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Luna rolled over and hugged herself.    Yet again her house mates rejected her, those that she thought might just be her friends. She just could not work out how to handle all those human interactions that everybody else found so easy.   The only people she knew were truly her friends were Harry, Hermione, Neville and Hagrid. Even then, sometimes things were awkward, but that did not actually matter. Her friends respected and loved her for her differences. Others stared at her, especially the boys, because she was so differently gorgeous.  She felt their eyes drill through her clothes and attempt to penetrate her in as many ways as they could.  She was forever grateful there was no magic to actually do that.  But usually, it was her abilities to perceive beyond the norm that made her life difficult.  It seemed cruelly ironic to her that, in a world of magic, so very far beyond the non-magical norm, that magic users were still unable to extend their horizons to her ‘norm’ of perception.  It was just like Muggle religion; exclusivity, division, and control.  One day, she hoped to be a part of changing that.

Her house-mates rejected her offer to enjoy some supper because they said they were too tired.  But then only 15 minutes later, she found them partaking in some intimate hot cocoa together and Luna could not help but find herself upset.  Perhaps she’d be better off somewhere else, somewhere more inclusive, and somewhere where the people were broader in their outlook.  On the other hand, she was not about to abandon her actual friends, especially as the situation with Voldemort continued to escalate.  As always, she found herself deciding to tough it out.

As a few tears trickled from her eyes, she decided to go for a walk, rather than attempt to sleep.   Luna had many talents, mostly unknown, as she could not explain them in any way that most people could understand, or were prepared to believe. Amongst those talents, perhaps created from need, was the ability to make her self “not visibly noticeable”, to a very high degree.  The thing that made this talent especially interesting was that she did not show even on the Marauder’s map when this charm was active.  She could truly “drop off the map”; that thought always amused her.

It also allowed her to observe the behaviour of others, sometimes to see what they said about her, but usually because Luna was extremely voyeuristic.  She loved to see people when they were on their own.  Whether they picked their nose, pulled faces, sang badly, slept, read a book or masturbated furiously (and there was a lot of that at Hogwarts), she enjoyed it.   She also liked to tease by lightly touching or blowing air on said people – they could never tell what was happening.   She particularly liked to interrupt people who were nasty to her when they were masturbating; they never could quite achieve orgasm and usually finally gave up frustrated. 

Her small group of true friends all knew of her ability - it had been very useful from time to time in the war with Voldemort. They also gave her permission to watch them when she felt like because they knew how voyeuristic she was - she was welcome to tell them, or not as she pleased.  It  made her very horny watching; boys grappling with their hard red cocks, girls playing with their soft curves and wet slippery oh-so tasty pussies.  Luna was equally at home with males and females; if only the reverse was true, another cruel irony she was constantly aware of.

Luna particularly liked to watch Neville.  Shy and awkward Neville, finding his own way in the world.   Although she had tried to show Neville she liked him  a little more than as just friends, he was far to shy to “hear” what she was saying or perhaps he wasn’t ready to hear her, she was not totally sure. 


Neville was developing into a handsome young man with a beautifully shaped body. Luna first noticed that when half his clothes were ripped off fighting Voldemort’s Death Eaters. That same day, Luna’s curiosity got the better of her, and she secreted herself in the Gryffindor boy’s bathroom as every one was unwinding from the battle. 

Myrtle came to join her (as she often did), and they watched together as Neville stripped off his clothes for a shower.  When Myrtle was aroused, she became a little more corporeal, to the degree where Luna could just feel her when they occupied the same space.  She could touch Myrtle and be touched, but it had to be ever so slowly to work.  They watched Neville as he stood facing away washing himself. Then he turned around.  Luna and Myrtle both gasped and their eyes locked on to Neville’s gorgeous cock and big heavy balls.   It was thick, beautifully thick, solid, and sufficiently long that Luna’s cunt immediately clenched.  As he washed, he pulled his foreskin up and down until he became a little more solid.   Luna moaned softly at the sight and Myrtle became just a little more solid as her long-dead blood coursed through her ‘body’.   Myrtle had never had sex when she was alive, and the more she watched others enjoy it, the crazier it drove her, and the more she tried to become aroused enough to experience touch.  She and Luna had agreed to explore this together as much as they could; this was just a beginning.

Luna was willing Neville to masturbate, but suddenly he realized what he was doing and quickly finished up his shower and left.  She felt Myrtle’s soft fleeting touch as she desperately tried to tongue Luna’s nipple; Luna’s hand was firmly between her legs as she imagined Neville’s pulsating cock in her mouth.

Luna and Myrtle had since enjoyed Neville a lot and often - Luna told Neville that she watched him when he was naked.  He pretended not to hear, but Luna knew that secretly that excited him.  Maybe one day, he’d be able to show her without her hiding.  The thought of Neville sitting in a chair, naked, pulling hard on his huge cock, just for her pleasure, was a fantasy that Luna visited frequently, always with very slippery consequences!

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