Making A Merlin

BY : TragicBackstory
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Making a Merlin

by the TragicBackStory

Original Story concept by SnitchsGetWitches 

Disclaimer: All Canon works are the property of their owners. All original characters introduced are created by me at my own leisure. I do not endorse or condone actions taken in these stories, nor encourage the viewpoints taken within. These works of fiction are for recreational enjoyment only and are not subject to any reality perceived or otherwise. Reference to characters real or fiction, alive or dead are simply for entertainment purposes and not meant to expressly imply ownership or authoritative license in any form. 

Chapter 1: Bonds of Chance


Harry Potter stood tall, watching the battle beginning to carry out below. The hill was taken, his forces behind him with barely a scratch. He looked up to the pillar of titan steel and flesh standing to his left.

“Ready to go back home, love?” he grinned, feeling it’s massive hand reached down as it knelt, patting him on the butt with an added little two finger pinch.

“Home is anywhere you get wanna naked as far as I’m concerned, Harry.” The feminine voice chuckled and scooped him up.

“North Tower, correct?” Someone below asked as she drew her arm back like she was tossing a Quaffle.

“No, Great Hall,” Harry’s muffled voice called from inside the fist, “he’ll be there.”

That was the last exchange between them as the giantess clad in full armor launched the streaking mass of flesh into the sky, the gathered mass watching him slowly begin the arch of his descent. The pillow chest of the scantily robed girl that had been on his other side jiggled as she coughed into her hand pushing up her glasses. “We should hurry up and murder the rest of these idiots or he’s going to waist all afternoon clearing out the castle grounds.” 

The one just behind her stretched her black membranous wings and took to the air,  “Most kills get to sleep with him alone toni-AH!”

The rest gathered winced as the buxom creature was batted to the earth in what could only be called a ‘volleyball spike’ by the muggleborn present. The giantess scooped up the seemingly uninjured woman and they shared a laugh and a hug that most little girls give their dolls in their youth.

“Ladies first, you little harlot.” The giantess giggled, drawing back for another throw.


9 Months Prior…..


Harry Potter was worried. The world was falling apart around him; why? Girls. And yet here he was guiltily having the best birthday of his life. Why? Girls.

He’d reached his majority this morning on paper after waiting, and the first thing he’d received was a kiss from his girlfriend. Then they’d done the wedding for her brother, the whole thing. It had been an amazing ceremony, and Harry had learned quite a few things over the day. The first surprising thing was that Fleur's ‘little sister’ was not so little. The last time he’d seen her she’d been a freezing waif plucked from a lake that looked barely 9 years old. In fact she was the same age as Ginny. The other fact was the girl had filled out to properly represent her age. Harry had been privileged to walk down the aisle as a groomsman with Ginny on his arm, but he’d done so directly behind a plump little Veela butt tossing flowers. Ginny seemed extremely amused by his revelation for some reason. No sooner than the dancing broke out than he was swarmed by the two of them. He’d never danced so much in his life, and after missing out on ‘The Ball’ at ‘The Tournament’ he decided to throw himself into the wedding waltzes with a fervor the two girls greatly appreciated.

The two hadn’t been very subtle, or chaste, and it was a miracle that he hadn’t been hexed by any of the redhead’s brothers. Fleur seemed to notice though, and she was smirking every time her little sister hooked his elbow and dragged him back onto the dance floor. 

Now he was nervously looking over his shoulder, being tugged along by his girlfriend. The night was getting late, the guests were starting to break up and go home, people were either buried under too much drink or the embrace of a lover(sometimes both) and people were starting to lose track of their friends. That was the only reason the two of them slipped into the barn without a soul around.

The kissing was always so good, he loved kissing Ginny. The girl was so much more enthusiastic than his fiasco with Cho. The older girl also didn’t have an obsession with playing with his zipper, so maybe that helped. He’d been getting tugged at on the regular since before the tournament at Hogwarts, one more reason to hate summers away from ‘home’.

“Through here,” she bit his bottom lip looking at him as she took his hand and led him into the back of the barn. The rooms inside were so dark he couldn’t see from a mix of night, shadow, and poorly placed walls. Taking him to the back wall she stopped gave him another of those pants-tightening kisses. “Through here.” She said the words again, but instead of taking him anywhere she took his hand and placed it on the wall.

Harry let his thoughts clear, feeling her fingertips run over his hand, caressing the back as she forced his fingers into…

The boy who lived eyes went wide as he dipped his fingers into a circular hollow in the wooden slats, the edges worn smooth and easily big enough to put his fist through. That would have seemed incredibly suggestive and lewd on its own, cupping his manhood through his pants sealed the deal. He watched helplessly as she turned and smiled at him, even in the darkness he could make out those beautiful teeth and eyes, and walked away.


He whispered nervously to the darkness.

“Happy Birthday, Harry.” Her voice slipped through the shadows, soft and mirthful. He stood frozen, hanging onto the wall until a sensation made every hair on his body stand on end. Hot breath, and then a delicate tongue traced up his middle finger still in the hole slowly. He pulled back startled, listening to the sound of panting on the other side of the hole. In the silence of the night, Harry stared down at the whole. He could see movement on the other side, at one point even a smirking little mouth.

Looking one last time over his shoulder, he gave a shuddering breath as he undid the buckle of his pants and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them nervously and scooted them with his foot up against the wall in front of him.

Cupping ‘the boys’ he was thankful that his removed pants gave him just enough height to tuck himself through the opening comfortably, balls and all if he stood on the lump of cloth. As soon as his sack hit the wall on the other side he felt a waiting sticking charm connect. He rolled his eyes and placed his hands on the wall trying to get comfortable.

The first two months they’d been ‘really physical’ Ginny had been so frustrated with his performance. Not badly, but just that he was so good and pleasing her but never letting her really work on him. His first real hand-job had been thanks to a binding spell, and even then he hadn’t finished. She’d literally tied him up just to wank him off. Without him touching her and distracting her away from what she wanted to do to him; she still eventually grew too tired in her arms to get him off. Some things seemed to never change, she wanted tonight to be a ‘Harry night’.

The young man tried and failed not to gasp and shiver as the sensation of a hand closed around his girth. He’d always been self conscious of his size, with his puny build even a normal size set of equipment would have looked big, but he was above average. He still remembered the scene the quidditch team had made his first year. Oliver Wood had held the door open for him the entire season out of joking reverence every time he went to shower.

“G-ginny!” He gasped, resting his forehead on the wall as the most wonderful warmth enveloped his tip and sunk deeper. He was so nervous it showed in the fact he was still mostly flaccid, however in less than a minute he could feel her backing off to accommodate the size of his swelling growth spurt.

For several minutes the only sounds were a poor boy panting for air and clawing at a wall he couldn’t breach. He was at her mercy, and he trembled to stay standing as she started to massage a ball in each hand, her succulent lips pounding him most of the way to his base ferociously.

He could feel himself building, and judging by the way she changed tactics she could too. Pounding his fist into the wall he couldn’t stop his grunts as two soft hands covered the part of him she couldn’t choke down and began slamming down on him with less speed and far more pressure than before.

“I’m cumming….I’m cumming...” he kept chanting the words over and over again as he feebly tried to hump the wall. He was so out of it, eyes squinted shut he didn’t even fully comprehend the girl turning his face and kissing him hard on the mouth.

“Cum for me Harry,” Ginny smiled, kissing his bottom lip as he looked desperately into her eyes, wide panic and open mouthed as the sounds of gagging and retching sounded from the other side of the wall. Neither Ginny nor Harry seemed to notice or care about the soft faint light emanating from Harry’s groin that was growing brighter by the second.

Bellatrix Lestrange stopped mid-cackle to stare curiously at the explosion. The wedding raid was absolute carnage, but there was no one even near the barn. Perhaps one of the lessers, Draco possibly, had taken the time to blow up something as trivial as a shed while everyone else was in a battle to the death.

At first glance it had almost looked like apparition, but at that size of flash it would have to be a dragon breaking through the apparition wards they’d put up. Turning back to the task at hand she cooed cruelly to the girl under her boot. It was so annoying; the blonde little thing simply stared up at her unblinking.

Kids today, so hard to scare.

She felt the hand on her shoulder, smiling and nuzzling into it like a cat being petted by its master.

“The boy, Bella, we must find him….” The figure flicked his wand, and a green beam ended another existence in the distance. The battle was not going in England’s favor, at least not by the standards of sane people. “Finish up here, when you find the boy, bring him to Lucius’ Manor.” With that the Dark Lord bid his farewell and apparated away.



Harry Potter hated hospital beds.

He didn’t even need to open his eyes to tell that was where he was. It was the firmness and the smell, it was universal. However, this was not Hogwarts; he could tell that by the soft music, the background noise of people murmuring pleasantly. He was idly aware of something like a soft bell chiming over and over again.

Opening his eyes he found he was alone, in an alcove of white and gold inlay. He couldn’t see any other beds, only the wall across from him that appeared to be made of a fish tank. The chiming continued for three soft rings, then stopped. The beautiful woman that rounded the corner smiled at him and then immediately dropped her clipboard. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off her, her perfect skin and high features, not the least of which a heaving chest as she slowly approached the bed. Her dark hair in a braid he wanted to play with while he kissed her.

“Leave us.” A soft voice spoke and the girl looked over her shoulder to the right and immediately bowed and sprinted off after picking up her clipboard. The voice was feminine, but full of command and poise even at a whisper. As the figure turned the corner into full view he did his level best not to soil himself.

“Greeting young man,” The regal woman smiled at him, “you will forgive the nurses here, they are simply human and not accustomed to….having our abilities directed at them. I will keep your desires for her flesh our little secret, my granddaughter might feel put out.”

He knew it was French, the words, the very core of her speech it was foreign to him. Yet he could understand every phrase, every nuance. This woman was a Veela, no doubt looking at her full figure and platinum mane. She was in her twilight years, but she had aged so gracefully it was only her poise and mannerisms that gave away her age. Her body and face put her in her ripened 30’s by muggle reckoning, which from experience and classes told the young man she was borderline ancient. Other than the enormous white fur she wore around her neck that concealed all but her wrists and her cleavage she wore a silken dress from the waist down. A vertical column of flesh from her throat to her pubic bone teased his senses and pitched a tent in the covers he didn’t even think of hiding.

“You flatter me,” the woman closed her eyes, stretching her neck like she was sunbathing in his presence, “believe me, were you not my granddaughter’s beloved I would take you up on your offer after your last little performance.” The woman adjusted her fur, and Harry’s eyes went wide as she confirmed that she was in fact topless under the luckiest dead animal in the world. “If this is what it feels like, I do not see why men fear and complain so much. When did you acquire this ability, young man?”

Harry tore his eyes away from the two hardest nipples on the planet.

“I’m sorry what?”

“The Allure, how long have you been able to command it?”

“I don’t have the allure mam, that is a Veela thing.” He felt so silly saying the obvious as he watched her run her hand over her naked breast, finally sighing and putting her chest in order again.

“Not only do you have it young man.” She grumbled, “you seem immune to the natural form, you should be on your knees at my feet by now telling me all your secrets. It is frustrating to be on the other end of this situation for once. I suppose then your earlier reaction was just a ‘natural attraction’ to my appearance?”

“Oh hell yes,” Harry blinked realizing what he’d said, “I mean that--”

Musical laughter filled his ears as he watched that amazing bust bounce, the woman had to lean on the wall in a very unladylike way as she propped herself up. Harry felt his blush reach dangerous levels as she wiped a tear from her perfect eyes.

“My little girl was right about you. There is no darkness in your heart, at all. With the kind of power you wield now, it would have manifested.” Her face took on a sad composure, “I am exceedingly happy I did not have to kill you. My Gabrielle would have been so cross with me, we could never have spoken again.”

Harry clutched the blanket to his chest, laying back and trying to be as small as he felt right now. “Uh...thank you?”

“Do you remember how you got here? The physician said the blow to your head was severe.”

“No mam, the last thing I...” He cocked his head, “the last thing I remember was dancing with my girlfriend….and your... grand-daughter? Gabrielle...” he got a nod, confirming their relationship, “at Fleur’s wedding.” She searched his eyes for a few seconds, Harry confused on what kind of reaction she was waiting for.

The woman laughed again, putting her hand on her forehead, “Oh, you poor soul. I shall have to make Sophia pay dearly for this one.” Seeing his look she carried on, “Sophia Beladine, she is a knight of the Commonwealth, or will be if she was allowed to continue training. She was guarding the room you appeared in along with several others. She was the one who was young and vivacious enough to strike you and save all our dignities--” The woman continued.

“I am sorry,” Harry interrupted, “but who are you?”

“OH. My apologies, in my own castle introducing myself is a strange concept.” She smiled, and gave a textbook courtly curtsy. “I am Queen Aphrodina Delacour, leader of the Fey Courts... The Magical Empress of France and First Chair of the Beast courts of Europe, thought that part is not recognized by Wizards in anything but a nod.” She smirked at his expression. “First time with nobility?”

“Yes Mam,” he rubbed the back of his head bashfully, “I’m sorry for the….uhm...” He glanced at his erection that was refusing to deflate modestly.

“Young man, I’m over a hundred years old,” Aphrodina chuckled, “that is one of the largest compliments I’ve ever received.” Her emphasis on the word largest made him squirm, “and were you not betrothed to my Gabby you would have found out several minutes ago what a woman my age knows about a man’s body.” She smiled a warm predatory smile.

“HARRY!” a squeal came barreling around the corner, and were it not for the mash of bright red hair he could have sworn this was a Hermione hug. He enveloped her in his arms squeezing tight for several seconds, looking at the Queen as his mass of ginger cried her eyes out. “We were so scared you wouldn’t wake up, you’ve been out a day and a half!” the girl pulled herself from his arms and immediately dropped into a bow. “Your majesty! I’m so sorry I didn’t see you!” She kept her position, confusing both other’s present.

“Rise child, you’re a lesser member of this court now as my grand daughter’s entourage.” Aphrodina raised the girl's face with a single finger, “though I can assume your title will change the moment the three of you come before the throne, it will not be for worse I assure you.” Harry watched the woman lean forward, and felt a little disappointed when the kiss landed on Ginny’s forehead.

“H-harry stop that.” Ginny blushed and turned away from him slightly.

“What?” He looked confused between the queen and his girlfriend’s back. He watched the old matron sigh and look up at the ceiling for a bit.

“How best to explain the last day and a half?” She looked over at the girl who just weakly shook her head. “You made love, well not precisely, you fooled around. Gabrielle and Ginerva here...” she stopped when she heard the whimper of the girl hearing her true name. “They set up a trap to ensnare you for your birthday. The two had apparently been less than lovers but more than friends for the span of a year. The details of what exactly transpired are fuzzy, but your arrival in the Fey Courts I promise will go down in history. Naked as the day you were born, your tongue in one woman’s mouth, your manhood in another...right in the middle of my conference table. From what my Scholar’s are saying you release a magical pulse of energy when you... achieve release, I can testify to that personally.” the older woman licked her lips making Harry uncomfortable, “Your magic was so intense from your play that you triggered AND overpowered Gabrielle’s emergency port key.” The woman tapped her throat, “It is a locket, but the design should only work inside France or at best take her to the coast of your island. Whatever you did powered a trip all the way to Paris. I had to have a team of experts confirm this or I would be paying fines for years to come for the violation of multiple international traffic laws.”

“I’m sorry.” Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose, only one more thing to be known for screwing up.

“Don’t be, as the wedding was attacked.” The two of them looked up, apparently this was news to Ginny as well. “There were some casualties but we’re still getting the reports. You took my granddaughter out of danger, for that the court owes you any service you can request.”

“I need to go back.”

“...Any service but that, I’m afraid.” The matron winced, “for the moment. You are our guest but at the same time you are a fugitive from justice hiding out.” She saw them looking at her and raised her hand to push back a stray hair, showing her stress that even one strand was out of place. “The Ministry of Magic in England has fallen to Dark Lord Voldemort. You have been declared a wanted man, I am currently hiding you against extradition law as the fiancée of my granddaughter. The last thing Voldemort wants is to face war with the continent until he’s consolidated his power.”

Harry sat there, staring at his lap.

“It’s over.” He shed a single tear, “my friends...I can’t leave them though.”

“Your friends will have to wait until you can gather your strength and numbers.” The matron stepped forward, putting a hand on his shoulder, “this is no longer a battle, this is war. You are going to have to change your way of thinking if you want to survive it.”



“You are awake?!”

Harry was walking down the hallway following Ginny who was just beginning to show him around the grounds. Suddenly his vision was with nothing but two silvery blue eyes as a tongue searched his startled mouth.

Boobs, soft warm boobs easily as big if not bigger than his palms, slightly filled his grip as his hands were guided upward and ankles locked on the base of his spine. Without thinking he gave the breasts a slight squeeze and fought his tongue against the invader. The kiss was amazing, and the figure latched onto him moaned in a very unladylike way.

“Gabby!” Ginny gave a hissing whisper looking around, “get my boyfriend’s tongue out of your mouth!” The body pulled away and Harry stood awestruck.

“Why,” The blonde primped her hair, “the last time we were all together, didn’t you put something far bigger than a tongue in there?”

“English please Gabby.”

That threw Harry off, he’d heard it in english, but that was obviously not what Ginny had heard. The platinum blonde took their hands and led them down the hallway. “We can tour later, first we must talk.”

The twists and turns were too many to count, and eventually they were at a double door set with cursive placards on the wall beside it. Harry blinked back the tears and covered his eyes as the doors opened. There was a lot of pink and teal. The whole place looked like it belonged to a spoiled little girl, but down one wall was a row of bookshelves filled to the brim; to the point there were books laying sideways on top of the rows.

“This is my room,” Gabrielle turned and beckoned them to enter with a slight bow and an arm, “and now it is OUR room. I’ve had the bed moved to the center and lifted to prevent the incident.”

“Incident?” Ginny asked as she looked at the papers on the desk, drawings and sketches.

“Harry’s pulse, from the descriptions I’ve been given, goes close to 9 feet from center in a sphere.” Gabby blushed, “as long as no one is hiding under the bed or on the ceiling downstairs, we should have no issues making love here.” Seeing the other two blush she frowned, “are you mature or not? I for one want my magic back Mister Potter, and as soon as Miss Weasley is taken care off I plan on going next.”

The two looked at each other, then at her confused. “You’re magic, what?” Harry stepped forward fully into the room, and the three of them closed the doors, “what about your magic now? I swear I didn’t take anything from you.”

“No, you gave.” Gabby huffed, crossing her arms and looking away, “You filled me up so hard I can barely breath, it still burns in my chest.”

“That is far too lewd.” Ginny mused sitting on the edge of the bed, “even for you.”

“I’m talking about his magic!” Gabby didn’t seem amused, “he pushed his magic into me the same time he….did that.” She actually blushed this time, “I feel more human than Veela. I'm so full. In fact I think I AM less Veela than human at the moment. There are...signs.” The fidgeted uncomfortably leaning on her desk as Harry examined the bookshelf turning back to her curiously. “I have...I...” She swallowed, “I have...acne.” She bit her bottom lip and lowered her head.

The two stared at her in silence for a moment, then busted out into a chuckle, causing her to look up scandalized, “WE DO NOT GET PIMPLES!” She stomped a petulant foot, only to start laughing herself at the absurdity of the moment. “It’s all over my bottom, and it stings when I sit….Harry make me a veela again please!” She pouted, wiggling said bottom at him plaintively only to rouse another round of laughter from Ginny.

“I..” Harry rubbed his hair, “I don’t know how.”

“The doctors and scholars say you have to finish the claim.” She spoke calmly and evenly, “Your pulse did this to me, however it’s your ‘claiming’ that finishes the process. In short, we must make love, then you will drain the excess magic back into yourself and take a piece of me with you equal to the amount you leave behind. That is how the Merlin bond’s work.” She didn’t notice the incredulous looks from the other two.

“What now?” Ginny spoke up, “A MERLIN bond? What the hell is a MERLIN bond and why are you doing it with my-- I mean...our boyfriend?” Ginny faltered realizing she was being a little too territorial since she’d been the one to initiate this ‘relationship’. A three way coupling was difficult, but everyone said with a Veela it was damn near impossible to have hardships unless you WANTED a divorce.

“It is a fantastically uncommon enough occurrence I will admit,” Gabrielle looked at them, “it's a bond of trust that can form between two individual in cases. The two share each other’s magical abilities and even life force. It never initiates in females do to the nature of magic, but even in males only one in several millennia ever manifest the ability to OFFER a bond more than ONCE, and most are not capable of getting a proper Coven due to being socially outcast or awkward...apparently the process to prepare your magic for such a thing leaves a boy...damaged. From what they’ve seen Harry could offer any number of females a bond.”

“Is Ginny offered this bond?” Harry nervously asked, afraid of the answer. He could see the girl looking at him hopefully and fearfully.

“Oh, most definitely, She was taking the brunt of it alongside me before we left the wedding,” Gabby smiled, “we’re lucky that the sheer number of women and guards at that council room table overwhelmed your ability; otherwise I’d be sharing a bed with my grandmother and their friends...” She bit her top lip in an impish grin, “You did however manage to bed and pleasure the leaders of 13 nations through sheer force of will...I don’t think finding volunteers to help fight for any cause will be all that hard. Speaking of which...” the girl reached for her desk, taking a bell and ringing it softly. 

A girl in a maid’s outfit entered through a side door in the bedroom and gave a curtsy. “Have Lady Beladine brought here please? Tell her commander she will be off duty till further notice.”

“Beladine...” Harry spoke the name out loud thinking, his eyes going wide. “The one who attacked me?”

“Tried to kill you, in all honesty.” Gabby spoke the words with a little venom, “I know why she did it, but forgive me for being a little protective. If she were better gifted in the arts of war you WOULD be dead. That kick was aimed for the base of your skull, had her hoof been an inch lower you would no longer be with us, and I would still be torturing her to death.”

“Hoof?” Harry asked right as the armored figure came in the door. Sure enough he could see what she was talking about. The body wasn’t much bigger than his, the top plated in silvered metal and gleaming, the bottom half from the waist down in draping patterns of cloth and chain. This did not cover up the fact that the legs were furred, bent at non-human angles, and ended in cloven hooves.

“You called for me, your Majesty?”

“Take your helmet off Sophia.” Gabby didn’t have her normal pleasant tone, and as the girl removed her helmet it was clear to everyone that the relationship between them was strained at the moment.

The first thing that drew Harry’s attention was the hair, black flowing curls down to nearly her shoulders tumbled free of the steel cup, and Harry realized that the nubs jutting out the front of the helmet were attached to her forehead. Those eyes were golden and feral, and they regarded him and his with fear and sadness.

“Is she pretty?”

Harry looked over at Gabrielle who was standing there with her arms crossed, not looking away from the girl standing at attention. Tapping her finger on her bicep she asked the question again, “ she pretty?”

“Um yes?”

“You don’t sound very sure.” Gabrielle’s face showed no emotion, and Harry looked back at Ginny who gave a confused silent shrug.

“She’s absolutely beautiful Gabby, but why are you asking me this?” He blushed as the girl in front of him blushed but didn’t move a muscle from her stance at attention.

“Lady Sophia Beladrine, I want to ask you some questions.” Gabrielle ignored Harry it seemed, addressing the girl who stiffened at her title. “I want your answer, honest and without shame, on your honor...and mine.” The last bit sent the girls eyes so wide Harry worried they were going to fall out.

“Yes Majesty.” The girl looked like she might actually be trembling under that steel.

“What did you think you saw when I arrived this week?”

The woman took a shuddering breath, closing her eyes to will herself on, “I saw a man raping my... her Majesty. I thought I saw the future heir of my kingdom being forced to her knees to pleasure a human wizard.” She turned to her head, daring to stare into her mistress's eyes, “I saw someone who deserved to die quickly for his violation. My rage is the only thing that made me miss--”

“Thank you.” Gabrielle cut her off, “You charged when everyone else hesitated, coming to my rescue.” Gabrielle actually smiled for a moment before returning to her stone faced interrogation. “You took the full brunt of my lover’s magic did you not?”

“Yes, Majesty?” The girl seemed uncomfortable to admit this.

“Did he pleasure you?”

There was a pregnant pause as the girl’s mouth hung open.

“Did he pleasure you?”

“Y-yes Majesty.”

“Better than I did our last time together?” Gabrielle didn’t see the exchange of looks behind her between Harry and Ginny dumbstruck.

“….yes, Majesty.”

“We are almost done I swear,” Gabby took a heavy breath, “you were ordered to tend us as punishment after I explained things?”

The girl looked at her confused, and Harry suspected the order had come from Gabrielle itself from the absurd look she was giving. “YES, Majesty.”

“So you were the one to tend him and dress him in the infirmary?” Harry’s eyes went wide as Gabrielle’s voice began taking on a bit more mischievous vibe.

“Yes Majesty.”

“What did you think of my future husband’s manhood?” The H word made Harry and Ginny look at each other in concern, Ginny mouthing the word silently in question.

The question didn’t seem to surprise Sophia, but she blushed crimson all the same. “It is unnaturally large from what I understand of wizards. He is close to a Satyr in length, but more than twice as thick.”

“Do you like it?”

“I do not understand the question Majesty.” The knight moved her eyes away for the first time in the conversation, taking a glance at the boy who was not bothering to look at anyone.

“If I order you to sleep with him as punishment for your shame….” Gabrielle tilted her head as the woman’s mouth hung open in shock, matching Harry’s, “what would it do to you? On your honor, and mine.”

The woman for the first time slumped slightly, her head hanging till her chin touched her breastplate. “It...It would ruin me.” Harry could see the girl’s forehead was crimson, “I fear I would lose both composure and pride in the face of such a thing. I have seen Satyrs drive women insane with half of what he possesses. It would break me, I would rather die than be such a human toy.”

The last bit shocked Harry to his core. He watched as Gabrielle walked forward slowly, whatever she was saying was so quiet he didn’t catch it. Holding the taller woman’s face with both hands she kissed her lips gently, repeating whatever she was saying till the woman nodded feverishly, blinking back tears.

“Now then.” Gabrielle took a few steps back, turning and walking to her desk, “do you know what these are?” She held up two envelopes.

“No your Majesty,” the woman was fatigued beyond belief but was somehow still standing. The shorter girl smiled and gave a very unladylike grunt. Blue flame erupted in her palm and the four of them stood in silence as she let the letters crumble to dust at her feet.

“Those...” Gabby took a deep breath squaring her shoulders, “were your commission orders and your transfer request.” The woman looked horrified, and Harry almost made to catch her as she fell to her knees, staring at the pile of dust. “As of right now you are no longer a member of the Commonwealth Knights of Magical France. Your commission has been tendered and revoked, and your transfer request to the Foreign Legion Patrols is denied by default.” Harry’s heart was breaking watching the display, and he moved to say something when Gabrielle held up a hand as if expecting his intervention. He idly wondered if his ‘saving people’ thing was that predictable.

“Turn in your armor at post, then return here for the evening bell. You will dine with us.” Gabrielle smiled seeing the woman look up.

“But I thought--”

“Tomorrow morning your shoulders will be clipped by the Empress’ sword again,'' Gabrielle knelt, enveloping the startled woman in a hug, burying her face in those curly locks, “not a commonwealth, but as a knight of the crown.” Pulling back and seeing the astonished expression, “Your punishment is to lead the Personal Guard for my husband. You will keep him safe for me, be a friend to him in a place where he has none...” Gabby grinned, poking the girl in the nose, “and be a sheath for his lust when he can find none.” The blonde smiled as the girl went stark white, staring at Harry’s crotch over her shoulder so hard he felt compelled to cover it with a hand.

“Uhh...” Harry raised his hand like he was in class, “what just happened?”

“Harry, Ginny...” Gabby stood up, helping the emotionally drained girl to her feet. “This is Sophie, my best friend in the world. We aren’t allowed to go to school together because of wizard law on Satyrs and Fawns but we’ve been together since almost birth.” Gabby grinned wide as the more muscular girl wrapped an arm around her hugging her from the side and squeezing her bicep. “You’ll love her Harry, she’s basically a boy with the wrong bits—OW '' The girl jumped out of her friend's grip to get pinched, “what? It's true. Harry, I want you to study sword with her if you can. She's gifted in a blade even if she is tits at reading a situation.”

“LANGUAGE!” Sophie barked with a laugh, “I would ask what has gotten into you, but I’ve met him.” Sophie smirked and Harry blushed.

“So is she going to be part of the Merlin thing too?” Ginny spoke up, causing the two non humans to stiffen.

“Merlin?” Sophie looked at Gabby who was blushing crimson.

“We...” The blonde wasn’t looking at anyone in particular as she worked her bottom lip, “we’re almost positive...that Harry is a Merlin.”

“WHAT? What do you mean ‘a merlin’? Like THE Merlin? That’s not a thing that happens is it?” Harry asked, then looked up to see Sophie was looking at him like he was the living embodiment of his own scary penis.

“How can you be sure?” Sophie whispered to Gabby, apparently not realizing that 2 feet of space was not enough to keep a secret.

“I’m lethargic, my fire won’t come out unless I push hard enough to see stars, I suspect by dinner it will be gone completely...I have acne in...places, and my hair when I got up this morning...I had to brush it.” Gabrielle looked ashamed of what she was saying as Sophie’s eyes got wider and wider.

“And you want….you want me in the...” The Fawn girl didn’t seem to trust her own voice as she looked Harry up and down in what Harry could only call terrified lust. Gabby took a step to her side, hugging Harry’s arm and glaring at Ginny for a second.

“I wanted you two to get to know each other first, I didn’t want him to think you were after that. I know you aren’t like that but he still doesn’t know you and….I wanted him to trust you for you Soph.” Gabby hung her head.

“Have you sealed it yet?” Sophie asked then immediately held up her hands in defense at the glare.

“Look at that thing...of course I haven’t, No offense Harry.” Gabby blushed, and Harry wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that.

“I see your point, so you two are thinking tonight?” Sophie looked past the two of them to Ginny who was shrugging clueless and winced, “that poor girl is going to split like firewood once he gets in there.”

“I would never hurt her.” Harry finally found his voice to defend himself sternly, still not quite sure what was going on but drawing the fawn girl’s golden amazing eyes back to him. The two stared into each other's orbs for several seconds before she nodded with a smile.

“I believe you, and... I’m going to earn your trust.” She held out a hand, shaking Harry’s, “If you’re half the man Gabrielle thinks you are, you’re worth knowing. I will do my best to overlook the fact that you’re a human.”

“And he will overlook the fact that you bleat when you touch yourself.”

There was an awkward silence as the two looked each other in the eyes, holding a firm handshake longer than would be considered awkward, listening to Gabrielle’s last quip and trying not to be the first one to blush.

“I should go.”

“See you tonight!” Gabrielle called after the girl who rapidly left the room, “I missed her so.”



Harry sat gingerly into his chair after handing Gabby and Ginny into theirs. His balls hurt, so he took extra care to ease himself into the soft leather seat. He’d told the girls in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t ready to ‘seal the deal’ with either of them. Oh hell on earth did he want to shag them both rotten, but this whole ordeal was throwing far too many wrenches into gears for him to be sticking his cock into new and dangerous situations. After all, the first time anyone other than himself had made him cum, he’d literally exploded. The fact that the force of his orgasm sent three people flying over international waters was a point of pride, but he wasn’t about to stick...well, his ‘willy-nilly’ into someone all ‘willy-nilly’, as it were.

This had led to the last half out of being snuggled up to on both sides and having the girls play the touching game until he was borderline insane. In the open light of the afternoon they caressed him and each other as he was forced to lay there and take it. It wasn’t sex per say, but considering they had supposedly already done this with him before he’d found himself harboring a tiny grudge on Sophia. Four hands worked him until he could take no more.

Marveling at the afterglow, he watched his magic pick up the slack of his performance. It wasn’t a one time effect, his ‘pulse’ as they called it. A magical dome of golden light erupts from his body every time a surge of seed lands on his stomach. He now knew why the girls had worked so diligently, they’d traded one of his orgasms for five to six of theirs...each. Their flushed bodies rocked as if struck every time the waves of dome washed over them. He lay there, enjoying his draining sensations as two women he was beginning to adore more than anything kissed passionately an inch from his face, their laced fingers cupping his scrotum.

“You are dozing,” Harry looked up into the flushed face of the woman at the head of the table, then around to the three girls sitting with them, “You possess the allure young man; your desires, even the latent ones of dreams, hold power.” Aphrodina rested her flushed face on her palm as she waved at the three others present. “You keep this up and I’m not sure any of us will be able to comply with your wish for space and time.”

Harry looked around the table. It was a small circular dining table, in an offset room in the private chambers of the queen. She had informed the staff she would be dining privately with family tonight and they had accommodated accordingly. The traditional meal was still being served somewhere in the castle he’d learned, it was just without the guest of honor. Ginny sat on his right, blushing furiously and practically panting. Gabby was on her right, and the poor girl was staring off into space, barely moving save for a soft tremor every now and then as she seemed incredibly focused on the painting on the wall, both her hands in her lap. The last person didn’t seem all that affected, till Harry really looked at her.

The first thing Harry had thought when he’d entered the room for dinner tonight was where in all that armor had Sophia hidden a bust like THAT. Ginny had a chest that fit in his palm, it was soft and great to play with. Gabby by comparison was probably as big as his fists put together, each cup of her bra enough to squeeze and feel it start to go between his fingers. Sophia took it a step higher, those things were easily bludger a piece. Harry lamented that they weren’t the queen size quaffles at the end of the table, but he was much more likely to get his hands on them making them the more valuable prize.

Now though they were alive, before they’d been safely concealed inside a plain muslin colored dress without frills or fashion. Sophia had looked comfortable, now she looked angry. Not murderously scowling or anything, but her eyes and her chest looked like they wanted to stab into him and not let go. Her breathing was even, but her face was canted forward, her slow even breath labored and measured as she watched him like a predator also through her eyebrows.

“I’m sorry, everyone.” Harry mumbled putting his hands in his lap, “I don’t mean to, I swear, I have no intention of making this hard for anyone.”

The girls whimpered and groaned and Aphrodina chuckled, “you may wish to choose your words more carefully. Girls if you need to step away for a few minutes there is a recliner through that door.” The oldest woman pointed and like a flash the three were barreling out of the room.

“Are they going to be okay?” Harry followed them with their eyes, the last one to leave the room Sophia, and Harry’s eyes became transfixed. Her budding little tail, a patched spot missing from the dress to let it breathe. It brought focus to her rear, and Harry immediately realized how amazing it was. It took him several seconds to realize the girl was frozen on the spot, quivering. Looking up into her eyes he saw unrepentant lust as she shivered. “I’m sorry.” the only words he could muster in apology as the girl seemed released from a spell and finished bolting from the room.

“I thought you were going to take her right there.” The Queen smirked, “the poor girl would have lasted another minute under your Allure at best. It would have put a mark on your relationship to force her to ecstasy with nothing but your powers.”

“How do I control this?”

“You are not young, but your powers are.” The queen frowned, “were you a true Veela we would simply not expose you to men until you finished puberty, as their powers don’t work on their own gender. I can only assume that once you have claimed Ginny and Gabrielle that your power will be as mature as you are. Until then you will simply have to not think about them sexually.”

“You’d have better luck telling me to just hold my breath.” Harry ran his fingers through his hair frustratingly. “I respect Gabrielle, I do,” Harry sighed, looking at the Queen, “and I would be very happy with her….but I love Ginny your Majesty.” He cocked his head, “If this bond means picking Gabby over Ginny...I’m...I’m sorry.” He shrugged.

“Harry,” The older Veela queried an eyebrow, “the girls have been keeping you in the dark about this haven’t they? I will have to speak with them about that.`` The woman put her fork down and took a drink. “What do you think marriage is to a Veela?”

“Until a moment ago, I thought it was just like a I’m not so sure.”

“It’s almost the same, but completely different in many ways. It is a contract to breed. Marriage is to ensure the most powerful children we can get, and to declare our lover’s off limits to all but those of the contract.”

“I am not a stud,” Harry quipped, “I’m not even big enough to play Keeper.”

“I’ve seen you naked Harry,” Aphrodina rolled her eyes, “you’re more than a keeper, trust me. You are at the moment temporarily contracted to my granddaughter. As her grandmother that is all I am allowed to do until my daughter comes back from the Isle. That should be in a day or so. However, should you form a bond fully with her, no one will be able to interfere with the three of you since Ginny is already registered as your and Gabrielle’s concubine.” She raised a hand, seeing his ‘English’ start to come out. “She is not a whore, it is a respected status here. If anything it lends power to the union for Gabrielle, a rank of prestige for Ginny and a layer of pride for you. For someone like a Veela to take the services of a concubine implies the man she’s taken to is incredibly powerful. For a human girl to be of service to a Veela in this regards grants her a status of proficiency and desirability that provides her safety in these walls. Gabrielle is declaring her openly as a lover and an equal in the bedroom. She is properly of the royal family, to harm her is a death’s march of pain and misery.” The woman cocked an eyebrow again as she took a sip, “I would personally kill any man who sought to harm her AND their personal acquaintances... I would even slay the pets such is our family’s reputation for vengeance. As far as you...I don’t have to tell you how a man, who can bed a Veela so well she brings another woman’s help to their bed is viewed.”

As if on queue the three girls came trotting back clumsily and blushing. They took their seats and Harry took note of the fragrant aroma of arousal permeating the air. The girls immediately dug in with a wave of the Queen’s hand and Harry watched them each with curiosity.



Harry woke slowly, smiling as he felt the sun's rays on his face. After dinner they’d retired, and the girls had sheepishly agreed to his pajama rule. Full Flanel and silks for everyone. The position he’d woken up in wasn’t completely uncomfortable, and he had a feeling he needed to learn to like it.

Practically crucified to the bed, he was flat on his back with a head on each muscle of his chest. Arms out flat, his legs were clutched by each girl. Legs scoop and locked between their knees he felt splayed open. He could feel them, their lower arm behind his and their fingers laced together behind him at the base of his neck. At some point in the night they’d stuffed their top hand down his pants, using his testicles for hand warmers. He shifted, they still had slightly cold hands.

He heard a slight tap, then the door cracked. Quickly closing his eyes he pretended to be asleep as soft singing began to fill his ears. He didn’t recognize it at first, and he focused on the being through squinted eyes, realizing as long as he was looking at her he could understand the words.

Sleep, my darling, night is falling
Rest in slumber sound and deep;
I would know why you are smiling,
Smiling sweetly as you sleep!
Do you see the angels smiling
As they see your rosy rest,
So that you must smile an answer
As you slumber on my breast?

