Hermione's Pet

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Harry and Hermione had been dating officially for only a few months. They’d decided to go back to Hogwarts to finish their seventh year, and were enjoying their final weeks of summer vacation at Hermione’s parents’ house in Kent. Harry was having his parents’ house rebuilt, and was living alone in a London flat, but Hermione had wanted to spend as much time with her parents as possible. She’d brought them back from Australia and restored their memories, explaining why she’d done what she had. They’d understood, of course, and had settled back into life in England easily enough.


One night, while Hermione’s parents were out with friends, Harry and Hermione settled down together on a couch to cuddle and watch a movie. The movie got pretty steamy and the two started to kiss and pet at each other. To Harry’s shock, Hermione pulled off the loose tank top she’d been wearing, revealing her small breasts to him for the first time. Each perfect mound was capped with a small brown nipple. He rested his hands over them, feeling the small deposits of fat above hard muscle. He drew his mouth down to her nipple and licked, causing her to moan amorously.


As he bore her back down to kiss her some more, she tugged on his shirt and he pulled it off over his head.  Her hands rubbed over his hairless chest and tweaked his nipples gently in return. Both Cho and Ginny had commented that they would have thought that he’d be more muscular than he was, but the truth was simply that quidditch wasn’t an especially physically demanding sport and, until his year on the run with Ron and Hermione, he did very little physical exercise. His slender body was completely hairless and padded slightly with puppy fat. Hermione didn’t seem to mind, though, and the two continued to explore each others’ bodies with their hands.


Harry was beginning to wonder how far they would be going, when Hermione tugged open his trousers and pushed them down his legs. Startled, he helped kick his way free and then found himself pushed back against a pillow. Hermione slid her own shorts off, revealing a pair of black boy short panties, seized the legs of his boxer shorts and pulled them straight down off his legs, freeing his rock hard member. He thought for an instance that a look of disappointment had flashed across her face, but it was gone in an instant, replaced by an expression of savage hunger that, alien as it was on his love’s face, was perfectly erotic.


She took hold of his cock in one hand and he erupted immediately, spraying ropes of cum up onto his chest. The feeling of a hand other than his own touching his cock had been far too much. There was no mistaking the look of distaste this time as Hermione wiped her hand on his thigh.


“I guess you liked that, huh?”


“I did,” panted Harry. “Sorry I couldn’t last longer.” He sat up and made to kiss her, but she giggled and hopped off the couch. She tapped him on the nose with a finger.


“Go clean up and come up to my bedroom!” Still giggling, she sauntered to the stairs, leaving a dazed Harry lying on the couch covered in cum.


He dashed to the bathroom and scrubbed himself with toilet paper before practically sprinting up the stairs. Hermione sat on the edge of her bed with her legs crossed. When Harry appeared at the top of the stairs, she dramatically uncrossed her legs, revealing a neat patch of dark pubic hair and the glistening lips of her pussy.


“Come here, Harry,” she purred, spreading her lips with the fingers of one hand, the pink of her pussy contrasting her dark skin. “Come eat my pussy.”


Harry stumbled a bit in his haste, and knelt in front of the bed. He kissed her inner thigh and then reached out his tongue to taste her dripping folds. She sighed and placed her hands on the back of his head.


“That’s it,” she cooed, “good boy. A little higher…there! Lick there, Harry!”


She continued to instruct him as he licked and sucked at her clit, eventually adding two fingers into her virgin pussy at her orders. His cock was quickly coming back to attention, but he figured that he should leave it alone at least until Hermione had been pleasured. Suddenly, her hands tightened and she arched her back, crying out as her orgasm swept over her.


“Good boy,” she said again. “Come here and kiss me!”


