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Setting: alternative IV book final

there is a remarkable plot twist that I need, I mixed the events of the film with those of the book.
Dumbledore's reporting in the film is assumed to lead to a new trial against Barty Crouch Junior… with that terrible sentence.

In the book this process has never been there (thank you very much, damn you, Cornelius Fudge !!), but fanfics exist for this, right?
Here, now you can understand my madness better .
I’ve also changed another little thing from the canon, you will understand why


I: You really don't get it, do you?

That night seemed to never end.
Strange, for it was the last night he had left to live.

Yet, it was so. Bartemius Crouch Junior, locked up again in an Azkaban cell, had the impression that the seconds lasted as minutes and minutes lasted as hours.

Perhaps this is how people felt when the moment of their death began to approach inexorably.

He wandered back and forth in the narrow space he had at his disposal. It was not like the other cells. They were more claustrophobic, where there was only a slot that allowed prisoners to communicate with the outside. This one had bars that allowed him to look into the corridor. Not that there was much to see, but it was better than nothing.

If there was one thing that Barty was watching carefully, however, it was his fine tailored suits, which had been given to him once he had stripped off his leather jacket and more frugal clothing he had worn for his Mission. They were just like the ones he had at the first trial, the one that was not supposed to involve him as a protagonist.  He would have gotten away if it weren't for the insinuations from that damn Karkaroff and that even more damn Mad Eye Moody, who had blocked him before he could escape.

Correction. Barty had been given back the very same clothes he wore during the day of that trial. Perhaps as a good omen that once again everything was going well, that the bad guys were about to be brought to justice and other bullshit!

Let them do whatever they pleased with him; his beloved Dark Lord would triumph anyway, it was only a matter of time. He had contributed to his rebirth. No, it was too modest to say that. Barty had been decisive in Voldemort’s rebirth.
This was the only thing that mattered.

Sure, Barty longed to be at Voldemort's side in his glorious return, but he clearly understood what a sacrifice meant and his would not be in vain. If it hadn't been for Dumbledore's timing, Cornelius Fudge would have thrown the Dementor that he had brought with him directly in the office where Barty had been interrogated.
Even if it was something inevitable, deep within his heart, Barty had been glad to delay that awful moment.

If they did that trial as well, in all likelihood it would have been his father to preside over it. In light of what happened, the Ministry wouldn’t have hesitated  to give him his old office again. Certainly Bartemius Crouch Senior would have felt an undisguised satisfaction in sentencing his own son to the worst possible penalty.

He hadn't even flinched when it came to sending him to Azkaban at the tender age of nineteen.


His father. Had it not been for the orders from his Dark Lord, the devoted Death Eater would have been more than happy to kill him and take revenge for the treatment he had accorded him in those years of captivity, under his father’s oversight. They were even worse than his days in Azkaban , if possible.


However he couldn't. The Imperius Curse cast by Voldemort himself worked pretty well. They were safe, and Bartemius Crouch Senior was more useful alive than dead.


This was before, due to the only misstep made by the young Dark Wizard, his cover was screwed up and everything was found out. However, after the confessions that had been snatched from him with the cunning ruse of the Veritaserum, his father in all likelihood must already have been freed from the Curse that subjugated him.

Had he known this earlier, Barty would have enjoyed the sadistic satisfaction of eliminating his father in such a subtle way that he would not even have a proper burial.

If only…

The Death Eater's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps echoing in the corridor.

Strange. No visitors were allowed. Least of all to a man sentenced to death.

"Good evening."

He heard the voice, even before he could see to whom it belonged. It was velvety, caressing. Shortly thereafter, the owner of that voice revealed himself in front of the bars.

Barty studied him.

He was a tall man with an elegant bearing, dressed in a black suit that emphasized his slender figure. His straight, shoulder-length raven hair contrasted with his pale skin, not to mention his eyes. Was it a strange play of light or were they really red?

"Who are you? What do you want? Who sent you here? " Barty growled.

"Tsk, tsk, this doesn't seem the proper way to welcome your benefactor," the other protested, shaking his head.