Harry himself couldn’t help but feel himself stirring as he watched the blurry woman push the cart full of food to the foot of the bed. She was, in a word, voluptuous. He couldn’t actually believe he was attracted to her at first, considering. Her full figure promised delights to his teen body that only a heavy figured earthen woman could, but she was far from a human ideal. Black as night, a downy gleam as the sunlight from the window collided with what had to be a silky…. fur. Her face….a muzzle, that was not the ideal but somehow it wasn’t grotesque. Her tail was lifted and...he fought a smile, she was wagging as she sang, this however just lifted her skirt and showed the bottom curve of her naked bum as she walked about the room. Mid-stride to the dresser she froze, and Harry watched her slowly arch her back and begin to turn towards the bed.

Feigning sleep he held still, in a panic realizing the girls had him on display. With the waistband lifted so high he’d slipped out, laying his hard length naked to the morning air on his stomach as he did his best not to stir.

“Even in sleep, you pleasure them.”

The voice was not nearly as beautiful when it wasn’t singing, but it still made his bits jump. He chanced a peak of his eyes and nearly lost it. The woman was standing at the foot of the bed, staring at his manhood.

“How they handle that is a blessing of a goddess,” the woman huskily groaned, and Harry realized he must have been hitting her with his allure accidentally, watching her, “treat him well girls, the fate of my homeland depends on it.” The woman smiled softly, and Harry felt the tingle go up his leg as her hand caressed the side of his foot. “Bring us home safely, sweet prince. I want a world my daughter can grow proud in.”

Harry lay there dumbstruck as the woman bent forward, and with a gentleness he could barely feel kissed the side of his foot. “Were fates kinder; I younger, and more beautiful... and of a higher class...well, let a woman dream. Angel’s rest you, sweet prince.”

With that she left the room without another word, their morning meal’s smell filling the room as the girls began to stir. Harry silently stared at the ceiling, his mind racing at the exchange he’d just had.



“The biggest?” Gabrielle put another spoon full of breakfast in her mouth, “Yesh...I know her. She came to us last fall for work, and has a daughter if I recall. Eva...Evi...Evaline I think? The other staff call her the crone because she acts so strangely.” Gabrielle glanced at Ginny who was munching on a handmade sandwich from her platter.

“Is she...she seems English.” Harry sipped his drink nervously.

“Welsh actually,” Gabrielle nodded, “a refugee, we get those every once in a while. I think she was an escaped prostitute from that magic Alley you  have, Nocturn was it?”

“What can you tell me about Barghest?” Harry was trying to recall it but they weren’t a part of his dark arts training for some reason.

“Oh, pretty close to werewolves on the ‘scary for no reason’ chart.” Gabby smiled, “they’re very...crude at times. Unnaturally strong, they have nowhere near the speed though. Immune to every disease magic has ever found, they even seem to be able to command disease at times, but that could just be an old wives tale.” She tapped her chin in thought.

“No one’s ever just asked them?” Harry looked at Ginny who was really enjoying breakfast too much.

“They’re insular.” Gabby shrugged, “a lot of magical creatures are that way, most of what wizards know about us is gained from torture, interrogation, or naive youth falling for the wrong man.” She said the last part wagging her eyebrows. Harry didn’t think it was so funny.

“There are ten times more magical than wizards, why do we just...” Harry held up his hands, too frustrated to finish the thought, “I mean there is no reason..”

“Merlin,” Ginny shrugged. The two looked at her funny and she took a drink, “The most famous I guess of our bonds, THE Merlin as you call him. He was a bit of a bigot versus anyone but his wives.” Ginny pointed over to a book she’d been reading on Gabrielle’s desk. “I guess somehow he fell in love with a dragon, and by all accounts that led to several dragons being his brides. He was haughty, superior, and exceedingly territorial. He devalued anyone who wasn’t on his side. Wizards worshiped the ground he walked on. Apparently Arthur Pendragon was his actual name and ‘The Merlin’ as they came to be called  were his advisors, a council of five female dragons, it was how the common tongue name for the bond came about. Why is this not common knowledge, you know, where it happened?”

“You know...” Gabrielle thought for a moment, “he led a considerable muggle force too. Back then we mingled much more with the mundane. I think Magical creatures feared HUMANS more than wizards, and we just sort of took it in stride that we were always the weaker force. Also no one has ever united us magicals under one banner.”

“So what if a Merlin really could do that?” Harry spoke the words softly, but Gabrielle and Ginny looked at him like he’d shouted.

“Going to raise a banner with your flagpole Harry?” Ginny smirked, “Why don’t we save our home before we worry about the whole world.

“A part of the whole world lives on that home Gin.” Harry looked at her, and with a smile took her hand. “I know this is all weird for you.”

“Actually I’m strangely comfortable with it.” Ginny shrugged, “I mean, my boyfriend is the next Merlin...It’s really hard to go back to normal after that.”

“Husband.” Gabrielle quipped and the two looked at her, “You are married now, under the eyes of magic and law. We will get you a proper ceremony when this is all said and done.” She watched the two blush, and two hands slowly crept together until they were lacing fingers. “That doesn’t mean we are going to wait for a honeymoon tho-Oh...”

Harry and Ginny looked away from each other to see Gabby sitting there with a look of shocked pain on her face, clutching her stomach.

“I don’t….I don’t feel so well I think--” The girl’s face went from uncomfortable to agony in a second as she doubled over in a squeal of pain.



“You’re telling me...” Gabrielle grumbled from a fetal position in the hospital bed, “that you do this once a MONTH?!” She glared daggers at the two humans laughing softly at her expense.

“For the last 4 years or so.” Ginny took a cold washcloth and placed it on the girl’s head who smiled weakly in serene appreciation.

“I can’t believe it laid you out this bad though.” Harry rubbed the back of his head as he felt Ginny squeeze his hand.

“Harry, as the only person here not designed to bleed from their genitals--”

“Shutting up now.” He pecked the girl on the cheek causing the two girls to laugh and one to grimace at the sensation. The three of them sat there in silence, two on the edge of the bed. “So...I mean it, if you two think it’s alright...I’d like to create this with you, I want you both to help me...” He cocked his head with a nod nervously, “help me fix the world? ….wow that sounds so egotistical.”

“And having a harem of wives is perfectly humble.” Gabrielle chuckled and held her stomach, “I for one would love a world where people don’t automatically assume my future child is a whore who wants nothing more than a wizard to own her.”

“I want Harry,” Ginny squeezed his hand, “I love you Gab, but I’m sure you understand.” The blonde nodded weakly. “We can talk about finer details later. We should make sure we are okay.”

“I’m never leaving you two.” Harry took both their hands, “Just know that, the more we bring in, the stronger WE are going to become.”

As if on queue two women in plain clothes came walking in, and Harry did a double take. Her figure was even more pronounced than the dinner dress, Sophia looked amazing. It was almost like her feminine side was more pronounced outside of that cage of steel and duty. Her furred legs on full display save the drape front and back for decency sake, her top was a modest full button up to her throat.

The other woman Harry had only seen once, and he wondered if every time he saw her the sexual thoughts were going to double. He felt his pants tightening, but he made sure to focus on a spot on the wall behind and between them. He could feel the wave coming off him now that he knew what he should be looking for, and he wanted to make sure he didn’t hit them with the allure in such a public setting.

“You two are looking well.” Gabrielle quipped from her fetal position as the two bowed and curtsied respectively. “I take it your ceremony went well Sophia?”

“That was this morning?!” Harry’s eyes went wide, looking at the girl for the first time in the face and regretting it, she was an instant blushing mess, though she seemed to only have eyes for Gabrielle. Her beauty was shining, and he could tell that royal makeup artists had made her so, a Veela makeover was apparently on par with cosmetically ascending to godhood.

“My lady is sick in bed,” Sophia spoke softly and comfortingly, “it is understandable for the noble family to miss such an occasion as this. I will have to borrow your husband for my arming ceremony though some time this week. I hope you can be more gentle with her in the future. Her eyes finally met his, and he saw a twinge of fear.

Laughter broke up their staring contest as Gabrielle sat up, “this is not him Soph. Apparently I have channeling enough human magic that my body has deemed me worth of a monthly visit from the moon.” She watched the women's incredulous stare.

“Veela...” she was trying her hardest, “princess…. do not...’ her face finally cracked, and Harry could tell the Fawn was fighting a belly laugh, “menstruate! Oh my god Gabby, what the hell has he done to you?!” The woman standing beside her looked absolutely scandalized by this form of address and He cracked a smile drawing her attention, the full figured woman blushed under her fur as she nodded back and averted her eyes from his. He could see her nipples rock hard in the fabric of her dress, a simple white gown, her plunging neckline so deep he could see the curve as her bust tucked back under her full masses of flesh.

“Unfortunately nothing yet,” Gabrielle poked him with a finger in the kidney causing him to jump in his seat on the bed. “Now then, we have decided, all of us, to officially accept you.” The smile and blush on the Fawn’s face lit up the room, “I expect him to call you to his bed fairly soon, as soon as he is done with us. Now then Mrs. ….I’m afraid I’ve never heard your last name.”

“It’s Crohan. Ms. Crohan...” the dog-faced woman nodded another bow, “I’ve never been married, my child is from….another life.” she looked away answering an unasked follow up question, not ashamed but knowing the stigma that would carry.

“She is about my age is she not?” Gabrielle tried to sit up further but laid back clutching her stomach. The woman looked between the three on the bed curiously.

“Yes.” she said tentatively, “she goes to a magical school in a Banlieue to the south.” Her expression was hesitant to talk about her daughter. “Your highness is very gracious with her pay to allow me such a kindness.” she gave another soft nod.

“Well, she will no longer need to go there.” Gabrielle said, “If you agree, I would like to pay for her personally to go to Beauxbatons for the remainder of her years. The classes I will see will transfer and she will graduate with a Blue Wand instead of some random Banlieue.” The woman’s eyes grew wide at the prospect, but then narrowed as she studied the faces again.

“I see,” she took a deep breath, “My lady, I’m afraid I must...I cannot accept such kindness at the cost of my daughter’s happiness.” She squared her shoulders, “I see that you are collecting women for your husband. While it would be an honor for my daughter to be the handmaiden to the future queen, I will simply not make any rash decisions for her life without discussing it with her first.”

The four of them, including Sophia, watched the woman bow gracefully. Gabrielle looked at Harry who was astonished.

“Ms. Crohan…..Crone.” Gabrielle spoke the word firmly, causing the woman to look up, “that is what the staff calls you is it not? Because you are distant, harsh with correction and light on praise for the ones you train.”

“The staff hired here can be lazy at times.” The woman was unrepentant as she saw the curtain of pleasantries being pulled back, “If I allow it to continue it only makes more work for those who wish to be of true service.”

“Indeed.” Gabrielle smiled, “you were about my age when you had your daughter correct?” She looked over at Harry, “stories around the castle by the less kind say you were a madam of the night before you came to us.”

“I was a whore, your majesty.” the woman snarled at the floor, “My child was forced on me by a wizard before that. For ten years I fed my daughter, I did not care about the source of the coin, I did what I had to.”

“And yet you passed the royal medical.” Gabrielle smiled, “No disease or damage, as clean as a veela maiden.”

“Barghest are very resilient, your majesty.” The older woman looked away, “I have been told by more than one wizard that if not for my face I would be the perfect prostitute.” The last bit came out hard enough that even Sophia shuffled a half step back.

“Well then,” Gabrielle winced, “these cramps, god’s Ginny,” the girl mentioned scooted up into the bed cradling the girl's head in her lap. Looking up at the woman as she curled in her lover's embrace she smiled, an oddly comforting smile.

“There are two very important details I need to tell you before you go making any decisions.” Gabby closed her eyes with a soft smile, “The first is that the position we are offering is not that of a concubine to the Court of France. It is for the Coventry of England’s new Merlin.”

The woman’s mouth hung open, her eyes wide as she looked from Gabrielle’s face then slowly trailed over to Harry’s in dawning comprehension.

“The second bit of knowledge, I personally feel, is far more pressing.” She began playing with the fabric of Ginny’s pajamas, picking lint off the fabric, “My future husband’s intentions are indeed to bring a Barghest woman into the ring of power of this new coven… but he has his eyes are a far less innocent piece of flesh than your lovely daughter.”

Silence reigned, and Harry blushed as the woman was staring him straight in the eyes. He could actually watch the pupils of her eyes grow bigger, less focused.

“Catch her.” Gabrielle quipped.

Sophia grunted from the effort as the woman teetered off her feet and to the floor.

“She fainted?” Ginny laughed.

“You’ve seen Harry naked,” Gabrielle nuzzled into Ginny’s thigh, “get used to this.”



“Gabby will probably be out for the next few days,” Ginny mumbled as they left the infirmary. They’d put poor Evaline in a bed near Gabrielle to recover. It was just the three of them, Ginny, Harry, and Sophia walking along the stone path, eying the inner garden square as they strolled rather lazily.


“So what is this arming ceremony?” Harry looked over at Sophia who blushed out of reflex. This whole situation was going to take far more time to get fully used to it seemed. She stopped for a second, collecting her thoughts.


“It is your selection for my appearance,” she started walking again, “unlike a commonwealth, I am a personal night of a specific nobility. We will also need to find your family crest, since I will be required to wear it.” She seemed to really be getting into it, and Harry and Ginny watched her begin her rant with a smile. “My armor, my under armor, even the boarding I should take to mount. My appearance is the personal reflection of those I am sworn to protect. Considering the nature of...” she paused, “the nature of our future bond will more than likely be a full dress, so I will have to select very specific knights to watch the dressing.”


“Specific Knights?” Ginny asked.


“Dressing?” Harry added.


“You will...” Sophia smiled, bumping his shoulder with hers, “be dressing me. The first time I wear my armor it will be put on me, traditionally by my lord. It symbolizes not only your choice in me, but the level of your and my dedication to my service. A traditional ceremony usually starts at the under armor. However...nevermind.”


“However?” Ginny stepped in front of her, stopping them in a darker part of the hallway, the light streaming in front and behind them through open windows streaking across their path before and after.


“Many lords have taken a knight as a lover,” Sophia wetted her dry lips, “it is not that uncommon, but it is always declared if the relationship was preexisting. When Harry puts my breast plate on me, it is not only a symbol of his power over me, but his dedication to protect what lies beneath.” She blushed, “it is a symbol that at all times, everything directly under that armor is his to command and use as he sees fit.”


“Oh...” Ginny’s eyes went a little glassy for a second, “and...and if he takes a lover?”


“The layer he starts at is much deeper.” Sophia looked at Harry out of the corner of her eye, “Depending on the relationship, it can start with the over-clothes, or it could start in my undermost garments.”


“So..” Harry spoke up, causing the girls to look at him, “the more layers, the more intimate the relationship, and the more dedicated he is to her?” The girl nodded softly. “And...what if it was all the layers?” Harry asked the question innocently enough, but Sophia looked nervous.


“I have been to one such ceremony, when I first started academy as a little girl.” She licked her lips again, “she was a Commonwealth Veela, street-born like myself, chosen to be the Lord Balatar’s personal aide. The ceremony was a scandal. He was a married man yet he took her to the skin. The process...” She blinked away a smile, “it was beyond sensual. We found out later that his wife and the knight had been lovers in their youth. Lord Balatar died a kind well-aged noble, and a well-loved man...” Sophia grinned at Harry, enjoying the blush she was inflicting, “on the flat of his back, his heart failed in the midst of making his second heir by his wife. The young Veela knight, however, was heavy with his ninth child as they put him in the ground. That was last year.”


“So that….sounds fun.” Harry didn’t look to the side to see Sophia’s expression as he began walking faster, the girls unable to see his face as he took longer strides. “Let’s try that one.”


“Is he serious?!” Sophia whispered harshly, looking over at Ginny who was blushing now.


“Harry grew up without anything that could even remotely be called family.” Ginny put her hand on the slightly taller girl’s shoulder, “he is starved for affection, physical and emotional. He...he pleases people...he desperately wants those he cares about to be happy.” Ginny looked at the floor, “I’m the youngest of seven, Harry absolutely idolizes my family. He’s told me more than once he envies my father more than anyone else on the planet.” The girl kissed the fawn on the cheek startling her. “Don’t be surprised if the armor he picks has a bit of belly room.”



Ginny walked into the hallway outside the bedroom.


Sophia had left her at the entrance of the hall, lost in thought as she’d wandered off. The fact that a man she barely knew was accepting her at face value and trusting her so deeply was a bit awe-striking, the girl needed time to think.


She put her hand on the door, about to turn the knob when she heard a gasp. She knew that gasp. Easing the door open she peeked inside listening to the soft painting of the boy she loved. Harry was out of it, sitting on the edge of the bed.


His pajama pants around his ankles, he was laying back on the bed letting his feet dangle as he pumped his girth with both hands. She couldn’t see his face, but she could tell he was well into his stroke-fest. Easing the door open she closed it as gently as she could, tiptoeing over to the edge of his vision as she watched him stroke himself. His eyes were squinted shut, and his pace was not that fast yet so he must not be too close.


“That looks fun.” She quipped, causing him to sit up bolt straight and yank a pillow over his lap, “mind if I help?”


“Ginny, fuck sake!” he laughed, “you scared the shit out of me!”


“I hope not, those are silk sheets.” She giggled as she bumped her knees against the bed beside him. “Well, you know we have the room to ourselves?”




“Harry, I’ve been married for 3 days, and I'm a virgin.” She raised an eyebrow as she brought one then the other knee up onto the bed letting her feet stick out over the edge, “I’m pretty sure there is at least one country in the world where that is a crime.”


Harry’s eyes got wider by the second as the girl bent at the waist, a thumb in each side of her waist band as she tugged the silk bottom pants down to mid thigh. Propping her upper body on her elbows she clasped her hands together, biting her thumbs with a smile as she wiggled her naked butt back and forth. He couldn’t see anything from his angle but the gesture was still doing things to his lower half.


“Ginny, I don’t want to hurt you.” He started but Ginny’s grunting frown cut him off from rambling.


“Harry. I love you.” She rolled her closed eyes. “I know it’s going to hurt. Sex hurts. It’s a fact of life. Good sex can hurt a lot at first I’m told. Do you want me to sleep with another man?”


“What? NO.” Harry scowled.


“Then that,” she nodded towards the shaft in his hand, “is the only thing I’m ever going to get inside me. I need to get used to it sooner or later. I'll pick sooner.” She put all her weight on her left elbow, reaching over with her right to slide her fingers across his glans gently getting his sticky clear fluids on her fingers tips. “You’re going to hurt me, Harry. We both know this. Only one of us seems okay with that.”


“I don’t want to hurt you.”


“But you’re going to. Admit it. Deal with it.” She glared at him, “make it up to me later. Think about it Harry, your pulse. At this range it is pretty much impossible that I won’t finish. No other girl ever gets that kind of guarantee. Anything I might feel before that is just a bonus.” She licked her lips, sliding the slicked fingers up and down across her own labia as she watched him stand up.


The boy slowly stood, nervously holding his tip as he looked down at his wife. Her raised hips popped up and back so he was looking straight down into the back of her puffy and red lips.


“Oh my god...” she gasped, and Harry watched her grow wet, literally dripping, in seconds, “that Allure...” she looked over her shoulder, and Harry was startled by the ferocity in her eyes. “FUCK. ME.”


The boy wasted no time, through the gap in her beet red swollen lips he could see the beginning of the hole he would need. Pushing his tip to the gap in her folds he felt her slowly start to spread as he applied pressure.


“Yes...yes….” Ginny gasped as he watched the skin around her opening grow fatter with strain until finally his head slipped inside. “Oh shit...oh Mer--” he didn’t expect her to suddenly burst out laughing. He stood there, confusedly disgruntled until she finally settled down. “I’m so sorry Harry, its just...I realized I am probably the only woman on the planet right now who can scream “oh merlin” and actually be talking to one.” She looked over her shoulder smiling ear to ear, and he smiled back.


And then he pushed.


“W-wai—OH F-fuck!” Ginny slammed her head into her hands, to anyone watching it looked like she was praying, the way her forehead rested on her thumbs. “Harry...Harry slower!”` Her eyes trembling wide as the boy let out a groan and began to apply body weight to his end of that girthy meat spear.


“Ginny...” Harry’s eyes were glazed over with lust as he watched where they were joined, “ looks so big inside you...oh..” he moaned openly as he hunched his hips, he was already nearly half way in and she hadn’t made a sound yet. “Are you okay?”




The voice was small and weak, and Harry still watched her trembling body. Turning her face, he could see the tears welling in her eye as she laid her face on the mattress.


“Harry.” The girl smiled weakly, and Harry watched her trembling hand reach back, one then the other taking a hold of his wrists even as he held onto her hips. “Keep going. Please. Hurry.”


He was breaking her. Her face told him that much, and he knew that stopping now would only anger her. Still, the thought of actually causing her so much pain made his stomach turn. He looked down at her freckled flesh, her upturned ass blushing with the effort of taking him inside. His thoughts went to her pleasure, and rushed this to get to the part they could enjoy together. And then he thought of earlier. The blushing glances, the hardened nipples, the aching breath of every woman he’d been near for the past few days.


He had a power still at his disposal.


Ginny barely responded as he yanked his left hand out of her grip and off her hip bone. Reaching forward he cupped her forehead and pulled her upright. On her knees on the edge of the bed she barely acknowledged his kiss until he drew back slightly and thrust into her from this new angle. Her eyes went wide with razor sharp panic and he felt the dribble of pleasure run down him. Whatever he’d hit, it was as unexpected as it was a welcome sensation.


“I love you Ginny,” He growled as he forced the ball of magic swelling behind his temples lower. He could feel the power inside him leave his gaze, his head...lower, lower. He gritted his teeth, feeling it pass his stomach. “I want you to cum for me.”


“I can’t.” Ginny’s squeak as she cradled in his arms was soft and helpless, and for some reason it spoke to his sack because he could feel it affect him in shamefully good ways.


“Yes you can,” He opened his eyes, kissing her on the mouth again as he began to pull himself out. Her gasp as he nearly removed himself was loud and satisfied, only the head of his girth remained hidden inside her broken body. “Now cum for me.”


Her body ripped itself from his grasp as he unleashed, hilting himself fully in one thrust and letting the burst of his allure surge forward. Whether it was the feeling of being completely filled with the total length of all he had to give, or the magic of Veela Allure being directed straight into the core of her being from the inside, she screamed. A long guttural scream, not of a woman but a wild beast impaled. Now on her all fours, Harry could do nothing but hold onto her hips for dear life as she bucked and humped against his pelvis in a thrashing death-roll of blissful agony.


Her popping hips and grinding ass unleashed their pleasure on him, and as he watched her truly enjoy her first time he felt his end approach.


“Ginny!” he cried her name and pressed them both flat to the bed, hoping she would forgive him for his momentary loss of control. He managed to slam his body into her in less than ten strokes that pushed the air out of her screams before unloading.


Harry watched the room from his perspective fill with wave after wave of golden light, his eyes watery with joy as he felt himself spill into the love of his life without restraint.  He could hear her chanting his name, and with each dome her voice rose an octave.





The two bashfully sat at the end of the bed, eating dinner with a pained expression; Gabrielle still in her infirmary bed eyed them both inquiringly.


“Yes, we did.” Ginny blushed.


“Oh I know,” Gabby smiled, “the whole castle knows with the way you scream Gin, which by the way,” Gabby grinned at Harry, “Bravo on that. What I want to know is how it was?”


“Painful.” Harry risked a glance and a fuming Ginny. “Very Painful.”


“Well, I’m sorry she hurt you.” The Veela girl waved her hand at him, focusing on the person she had actually asked the question to, much to Harry’s dismay.


“It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” Ginny ignored Harry’s smacked expression. “It hurt so much at first, but then….” Harry watched astonished as the girl bowed her head in a blush beaming.


“You can still feel the shape of him up inside you,” Gabby smirked, “can’t you?” She waited for the embarrassed nod before continuing, “Older girls around the castle talk. They say that raw feeling, that hot sticky mess and soreness, it can last hours.” The two girls blushed and smiled at each other. “How soon do you think before you want to go again?”


“I’m not so --”


“Tomorrow morning, I think.” Ginny cut him off, looking at him out of the corner of her eye, “I think I want to try that thing you talked about...where the girl is on top.” Harry for his part was staring at his lap listening to the girls talk about him like he wasn’t even there. “I worry about you though...”


“Me?” Gabby smiled, listening to her friend finally revel in the love of her life’s affection, “why on earth are you worried about me?”


“You’re claimed, but you’re not sealed Gabby.” Ginny looked at her, and the blonde grew confused, “you’’re not a Veela right now.” The platinum princess let the words sink in, slowly shocking her features.


She wasn’t a Veela right now, she would have to play by the same rules as Ginny. Veela were made for sex, a body perfected to take and give pleasure without the consequence of pain or discomfort. As a Veela she didn’t concern herself with the girth or length of a man’s lust, her body would be the perfect fit, tantalizing and satisfying him without complaint.


But she wasn’t a Veela right now, until he sealed their pact she was nothing more than a normal human witch. The prospect of getting her pimply little ass pounded into the mattress like her friend, screaming and pleading for made her stomach hurt for totally different reasons. She was a few inches smaller than every way that mattered.


“I should be out of here the day after tomorrow.” Gabby couldn’t bring herself to look either of them in the eyes, “I guess we shall see then.”


“Um….I’ll look forward to it?”


Both girls looked at Harry’s back as he turned away standing to leave. Ginny looked back at her friend, and sitting up gave her a chaste kiss before following their husband.



Sophia huffed as she clopped down the hallway.


Ginny and Harry had missed breakfast with Lady Gabrielle, and then lunch. They’d not answered summons and it was rapidly approaching dinner. She stopped outside the door to the bedroom and listened. Not a sound.


Knocking, she waited.


“Lord, Lady….” she waited, hearing no response she huffed, “I’m coming in.”


Easing the door open gently she turned her back into the room closing it behind her. Turning around she looked at the couple before her. Harry and Ginny were there, cuddled close and draped with a sheet. The bed was positioned for a side profile, a massive four post. On the left side near the foot was Harry and Ginny sleeping on his chest, his feet sticking out towards the fawn as they two seemed to be breathing steadily in the throws of slumber.


Sophia took a few steps forward shaking her head ruefully, she was about to speak up when Ginny let out a contented grunt. The fabric just below the round of her ass wetted, and Sophia stood shocked. The outline of the man’s shaft began to become transparent in the sticky cotton, and with a mumble and a grunt the boy on the bottom of the pile yanked the sheets off them in complaint.


The fawn girl felt faint looking at the joining of their bodies. Apparently they were in the afterglow of their recent coupling. The thing was twice as large as she remembered, but she hadn’t actually seen it hard before. The mess was smeared all along his cock and balls, a foamy streaking proof of his willingness and eager nature to start a family. Hugged chest to chest and completely nude the two of them; Ginny’s body was splayed atop him, her knees out wide to the side as she hilted as much of him as she dared. Her feet were pulled in close to her ass, inside his thighs to give his bulbous sack somewhere to rest on. Even in her stupor haze she seemed to be caressing his orbs with her toes.


“See something you like?”


Sophia jumped as if struck, her eyes rocketing to the girl smiling at her dreamily. Pushing on his chest she sat up, forcing even more of him into herself as the creamy release ran onto the bed.


“How are you doing that?” Sophia found her voice in a harsh whisper, fearing the chance to wake the owner of that spear.


“This is our...uh.” Ginny steadied her balance, “our sixth time in two days, if you and Gabrielle don’t hurry up I’m going to die... a very happy woman.” She brushed her bangs out of her face with the hand not steadying herself on her husband's chest.


“Gabrielle was worried about you two.” She couldn’t stop herself from glancing at his nuts, those things kept shifting from where they were sitting on top of the bottom of Ginny’s feet. “She wanted me to come check on you.”


“She wanted you to catch us in the act.” Ginny smirked, and Sophia felt the electricity run through her body as the smaller woman slid her fingertips across the front of her dress. “I already know what she’s thinking, she wants you claimed before she gets sealed. She’s afraid of handling Harry as a human girl.” Ginny rolled her hips, seeming to concentrate on something far away for a second with a smile. “Harry and I have already talked, we don’t want to make you claim.”


“What?” Sophia felt her stomach fill with butterflies, “If..if you don’t want to do this, if he doesn’t, I understand...” she closed her eyes, “we’re very different.” She wasn’t prepared for the girl she was talking to to grab her by the hair and pull her into a very tame kiss.


“Harry wants you,” she grinned, “really wants you, the real you. Right now he’s pretending to be asleep, but the second he heard your voice he got rock hard inside me. So why don’t I let him tell you himself.”


“Sorry Ginny.” The weak tired voice came from behind the girl and with a cough he sat up on his elbows.


“Never apologize to me for a boner.” The girl scowled at him, “EVER.”


“Heh, alright,” he rubbed his hair, turning his attention to the fawn at the bed by his feet. “Hey Sophie...” she held her breath as he looked her up and down, the fact that he was doing so balls deep in another woman only added more fuel to her fantasies as she felt his allure stroke every inch of her skin. “I realized after making Gabrielle wait so long that something like that can be hell. I’m not going to do that. Also,” he looked down at Ginny’s chest and tenderly placed a kiss on her collarbone, “you’re a fawn...and Evaline...she’s a’re not human girls.”


“I know Harry,” Sophie started, “so if--”


“So the claim might change you.” Harry cut her off, “you could end up more human like Gabby until sealed. I don’t want you to think that I only want you because I can make you more human. From what Gabby said you’ll have the ability to move back and forth with practice once sealed; supposedly. If you want to be more human some of the time, that is your business.” He looked at her through his eyebrows, “We did not choose Sophie the human.”


The three of them stared at each other in silence before Ginny finally groaned.


“Harry, take it out. I’m too sore to go again.” She patted her husband's face and rolled to the side with his help, letting out an exasperated sigh as the deluge of his seed painted the leg he had rolled her over. Sophia watched him bounce upright and stand proud.


“Oh my,”


“Yeah,” Ginny chuckled, “consider yourself lucky that Gabrielle is next on his list,” She reached out stroking the messy shaft and coating her fingers so she could hold it up and play with it. “That’s all you, he was spent and happy till you came in.” The fawn girl was watching her play with the strings of male fluids intently as the girl with the red hair made his essence dance across her fingers. Smirking, she wiped the mess off on his thigh.


Harry was staring at her legs, why her legs?


“Hey Sophie….” Harry smirked, “would you help us with something?”



Evaline did her best to focus on her work as the day stretched on. She was usually the night shift, and even though she’d excitedly agreed to the Lady Delacour and her suitor’s proposal she’d insisted on finishing out the week of her last shift, to set an example. Currently she was pouring tea at the 11th bell of the evening for one of her least favorite customers.


“My niece is becoming a rather bothersome issue,” the woman in the high backed chair mused as she waved off the dog woman’s pouring. Her poise and sneer made even her flawless face seem hideous on a humanitarian level. “Her infatuation with that little pond brat, and mother’s approval. Somehow they’ve let a wizard into OUR palace.” She smiled at her companion, “an example should be made, do you not think so Malcom? One human is a small price to pay”


The large man held his teacup with two fingers, that was all he could manage. Weathered and scarred, the satyr stood easily taller than the doorway he’d come through to get here. He stared down at the cup, his eyes unfocused.


“As my mistress wishes,”


“You will be compensated,” she grinned, “well, your family. You have what? 3 Children? Those little goats will want for nothing till they’re gray in the beard.” She giggled to her own cleverness as she took a sip of her drink. “The trick is to make it look like an accident, but I’m sure a momentary loss of control is not so hard to fake for someone as...developed as you.” The woman loosened her robe, an act that made every fiber of the Satyr’s being tense as he cast his eyes to the floor. “Oh...don’t be like that. No doubt this will be the last time we have a chance… Now then.”


The man stifled a groan as the air between them rippled as if heat was coming off the floor, the woman’s allure palpable even in the immediate area so that Evaline standing behind her felt herself enveloped in the magic, thankfully immune. Eventually the man groaned, unable to stay standing he fell to his knees. Evaline kept a hand over her mouth to stifle her surprise when that…..technically it was a penis, but she didn’t think they came in that size. The Veela in the chair only smiled and uncrossed her legs, scooting her rear lower and slouching in the chair.


“Your wife is such a lucky woman,” the blonde sneered huskily, “tonight I think I shall let you try it on my face.” She crooked her finger watching the man walk between her spread knees on his own. “T-There we go...” she arched her back as the Barghest stared down wide eyed. “Mmm...g-girl refill my tea and leave us...the yardmaster and I have business to discuss and it will be...mmm….a long and hard discussion.”


Evaline poured the tea quickly, then as steadily as she could on shaky legs left the room with her cart amid the grunts and moans of the two behind her.



“Morning.” Harry waved to the Nurse at the desk in the front of the infirmary.


The Nurse looked up, then immediately went glassy eyed and cocked her head to the side with a dreamy smile. Harry had practiced a few things last night, not the least of which was the ability to focus his Allure. The nurse let him sign in, and Ginny watched from his side as he leaned across the desk and whispered something in her ear.


The woman sat up straight as a board, blushing profusely before nodding and getting up and running off.


“What was that about?” Ginny tugged on his elbow.


“You’ll see.”


They waited, something Ginny was not accustomed to here since they usually just went straight back. Finally the nurse came out, blushing profusely with two other nurses in tow. Ginny recognized them as Gabby’s personal aides while she’d been here.


“Thank you.” Harry smiled at all of them and Ginny rolled her eyes at the chorus of dreamy sighs he got as he walked past. They turned down the hallway and then another to get to the alcove that was the personal royal chambers.


Gabrielle was there, looking frumpy and disgruntled. “I thought you two had eloped or something.” She groused, hugging her knees to her chest sitting on the bed under the covers. The two teens stopped at the foot of her bed, and the girl stared them up and down. “You really missed a show, I just had a full body sponge-bath Harry, complete with some salve that I have to let air out down below--”


“So you don’t have any panties on.” Harry finished the sentence for her as he grabbed the side of the sheets and flipped them over. The two girls cried out in a little startled noise as the girl hugged her knees tighter. Long socks and a nightgown t-shirt, but her naked sex was on full display between her shins.


“Harry wh-AH!” The-boy-who-lived-to-please bent at the waist over the foot of the bed, catching her firmly by the ankles of each leg and dragging her bodily down the bed ass first. She came to a sliding stop with just her tailbone hanging over the edge in time to feel her lover’s face split her thighs wide.


Ginny watched her lover’s, one on the flat of her back kicking and squealing trying to push down on top of the other’s head to get him to stop doing what apparently felt amazing. She should have honestly seen this coming. Last night he’d forced Sophie to sit on the edge of the bed and take his tongue for almost 3 hours not counting breaks. He’d studied at her feet(metaphorically), learning what felt good, suggesting things based on her reaction, and generally just doing what he loved most; making someone very happy. His excuse for not using Ginny was that she was already too worn out and sensitive to give him an honest answer.  Judging by the way Soph could barely walk to her room later she was glad for the mercy.


Hearing the familiar wail of release from Gabrielle she thought back to their time together. It had been awkward at first, Ginny had tried to treat her like a little girl. The matronizing had lasted a full day before Gabrielle had pulled her aside into her parent’s barn and explained a few things. And then she’d kissed her stupid.


Watching the blonde with her knees resting on the sides of her collar bones wailing at the ceiling as their husband tasted her soul, she realized the girls had never gone this far. They’d kissed and used fingers, but this seemed too taboo for just friends.


“UHH…..” Gabby collapsed in a heap running her fingers through the boy’s hair, “Harry….please...”


That was all the encouragement he needed it seemed, and Ginny watched astonished as Harry undid his pants with one hand, and standing up with her thigh in the other, took her in a single stroke. The blonde body caved in on itself, as if she were trying to stare at where their bodies met. He took the back of her knees in both hands, opening her wide as he kissed her lips easily with how curled up she was. Long smooth strokes, growing faster with every pump. Only the head remained inside constantly, and from the side Ginny could see even the back of that peeking every so often.


Ginny blushed embarrassed at her own foolish bravado.


Harry had been making love to her this entire time. Standing here beside them, she now knew what fucking looked like. Harry knew this could bring back her Veela nature. She wasn’t like Ginny, she wouldn’t be sore, she wouldn’t need rest and she would be perfectly fine once this was all said and done. Harry wasn’t holding back, and it showed on both their faces. Harry wasn’t making love to Gabrielle the Veela yet, he was fucking the absolute shit out of Gabby, the human girl.


Harry began to grunt, his thrusts growing more forceful, and as he gripped the back of Gabby’s head for a kiss Ginny took a step forward, bracing herself with her hands on the corner of the bed and closing her eyes.


The golden waves of Harry’s release splashed across her mind, and she basked in the glow of his happiness feeling her own release begin to trickle down her legs. Now that she’d had the real thing it was a pale comparison, but being in his glow was still better than anything her fingers had pulled off.


“Oh, my stars.” Gabby’s startled, strangled cry hung in the air.


Ginny opened her eyes and nearly fainted. This wasn’t Harry. Not any Harry she’d ever met anyway. The man she’d walked in here with was able to put his nose against her forehead, the man standing here with ripped clothes could rest his nipple in the same place, and said the nipple was also on top of significant man flesh. His robe he’d been wearing was slit down the front as his diameter increased, and down the sleeve as those tree trunks coming out of his shoulders had sprouted.


The man was a hunk, her Harry was a beefcake with extra yum on the side. He looked at himself astonished, and as the goofy grin swept his face she knew it was the same guy. He took a step back, and Ginny felt faint again as IT slurping-ly fell from the now obvious Veela on the bed’s packed and creamy opening.


“I...” Gabrielle slowly came to her senses with a dreamy smile, “I think I may need to stay in the infirmary a bit longer.” She tried to make her eyes focus again on the man now hovering over her. “What happened to you?” She reached up weakly to stroke the face of the man who had obliterated her innocence not minutes before.


“Pretty sure this is part of you expressing itself.” Harry said, and after closing his eyes for a few seconds they watched him shrink down to his normal sized self, complete with frail bony musculature. Turning to Ginny he smiled that goofy grin again, and the girl couldn’t help but pounce him for a kiss.


“So, you can do that at will huh?” Ginny growled in his mouth, “I think I may want a piece of male veela in the future.”


“Bring an ice pack,” Gabby groaned, rolling to the side in a fetal position and holding her bits with a chuckle.


“I thought Veela didn’t get sore?” Ginny looked at Harry confused, the boy in turn only shrugging.


“Apparently, like so many things,” The Veela girl stuck out an arm, pointing a finger at Harry’s softening member, “Harry breaks more than rules. Oh my stars above….Ginny I need help putting on my underwear….top drawer, be gentle. Please.”



Harry lowered his wooden practice sword, glancing over at the conversation Gabrielle was having with a very shaken Evaline.


“Your Aunt?”