Harry obeyed, and after they’d kissed for a few minutes, Hermione pushed him back to lay down, while she stroked his chest, and occasionally tickled his balls. Then, she straddled him, kissing him firmly on the mouth as she took his cock in her hand and pointed it at her pussy before beginning to lower herself onto his cock. As soon as the velvety, wet heat of her vagina enveloped his cock he found himself near to cumming again, and focused his mind as firmly on holding out as he’d ever focused on anything before.


He’d heard that some girls found their first time painful, and knew that Hermione had never had sex before — she’d apparently only got as far as kissing and hand-play with Krum, and Cormac had tried to convince her to have sex after Slughorn’s Christmas party and then passed out in his own sick — so he was happy too let her take control of the situation. Hermione settled onto him with a small sigh and began to bounce gently up and down. Harry couldn’t believe how amazing the sensations on his cock were, and knew he couldn’t possibly last long, so he reached up to tease Hermione’s nipples, which she seemed to enjoy.


“Play with my clit, Harry,” she suggested, and he lowered a hand to the point where their bodies joined, rubbing furiously at the small nub he’d nibbled to make her cum. Her moans intensified and he knew she would cum again soon, so he redoubled his efforts as she rocked back and forth atop him.


“I’m going to cum, Hermione,” he panted.


“Hold on Harry!” She grunted. “I’m so close…almost…”


It was too much. Harry lost control and his orgasm hit him like a truck. He began to unload himself into Hermione’s perfect vagina. As his cock began to deflate, Hermione slid off him and up to his face, planting herself over his mouth.


“Make me cum, Harry,” she said. It felt like an order, and, despite the cum he had just pumped into her, Harry began to lick her clit. He did his best to avoid the smears of cum around her lips, but she ground herself firmly into his face, and plenty of his cum ended up in his mouth. He didn’t mind the taste, but the taboo made him more hesitant than he might have been otherwise.


Hermione gasped and trembled as her orgasm took her, and she rubbed herself all the more furiously on Harry’s face. As her pleasure subsided, she climbed off him and rolled aside, lying next to him on the bed.


“That was great,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “I love you, Harry.”


“I love you, too, Hermione,” said Harry.


“Let’s go finish our movie,” said Hermione. She jumped up and swayed out of the room, the sight of her naked ass drawing Harry behind her like a dog on a lead. The two cuddled naked on the sofa for a while before Hermione reached over to run her hand up Harry’s thigh. She leaned in and nibbled his ear.


“Eat my pussy again, Harry,” she purred, spreading her legs.


Obediently, he slid off the couch and began to lap at her moist folds. He was already addicted to her taste, mingled as it was with the taste of his own cum. She wound her hands in his hair and urged him on.


“Fuck, I’m going to cum, Harry!” She cried.


She slid forward a little more and raised her legs, presenting the tight rosebud of her asshole. With her hands urging his head downwards, Harry began to lick her ass. Hermione removed one hand from his head.




Suddenly, a purple dildo flew into Hermione’s outstretched hand. At about six inches long, it dwarfed Harry’s cock. He gaped at it as Hermione lowered it to her pussy and rubbed it against her clit.


“Keep going Harry! Lick my arsehole!” She slid the dildo into her pussy and began to fuck herself aggressively with the fake cock.


As he licked away, Harry couldn’t help but compare the dildo that Hermione was happily fucking herself with to his own cock. Despite living in a dorm full of boys, he hadn’t seen that many besides his own, and had never looked at porn. Dean’s cock he knew to be bigger than his, but Ron and Neville were both smaller.


It didn’t matter. Hermione loved him, and that was all that mattered.


That and her pleasure.


As he had that thought, Hermione drew her legs around his head and held him tight, slamming the dildo into herself to the hilt one last time. She stayed like that, quivering, for some time before she relaxed and uncoiled. She brought the dildo to her mouth and gave it a long, sensuous lick. Harry stayed on the ground looking up at her adoringly. His cock was at full mast again. She looked down at him and grinned.


