little suspicious when she first told him the story, wondering if this was some kind of joke or trick. People hadn’t exactly been kind to him since his name came out of the damned goblet. As he talked to her though, he could see the stress she was going through, and her desperation at getting him to help was clear. She had even offered to do anything he wanted her to for one night, if he promised to help. It didn’t hurt that she was arguably the most beautiful girl in the school, or that he had a bit of a crush on her. In the end, he agreed, and told her to meet him here, near the Room of Requirement. 
Hearing footsteps echoing along the empty, silent halls, Harry got up from where he was sat against the wall, and tried to calm his nerves. As it was a Friday and dinner had just ended, everyone would be outside, or at various clubs. There really wasn’t anyone else that it could be other than Daphne. Sure enough, a moment later, Daphne turned the corner and walked over to him. 

Daphne was just an inch or so shorter than him with long, straight blonde hair. She had bright, light blue eyes and a very beautiful face, with an angular nose, and pronounced cheekbones. Her body was, in a word, perfect. Large breasts, a thin waist, wide hips, and long, toned legs. He thought that she could give even the Veela, Fleur Delacour, a run for her money. Harry wiped his sweaty palms on his robes and gave her a smile he hoped didn’t look too nervous.

“Hey.” He said.

“Potter.” She said giving him a nod, an almost emotionless look on her face, and glanced around the hall.

“So, where is this room you’re taking us to?” She asked.

“It’s right here. Just give me a second.”

Harry paced back and forth along a stretch of blank wall, thinking of a comfortable room with a bed. A moment later, a door appeared where there was once nothing but bare stone wall. 

“Impressive, Potter.” Daphne said, as he reached out to open the door.

“It’s called the Room of Requirement.” He told her.

Opening the door, he led her into the room he had created. Inside, it looked like the Gryffindor dorm room, but with only one, large, four-poster bed. Where the other beds would have been, was a fireplace with a comfortable looking couch in front of it, and two squishy arm chairs on either side of the couch. Everything was in the Gryffindor colors of scarlet and gold.

“I’ve never heard of this room.” Daphne said as she closed the door behind her, and inspected the room.

“My friend, Dobby, he’s a house elf, showed it to me when I told him I needed a place to train for the Tournament. It can become pretty much anything you want it to.” He told her, hoping he wasn’t babbling too much. 

“Really?” she asked, sounding genuinely interested. 

“Yeah,” he said, glad to have something to distract him from the awkwardness of the moment. “Here, close your eyes and focus of what you want the room to look like.”

Daphne looked at him with a raised eyebrow for a moment, then slowly closed her eyes, and an expression of intense concentration passed over her face.

Harry watched, fascinated, as the room around him began to change and morph before his eyes. Scarlet and gold faded to light blue and white. The wall behind the bed morphed from stone to clear, as it became a large bay window looking out onto a meadow. The chairs sank into the floor, the fireplace grew into a tall bookcase, and a long coffee table sprouted from the floor. Next to the bed, a white wicker chair and vanity with a large mirror twisted itself into shape.

Finally, a fluffy, white shag carpet seemed to grow, like grass, from the cold stone floor.  

Hearing a gasp behind him, Harry turned around to see Daphne staring at the room in wide eyed wonder. He couldn’t help but smile at her reaction. It was rare to see the normally calm and composed girl show so much emotion.

“Nice.” He said, “Is this your room?”

“Yes.” Yhe answered absentmindedly. 

Daphne walked over to the couch and ran her hand over it. To him, it looked like was testing to see if it was real. Harry watched her for a few moments as she walked around the room, examining it. Then, suddenly, she stopped and turned back to him.

“Right,” she said, “as incredible as this is, it’s not why I came here.”

Harry blinked at the sudden change and nodded at her.

“Right,” he said, his nervousness returning worse than before. “there’s a couple things I wanted to talk to you about first.”

“Oh?” She said with a raised brow, walking closer to him.

“Yeah, well, first, could you call me Harry?” He asked. “It’d be weird to be called Potter while we’re, um, you know...”

Harry ran his hand through his hair and mentally cursed himself for sounding so stupid. He was surprised though, when Daphne gave him a small, genuine, smile.

“I guess it would be a bit strange.” She agreed. “And the second thing?”

Harry took a deep breath and gathered his courage. He stepped up to Daphne and put his hands lightly on her waist, their bodies just a couple of inches apart. Daphne looked up at him and hesitantly put her hands on his shoulders, but didn’t push him away. He could feel her hands shaking slightly, and he realized for the first time that she was probably just as nervous as he was. Surprisingly, this made him feel much more comfortable about the situation. He gave her a reassuring smile.

“I was wondering if you wanted to try and enjoy this, or if you just wanted to get it over with.” He said.

“I-” she started. 

Daphne looked away and bit her lip nervously. Harry waited patiently for her, his thumbs gently rubbing back and forth on her waist.  After a moment, she seemed to come to a decision and gathered herself.

“I would prefer to enjoy it.” She said, moving her hands up from his shoulders to wrap her arms around his neck, and pulling them closer together so that her breasts were pressed against his chest.

Harry smiled, and wrapped his arms around her waist. Slowly, he moved his face closer to hers, tilting his head slightly to the right, and gently brushed his lips against hers. He pulled back a fraction, feeling her warm breath wash over his face. One of her hands moved up to thread her fingers through the hair on the back of his head. He moved forward, kissing her again, this time much more firmly. Their lips slowly began to move against each other as their confidence grew. Eventually, they pulled apart to catch their breath. Harry couldn’t help the slightly goofy smile on his face as he looked at Daphne. Her cheeks were a bit pink and she was breathing a little heavily, just like he was, as she smiled back at him. 