“Yes, we do not get along.” The young blonde made a sour face, “she has beliefs that the rest of the royal family does not agree with. You would be nothing more than a breeding pet in her eyes Harry. The fact that you’re living here is an insult to the dirt beneath her feet.” The girl chewed her thumb nail, and Harry noticed her slowly slip into her more human form as her hair lost some of its luster.


“So she wants this guy to try and kill Harry in a fight and make it look like an accident?” Ginny was sitting up on the bed behind Gabby now, where she had been resting.


“It would not be hard,” Sophia grimaced, “the man is a legend, the only reason he is not a knight captain is the hooves and horns. Harry I’m sorry but even in your new look this is not a fight you can win. The man is fully horned and built like he could wrestle a dragon, he was trained in the old ways before the courts. He can literally kill you with his bare hands by accident and no one would suspect foul play.”


“We’ll deal with this as we come to it,” Harry was thoughtful, this was not the first time someone was after his life, even if you limited the list to this year alone. “How soon is your ceremony Sophia?”


The woman blushed as she leaned on the handle of her sword. The fact that Gabrielle's bedroom had enough space for a sword fight made her both jealous and disconcerted, but Harry was being a quick study.


“I think we could do it as early as tonight.” She sighed, “would you please focus on the issue?” She shook her head, “you’re nowhere near ready to face this man, he will kill you.”


“All the more reason to die happy,” Harry quipped, then went silent as he realized no one else in the room thought that was funny. “Look, I know, okay ladies? I’m working on it.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “He can’t just come up and kill me right? So if I avoid him for a bit, maybe I can--”


“He’s the yardmaster Harry,” Gabrielle sighed, “officially Sophia shouldn’t even be training you, it’s his duty to oversee that. You will have to report to him before the end of next week, as my husband and as a future lord, Swordplay is a requisite skill. Even if you fail out of it you’re required to take it.”


“So he can kill me any time during one of his classes...” Harry looked thoughtful, “Sophia what do you actually think of him.” he cocked his head, “not his ability, his personality.” He watched the conflict inside his newest friend churn as she stood there.


“He’s...a good man,” she stared at the floor between them, “I can’t believe he’s being manipulated like this.” She closed her eyes, “He isn’t the poison and shadow’s type Harry, if he tries something it will be out in the open, probably during a sparring match.” Her eyes lit up, “the head, avoid his head!” She seemed to be looking back and forth rapidly across the floor as she put pieces together in her mind. “It's a common tactic of Satyrs, especially avante-garde like Malcom. He carries two swords when he’s serious, that’s how you’ll know. He never trains with anyone using both. He’ll try to bind your weapons up, then he can blame it on the heat of battle...” Her face looked stricken, “Harry, if he hits you with his forehead you’re going to die, that blow will put a dent in your helmet big enough to drink out of.”


“So there you have it,” Harry smiled, turning to the others who were still disgruntled at him.


“That’s it? That's your plan.” Ginny raised an eyebrow.


“Don’t take it in the face and die,” Harry shrugged, “sounds like a good place to start.”


“Harry,” Sophia took a step forward, concerned, “you can’t just..what if I’m wrong.” She was a little taken aback by the look in his eyes, those deep pools of green as he took her hand off his shoulder and held it to his lips.


“For long or short, you and I are going to spend the rest of my life together,” he smiled, kissing her knuckle, “I’m not going to start it by not trusting you. He’ll use the headbutt, I trust you.”




Malcom eyed his target with a heavy heart. He was a good boy, not a man. He talked to his recruits, his students. It was how he got to know them, and even if he was to die for the sake of the old man’s family he would not deny the boy a proper teaching.


Harry was a quick learner, and Malcom actually found himself enjoying the week they shared together in the yard. He was nigh impossible to catch when he was avoiding the blows, but insanely reckless on the approach. More than once Malcom flinched on instinct, cursing himself for not simply finishing a strike and ending this self inflicted torment early. The number of times he could have killed the boy with his wooden sword in the last week could not be counted. But those were lingering wounds, he would not make the boy suffer and die, he would not give HER that pleasure. It would be swift and sure when the time came. The boy would feel no pain. It was Thursday, his duty required the boy to be dead by the weekend. His daughters, he thought of his family as he picked up the wooden sword. The boy was just finishing his morning stretches, and Malcom approached cradling the sapling blades he would need.


“Good Morning, Lord Potter. Today we will be learning the Florentine style.”




Abigail Delacour was a proud woman.


She’d served the crown faithfully, in her own way, for years. The law had to be upheld, after all, and the noble obligation to rule and lead meant keeping people in their places in order to be ruled. She’d dutifully performed service to the crown on three continents in her youth. She’d seen the fall of man, magical and mundane.


Today she’d seen something new, and it shocked her to her core. Malcom was taking his time, she could appreciate the deception, but it was the end of the week. She’d come to the balcony with her dear mother to watch the training. Had she not been invited it would have been suspicious to attend, so she had been thankful for that mercy.


The two had gone at each other like the beasts they were, and Abigail was loath to admit the human had some talent, but Malcom was a superior specimen in every way. The boy was set up like a chess piece with every strike, and with a final bellow…..checkmate.


And then, it had all fallen apart.


The flash of light, the cries of alarm...and then he appeared. Malcom was not complicit in this, that much was sure, for he faltered just like her. Eyes to eyes, face to face and horn to horn with a man who took his blow head on and stood his ground. Human’s did not become Satyr, that was not a thing any spell or wizardly trick granted you, so how?


She looked up from her place on the floor, chained to a jail bedpost of all things to hear the door creak open. No sooner had the fight stopped than she was placed in chains, charged with attempted line theft and regicide. Her, the next Queen! She’d been spelled unconscious after finishing the evening meal sitting on this horrid bed.


“You’re finally awake,”


She knew that voice, and it filled her with rage.


“It’s time for your sentencing.”


“Go to hell!” She sneered, testing her chains to stand, “you have no proof, you have no witness, you are just a lowly dog in this court, you piece of human filth!” Her eyes were watering as she saw him walking in with her niece and that beast he now associated with.


“We have witnesses,” Harry smiled, his human form grinning in a vindictive manner as he strode into her cell. The woman made to speak again, but her heart caught in her throat as she watched him change his form again. This time it was no was a god. “And you’re pretty much going to confess anyway if I guess right?”


“No...” She bit her lip, feeling her body grow hot beyond her ability to breathe comfortably. Her stomach was tingly, her breath was not enough to keep her from panting no matter how hard she tried...and this pulling sensation was driving her insane! “Yes...I don’t know….”


“Would it help,” Harry smiled, and her heart melted right along with her panties, “If I told you that your sentence was to spend the rest of your life at the beckon of a man who wants nothing more than to push your face into a pillow and hear you scream?”


Abigail watched his eyes, hers slightly unfocused as he leaned closer. Her smile cracked as she tore her eyes down his chiseled frame to the bulge in his pants.


“I did it.” She looked up at him, her grin growing wider, “I tried to kill you, you filthy….raunchy….dirty human. I’ll do it again too.” She licked her lips waiting for that glorious sentence.


“Wow, that really is way too effective.”


Harry took a step back, seeing the woman who’d just confessed to regicide pout.


“We were renowned interrogators of men back in the day, one of the reasons we are still feared.” Gabrielle quipped, hugging one arm as Sophia took the other.


“You’ve never used that on me,” Harry looked down at her, “right?”


“Once,” Gabby blushed, “The last time I used Allure on you and it worked, you rode my throat across the channel.”


“Oh.” Harry blushed himself at that one and Sophia clutched tighter to him remembering her reaction to seeing his ‘joyride’. “Well, Abigail Delacour you are officially stripped of rank and title, you will not be executed but you will be given to my Knight commander for his pleasure. This is also to pay penance for blackmailing his compliance in your scheme.”


“What?” The buxom blonde blinked the stupor out of her eyes, “You mean you’re not-- You can’t do this!” She fumed.


“I have the Empress' blessing,” He ran a hand through his immaculate hair, “so...yeah, I can. If you actually bothered to look at your magic you’d realize you’re nothing but a human now. You will also want to wash your hair the moment you get to your new home. My wife was not kind.” He hugged an arm around Sophia who had a shit-eating grin on her face.


“What?” The woman looked down at her hands, the strain on her face evident as she searched for a fire long since put out. “What did you do to me?!”


“Trade secret,” Harry took a step forward, and now knowing how devoid of true power she was she cowered away from him. “But I will tell you that watching my wife, whose kind you hate so much, drag her….yeah….. across your face was the most satisfying thing I’ve seen all week.” He waved as he turned, “really though, wash your face.”



“Did you have to tell her?!” Sophia burst out laughing once they were clear of the dungeon.


“I didn’t want her to think that smell was in the room.” He grinned and got punched in the arm for it. “OW. Besides, I meant what I said.” He rubbed his bicep, “watching your furry little butt hump my mess all over her was--”


“Okay!” Sophia shivered with a chuckle and a smile, “Can we stop talking about it, two days ago that would have gotten me hanged.” The dark curly haired woman raised her hand, calling out to Ginny who was sitting waiting on a bench by the fountain in the center of the courtyard.


“Are you really okay with this though?” Gabrielle clutched his arm tighter, “We’ve basically just made her a slave.”


“To the people she was enslaving.” Harry cut in, “Malcolm won’t mistreat her. You did already clear it with his wife, right?”


“Oh yes,” Gabby laughed, “that woman is scary. She’s known about what Abigail has been doing, Malcolm didn’t hide it, he was too ashamed not to tell his wife. Apparently they desperately want a boy after 3 daughters.” Gabby glanced up at him in his Veelish form, “She’s had Malcolm on virility potions all day without telling him, and she plans to tease him non-stop without release. That woman made it very clear that until the words ‘it’s a boy’ come out of a doctor’s mouth, Abigail has only one purpose in life. Seeing what you put in Sophia earlier has me worried for her health.” She peeked around his chest at a girl who was staring straight ahead crimson faced.


“They will forgive her,” Harry reassured her, “eventually. She’ll be a part of their family. A very sore, bowlegged, part of the family—OW.” He bit his lip as he rubbed his arm, “You three are way too good at that.”



Sophia sat on her bed looking out the window nervously.


The evening air was crisp coming in the window, and it made the gaps in her dress flap silently as she reflected on last night.


It was amazing. Beyond her wildest dreams, and she felt her heart flutter remembering all they’d done; she’d done, for him. Harry had secretly been thumbing through Gabrielle’s books it seemed, studying not only the courtly magical process of the Fey courts but also her own heritage.


She’d told him the more skin contact the more intimate, she would never have guessed what he’d do. The honor guard, they’d smirked as they kept going, past her outer clothes...her inner clothes...her undergarments, they even took the braids from her hair.


He was, in a word, marvelous. She was prepared for him to see her naked, not the other way around. He looked marvelous, his nude body pained in the runes of her ancestors. He looked like some ancient pagan groom, resplendent and unashamed, his wives by his side.


Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes, remembering the feel of their touch. Tradition said that he alone as master of the house was supposed to dress her in her war gown. Harry had looked her in the eyes, and in front of all her peers declared her a part of his inner family. In times of war, as a Merlin he was expected to call on his full coven, and it was now her duty to lead them. The three of them, his fully acknowledged brides, had started with the war paint; her entire body a work of art, not an inch left undone by those delicate fingers he’d brought with him. Slowly and gently they’d armored her heart before they’d tended to her flesh. The more sensitive parts and delicate work of the straps the womenfolk had tended to for the most part, her cups for instance and the arming kilt. The only thing Harry had insisted on was the loincloth and cod chains, and he’d placed a kiss on her now covered sex reverently causing the rest of those gathered to gasp. The symbolism could not be misinterpreted, it would be his womb to claim when they were both ready. The fact that he was a Merlin now made public, he’d basically told the world “this is my personal armored baby carrier!”, a fact she wasn’t sure she was completely upset about but didn’t want to give it too much thought yet.


Nervously she looked down her legs as she remembered the rest of the night. Her hand went to her stomach as even now she could feel the shock-waves left over by his lust. They hadn’t even made it to the royal bedroom, the helmets had come off in the inner hallway and that was all the permission he’d needed. Ginny had teased her the next morning that it had sounded like someone was beating a goat to death with a bag of cans. Considering the way her insides felt when she thought of him, the girl wasn’t completely wrong.


Her heart soared as she took his desire into her, reaffirming her own confidence in her true self. She wasn’t a delicate flower, she wasn’t some damsel in distress. Her whole life she’d been the girl who played in the mud and who played with swords. Dirty hoofs and sweaty tits and calloused hands, she wasn’t the perfume type.


Harry had taken that girl, the one everyone else treated like a guy with tits, and he’d loved her as a woman; as his woman in his way. In a suit of plated metal and leather, draped in the accoutrement of war he’d put her on her knees and rutted her into the ground in a way only someone like her could appreciate. She didn’t need flowers and poetry, chocolates and wine; she was the kind of girl who wanted nothing more than to be snuggly in the back of the pub giving him a hand and sharing the beer from his cup. She’d never felt so wanted, so appreciated, or so complete. There had been no pain, a slight sting and then fullness beyond her ability to process. She’d taken the full depth of his desire and he’d left her panting, content, and sated beyond what she knew possible. It wasn’t till he tried to help her back to her feet that the consequences of their actions became fully apparent. Thankfully the effects were temporary, and she honestly didn’t know how she felt about the new development. Though his ability to become one of her own had left her….apprehensive at the prospect. Smearing her lover's pride all over that, Veela Harlot's face in revenge for a lifetime of racism and manipulation had felt less fulfilling than she’d hoped, and she felt more embarrassed by the compulsion to show him off than she did about her actions.


Blinking back a happy tear Sophia slowly rocked her weight forward, making sure her dress was rightly situated before she stood to her full height basking in the sunset. It was odd knowing this would be the first and last time she would spend a night in the Chevalier Dorm. Her status had changed twice in one set of paperwork, and other than the Empress no one was expecting a Merlin to make himself known, let alone that he would choose a cloven hoofed tomboy. Grinning wickedly she closed her eyes, thinking of how tomorrow night she’d be in a much larger bed with more interesting company.


Without Harry, this would never have happened, any of this. She would not be a royal knight, she would not have been able to spend the rest of her life by Gabrielle’s side….and she would not be wiggling her toes into carpet for the first time.


She just hoped he didn’t expect her to shave her legs or something.



“You have been in my courts less than a month,” Aphrodina smirked as she looked across the dinner table, “and already; you have claimed an heir for yourself, castrated another possible successor politically….commandeered not only my Yardmaster into your personal guard but one of the most promising students he’s ever had into your little harem….” she shook her head, “no wonder England is trying to be rid of you.” She let the last part out as a chuckle as the boy bowed his head slightly.


“Grandmother!” Gabrielle looked scandalized, “we are not a Harem!”


“If it walks like a duck, my love….” the older woman grinned, causing all the young women to blush.


“If it pleases your grace,” the woman to her left bowed, and Aphrodina nodded as the familiar face stepped forward with someone in tow, “does that make me the ugly duckling of the group?”


“Ah, Eveline and Emilia Crohan.” The Empress graciously took the very startled woman’s hand who until the day before had been serving her tea, “you have no idea how pleased I am to count you among his chosen.”


“How can anyone with such beautiful eyes ever say such a thing?” Harry tried his best to sound poetic and romantic.


“I think my lord is confused about where her eyes are placed.”


All the girls broke out in laughter as Eveline and Harry blushed to their roots; Harry had in fact been staring at her bust as he said it. Emelia, her daughter, had been the one to make the quip and was startled at getting a pat on the back from Sophia.


“You sure you don’t want to pull a hat trick here Harry,” Sophia laughed as she tried to put the protesting barghest teen in a headlock, “she’s got spunk.”


“I’m not that greedy,” Harry smiled at the girl who blushed, “she is just as beautiful as her mother, but I’m not so kinky as to take them both with me. I’m sure she’ll have plenty of suitors as a daughter of Merlin.”


“A what?” Emelia blinked owlishly from inside Sophia’s armpit.


“I know we’re technically the same age, but the title still sticks,” Harry smirked and changed to his Veelish form, watching the wave of ‘yes, please’ wash over all the women in the room, “Your mother is not homely or old, and I’m not sterile by a long shot. I’m not shacking up with your mother Emi, I’m marrying her into a coven.” He took a step forward, and Sophie backed off as he looked down on the girl staring up at him moon eyed. “You will be in all legal ways my daughter, and I’m going to make sure you're taken care of, if that’s what you want.”


“Yes….sir.” The girl blushed red inside her black fur making her appear a deep wine color as she stepped behind her mother bashfully.


“God Dammit.” Ginny muttered holding her hand out flat so that Gabrielle could smack it. Not many noticed it, but Sophia scooted closer and leaned in to the two.


“What was that about?”


“We had a bet that she’d call him ‘daddy’ as soon as she saw the male Veela.” Ginny smirked and it was Sophia this time who blushed.


“Right then,” Aphrodina drew everyone’s attention back to the woman who owned the castle, “my lord Merlin--”


“Harry, please your highness.” Harry put both hands up, “we’re family.”


“Very well, Harry.” Aphrodite smiled, “Gabby calls me Nana’dina when we’re not in chambers. You are welcome to it.” the woman adjusted her bust and was pleased to see that even if he didn’t blush his eyes immediately went to her cleavage and stayed there for a few seconds. “With your permission I’m going to send out envoy letters.” She grinned, “I have no interest in seeing my grand-daughter’s husband die an early death, so I will be contacting the magical tribes looking for those willing to meet with the new Ruler of England.” She smirked, “I recommend we get you some wands before then so you can properly defend yourselves. The dignitaries I can almost promise you will be entirely female.”


Harry took a step back as if struck. Sure the process had been fun meeting Sophia, and the chance encounter with Eveline; what they were talking about was wholesale ‘wife-shopping’


“Your-- Nana...” Harry couldn’t seem to get his knees or his dry lips under control, “I’m not so sure that is a good idea at this time.”


“Send the letters Majesty.” Ginny spoke up, causing everyone to look at her, “Harry’s first concern is our feelings, but our’s should be his safety. Is there a way you can write the letters without giving away that he is the Merlin, or that the merlin is even in the castle? Perhaps that you’ve located one and that he’s agreed to meet with candidates at a later date?”


“Ginny...” Harry mumbled softly as the redhead took his hand.


“That is acceptably deceptive of you,” Aphrodina nodded, “well done. Yes I can do this, unfortunately having the two of you here is a dead give-away; no humans reside in my domain.”


“Then none will,” Ginny smirked, “Harry can just be a Satyr or if he manages to get up Eveline’s…. sometime in the near future he’ll be a barghest.”


“And what of you darling?” Nana Dina was trying to be nice about it, but she could tell the girl had not thought this through.


“OH, well there is that...” Ginny grinned and Harry felt her hand suddenly slip from his fingers. He turned and she was gone.


“Oh my stars,” Gabrielle gasped, and Harry turned to see her looking at him with her hands over her mouth.


“I wondered what the effect on a human witch would be,” Aphrodina chuckled, “I wonder if you have the advanced form of an animagus or just the standard.”


Harry looked back and forth between the Veela and the spot no longer containing a ginger before his brain started back up and he looked down.


A small reddish furred fox bat was circling his feet, softly scratching at his pants leg and looking up at him….smiling?


“...the fuck?”





“When were you gonna tell me?” Harry was sitting on his bed with his arms behind his head pouting, a very naked redhead laying on his chest face down idly curling her feet up as she looked up at him from her own crossed arms.


“I was waiting till we got some normal back.” Ginny pouted then sighed, “Harry, I turn into a bat.”


“Damn right you-OW! No.” he looked down at her sternly, “Nipples are off limits.” The girl bashfully let go of his pinched shirt and rolled off to stand beside the bed. “So are we really gonna go through with this? I mean….” He left his sentence open hoping she would get it.


“You love me right?” she didn’t even look over her shoulder, and he rolled to his side, gently reaching out his fingertips to touch her elbow.


“You know I do.”


“And you care about Gabby,”




“And Soph.”


“I ge--”


“And Evie.” She grinned, turning towards him as she kept cutting him off.


‘OKAY!” He barked a laugh.


“So love some other girls too.” Ginny shrugged, “We don’t have to say yes to anyone, but we don’t have to say no to everyone either. Maybe we can get you an actual giant booty, one that isn’t attached to Evie.”


“Hey!” Harry was still sensitive when it came to the Barghest, especially since the woman had made it very clear she was insecure beyond measure about her appearance and being around men in ‘that setting’ again.


“I’ve seen the way you look at that butt Harry,” Ginny crossed her arms with a smile, “When a Weasley woman looks at her and goes, ‘wow, she’s got birthing hips’. it’s a little much...” she giggled at the smacked expression on Harry’s face.


“She’s just...I like the curves.” He held up his hands at the raised eyebrow, “I LOVE your curves--”


“Nice save.”


“Also I just, I get the feeling she’s never been treated right.” Harry got quiet, “Like nothing she ever did was right no matter what it was, like she’s never been special to anyone… I can relate to that feeling. She really does have beautiful eyes too, I get lost in them sometimes when she’s not looking. I feel like it wouldn’t be just sex you know? Like we might understand each other.” Harry was so busy smiling at the floor he didn’t notice the woman he’d been talking to eying at a shocked woman standing quietly in the door frame.


“Should I keep him rambling or have you heard enough proof?”


Harry’s eyes shot up in time to watch Eveline close the door behind her, her back against it watching them. Slowly she walked in tiny measured steps to the foot of the bed.


“Harry….” her eyes were watery, “I...”


She didn’t get anymore out, Harry stood and was instantly holding her in his arms. They hesitated only a second before his kiss seared her brain. Ginny sat down on the bed, scooting to the headboard as she watched the woman try to maintain her composure. It was a fairly impressive two minutes give or take before she arched her back and moaned, breaking the kiss. Harry smiled in surprise as he fondled the front of her dress curiously.


“If I’d known about--”


“Just kiss me.” The woman began pressing the tip of her mouth to his as she undid the neck of her dress, and as Harry tugged it off her shoulder Ginny let out a startled gasp. Those breasts were easily on par with the Empress for size, but they hung heavy and soft and not perfectly placed, the startling thing was the second set just below them easily as big if not bigger than Sophias. Ginny felt the beginning of cup envy for her as Harry took a higher and a lower jug for each hand and pushed Eveline into the dresser as he began nibbling her neck.


“You should hurry up to bed.” Ginny couldn’t believe she could dare to speak watching these two sexual predators battle. They paused for a moment to look over her in a haze as she scooted back to the center of the headboard. “I’m not sure which of the three of us wants him inside you more, Eve.”


The older woman smirked, as far as Ginny could tell on a canine face. Harry looked at her curiously as she gently pushed away his advances, putting her index finger in the center of his lips as she stepped to the edge of the bed. Ginny felt a twinge of fear as the woman let her dress fall to the floor, crawling onto the foot of the bed and prowling up the sheets toward the girl who looked like a deer in the headlights.


“H-hey what are—off!” Ginny didn’t fight back as the woman dragged her butt a foot down the bed and forced her legs open. “Evie I’ve never—O-ohhhh hooooly fuuuuuuck…….” Ginny’s left eye squinted shut, her right open wide and trembling as her feet went straight in the air. Harry covered his mouth to keep from laughing as the younger girl began trembling and kicking at the air as her mouth hung open; her breath was coming out in bursts of panting as she dug her nails into fur. He had to admit that finally seeing that ass on Evie from the back, poised and presenting, was making him so hard it hurt.


“You okay Gin?” He finally managed with a straight face.


“She’s…..” Ginny’s mouth hung open for a second, “licking… my ffffffucking soul! Harry shag her now, before she goes any deeper and killsssssss Meeeeee!`` The last word came out a quivering squeal as the girl began frantically bucking while clutching the back of the older woman’s head with both hands.


Gently Harry knee walked onto the bed, slowly approaching the woman from behind. Gently placing a hand on the outside of her thigh to let her know where he was, he slid it back and forth over that big butt and brushed the hair in that tail with his hands a few times as he continued to stroke himself with his other hand. Easing forward he pressed the tip of his manhood into her cheek, rubbing it a bit before sliding it slowly towards the crack, earning a moan from Evie emanating from somewhere near Ginny’s cervix by the look on the redhead’s face.


“So soft,” Harry smiled, not helping himself as he commented on her hair, the fur tickling the tip of his cock as he dipped it between her cheeks. Finding where he needed to go was easy. The only bald spot on her was that greasily wet sex that was winking continuously at him as he slipped his head through the lips up and down, again and again till he was slick to his circumcision ring in her juices.


Ginny couldn't think, her haze of pleasure too great as she watched her husband line himself up and thrust. She couldn’t see it, but she felt the yelp deep inside her when he started pushing. That tongue had to be as long as her forearm! There was a slight suction as she pulled it out to yelp like a dog someone had stepped on the tail of as he bottomed out and held himself there. Finally free of her tormentor she grabbed the cheeks of the woman and lifted her face. She didn’t know what was coming over her, possibly his allure again, but she couldn’t keep herself from kissing the woman even with a face like that, sucking on her tongue as Harry began to rock.


“Harry, do you remember how hard you fucked Gabby?” Ginny smiled nibbling on the woman's cheekbone as she watched him sawing into the bubble but he couldn’t stop playing with it.




“...Twice that.” Ginny petted the back of Evie’s head as she felt the woman tense, “and bring out Mr. Horny.”


“AH—Mmph!!” Evie’s world exploded into pain and pleasure as she felt a spike through her body so hard she couldn’t help but bite down. She felt the girl cradling her head, petting her softly and cooing as she clamped down on Ginny's collar bone. She wasn’t biting hard, and just the fact that the girl hadn’t freaked out was reassuring and accepting. Sometimes you just had to bite down on something, you know?


Harry looked down from a much higher position in his new form, falling more in love with this body by the second. The girls had started giving ALL his penii names it seemed. Gabriel had started it by joking around and calling his Veela Manhood ‘Mr. Angel’ since it was hairless and smooth and practically had a halo of Allure(Ginny said it glowed). Sophia was the next one, and since he was a Satyr….and you was a penis, ‘Mr. Horny’ seemed the next logical, if un-inventive, tag-line. Ginny had come to his defense naming his original human equipment ‘Mr. Big.”


Currently his Satyr equipment was buried in the most bouncy ass he’d ever had the privilege to play with. Every part of the woman swayed and jiggled at least slightly as he listened to his hips beat her booty like a wet drum. The clopping thunder of their mating was deafening to his ears as he watched Ginny cradle the woman’s upper half wincing, in sympathy from the force of the blows no doubt.


Throwing his head back he let his orgasm take him. It really was a guilt free way to pleasure a woman knowing his release was always going to be mutual, so he was learning to just go with the flow.


Ginny felt the woman’s body tense, and she managed to free her shoulder, teeth marks and all, from the woman in time to bask in the glow of Harry’s pulse.


“Oh….OH…..” Eveline’s voice caused Ginny to open her eyes, seeing an unchanged Evie on her hands and knees in front of her, presently beginning to panic, “o-o-OH….HARRY TAKE IT OUT!! QUICK!!”


The boy looked down at her, and Ginny balked. A barghest woman averages between 4’7” and 5’1 at best or so Emelia had told her…. The man currently crushing his hips into poor Evie was over 7 feet easy. Currently it was a canine wearing glasses and looking remarkably panicked himself.


“I-I can’t….OH...oh!!” Harry leaned over the woman’s back, “oh-ow...oh….” he held her tightly from behind as the two of them began tensing up, Evie clawing at the sheets to get away from something she knew she couldn’t.


The thought struck Ginny, and curiously she scooted away from them to the side of the bed. “Eveline...does a barghest--”


“YES.” She snapped looking at the girl out of the corner of her eye, too tense to actually turn her head.


“So right now Harry has a--”


“Like a god damned football in there.” The older woman looked like she was going to say something else, then all of a sudden she coughed.


“Oh...please-don’t-do-that...” Harry whimpered and his eyes crossed, and Ginny couldn’t help but pat his head, a gesture he seemed to really like.


“Harry, can’t you just turn back into a human?”


“I’m trying, I don’t think I can till I stop.” He mumbled.


“...wait,” Ginny blinked, “you mean you’re still...”


“Oh Yes..” Eveline actually sounded more smug than mad as she spoke this time, “he is...still…..going. Ohhhh….” Eveline’s eyes took on a glassy expression, and Ginny hid her smile as the woman’s tongue hung out the side of her mouth lazily for a second. “Fucking...hell….that’s a mess.  A girl could get spoiled by this.”



“SO…..” Sophie grinned as Harry and a very human looking woman with Long black hair down to her rear end came walking hand in hand to breakfast. “Heard you two finally tied the knot.”


“Oh ha ha.” Harry rolled his eyes as Gabrielle, who was already sitting at the table, tried and failed to cover her mouth; spitting the drink she’d been sipping through her fingers all over the table thankfully distracted everyone else from the way Evie rested her head on his shoulders with a sigh. Harry watched as Evie leaned in, almost hugging Sophia as she whispered something in the fawn girl’s ear.


“What did--” Ginny watched curiously as Sophia marched up to Harry and kissed him.


“Sorry.” She apologized and promptly sat down by Gabrielle.


“What the hell did you say to her?” Harry muttered to his barghest bride as they sat down together still hand in hand. The older woman pecked him on the cheek, leaning in as they both noticed Sophia was doing everything her power not to look like she wasn’t looking at them.


“I might have mentioned that if she kept teasing she’d be the next one you held down... and came in for ten minutes straight. Also that your knot makes fisting feel like foreplay.” The matron spread her napkin across her lap ignoring the young-man-who-was-her-husband’s incredulous stare.


“Nana says Mama will be back this week.” Gabby gnawed on a piece of fruit off her plate, and Harry smiled as he realized she was human again. She seemed to genuinely enjoy just being human over the course of the night until it was time to get ready. Like the human side of her was the more relaxed familiar version, simply donning the princess look for when they had to entertain or make appearances. She still slapped Ginny on the boob every time she got called ‘princess pimple-butt’.


“Is she alright?” Sophia asked nervously pointed at the letter folded at the side of the blonde’s plate


“Mama is fine,” Gabby worried her lip, “she says she’s bringing back a few refugees,” Gabby looked at Harry and Ginny, “She also says... some are our age.”



It was beautiful, beyond anything Ginny could express. Magical Paris was in the height of his fall season, and the world was none the wiser. Musicians, Artists and entertainers packed the streets as lights and streamers.


“So close to the holiday, this place really livens up.” Sophia was shoulder to shoulder with them as they walked down the street, eyes up to the light show. The six of them, including Emi, were walking around downtown in the foreign quarter of the magical market trying to find a wand shop.


“There looks promising,” Gabrielle rolled her eyes at the garishly lime and orange striped building with the statue out front of a man wielding a wand atop a winged horse. Every so often it would raise the wand from an advancing stab to straight in the air, right as the horse’s nostrils let out a gout of flame.


“Remind you of anyone?” Harry smiled, nuzzling the side of Ginny’s head with his nose as they let the homesick wash over them together. Harry hoped the twins were okay.


“I hope everyone is alright,” Ginny whispered, “I know we agreed not to send letters so that no one could track us or our family but….”


“You said our family.” Harry smiled, and Ginny blushed.


“Well,” Ginny poked his rib as she kissed his cheek, “they are your in-laws now.” This in turn made Harry look stricken with nerves as they walked between the back legs of the rampant horse and into the doorway as a splash of color behind them went ‘whoosh’ in time with the flames.


The inside was smokey and dark, and it reminded Harry of his trip to Ollivanders. Almost on instinct he immediately turned and looked back the way he was coming.


“Oh my,” the woman smiled wide at him, “this one either has amazing reflexes or has dealt with wand makers in the past.” Harry thought her body was far too vague in the low light, the only reason he saw her at all was the white hooded robe with no sleeves, the skin of her arms an almost aubergine meets smoky ebony tone to them.


“The latter actually.” Harry shrugged, confused at why the woman suddenly grew startled.


“I don’t know how you know the language of my people, but you’re either too eccentric or too into dark magic to do business here--”


“He has a gift,” Gabrielle spoke up, clutching to Harry’s arm, “similar to the Veela tongue.” The girl stepped forward, “Lady Gethsemane, you remember me? Gabrielle, I bought a wa--”


“6 years ago, summer.” The woman threw her hood back, and Harry immediately threw his gaze to the floor to keep from embarrassing himself further with an accident. What he’d seen was enough to entice his desires for sure. Stark white skin...pointed ears jutting out to the side.


“I am a Dokkalfar boy.” The woman tilted her head, trying to dip her face and force him to look at her but he turned further away, “I thought you knew the tongue, but do you have a problem with that?”


“He also has something similar to Allure,” Ginny blurted out, “only it affects women, he is trying to be polite since he’s still learning to contain it.”


“He has almost all the veela gifts? Curious.” The woman smirked, “I would be honored if you would grace me with the touch of a merlin’s desires, young man.” Everyone gawked at her, including Harry by accident. Everyone watched as the woman threw her head back in a pleasant smile and groaned, her nipples nearly piercing the soft white fabric as she held her hands over her stomach. “My that is potent, no wonder Morgan rebelled…. How can I help you, young Merlin?”


“How did...” Ginny was the first to find her voice, “how did you know?”


“I am a dark elf, child,” The woman focused her gaze on the redhead, and Ginny saw swirls of light behind her violet eyes, “we have the Dweomer, the sight of magic itself. I assumed this young man was a vassal to a powerful cabal escorting his mistresses. Now that I’ve seen and felt his magic at work I know for sure it is the other way around. There isn't one of you that hasn’t bedded him at least once in the last day...” She cocked her head looking at Emi. “Except you?”


“My daughter.” Eveline spoke, causing the elf to nod.


“Magically speaking, he’s running down your legs even now.” The woman walked past them to her desk, sliding behind it and grabbing what Harry thought at first was a bare quill or a wand; till she lit a bowl in the tip. After a long draw and a puff that added to the eyebrow height cloud in the room she leaned back in her chair. “I say again, how may I help you young Merlin? You honor my door, surely I can be of some assistance?”


“We need wands,” Harry looked to his left and his right at the girls holding his arms, he could feel Sophia’s hand on the small of his back letting him know where she was behind him. “The three of us.”




Harry looked at Ginny and Gabby who looked at him right back confused.


“I’m sorry?”


“Why would you need a wand? At your level of magic it would burn to dust on the first spell.” The woman tapped her bowl in the ashtray on her desk and stood. “These two are enough to break a wand or light it on fire if they stress a spell. They’ll need a scepter or an athame at the very least. You...Anything even approaching a wand would disintegrate from something as simple as a Lumos…. If I were in your shoes I wouldn’t take a piss without assistance for fear your own wand would go off in your hand.” Sophia actually laughed at that one, being the only one in the room to do so was awkward though. The older woman re-lit her kiseru and took another drag.


“You need a staff, at least 4 feet if not more...I would go with 8 just to be safe as your magic matured or you claimed more women.”


“There is no way he can wield a staff, let alone one that big!” Ginny stepped forward, only to catch a cloud in the nose.


“It is not so hard, if you have the will for it. It’s that or buy an expensive wand and watch it go ‘poof’ every other spell.” The elvish woman grinned, and Harry found he liked the way her teeth and the whites of her eyes expressed everything so forcefully, even her amusement. He found his eyes drifting again and closed them as he made contact with a hardening nipple.


“Regardless of the state of my undergarments,” The woman raised an eyebrow at Harry, “you will not be getting a discount. Moistened knickers have no place in my ledger.”


“Sorry Mam!” Harry bowed, forcing his eyes to the floor. After half a second the woman began laughing so hard she hiccuped. Harry waited till it slowed before standing up straight and turning himself to the side so that he was facing Ginny’s ear.


“Oh, I like you. A wizard staff of that size requires heart wood from a treant.” The woman took another puff, “I can acquire that but the cost is...prohibitive.” The woman frowned, “not to mention that I’m the wrong kind of elf to be talking to a tree kind...this will not be cost friendly.”


“Sorry for wasting your time, we can look in other places,” Harry turned his back, making for the door past a saddened looking Eveline.


“I am the best young will not get as an honest from the others. They will cheat you and just sell you a stick for coin.” The lady behind the counter called out, “You owned an Ollivander wand, no? Judging by the burn runes it left in your arm I’d say it was….at least 10 inches…no eleven at least the burns go wider... Hollywood is an odd choice to mix with phoenix feathers. The swirl and barbs tell of a dark taint...hmm…..” The woman tilted her head as he paused. “Oh my, you must have been someone important for a leash like that.”


“Leash?” Harry turned from where he’d stopped, Ginny saw the fuming expression on his face.


“English children,” Bethsemene took another puff, “they all have the rune scar ring on their bicep from the tracking charm they use to trace underage magic, it leaves a very faint mark on their magic; nothing detrimental... It's easily the fastest way to see English in this world, the brand. I know it’s look….but you have 5 scars just like it down your arm. Who was keeping so close an eye on you, young man?”


Ginny looked at Harry who was as stiff as stone standing there looking at the floor.


“How much?”


“It is not about--”


“How much mam, for their...devices and mine.” Harry bit his bottom lip, he was obviously disturbed by something.


“My price...” The lady arched an eyebrow, “is a date.”


“That’s exceptionally forward,” Gabrielle crossed her arms. “I have no issue with this but still you should at least breach the subject with a bit more tact….that was uncouth.” Gabrielle shook her head.


“Not for me, my lady.” The woman reached under the counter, and producing a hand bell rang it in the quiet of the room. There was a clamoring noise, and a shuffling gait came trotting up the stacks toward the front of the store until a squawk of surprise and a thump landed somewhere beside the matron.


“Darling Majesta,” Bethesemene smiled down at Harry, “these people would like to talk to you...what did you say your name was again young man?”


Harry was going to answer, but then he saw her. Coke bottle glasses, ears at least twice as big as her mothers. She by human standards looked like she’d graduated Hogwarts in the last 5 years, but the way she hunched over a bear-hugged stack of books she was carrying made him think of his best friend with a heavy heart. On her shoulder sat a fairy by the looks of it, the two seemed to be in a quiet conversation about tripping, neither really looking at them yet.


“My name is--”


“Cut my fucking ears,” everyone in Camp Potter gave a start as the young woman gaped and pointed over the half dozen books she’d just let hit the floor like a sack of potatoes, “you’re Harry POTTER!”


“Well...” Ginny groaned as she rested her face in her splayed fingers, “this will be easy..” she chuckled the last bit as she began to rub her temples.




Everyone looked up at the wand-maker who was leaning over the desk looking at him curiously and then back at her daughter.


“I like your mom.” Harry smiled, extending his hand to the gawking young elf.




“Soo...” Harry hands his hands behind his back looking around. “Majesta...”


“I cannot believe Harry Potter is in my room!” The older girl was bouncing around, putting away undergarments and stuffed animals that were too far round the little girl bend to be in plain sight.