“Ready again?” She asked. At his nod, she patted the sofa and helped him lay back on it. Giggling, she held the dildo up against his cock for a moment. Even erect, his cock came only barely halfway up the six-inch dildo. Still giggling a little, Hermione slid the dildo back into her pussy and settled back on her thighs between Harry’s legs. She leaned forward and planted a kiss right on the head of his cock, causing him to arch his back. She rubbed her hands up his thighs.


“Try to hold out, Harry,” she whispered as her fingers brushed his balls. “Try to hold out. It will make me very happy if you can last longer than a minute. Can you do that for me?”


“I’ll try, Hermione.”


“Good boy. Relax.”


She lowered her head and kissed his inner thigh and then licked from his thigh up to his crotch, licking slowly along the crease between his upper thigh and his cock. She repeated the same process on the other side before gently licking his balls. He groaned, putting all of his focus into holding off an orgasm. Grinning, Hermione took his cock in her mouth, letting her tongue loop around it a few time before drawing away. Next, she cupped his balls and lifted them up. Harry watched in amazement as she lowered her head again, grinned at him seductively, and stuck her tongue out to lick his asshole.


New sensations shot through him like lightning and he let out a high-pitched whimper.


“Do you like that?” Asked Hermione, between licks.


“Yes! God, yes!”


Hermione laughed softly again.


“Then you’ll love this. Here: suck my finger.”


Without thinking, Harry took her finger in his mouth and sucked gently, coating the digit with saliva.


“Good boy,” said Hermione. She withdrew the finger and gently inserted it into Harry’s ass. His eyes popped open as the finger curled upwards. Hermione began to gently move the finger in and out, eliciting an indescribably blissful sensation. As she sped up her pace, Harry moaned. Gradually, he felt pressure building: like he needed to pee. Just as he thought he was about to piss on his girlfriend, she took hold of his cock between two fingers and her thumb, jerked it up and down a few times, and he came like a torrent. Ropes of cum sprayed upward, coating his chest and even splattering on his face.


Hermione smiled at him before leaning down to lick the last of his cum off his cock. Then she seductively licked up the three strands on his chest and the few streaks from his face. Harry almost moaned at the sight, which was intensely erotic. Still smiling, Hermione leaned in to kiss him. As his lips parted, a stream of salty liquid passed from her mouth to his and was followed by her probing tongue. They stayed locked in that embrace for some time before Hermione finally drew back, leaving Harry with a mouthful of his own cum, which he had little choice but to swallow.


Hermione glanced at the clock on the wall.


“We should probably get to bed. We don’t need my parents walking in on us like this.”


Harry blushed. He and Hermione gathered up their clothes, neatened the room, and checked to make sure they hadn’t left any obvious signs of what they’d been up to. Hermione gave Harry a last, lingering kiss before heading to bed.


Harry lay awake in the guest room thinking about what had happened. Losing his virginity had been an earth-shattering experience, but Hermione’s obvious dissatisfaction with the size of his penis was worrying, and his feelings about her feeding him his own cum and fingering his ass were a confused swirl. On the one hand, she’d clearly enjoyed doing those things, and he hadn’t minded the taste of his cum, and had definitely enjoyed her fingers. On the other hand, both were things that he was somewhat programed to feel were wrong. He finally drifted off to sleep with a troubled mind and another raging erection to dreams of Hermione.


Hermione’s parents left early the next morning to go to work, and Harry woke to the smell of waffles, which drew him to the kitchen immediately. Hermione was standing over the waffle iron wearing nothing but a pair of white knickers, a cropped t-shirt, and a bright pink apron.


“Morning, Harry!” She said, cheerily. “Breakfast is almost ready! Have a seat!”


Harry sat at the table, watching her sexy brown bottom twitch back and forth while she hummed and made breakfast.


“I had so much fun last night!” She said, stacking waffles on a plate. She brought the food to the table tossed the apron aside and dug into her stack, while Harry picked at his.


“I did, too…but…”


“You have questions? They can wait. Eat up! Big day ahead of us!”


