The Boy and Magic

BY : Demon1
Category: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Draco/Hermione
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This will be a harem fic First person will be Vernon will have Good Big Cock of 10 inches and 7 thick .Vernon will Learn to love Harry during Harry 12 B day a week before it July 20 1992 Will be have Griggots.This chapter will be When Harry,Aden and dudley and peirs 9 years old and for Dudley present will be Harry drinking  Vernon piss and.aBe warned Harry will wear less clothes a bit.

Harry food A bowl of water and 3  pieces  of little bread 


chapter 1 Vernon Pissing 

Freak wake up Vernon banged the cupboard door

"Harry was wearing a No shirt With Underwear that show only his Balls out"

Freak make Breakfest for dudley Birthday and Show me your balls "Harry show him his balls Big one that make some male jealous 9 inch balls Very big to squeeze. His cock Was Bigger than Vernon 11 inches and 8 thick""But it will show soon It will get some use"

Harry show Vernon his balls 

Vernon Grab it Squeeze It then Oddly Kiss it Then say Boy After breakfest go to living room and for breakfest get your self a apple.

For breakfest Harry cook 2 plates of 5 Eggs,3 Ham and 10 bacon each for the boys and for Aunt he make Bowl of Soup with noddles for being neat.

Petunia decided to Thank him by Kissing His forehead and whisper "Thank you Boy"

Petunia  decided to say to Vernon I'm going with 2 of my friends to a boat reunion I will be home in a week let the freak cook for you See ya Boys and My friends drop off peirs and Aden 

Vernon opened the door seeing 2 Boys That about 1 of them Harry height that is Aden 

Boys have seat a Couch with Dudley 

Freak come here and show yourself to Dudley friend 

Hello said Harry and he kneel know Wearing that 

Aden blush seeing Harry balls 

Dudley  blush seeing Harry cock and balls outline 

Vernon decided to say Dudley watch a men Do a Little boy 

Vernon un zip his cock then Aim his cock at Harry Mouth shove it then He started pissing and pissing til He done he say Harry swallow it you will get a reward

Harry swallow then say Uncle may I say something 

Freak just say it 

your piss taste good But it need more sperm mixing 

Freak your reward allow Dudley And Aden Be with you alone naked Doing whatever you boys want expet Taking Dudley verging hole 

Dudley said Aden and Harry follow me to my Bedroom 

Harry walk with them then Dudley opened it 

Harry remove that undy now 

Too be countuie Next chapter dudley Mouth 





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