“I like her.” Sophia cackled and got elbowed in the ribs by an eye rolling Eveline.


“Majesta.” Ginny stepped between her and her dresser on the third pass, looking up at the girl and catching her hands, “can I call you Maggie? Let’s talk for a bit.” Taking the girl a sidestep to her right, the two of them sat on her bed. Eveline for some reason swooped in and took the place directly behind Majesta. Sophia filled out the quad by leaning against Ginny’s back.


Harry leaned uncomfortable against the dresser while Emi tried and failed to sit on the desk but her nervous tail threatened to send everything flying. The two made eye contact and Harry nodded towards the door with a smile as the other girls all began talking in hushed whispers. The nerdy girl didn’t even seem to notice as the two of them stepped out into the hallway.


“You think she’ll fit in?” Emi mumbled quietly.


“She already does,” Harry shrugged, “she’s not the first ‘library aficionado’ I’ve made good friends with, I know how to speak dead tree pretty well.” The other girl giggled, and Harry regretfully found he rather liked the sound.


“So...” Emi looked back down the hallway they’d come down. The two had been avoiding each other all day since she’d caught him taking a shower at her mom’s place. He was supposed to on paper be her father but he had to admit that as she stood there in the doorway licking her lips, he’d gotten less than patronly thoughts more than once now.


“I’m sorry about this morning,” Harry rubbed the back of his head, “Your mom staying at your place really throws off the...sleeping arrangements, and I want to see her--”


“You want to shag her,” Emi grinned and crossed her arms, though Harry could see her nerves as she played with the flesh on the inside of her elbows, “believe me, even if I couldn’t hear it through the walls, I know my mom’s face now when she’s had ‘the time’ no matter how she tries to hide it.”


Harry opened his mouth, then closed it realizing there was no apologizing for this. “I really do care about your mum Emelia.” He saw her squirm at her name, and he took a step forward holding her biceps in his fingertips as he looked in her eyes. “If this is uncomfortable for you….I can be more careful about when we--”


He wasn’t prepared for it, and at the speed and angle he flinched for a head-butt all things considered. His squinted eyes betrayed what his lips felt. It was a kiss; a soft, wet, gentle kiss. But his eyes said she’d rammed her snout half way through the back of his head.


“You guys forget I’m a witch too it seems.” Emi smirked as she waved a wand in front of her face.



“He’s really not everything they make him out to be.”


‘Maggie’ heard the words coming from Ginny’s mouth but it was really hard to process all things considered. He wasn’t a hero of legend... yet he was about to be in and lead an all out war against a country. Personally. Not to mention the girl she was talking to had personally been saved from a basilisk! He didn’t have some mystical powers….and yet his nemesis was back from the dead and he was seemingly incapable of dying himself. He was a good guy who was shy around girls...yet when she looked around the room with her magic these girls all looked….well, she’d seen tavern wench sheets less ‘colorful’.


The soft gasp on her left made her and Ginny both look over at Eveline staring at the door.




Majesta looked up and blinked twice. She knew the girl’s magic, the clothes, it was her face that was completely different, well that and the fur. The constant glow about her was gone, that must have been a glamor.


“Apparently,” Harry laced his fingers with a very nervous Emelia, “the first night I uh….came to visit you at your home.” Harry looked over at the girl his age who was looking at her very stern faced mother nervously.


“I didn’t know, mom,” Emi started, “I...I was curious,” she blushed, “I was leaning against the door, I didn’t realize what would happen when he, you know. You guys were so.. and then he happened..” Emi shrugged as Eveline thought back. His furrier form had more than enough muscle mass to lift and pin her to a wall. If she had been on the other side she would have been well in range of the pulse when they climaxed.


“Baby,” Eveline had tears in her eyes, “I’m so sorry.” She stood and hugged the girl's face to her chest as Harry stepped away. He watched them hug for a bit before he felt something tug his sleeve. Before he knew it he was pulled into a three way hug. “This is going to be difficult, but we’ll manage.”


“Yeah I know,” Emelia quipped, “I saw it this morning when he showered.” Harry felt her mother tense then the girls laughed together at his blushing expense, “hey, we’re well on our way to a Bulgarian Dirt-Road.”


“Wh--” Harry tried to ask but the way Eveline squeezed the life out of the two of them prevented the question.


“Emelia Crohan, I will wash your fucking mouth out with ash.” Harry had never in their time together heard Evie swear. The woman let go of the two of them and put her finger in her daughter’s face. “Is this what that school is teaching you?”


“What the hell is a--” Ginny tried to come to the same conclusion Harry did but was surprisingly cut down for half a second by Evie’s glare before she bristled. “BULGARIAN DIRT ROAD.” Ginny was not one who backed down when you pushed straight into her nose, even if it broke it.


“Quite possibly the most racially insensitive sexual act Emelia could have mentioned.” It was actually Majesta that spoke up,and as everyone stared at her she blushed and continued, “back when Barghest were still slaves to wizards in eastern Europe about a hundred years ago it was quite a common act. I suppose if you are familiar with common muggle deviancy it is close to a ‘pony show’ in taboo terms. The specifics have changed with society, but the basic tenets of debasing, male-dominated lewd-ity remain.” The other young people in the room all blushed along with her, and Harry realized that it was the first time seeing Majesta do so, her cheekbones going bright blue.


“A wizard….” Evie turned to look Harry in the eyes, and he tried not to look away, “two Barghest wenches…his dog…..and a jar of peanut butter, I believe is the new version.” She looked at the floor, “There is not enough money in Gringotts...”


There was a moment of silence as everyone quietly died of embarrassment, Emelia taking the lead. “Mom I...I didn’t actually know….just guys make jokes and… Sorry.”


“It's alright honey, I kind of lost my temper for a bit.” She patted her daughter on the head, “I’m still just shocked you took an interest in Harry.” Glancing at the boy out of the corner of her eye she sighed, “You know the only reason he didn’t pick you is because he said he didn’t want to steal all the beautiful women out of our family?”


“Really?” Even through her blush Emi was grinning ferally. “Well, guess that theory is down the rabbit hole.” Emi wrapped them both in a hug, and Harry jumped slightly as he felt a different size hand on each ass cheek.


“So I take it this will be the norm for this Coven then?”


The three of them and the two other girls on the bed turned to look at poor Majesta, who was sitting there with her hands pinched between her knees watching the exchange.


‘Lately? I’m afraid so.” Harry pulled gently free of the hug, and everyone held their breath as he leaned down into the girl's face cupping her cheek. “So as long as we’re clear on that…...Welcome to the family, Majesta?”


“Does that mean—MMMPH!?!” The girl closed her eyes and moaned into his mouth as he tilted his head and went in for the kiss of her life. The other girls watched smirking as she removed her hands from between her knees only to nervously flail around for a bit. She almost grabbed his shoulder, almost braced against the bed, almost held her chest and almost grabbed his shirt. Eventually Harry slid his hands down her arms and laced their fingers as he pulled back.


“Why don’t we make it a double date?”



“Are you sure they’re going to be alright?” Sophia asked nervously as they made their way up the last stretch of road to the castle. Harry, Emelia, and Majesta had, true to his word, embarked on a private get together. Emelia and Majesta both spoke the local language, and the ability of Harry to talk to anyone he was looking directly at meant they’d have no issues navigating the magical half of the city.


“By morning the girls should be fine,” Ginny grinned, holding Eveline’s hand.


“Sore...” Evie chuckled, “but fine.”


“That is not...forget it.” Sophia chuckled as she felt Gabrielle put an arm around her shoulder, she was taller in her more human form, or Sophia was shorter in hers; they couldn’t tell and hadn't really tested it yet.


“How are you liking them?” Gabby nodded down to the item they’d bought in town shopping while the trio went out on a romantic rampage. Sophia hiked up the bottom of her dress to look at the newest addition to her wardrobe with a beaming smile. Shoes.


“It’s odd...they feel uncomfortable, but I know I’d be more uncomfortable walking on these rocks and sticks do you girls deal with this?”


“Easy,” Ginny looked over her shoulder, “foot rubs, I’ll show you.”



Harry was so homesick it wasn’t funny.


A trio of friends. One a huge quidditch fan with an appetite like a wild beast, one a book loving goody-goody who couldn’t help teaching him every single thing she could think of like he desperately needed to know it, and one boy who missed his best friends.


“ in short it’s really just ornamental. Harry?”


He perked up, seeing Majesta looking at him worried. They’d been walking down the street together, Emelia had put her glamor back on so they made the odd trio to be certain. Harry noticed more than a few witches and wizards running shops glaring at them.


“Is it always like this?” He asked the two of them quietly as they stepped up the stairs into a tavern.


“Harry, not everyone is as nice as you.” Majesta mumbled as they crossed the threshold.




They stopped short as the big man by the door eased off his barstool. He was easily three times Harry’s weight. He put his arms up on either side of the threshold into the tavern proper leaning on his elbows above his head as he sneered at them.


“I can put up with the elf, but you’re gonna have to take your bitch somewhere else, boy.” The man looked bored as he eyed them. Harry could feel the hand of the girl he was talking about tighten her grip.


“This isn't worth it Harry...” she warned him, “let’s just go.”


“Listen to your puppy.” The man laughed as he eyed Harry up and down. Harry felt the bile in his throat rise as he knew that this wasn’t an odd occurrence, for either of them. He took a step forward, he knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere, but he couldn’t just turn tail in the face of something like this.


“Sir, we honestly just want to get something to--”


He never got the rest of his sentence out as the man palmed his face and pushed. Harry landed on his ass, embarrassed that he’d been so distracted as to not see that coming, his eyes shot up as he heard a startled squeal. The man had somehow gotten Emelia by the side of her hair, and Harry felt the lump form in his stomach as he took a hold of her chest with the other hand leering.


“Second thought, let me take her for a got a nice set on your darling, what do you say to a bit of time with ol’ Jean? Nothing about you, a collar and a fat cock won’t fix.”


“Let her go!” Majesta stepped forward wand in hand only to take the point of his elbow in the face, falling limp startled.


“Raise your wand on a wizard, are you insane you little knife ear? You’ll get put down for that.” He chuckled as he went to undo the button on the neck of Emelia’s dress. The inside of the tavern grew louder as there was some murmuring and shuffling as people began to take notice.


“LET HER GO!” Harry stood to his feet charging, hating the smirk on the man’s face with every step. He’d intended to push him, both hands out. Harry's never been a muggle fighting type, though he could throw a punch if he wanted to, he thought at least. Right now there were only two people on the planet he could genuinely say he hated.


As his palms made contact with the man’s chest the number went back down to one.


The noise was like a pop, deafeningly loud and wet. Harry stood there, his eyes watering from his rage as he stared into the restaurant. The path was clear save for the five foot cone of gore spread across the now ripped up and splintered floor. Patrons inside were righting the tables, climbing off the floor where they’d been knocked out of the seats by the blast, most holding their heads. Everyone was confused as they all started focusing towards the blast, he could see the faces of several women screaming but he heard nothing but the tinge of ringing.


Harry looked down at his hands, red with blood, and lower to the two individual legs a jumbled mess at his feat. He couldn’t really hear anything in his daze, his ears ringing so hard and he thought he felt a trickle going down his face. He felt himself being jostled and looked to his left to see Majesta wide eyed with panic saying something. Remembering what had happened he turned to his right. Emelia had her back to the wall, bracing herself as she stared down horrified. Her face was half covered in blood and her eyes were unblinking, she looked down at what was left of the man who was only moments ago effectively going to rape her for the fun of it. Harry scanned her face, her eyes, when he got to her hair he blinked several times...then threw up.


Clutching a fist full of the side of her mane was a hand, ash white and severed at the wrist.


Finally he heard a noise, as the darkness around his eyes began to was the sound of Emi screaming his name.



“It will be alright.”


Ginny rested her head on the chest of the old woman talking, who’d not let her go ever since Harry had been brought into the infirmary covered in blood and entrails. She’d at least calmed down significantly once she’d figured out that neither of those items belonged to Harry himself.


“How soon can we see him?” Gabrielle stood beside them hugging a grief stricken Emelia from behind.


“I am doing my best,” Aphrodina patted her on the shoulder, turning back to Ginny she smiled, “He is not being charged, though this will mean having to declare yourselves to the world sooner. The man was a known offender, and he was currently paying Weregild restitution for the last non-human girl he violated.” The older woman snarled, “If I tell my subjects and the wizarding world that he exploded because he groped Merlin's Wife...they won’t even blink slow.” She looked over at the young girl who was blushing crimson. “It is a very strange sensation...” she caught the girl’s gaze, “the day we realize the man we love for being so gentle is capable of tremendously overwhelming violence. Don’t let that change your opinion of him. You did not cause this, this is the result of a man who thought he could take what wasn’t his. Those who treat those around them like so much meat are destined to a similar fate.”


“I-I won’t...” Emelia stuttered as she slowly worked herself free of Gabrielle’s grasp, “I just don’t want him to hate me.”


“Why would he-- darling.” Aphrodina clucked her tongue, releasing Ginny and embracing her, “he will blame himself...Voldemort...his...morning breakfast.” The woman gave a barking sad chuckle, “anything that crawls under the sun and a few things that don’t...before he ever blames either of you for what happened.” Looking around her eyes settled on the girl sitting by herself, hugging her arms around a book as she watched everyone. Gesturing to the girl, she tossed one arm around her and held them close.


“I... shouldn’t be here.” Majesta was nervous, especially considering she was getting hugged by the royal family, in a royal infirmary waiting room.


“You are or very, very, soon will be, a member of this coven.” Aphrodina kissed the girl on top of the head, “that makes you my grand daughter’s wife... technically, and my family. I would very much like to see your mother again when she’s done here. Do you remember me from the time I commissioned my daughter’s and granddaughter’s wands?  Your mother used to work for me personally once.  She was quirky to say the least.”


“That’s mom alright.” Majesta chuckled as she nuzzled into the woman’s bust. It was nice, her mom wasn’t much of a hugger.


“We’ll let them finish cleaning him up, then we can go see if they will let us in.” Aphrodina padded backs and gestured for everyone to sit.



Harry Potter was in pain.


Not the dire life threatening kind, no that was emotional. He didn’t know how long he’d been out for, but he was in pain. His eyes were crusted over from sleep, his body ached like he’d worked out more than his entire life combined in the last hour...and he was blue balled like he couldn’t believe.


Harry since coming to France had been having sex almost twice to three times a day on the regular. However long he’d been out had been the single longest dry spell of his life since discovering the wonders of sex, and it showed. Those orbs felt like they would explode if he shifted his weight too quickly.


He was about to move to see if he could get some relief when he heard the door to his room open. He knew the smell of the hospital bed, but his mind was still hazy about why he was in here. He could remember...anger, protection….rage. Through it all a girl’s face was flashing before him, dark straight hair, golden eyes, and soft thin lips of crimson on a tan skin that went down a long slender neck. Harry groaned as he felt his body react to her memory.


Easing himself up on his elbows he looked around the room. It was the same one that Gabrielle had been locked away to while she had her monthly, he hoped he wouldn’t be here nearly as long. Sliding his feet off the bed he cautiously tested the floor with his toes. Not too cold. Easing his weight to the ground, he realized he was naked once he pulled the sheet away. Not only that, but freshly washed, his skin tingles and burns in places, whatever they’d used had removed all traces of blood and…


Harry remembered, he remembered killing, he remembered the looks of horror at what he’d done on the women he was supposed to protect, their faces. He’d become a monster to them in one scarring moment of clear reality.


He leaned on the doorway of the room, peering down the hallway. The soft sounds of magic could be heard in one room and Harry followed it curiously. He couldn’t remember hearing any other patients in the last month he’d been in France ever being in the royal infirmary. For one horrifying moment he wondered if the girl’s had come to harm while he’d fainted uselessly.


He rounded the corner of the end of the hallway to the largest room and stopped short.


There were three bodies on the tables, and over the one furthest to the left was Bethsemene slowly waving what looked like a knife through the air, carving letters that glowed with each pass like ink touching the page of the universe. The woman’s atheme glowed a soft magenta as she worked, the letters in the air a darker violet like a wound in reality until with a final stroke it was underlined and faded out of existence as it sank into the body below.


Harry blinked and was startled. He knew that face.


Tears welling up he looked at the body, not even embarrassed by the nudity as he looked over her figure. Covered in dozens of scars, the girl looked like she’d seen hell these last two weeks. Currently Beth was working on a wound, a scar running down the side of her throat and over her heart all the way to the bottom of her ribs, intersecting a second star in an ‘X’ over her left breast. Her hair looked like it had been burnt off, shortened to barely cover her ears. Her skin was so soft, so beautiful.


“Hey...Hermione.” He spoke softly, even though she was out cold. Bethsemene looked over at him out of the corner of her eye, and with a grim smile and a nod she went back to work.


Turning he went to the next table. Laying face down he didn’t recognize him at first, the broad back with a gash across it very similar to Hermione’s. Ron was a fright; his face was, to put it bluntly, hamburger, but there was no mistaking that hair. Harry’s heart sank as he studied the rest of his body. A right hand at the elbow. A left leg to the knee. Gone. Bandaged white and soaked red, the young man knew his friend was too lazy to relearn 6 years of magic. Ron might as well be a squib now for all the magic he’d be able to do. It wasn’t that he couldn’t, he just knew his friend deep down didn’t have the drive to do anything like that. Better to in peace…


Harry wiped his eyes and went to the third bed. Luna looked completely fine, at least that's what he thought at first. The work was so detailed and fine Harry missed it at first. What he’d thought was wraps he realized was a cast. Every finger, every toe, every arm and leg. Someone had taken the time to break every part of every limb she had. Harry felt his anger rising again.


“Take that outside before I make you.”


Harry looked over at Beth who’d spoken to him rather harshly and paused. Around Hermione and her was a soft dome of teal light, and as he watched he noticed the surface of it was rippling like water being hit with a strong breeze. The sound of Ron groaning made him look closer, and he noticed the boy’s bed sheets were doing the same thing, as if flapping in the wind.


It was him. Instantly the breeze stopped, and with it his rage at what someone had done to his friend.


“I’m sorry.” He looked at the three of them, “Please help them any way you can,” he bowed at the waist as best as he could remember was a courtly manner, “I would also like to ask your blessing to marry your daughter. I know I have not known her for long but she reminds me quite a bit of my friend you’re helping.”


“Hmm...” Gethsemane smiled, her ivory smile beneath violet eyes spoke of confidence, “I thought you might be a good match. Now then, this curse is rather wickedly hooked in here so I need to concentrate.” Harry nodded and turned to leave.



Ginny smiled at the back of the line, waiting for the other girls to finish their hugs and scoldings. When he finally got Majesta off his neck he took a step towards her.




“Hey yourself. So your saving people thing is getting a little out of hand.”


“Ginny I--”


“Thank you.” Ginny cut him off with a smile, “for refusing to not be you, even when the world thinks differently. I heard once….from a friend, that standing up for others is actually easier than standing up for yourself,,,, for some people. I don’t get it, but they must be talking about guys like you.” Ginny smiled warmly and gently pressed her face to his chest, letting their arms slowly slide around each other. The other girls piled on, and soon Harry was in a circle of warm flesh.


“...honestly Harry?” Ginny giggled, “I know you’ve been asleep for two days but...” She rubbed her face in his newly clothed chest.


“Sorry,” he blushed, kissing the top of her head, “No. Wait. I’m not. I’ve been without the most beautiful women in the world for two whole freaking days, I could go hunting dragon with this thing.” He listened to the girl's reaction, ranging from embarrassment, to amusement, to muttered offers to help as he looked at Aphrodina, talking to another woman. This one a fair bit younger than her, but clearly in the fully featured mature Veela category. The two were talking quietly so he couldn’t make it out at that distance, and he watched concerned as the younger woman teared up and buried her face in Aphrodina’s chest for a sobbing hug.


“Gabrielle,” he turned, seeing the girl under one of his arms cling tighter to him, “is everything okay?” He felt her nails dig into his flesh as she held on tighter. What she didn’t expect was for Ginny to break down at the same time. “Girls,” He tried to get free of the pile but they were holding on so tight and he could hear the beginning of tears from several of them, “what happened?”


“Harry...” Ginny looked up at him with her eyes full of tears.




Apolline Delacour swirled the glass of wine in her hand nervously as she looked down at all the papers on her desk. She needed to stay busy, and needed focus.


“Mother, are you certain about this? Some of these tribes...they’ve been enemies for a millenia. And this one?” She held up a paper, “are you insane? They’re as likely to eat him as bed him!” The woman took a sip of her wine, setting it aside as she continued through the papers. “I wish...I wish he were here.” A single tear fell, “My love was so much better at these things.”


“Your husband is in a better place,” Aphrodina’s words both soothed and agitated the memory as she stepped up behind her daughter, “he stood up for what he knew to be right, and now the one who took him from us will know vengeance at the hands of your daughter’s husband.”


“I would settle for justice.” Apolline lifted her glass only to have it stopped by the wrist by her mother.


“I will not,” Aphrodina’s gaze was hard, “this man thinks he can live outside the law. Let him, see where it takes him. Vengeance is fine by me. Too many forget that the laws of the world are built on the backs of violence. Sentient creatures are not so kind as to follow a rule for the sake of a rule, it must be sured and leveled with consequence or it holds no foundation. He has been above that for a time, and I will watch the memory of his death once a day for the rest of my life drinking a glass of wine with you.” Aphrodina took the said glass from her daughter’s shaky hand. “His time is coming fast, and I want to make sure Little Harry has a boot big enough to squash this bug under.”

Apolline looked over at the woman sitting in the corner, cooing to the child in her arms with tears in her eyes, softly playing with its fingers.


“I hope it is a very big boot.”






“So what do you think?”


Harry eyed Majesty's new cloak, a simple black gown with a hood to cover her features, it was embroidered rather tastefully on the edge. All in all it had the look of making them about the same age, if he wasn’t a good foot shorter than her in his normal form.


“I like it, it's very cute.” Harry smiled, giving her a peck on the lips as she leaned down. He’d intended to give her a hug but froze as his hands worked their way inside the cloak. Her skin bumped up, constricting at his touch as he slid over naked flesh. Looking down he opened her cloak wider.



Bethsemene rolled her eyes as she heard the squeal of pleasure from down the hall.


It had been a day and a half since she’d healed the Brit’s as a favor to the Empress, something she intended to cash in on sooner rather than later. Her daughter had finally begun to come out of her shell, and by the sounds of it had taken her suggestion on pushing Harry’s notice.


Walking to the front of the store she frowned. She hated closing early, it was bad for business, but no one needed to hear this. Slowly she put her smoking pipe in its tray and eased out of her over coat as she walked down the hallway. Turning off one of the gas lamps in the hall she hung her coat on it as she eased open the door.


She’d seen Harry naked during surgery, he’d simply walked in like nothing was wrong and chatted with her casually as his fat girth bobbed in step with his feet. The boy had more than enough to pleasure a woman, currently now in his Dokkalfar form, Beth realized it only got bigger.


The pulse was quick, and she marveled at how far it stretched across the room before fading out. Majesty's bed was on the far wall, and Bethsemene watched as the boy lay on top of her daughter panting. Legs high in the air she could see their sexes joined clearly in the light of the lamps. Even in the post coitus bliss he continued to thrust softly, exposing her gaping labia tugging in and out of her body along his veiny dark length. He was massive in this form, his dark chocolate skin glistening with sweat and his long ears drooping from the effort of taking his lover.


“Maggie?...Maggie are you okay?” She heard his whispers as the boy stood on his toes leaning over the girl who was now seeping cum down her ebony ass till it puddled on the floor between his feet.


Raising her Athame Beth drew a quick symbol, stabbing the center and sending it colliding with his back. The boy gave a startled cry, and as his muscles quivered she walked further into the room.

“Who is-- Beth?!” Harry spoke softly, blushing at being literally caught balls deep in the woman’s daughter, “something is wrong with Majesta.”


“She’s unconscious, Harry.” Beth stood next to him, her naked thigh on the back of his as he leaned around him to inspect the girl, “you’ve been at it for half an hour, and from the sound she hasn’t been allowed to come down. Considering what you’ve had stuffed in her I’m impressed she didn’t black out sooner. You do remember that she was a virgin, correct?”


Harry stiffened as he felt a hand on his lower back, “She said she’d had sex before.” Harry didn’t know how much of her daughter’s personal life the dark elf really wanted to know.


“She has toys,” Beth whispered in his ear, and Harry’s eyes went wide as the hand on his back slid down and cupped his balls, “I kept a charm on her, it only shattered today. I can tell you that her biggest toy is half the size of your penis as a human.” Harry shivered as the hand began rolling his sack around in its grip, the woman kissing his earlobe, “what you’ve got between your legs right now is even bigger than my toys. Let alone what you’ve been using on her, this would have made me nervous.”


“What are you...uh...what are you doing?” Harry found he could turn his head, the only part of his body he could move. The woman’s kiss was different, much more tactical. She licked parts of his mouth that made his body tingle until she pulled away, licking the tip of his nose with a smile and a flick.


“I thought now would be a good time to declare my intention to enter the coven?” She slid backwards and Harry felt her nails drag down his back to his cheeks.


“W-wait that…..!” he would have arched his back if he’d been allowed to move, and looking over his shoulder he could see the woman's nose deep between his cheeks humming amusedly. Finally she pulled back with a smile, licking her lips as her hand resumed fondling his balls.


“You’re the one who chose to be a Veela for the last half hour. I blame you….” She kissed the inside curve of one of his cheeks, “I’ve eaten off of plates that were dirtier than this. Mmmmph….” She hummed happily and Harry’s mouth fell open in shock as he felt teeth, in the best possible way.


Sitting on her heels, Bethsemene revealed the taste of his flesh. The bulging muscle between his sack and his ass was still engorged from his recent lovemaking, and she gnawed on it. Turning her head back and forth she alternated bathing it with her tongue and devouring it, every so often either dipping lower to suck on his midnight colored orbs or raising up off her feet and forcing her long tongue in that freshly transformed pucker.


“Lady….Beth….” Harry gasped as he tried and failed to avoid being penetrated by the same tongue he’d been kissing moments before, “what about Maggie?”


“I’m sure she has enough room in there for one more load.” Beth snickered, nibbling his ass with her teeth lightly, “Besides, I don’t think you mind having both mothers and daughter in your coven from what I hear. I won’t be a public bride though.” She slid her hand up from his slipping sack, curling a finger and pushing just the tip in his pucker.

Harry finally managed to arch his back, and Bethsemene raised an eyebrow. “You’re even more powerful than I’d hoped for.” Harry felt the finger leave his ass and he panted in relief. The weight returned to his back and he looked over at her nervously out of the corner of his eye. “You need someone who is cunning. Not just smart, someone who can think like a villain. I need...well...” She smiled and kissed him on the cheek, and Harry closed his eyes as her hands worked his nuts. “I need a man who can tolerate my...less than common desires.”


“I think I can help with that.” Harry pantsed, smiling for the first time since this had all started, “So should we….?”


“In a bit, I would really hate to leave either of us unsatisfied. I do have one question.” The dark matron leaned heavy on him, sucking on his earlobe, “do any of the girls let you have them this way….or will I be the first woman you fuck up the ass?”


Harry turned his head abruptly, and squealed in pain as Beth sealed his mouth with a kiss forcing her tongue into him as she did the same with her fingers. Harry felt the finger, then a second. The sudden intrusion was almost unbearable, then the fingers curled.


Even the body under him arched in silent release as the waves of golden light burst from the trio of moaning dark elves



“You passed out?!” Sophia was staring at the Majesty's wilting frame, smirking as Emi looked on with a blush.


The group was gathered at a manor just outside the city. The group was growing large enough that even though they were rapidly approaching the dead of winter they’d decided to head to the summer home.


“Yeah?” Majesta blushed as she hid behind her bangs, “I mean, it was really big. Is that bad?”


“Lucky,” Emelia reached out, ruffling the girls hair as they stood off to the side of the main conversation, “I just hope Harry can make time for me before winter really hits, I miss my fur.”


The girls turned as the women in the center of the room began to raise their voices.



“You cannot just….” Apolline Delacour ran her fingers through her hair staring down at the woman laying on her daybed smugly smoking a pipe. “You betrayed our trust.”


“I did no such thing.” Bethsemene let the long drag linger in the air as Apolline and Aphrodina waved it out of existence. “I merely ensured my daughters happiness and took a little for myself in the future. I think all things considered I paid for any inconvenience I may have caused in spades considering my current condition.”


“Harry’s knot up your ass is the least of your concerns right now.” Eveline growled from her chair sitting across the circle.


“I think you’re underestimating what that felt like, surprising since you’ve had it almost everywhere else.” The dark elf matron shifted uncomfortably from where she lay on her side. The older Veela patted her daughter on the shoulder, and as Gabrielle joined them with Ginny on her arm three generations of Veela sat in chairs completing the circle.


“So,” Eveline was the first to speak as they all looked at each other. “Harry says he’s writing up an idea.”


“A strategy for how we should organize this and tell the public.” Apolline stepped her fingers as she sat in one of the high back chairs all the women were gathered to save poor broken bottomed Gethsemane. “Another of your doings?”


“No actually,” the dark elf smiled and took a drag, “this is his own making, though I did counsel him on what the perception would be for certain aspects.”


“Would you care to grace us with your wisdom then?” Gabrielle’s question had a bit of a bite to it, and it was clear that as the second in command set of boobs around her, going over her head to get to Harry was something Beth was going to pay dearly for sooner or later.


“You honor me, my Queen.” Beth smiled warmly at the girl regardless of her demeanor, “and may I say I look forward to serving you in the days to come.” The woman propped herself up on her elbow, and with a pained grunt leaned the other way after sitting up very briefly. “Majesta, honey, would you pour me some more tonic? Now then, Harry fully intends to claim all of Europe as his homeland.”


There was a bit of silence so she nodded and continued. “You can imagine that this will be met with the most token of resistance since traditionally only The Isles have called a Merlin home, as they have by-laws in their government for specifically such an occurrence. However Merlin’s have also traditionally only picked socially graced races….Veela...” She nodded to the three seated before her, “dragons...Svartalfar or Nymphs. Lesser, in the case of social standing, races have never been included before.”


“Politics, right?” Ginny spoke up at the token human in the room, though given what she’d found out last night she could barely call herself that anymore.


“Indeed.” Beth took the offered glass from her daughter and gulped greedily in a very unladylike way before handing it back, “the impoverished races could not be seen as having the ability to rise to power even in the most astronomical of chances. Already he has collected a Satyr, a two Barghest and two Dokkalfar...the wizarding world will be apoplectic to recognize such a union. Harry however has only just begun on his quest to put the wizarding world on its ear.”


“Surely it won’t be so bad?” Gabrielle’s voice sounded as unsure as she looked, it was her grandmother’s voice who answered her.


“The last ‘merlin’ we all know of, he made an attempt to cross the waters to conquer the rest of Europe under the guise of helping a muggle king. It was a bloody battle that lasted a hundred years.”


“The hundred year war was a merlin?!” Ginny’s eyes grew wide as she realized the kind of global politics she was wading into with her husband/boyfriend.


“That man though was young, impoverished, and did so without council or concern. He only chose human witches too. He let the muggles make all the decisions and rarely actually entered battle himself except a handful of times.” Apolline countered with an eyebrow, “I doubt Harry is the kind of man who lets people die in his place.”


“Exactly,” Bethsemene took another drag on her pipe, “and he is also not the type to go without council, hence his inclusion in his plan for the outer ring of council wives.”


“What of what now?” Ginny was on the edge of her seat, holding Gabrielle’s hand. The dark elf propped herself up on her elbow, and the redhead could see that her curious question was mirrored in the faces of the older women present.


“Harry intends to let wiser and more level heads than him set and maintain the policies he wants...” the dark elf gave a slight nod, “as such I am the second of his experiments, thought the first to realize it.”


Aphrodina rubbed her chin, “you took him for yourself though.”


“No,” Beth smiled, shaking her head, “I forced the claim, not knowing how powerless that would make me. He could have let me die of old age as a human perfectly fine without me. I also learned that you cannot seal the pact anally.” She grimaced and all the women shifted a little in their seats. “He made me swear on my magic to never betray or push him again, and with a Barghest up your ass knotted it's very...encouraging to do what he wants.” She smirked seeing how uncomfortable she made them, “so I took my place at Eveline’s side as his council.”


“Me?” Eveline looked up from where she’d been listening disheartened, “what?”


“He trusts you,” the dark matron’s eyes softened, “he will more than likely talk with you about it later, but unless you ask for it I’m positive he has no intention to father children, as it would risk your health.” Every blinked at that, “the older women he seals a pact with will help him and guide him as he tries to fix this world we live in. Your place is counselor, teacher, and lover. He will give you plenty of grandchildren, I can promise you that, but he will never sire you by his own selfish decision.”


There was a moment of silence before Apolline spoke up, pointing fingers softly around the room. “Eveline….You...I suppose I am next?”


“No,” Beth shrugged, “He is aware that you have just lost the man you love, and he will not force you into making a choice like this so soon. He is unashamed of his desires for you, he calls you the next stage of perfection; what Gabrielle will one day become.” Beth actually paused to let mother and daughter look at each other and blush. “No, this duty falls to the Empress this time.”


“What?!” Aphrodina chuckled, “me? Surely--”


“You swore to give him any one thing he desired as a reward,” Beth watched the Empress of a nation go white with shock, “it may be this week or the next, but he knows what he wants now. Your warmth, to split and fill to his heart's content; for the rest of your life.”


“I cannot simply hand over my kingdom.”


“He has no designs on it, and will swear on his magic to that.” Beth grinned wide enough she was barely able to take a draw of her pipe, “the only thing he wants to rule is between your legs. Officially we all of the upper ages will not be wed to him on paper; we are simply mistresses and concubines of the house. A ‘Coven Concubine’….I rather like the sound of that” Bethsemene pretended to shiver, “gives me chills.”


“Where is Harry?” Ginny looked around the room, even over her shoulder at her mother holding a baby in her arms. By the look of her eyes the woman was so spaced out she hadn’t been paying attention to anything as she sat in the sunlight of the day room.


“He’s out with Malcom,” Sophia spoke up from where she was standing by the dark elf’s couch listening. “He should be back after lunch.”




“STOP blocking your face!” Malcom chuckled as he helped the lad up from the ground. Harry was making far more progress now that the two weren’t trying to kill each other. The rest of the guard practicing had been hand picked, and they were flourishing. Harry had told him to pluck anyone from the ranks that was struggling against prejudice more than talent issues and bring them into his personal guard. 30 souls later Malcom had a force of men and women he could take a castle gate with.


“Well, it's a habit to block with the horns now,” the boy was rubbing his forehead which was rapidly going purple.


“NOT AS A HUMAN!” Malcom roared with laughter and several of the others joined in as he rubbed a palm over the lad's battle wound. With a slight grunt of exertion the swelling was down to almost nothing and Malcom was sweating.


“Still amazes me how you do that.” Harry mumbled humbly as the man tended to the pain he’d inflicted. “Nobody ever mentions how Satyr’s healed.”


“It’s not our aspect, just a talent I have from years of channeling into wounds; as a Satyr our aspect is madness.” Malcom mumbled as they stood there, the older man checking where the skin had been pulled open by the wooden sword to make sure it was slowly closing properly, “mostly we’re seen as hedonistic drunks who rape and pillage...but you know, history is written by those who can afford books.”


That was a moment a familiar face came walking up the path, carrying a basket. Harry did a double take, and the shapely woman in the winter dress became a very human Abigail Delacour. Seeing him she smiled softly, an act that to be honest startled the shit out of him.




“Hello Lord Potter, Husband...” the second word was said with a far from innocent tone as she hung from Malcolm's neck kissing him soundly. That fact that Malcom was returning the affection so easily made Harry curious.


“Hey Abigail...” Harry tried cautiously, and nearly raised his sword in alarm when the woman rushed and hugged him.


“Fear no ill will from me, not any longer.” She whispered in his ear giving him a peck on the cheek before handing her goat-man his basket and practically skipping off. Harry looked up at Malcom who smiled after her.


“We have made amends, these few days. It was rough on her at first, we kept her away from the children as my wife worked out her aggressions.” Malcom looked at Harry out of the corner of his eye with a stoic blush, “were it not for you I would not know my wife had a taste for women, nor how aggressively she enjoyed that taste.”


“Um,” Harry ducked his head rubbing the top, “you’re welcome? So all’s good then.” He flinched as the man burst out into laughter.


“Yes, without her power of Allure or her flawless countenance to fall back on Abby has been quite humbled. She is still a beautiful woman with barely any equal among witches, and my wife has found a very unlikely ally I’m afraid. We just finished her breeding ritual last night, we will know by tomorrow if it takes, the gods will be graceful.”


“Breeding...ritual..?” Harry smirked and Malcom’s eyes went wide and he looked away.


“I had assumed Sophia would tell you more of her people.” Malcom muttered and smirked, “but then I’m sure something as intimate as that she was saving for another day’s conversation. You are aware that Satyrs are very...sexual beings.” Malcom looked around to make sure none of the other recruits were listening and beckoned Harry over to the wall where he opened up his gift basket and began to dole out food. “Well, for us mating is exceptionally more drawn out and intimate than a simple pleasure encounter. It begins at dawn, and we do not withdraw until sunset.”


“Withdraw?” Harry’s eyes went wide, “oh you mean--”


“You have not had your body long.” Malcom smirked, “so you have probably not had the realization yet. An….erection...for a Satyr is merely a matter of willpower. You need not even be aroused, likewise you can keep yourself ‘at bay’ even when your fires burn.” Malcom chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, “I had hoped I would not have this conversation for a few years, once I’d had a son, Fawn talk goes to my wife.” He shook his head ruefully. “Mating begins at dawn, and you take your--- you take a woman from behind, typically laying on your sides for comfort. “ Malcom stuttered through a blush, “With a normal Satyr girl this will be no problem, if you wish...say….a human or another species, that is not built for it like a Veela, you will need a helper to fetch the oils. Staying wet enough to breed for a Veela or a Satyr girl is like breathing, but for a witch she will need olive or another type of oil that does not burn her insides at least once an hour. You should also take her at least once every two...sometimes three hours to completion. It is considered a courtesy and a sign of manliness if you hold back till the end.”


“So...” Harry looked down the path, “you and Abby...and your wife was your helper?”


“They are both my wives now,” Malcom smiled, “My dearest Lana sealed that with the kiss and the anklet at the end.” Looking up at Harry, the young man could tell the older man was rightly smug, “There was no oil; tongue, teeth, and fingers were all that were required. We had to wake her twice as her mind failed her, but long before sunset she swore on her magic to love us till her body returned to the earth, and to bear as many sons as my wife would want to name.”


