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          They stepped down from the shuttle that had brought them all up from Caprica to the Battlestar Galactica.  This was to be their new home for the time being, Roark thought.  Bright, excited, silver and emerald eyes looked inquisitively around the landing bay, neither of them having never been aboard a Battlestar before.

          They came to a stop, standing between their Uncle Zac and Kili, both fairly vibrating with excitement to get to their new quarters, get unpacked, then start exploring.  They saw their grandfather move forward, smiling at the two men who stood waiting for them, both smiling in welcome.

          "Commander Adama.  Welcome back," he said.  He was tall, probably around 6' foot 5.  He was wiry of build, though rather well muscled, showing work in the Battlestar's gym.  A handsome man with wavy dark brown hair cut short, hazel eyes, and he looked to be somewhere in his mid thirties. 

          "Thank you, Omega," he said, shaking the hand extended to him.

          Feeling his brother's, his cousin's, and the few other warriors that had come up with them, move in around them, Roark turned his head to see their barely contained amusement as they watched his and Harry's reaction to the massive landing bay around them, some of them even chuckling.  Bumping his shoulder to Harry's just as their chuckling began, made Harry turn.  Grinning, and unable to contain themselves, the brothers stuck out their tongues.

          THAT, of course, was when they heard the throat being cleared.

          Two midnight heads snapped back around to see their grandfather standing there with Omega, and the second tall, muscular black man likely in his mid to late fifties looking at them, amusement reflected in Omega's eyes.  They heard muffled snickers from the Durin's at being caught doing something so childish as sticking out their tongues.

          "Tigh, may I introduce to you our newest Officers and Viper pilots.  Captain Hadrian Peverell Potter-Lestrange, or Harry as he prefers.  Roark Durin Peverell Potter-Lestrange, or Rory.  Do forgive the childish action you just witnessed.  It seems Rory finding out he has a very large family of brothers, cousins, nephews and nieces, has brought out a side of him none of us realized he possessed, and as is usual where the Peverell Potter brothers are concerned, where one brother goes, the other will immediately follow in whatever antics they have been getting up too of late.  Harry, Rory, I'm quite sure you both remember the Galactica's second in command, Colonel Tigh?"

          "I do," came Roark's answer with a smile.  "I remember meeting him at any number of Adama and Durin gatherings."

          "As do I.  Good morning to you, Colonel Tigh," Harry said as he and Roark saluted him smartly.

          "It IS very good to see you again, Sir, though we were very sorry to hear you would be unable to attend our sealing ceremony."

          "As it is to see the two of you, Scamps," Tigh said with a smile of welcome to these two young men who had indeed shaken up the Colonial Armed Services with their innovative way of thinking outside of the box.  "As for you sealing ceremony, I, unfortunately, had to remain here on duty, though I have been promised a viewing of the video.  Welcome aboard, both of you."

          "Thank you, Sir, I'm very glad to be here."

          "As am I," Harry said, the excitement plain in BOTH their voices.

           Tigh had to chuckle as the two of them looked around the landing bay as two more shuttle's carrying personal arrived.  Emerald and silver eyes were wide, excited, and he knew they simply could not wait to begin exploring.  "Very excited too by the looks of it."

          Roark turned around at the round of chuckling that sounded behind them.  "You lot hush," he ordered, before turning back with a shake of his head at the round of laughter his order brought.  "Yes, Sir, definitely excited.  In fact, we can't wait to get settled in our quarters, get unpacked, then start exploring."

          "Exactly.  It is our intention to take a nice, long, leisurely walk around the Galactica."

          "Just don't go and get yourselves lost."

          A sound like a snort from their grandfather.  "Telling the two boys who thoroughly explored the warren of passageways and tunnels under Hogwarts, not to get lost, is like telling them they can't pull any pranks, or go around placing bets on things they know they'll win.  Useless."

          Matching grins from said scamps that were his grandsons.  "Besides, we have heard from several sources," a look thrown over his shoulder  at some of those sources, namely Kili, Fili, Logan, Damien, before his gaze slid further back to Colten, Payton, and his cousin Aiden, "getting lost and finding your way back is half the fun."

          Deep laughter sounded as Tigh threw his head back.  "So I have heard myself from more than a few of those that were brought to me by Security," he said breathlessly once he had himself back under control.  "Just try to remember to get some sleep sometime, boys."

          "Omega," Adama said then to the tall Officer in charge of quarter assignments.  "Roark has some very strong empathic and telepathic gifts, as well as having a some other very strong psychic gifts.  He is going to need quarters that are well shielded.  You can place Harry in the ones that adjoin the ones you give Roark."

          "Understood, Commander," he said, stepping forward to salute Harry and Roark.  "Senior bridge Officer Omega Reignhart, Captain Roark, Captain Hadrian.  Welcome aboard to you both.  If you will both follow me to my office, we can see what quarters we can find you."

          "A moment, Omega," Ethan said, touching Logan's shoulder to get him to step aside for him.  "I believe their are empty quarters directly across form mine and Dylan's with adjoining quarters on the right that are yet free."

          Omega looked thoughtful as he pulled the memorized map  to the forefront of his mind.  "Yes, I remember them, Captain Ethan, but as I also remember, those particular quarters are family quarters."

          "Well then, as Harry and Roark are newlyweds whose husbands were kept on Caprica for other duties, those quarters will be perfect for when Rodolphus and Rabastan DO get to join them."

          A wide smile.  "Well then, as that is the case, let's go have a look, shall we?" he turned.  "Commander? Colonel?"

          "Dismissed gentlemen and ladies," then couldn't help the laugh at the sudden movement of the Durin's as they bundled Harry and Roark toward the lifts out of the landing bay, laughing and joking with them.  "Children," he said, then laughed harder yet when, as one, they all turned to stick their tongues out at him.

          Tigh began to chuckle all over again at he antics of the Durin's as they stepped onto the lifts.  "They will never change, will they, Jacob?"

          "No, Dominic, that they won't. nor would I want them too.  There will have to be far too serious soon enough."

          A deep sigh.  "All too true, my friend, all too true.  Well, shall we head up to the bridge?  There are a few things to go over with you as the last of the shuttles arrive."

          "Yes, a good idea. OH!  Roark and Thorin send you their best, and both VERY strongly suggested you had best take very good care of their son and nephew."

          "You will have to tell me the story of how that happened, but REALLY?  They need to stop that.  They should know by now that their threats don't work on me."

          "Oh, trust me, they know, but they feel the need to issue them anyway.  Just as Kendric and Raiden did when they were alive."

          "Durins.  May Kobol bless that they never change."

          "Family first.  Always."


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