Harry the Switching Harem

BY : Demon1
Category: Harry Potter Crossovers > Threesomes/Moresomes
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Disclaimer: Character belong to JK Rawlings and Plot and Oc character belong to me

Flashback Will have Dursleys allowing Harry to go park and Have some fun. Also Showung Harry seeing in the park a 11 year old Boy naked like Slut Wearing only Cock ring Harry will make him his and with Padfoot after 

(flash back)

dudley house 

Freak you are allow to go outside But you cannot were any freak clothes 

freak take these And go (Vernon give him A Underwear That cut to show His Arse out only and White shirt that look like (size Small) and Some dudley sized Shorts and saddles)

These will be your outing clothes 

Yes Uncle i will leave And you will be relex for a day 

TIMEskip Park

Harry face the bench to see a Boy Looked 11 With Malnourished body and short and 3 foot tall and Wearing nothing expet cock ring and cock look so like 4 inch cock.

Who are you seeing a boy walking toward them 

I am Jim Corter and this is My son Tod Neon corter  the slut and you could buy him for letting me And him be your Bottoms Harem mates.

Sure sir and I will keep you two As mine are you wizard

Yes I am A Wizard And my son is a Wizard starting hogwarts 
since we are talking  about my son and his cum taste sweet and enough For Guys to eat and His Nipples Are sensitive and one thing about his Baby cock It come form his Mother

See you next chapter - Flash back 2 Padfoot 

note:Harem mate Harry -Bottom Tod neon corter,Low Dom Jim corter

What is low Dom mean He is a domaint but in sex let acted to A Domiant is sub and sub is a domaint 

Rember Hogwarts Will have a new professor for sex education and New Head of house but will not be sorted too and it will be people chosen to become Partners and things 

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