Pulling back from her, He took off his glasses, put them in the pocket of his robes, and then removed them as well. Tossing them over the back of the couch, Daphne followed his lead, taking off her robes as well, and exposing the white, button up shirt underneath. He couldn’t help as his eyes were drawn to her chest, and how her shirt was stretched tightly across her large breasts. After she had finished laying her robes on the couch next to his, Harry gently grabbed her by the hips, and pulled her close to him again. Reaching up with his right hand, he ran his fingers from her temple down to her cheek in a gentle caress. Looking into her eyes, he could see nervousness warring with excitement. He gave her another smile, hoping that this one came out more reassuring than goofy. It seemed it had, as she smiled back for a moment, then bit her lip in a way that sent his pulse racing, as her arms wrapped around his neck again. They moved together at the same time, their lips meeting in a heated kiss.

Harry ran his fingers in a feather light touch up and down her spine, from the strap of her bra, to the waist of her skirt, causing Daphne to give a sexy little moan against his lips. Spurred on, he ran his tongue across her bottom lip. Her lips parted for him, allowing him to slide his tongue along hers in a sensuous caress. She seemed hesitant, or perhaps inexperienced, at first, but quickly got the hang of it, as her tongue danced smoothly against his. While his right hand continued to move up and down her spine, his left hand moved slowly, so as not to startle her, from her hip, around her back, and then down to gently rest on her bum. He left it there and held still for a moment while they continued to kiss, giving her a chance to object. When she didn’t, he pressed his hand against her more firmly, and started to lightly massage her with it. Unfortunately, it was hard to feel much through the heavy wool skirt of her uniform, but it was still exciting to know what his hand was touching. 

Harry was surprised when her hands left their place around his neck, and, without breaking the kiss, began loosening his tie. Sliding the tie off of him and throwing it to the side, her hands moved to his collar and started undoing the buttons of his shirt. Letting go of her for a moment, He untucked his shirt from his trousers, and helped her to quickly finish unbuttoning his shirt. With Daphne’s help, his shirt quickly joined his tie on the floor, and their bodies were pressed together again, this time with Harry’s bare chest pressed against her. Her hands, rather than wrap around his neck again, were running over the muscles of his back. While her hands explored his bare back, his were busy untucking her shirt from her skirt. Rather than start at the collar as she had, he started unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom, making his way slowly up. Reaching the last button, and thankful she wasn’t wearing a tie, Harry pushed it off of her shoulders, forcing Daphne to stop touching him for a moment so he could get her shirt off. They took a small step apart as he slid the shirt off of her shoulders and on to the floor.

Harry looked down to see Daphne was wearing a lacy black bra that pushed her breasts up and together, creating an incredible amount of cleavage. Worried that he had been staring too long, he looked up at her face, only to find that she was busy staring at his chest and abs. He watched as one of her hands reached up and caressed his muscled abs, causing them to twitch lightly. Looking up to her face again, he saw that she was now looking at him, biting her lip in that way he found so enticing, only to look down at his bare torso again. Her other hand joined the first, starting at his abs, which again twitched under her touch, and she slid them up, her fingers sliding along the contours of his muscles. He watched as her hands moved slowly from his abs, up over his pecs, and to his neck. His eyes moved to her chest again for a moment, then back to her face as her fingers threaded through the back of his hair and their lips met again. His wrapped around her and pulled her against him tightly. The feel of bare skin on skin, and the fabric of her bra clad breasts pressing against his chest caused his erection to quickly rise and press against her thigh.

Running his hands up and down the bare skin of her back, his hand came to rest on the clasp of her bra. He toyed with it for a moment, silently telling her what he intended to do, and when she made no move to stop him, he undid the clasp. Pulling his body away from hers, without separating their lips, he pulled the bra off of her. One hand quickly reached up to cup her bare breast in his hand, while the other rested at the small of her back, pressing their pelvises together and grinding his erection against her. Daphne moaned into his mouth as his hand caressed her breast, and he gently brushed his thumb over her hardened nipple. He spent several moments enjoying the feel of her full, firm breast in his hand, giving it a firm squeeze, which earned him another moan. Reluctantly, he moved his hand from her chest, and down to her waist, where he undid the button on the side of her skirt, and slid down the zipper. Her skirt fell to the floor and pooled around her feet. Instead of having her step out of it, Harry wrapped arms around her, under her bum, and lifted her off the ground. 

Daphne’s legs quickly wrapped around his waist as he carried her across the room and over to the large four-poster bed. Setting her down so that she was seated on the bed, Harry finally broke the kiss and looked down at her. Without conscious thought, his eyes dropped to her chest. Her breasts were more incredible than her could have imagined. Large, but still unbelievably perky, they jutted from her chest in a way that seemed to defy gravity, with perfectly round, pale pink, puffy areolas, and visibly hard, slightly darker nipples. Forcing his eyes to travel down to her flat stomach, and thin waist, he saw that her lacy black panties, stretched over her wide hips, matched the bra she had worn. He looked up from her long, smooth, toned legs when he felt her hands beginning to undo his belt buckle. Looking up to her face, he saw that she again biting her lip as she focused on undoing his trousers, having already finished with his belt. When she was finished undoing his fly, Harry helped pull down his trousers, quickly toeing off his shoes, and kicked them to the side. Standing up straight again, her saw a nervous look come over Daphne’s face as her eyes looked to his large erection, tenting the leg of his boxers. Harry bent down, stroked her cheek, and gently kissed her on the lips.

“Lay back.” he told her quietly.



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