Barty was surprised by that answer, even more so when he saw the man put the key in the lock and open the cell. He could have fled, dodging the stranger with a nimble movement, and quickly escaped.
Yet instinct told him to stand still and do absolutely nothing.

The stranger entered the cell, closing it and advancing towards him, calmly.

"You ... you haven't told me yet who you are, or why you're doing this!" Barty insisted, grumpy, though more overwhelmed by curiosity and confusion.

"You ask too many questions," the other chuckled, without taking his eyes off him.
Barty felt almost undressed by such a... hungry look.

"And you didn't even give an answer!" retorted the Death Eater. “How did you get in? What about the guards who are out there? "

"Alec is inhibiting their senses. I suppose that, in the meantime, Jane is torturing them, too.  You know, she can do something similar to what some of you do with the wand, only more practical and faster!" the stranger explained with a smirk. "You will get to know them and you will like them, I'm sure of that." he added mysteriously.

"I don't think I understand ..." the Dark Wizard muttered, but the other ignored him.

“As for the guards, when they are done, they will bring them in front of you, so you can take care of them.  Erase their memory.  You should be able to do it with one of these odd tools, right? " he went on, pulling something out of his pocket that Barty knew very well; so much so that his eyes lit up.

That was a magic wand.

“As you can see, the key isn't the only thing I stole from one of the guards. I know it's not yours, but then we'll take care of that issue, too, ” his mysterious benefactor explained, holding out his wand. Barty started to take it, but the other pulled it back before he could touch it, fast. Way too fast.

"Ah-ah, don't be in such a hurry, my friend," the other warned him, putting the wand back into his pocket.

"Wait a minute, it can't all be that easy ... the Dementors, how ..." the Death Eater muttered, more and more perplexed.

"Oh. Well, for them, it is as if we did not exist. They perceive the presence of the only thing they cannot find in us," the other winked at him.

"Who or what are you?" Barty frowned, backing away. His listener’s red eyes sparkled with a particularly amused light.

“Oh come on, you really don't get it, do you? And yet I've heard that you are among the smartest wizards! "

Barty finally understood everything.

"You're a vampire!"

“You guessed right, my dear. I'm Aro Volturi, head of the Volturi clan. I can boast very ancient origins. Let's say some millenia," the vampire chuckled.

"Undead ..not alive ... you are ambiguous creatures. I don't want anything to do with you. I'm a Pureblood!" growled the Death Eater.

"Just one more reason why your blood must be delicious," Aro said, slowly licking his lips, in a way that Barty found simply too sensual.

"Why me?" the Dark Wizard asked him.

"Because I have been watching you for a long time and I will not allow such a waste of potential to happen," Aro murmured, approaching and reaching out to him. "Can I...?"

Strangely Barty found himself nodding and the vampire placed his hand on his right cheek, in a sort of caress.

"Oooh, I'm fascinated by the pleasure you take in torturing and killing people," Aro smiled, closing his eyes to concentrate better. "Even with bare hands?" he reopened them, more amused than before.
Barty nodded proudly, but then frowned, breaking the contact.

"Wait .. but how do you know?" he asked, but gave himself the answer a moment later. "You just had to touch me."

“That's right, it's my power. Each vampire has one that distinguishes them," Aro explained. “From what I've seen, I can tell that someone here also seems to have a predisposition to cut throats. Excellent. But I could give you something better than oh-so-gross knives. "

Barty did not understand the meaning of his words.


“But I have seen much more. This devotion of yours for your Master ... there's more, you love him, don't you? "
Feeling his soul bared, the Dark Wizard could not help but nod.

"But you also know that the feeling is not mutual, not the way you would like. To him, you are only his devoted servant; perhaps the most devoted among the males," Aro continued.

“It's for Bellatrix, right? He loves her!" the Death Eater cornered him.

"He loves no one but himself," the vampire answered calmly.

Even without a wand, although weakened by not eating for two days, Barty Crouch Junior was still potentially dangerous and lethal and did not hesitate to show it to Aro.