Harry watched as Hermione wolfed her food while he took small, careful bites of his own. Hermione pushed her plate away and sighed.


“Finish up, give the kitchen a quick clean, and then come up to my room! I’ll explain everything!”


Harry finished his breakfast, cleared the plates from the table, rinsed the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher, and cleaned the waffle iron. What did Hermione have to explain? With a little trepidation, he climbed the stairs to her room. Her door was closed, so he knocked, tentatively.


“Come in, Harry,” came Hermione’s melodious voice.


He entered and froze. Hermione stood in front of her bed holding a riding crop and wearing a black latex sports bra, black latex panties, high heels, and black opera gloves.


“Take off your clothes and get on your knees,” she said.


Harry obeyed in stunned silence. He had no idea what was going on other than that the sight made him as hard as he’d ever been. Hermione nodded in approval and sat down on the edge of her bed.


“This explanation is going to take a while, but it’ll go faster if you keep quiet” she began, smiling. “I didn’t want to rush our relationship for a number of reasons. First: you’re too good of a friend for a sexual relationship to go sour and ruin it. For another thing, I wanted time to be able to guess what kind of man you are in the bedroom. That turned out to be tricky, because you can go from being hyper-confident and in control to all meek and suggestible. The good thing is, I knew I could work with either of those in the bedroom. I’ve done enough experimenting of my own with toys and online to know that I get off either on being in control of everything immediately, or by wrestling for dominance.”


She stretched like a cat before continuing.


“I was sort of hoping that you’d be a total stud and that you could take control and pound me into next month, but my mom warned me that white boys usually have smaller penises, and that they’re usually either submissive or total jerks. My dad’s the first kind. He’s the only white guy my mom ever dated, but after my birth father took off, she said she wanted reliability, and he worships her. She controls their whole relationship and occasionally fucks other guys. I don’t necessarily want to copy that part,” she added quickly, seeing the look on Harry’s face. “I only want you for now, but since you’ve got a tiny fucking dick and you can’t last longer than a minute,” the shift in her tone was deeply arousing, “we’re going to focus on my pleasure. That makes sense doesn’t it?”


Harry nodded.


“Good boy, you remembered not to talk. You can answer yes or no, but address me as Mistress or Goddess. Understand?”


“Yes, Goddess,” said Harry. He couldn’t believe how horny he was!


“Good. You’ll enjoy yourself, too, of course, but we’re mostly going to focus on me. Now, close your eyes.”


Harry obeyed and could hear Hermione rise from her bed and rummage through a drawer. He felt her move across the floor to stand in front of him.


“Open you eyes.”


Harry opened his eyes to the sight of his Goddess wearing a leather harness around her waist, at the center of which was a seven-inch long, realistic black dildo. She still held her riding crop in one hand and she brought it to rest on Harry’s shoulder.


“You’re going to suck my cock for me, Harry,” she said simply.


“I don’t know if…” Harry began, but Hermione laid the tip of her crop against his lips.


“That’s not what I want to hear,” she said. “Be a good boy for your Goddess. Suck.”


Reluctantly at first, but with greater enthusiasm when he felt Hermione’s enjoyment, he took the dildo in his mouth, running his tongue against the soft rubber of the fake cock. Hermione simply stood, instructing him in technique.


“I think that’s good,” she said. “Now lie down on the bed on your back. Good boy. Raise your legs up. ” She squirted something from a bottle next to the bed onto her fingers and slid one into Harry’s exposed ass. He moaned.


“You liked this last night, Harry,” purred Hermione. “This is just the next step. Relax and let your Goddess pleasure you.”


She squirted more of the gel onto her hand and rubbed it onto her dildo before lining it up to his asshole.


“I was hoping you’d be at least this big, Harry,” she said as she began to apply pressure. “This is what a girl needs…as a bare minimum!”