Harry was quiet, his heart pounding and his hands shaky in the presence of such...passion and commitment. He loved Ginny, and Gabrielle….he was even falling in love with the way Sophia and Emelia were...this before him was on a whole new level.


“SO..” he coughed, “have you ever watched quidditch?”



The air was cold.


There was no sunshine, so he knew he was indoors. The bed was clean, warm, and dry. He went to raise his hand to his face, and he stopped. The single tear rolled down his cheek as he put the bandaged stump back down.


Opening his eyes he stared at the ceiling for a second before turning his head.


Luna was there, good. Her screams still haunted him, and he felt the pit in his stomach grow spikes as he looked down, her arms bound and bandaged. He rolled to his other side and froze.


She was awake. She was glaring at him. He couldn’t move, locking eyes as the two shared a silent moment of shame and rage. He finally broke away as her eyes began to well tears, snarling at him.


He needed to get out of here. Before they found out what he’d done, what he’d become. There was no going back, a moment of Heroism did not make up for this.


“You shouldn’t be here.”


Ron closed his eyes as he rolled his back to the woman he’d loved for almost 5 years.


“...I know.”


The silence hung in the air, only breathing could be heard for who knows how long. Finally the silence was broken by the sounds of rapidly approaching footfalls. Both of them lifted their heads, and after looking at each other, watched the door.


Within seconds the door swung open so hard it slammed into the back wall with a thunderous crack.


“Mione! Ron!” The dark haired missile split the difference between them. Ron watched him and Hermione crush each other with hugs before he turned to him. He saw Harry hesitate, and for a second he thought it was from his sins. Then he gingerly leaned forward, awkward trying to hug the redhead, and Ron realized he was avoiding the wounds. “I missed you guys so much. I’m so happy you’re all in one piece.” Harry pulled away suddenly, “I mean--”


“S’alright,” Ron rubbed his chest with his one remaining hand and looked at his friend with a wide smile. “Good to see you alive mate… not too many of us--”


“Shut it Ron!” Hermione barked at him, and Harry couldn’t help but take a step back from between them, “Who’s fault is it that we got --”


“I said I was sorry!”


There was a moment of silence as everyone watched the red headed young man, his eyes overflowing with tears.


“...Ron?” Harry tried to put his hand on his best friend's shoulder only to have it shrugged off.


“Tell him Ron.” Hermione’s voice was menacing as she leaned on the edge of her bed, “tell him what--”


“Hermione!” Harry turned to her, and she was so startled by his expression she fell silent, “please.”


“They made me….” Ron’s voice was weak, his sheets balled in his fist.


“Ron here betrayed us to the Death Eaters,” Hermione finished for him, “supposedly, they took Lavender at the beginning of summer. He let them in the wards.” Her last words spit out with so much contempt. Harry’s eyebrows found his hair as he turned on his friend who was burying his face in his chest sobbing tears. “Did you know they’d come that night? Is that why we--” The girl choked back a sob and Harry didn’t know who he wanted to hold more. “Did you know that was the night you were going to fuck us all? You just decided I deserved it personally?!”


Harry had to catch her, embracing her in a hug as she leaped at the man on the adjacent bed.


“Mione,” Harry called to her even as she tried to clamor over him, “Mione...Mione….” He felt himself beginning to tear up as she petted her back, “Mione….easy….easy...”


Soft sounds of sobbing filled the room, and Harry shushed the woman in his arms quietly as the red head looked on.



“I can’t believe he sold us out.” Ginny huddled, Sophia had an arm draped across her shoulders as she sat on the bed.


“We had Ron move into a private room.” Harry rubbed his neck, “honestly, if it was you Ginny--”


“Don’t you fucking dare.” Ginny looked up, “Harry, even if you thought it would get me killed you wouldn’t sell out your friends and family. I can’t believe, I mean, Lavender?”


“He still cares about her.” Harry grimaced, “and from what Hermione said those two are in...were in a relationship of convenience anyway.” He cocked his head at Ginny who was suddenly looking anywhere else.


“Gin? You know something?”


“Hermione...” Ginny worried her lip, “she’s been...kinda dating my brothers.”


“Yeah we-- ‘brothers’?” Harry bobbed his head back as if struck lightly.


“She kind of,” Ginny smirked, “from the story she told me, summer after first year she caught Fred and George playing with themselves at my house, full on wand polishing. She assured them that it was quite alright and that it was perfectly natural. Convinced them she was mature enough to keep a secret.” Ginny rolled her eyes, “She was getting fingered and giving handy’s before second year started. Third year started, she wasn’t a virgin. The couch in the common room? I’ll never sit on it again.” Ginny watched Harry’s face grow more surprised and nervous by the second.


“So she and...the twins? Both?!” Harry sat down next to her, “I never would have imagined. What about Viktor?” He watched the girl slump.


“That was the year they broke up, the guy’s got girlfriends ‘officially’ in their own year and told her to really consider Ron, if she loved ginger that much.” Ginny chuckled, “Funny how teasing Ron led her down the path to actually dating him. I didn’t know they’d gone that far though.” The red headed woman thought back to what Harry told her and winced. “Guess I wasn’t the only one who snuck off that night. Ron was probably over the moon, finally getting laid.”


“If we’d not had that accident with the portkey, who knows what would have happened to all of us.” Harry reached behind her, softly rubbing her back from the other side while Sophia rubbed her neck from the other.


“I’m glad,” Sophia nuzzled the smaller girl’s shoulder, “I never would have met you two otherwise. Life with Gabby would still be a dream.” She kissed bare shoulders and stood up, the soft glow enveloping her body as she changed into something more human. “Brrrr...cold floor, how do you put up with this? My toes are freezing.” She wriggled them for effect holding up a foot as she rubbed her biceps.


“Socks darling,” Ginny grabbed the girl by the ankle she’d lifted and ran a finger up the sole, causing the girl to squawk and yank her foot away, “ticklish, going to remember that.”



It was much later that night, and Emelia was having her own human problems. She’d always slept nude before, fur had a way of making you secure in your own skin when it came to bedtime. Now she was cold, and the sheets that Gabrielle and Ginny had insisted she sleep in till she came to the palace stimulated her skin too much. She tossed and turned one last time before throwing the covers off with a huff.


The hallway floor was hardwood, but thankfully panties and an oversized shirt from an unmentioned boy meant only her feet were cold for the trip to the kitchen. She heard soft talking long before the end of the hallway and her stomach did turns as she rounded the corner.


“Hey mom...daddy.” She smirked as she looked at the two people sharing a drink at the table talking quietly. Harry was in his incredibly handsome barghest form, though mom was in her human shape. Emelia couldn’t make out why the woman was sitting there fully dressed but flushed and panting across the table from him.


“Hey honey,” Eveline groaned, laying her head on the table she reached her hand across the table taking Harry’s, “your husband and I were just discussing a very important issue.”


“I’ll bet.” Emelia rolled her eyes walking up to the table. She reached over, taking the cup from his hand. She almost had it to her lips, but she froze when they stood. Her mother slowly morphed back into her true form, but it was Harry’s body, nude from the waist down that caught her short. She stared at his long, flaccid, and spent cock till the shock of having the drink trickle down her shirt woke her up.


“Harry and I wanted to make sure...” Eveline whispered, and Emelia’s entire spine went rigid as the tickle of breath on her ear, “that a young human girl could take the knot.” the scent of potion wafted in her nose as a smaller furred hand waved a vial under her nose. “My hair was a lot more wavy back then.”


“M-mom?” Emelia’s voice squeaked as Harry kissed her on the mouth, his hands roaming her body until he began tugging down her panties. The girl was panting long before he turned her around, and bent over the breakfast table she found herself eye to eye with her sympathetic looking mother.


“Just don’t make the mistake I did and bite your tongue.”


“Uhhhh…….” Harry’s sigh of contentment as his body weight mashed her into the wood, his actions were met with wide eyed panic and open mouthed shock.


“Breathe darling,” Eveline smirked a wolfy grin, “he only takes a few minutes, just remember to breathe.” She petted the young woman’s face as her body began surging forward, a slight motion like a wave as the sounds of two beasts with one back steadily filled the room. “She looks like she might be tighter than I was.”

“N-no comment.” Harry chuckled as his pace began to increase, “ooooooh god that’s good….mmmm..” Evi chuckled as Harry began licking the back of the head of the girl under him. Poor Emi looked like her world was ending, her eyes squinted shut as her clenched fists trembled next to her face.


“Are you close?” Eveline leaned up, and kissing her lover she listened to his whining pants. She got her answer several seconds later. She nipped the scruff of his neck as she felt the waves of orgasm wash over her body. The sight down his back of his tail bouncing, stiff as a board and trembling as it bobbed was absolutely adorable, and she realized he probably did the same thing to her; she'd just been too out of it to appreciate it.


“Oh hell that is….oh that’s good.” Harry huffed, smiling, “Emelia, I just want you to know that I really do-- Emelia?” he cocked his head, looking down. “Emi?” The girl had her old look, well as close as she could with her face laying on the table, her tongue lolled out of her mouth and panting with her eyes rolled up in her head. “Oh shit, Evi I think--”


The laughter was loud, startlingly loud. Harry looked up to see the woman holding her side as she pointed at the younger woman. Sitting up Harry stood up right with the girl who’s feet weren’t even reaching the ground; he’d pushed her far enough onto the table they hung out at an angle on trembling legs.


“That...” Eveline petted her daughter’s bangs off her face. “Is the face of a bitch.” Her eyes met Harry’s and she could see he was not exactly happy with that phrase, “oh stop Harry, it’s not as bad a term between Barghest as it is for witches. She’s yours, unequivocally and undeniably. If you told her tomorrow morning you wanted to have her bear your children; that girl would be on the breakfast table ...face down, ass up in the bangers asking Ginny to pass the juice.”


Harry laughed, which apparently caused large parts of him to jump since the girl attached at the hip to him moaned and smiled dreamily. “Is she going to be okay?”


“Yes,” Emelia spoke, and they both looked down at her as she slowly seemed to focus, “D--..” Harry leaned closer as her voice grew very quiet.




“D--...” Harry listened to the girl looking over her shoulder, and he felt the body wrapped around his girth clench so hard he grew light headed as she took his hand off her hip and squeezed it. “Daddy~...”




“Oh will you quit fussing!”


Apolline tugged the boy’s tie one more time. Last night he’d apparently sealed the pact with his remaining little princess. She didn’t need the details on who it was, the girl was sitting in the corner literally wagging watching him get dressed.


As the acting princess of the realm, she’d volunteered to help him look the part. Also it seemed a good time to really get to know the man who’d so suddenly wed her daughter. There was propriety to think of, but magic sort of had a way of trumping politics. She’d seen him as his ‘natural’ form, but to be honest this Veela form was rather fetching.


“Is it done mam?” The boy looked down at her, and Apolline was reminded once again that the man was not only taller than her in this shape, he was more potent. She now regretted her youth, teasing all those boys with her allure magic. She was not immune, and he was far from weak with it. His sexual desires were as potent as any touch and she felt his gaze on her skin sweep across her like a sunburn everytime he looked down from where he tried to stare straight ahead.


“I’m close.” She said innocently enough, but she felt him tense and blushed as she realized that with the strain in her voice from being teased it had sounded far less tame than she’d intended. She tensed lightly as the man in the dress robes enveloped her in a hug and held her with arms far stronger than any she’d felt in a long time.


“We should get going Polly.” He let her go and walked to the door. Apolline followed with her hand over her heart, if only her mother hadn't told him her nickname. The Barghest girl nudged past her, and Apolline couldn’t quite place the emotion in her chest as she watched the tall handsome Veela man lace his fingers with the small Barghest girl. This was the cusp of a new world, and her daughter would be a ruler in it.


Stepping into the foyer they gathered the rest of the group. Ginerva and her little Gabrielle looked like they were practically Queens with the way they were elegantly layered in their matching blue gowns. Eveline was in a white flowing gown to match her daughter who quickly joined her with a hug.


Apolline winced as she looked at the rest of the group. Sophia, the Satyr girl who led Harry’s personal guard, stood there in full golden armor. Her face painted in the old tribal designs to counterpoint her modern attire, she matched the mountain of a man who was her second.


She’d talked to her sister, the younger girl had confessed to her sins. The two had a long talk, and she now knew this man was her new husband. The man looked at her out of the corner of her eye and smiled softly. He was a good man, gentle and kind, and he was in for a surprise when he got home tonight. Abigail had been over the moon sharing the doctor’s news, and Apolline idly wondered if she could be as good an aunt as she was a mother. Triplets though was going to be quite a hassle, she hoped her sister was resting well.


“Let’s go greet the ambassadors, shall we?” her mother’s voice rang out, and as Apolline looked up and nearly fainted. The woman was not chastely dressed like an Empress, if anything she looked like the madam of a brothel. The slit sided red dress hugged her figure so tight it was a wonder she could breathe, her breasts a pillow top that caused the amulet she was wearing to almost lay flat on the table of her chest.


Harry stepped forward, offering his arm and together the procession left the front doors of the summer home to the carriages outside. One by one he handed every female, even Apolline herself and then his own honor guard captain into the carriage. Apolline took a seat next to her mother and watched the rest of the company get comfortable inside the magically enlarged space.


“You know...” she smirked looking at them, “we have plenty of room.”


Harry looked up at her blinking, on his left Eveline was pressed tight to his side, and Sophia tight to his right in her bulky armor. Across his lap Emelia and Gabrielle each sat on a thigh, in the center with an arm around each girl was a very smug Ginerva.


“yeah?” Ginny grinned at her.


Apolline sighed as the group snuggled in for the ride.





The fanfare was nearly deafening.


Hermione winced covering her sensitive ears as she sat in, of all places, a seat of honor in the court of the Veela. She felt slightly out of place, since the strange woman named Beth had come to her and dressed her in this...Burqa. She wasn’t sure she really wanted to be in a place where taking her hat off could get her killed, but as she watched Harry sitting with his...wives...she knew she needed to be here for him.


The big doors opened wide as the menagerie began to flock in. Hermione felt herself tense, unable to move as the troll ducked through the doorway third or fourth in line. Centaurs, Fairies, even some creatures she couldn’t identify. The one that really drew her attention was the buxom woman who looked completely normal. She was barely clad to the point of modesty, and as she walked in with a bored kind of air she scanned her eyes over the crowd. They only met gaze for a split second, and Hermione knew that she would either die of drowning or have an orgasm if that woman’s gaze stayed on her too long...she wasn’t sure which she preferred.


“Welcome.” Hermione looked up to see Aphrodina, the Empress of the Fey Court waving her hand graciously. She was a proud woman who had been in power for over a hundred years, and she didn’t look 50 yet. Gracefully waving to them all she smiled the most beautiful smile, and gesturing below her on the stairs Harry stood from his place sitting on the steps like some overly stacked schoolboy delinquent.


He was so strong looking, so confident, so sexy. Hermione shook her head, knowing it was the Veela Allure he was pumping out making her head fuzzy. Not since her second time ever having sex had she thought about Harry in that way. He looked up to her like an older sister, but as he casually bounded down the stairs toward the crowd she was not having sisterly thoughts. His smile was in full force, and as he stepped to the first two Hermione could see the women swooning. Holding their hand as he spoke, a gentle rub on the arm, and then he was off to greet another. Hermione laughed as the woman who she'd feared practically fell over leaning into him and being sidestepped. It was not a situation she was used to, that much was obvious. Being politely sidestepped by a man was not something you simply did ‘to her’. She’d seen enough Diva in her time at Hogwarts to recognize a purebred.


Hermione saw the problem and was on her feet without thinking. She’d seen the look, the danger. So had Sophia it seemed because she stepped between the love of her life and the woman spurned accidentally. The words were exchanged, and just as Harry seemed to notice something behind him was amiss, it happened.


Like thunder, the sound of flesh on flesh clapped out. Everyone was gasping in shock as Sophia rubbed her cheek. That audacious bitch had the gall to backhand the guard and was attempting to shoulder past her when Harry was on her.


Hermione had never been afraid of Harry. Growing up she’d accepted his immense magical power as just being innately Harry. She’d heard other girls sniffing around him, and she’d done her best to protect him from leering worthless tramps and fan girls. This was the first time she’d seen a side of Harry that both reinforced what she knew about him and terrified the shit out of her.


The woman had seen him coming and opened her mouth to speak. She hadn’t gotten more than a slight noise out before Harry palmed her entire face. The rest gave startled clamoring as he dragged the woman by her face across the red carpet, kicking and squealing in muffled protest until he dumped her at the foot of the stares at the Empress feet.


“How dare--?!” The girl screeched as she made to stand up. Harry put his foot in the center of her stomach and pushed it to the floor standing in her navel.


“You are Manza, if I am correct?” The Empress’s voice made Hermione want to be anywhere else right now. “Is there a reason you would dare to be so brazen and wish for death in my court?” Everyone fell silent as the woman went from outraged to horrified in less time than it took to look over her shoulder.


“My Lady, I am sorry.” She gripped Harry’s ankle with a fervor as she tried to speak to the only sane person in the room. “What have I done? That silly fawn girl--”


“That girl is a member of the royal family.” Dead silence, Hermione didn’t breathe for fear of being the loudest one in the room. “She is one of the brides of the man you seem to be earning the displeasure of. You may deal with her as you see fit, my lord.”


Everyone watched with unblinking eyes as Harry slumped, it was obvious he was thinking. The rage inside him was almost visible as he raised his chin. Hermione felt the surge of fear inside her as he drew back his fist.






Everyone watched two figures come streaking out of the crowd. Harry flinched as one gripped and hugged his legs while the other threw itself over the cowering form under his boot.


“Please my lord,” the one hugging his legs pleaded, and Harry looked down to see a girl with tears streaming down her eyes. “Let me take her place.”


“No me,” the larger figure draped over the offender's head spoke in softer tones, “I have failed as a mother, please if there is to be a punishment it should fall to me.”


Everyone watched the rage evaporate from the man’s face, and he pulled his foot free of the pile of women to the sounds of gasping and coughing. The crowd breathed a collective sigh of relief around her; apparently the tale of what Harry could now do with his fist had not missed a soul, including her.


“You...” Harry looked at the woman crying in front of her holding her daughter and at what he could now realize as her youngest clutching his other leg, “you are a good mother I can tell, don’t blame yourself for this.”




Everyone looked up at the Empress who was looking down on the scene.


“We cannot leave this unpunished. You will have to pronounce a sentence, my prince.”


The last two words radiated from her, and every ambassador here’s face fell into the realization of what was transpiring here. This was not a Queen holding a court for the Merlin so he could meet with prospective coven members. This man was a lord in this court, this was his domain...this was a Merlin’s Domain, and they were barely guests.


“I will, Nana.” He smirked and there were a few astonished gasps from the more daring members of the native court as the woman on the throne nodded her head with a blush.




He spoke the word with so much….finality. She was so startled at hearing her name from that throat that she didn’t stand until he turned, pouring his gaze into her soul.


“Take them to my chambers please. Welcome to the family, you two.” He patted the confused girl clutching him on top of the head. “Go with Mione, you can trust her. I do.” He stood straight and watched as the walking blue Hijab started to escort the mother and daughter from the room.


“As for you.” He turned and the woman on the stairs gazed up at him helplessly. She knew her arrogance and station had blinded her to the dangers. She’d treated that poor girl the way Human Wizards treated her outside her own city. She was in the inhuman courts, she always reveled in her station here. Flaunted it. “Manza, Lady of Finland, Heiress of the Horned Crown, and former representative of the Hulder race….you will swear on your life and magic to do exactly what I tell you to from this moment on, or you will die by my hand for everyone to see.” He reached out, and watched the woman flinch as he cupped her chin. “You are beautiful, and by all accounts very likable. If you had more patience I’m sure I could have grown to know you and love I do my precious Sophia. You are about to be among the most privileged creatures on the planet. Because you have caused harm to a woman I swore my life to keep from harm, and failing that avenge. You should know that my punishment will be lifelong, but it will not be cruel. However if she thinks it is not sufficient, I will simply kill you quickly at her pleasure.”


“Y-yes my lord.” The girl on the ground’s chest was heaving as she nodded, “my lord is merciful.”


“I am happy to see you smile again Manza. Now, first thing; get your cow-tailed ass off my Nana’s steps and go apologize to my wife.”



“Well, that could have gone more subtle.” Ginny laughed openly as the last of the doors closed for the day. It had been a more reserved affair after Harry had nearly atomized a guest. In the end he’d picked six more candidates to interview further. They’d been offered lodgings for them and one other.


“Sorry for the drama Harry,” Sophia blushed, resting her head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, “I could see she was a bit too hungry, but I didn’t think the bint would smack me.”


“What are we going to do with her anyway?” Gabrielle took extra care in examining Sophia’s face with her eyes and hands as she pulled the girl away, seeming satisfied the two shared a very chaste kiss.


“Get a room for you two.” Ginny catcalled, “preferably mine.” The statement was met with a light-hearted chuckle from most of the group. Harry stepped up and gave the redhead a less than chaste kiss herself. “Uh...” Ginny looked up at him, lacing her fingers behind his neck, “nevermind, it’s occupied.”


“Seriously though Harry.” Hermione spoke up from leaning against the doorway, “do you have anything even approaching a plan?” She walked in and pulled off the Hijab now that they were in private chambers and being human wasn’t a death sentence.


“How could I call myself the best friend of the smartest witch in a millennia and not have a plan?” He undid his tie and tossed it into a chair. “What about you? Do you have any plans for when you get back home?” Harry smiled as his friend did, “ and….Fred or George.”


“No.” Hermione looked nervously over at Ginny, “I think I’m done with Weasley men, thank you.” She watched as his shirt came next, feeling the fluster of that damned allure. He undid the cuffs and turned, letting Sophia take it off him. The girl in question wrapped her arms around him, enjoying the look on his face as she began to drag her nails across his chest kissing his cheek.


“You didn’t have to do that for me.”


“The only reason she lived is because I didn’t want to hurt anyone else in the room with the impact.” Harry’s eyes told the truth of it, and Hermione realized he’d become far more calculating in the three weeks they’d been separated. “As it is, depending on how well those two get along she may wish I’ve killed her.”


“Who?” Hermione found her voice as she drew her eyes away from his pectorals.


“Ron,” Harry smirked, “the best punishment I could think of, right now she’s probably already had him down her throat at least twice. She’ll report back to me and keep him in line for me, but neither one of them will ever betray me or mine again.”


Hermione’s heart skipped a beat, Harry thought being with Ron was a punishment? “How can you be so sure he’s going to just accept her?”


“Mione,” Harry rolled his eyes, “she’s a Huldr, his dick’s not going to give him much of a choice. They’re the... Veela are to Huldr as nude art is to pornography.” Harry hugged his shocked friend, “they’re water nymphs related to Veela and Siren. They’re Ansa doesn’t affect the mind like a Veela or the siren, it goes...lower.” He wagged his eyebrows, “Hell, it’s so strong even you would consider women.” He pecked her on the cheek, a mark that burned Hermione’s skin if only in her mind.


“Where are you headed off to, handsome?” Ginny put her arm around Hermione’s waist to steady the girl as he began walking toward the door pulling on a T-shirt.


“Promised Nana I’d try her cooking.” He shucked his pants as well, seemingly not caring that Hermione had to turn around with a blush to avoid watching his ‘grandfather clock’ tick right out of his slacks. The pendulum weight at the bottom was especially good at keeping time as he tugged the jeans over his feet.


“Harry,” Gabby looked over at Sophia, “my grandmother hasn’t cooked a meal in 50 years.”


“Strange,” Harry shrugged as he opened the door to the sun room and stepped out, “she left me a note. Insisted I come by immediately after the ceremony so she could give me a taste of her pie.”


Four women stood there with mouth hanging open as the door shut behind the man-who-lived.


“Was he always this clueless?” Sophia mumbled.


“I think it’s gotten worse as he gets older.” Ginny whispered back.


“No it's always been like this,” Hermione smiled, “It’s just ten times worse when girls are involved.”



“How long has it been, my love?”


Aphrodina pursed her lips, looking at what remained of her gown in the full length mirror near her bed. She turned, waiting for the answer as she watched the woman smoking her foul pipe in the high back by the fire.


“Too long Dina, not since your first late husband,” Bethsemene put her pipe down and walked up to the woman in front of the mirror. Red Corset, garterbelt and stockings were all that remained of her once form fitting dress. Beth noted that even after several decades, no one in the damned family wore much in the way of panties. “and you did not call me at all during your second.”


“It was a political marriage that time, Bethy.” Aphrodina winced, “even I was not welcome in that bed.”


“30 years under the weight of a poof.” Beth slid her open-robed and nude body up the back of the woman as she cupped her pillow topped breasts, “that must have been hell.”


“He was a good man, he was good to my family.” Aphrodina winced, “he just did not find me--”


“He was a man lover Dina,” Beth hissed, “anyone who has the legal and moral right to climb into our bed and does not has no interest the the fairer sex. Had I the clout and the cock, your belly would never have gone down these many years.” She punctuated the sentence with a kiss on the next.


“You did come to me with clout, my love.”


“A self-righteous daughter of a forgotten priestess,” the dark elf laughed, “from some no-name cave barely big enough to shit in. Your kingdom was legitimized in the eyes of wizard law, if barely. You were a princess of the realm. I was proud to be your hand maid. I was proud that you called me friend. When you took a lover and a husband, I was humbled to warm your bed still…..and when he finally lost his restraint.” Beth turned the woman, and their breath mingled as they stared into each other’s eyes. “it was your hand I reached for and held, as he crammed a child deep into my belly.” The women shared a tender kiss, and Aphrodina shivered as Bethsemene played with the naked flesh of her ass.


“I am the one… who asked him,” Dina chanced the words, looking at Beth’s lips rather than her eyes, “you were a good girl, you would make a fine mother. I saw no reason for you to live your life barren at my side. I...I am sorry I could not claim you once the great war was over, I was consolidating power and any lovers I took were targets. It’s why I chose the man I did. To this day I do not believe for a second he died falling from a horse.”


“I have not regretted it, these many years,” Beth’s voice was shaky, “but to know it was you who put a child in me gives me a happiness I had not felt before.” The second kiss shared was far less innocent than the last, and Dina gasped as her bust was ripped from the top of the corset to lay exposed to the smokey dark skinned hands of a master manipulator of flesh.


“Taste me.”



Harry Potter rounded the corner, pushing the door that was already cracked open and stopped at the sight before him.


“Good evening Harry.” Beth called, idly tweaking a nipple on the girl in front of her. Harry let his eyes take down their bodies, sweaty and mostly nude. Her face surrounded by Beth’s considerable bust he could see the Empress, a panting bedroom-eyed mess. Her back to the darker fleshed woman’s stomach, she was splayed out, and Harry could see her sex reddened and abused clearly. The older woman tried to close her legs, but the woman she was laying on top of had her feet over the tops of the woman's thighs, her toes digging into the back of the pale woman’s knees to keep them open. “I see you got my message.” The dark beauty smiled at him, “we were just finishing up baking. We’re almost done with the creampie but we’re missing a very important ingredient.”


“Uh...” Harry found himself slowly walking towards the bed.


“Long ago,” Beth cooed, licking the side of her woman she was cradling face, “Dina here gave me to her lover as a prize. I was loved, ravaged, and kept as a sexual pet for almost a decade. You can thank my addiction to having my backside full to that handsome deviant.” She pinched one of the woman’s nipples causing her to arch. “For years we’ve been lovers in secret Harry, but thanks to you we finally have a way to be together without consequences. As such...” she blushed and grinned, “I have a fantasy I would like you to help me with.”


“Really?” Harry’s voice came out squeaky. He’d been having sex for only a few weeks, the sight of these two matrons of sensuality was rapidly overloading his brain.


“Yes, it is not one I could ever have possibly acted on….until now.” She began to drag her nails across the woman’s stomach, causing welts that vanished almost instantly...though Dina’s moan remained long after the redness had ceased. “Despite this amazing body, my soon to be wife here has never known the pleasures of more than one man...and she’s not had that in half a century.”


Harry stood there as the Dark Elf turned the matron Veela’s head and began to kiss her soundly as wet fingers dug into places Harry had barely managed to imagine till now. The two remained that way for almost a minute before the Dark Elf pulled back leaving her lover panting.


“You have...a gift.” Beth nipped at her lover's ear, “you acquired it the day you took my daughter as your own. I want you to use it now.” She watched the boy shift uncomfortably in his shoes as he looked them over.


“Perhaps I should be less discreet? Harry, take my shape and fuck her. I want Dina to know the girth of a Dokkalfar male, I want to watch ebony length smeared with her devastation. Grant me the sight of my own kind dominating her. Let me see that long black cock make her our wife, and I swear to you that no hole in this bed will be denied you tonight.” The woman licked her lips as she made a fist of the woman on top of her, shaking her heavy chest by a nipple. “Gabrielle most likely does not have the courage yet, so you won’t know.” She grinned. “You think you have seen a woman pleasured? Wait until you bury yourself in a Veela’s ass. It is a special place, this one brought her lover to tears every time he emptied himself in it.”


Silence reigned as the sound of pants hitting the floor echoed in the chamber.


“Stars have mercy.” Dina gasped as she stared wide eyed.


“There is a lot to measure between those legs my love,” Beth kissed her lover’s cheek, rubbing the pale flesh of her stomach, “but tonight you won’t find an inch of mercy.”





“Yes….oooh...yes, just like that.”


Harry looked over at Bethsemene, the woman was laying with her feet towards the head of the bed so she could get her face as close as possible to the action. Every so often she would run her hand up the back of his thigh and massage his balls. Three times now he’d been shut off. She’d told him to mention when he was close, and every time she’d have him hold himself as deep as he could while she looped her fingers around the base of his balls and pulled down gently. They’d stayed like that for a minute or so, and then he could continue without the fear of unwanted release.


Standing on his knees behind the matron Veela who’d been locked on all fours this entire time, he listened to the clap of flesh as his hips met hers again and again like applause waiting for his encore, begging him to continue just as much as the dark elf woman beside him licking her lips watching his cock disappear into her girlfriend again and again. Aphrodina squealed, hugging the pillow that she’d not taken off her face this entire time a little tighter as yet another batch of white streaking cum marrying up the features of his steely black pipe. The whiter girl’s release was met with a laughing moan from the darker woman.


He was destroying her. This was the single longest sexual encounter he’d had in his life. This was also the second biggest set of equipment he could summon next to the Satyr, though this was far thicker. Mix with that her near virgin tightness and it was a recipe for pain and pleasure. Part of him wondered if she was just having some kind of sexual seizure or she was actually cumming this much. He wouldn’t have even pushed this far had Dina herself not looked over her shoulder at him a few minutes ago, pleading for more. She needed this, after denying her womanhood for so long she needed to feel wanted, ravaged, taken.


“Are you close?” The whisper in his ear threw him off guard, and he turned to see that at some point Beth had gotten up, now cuddling his back as he thrust. He didn’t trust his voice, so he only nodded as he panted. “Just go with what I say, this is for her fantasy.” The words lingered in his ears as she lay down beside her lover.


“Mmmph!” Dina barely resisted the pillow being pulled out from under her face or the tongue being shoved in her mouth. Harry slowed his thrusts as the dark elf woman pushed the Veela up onto her hands and knees and crawled under her.


“Are you ready my love?” Beth bit down on the woman’s throat and pulled her tight to her as she locked her ankles around, setting her feet on top of the male hands massaging the woman’s ass as he thrust. “The tables have turned, now I’m the one with a man, offering him your belly.”


Harry felt his cocked clamped in wet walls as the Empress shuddered. The statement for some reason made her so tight it was getting difficult. “We….can’t...” she gasped, and Harry gritted his teeth as the woman wouldn't let up on him.


“Oh he will,” Beth whispered loud enough for the both of them to hear, “you can feel his girth, he owns your belly and you know it.” As if to point it out she reached between them, and Harry finally felt relief from the pressure as Dina’s body began to quake.


“D-don’t!” Dina cried as Harry felt the already abundant wetness coating his length begin to run freely.


“Your lover put a daughter in my belly...” Beth whispered, “is it not fair to repay? I know you felt them hitting you. His balls are heavy and full with everything you’ll ever need. Admit it, you want to feel it growing, the fullness again.” Harry’s balls were growing tighter by the second watching this exchange, and the fact that his thrusts were slowing down didn’t seem to bother anyone.


“My...responsibilities.” Dina’s body shivered, and Harry felt the goosebumps under his palms as he pulled her back on his shaft again and again.


“I wonder,” Beth smiled into her ear, “will our daughter look more like you this time? Or perhaps something a little….darker?” She raked her nails across the woman’s back causing her to clench, “what will the court say, seeing the proof you’ve been bred by the deep earth?”


“I’m close.” Harry gave the customary warning like he had three times before, this exchange driving him fast to his end. He almost hoped for another stay of execution, to watch this taboo go on.


“Do it my love!” Beth twisted a nipple of her own, arching her back up into the Veela, “Split her belly open, fill the cracks. Leave a seed so deep it takes months to surface!” The woman took one of the pinker white flesh nipples and did the same, “Tell him Dina, beg him for it! Take what you shouldn’t have!”


“Please! Give it to me!” Harry watched the matron’s fist ball in the sheets as she trembled on all fours too far gone to even look back at him, “Breed me, whore my belly with your seed!”


That was far more than any sane man could handle, and Harry folded over her as his aura flared. He idly reached up to play with the woman’s massive chest as he listened to the women scream into each other's mouths. As the first surge traveled up his length, he realized he hadn’t technically had sex at all today, not since Emelia the night before. He could feel the warmth spreading and he knew this was going to be a considerable mess.


Balls deep in the woman, he felt the sands of sleep begin to shift.





Harry’s brain slowly drifted back from the shadows as he fluttered to life. The sunlight coming through the drapes hurt his eyes.




Harry looked around lazily trying to find the source of the cough until he looked down at his body and froze. Apparently the women had snuggled up to him in his sleep, and that was his current predicament as he looked into the eyes of a very perturbed Apolline Delacour.


He was still in his Dokkalfar shape, but the woman had curled into each side of him with a vengeance. He was lower on the bed than they, but as he looked into the woman’s eyes he realized he wasn’t resting on pillows. The women had each of his arms tucked under one of theirs as was laying at an angle braced by pillows themselves, they were too close for him to tell who’s tit he was actually laying on. Add to that, they’d tucked his knees between their own and locked their ankles in their sleep. This meant that he looked down his completely nude form trapped in the shape of an ‘X’ toward the daughter of the woman who was by the feel of it still leaking cum all over his thigh.


“Rest well?” She quipped without the tiniest humor in her voice, and Harry realized his morning wood was making it worse. If it had laid against his stomach that would be fine, but it had been pointed down in his sleep somehow, so even rigid it sagged under its own weight.


His entire cock length was nearly rock hard and pointed straight at her face like a threat. Swallowing he tightened the muscles in his stomach, wincing as his member pointed north with a wet slap that seemed to embarrass both of them.




“Breakfast is in 10 minutes.” Apolline turned her back, “try to make sure my mother can make the walk by then, won’t you?”



“So it looks alright?”


Ginny fussed in front of the mirror, really worried that her new additions were going to freak Harry out. Why couldn’t their lives have just a little bit of normal?


“You look fine, it’s not the weirdest thing to happen to Harry... this week.” Gabrielle laughed as she pulled on another sock and stood up stretching. She watched the girl turn this way and that; bending and stretching and flexing till Gabby finally rolled her eyes. “For the last time, you are not the reason he didn’t come to bed last night.”


Ginny turned, and as she sighed Gabrielle watched her new ‘additions’ wrap around her insecurely. The animagus form of a bat had been fine, it wasn’t that unusual for a mage who was powerful to acquire one, and Harry’s magic added to there's certainly put them in the power range. Right now though Ginerva was dealing with a whole new level of weird. Her cute little noise was upturned, her ears were on top of her head in little triangular flaps that made her look absolutely adorable. Her feet and hands were barely more hand than claw….and the wings. Membranous, large wings protruding from her back that seems more than capable of allowing her to a minimum of a glide at the size they were.


“I...I just look….” She touched her face one last time, eying herself in the mirror before taking a deep breath and melting back into her fully human appearance. Bashfully she threw on her robe and took the veela girl’s hand ready for breakfast.


“We just need to figure out if you're a fruit or a vampire.” Gabrielle quipped, causing Ginny to look at her, “if your ability to suck body parts has increased Harry needs to be told right—OW!” Gabrielle laughed rubbing her chest where Ginny had reached over to punch her in the tit lightly.


“I promise,” Ginny said, stepping into Gabrielle’s personal space and causing the girl to take a step towards the wall, “if I gain any kind of supernatural eating ability….Harry won’t be the first one to find out.”




They both turned and blushed as Hermione leaned against the doorway smirking. “When you two love birds are finished we can go get something to eat that’s allowed in public?” she turned and began walking down the hallway. Ginny and Gabby followed for a few steps only to stop and watch the girl freeze and turn around completely frozen in fear as Harry came marching up the hallway...completely nude.


“Sorry!” He called out marching past them in a hurry and shutting the door Ginny and Gabrielle had come out of. The three of them stood there in silence until Gabrielle finally spoke up.


“I’m curious,” she smiled, “Hermione, growing up did you know Harry had such an enormous penis?”


“Oooooohh….” the girl in question was rubbing her eyes with the heel of her palms frustrated, “No, I was blissfully unaware, but now I don’t think I'm ever going to unsee it.” She took her hands down, eyes closed staring up at the ceiling. “At least the other day I could blame it on the Veela heritage. What the hell has he been feeding it?”


“ME.” Hermione blushed as she looked down at the two girls who answered in stereo. They looked at each other, then laughed as the three of them began walking to breakfast.


“Hey Hermione,” Ginny spoke softly, “you don’t happen to have feelings for--”




The redhead looked at her friend’s highly defensive posture and cocked an eyebrow, “Really, shame. Guess it only goes one way then.”


“One way?” Hermione looked at her hopefully then locked down her features, “Harry thinks of me like a sister Ginny.”


“No.” Ginny smirked, “Harry thinks you treat him like a little brother, that’s not the same thing.” She stepped in front of the girl stopping their progress.


“Regardless, he doesn’t think about me that way, he just proved it.” Hermione thought it was a valid point till she heard Gabrielle laugh.


“You are sweet,” the Veela girl laughed, “naive, but sweet. Do you know how many women he’s let see him naked that he is not intending to sleep with?”


“How many?” Hermione crossed her arms.


“One.” Gabrielle smirked, watching the girl's face fall, “if I count you. The only other woman who hasn’t bedded him is my mother.” Ginny put a hand on the girl's shoulder as she wilted a little, “and I know that once he’s given her time to grieve papa, he will have her too. The only reason either of them are fighting the magic is out of respect.”


“Harry and I are different,” Hermione was looking to Ginny to try and back her up as she floundered, “Ginny tell her, this is Harry.” She watched the girl hang her head, and when she came back up she was blushing crimson.