"No one insults my Dark Lord!" he shouted, anger burning in his eyes. “Don't you dare call him selfish! He will let us live glorious ages in his kingdom! " he continued, his voice more like a snarl. His fingers tightening around that moon-white throat, as hard as stone and as cold as ice.

His only answer was Aro bursting out laughing, just before breaking free from his grasp too easily.

"What a temper, I like you more and more, you know?" he smiled at him, embarrassing him. "And anyway, if I say certain things, it's because I can say them with certainty, don't you think so?" he looked at him slyly.

Once again the Death Eater made the right connection of the information he had received.

"You touched my Lord, too.  You ... you saw him, you saw him after his return."
Now the vampire held the Dark Wizard's fullest attention.

"Please tell me how he was." Barty asked him in a submissive tone of voice. He would also have prostrated himself on the ground, just to have that information so precious to him. "Potter was no help at all when I asked him!" he rolled his eyes.

“Oh yes, I saw him. I was in his presence, just before I came here to you. He has a body again. He is tall, mighty, and very, very powerful. He is elegant, both in his movements and in his behavior, but never as elegant as me! " Aro chuckled impertinently.

Barty listened to him in awed silence. His mouth hung half open in amazement, but his eyes were closed to picture better in his mind what the stranger was telling him. He opened them only when he felt Aro's index finger under his chin.

“What I said earlier was not an offense. Not being overwhelmed by all too human emotions, like love, makes your Dark Lord who he is. It’s part of his indisputable charm," he explained. "And anyway, no one is asking you to deny your Dark Lord. You can continue to love him as much as you want ..." he murmured, starting to stroke Barty's hair. Barty let him do it, enjoying that oh-so-delicate touch.

"I just wonder... who loves you, who’s got you?" Aro asked him, his hands reaching down to caress his face, his mouth so close to his. Barty seemed to recover from that moment of weakness, pulling away from him, abruptly.

"Stay away from me!" he growled.


He had to admit that that vampire was very attractive and that scared him.
It wasn't just his physical appearance, there was something...more...about him.
Beyond his gentle and polite manner, that ostentatious affability, he perceived a darkness that drew him like a bee to honey. The more he looked at Aro, the more he wanted to abandon himself in his arms.

Maybe Aro had guessed that too, but he preferred not to insist, not to impose anything on him, not to be too urgent. He just talked to him, and his voice and flattery could be a pretty fearsome weapon.

“Let me love you, let me save you, we can do terribly wonderful and wonderfully terrible things together. Your dark magic, my powers, eternal life… ”

It was Barty's turn to laugh, but he did it contemptuously.

“What eternal life? I don't even have a whole day… tomorrow I'll be fed to the Dementors. There won't be anything left of me… ”

Aro looked at him amused, tilting his head to one side to study him better.

"You really don’t get it, do you,  huh?" He approached the Dark Wizard slowly, pleased to see that this time, he no longer flinched. His hands were already on his shoulders, his ruby eyes fixed on Barty's dark, chocolate ones. Well. Chocolate for now until they changed at the wizard's graduation.

"Is it still not clear to you why I'm here tonight?" Aro smiled, baring a little more the already pointed canines. At last it was all perfectly clear to Barty.

"Ooohh," he lit up with enthusiasm, grinning. "Yes. I like it."

The vampire watched, almost hypnotized, as the Death Eater's jerky tongue slipped out of his lips several times. That tongue made him have impure thoughts and it only intrigued him even more.

"I like it too, you will be such a precious addition to my collection!" Aro joined his hands, with an eerie grin.


"Collection?" Barty frowned.


“I'm always looking for special people to add to my ranks. I have the feeling that I already know what your power will be and, believe me, you will love it." Aro chuckled in anticipation, then became more serious. “But, Barty, you won't be just a mere addition. You are worth so much more and then you are so beautiful… ” he murmured, stroking his neck, anticipating the moment when his canines would sink into his skin. Barty let him do it, getting lost in his fantasies.


Aro was his key to freedom, no matter if the price to pay was his humanity. If there was an opportunity he had to see his Dark Lord again, even if it was just one last time, he would grab that opportunity tooth and nail.

