Harry life upgraded

BY : Demon1
Category: Harry Potter AU/AR > Threesomes/Moresomes
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is own by JK Rowling and I only own the plot And omc Characters

Chapter 1 Griggots meet and first 2 mate

first mate Vernon

note:Vernon and Petunia Marries in this by Oblivate and compulsion.So Petunia real husband will be a OC Named  Austin Keller a squib.Petunia will have a 12 year old son named Alexander 'Alex'Keller a wizard born on Aguast the 1st 1981

Next OmC Wizard  name 

Axel Brody   Dursley(-Nickname Lily) will be Harry and Vernon  Daughter will be on Chapter 3 where Vernon will become pregnant. born on June the 7th of summer of Harry 4th year 

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