Harry gasped as the head of the fake cock popped into his ass. Hermione gave him a moment to adjust before sliding more of the shaft in. With three inches of cock in his ass, she pulled out slowly, and pushed in a little further. She repeated the process carefully, giving his ass time to adjust to the added length and for discomfort to turn to pleasure. Finally, the entire seven inches were nested in his ass and he could feel the fake balls against his ass cheeks.


Hermione leaned down to kiss him, passionately, her stomach flattening his rock hard cock, which was straining at its full length: a meager four inches. Hermione straightened, dragging fingers lovingly down his chest.


“Are you ready to be fucked, Harry?”


“Yes, Goddess,” he said.


“Beg me,” she whispered, pulling the dildo out until just the tip of the head remained in his ass.


“Please, Goddess,” he moaned. “Please fuck my ass!”


Hermione slid the full length of the cock into him in a quick, powerful thrust and pulled out just as quickly. Harry gasped as the pleasure of being fucked washed over him. Hermione took hold of his ankles for leverage as her pace intensified.


“How does it feel?” Asked Hermione.


“So good, Goddess!” Panted Harry.


“Yeah? A nice big cock in your ass feels good, does it? Do you wish you could make me feel like this?”


“I do, Goddess! I want to please you!”


“Maybe I’ll strap this on you later and see if you can pretend to be a real man. This little dick,” she took his entire cock and balls in one small hand, “could never please a woman. Turn over! Head down, ass up!”


Harry complied arching his back and hiding his red face in the duvet.


“If you can’t even do that,” grunted Hermione, “you’ll just have to be my little lesbian girlfriend!”


She hammered her cock into Harry furiously as his moans intensified. Suddenly, he bucked forward off her cock as his own began to spurt onto the blanket. He collapsed, shuddering from pleasure in a small puddle of semen.


“Get up, Harry. We’re not done yet!”


There was a thud as Hermione tossed the dildo aside and brought both palms down on his ass with a loud smack. Harry jerked upwards and rolled to the side.


“Look at this mess!” Scolded Hermione, scooping up the pooled cum into a gloved hand. “Open your mouth. Good boy. Swallow. Good…now…for my pleasure…” She pushed him onto his back and straddled his face, cutting off his breath when she closed her latex-clad thighs around his head. “I want to hear you apologize for having such a small cock.”


She eased back and Harry took a deep breath.


“I’m sorry my cock is so small, Goddess,” he said, before Hermione trapped him in his latex prison again.


“You should be sorry,” she growled, rocking a bit on his face. “And you need to apologize for cumming before me and before I said you could!”


“I’m sorry I came, Goddess, it just felt so good!”


“Oh, yeah?” She said, grinding on his face once more. “It felt good? You liked your goddess plowing your tight little ass? Are you a little butt slut, Harry? Harry Potter: War Hero. Icon. Butt Slut.”


She laughed, standing to strip out of her latex shorts.


“Tell me you’re a butt slut.”


“I am. I’m a butt slut. I like it in the ass.”


“That’s good, because that’s the only way you get to cum from now on. Now: ask to lick my pussy.”


“Can I lick your pussy, Mistress?”


“Beg. On your knees.”


Harry slid off the bed and sank to his knees.


“Please let me lick your pussy, Mistress.”


“Lie down.”


When Harry complied, Hermione planted her hot, wet pussy on his face and started to grind again, starting down at him as he lay beneath her.. He reached out his tongue, licking her clit each time it slid past. Hermione’s bucking grew more and more intense, and she reached into an open drawer at her side, pulling out a much larger dildo than the one she had fucked him with. She repositioned herself slightly so that her asshole was over Harry’s mouth and slammed the dildo into herself, orgasming immediately in a gush of liquid.


“Good boy,” she said, patting him on the cheek. “Your tongue is getting really talented! I think we can make this work without getting anyone else involved! Let’s take a shower: I’ve got a big day planned! We’re going shopping!”

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