He pushed against Aro and kissed him without thinking. It wasn't a sweet kiss, it wasn't a hesitant kiss. Aro was surprised and pleased, so he allowed the wizard all the access he wanted.

One of Barty’s hand passed between those raven threads of silk, while the other was pressed against his chest, stroking it through the fabric. The kissing alternated with bites that had the sole function of exploring.

Oh yes, Aro would have a blast with this indomitable wizard. However, by establishing contact with him again, he noticed something.

"I've seen your reasons for doing it," he pulled away from him, with a sad smile. “If you accept, you must stay with me. You will be able to see your Dark Lord. You can continue to serve him. But you will be my Mate. In time you will learn to love me and that will certainly not make you a less efficient Death Eater, if that is what you fear,” he said, reading him like an open book.

"I ..." the wizard bit his lip, struggling.

"You will be both a Death Eater and a bloodsucker!" Aro stole a smile from him with his witty remark. "Besides,  think about the consequences, think about what might happen tomorrow." Of all the things he sensed about Barty, one of the strongest was his relentless hatred of his father.

"I can already taste his blood in my throat!" Barty burst out laughing, a deranged expression crossing his face and tongue darting out, eager. All of this only excited Aro even further more.

"Do it," Barty growled against his lips. "Do it now!" he urged him with another kiss.


Aro smiled, then playfully pushed him away.

"Calm down, puppy, there's time for everything." Aro chuckled, tracing the outline of Barty's mouth with his fingers. "And then, as long as you're conscious, there's one thing I need you to do."

As if they had heard him, which was likely, a few minutes later Jane and Alec showed up in front of the cell carrying a total of six guards with ease. The cell was opened again by Aro. The bars could be enchanted, so it was better not take any chances.


Barty approached the threshold, studying what he understood to be two other vampires. They looked back with the same curiosity, especially Jane. Alec seemed rather bored.


"You know what you have to do," Aro said to Barty, handing him the wand.Now he could trust him.


"Oh no, the prisoner has a wand!" One of the guards was alarmed.

"My wand!" a second guard despaired.

"Oh yes, but fear not, I'll make a wise use of it!" Barty grinned, casting on them, one by one, the  Oblivion spell, without feeling his weakened state. Not even the Imperius Curses that followed, exhorting them to leave and ignore what was happening, seemed to give him any trouble.

He also had enough energy for six Avada Kedavra. He knew it would be so much fun, but he also knew that such an action would be eye-catching and drawing attention was the last thing he needed.

"Magnificent, truly magnificent!" Aro commended him, even applauding him, enthused. Jane was also particularly fascinated.

"Aro, are you sure you want to take care of him all alone?" she asked him hopefully as he closed the cell.

Barty stared at that very attractive, petite blonde, who seemed to emanate a strong aura of power, though never as strong as the one he could perceive in Aro.

 Although flattered by her interest towards him, he wanted to deal only and exclusively with Aro. With a grim look Aro sent a clear message to the vampiress he had created centuries ago. No further words were needed and, although a little annoyed, the blonde walked away with her twin brother.

"Alone again," Barty smiled, moving closer to him. "Let's not waste any more time," he said as he exposed his neck. With great self-control, Aro pulled away from that appealing offer. 

"How much impatience, puppy!" he laughed, wrapping an arm around Barty's slender waist. "You know,  first I want something in return ...." He shot him a look full of desire.

“You want my body, right? Use me as much as you want, I don't care. " Barty replied, taking off his jacket and beginning to unbutton his shirt, without poetry. He was about to undo his trousers, too, but Aro stopped him, holding the Dark Wizard's hands in his.

“Oh please, don't make it seem like a sacrifice. I know you care, I can read it. " Aro said, catching him off guard. "And you have no idea how good I can make you feel, how much you'll like it."

He kissed him again, without Barty showing any resistance. This time it was a slower, more tender kiss, but no less deep.

Was it another vampire power to kiss so damn good?

Barty was wondering that as the vampire's lips dropped to place a chaste, normal kiss on the left side of his neck. He trembled in anticipation of what would happen that very last night he would live as a human.


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