“The other night...”Ginny wet her lips, “Harry and I...he was wearing me out.”


“I don’t need to hear this.” Hermione went to turn away but stopped at the girl catching her sleeve.


“No, you do.” Ginny blushed and looked at their feet, “we’d been at it a bit. I didn’t think I could take it anymore, but...I didn’t want to make him stop without, you know.” Ginny looked up, and Hermione blushed at the shame in the girl’s eyes. “So I…..I whispered in his ear.”


“Umm...” Hermione cleared her throat, “o-okay.”


“I asked him...” Ginny bit back her embarrassment for a second before looking her friend in the face.




“I asked him, ‘If I was Hermione, would you still be fucking me this hard?’…..”


“THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID?!” Gabrielle burst out laughing, the two of them watching her hold her sides, “oh that makes so much more sense now!” Turning to Hermione who was turning white she couldn’t stop laughing, “I saw the whole thing. He just grabs her by the back of her head and kisses the living death out of her. Then he goes to town, just banging her into the bed. I think he must have lasted ten strokes at the most...then he moaned something into her hair I couldn’t make out at the time and just unloads straight up into her like he owns the place...I mean hard, he was digging for Ore.” Gabrielle shook her head, “the way he moaned out what he said I thought it was him trying to say ‘hurting me.’ That makes a lot more sense now. ‘Hermione’ is really hard to make out when he’s biting the back of her neck.”


They stood in the hallway, quietly reflecting on all they’d just learned till the doorway behind them opened.


“Thanks for waiting!” Harry rushed past them tucking on a shirt. “Come on, let's grab something to eat I’m starving.” He paused walking past them noticing something off with the atmosphere, turning around he noticed his best friend was the only one who hadn’t started walking.


“Mione, you coming with me?”


“Yes Harry.” Hermione smiled wide, trying to push thoughts away as she trotted after her friend.


“Personally, I don’t think she can hold out that long. I mean, till he finishes? He’s lasting longer by the day.” Gabrielle muttered with a smile only to get cuffed by her girlfriend and then hugged as they made their way to breakfast.




Harry walked through the door to breakfast, and he sighed as he looked about the new table, ignoring his friends' gasps. He knew this was all going to take some getting used to, but he’d have to work fast to make this all comfortable for everyone. His eyes drifted around the room, and he decided to circle the large table to make his gentlemanly rounds.


“Gladda.” he smiled, looking up at the girl blushing down at him. Even with shrinking charms attached to their belts, the two women sitting before him were still over fifteen feet tall at the shoulder. The younger of the two, Gladda, was doing her best not to lean over her plate and bang her head on the chandelier. “You and your Aunt look amazing this morning. I hope you slept well?” He took the girl’s hand, and as gracefully as he could kissed between the knuckles. The girl was clearly out of her element looking around nervously. “Ferra? No complaints?” He turned to the other woman, who wore what looked honestly like a fashionably slaughtered dragon across her chest.


“Beds are too small.” Ferra shrugged, “and Gladda is worried she is not worthy, still.” the older woman smirked as she looked down her nose at the little man, “I wait to see if it's the other way around?” The girls all felt their hearts jump in their chest as Harry just smiled, taking her hand and kissing it before moving to the next two chairs spaced around the large ovoid table.


“Melci! Kwanzaa!” Harry rushed to the women as they stood, hugging them in his arms that put a very peculiar look on Hermione’s face. “Your sister is fine by the way. She took to her new job very well, and I expect you should be able to see her right after we seal your pacts.” He eyed the two women who were still eyeing him like a piece of meat but seemed far more controlled than their sister had managed. Hermione still couldn’t believe that the two were the same species. From what she’d read in a single night after the incident, Hulder were animal humanoids related to sprites and nymphs that loved the water and could ensnare men. They were dangerous ignorant creatures according to English literature, but Hermione had read enough over the years to recognize a ‘Lockhart-ian work’ when she saw one. The younger girl was sporting a magnificently groomed fox tail, barely coming up to Harry’s collar bones as she bounced on her heels anxious to talk to him. The older woman…. That figure screamed professional breeder, and despite her aloof and calm demeanor everyone who wasn’t Harry in the room could see that bunny fluff on her backside swinging back and forth in a frenzy. “I promise not to make you all wait if I can help it!” He chuckled pulling the younger girl from his neck as he stepped on.


The next two gave Ginny the chills.


It wasn’t the traditional pair, but a master and a servant. Harry respectfully bowed to the woman in her chair who didn’t bother to get up to greet him, but kissed his hand when he offered it. Beside her….was a box. A small box no more than a foot in any dimension. Every so often it would jostle in its spot and the woman would lean over and pet it, cooing strange words as her long membranous wings unfurled and flapped impatiently. Ginny found herself wanting to ask the woman fashion tips for how to deal with wings, but the bright crimson iris and spiraling forehead horns were a little off-putting. Not that she didn’t love Sophia’s horns, but these seemed far less friendly than her friend’s button buds. “Meredith, I hope you... found good sleep? Is Baz’cuta going to be able to hold out a little longer?”


“She will last as long as you need my Lord,” The voluptuous winged figure traced a finger across his chest, “it will make the joining far more draining though.”


“Best not to wait much longer then?” Harry nodded and kept making rounds. “Teak, Landala it’s good to see you ladies--”


“We get it.” The older of the two women pulled back her hood, and Hermione immediately skipped a beat in her heart. The woman’s features were feral and feline, and as she pulled her split lip back in a smile the girl felt a kindred spirit. “You do not wish us to think of ourselves as breed meat, may we dine now?” The younger girl beside her was still, face down and silent, but Hermione could see her tail flicking around dangerously at the older woman’s words.


“Absolutely Madam Teak,” Harry looked over and grinned, “only three more of my newer ladies to greet and then I will sit down like a good boy.” He slid his fingers down the girl who must have been Landala, and Ginny and Hermione smiled together watching the girl’s eyes go wide and her back arch in surprise.


“Sunshine, Snowfall,” he nodded to the two centaurs, their bodies laying comfortably on pillows beside the table instead of trying to seat them in a chair. Ginny watched them and couldn’t decide which woman was trying to act like he didn’t excite them harder. She was sure if they’d been standing the poor girls would be prancing. He stroked both women down the human parts of their spine before stepping back and around them and smiling at the last chair.


“I hoped I would not be forgotten so soon.”


Everyone’s head spun on a swivel as the Empress sat up in her chair. Emelia chanced a glance out the corner of her eye to see Gabrielle absolutely ash white watching Harry approach the older woman. The kiss was not chaste, and neither was the hand he forced between her thighs; prying them open and causing her back to arch.


“How are you doing? Healed?” Harry whispered in a room full of statues.


“You have healed the heart, but I fear you have shattered the honeypot.” The woman pulled him into yet another kiss. “A condition I demand you keep me in from now on.” Gabrielle actually gasped as she heard her grandmother giggle.


“N-now then,” Gabrielle found her voice, “we shall have a conduction of interviews today, not just my husband but all his wives to ensure that what you hold dear, what you believe in, matches with the vision for this our world.” She gestured to the paper that had been brought with her meal, a gracious peace offering with her estranged aunt.


“I have the pairings, and forgive me Lady Meredith but your late arrival last night did not allow me time to prepare so I will have to squeeze you in with Ginerva.” She apologized with her eyes at the girl who was glaring daggers at the side of her head.


“First up is Majesta and I with the two lovelies at the end of the table, is it not?” He gestured to the two giant girls at the end of the table looking up suddenly from their plates.





Majesta pushed her glasses up on her face as she looked up at the woman laying in front of her. The big girl smiled back at her with a warmness that put the girl at east, even if she was sitting on an actual Stone Giant. Standing up next to her, her head didn’t reach, what Majesta now new to be, a schoolgirl’s belt line. Harry had insisted that he talk with them in their true forms, something the giant girls had respected right away. Harry was off with the older woman discussing things on his side, which meant that the polite question and answer session here was her role to play.


She’d already figured out the girls name was Gladda, she liked flowers, and she loved to sing, since dancing was banned in her village to hide from the humans….shockwaves and all that. Majesta in turn had shared her love of books, something that was not in the commonwealth abilities of a giant since paper at their size was basically stone tablets. She just so happened to have one on her at all times, and before she knew it she was firmly entrenched in the girls cleavage, reclining against her bust with her feet crossed reading towards the woman’s head who was laying back on her arms listening.


The day was a lazy one for them both as they listened to the woods, the only sounds Maggie’s voice and the woodland creatures that seemed to come to listen as the girl rested in the shade provided by the woman’s top.


Maggie really did hate the sun as much as it hated her, but this was nice.



“So let me get this straight,” Ferra smirked as she shifted her body weight and rolled onto her belly. Her and the little man had been laying in the far side of the forest for who knows how long. “As long as you find your release, you can pleasure every woman in arms reach?” Ferra bit her bottom lip, “No wonder the new merlin is so popular.”


“A lot of them are my friends actually,” Harry tried to defend himself, “I like to think we’re friends first, lovers second.”. The conversation had gone from politics, to day to day life, and eventually landed on sex. This was a marriage proposal and courtship, so he supposed it was only natural. Ferra had been a little concerned that the marriage wouldn’t be physically possible to ‘bear fruit’, something she deeply cared about for her Gladda. Harry assured her that while he couldn’t go into specifics until she was in the bond, he was more than capable of fathering children and giving pleasure.


“Hmm..” Ferra grinned, “and is that what we are now Mr. Harry?” She fluttered her eyes, “Friends? How soon should I expect to feel a poke in my sleep?” She was laying on her stomach, arms crossed with her chin on her foreams, and Harry laughed as he could see over her head her rear end wagging back and forth in what on a smaller woman would be a cute little wiggle. At that size it was more like a ship as sea about to capsize.


“Ferra...” Harry didn’t even have the reactions left in his day to blush anymore, “your an incredibly beautiful giant.” He chose his words carefully, “I still don’t know if...I don’t want to hurt you.”


“Oh, you’re so sweet.” Ferra poked his belly gently with a finger, “how bout just a little?” She smirked, “a little play, no one will know.”


“Trust me Ferra,” Harry chuckled, “people are going to know when you and I sleep together.”


“Promises, promises.” the big woman rolled her eyes, “just a quick one, here.” she tapped her bottom lip, puckering up like for a kiss. “We can be quick, I promise not to gag on it.” She licked her lips, and Harry came to the realization for a second the woman could probably bite him in half.


“What do I get if I do?” Harry looked up at her, his expression flat. Ferra blinked at him.


“Do what?”


“Make you gag.” Harry smiled, but it was a different sort of smile from his usual one she’d seen.


“Oh my,” Ferra grinned, she liked this man’s attitude, “if you have something in your pants that will make the greatest of the giant race gag, you can have any part of me you want.” She did her butt wiggle again, stopping when Harry walked up to her forearms softly.


“I want to make you my woman,” He looked her in the eyes as close as any man had ever dared. “Right here and now, if you’ll have me. I’ll make you a bet. If you can’t swallow what I’ve got, I’m taking you right here in the grass.”


The woman was taken aback, this wasn’t bravado.




“Lay your head down then.” Harry smiled, and after some cajoling she was laying flat on the ground, her arms at her sides with her ear to the dirt. Harry undid his belt, and Ferra felt the startled wave of disappointment wash over her as she saw what he had. Why get her hopes up? Sure it was considerably disproportionate to his own frame, but that wasn’t gonna do her any favors. She closed her eyes as she puckered her lips up as for a kiss, and felt the hot meat slide between them. “Oh hell...Oh we need to do this often.” Harry breathed a contented sigh as he began to pump his hips into her face.


Ferra felt the wave of Allure wash over her as the man literally started fucking her face. His movements were jerky but he seemed to be holding himself back a bit from going too rough. Ferra appreciated a lover who knew his own strength but he was underwhelmingly equipped for what she needed. His allure was making her so wet she’d start a pond if he didn’t hurry up and finish, but he seemed content to enjoy the way her tongue flicked back and forth behind her teeth, barely catching the head of his cock when he went as deep as he could.


“Roll on your back!” Harry cried out, and Ferra realize he must have been closer than she realized, humans were hard to read. She took him with her as she did as asked, and felt the amusing sensation of a little man sprawed across her face as he went as her bottom lip like a rutting rabbit.


“I can’t stop, sorry!” Harry cried out, and for a moment Ferra wondered why in the hell he was acting like he was...well, adequate.


And then the pulse hit her and everything happened at once.


Her orgasm washed over her, and in the bliss of finally being pleasured came a spike of unrelenting pain and panic. On the flat of her back she now found two large hands gripping her neck and her head tilted back so hard she could have seen the forest upside down….had a pair of balls not been in the way.

“Uhh….” Harry let out a satisfied groan, and as his cock pulsed Ferra nearly retched. It was down her throat, hilted and thick as it jumped against her gag reflex. She couldn’t breath, and as his first shot of come rocketed out of his tip her entire body convulsed.


Harry bit his lip as he felt his manhood swabbing her throat, he’d tried it with Bethsemene the other night and he wondered if any other woman could truly enjoy some of the freakishness she and he would be getting up to. Ferra’s body was now human sized, and he watched her kick and flail as he tried to seed her deeply. He stopped after the second pulse of magic, pulling out and tugging on himself knowing she wouldn’t be able to take the whole thing for long.


Ferra gasped for air as her lungs were suddenly no longer impaled, and as she coughed up a thick sticky glob of man love a second rained down on her forehead. She laid there panting and spent. She’d had an orgasm...hell she’d had two fighting to breathe. She could feel Harry’s come smearing across her face as she kept her eyes closed. Down her cleavage he smeared the head of his cock as he rubbed himself along her body, always coming back to her face.


“I don’t think you swallowed it all.”


Ferra smiled, this must be some feature of his magic. His voice was so much louder now, and as she felt a hand slip under her back she realized so was he.


“I….” Ferra coughed as she felt herself being rolled over onto her stomach, “I lost the bet….”


Harry stroked her hair, and Ferra preened under the magic stroking fingers he was dancing across her body. He played with her skin, her neck, her thighs, even her shins received attention as she bowed up against his fingertips like an elk waiting to be petted.


“Yes you did.” Harry’s voice was loving but firm, and Ferra’s eyes shot open as she felt the back flap of her long shirt thrown up onto her back. She was on all fours, when had that happened?! “I’ll be gentle, It’s kinda big.”


Ferra’s fist made patches of grass disappear as she felt the warm dome push through her labia. He wasn’t joking, it felt like a fist. A firm hand on her shoulder and another on her hipbone told her she was his. Well, they didn’t so much say it as agree with the cock that slowly creeped up her core till it was nuzzling the place she’d carry her first child one day.


“Are you okay?” Harry took the hand off her shoulder once he’d gotten himself as deep as he could. Softly rubbing the muscles in her back he kept her full to let her get used to his size.


“What answer must I give,” Ferra panted, “so that you won’t stop?” What she got in reply was a thrust so rough she thought she would wet herself, followed by half a dozen just like it.


“Is that okay?” Harry smiled, and she looked back at him sternly covered in come from her eyebrows to her nipples, “I can go softer. I have to finish inside this time or you will no longer be a giant anymore.” His answer was the woman pushing back against him hard enough he almost felt over.


“I don’t care if it kills me or makes me a unicorn.” Ferra hissed, “you take this thing and you fuck me.”


Ferra instantly regretted her own ego. His next thrust made the others feel like foreplay. She panicked as she felt like she needed to wet herself, and as he began to saw into her chest from the wrong end it only got worse. Her spasming walls couldn’t contain him, and as she felt the urge to release much more physically than mentally become to much, she surged forward.


The brief respite was welcome; she fell onto her stomach, the cock inside her slipping out suddenly and leaving her feeling empty and hollow. She lasted only two breathes before she felt weight on her back and a spear of heat hit her core once again. Before he had only bumped into the place inside her that had caused her to panic, now it felt like his was standing on it. Her heart pounded in her ears, and as he began to build up steam again she reached around frantically, her mind a wounded animal sensing its end as her toes curled.


She cried. Not of pain or fear, but of shame as she wailed. Her orgasm was long and warm, and as she kicked frantically screaming obscenities to the trees she felt her body wet the earth. She was spraying everything, him, her…. Her shame knew no limits as she could hear the sound of her release spritzing them both down to the knees. Never in her life had she been so shamefully pleasured, and as she came down from her high huffing and sobbing she realized he was still sawing into her like a man possessed.


With a roar of pleasure into the top of her head, the man seeding her womb held her close. She trembled again as she felt the orgasms forced inside her mind while thick spunk claimed her much more physically.


As her mind started to clear form the haze she realized she could see over the trees again. Propped up on her elbows she could see all the way to the castle. She turned white realizing it worked both ways, and no doubt anyone who bothered to look out the windows would see her on her belly with the boy packing her full of cum.


“Harry, get up.”


“In a second.”


“Harry get up or we’ll be seen.” She made to sit up only to have a hand pressed to the back of her neck and her face pushed back into the meadow.


“Do you really want them to see you like this? Let me finish and we can get cleaned up.” His hand massaged her rear end and Ferra’s eyes went wide as she felt the shaft inside her bob again.


“Are you still--”


“Yyyyyeaaaaahhhhhhhhh….” Harry groaned in satisfaction as he replaced the hand on the back of her neck with a kiss. “Give me a few minutes….” Harry sighed as his body started slowly rocking.


“Harry….harry? We can’t go again...Harry are you listening to me?”



“So in short I want to be a part of something that really matters.”


Ginny listened to the woman. Succubus. Whatever. The move to ‘get comfortable’ had been a roaring success and the woman had instantly fawned over how cute her wings were. This had lead to discussions on fashion related to wings, body jewelry. Ginny wasn’t much of a fashionista but growing a new body part to decorate makes a girl curious. They’d moved on from there to homelife stories, growing up in the burrow and Meredith’s rise to power in ‘the pit’. Apparently Succubi weren’t immortal, weren’t evil, and weren’t soul sucking monsters.


The way ‘Mary’ explained it, if the Veela, a powerful monster race of all women, had been native to the patriarchal ancient middle east...well, who knows what rumors would be spread about them? Sure they were cognivores, or whatever she’d called them. Succubi fed on pleasant memories and ‘potential’ life force. Not in the ‘I suck out your soul’ variety, but a woman who literally can eat your happy memories for breakfast is a scary ordeal. The life force part... they did earn though, Meredith had been ashamed to admit.


During the late crusades, The rulers of the land had captured thousands of Succubi. Caged and starving, the majii had unleashed them on their enemies. From what Ginny understood, the semen of a wizard or even a squib contains an incredible amount of magic if you know how to unlock, or in a succubus case digest, it. A regularly fed girl like Meredith would normally only need one to two orgasms every other month from men to stay healthy and sane. During the dark part of their history packs of Succubi would descend on armies and drag men off in the night to be raped to death.


This was the image Meredith wanted to change. Rewrite the dark histories that wizards had inflicted on them. To that end she’d brought a friend, and as she thought of it Ginny’ glanced over at the box in the chair. As if sensing her gaze a single finger, blackened and long eased out of the hole in the side big enough to put her hand in, snagging a cookie off the plate left for it.


“She is harmless honestly,” Meredith smiled catching the girl looking, “well, currently. She is getting quite hungry. I hope to speak with Harry in the next day at least so--” Ginny watched the woman’s eyes go wide like she’d been stabbed, then glaze over dreamily.


“Mary?” Ginny reached out with the tip of her wing, gently poking the unresponsive girl. The sudden slam of the door to the hallway made her forget the girl and make for the doorway to her sun room. She was almost to the open doorway when a sight passed by that made Ginny freeze and the woman behind her moan in ecstacy.


Majesta stopped midstride, and Ginny looked her up and down in curious horror before the elivsh girl bit her lip nearly in tears and stomped off. The slug trail on the carpet behind her as she walked smelled….very familiar.


“That woman is wearing enough to feed my village for a day.” Meredith moaned and was on her feet, Ginny spun and had to catch the woman by her heavy breasts to keep her from sprinting out the door.


“I don’t think she’s in the mood for company, Harry?” Ginny turned seeing a very bashful husband carrying a woman she recognized, though significantly smaller. “What’s going on, and what the hell happened to poor Maggie.”


“I’d say he made a mess, “Meredith licked her lips leaning over the girls shoulder to look out into the hallway. “Ferra, I see that along with a good rutting he gifted you a smaller form.” The nearly unconscious woman mumbled and chuckled in reply causing Ginny’s husband to shake his head.


“I need to go apologize, we….” he shrugged, “well, I mean, Gladda and Maggie found us right afterward. I was teaching Ferra how to turn into--”


“Oh my word,” Mary laughed, and Ginny couldn’t keep her back as she surged past her to cup the womans face and then take her weight from Harry’s shoulders, “You poor thing, no wonder you look worn out.” She cooed trying to help the girl to her feet as seeing the redhead looking at her. “Once a man’s seed leaves his body it is no longer under his magic’s dominion. They may shrink down, it however...the mess stays the same.” Mary grinned as the light went on in Ginny’s head.


“Wow that must have been alot.”


“Yeah,” Harry grimaced, “and poor Maggie was standing between her ankles when it happened, she shrank….what I gave her didn’t.” The man let the Succubus take his new bride, “I’m going to go talk to her.”


“Lets get you cleaned up. Ginerva give me a hand with her clothes would you?” The succubus tugged the redheads sleeve as Ginny looked after her man. “So Ferra...this may seem a little personal, but you don’t happen to know how pliable your cervix is do you? You’ve had a child I know, but I try not to force a tongue anywhere its absolutely not welcome.”


“Gladda….” Ferra’s tried and failed to put her weight on her own to feet with a smile, “is my niece. I’ve raised her since birth. I have none by my own belly….”


“Ah,” Meredith’s voice rang out from the room behind Ginny who was still looking after Harry’s retreating back, “you are the best kind of woman. I can respect that. Now then...this first bit will tickle and then you will feel a pinch as we move deeper.”




Ginny looked over her shoulder into the room. She couldn’t see what was going on, but Mary was kneeling in front of the desk. In front of her was Ferra sitting with her legs splayed, her ankles using the woman’s wings like stirrups as she desperately tried to climb the bookcase behind her.


“Ginny please close the door,” Marry looked over her shoulder, and ginny’s eyes nearly bugged out. The woman was smiling at her, open mouthed…..and nestled between her cleavage some where was a flicking fork tongue, “this moment is rather private and personal. Now Ferra, I recommend you keep your teeth guarded. Roll your dress up and bite down on it….good, now grab my horns to keep your hands busy. A womb is very sensitive so we will go slow.”


“Wai-- FFFFFFFUCK….” Ferra’s eyes went wide, “THE G-GODDESS UP THE ASSSssss!!!” her entire body trembled and Ginny sat with her back against the door watching the spaded tail flick happily back and forth across the floor.



“Good afternoon Harry,” Bethsemene kissed him, putting a hand on his chest to keep him from going further into the suite he’d provided, “perhaps you can tell me what is going on? My daughter just marched through here covered from head to toe in cum and locked herself in her room with her toy.”


“We had an accident, she got in the line of fire.” Harry rubbed his neck, then looked curious, “wait, she didn’t go to the bath or something?”


“Harry,” Beth smiled cupping his face, “how perverted do you think I am?” She kissed his forehead as he grinned, “darling, I raised her.”



Majesta was dead to the world. She’d marched straight home; embarassed and scared, she’d never been so turned on in her life. She was literally bathed in his cum, every breath his musky seed invaded her nose. A thousand bathes wouldn’t be able to completely rid her of this smell.


And that’s why presently she was laying in the middle of her bed breathing it in while her favorite toy destroyed her mind. Oh to everyone who didn’t know better it was a simple set of panties, but tap it with a wand and it gave you the sensation you desired. A good licking, a frotting rub….all the way up to a centaur in every hole. It was all illusory, and even the pain was only a figment but it was enough to get her where she needed to go. And right now she needed to go back to the sight of Harry’s massive cock swinging just above the trees and dripping buckets across the meadow.


The magic was currently filling her with a close to a replica of Harry as her mind could concoct. It was steely and veined, the right kind of thick and the pronounced dome scratched at her favorite places everytime he almost pulled out.


“Why don’t guy’s have something like this?” Harry mused from the doorway as he watched the girl scramble for her covers even though she was still fully clothed.


“HARRY?! You need to knock!” Majesta reached for her glasses on the nightstand and drew back as he came into focus inches from her face.


“If you want me to knock on something you’re going to have to take off those panties first.” His voice was hungry, and Majesta began to panic as she felt the panties weren’t stopping.


“I’m soaked, Harry,” she whispered it like it wasn’t obvious, watching the boy sit on the edge of the bed.


“Not completely,” He smirked and her back arched off the bed as he cupped the front of her panties, “I missed a spot.” Harry smiled watching her try to remain composed. The panties were obviously pounding her deep in her mind, and his fingers were giving her a taste of the real thing. He let his magic into his hand, watching the glow for a second and then hearing Majesta’s panicked gasp.


She was no coward to sexual pain, at least in the realm of the mind. Harry had been the first man to ever hurt her physically, but she’d been magically masturbating longer than he’d been alive. She was also no stranger to sensations in the butt. However, what was a moment ago a very well fed man in her ass became two Satyr who….were more than willing to be cohabitants if it meant driving her insane. Another burst of magic and the same issue developed somewhere far pinker, and she looked up at her lover gasping for breath as she was magically the victim of too much pleasure.


Harry leaned down, kissing her lips gently as the girl writhed on the bed getting absolutely brutalized. The girl made fists of his hair as she humped frantically at the air, standing on the tips of curled toes as she slipped and fell back to the mattress repeatedly, her jerky body unable to hold itself up for more than a few seconds.


“I truly am sorry Maggie.” Harry kissed her head as he let his magic flare into the device one last time. She screamed into his mouth as satyrs became centaurs, flaring became flooding, light became dark. The young man kissed her forehead watching her eyes roll up and close with a dreamy smile as she trembled into sleep.


“I wish you’d done something to offend me,” Harry looked back at the doorway to see Bethsemene holding her pipe, her customary robe open. “that was one hell of an apology.” The woman smiled as he stood, and she felt her goosebumps rise as he began undoing his belt. “Oh my, truly? It’s only been a day.”


“I don’t want to ever put a time limit on any of you.” Harry smiled as the woman placed her pipe on the dresser crossing her arms.


“Am I going to taste another woman on you?”


“...Yes?” Harry looked at her, now suddenly nervous.


“Hmmm...” Bethsemene licked her lips as she turned and began walking down the hallway, “in the living room, my daughter needs her rest after that. Tell me all about this other woman…. and I might swallow.”



Emelia had had a wonderful day. She’d met a girl that shared her love of the muggle world, and who desperately wanted to be a part of it but never could because of her appearance. The two had shared stories they’d read in books, souvenirs from their bags, and food tips for muggle cuisine.


There were only two downsides to Harry taking her as a coven bride. First was she was jealous of those funbags. The girl had a chest that made her Empress look proportionately modest. She also admitted she hated wearing tops, in the wild they never did; it was a muggle and wizard thing. The second was that the girl had an ass big enough to put a saddle on. Literally. She was a centaur.


“Do you...” Sunshine looked over at her where they sat in the library, the larger girl on a pile of pillows the servants kept providing, “do you really think he’ll like me?” She fidgeted with the spine of the book she was holding and Emelia couldn’t help but smile.


“If anything, it worries me what you’ll do to him.” Emi smiled patting the girls hand, “not that it would be your fault, but it worries me for your sake.”


“My sake?” Sunshine looked around even though they were alone, “why would it worry you for...I mean for my sake?”


“Tell you a secret?” Emi whispered, scooting until she was kneeling on the pillows in front of the girl, “Harry...changes.” She saw the girl had no idea what she was talking about and ran her fingers across her own chest nervously, “Have you….ever”


“What?” Sunshine looked at her, “no, I mean...not really. why? Will he….?”


“The first time for me...” Emi looked away, “look, if I were you? I would ask him to claim you then seal the pact. Don’t do it all at once.” Emelia shook her head seeing she was just confusing the girl. “Look um...the first time I was with Harry...” she could see her own blush reflected in the mare, “he didn’t...finish..where he was supposed to.”




“That meant I was claimed, but not sealed.” Emelia rushed along, “so as a result….I became a human for a while.” She saw the girl’s eyes take on a flicker of comprehension.


“So after we’re...together...”


“You’ll be buying a whole new kind of shoe girlfriend.” Emi grinned, “Just take Sophia with you, every since she grew toes she’s been an addict for sandals. Also, here’s the part that’s the problem.” She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “Harry...he has a really….really”


“A-alright?” Sunshine was blushing, but Emelia could see she hadn’t quite gotten through to her.


“His penis is always big.” She tried again, still no real lights coming on upstairs, “did I mention that Harry changes into the shape of any woman he properly has sex with?”


THERE was the beacon, and Emi took the hand of the girl who looked like she would fall over faint.


“So he will be... a stud?”


“Heh, he pretty much already is,” Emelia saw the girl smile slightly at her joke so she knew she hadn’t completely run her off, “I’m not sure what is considered big in the Centaur world as far as that goes...but I would expect to be a little sore.”


“Oh my.” the honey blond girl blushed to her roots as she held her hands in front of her chest, “I’m not sure I would know what to do?” She looked on as the girl before her stood, dusting off her knees as she stretched.


“You want my advice?” Emi grinned, pantomiming a larger set of breasts than she possessed, “you may be the only one of us younger girls with a set big enough to wrap around that monster of his. Use it.”


“What?” the more innocent girl looked down at her chest, “but there is no opening...I mean, how would that even work?”


Emelia blinked a couple of times. This girl couldn’t be that innocent could she? Then again its not like the centaur tribes had cable. Also she doubted a race that refused to lay down had even considered tit-fucking before. Sighing to herself she walked to the nearest table.


“Alright then.” Emi grunted as she turned, watching the girl laying on her equine belly gasp with both hands over her mouth. Walking up she kept the large candle she’d ripped from the holder held firmly to her dress right were her legs parted. The girl squeaked in alarm as the barghest grabbed a fist full of her neckline and tugged it straight down, popping those massive melons free. “Now then,” Emi waggled the candle in front of the centaur’s face, “grab your girls, and lets do this before someone catches us. First thing is to make sure you get them nice and slick, work up some spit and just kind of get it in the middle...yeah like that…..”



Dinner was a subdued affair, all those gathered barely spoke as Harry kissed each woman he’d claimed chastely on the lips, and everyone yet to be on the hand. This included a very shocked Apolline Delacour.


“If you are not busy for yule,” Harry spoke softly like a gentleman, “I would be honored if you would accompany me on a date.” Everyone smiled knowingly as the woman blushed to her roots, only nodding slightly.


Harry sat her in her chair and looked around at the new seating arrangements. Ferra was now draped against Meredith in what could only be a lover’s lean. Her daughter Gladda was looking rather put out by the whole experience but she was still talking rather animatedly to a content and satisfied Majesta.


Everyone else seemed to be clumped together without rhyme or reason except for his Empress, who stayed in her seat stoically flanked by Eveline and Bethsemene. The three were carrying on a very pleasant conversation from the look of it, but occasional hand gestures made Harry nervous, particularly were they were measuring something and then one of the would look over at him and smile.


“You’ve barely touched your salad Harry. Is it the Nargles?”


Harry blinked like his world was too bright for a second as he turned his head to see a girl smiling at him in a way only a true dreamer can.




“Oh my, easy.” Luna gruffly laughed at him, “my skeleton is of several opinions on what shape it should take currently. Best to not try and persuade it one way or the other.”


“Sorry!” he laughed, a tear in his eye, and without thinking he kissed her. Ginny and Hermione looked on shocked as he held her to his chest, completely missing the smile on her face that could light the dawn. “I was so worried, are you okay to be up right now?!”


“The doctors are of two minds on me being up and about,” Luna’s muffled voice raised along with a single finger, “one opinion is that I should stay in bed, the other thinks being lit on fire is most disagreeable to continuing to practice medicine.”


“I was so worried about you.” he wrapped his arms around her even more, trying not to squeeze.


“The doctor’s say she’s fine as long as she doesn’t do anything vigorous.” Apolline supplied from across the table as she forked a croûton.


“That means I will have to go last,” Luna pulled away, her dreamy smile in place as she looked up at him, “you should probably have sex with Hermione first anyway.”


The girl in question chose that as the best moment to suck down on a cherry tomato from her salad and begin hacking and coughing as she almost choked. The group watched Ginny dealing with the issue as Harry talked to Luna.


“Luna...Hermione doesn’t think of me that way.” he was trying to talk softly, but considering the woman was currently getting borderline CPR at the moment it probably didn’t matter.


“If she has no feelings for you, why was she saying your name again and again this morning while she sat on the candle from her sock drawer?”


The comment made more than one person begin to choke on a salad, though Harry looked like he was choking on air at this point.


“Luna!” Hermione practically tried reaching down the length of the table to shut her up to no avail, “Harry and I are like my brother and sister, he has no--”


“Considering the number of people at this table who are directly blood related,” Luna cocked her head looking at her friend, “compared to the number he has put his penis inside...either Harry has a bit of an incest fetish, or puts no stock in boundaries when it comes to love.” the little blonde gave her friend a heartlessly deadpan thumbs up. “It will be alright Hermione, from what I have heard around the castle, the trick with Harry is first to swallow as fast as you can, then do your best not to bite your tongue...” the cock her head letting the thumbs up drop to her lap as she looked off in the distance, “whatever that means.”


“Oh my stars…..Can I adopt her?”


Everyone turned to look at Bethsemene who was leaning over the table, her fingers laced together as a support for her chin as she stared fascinated at the exchange. “I mean, that is an option correct? Come here baby,” the dark elf crooked a finger, “you come to Mama Beth.”


There was this awkward moment of silence as Luna and Bethsemene stared at each other, and it was almost like a dance, the two turning their head this way and that. This went on until finally Luna beamed the most hopeful smile and and dark elf closed her eyes nodding approvingly.


Everyone sat shocked, Harry most of all as he watched Luna for the first time he could ever remember show an extreme emotion. The girl blushed to her roots and stood, a single tear rolling down her eye as she started to walk, but then sprinted the last few steps into the dark elve’s arms.


The room held a moment of silent reverence as the girl cradled in the dark elf’s arms began to laugh.







“I still can’t believe it.” Hermione looked up from her book as Harry notched another arrow and let it fly. “Luna and the Dark Elf I mean. I can’t believe that she would trust someone that quickly...” They were on the back patio practicing archery with the centaurs as a means to get closer. Needless to say that Sunshine and Snowfall were mopping the damned floor with Harry but we he was taking it in stride.


“I can’t believe about that poor candle.” Ginny smirked and Harry promptly shot his next arrow straight into the dirt between his feet. The bushy haired woman and he locked eyes for a second before she hid behind her book.


“You know that was a lie, Ginerva Weasley!” Hermione hissed, “she wasn’t even in my room.”


“Three things,” Ginny grinned picking up a spare bow and stepping up beside Harry to join the fun now that she’d done with lunch, “first, you know the rule; I’m punching you in the tit for using my name.” She pulled back the arrow looking down the wood at the target, “Secondly, Luna is many, many things but never a liar.” She let loose the fletching, watching her arrow connect with the target in the inner ring, nearly 6 inches closer than Harry’s best. She looked at her blushing beau out of the corner of her eye. “Third, we really need to get this out in the open about you two.”


“There is nothing--”


“Ginny we don’t--”


The two looked at each other, blushing as Ginny put down her bow, politely thanking Sunshine who was still eying Harry hungrily.


“Okay, Harry...” Ginny patted the chair across from her and sat down waiting for him to do the same, “Honey I love you, but I’m going put you on the spot for your own good.”


“Ginny,” the man winced, “please don’t.”


“It will be okay,” she stroked his face, “I promise.”


“I seriously doubt it.” Hermione muttered before getting glared mute by the redhead.


“Do you love me?” Ginny took his hands in hers, and Harry looked confused.


“You know I do Gin,” He chuckled, “you’re my whole world.”


“Then,” Ginny took a deep breath,”I’m going to ask you a question… and I want you to swear to me on the love we share you’re gonna answer me as honestly as possible.”


“This isn’t fair,” Harry blushed, “don’t do this.”


“Life isn’t fair, Love,” Ginny smiled at him and glanced at a now terrified bookworm, “and besides it’s... a hypothetical question. It has no bearing on real life,” Ginny raised an eyebrow at Hermione, “At least as far as we know.”


“A-alright.” Harry swallowed hard, but he was smiling as he looked her in the eyes, “let’s just get this over with, ask your question Red.” His reward was a kiss that made Hermione...jealous...there was no better way to phrase it.


“Okay,” Ginny smiled stroking his face, “lets say...hypothetically…. Hermione cared about you.” Ginny squeezed his hand, “that she’d secretly had feelings for you, and she’d only been with Ron because she thought that was what you expected her to want. Lets say right now she wanted to be in this coven, that she and I knew it but one of us was afraid to tell you...” Ginny smiled at the boy who was no longer smiling. “What would you do if you found that out?”


She’d expected an honest answer, a blush and a stutter? She waited as he sat there with his eyes closed. They were both startled when he opened them, and the soft glow began to radiate from the center of his chest, he really had truly and fully sworn the oath.


“I’d..” Harry looked Ginny into her eyes, and she felt his magic seep deep into her as his words echoed in her ears. “I’d throw her over my shoulder, take her up to our room, lay her on our bed...and make love to her.” Ginny felt a swell in her chest and was about to speak up when he kept going. “Then I would flip her over, and I would fuck the living shit out of her.”


“Wuh?” Ginny’s head cocked.


“What?!” Hermione’s eyes went wide as she mouthed the word rather than dare to speak it, unable to find her lungs.


“I’d lock the door, miss dinner tonight, and probably breakfast tomorrow morning. I would shag her rotten until we passed out, then I’d kiss her awake and do it again; claiming and sealing be damned. I would cum inside her once for every year I had to live thinking that I wasn’t good enough for her... that she’d chosen someone else because I couldn’t be what she needed. If it became too much for her I would slow a bit, maybe, but I wouldn’t pull out until every square inch of her knew that her rejection meant nothing to me. It only made me love her more, and I’d want her to know some of my pain loving her without any hope. I’d make her realize that even on her hands and knees, she was the one being worshiped... even now.”


“Uh...” Ginny looked back and forth between the man staring at the ground and the girl who was holding a book in front of her face up to the nose. Everything above the nose was a shade of red that couldn’t possibly be healthy. Without another word the boy stood, and the two girls nervously watched him walk away towards the centaur girls who were genuinely having fun outclassing the rest of the girls in something they new. “I think you may be in trouble...” The redhead mumbled out of the corner of her mouth.


“Shut the fuck up... Ginerva!”



