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Disclaimer: this is a work of fanfiction. I neither receive nor make any money off these works. Thanks to J K Rowling, Glan A Larson and J R R Tolkien for their wonderful characters, whom I am merely borrowing.

          "FUCK!" he swore sharply, looking down at his scanner when the alarm sounded.  Silencing the alarm that had alerted him to the Cylon's presence, he rolled just as they opened fire on him.  Knowing that he couldn't lead them back to the fleet, he hit his thrusters, turning away.

          They fired on him again, and rolling left of the volley, he reached out and flipped a switch.  "Galactica, this is Silver recon probe three.  I've run into a Cylon patrol, they're firing on me.  I need help."


          "Galactica, silver recon probe three, the Cylons are on my ass here, where's my help?" Roark's voice came over the speakers of the Galactica's bridge as personnel scurried about.

           Thorin turned from the grid map, his expression tense.  "Cole, where is he?"

           At Viper control, Colten Durin looked at his screens, trying to find Roark's patrol.  "I don't have him on my screens.  He's still too far out."

          "Galactica, Silver recon probe three, Cylons are firing on me, where's my help?  I'm running out of time."

          Boomer, Starbuck, and Jolly ran onto the bridge.  "Commander, Blue squadron ready to scramble."

         "There will be no scrambling," Thorin told him as his nephew's calm voice came over the speakers again.  Moving to where Colten sat, he looked at each of the ten screens that were Viper Control.

          "Not scram--but Sir, Roark's in trouble."

          "Well aware of that," came his terse reply.  "I know exactly what he's doing.  He knows he can't lead them back here, so he's leading them away.  Even IF you could get to him--"

          "Galactica, Silver recon probe three, I need help.  Cylon's are firing on me."

          "Hear that?" Gabriel asked from where he stood on the high bridge, his hands clenched on the metal rail as he looked at the three pilots.  "Those transmissions are for Cylon ears.  He's not expected any help."


          Just as he ended his transmission, a metallic voice came over his speakers, "Base, Cylon patrol, persuing viper pilot, course vector Epsilon two, bearing one point zero three."

          "About fucking time," he muttered, hitting his reverse thrusters, propelling him back behind the Cylons.  Once his backward trajectory halted, he hit forward thrusters, going after the Cylon craft nearest him, thumb hovering over fire control.  "Surprise, tin cans," he said as the targeting computer locked and he fired, destroying the Cylon.

          He destroyed a second fighter a moment later, then a third.  It was as he was turning that his viper gave a buck, alerting him to a problem.  Looking down, he nearly groaned.  His fuel cells were nearly dry.  Well, wouldn't that just be his luck?

          "Alright, Captain, here's a problem you handled back in the Academy."  Reaching up, he flipped a switch as he angled away from the Cylon craft he had intended to go after.  Planets began to fill his scanner, showing him the viability to sustain life on each.  Only one of the five showed any life forms, and thank Kobol, it was within his reach, but it was going to be close.

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