“That was pleasant,” Snowfall smiled at the man walking beside her, “thank you for thinking of an activity were we could participate without harming anyone. It is not easy to find a physical activity that we can all share together fairly.”


“I just wish I’d at least claimed poor Gladda by now.” Harry smiled, “the poor girl looked like she wanted to try it so badly, its hard to fire a bow when the arrows are too small to pick your teeth with.”


“You speak of it so openly and plainly,” Snowfall frowned, and Harry sat on a stump as she turned to face him, “it makes me think you are not taking this seriously. This is a very important thing you are doing.”


“No,” Harry shrugged, “I think I just have a different way of looking at it. I didn’t have a family growing up.” Harry looked up at the canopy of the trees they’d been walking under, missing her sad expression. “But as far as I can understand it watching the people I care about...marriage and love are really just a more permanent and perfected kind of friendship.” He looked back down at her, “So going at this with some dramatic over romanced notion is really just lying to you or Shiny.”


“Shiny?” Snowfall barked a laugh, “you have given my daughter a name now?”


“Miss ’Shiny’ to be precise.” Harry grinned only to watch the mother of the girl he was talking about loom over him with a raised eyebrow. “Well, I mean...your backside...the hairless portion is vary dark.””


“You mean under my tail and across my sex.” The woman pursed her lips, “Now I know why witches wear clothing, how long have you been staring at my lions young man?”


“Um….since you arrived?” Harry chuckled not the least bit embarrassed, “This whole interview process was to make sure you were of sound mind, heart, and body remember? At this point I’m convinced you’re not in this for the money, fame, or foals.” the last part he said then immediately blushed. “I mean...women and Merlin are kind of a notorious problem supposedly.”


“Indeed?” Snowfall grinned, “and was my body sound enough for you?” She watched the boy actually seem to get nervous.


“I...don’t know yet, that’s why I wanted to talk to you. Alone.” Harry looked up at her, and she blushed as she felt a wave of what must have been the Allure they spoke of for the first time. She could feel her back legs starting to fail and her sex growing wet. Her heart pounded in her chest and her ears.


“Well, you have me hear.” Snowfall’s eyes softened, “what do you want of me?”


“I don’t want to hurt your daughter.” Harry said it plainly, though his nerves were obviously up. “I have a...a big penis mam.” He held up his hands not even looking at whatever expression she might be making, “it’s not ego. I’ve asked women who would know, and doctors here. This... translates to my forms I take.” Harry finally looked up at her, her curious eyes watching him now. “Look,” he got up and walked behind the stump he’d been sitting on, placing his rigid hands down on the flat of it. “This is..I’m told, about what the average wizard has in his pants.”


“Hmm...” Snowfall looked at where his hands gapped.


“and this is me.” Harry smiled bashfully moving his right hand out to the edge of the stump, watching the woman’s expression.


“that is enough that I would definitely at least notice.” Snowfall smiled pleasantly at him.


“Mam you don’t understand,” Harry shook his head, “this is proportionate. When I’m a Barghest, its comparably this different between the two...a Satyr..” he moved his hands, “comparable….” he held the hand out over the edge of the stump. “If I become a Centaur...” he watched her face as she seemed to finally get it.


“So what can be done?” Snowfall seemed to understand the boy’s concern now. Younger, smaller females died to older males on a regular basis back when she was a little girl. Tearing up their insides was a real concern, and the fact that the young man had the presence of mind to realize he could genuinely hurt them put him a few notches up the tree in her opinion.


“Honestly?” Harry shrugged, “I would prefer my first centaur be you.” Harry held up his hands pragmatically, “you are not too embarrassed to tell me to stop. I honestly think Sunshine would let me hurt her, rather than disappoint me. I also think, as a more mature woman you me figure things out as we go. Shiny is fun to hang out with, but I think we’re still in the talking it out stage.”


“You have spent time with my daughter.” Snowfall smiled, resting a hand on his shoulder, “So...should here be the place? Do you need something to stand on or--” She paused as the boy took a step back with his hands up nervously.


“No,” Harry chuckled, “I would actually prefer if we do it somewhere more private. The last time I had sex in the woods I almost drowned someone in cum.” He shrugged seeing the incredulous stare from the Centaur.


“W-Well…. lead on my lord?”



Gabrielle wriggled her toes as she slipped out of her shoes. The library was quiet, in the rare warm autumn day everyone had decided to be outside. This meant she could simply relax and read. She was honestly surprised that Hermione hadn’t beaten her here, but the girl had seemed distantly lost in though after the archery range. No doubt the girl was still trying to find her place in the world, her lover was now a traitor under supervision. The man she’d pined for as her lovable ‘backup plan’ was hands down in the top ten most powerful beings on the continent, and a sex god. From what Ginny had said, Harry had every intention of claiming her it was just a matter of her pride and her propriety.


Setting her feet up on the cushion beside her she as she flipped to her bookmark. Most would call what she was reading smut, but she liked to consider it ‘enhanced romance’. She has almost gotten to the part where ‘David’ was ripping off his shirt in ecstasy when the library sitting room door opened.


Harry’s face was a sunrise, and she blushed as she realized he had at least partially gotten this way thanks to her. When she’d met Harry a few years ago she’d thought he was amazing. A scared little boy who’d fought real monsters just to survive...and then he’d saved her for no reason other than she needed help. She’d been assured she was perfectly save, but it was a lie.


She’d never told anyone about starting to wake up. It was cold and dark, and she’d held her breath panicked as she’d realized she was still in the lake. They’d said that wizards would be watching to make sure she didn’t drown, that it was all for show. Alone in the lake she’d started to thrash.


And then she’d felt this strong arm around her, and heard a voice’s gargling cry of a spell. Her world was a rush of color and light and then glorious air. She’d thrashed a bit looking around, finally finding her sister clamoring at the edge of the docks helping her up. Her first thought was that the arm had been her, she’d felt the magic radiating off of it. Protective, fierce and determined; it promised her safety at any cost. Until that moment she’d assumed that type of aura was reserved for family and lovers. Harry loved those he protected, without restraint.


Harry tilted the chin up of the girl looking at him dreamily, as if she were lost in thought. “Hello, my love.” He grinned leaning down to kiss her and getting a far more fierce reaction than he expected. “Someone's deep in a bodice ripper.”


“I love it when you talk about things going deep.” She fluttered her eyes playfully, and then moaned as he went in for another kiss, feeling his hand sink into the neckline of her shirt and cupping her bra possessively.




Gabby looked up and blushed profusely. The centaur mother, what was her name? Snowfall? She was standing only a few feet away, and as Harry leaned up Gabby realized he still had his hand down her shirt pawing away.


“You are familiar with Gabrielle, my second and Lady of this Castle.” The titles were all well and good, but right now Gabby just felt like a busted teen with a boy’s hand on her tit getting mauled as the woman looked on. “She, if she will agree to it, will be your teacher and help us with the Claiming.”


“Harry why do you need my help?” Gabrielle looked up at him, carefully extracting his hand from her shirt and not looking the older woman.


“Indeed,” Snowfall raised an eyebrow, “I would like to think I’m old enough to explain how this works, let alone perform the offense my lady.” Snowfall nodded to the girl who was still blushing.


“Forgive me,” Harry rubbed the back of his head, “I suppose it is a bit racist of me to assume as a centaur you’ve never given a blowjob.”


“A what?” Snowfall cocked her head, watching the other girls face go pale.


“Sucking,” Harry smiled, “on a man’s genitals until he releases in your mouth or on your face.” Harry reached over, and Gabrielle’s back stiffened as he rested his hand on the back of her head like he was showing her off, “it is a very common form of lovemaking among humans. Gabrielle here is the first woman to ever do it to me. It was also the first time anyone other than myself had ever made me orgasm..” He looked down seeing the surprise in the Veela’s eyes. Ginny apparently hadn’t told her that.


“It sounds degrading.” Snowfall shifted, her feet shifting in her spot as she watched their exchange.


“It is the single most enjoyable and at the same time helpless feeling I have ever felt.” Harry smiled without looking away from Gabrielle’s face. “Almost every woman I’ve made love to has tried it at this point, but there is still one who stands head and shoulders above the rest. Since this will be a very first time for us, I thought this would be the most uncomplicated and least dangerous way for us to try this. I also want you to learn from the best.”


Gabrielle blushed to her roots, it was one thing to declare something privately between them...but to be presented as the best sucker of cock he’d ever known was a bit embarrassing.


“Well, we should get started.” Snowfall smiled, and Gabrielle looked over as the woman gave a textbook bow and curtsy...the bow a horse, the woman half curtsied. Clopping over she looked between the two of them nervously, “ does one...start this?” Their answer was Harry leaning over and kissing Gabrielle. By the time the kiss was undone, so where his pants. He let them fall and the girl went to her knees stroking his thighs.


“You’ll need to come down here.” Gabrielle whispered, as if this all was some trade secret or something as she slide a hand up the inside of his leg. “He’ll stay standing to make it easier, won’t you Harry?”


“If my legs still work after you two are done.” He chuckled, closing his eyes as Gabrielle’s soft hand cupped and lifted his sack.


“He is rather large for his body, isn’t he?” Snowfall held up a hand, fingers slightly curled as she hesitated where to touch him. She got her answer as the hand cupping Harry’s balls circled around the base, and his thick semi-limp length was pointed at the gap between the now almost laying down centaur and the kneeling Veela.


“Everything with a lover,” Gabrielle smiled, closing her eyes, “should begin with a kiss...”


Snowfall watched the girl lean forward and do just that, planting a open mouth pucker on the side of his tip, doing it again and again as she trailed up and down the length. Snow watched for a few seconds until Gabrielle’s eyes opened, and her eyebrow raised. Taking a deep breath, Snow leaned in and with a nervous pucker pressed her lips to his bead glistening tip.


It was warm, salty, sour, but with a hint of….man. She closed her eyes as she began suckling the end, happy that she’d been brave enough to try this. She opened them quickly when she felt his hip ease forward and the dome passed her lips.


“No my love,” Gabrielle put her hand on his stomach, “she is not ready for that yet. She didn’t know any better. I’ll handle that.” Gabby pulled his length to the side, and Snow felt the tingly sensation of a cock popping out of her mouth for the first time. This was far more intimate, submissive, than she was used to when dealing with males. She watched the girl bob on his length, nearly half of him disappearing past her lips as she caved in her cheeks. The man was moaning above her, and she was so entranced she nearly jumped as the girl turned to her. Gabrielle forced the kiss as gently as she could, and Snow let out a surprised moan as she felt the warm liquid invade her mouth and tongue. “In case you were wondering what it takes like,” Gabrielle’s voice had a husk to it, “when you make a man wet.”


Harry’s knees were barely holding on as he watched the two women trade his pre-cum between them, their tongues dancing as he looked on. Bending down a little he interrupted the girls by palming their chests, and after a few second reaching down to start trying to pull up the bottom of their shirts to expose their breasts. The girl’s took this as a request, and with a quick tug they were both topless. Gabrielle’s bra was an amazing frilled black number that decorated her chest rather than hid it from his eyes.


Snowfall was centaur. They didn’t ‘do’ clothes, so when required they went with the bare minimum. There were no undergarments. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off the woman’s savagely pointed and dark nipples. The man palmed one lovingly as he gently tugged and rubbed the nipple as his wife resumed bobbing her head to the slurpy sounds of heavenly pleasure. The Veela girl leaned back as a hand slipped in front of her face, and she gently stroked his length watching the to of them kiss as he massaged the older woman’s heart flesh.


“I’m close...” Harry gasped out, and Gabrielle’s eyes lit up with an idea.


“Snow, get up...turn around quick!” She eyed the woman as she began pumping him hard and fast, “It doesn’t matter where he starts, just where he finishes!”



“Well, I guess we’re the odd girls out.” Majesta looked to see Gladda, the one who had made the comment, easing herself into the pile of pillows next to a very shy Sunshine eating...were those flowers?


“Actually I’m told that claiming the daughter before the mother has been the rare case around here.” Sunshine whispered, “I’ll take our matrons’ inclusion to be a good sign. I for one welcome a chance to...prove I’m worthy.” she said the last part with a blush.”


“Mother says its,” Gladda seemed to be looking for the word in a common tongue, “Intense. Majesta got a closer look than I did.” she said the last part with a laugh, getting glared at over the top of a notebook.


“Have either of you considered writing down your aspects?”


“The what?” Gladda frowned.


“The reason we are to be in the coven?” Majesta raised an eyebrow, “the reason a Merlin is capable of taking our form and making…..” Majesta faltered, “the reason we are able to start a family with us?”


“The giant magic,” Gladda shrugged, “Aunt Ferra is far better at it.”


“And which of the two of you do you think he’s going to ask first?” Majesta smiled, “and if you don’t know, who do you think he’s going to spend more time with, around, and inside?”


“What about you?” Sunshine worried, “your mother is a world class magus and a wand maker?”


“Exactly...” Majesta bit her tongue in the side of her mouth as she finished scribbling something, “Precisely why I am making sure to take notes…..order my thoughts….by the time my beautiful smart husband has time to ask me questions I’ll be able to draw him pictures with crayons, it will be so easy.”


“What’s a crayon?” Gladda asked. “Wait, do you hear that--”


The doors burst open, and the three girls were on there feet as a squealing mass of flesh came stampeding into the room. Gladda being the first one to react meant she was in the aisle between the couches and took the brunt of bodies full on. Majesta looked on in shock as three bodies clamored into the wall and crushed the drywall slightly.


“UHH!” Harry, at least from the face as far as Majesta could tell, grunted in satisfaction as a panicked Snowfall had nowhere else to run. A hand bear hugging each of the older womans breasts, the newly made centaur slid himself fully up onto her back and hunched his hindquarters with a thunderous wet smack.


Gladda was wearing the device they’d provided to keep her a managable size while in the manor house, this meant she was bigger than a normal human but considerably less than her normal size. This put her eye level with an older woman who chose to force her tongue into the young giantess’ mouth and scream as an alternative to passing out from the sensation of having something that counted as a cock in the most loosest definition rammed into her core.


“He’s close,” Majesta called out, standing shoulder to elbow with sunshine, “kiss him.” The centaur girl looked at her incredibly panicked.


“What?! Why.”


“This is your chance to be claimed,” Maggie put a hand on her shoulder trying to urge the girl on quickly, “or do you think you want to try THAT for your first time?” the dark elf girl pointed to the balls hanging between Harry’s back legs. Even drawn up tight to the body they were still bigger than her head.


Poor Gladda hadn’t wanted her first kiss to be a woman, centaur or no. Damn was she good at it though. The two women ran their fingers through each other’s hair; one panicked gripping, the other satisfied exploration, as the man behind them began to grunt in the beginnings of release. So this was sex? Gladda smiled as she pulled the woman’s bottom lip, watching her female lover’s eyes barely managing not to roll up in her head.


“Here it—MMPH!” Harry felt his head yanked and a tongue pushed into lips as the first wave of cum was fired up the considerable length between his legs. The orgasm was the same, but physically it seemed rush upon him harder, his volume more immense and satisfying to release. As the magic trickled down he hummed happily into the now human girl kissing him, panting and mewling, as he wrapped his arm around her he was delighted to learn her plush little bare ass matched that amazing set of tits.


Majesta licked her lips, her eyes hungry as she watched the man take a step back from his mare. The flood that hit the floor would take an hour to clean up by hand, and the thing hanging between his legs was borderline demonic. She was certain as she watched it swing that the tip was wider in diameter than her thigh as it pulsed and dripped, the shaft easily a match for her calf muscle.



The four of them stood in hushed silence, the two centaurs happily kissing the now human women draped around their necks. The elf didn’t even pretend to be embarrassed as she curled her fingers into her core, stepping forward to join the union.



Ron Weasley stared at the ceiling trying to figure out what the fuck to do with his life.


He was currently in his private hospital bed, his left arm behind his head and his other….well, what was left of his right arm was under the head of a girl who was snoring soundly. Their introduction had quite possibly been the most awkward moment of his life.


He’d remember it for the rest of his life. She’d just walked into his room, looked him up and down and shrugged nodding. He’d tried to say hello but the girl had put her hand in the middle of his stomach and pushed down HARD. It was like being split in half, and then fire in his veins. He’ clutched at her wrist trying to get her off him, but she was heavy beyond reason and strong beyond his ability to even resist. Eventually she let him go, and he lay there panting as she really introduced herself. He could barely focus as he felt whatever she’d done burning through his body, making parts of him so hard his heart beat made him tingle in….places.


Her name was Manza. She wasn’t human. Yeah, no shit.


Harry had sent her to him, with the intent of being his intended. Intending for what he found out immediately as she crossed her lowered arms in front of her body and ripped her shirt up and over her head beginning to unbutton her jeans as his brain shut off.


For the last week she’d done nothing but lay next to him, completely nude. They’d talked, she’d jacked him off. The doctor’s had come in to give him updates, they’d leave, she’d jack him off. His first physical therapy, to learn to use his new leg, he’d given up; that had been a serious mistake.


She hadn’t jacked him off that day. She told him that she would try harder when he did.


The next day he got a second chance and he muscled through, sweating and bleeding slightly where the nub had rubbed the prosthetic. The doctor’s had left, and Ron had waited patiently for his little handy like a good boy. His heart trembled as she lay next to him and told him that’d he’d done such a good job. He’d tried not to cry when she told him she didn’t want to jack him off.


His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when she slid down his body, winked at him, and then made every last inch of his cock disappear past the lips of a goddess. His toes hadn’t uncurled as he watched her forehead smack his abs again and again. There were no words, and he found himself transfixed on her ass. Watching her beautiful tail swing back and forth as her bubble butt wiggled in pleasure between his feet. She’d not taken her eyes off the entire time.


He’d told her he loved her tail, and for a second he thought he’d said something wrong watching her almost tear up. She’d kept going, and after she’d swallowed(something Ron could no longer live without) she’d cuddled up to him and said the most cauterizing thing he’d ever heard in his life at that point.


She’d whispered in his ear, softening cock in her hand, that 400 feet outside the front door of the manor was the treeline. Just inside was an ancient Alder tree. The day he could walk there without help was the day he got to know what it was like to cum up a Hulder’s ass and claim her as his year wife. The process could be repeated any number of times.


And this was the predicament Ronald Weasley found himself in. For the first time in his life someone had given him a goal that relied on nothing but his pure willpower and stubbornness. It also came with a reward that was tangibly visible and desperately wanted. He smiled as he looked at the note attached to the doorway he’d wrote last night while going to the bathroom, the only time she really gave him privacy. The instructions were for doubling the padding in the cup of his leg prosthetic and attaching a trainer... make sure its partner was ready for him to put on in the morning.


Fuck it all, tomorrow he was going for a walk.



Aphrodina Delacour slowly approached the woman in the corner of the sitting room. The two had not truly spoken since her arrival, and from what she could tell not many had spoken to her either.


“That is a beautiful baby,” Apolline behind her cooed, walking up and extending a finger to the child who took it with a squeal and a rasberry. The woman holding it looked up mournfully, and Dina’s heart ached.


“I am sorry for your loss, my dear. We all are.” The older woman threw an arm around the redhead who leaned into her and for the first time let out a sob. A sob turned into a cry, and then a wail. Dina gestured for Apolline to take the child as the two oldest women in the room clung to each other in remembrance and grief. “there...there….I know….I know….”


The woman looked up at her, and Dina did her best to not cry with her as she let it all out.


“My life is over.” the woman sobbed, and got a swat on the back for it.


“You stop that!” Dina chastised, “you are woman of character, if I knew nothing about you but your daughter that would be self-evident!” The Veela matron caught the woman’s face with her hands, rubbing the streams of tears away with her thumbs. “You must remember those who are gone, but memory is a string to the places we have been and loved. But you cannot follow that string to where you must go, or you will be lost and only able to return to your most painful mistakes.”


The redhead blinked away her wetness and clutched the woman tighter. The two sat in silence for a moment until the older of the two nodded and let go.


“So,” Molly Weasley, “what...I mean what should I,” Molly looked off to the side, “this war has cost me two sons and a husband….almost a third. I love Harry--”


“Then love Harry,” Dina shrugged catching the woman’s attention, “He is building a coven, he is becoming a Merlin. Your daughter is the right hand of the next ruler of your world. You are the only mother of a bride who has not offered yourself into service.”


“What could he possibly want from me?” Molly wiped her eyes with her dress missing the expressions between the Matron and her daughter holding the baby. The two women smiled as she came back up from clearing her eyes.


“For starters, he respects you and cares for you most among all of the mother-in-laws,” Apolline didn’t seem exceptionally pleased saying it but the woman needed to hear it, “your council would be welcome, just don’t expect him to listen to and old fashioned notions that only exist because they have existed.”


“You all,” Molly blushed gesturing back and forth, “are smarter than I am about the big world, wizard politics; I’m just a simple girl from the country, who got lucky finding a good man.” She dabbed her eye.


“Well, how do you feel about sex?” Apolline spoke softly and without emotion.


“I beg your pardon?” Molly looked up curious but not overly offended.


“The younger girls are….” Aphrodina wriggled her mouth in thought, “insufficient to handle his needs. Not only are you the only matron here to have not sworn loyalty, you are the only one who has not looked up at him from the flat of your back and loved him for the gifted young man he is.”


Molly blinked, her mouth tightly closed. The thought was repugnant, and yet she could feel the chill in her veins at the thrill, the taboo. She put her hand over her heart, looking around the room at the palatial setting they were in and wondered not for the first time if this was all some kind of dream or nightmare.


“He wouldn’t want a woman who looks like me,” Molly smiled, “I’m a bit on the thicker side of pretty.”


“I think Eveline would beg to differ with you.” Aphrodina chuckled, “you all are not that different in build, and she is suffering the burden of being his favorite. Harry comes to her almost once a day. The poor woman is on the brink of breaking under the weight of his lust. The only one who handles him more often is your daughter.”


Molly blushed to her roots. She’d suffered a bit of nymphomania in her youth, Arthur had dealt with it quite nicely. The idea of another man putting out her fire so demandingly was nerve-wracking. The notion that her daughter shared her love for….love, well she couldn’t tell if it was embarrassing or a moment of pride.“He thinks of me like a mother.”


“That is the same type of argument that ‘Hermione’ girl is using,” Apolline rolled her eyes, “why are all the women in his life so blind to it? The boy was starved for attention his whole life. He had no family structure. He has no idea what ‘loving someone like a mother’ or ‘sister’ even means. You are an older woman who showed him immeasurable kindness. Yes, you are his best friend’s mother, this does not mean you were viewed entirely purely his whole life. Of all the women he’s known, you have probably been the source a sore wrist and tired arm more than any other.” The Veela mother raised an eyebrow at the redhead, “I promise you, if you decide to walk into his bedroom you will have to be carried back out..”


Molly Weasley blanched, and after failing come up with something to say simply reached for and took the child from the affable Aphrodite before her.


“What is the baby’s name?” Apolline asked, realizing they’d pushed her as far as the woman would allow for one conversation.


“Teddy,” she looked down with a smile.



Luna Lovegood skipped happily thought he woods outside the manor, her new bat companion riding her shoulder with eyes squinted shut. The thing was the size of a small dog, but it barely felt like it weighed anything draped as it was. Ginny-Bat for her part looked like she was going to be thrown off any second as she flopped haphazardly from the girl’s shirt.


The two had come out here looking for the girl they’d met half an hour ago thanks to Harry’s little love-in at the sun room.


“I don’t think she’s out here.” The beast that dropped to the ground was human before her toes hit fallen leaves, falling into a crouch as she looked around.


“I really love your wings.” Luna seemed as disconnected from reality as ever as she danced her finger tips across the naked tree branches as they stepped a little further into the path. She didn’t even look over at the redhead as she did the same to the girl’s spine.


“C-careful!” Ginny twitched away from the fingers running up her spine with a smile and a giggle, “those are my arms when I’m a bat. When I go half and half like this...that part on my back feels like armpits sorta.” She mock glared at the-girl-who-gave-no-fucks, “no tickling.”


“Can we tickle the girl behind the rocks?” Luna cocked her head pointing a little further down the path, “Once she is done masturbating? Otherwise it would be very rude.”



Sunshine was in the best kind of misery. She was human now, and that came with a set of problems that she never in her life thought she’d have to deal with. First of all, walking was a bitch. This whole ‘leaning into it’ think felt so stupid and counter intuitive that she just wanted to lay in bed all day.


That brought on the next issue. Laying in bed felt unnatural, but comforting. She felt lazy, light headed, and warm. As she continued she’d let her thoughts drift. Flat of her back. Human. Harry.


Before she knew it she was touching herself, and that was the final straw. She’d never been able to touch her sex before. Centaur girls masturbated in respectable manners. Tie a patch of soft fur to a tree, back up, rub one out like a lady. Having every itch she’d ever felt at her finger tips was such a heady drug she couldn’t stop. Knuckled soaked with her knee’s in her armpits she’d been out here practically all day. She wasn’t quiet so she needed the space. She needed time to think about things. Her life. And where it lead.


She was not a virgin.


Her mother liked to think so, but the truth was as painful as it was shameful. 6 Summers ago it had all started. She’d been taken in by her mother’s brother, they’d had to move the tribes and merge. The man was a soft spoken fellow, good musician and hunter. His 3 sons were strong and smart. Too smart.


Her fingers curled deep, sending sparks into her eyes as she remembered that night. The oldest, a dark maned boy with eyes like the mountains in spring. He’d seen 4 more winters than she had, his frame bulky and chiseled. He was set to marry the coming spring, his bride a beautiful girl from the house at the end of the path.


He’d needed her help, come to her in the dead of night with something terribly important. Leaving the safety of her Uncle’s hut she’d trotted the back paths with him till they’d come to the fall. It was a place where they kept watch over the valley below. He’d begged for her help, he needed to know something desperately but he was too afraid to ask it of anyone else.


She’d taken his request, taken the hug that followed with a smile and a fluttering heart. He’d told her of how smart she was as he lead her to the tree by a hand. He’d told her of how pretty she was, making her heart skip a beat as he kissed her forehead and fastened her wrists around the trunk. He’d ran his thumb across her lips as he promised to be gentle. She didn’t even process the statement as he slid down her flank back behind her.


She looked over her shoulder, innocence turning to cold fear as his frame over took hers. Belly slid across back as hand slid over mouth. She felt the ‘bang-bang-bang’ of his tip trying to find her opening and then the pain of unwanted penetration. She liked him, she was loathe to admit it now, but she had. That little crush, that glistening of her lips was the only mercy she received.


He only lasted three thrusts the first time, barely seating his flare before it erupted in a moaning deluge of molten seed gushing from her outer lips and staining the dirt between her hooves. She’d cried openly at the pain, and he’d shushed and cooed to her as he panted in her ear, playing the part of both comforter and violator as he slid off her allowing her to cry.


He hugged her head to his chest, continuing to speak words she didn’t want to hear. He played with her hair as she felt the cold night air mix with the hot cum leaking from her opening. She was so lost in her world that she didn’t realize he’d pulled away again until it was too late. Cum made a very poor lubricant but in his case he had enough volume to make it work.


She didn’t even have enough mental fortitude to cry the second time, her entire body rocking; shocked as on his fifth thrust massive balls smacked her underbelly. He was long enough to take her breath away, and she quickly learned that fresh off an orgasm a teen boy had dangerous levels of stamina.


She moaned openly, her fingers circling her clitoris as she remembered her first time getting pleasure from another. She hadn’t know what was happening at the time, and he was too new to realize a woman’s pleasure as he grunted and thrust, banging his cock in one side and out the other of a mind-blowing moment of her life. One became two, and as she began to worry he’d never stop he reached his peak. The sensation of getting her belly filled rocked her into her third of the night nearly causing her to collapse. They’d stood there in the bliss of the moment for a few, and she realized at some point he’d undone her hands.


The walk back had been awkward, especially since he walked a half step behind her with his fingers buried in her sex playing with his cum. He’d told her she was his now, and that he’d give her the night off but he expected her to be at that tree in two sunsets. She didn’t know what to say, so she only nodded shamefully.


For all of winter he used her to empty his overfilled vein covered balls. Twice she’d nearly caught her death washing him out in the river to keep her mother from finding out she was some older boy’s practice hole.


In spring he wed, and she knew that their time together would soon be at an end. Still, the night before the wedding he called on her. Not since the first night had he tied her wrists, placing the herbs in her mouth he ordered her to chew. It was her first time tasting the leaf, and her body grew warm as she felt its effects. Looking over her shoulder nervously she clopped back and forth with her back legs skittishly as from the bushes men appeared. His groomsmen looked eager, but she didn’t have time to process that as he mounted her.


The false heat caused by the drugs pounded in her chest as it rocketed south to meet spear of flesh gouging its way to meet it. This was not the lovemaking they’d done these last few months, this was fucking. Heat billowing out of her backside and her own cum running down her legs; she screamed as he took her. This was for his pride and his prowess, he was showing off how much of a whore she’d become for his cock. Two sets of hands clung to the tree; one begging for balance, the other mercy.


His orgasm couldn’t come fast enough, and he barely stayed in her long enough to have his fill of her spasms before he yanked his flare out with a slurp. She was not afforded a break though as she felt a weight crush her back. She looked over her shoulder, gasping in pain as his best friend captured her mouth in a kiss.


The rest of the night was a blur, she didn’t know how many took her. She didn’t know how many turns everyone got, all she could remember was pain and the hollow feeling when it was over. That aching hollow that left her unsure of her emotions as she stood there on legs as shaky as her breaths.


The drugs were powerful, and her vision blurry as someone helped her slowly down the path back home. They stopped by the river, and she felt her mind slowly starting to clear standing in the cold waters letting the ache wash from her body. The man toweled her with his big hands, handling her gently as he helped her up the bank and back onto dry land. She remembered getting to her room in her uncles house before the man had decided he needed compensation for his efforts.


The cock had hurt. Raw and bruised, her pussy had fought his every thrust with a vengeance as he gave her the biggest girth of the night. Her moans of discomfort finally turned to screams as he bottomed out. A hand over her mouth was unwelcome and frustrating to the point that she bite down on it till he gave her a thrust so hard it knocked her wind from her and forced her face into the wall. With tears in her eyes she’d begged him to cum, and as a fist found the hair on the back of her head his balls began to echo in the room off her mound.


The load was long and deep, his moan...satisfaction like she’d never heard. When he pulled out he had to stop for a second, and after a quick yank managed to free that flare. The act however forced her to the ground as pulling it out robbed her of the ability to stand. She listened to him panting above her, steady and heated. It was a noise that comforted her as she drifted into unconsciousness.


The next morning she prepared for the wedding with a heavy mind. No men leered at her as she stood with those converged for the wedding. The man she’d come to have feelings for hugged her warmly, and she felt the pit in her stomach as the bride did the same. She never did confess her crimes to anyone, her shame to great.


As her orgasm took her she rocked sitting on the stone, examining her fingers in the afterglow as she licked them clean. The one thought that stood above all others was that look.


Her uncle, his sad eyes watching her from across the hall….rubbing his bandaged hand.




Ginny kept her mouth over her hand as she watched the girl sucking her fingers clean, Luna leaning over her back as they watched in silence.


“Oh,” Ginny chuckled as quietly as she could, “I like her. Just the right amount of dirty in a good girl.”


“She does seem to be exceptionally gifted at masturbating for someone who just lost half their body.” Luna’s remark was earmarked as ‘Luna’ by Ginny’s brain to be ignored unless addressed directly and the two stood straighter as they rounded the tree they were hiding behind.


Sunshine was just fixing her dress when they came into sight, the girl blushing and trying to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary.


“Impressive technique.” Luna smiled warmly, and Ginny let her head hang a bit in sarcastic disappointment as the girl turned redder than her already flushed face was. She went to speak up but Ginny just enveloped her in a hug, holding her tightly as she whispered in the girls ear.


“Don’t mind the blond, us redheads have to stick together.” She kissed the girl on the cheek, and smiled as she felt the girl return the hug gently. “We’re married now, next time you need a little something you come find us. Gabrielle and I are more than capable with our fingers until you get up the courage to talk to Harry.”


Ginny was trying her best.


The inclusion of Gabrielle….she’d been prepared for. This whole Merlin Bond thing was straight out of the pitch when it came to what she was expecting. She’d thought she’d be sharing him with another woman, now that number was growing daily at such an alarming rate that she worried. She wasn’t going to stop him though. By all accounts they all grew stronger, especially Harry, with each person added to the circle. This meant that for the first time in about 3 years she had genuine hope founded on facts that Harry could win this, live on, make babies. She had no more designs on a white dress wedding but the ceremony was going to fucking happen if she had to hand-fast him to the bedpost, she’d earned it! That was part of the problem too, the dumpy little poor country girl from the hand-me-down farm was not the most confident when it came to her looks….or her brains….or her body….or her heritage….or her abilities in anything honestly. Gabby was drilling into her head now, sometimes via the wrong end, that she was desirable. Harry had picked her first, Harry had only allowed Gabby because Ginny approved. She was still in charge of this show. Harry would lead them, but in his absence she was in charge. Being groomed by a girl who was only 3 steps from being an empress was terrifying.



This was part of the reason she’d tracked Sunshine down with Luna’s help.


She new a nervous face that didn’t feel like it belonged when she saw one, this was the first time she wasn’t wearing it in a mirror. Teasing the muscles in the girls back, kissing the nape of her neck and feeling her go tense then slack with a sigh.


“I mean it,” she pulled back, “if you need anything, anything and Harry’s not around to help….even if he is and you don’t feel comfortable, you find me.”


“In the event,” Luna steps forward, “that she needed her vagina licked, would I be able to offer you assistance.” The redheaded quidditch nut looked at her friend with a patronizing smirk.


“Luna I don’t think that’s going to-- OH.” Ginny turned back around relaxing the muscles in her own neck to see Sunshine standing there, shit eating grin on her face with a blush that practically glowed, “Okay, it might come up. I’m not Harry, girls. We do anything, I want silk sheets and pillows.”




Malcom looked over his papers on his desk, sipping his trough coffee. He’d gotten addicted to the stuff when he was in the lower service ranks, brewing for 100’s made it weak but it was served in such volume that you still got enough effect by the time you had your fill.


The papers were the requests Harry had made of him this afternoon. The old man had enjoyed watching the boy try something other than spell casting, and though he’d put fletch to dirt more than once he showed great aptitude in much the way he did swordplay. He’d never be a berserker, but that wasn’t his way anymore than being a centaur archer would. That seemed to be what made Harry so exceptional, he was adequate. He nearly spit his coffee as the revelation made him chuckle, it sounded so rude. The boy could pass the grade on almost anything he did. Archery, Practical fencing, and now looking down the boy wanted to try his hands at the joust, General Melee Combat, the spear, their were even requests to be taught General Soldierly, Sapper methods, and officer duties.


The boy was going to war, and he wanted to know absolutely everything it seemed. Malcom wondered where he was going to find the time.. On top of this physical and mental programs he was supposedly going to start learning the ways of the magick he’d tied himself to according to Bethsemene.


Malcom smirked, there was also the fact that the boy was having more sex than a brothel on a wednesday. The centaur was the lastest addition, and Harry had used that in their duel last night before supper. It had been daunting, not only the light flash of light that was distracting but the fact the boy could change size and mass seemingly at whim. By the end of it they were both panting from the exertion and laughing at the absurdity of their combat.


At one point they’d lost their weapons in a bind, Malcom had admitted been cutting loose a little more now that he knew Harry could take it. He’d gone for the headbutt, expecting fully to be blocked. The next thing he knew they were both sprawled out groaning in pain. Harry’d tried his new four legged mode of combat. As the Satyr blow landed firmly in the big goof’s stomach, Harry the ‘horseman’ had used his significant height advantage to hammer both fists into the older man’s shoulder blades. The blows had landed almost simultaneously, the result two men clutching their bodies on the ground in pain and being fawned over by their lovers.


That thought led him to look over and smile at the two women spooning together in his bed. He would be a father again soon. The doctor and shaman both put Abagail on immediate bed rest for the entire pregnancy. Satyr’s were not small, and she was now belly full of three. He’d expressed his lament that she be burdened so heavy and so soon. He’d nearly been bowled over when she’d told him this just made her goal of six that much closer. His first wive’s adamant agreement had only sealed his fate.


Looking back down at the papers he began shuffling them into orders.


General Training...moving into duties….Work combat in as we develop proper form to the body… his mind racing as he tried to compact the most primitive basics of his trade, a lifetime of learning and doing, into 5 months.


That was the deadline Harry’d given him, 5 months to learn the art of war before he made it on the Isle. Malcom set his jaw as he shifted a few pages, tapping it on his desk and setting it aside. He would be by his side.


The rise in rank, the commission he’d searched for 6 years in the making. Bureaucracy had been literally cock slapped by the boy who now owned the court by proxy. No one dared speak against the Empress in her own court, and it was the worst kept secret in France that Harry either was or soon would be bedding the entire royal family. He’d even gifted one who fought his rise to power to his Knight Commander as a wife. The boy was becoming a legend of the land, and they hadn’t even realized he was a Merlin yet officially.


He closed his eyes, leaning his head back with a smile as two small hand reached around his body racking his chest with it’s nails.


“Good Morning Husband.”


He felt the kiss between his shoulder blades as he steadied his hands on the desk, “Good Morning wife, I hope you slept well.” He smirked as she felt her hands work the lines between his abs.


“Our lover’s tongue made sure of that. She worries after you though,” he winced as she pinched him dangerously close to his nethers, “You have not bedded her since the ritual. She worries she is losing your interest.”


“My love,” Malcom sighed, “I know she hungers, and I am thankful she has you. I am barely small enough to take her without a child in her. I fear for our babies, I will tell her as much when she wakes.”


“YOU.” He was startled by his wife’s authoritative hiss, “will do no such thing. My love you are a good man, but your appetites have never been the most hungry I have met.” She kissed his back again, not letting him turn to see her, “she has other holes.”


Malcom blinked, wide eyed. “I do not think that would go any better.”


“My tongue and three fingers say otherwise.” The woman behind him took his girth in her hand, and he gave a sigh as she squeezed and stroked him, “not only that, but she has a passion for such things. I admit the taste takes some getting used to, but I am not opposed to such things now that the girls are older and not around the house any more.”


“M-my wife has a thing for this now?” Malcom chuckled, “I don’t know if I should bless or curse my stars.”


“The only star you should concern yourself with is laying in that bed, slathered in my spit.” The woman behind him bit down on the soft flesh of muscle just below his shoulder, “Let me see you as I once knew you. A strong, caring man teaching a naive woman what passion was.” He turned, and her kiss was not hurried but hungry and confident as he held her arms leaning down. “Give me this week, to watch you. Let me see the looks you put on her face. I will not rush into this my love, but I am eager as well for this strange new feeling. Show me the man who took my innocence again, and you may have more than one bride willing to offer up a virgin hole to her lover.”


“Stars above Lana, I love you. I will have another child by you soon, I swear it.”


“Not where I’m going to put it, Malcom my darling. Not where I’m going to put it. Now come to bed, I did not taste her ass just to let it dry out unused.”


“Shouldn’t we wake her?”


“Malcom, if this doesn’t wake her, she’s dead.”





“That’s it. Now set it down.”



Molly Weasley smiled wholeheartedly and warmly as she watched the girl set down the tray of cookies. She’d taken to the more ‘home economics’ side of mothering these girls. It had been difficult at first, trying to ascertain what she could do to really contribute to this new strange form of family.


The answer had come from Hermione of all places. She expressed an interest in learning the basic home-maker skills, since it was something she’d never encountered before except through Molly herself. Her mother was always more of a ‘order take out’ type, and magical home-making was as foreign to her as any obscure magics.


The rest of the girls had clamored to learn it as well, wizard home culture. Laundry and seamstress work with Maggie, gardening with Gladda who was now stuck at a height shorter than Molly herself, and finally her current task teaching Sunshine to cook.


All the girls had their own little quirky habits. Maggie wouldn’t stop until she was finished with a seam no matter what, and the girl sat in her room now for hours planning out dress designs. Gladda had knocked over 17 bookcases in the castle in the last 2 days, she refused to use a ladder.


Sunshine was a completely new set of quirky for poor Molly’s brain though. If they weren’t in public the girl was a nudist. She hated clothes, and even when forced to wear them she would literally strip the moment someone gave her enough space to do so. Molly chalked it up to her centaur heritage, even if she was and had been trapped in this human body for about a week now.


“I think I burnt these too.” Sunshine pouted as she lifted one and sniffed it.


“No, they’re perfect honey,” Molly patted her naked shoulder, nervously nudging around her and lifting one, “the brown on the bottom means you were close, but Harry will love these.” She got a wide grin and enveloped in a hug. Molly was glad she’d at least reasoned with the girl on safety. Clothes were one thing she couldn’t fight, but 3 seconds of explaining the nature and dangers of a stove and the girl had gladly donned an apron.


The two scooped up the cookies into a few plates and together they set them on the table in the center of the manor’s kitchen. Molly not for the first time was struck with how uncanny the resemblance was of this girl as a human. She looked more her daughter than Ginny! If she didn’t know better she would swear the girl was a pensive memory of herself about age 14. Of course, Molly smirked to herself, she wore more clothes back then.


“Mmm… something smells good.”


Molly turned from her spot at the table to see her daughter trouncing in. A long t-shirt and, by the look of that unmanageable ball of ginger hair, all pointed to ‘fresh out of bed’. The girl marched Right up to sunshine, and before Molly could say a word pounced her.


“Morning wife,” She growled pushing the girl ass first into the counter by the stove. Molly’s mouth fell open, she couldn’t even manage outrage as she watched her youngest force her tongue into a girl that was squealing in equal parts panic and enjoyment. The enjoyment dropped to a low moaned as Ginny’s hand disappeared between them and under the apron. “You left me in bed alone, don’t bother making breakfast I found something to eat.”


Molly’s gasp was covered up by poor Sunshine’s pitiful squeal as she fought to breath.


“Ginny your—MMPH!” The girl clawed at the smaller girls back, her knees out to the side and trembling. Ginny’s elbow began to jackhammer, and even from the back where she couldn’t see a thing she knew exactly what was happening. The awkward silence as she watched the girl clawing at her daughter’s back, legs trembling and kicking as she fought for enough lip room to say something.


“Ginny….” Sunshine was huffing for breath as, with a growl, the smaller redhead forced her fingers into the girls mouth.


“My mom will be down here any minute,” Ginny’s voice was husky, “and I want my breakfast. Now open your legs before I make you.” With that the small girl fell to her knees and Molly found her voice.




“FUCK-SHIT-HELL!” Ginny shot up from her knees and spun so fast she nearly knocked poor Sunshine off the counter. “Mom, mom what are you--”


“I was down here,” Molly cocked and eyebrow, “making cookies before breakfast, but it seems you’ve already found what you were looking for, if I heard right.”


“Mom...”Ginny blushed deep, “that was...I mean that was... pillow talk.” She looked away, “I didn’ was just...”


“Is this how Harry treats his wives? Hmm?” Molly crossed her arms, “I don’t think I approve.”


“Luckily you don’t have to.”


The three women looked to the door to see Harry leaning on the door frame with his arms crossed.


“Harry,” Molly’s lips pulled tight, “I was just about to--”


“Step over a line there is no coming back from.” Harry cut her off as he walked up to Ginny, kissing her nervous forehead. “I was right behind Ginny, I saw the whole thing. Why didn’t you speak up?”


Molly flustered, “It’s not my place--”


“But it is your place to judge?” Harry cocked his head, “You could have spoken up at the very beginning and let Ginny know you were there.”


“You could have as well!” Molly was reaching, she was too old to be talked to this way, “why didn’t you say something?!”


“One. They are both my wives.” Harry shrugged, “Two. I didn’t see you there from my angle, so if it was just us there’s no harm done.” He narrowed his eyes, “Three. They weren’t doing anything wrong.”


“You saw--”


“Nothing.” Harry’s eyes were slits, “Wrong. Behind closed doors, in their own house. They did not flaunt it, they did not go out of their way to rub it in your face on purpose.” He ran his hand through his hair, “I’m not normal Mrs. Weasley, I’ve accepted that. My life will not be normal. My relationships,” he held out a hand and Ginny and Sunny both tucked under his arm, “will not be normal, but I will burn in hell before I let anyone make someone I love feel like a freak.” The last word came out so much a growl that Ginny almost rethought where she was tucked, “Even... if it’s someone else I love, doing it.”


“I...” Molly faltered in the face of such an argument, the power rolling off of him in sheets, It was like sanding inches from a waterfall. She could feel the mist, the movement of air. She knew if she pushed deeper into this she would drown, or if she was lucky it would simply take her arm off trying to rip her into the current.


“Ginny, Sunny.” Harry rubbed his hands down the girls backs, “Head up and take a shower before breakfast, wait for me on the bed.” Molly watched as the boy turned and kissed the girl she’d been giving cooking lessons to, hard on the mouth. “I made you a promise to be my wife, I intend to keep it right now. Let Ginny help you relax,” Harry shot Molly a look out of the corner of his eye, “I’ll be up in a few minutes.” The two girls left without a word, racing back the way that Harry’d come and giggling could be heard in the hallway.


“I wasn’t trying to….” Molly tried to find the words to reach the boy, her heart aching.


“I know,” Harry sighed, “this is new for me. Us. All of us. I didn’t plan this, I didn’t honestly want this.” He sat with his butt against the counter were a minute ago Sunshine had been. “I have...I mean...” Harry grinned as big as a sunrise right before Molly’s eyes as he held out an arm in the direction of the hallway. “I’m married….to the girl of my dreams….she’s married to her best friends...we have more….I just, it’s piling on and I know that the moment I start putting silly limitations and thoughts in heads this whole thing will fall apart.” He ran both his hands through his hair with a frustrated grunt. “Mrs…...Molly.” Harry said the word, trying it out aloud, “I miss Arthur.”


There it was, like an iron door slammed in her face. No one had dared speak his name.


“My husband was a good man.” Molly tried to strain a smile.




Molly looked up shocked before he continued on.


“He...IS... the best of us. He loved his family, he worked to the bone to do everything for them he could. He raised 5 amazing sons, one okay git who needed to chose better friends...” Harry grinned as he rapped his knuckles on his own skull, “and a daughter that is so beautiful and kind she could make a mirror jealous.” Harry sighed again pushing off the counter, “The only regret I have in this world is that I have to fight this war, otherwise I would spend the rest of my life trying to be half the husband he is... to your daughter.”


Molly couldn’t keep the tears out of her eyes and as she reached for him; he surrounded her with his arms, much bigger and stronger than she remembered as she cried into his chest. They stayed like that for a few minutes before parting and wiping their eyes.


“So….” Molly laughed at her self for bringing this up now, but they felt so close there would be no embarrassment, “Polly seems to think we’re both going to be included in this coven of yours.” She expected a blush or a denial or some quip, what she got was a shrug.


“That is up to the two of you,” seeing her concerned look he softened his posture, “you are both intelligent women who are strong willed. You have both...may have lost someone very close and dear to you, I’m not going to just hit on you out of the blue. I know its a possibility, you know it’s a possibility. I’m not going to force the issue until you feel you’ve had time to grieve. I offered Apolline a date on Yule to remind her that I was still intended to her. I...” he chewed his lip, “I thought you might need more time.”


“Harry surely,” Molly chuckled, “I mean you grew up in my house, how can you possibly see me this way?” She put her hand on his chest, feeling the muscle tense as he backed out of her reach.


“Molly,” Harry lowered his head, shaking it, “every summer. It never failed, every summer I spent at your house was hell for my bits.” He grinned looking up, “If it wasn’t peeking on you in the shower it was Hermione in Ginny’s room playing with herself.” He watched shock roll over the woman’s features slowly as she glanced down at his lap. “Ginny is terrified that I’m going to turn her into her mother.”


“Well that’s just mean.” Molly grunted, “I’m not that bad am I?” She tried to gloss over the masturbation confessional and move on.


“No, you misunderstand,” Harry took a step back into her personal space, and Molly felt her ass hit the stove as she kept him at bay with a hand on each pectoral. “She’s worried because she knows that all I have to do to turn her into you is hold her down and put seven kids in her.” Harry’s grin grew wider as her eyes flashed with the thought.


“Harry...” Molly blushed, “I don’t think I can be….what you want me to be.”


“Honestly Mrs. Weasley,” Harry found himself slipping into a familiar form of address even as she looked up at him. “I want you to just be yourself... as long as that self doesn’t hurt other people’s selves..” He nodded his head to the side, “one day soon maybe a more naked version of yourself bu—OW.”


He grinned down at the woman as she smacked his pectoral.




“I’m sorry,” Sunshine chewed her lip nervously as she sat on the bed. The girl she walked in with looked around the room then took a knee between the once-centaur’s. Placing an elbow on each of the girls thighs she held onto the womans ribs as she leaned in. Forehead to breastbone, she gave an aggravated sigh.


“It’s not your fault Sunny.” Ginny, “one sec, I’ve always wanted to do this.” What followed made Sunshine squeal in alarm and laugh all at once as Ginny motor-boated the poor girls aproned melons. “That is way more fun than it should be. Anyway, Sunshine….it’s not you, it was my mom and my fault. I shouldn’t have pushed up on you like that in the middle of the house. We still share this place, if it hadn’t been her seeing us it would have been a servant or something. She is right that we need to be more discreet with our relationships until we’re ready for the fight that’s coming.” Ginny frowned, “she could just be less….mom...about it.”


“I absolutely love your mother,” Sunshine cupped the girls face, “she’s warm, and caring. She yells occasionally, but that’s just because she has so much emotion inside of her.”


“She used to be a handful.” The girls turned to see Harry much like he was on the kitchen door frame but much less stern. Smiling he closed the door, and Ginny stood and sat on his other side as he slid hip to hip with Sunshine on the bed. “Arthur once told me….” he glanced at Ginny who grew sorrowful, “he made me promise that I would take care of his daughter, not push her in case...”


“In case what?” Ginny grew curious.


“In case she turned out like her mom.” Harry smiled, “Apparently your mom had quite the, uh, appetite when they first met. He said the idea of becoming a mother drove her crazy to be ‘the perfect mom’ since she had such a bad relationship with her own mom.”


Ginny looked thoughtful for a second, “Mom never talks about her parents, but she’s really proud of her side of the family.”


“She can fill you in,” Harry softly began to pet both their heads, “but I want you to think about the fact that you’re the youngest of seven, and your oldest brother was born 6 months after your parents were married.” He watched the girl try to reconcile that thought, “you don’t hate sex and ‘inappropriate things’ as much as she puts on and have that many kids.”


“Are you implying,” Ginny grinned, “Mr. Potter, that my mother was a scarlet woman?” She kissed him on the shoulder as he laughed at her comment.


“I’m saying that when your mom was your age….your mom loved the dick.” He expected to be punched so it didn’t come as a surprise as he rubbed his arm good natured-ly.


“Are you saying my dad told you to watch out for me,” Ginny scoffed, “because I might turn into a nympho like my mom?” She’d said it in jest, but the room grew quieter and quieter as she stared at a blushing tight-lipped Harry.




“I cannot believe--” Ginny was on her feet, “I am not a—my mother is not some sexual deviant!”


“I never said you were,” Harry held up his hands defensively, “but honey….you...”


“I WHAT?” Ginny raised an eyebrow.


“You put my dick in another girl’s mouth... long before we bonded.”


Silence. Dead Silence as Ginny stared off into space, which made Harry nervous since she picked somewhere close to just above the center of his forehead to zone out on.


“Harry, I think I may have a problem.”


“No love,” Harry smiled at her, “you have a healthy appetite. Thanks to Sophie I have a form that I can’t sleep in, because morning wood pulls the covers off of everyone’s feet. That is a problem.” He stood and enveloped the girl as she giggled at his comment.


“Are we weird?”


“I don’t know love, but does it matter?” He looked down at her kissing the top of her head before she looked up at him. “I didn’t marry-- I’m not marrying the rest of the world. I could give two shits what anyone else thinks.”


“You’re going to have to Harry.” Ginny sighed against his chest, “this world is sheep, when you get as strong as you have, you have to chose; shepherd or wolf. People are going to either be in your way or follow you blindly.” She kissed his chest pulling away and the two of them looked at the girl sitting there bashfully. She had the ‘you forgot about me and just noticed’ look on her face as she blushed.


“Sorry,” she started dipping her head, “i didn’t mean to ...should I go?”


“You’re not leaving this room Sunny.” Harry smiled, “but I do need you to stand up so no one gets hurt.” The girl was on her feet in a flash nervously and Harry stepped up to her with Ginny on his arm.


“Did I do something, I mean what should--”


“Shhh….” Harry smiled chuckling as he tried to kiss her softly, “it’s okay, you don’t have to be so nervous. I promise you that over the next several years you’re going to spend a lot of time on that bed, sleeping and not. I just know from experience that the seal puts you back in your original form.”


“Missionary sex can’t be good for a Centaur.” Ginny quipped and nodded as the other redheaded girl’s eyes showed recognition. Never mind the bed, suddenly being on the flat of her back having sex in her original form might break her spine.



“Harry! You need to--”


Hermione froze in the doorway as the site in front of her shut down her brain. As the golden waves washed over her she hit her knees. Less than three feet from her face two….she couldn’t call them animals, that was insensitive, but there was no doubt that what she was looking at wasn’t human. The boy she’d come to know as her best friend was less than a foot from the door, backed up and standing spread legged as he pumped his equine half in slow easy rythms. Falling to her knees had put her eye level with a fact that in her heart Hermione always new.


Harry Potter couldn’t do the things he’d done without a huge set of balls.


They were enormous, drawn up, pulsing with each flex of the muscled flanks. Somehow knowing she was watching Harry’s bloated balls gush cum into his inhuman lover only made the tips of her fingers down the front of her sweatpants tingle harder on her clit as she listened to the appreciative wails of the girl he pawed at. The waves of pleasure seemed to go on forever, her mind a haze as she realized she was not in control of her own pleasure. He was making her cum, again and again. He didn’t even seem to notice her existence. The debasing nature, her on her knees in a puddle of his cum staring up worshipfully at his sack as he tenderly pumped a no doubt incredibly sore pussy. Her pleasure was a bi-product, she wasn’t even a factor here. He’d made her cum more with the sight of him in the last ten seconds than Ronald had managed in a half hour with his entire cock!


She’d never had sex, she new that now. Victor Krum may have unlocked the darker desires, and Ronald may have scratched her itch for a time...but Harry was another story. This was her cock, no doubt about it. No matter what it looked like, what form he took or what face he made this was hers.


“Ohhhhhh...” Harry moaned appreciatively, his open mouth almost sealing over Sunshines as she sucked on his tongue. “Ginny….oh my god, never in a million years did I think you would do that….don’t stop.” He laughed sealing the kiss fully with the girl he began rolling her chest around in his hands to massage the fullness.


“Do what?”


Harry looked down in his haze, watching the redhead kissing up the Centaur girls bare human stomach give him an eyebrow. Harry’s eyes got as big as saucers as the three of them heard it.


A humming moan...long, slow and sensual.


Ginny, who was sitting on the foot of the bed in front of them, leaned to one side slowly looking back down the length of the equine half. Sitting back up her face was a lantern of happiness.




“What?!” His harsh whisper barely loud enough to be heard, matching hers.






“It’s Hermione.”


“Oh my god.”


“I know, what is she doing here.”


“Sucking on my balls!”


“I can see that. Any good?”


“Ohh…..” Harry let out a pitiful moan as He and Sunshine both shivered through the radiant glow that swept over them both. Ginny leaned down and watched the bushy hair girl’s second hand join the first as she knelt at the feet of her future husband. This glow was less intense than the last, and Harry reached for Ginny kissing her softly as the four of them shared the pleasure. “O-okay I’m officially spent.”


“Harry wait!” Ginny called out as Harry took a half step back.


There was a slurp sound, then a wet smack followed by a cry of pain.



Everyone sat at the lunch table awkwardly.


The conversations were light and pleasant, the food as always amazing, more so since Molly had started taking over the kitchen with Sunshines help. Sunshine herself had begged off working the stove after ‘overexerting’ herself. Molly hadn’t asked questions.


Hermione Granger-Potter-don’t-call-me-that sat grumpily.


With her arms crossed.


In Harry’s lap.


The other girl’s weren’t commenting on her current state, but the older women had no such qualms.


“Tis a worthy battle wound,” Ferra toasted the girl who blushed, only deepening the purple on her face.


“The last time he gave me a bruise,” Bethsemene forked her pie merrily, “it was too deep to rub murtlap on, consider yourself lucky.” Several of the other girls tittered with laughter, quickly falling silent as the girl with the black eye cut them a stare.


“Oh would you stop!” Aphrodina clicked her tongue, “you are not the first woman at this table to be slapped in the face with a cock, I assure you.” Several of the older women smiled while the girls blushed, “though I must say,” Aphrodina tried to keep her lips tight, her mask breaking as she spoke, “It is quite possibly the biggest anyone of us have taken to the face.”


The older women broke out in laughter at that point and Hermione leaned forward like she was going to speak up. Mid vocalization she hunched over the table so hard that her forehead nearly went into Harry’s soup. The table looked on as the girls back bowed up and she let out a moan they all knew too well. It was the kind of noise only Harry brought out of you.


“What did you do to her?” Ginny smiled and brushed the panting girls bangs out of her face.


“I uh, channeled my Allure,” Harry blushed looking around the room at those gathered.


“I have heard you use this phrase once before,” Apolline spoke up, “I am curious Harry, because you seem to distinguish between ‘using’ allure and ‘channeling it’...what exactly is your difference?”

The boy looked at the Veela women, seeing them all genuinely curious now. Looking down and resting his head on Hermione’s back he took a moment to gather his thoughts.


“Well,” he licked his suddenly dry lips, “you know how when you feel your Allure its a pressure behind your eyes….I just concentrate on pushing it around my body so it...comes out where I want.”


“That’s not how--”


“And where it it coming out right now?” Aphrodina cut off her daughter with a smile.




“Soooo…..” Hermione raised her head, the most blissful smile on her face, “deeeep…..” Her eyes were closed so she didn’t get to see the other women’s reaction to her dreamy expression of lust and joy at finally being with the man she really wanted. They weren’t even intimate physically, but they all knew what he could do with his allure when he was teasing them. By the look on the poor girl’s face he wasn’t teasing her with his magic, he’d rammed it balls deep and left it.


“That...” Apolline found her voice again, “that is not how the Allure works, Harry.” She held up her hands, looking at them. “It..well, for us...resides in the radiates like a warmth, it is why we are considered beautiful, why we cover our flesh chastely if we do not wish...weaker men’s advances.” She smiled, quirking an eyebrow at the other women in the room, “You presume to tell us you have discovered a way to use our racial gift that no one else has thought of in thousands of years?”


“Not necessarily impossible, my daughter.” Aphrodina spoke up, “Perhaps we simply took our gift for granted, what I mean is why change something that has not ever needed to be. When was the last time you thought about how the drain in the bathroom works? It’s just something that is.” The older woman smiled, “Though knowing that you focus your entire Allure to a single point and target makes me not feel so bad about succumbing to it so easily. Out of curiosity, can you try it our way? Instead of a ball of pressure, let it flow through you...yes...” She swallowed as a wave of arousal began to build around her, “I believe you have discove—oh, my word.” She closed her eyes as every woman at the table began to groan.


“Good bye knickers,” Majesta sighed as she laid her head back against her chair, “I hardly knew ye.”


“THIS is what you have been going through?!”


Everyone turned to see the woman near the middle of the table leaving gouges with her finger nails down the hardwood deep enough to make curls of the fibrous material. The larger feline woman was...for lack of a better way of putting it, losing her shit. Her tongue was hanging out, she was panting like a cat in the sun with no water and her eyes were watery almost to tears.


“By the spirts, if this is what the rest of you have had pointed at you all this time, how are you not bow-legged and bred by now?!”


“Some of us are half way.” Ginny giggled with a dreamy smile as she leaned on Harry who turned off the boiler so to speak. Every woman righted herself, in some cases like Gladda and Ferra they simply stood and shucked their undergarment and placed it on the back of their chair. Majesta elegantly leaned back and simply cast a drying charm at her lap, something her mother imitated.

Harry looked around the room and immediately blushed to his roots. Molly Weasley looked drugged. The poor woman was near the foot of the table, catatonic and cuddling the young child to her chest rocking in place dead to the world.


“Oops.” Harry mumbled and ten seconds later Hermione shot up bolt straight in his lap clawing at the air in a slight panic.


“Harry….” she gasped, “ask a girl first….I don’t...” She looked around the room, then mumbled something very quietly as she leaned back.


“What was that dear?” Bethsemene cat-called.


“She said she doesn’t normally like butt stuff!” Ginny called out and leaned over to give Gabrielle a peck on the cheek as everyone broke into another light chuckle at the bookworms expense.


“With this man?” Bethsemene licked her lips, “it’s not an adventure taken lightly.”


“May we get back to our meal?” Apolline brought them back on track as best she could, ignoring the wet panties hanging from the wing-backs. “Harry, Malcom sent the schedule for next month’s training, and I would like to ask that you take it easier than you...well than you took the earlier training.”


“I don’t know if I can take it lightly,” Harry frowned, “I need to be ready.”


“Harry darling, “Apolline shook her head, completely missing the look her daughter and mother cut her, “you are learning the basics here, and you have….” The woman did some ticking off on her fingers, “well, if you manage to bed poor Gladda some time in the near future before she loses her mind...” The girl in question hung her head blushing, “You will have three times the potential power you did at the tavern that day.”


Harry didn’t need to be reminded which day she was talking about. It haunted him, the day he’d killed that man by accident. Well not accident, it was worse. He’d let his emotions explode. He winced internally at his choice of words.


“I will be practicing self control.” Harry nodded, understanding what she now meant, “and while I fully intend to seal my pact with Gladda, I am more than happy with getting to know her as a person more first if that is what she wants.”


“She wants the cock.” Ferra called out with a mouthful of pork on the bone, sucking the juice from her fingers, “the poor girl needs it bad. Sooner you get this over with the sooner we can move into the main bedroom.” Ferra gestured around with the thigh bone, “I’m not making her sleep alone.”


“I understand.” Harry smiled.


“You are both moving in,” Gabrielle spoke up, and everyone watched her petting poor out-of-it Hermione’s head as she rocked in Harry’s lap, “tonight. We will let things progress naturally of course, I’m not going to force anything.” The Veela girl grinned, “but you’d be surprised how quickly a relationship blossoms when you spend it sleeping naked next to each other.”


“SO then,” the feline woman from earlier called out, “are we rejected? Us and the winged devil down here?”


Harry looked down at the feline woman crossing her arms and winced. “I am sorry that I’ve neglected you Ms. Teak.” Harry stood, placing a still insensate Hermione in his chair, and walked around the table. Everyone watched him slide his fingertips across the box then the wingtips of a preening Meredith as he quickly stepped past.


“I supposed you were just a dog person,” the feline matron chuckled, and surprisingly Eveline up near the queen did as well, “We just want to make sure we get fair representation. We’ll do what ever it takes to become part of this union.”


Harry sat down gingerly on the edge of the table between the woman known as ‘Teak’ and her daughter ‘Landala’. Sighing he leaned back crossing his arms so that he could see them and they could see each other over his lap. No one seemed to notice that Aphrodina had cleared the room of servants while he was walking. Whether some secret sign had passed between them no one could tell.


“The issue I ran into with Cait Sith,” Harry licked his lips, hanging his head as he spoke, “is that...they’re small.”


“We are rather sturdy for our size.” Teak reassured him, “and our warriors are swift and--”


“I’m not concerned with war right now,” Harry sighed, and everyone held their breath as the sound of a zipper being undone. There was a silence, and from her side of the table Ginny could watch Harry’s back and the faces of the two feline women growing from startled and surprise to abject horror. “I’ve read that the average male Cait Sith has a three inch penis, the maximum they usually get is four to four and a half. I can change my shape, and this is the smallest penis I is literally more than three times the size you would find comfortable.” Harry reached out, gently stroking under the matron’s chin and barely getting a reaction as she kept staring at his lap. “I want to, believe me. I would right now if I could, but this would, to put it simply, kill you. You would tear, and you would bleed until you died. I will not risk it, I will not hurt you or your daughter like that. I could try to change you into a human first, but I am not in a rush to do something like that if I can find another way. Until now I’ve been to embarrassed to admit it was a necessity, though considering the actions I will have to take very soon I suppose I should get used to it.”


Ginny followed his gaze down to that curious little box that Meredith kept with her, her ‘apprentice’.


“Why don’t you deal with this issue here Harry?” Aphrodina smiled as the boy looked up at her confused. “The immediate vicinity is all that is required to claim if I remember correctly?”


“Y-yes mam.” Harry blushed, then paled as Dina scowled at him,


“I will not be called ‘mam’ by a man who’s buggered me.”


Utter silence.


“We’d like in too.” Melci raised her hand, and Harry looked over to the other side of the table back near Molly where the rabbit tailed and fox tailed mother/daughter pair sat. “More than one being here has not fed in nearly a month, my daughter is a good girl but she will not last much longer and truly wishes to save herself for you.” The girl in question didn’t seem the slightest bit embarrassed by her mother’s words. “Meredith has been gracious enough to feed us with her abilities but it is a stopgap Harry.”

“At the very least,” Meredith spoke up, “humanizing them with the claim would suppress their magical needs as their true bodies lie dormant.” She rapped her fingers across the box and everyone watched it dance on the table excitedly. “Poor Baz’cuta has been so….well,” Meredith looked down and to the side, “she has been dreaming of some very hopeful things, things her kind normal should never curse themselves to wish for.”


“Tomorrow morning.” Everyone looked at Harry as he tucked his manhood back in his pants. “Meredith and Baz’cuta, I will deal with, at least, a claiming after breakfast. If I have the energy I will seal with the Huldr in the afternoon. Tonight is Gladda’s night.” Harry set his hands down on top of the two feline women’s, rubbing his thumbs across the back, “if you two would join me later, I would greatly enjoy your company.”




Gabrielle sat at her desk, thinking about life.


This had all started because of a crush. She smiled as she still couldn’t get over that. Two schoolgirls whispering dirty fantasies in each other’s ears as they dug fingers into panties. Fantasies had turned to serious thoughts, to plans, to actions.


There was no taking it back, even if by some horrific miracle she wanted to. She was the left hand of Merlin, her second best friend in the world his right. The girl she’d grown up with, that luscious little tomboy who’d helped her learn to kiss, was now his personal protector. She’d grown up knowing that in a hundred years maybe she’d preside over a court of a few thousand non-wizards.


In five months she’d be a bloody fucking Queen of England.


Shaking her head ruefully she went back to reading and signing papers. Tomorrow he’d ascend publicly, and there was still quite a bit to be done. He was off somewhere probably balls deep in a very grateful Gladda by now. She idly wondered if his timing to seal or claim all the ambassadors was planned or if he was just naturally fated to make dumb luck decisions.


With Teak and Landala fully human, along with Meredith, it would practically be proof of his qualities...even if he couldn’t turn into a bloody centaur. She giggled to herself thinking of his best friend in the world. She was dirty, but when that girl got worked up she could get weird. Gabrielle prided herself on her debauchery when it came to Harry at this point, but even she wasn’t going to suck on horse balls.


Sitting her pen down she stretched, listening to her shoulder pop and giving a start as a set of hands rested gently on the nape of her neck.


“I see you’re almost completely caught up with the requisites,” the soft dulcet tones of Beth whispering caught her ears, “I must say I’m impressed, you even filed for his mass transport portkey but buried it in his personal off-shoring documents.” Gabrielle naked breasts on the back of her head as the woman reached past her to flip through the pages. “Interesting moniker you’ve picked.”


“He is my husband.” Gabrielle defended, a little nervous.


“Yes, it also helps hide him for his trip back across the Channel. Devious my little starlight.” Gabrielle shivered as the woman behind her pressed a kiss to her ear and cupped her now aching breasts. “Harold Delacour….it suits him, he is a herald of the court of magicals now. We have you to thank for that….well, you and Ginerva.” Gabby moaned as the woman took her nipples between thumb and finger, pinching through her bra. “But Ginerva isn’t here at the moment.”


Gabrielle turned her head and accepted the kiss from the older dark elf, the new strange posture from the woman was aggressive and yet teasing.


“We can go get her.” Gabby replied mischievously as the woman slid her hands down her arms. Beth cupped her fingers, pulling her arms behind her back as she stood her up. Kissing her shoulders, the older woman forced her breastbone first into the wall beside the door.


“No my lady,” Beth’s breath was husky and low as she ground her hips into the Veela making the young girl stand on her toes with a gasp of surprise. “Tonight will be far too intimate for watchers, it will take all I have to teach just you.”


“That...” Gabby’s eyes were wide as she looked over her shoulder.


“Just a toy.” Beth leaned forward, sucking on the top of the girls ears as she continued to grind. “A copy of Harry...well,” The matron chuckled in her ear, “my version anyway. I told Harry about a unique quality all Veela seem to have.” Beth reached down, curling her fingers as the girl began to try and climb the wall with just her nipples. “You’re practically a goddess made flesh, ravagers of men and ageless beauties...but put something up your ass and you’re defenseless.” The woman began to pump her fingers, watching the girl shake like a leaf. “You can’t speak, you can’t move. Your just an ordinary girl who can’t handle a dick.”


Gabrielle was seeing stars, her breath wouldn’t obey her. She’d tickled her back door a few times when she was fingering herself, but she’d never gone deeper. Resting her forehead on the wall she lasted half a minute before she let out a strangled moan. She could feel her own slick, clear fluids running down her legs as the woman pulled her digit free.


“Only one finger?” Beth cooed, “You’re going to be fun. Go to the bathroom and make sure you are as spotless as need be in and out. I’m going to be on the bed.” She spun the girl who took her kiss, Beth’s aggression almost sardonically lusty. “Tonight will be a lesson long waited. First I’m going to teach you how to take it...then I’m going to teach you how to love it. The only lesson you will not learn tonight is how to keep your ass from leaking getting off the bed.”


Watching the girl nervously walk off she made her way to the bed, tossing off her robe and slinking up onto the center of the pillows with a vial in each hand. Pouring the two together in the larger glass she stirred the two with a finger until it began to froth. Smearing it on the large appendage she had strapped to her pelvis she worked the head and the veins slowly, admiring the memory of what it was fashioned after felt like. When Gabrielle came back into the room she stood at the foot of the bed nervously.


The florescent mixer seemed to glow slightly as she spread it along the shaft and over the head with one hand, crooking her finger and beckoning the girl up onto the bed. Straddling the older woman, Beth put her hands on the younger girls thighs as she admired her bravery. It had been over a century since she’d felt the mixer herself, but she could still remember the effects very clearly. Part of her wondered if having her ass spread open using this method was what made her such an enthusiast.


Gabrielle’s sigh brought her back to the present and she watched the girl line up the head and begin to sit down, her knees out to the side wobbly. Just when it looked like she might be too nervous to continue Beth hunched upward.


The Veela girl’s head threw back in a panicked squeak as her mouth hung open. Her entire body tensed, her ass hovering above the dark elf who’s cock-head was just barely seated in her pucker. Beth sighed and then groaned along with the girl who was fighting every inch of her length as she gripped her hips and pulled down.


Murtlap made a fine lubricant with how greasy it was, and love potion barely watered it down. It had been tricky acquiring one of Gabrielle’s hairs but Harry had helped with that. With each thrust the girl grew more in love with herself, more confident and sure. Her body and her mind bolstered and fortified by something as ridiculous as a cock in her ass. Admittedly it had probably only made Beth’s own Narcissism worse, but Gabrielle was a doubter.


The Dokkalfar cooed to the girl who leaned forward, “Easy..Easy love...” she sighed as she had to take the girls hips and guide her to a slower pace. It was not wise to immediately start slamming your ass open, lotion or not. Once the girl had calmed to a smooth rolling pace she placed a hand on the back of her head.


The soft gasp from the doorway roused her, and she smiled as Sophie stood shocked. Gabrielle barely noticed the change until Beth raised a finger to her lips. Turning she watched the Faun girl nod and turn.


“Nooo...” Gabby moaned bottoming out and rolling her hips, “Please….” she turned to look at Beth, her eyes half lidded, “please let her stay.”


Beth smiled, eyeing the girl in the armor, “Is she even interested in….oh, nevermind.” the older woman smiled as she caught the girl staring at where the cock was slowly pulling back and forth through Gabby’s spread cheeks.


“I’ve….” Sophie blushed as she stepped forward, “been curious.” She slowly began to take off her armor, letting it set gently on the floor by the desk.


“That’s good,” Beth grinned, and as the girl slid into the bed she gave her a peck on the lips, “Since you’re at Harry’s #1.”


“What? Uh….” the faun girl scooted hip to hip with the older woman, her knees going wide as Beth reached over and began stirring circles in her already wetting pussy lips.


“The other night I asked Harry,” Beth grinned curling her fingers and making the girls moan together, “other than me, who he wanted to fuck in the ass the most…. He was very specific.” The faun girl blushed, Harry had been getting more comfortable with her form….and aggressive.


Beth watched the girl stare off into space, her smile dreamy as she closed her eyes and laid there getting fingered.


“Can you change that thing into a Satyr?” Sophie asked.


“Not right now,” Beth chuckled giving a sharp thrust and making Gabby shudder, “poor girl would pass out.”




Harry sat in the meadow, elbows on his knees in the grass laughing. Only his life could go this fucked up. Currently he was soaked head to toe next to a girl who looked absolutely wrecked.


He decided having sex outdoors was just bad luck for him. In the middle of orgasm Gladda had changed, and he was thankful he hadn’t been on the bottom. One moment he was on top of a beautiful busty thing he new he nearly had his eye gouged out by her clit. The damn thing looked like a traffic cone coming at him. It didn’t help that the girl had one of the puffiest clamshells he’d ever seen. Not that he’d seen a tremendous amount, but he felt like a soggy hot-dog for all of twenty seconds till she changed back embarrassed.


“That was amusing to watch.” Ferra’s voice rang in his ears from the edge of the clearing as she walked in.


“I still can’t believe you watched.” Harry shook his head. “I appreciate your concern for my safety though.”


“You are a sweet boy,” Ferra shrugged, “you are strong in heart. Also I have grown fond of your cock.” She added the last part with a bit of mirth to her voice. Helping him to his feet she looked him up and down. “Majesta would be amused to know this.”


“I’m sure you can get her a pensive some time.” Harry smiled shaking a bit of female fluids from his dripping fingers. “I’m going to go get a bath.” He declared, “can you look after Gladda for me, I don’t want her to think I don’t care but….”


“She has ruined you,” Ferra smiled, “if nothing else, she will take pride in that.”




“Oh sorry!” Harry turned his face away.


Bethsemene looked up from where she was on her knees behind a dead-to-the-world Sophia. Gabrielle looked up at him upside down from the flat of her back, her ankles locked around the faun girl’s neck.


“It’s alright Harry, why dont...” the blonde smiled dreamily and patted the girl moaning into her loins head, “why don’t you use the guestroom bathroom where Teak and Mandala are? I’m sure they’d appreciate the compan-EE!” Gabby bolted stiff and smacked faun on the back of the head, “No biting!”


Harry heard the faun chuckling then grunt as he closed the door behind him.


That….was new. Harry shook his head as he walked down the hall. It was around a corner and butted up with the outer wall. Harry frowned, he’d been here almost two months and he barely knew the floor plan still.


Tapping quietly on the door he listened, opening the door ajar he peeked around. The room was empty save the two house cats that the girls owned. Harry always found it funny that they would have pets that were effectively similar species, they seemed intelligent enough too. Stepping in he walked over to the bed, the cats immediately on their feet and walking to the edge to greet him. He reckoned it was the overpowering smell of sex that probably interested them. The cats had been running all over the place, more than once he’d seen Hermione reading a book petting one in her lap.


“Hey guys,” he scratched them on the top of the head, working up under the chin quickly to make sure his fingers didn’t overstay their welcome. “Just gonna borrow your shower till the girls get back. Warn me if you hear the door open okay?” He grinned and got meowed at as he began stripping walking towards the door.


He closed the door behind him as he shucked his drawers and turned on the water. It wasn’t much in the way of a walk in, but he put his foot in the tub, tested the temperature and pulled the curtain behind him. The first couple of seconds had been intense, getting the face and hair to not feel that oily finish while the air fill with the smell of woman. He’d basically belly flopped into an orgasming vagina, you don’t come out of that squeaky clean he knew, but he thanked his lucky stars Gladda didn’t squirt like Ferra or he might have lost his head, literally.


Rubbing his arms and down his chest he was about to start on his boys when someone else reached around from behind him and started for him. His whole body stiffened on reflex for a second.


“I don’t know who she is,” Landala whispered in his ear, “but I hope she’s not dead.” The two chuckled together quietly as she gave his member a few strokes. “Mother wishes to see what I’ll become first.”


Harry turned, and Landala didn’t know what to expect but a kiss was not the first thing on the list. She moaned into his mouth as he pressed her into the wall and roamed his hands across her body. Eventually the sensation became to much and she convulsed and giggled into his mouth as he rubbed her belly. He smiled with her lip to lip as he danced his skin across her flesh, circling her waist and pulling her tight to him.


Landala’s eyes fluttered as she felt the top of his girthy shaft slide across her and through her thighs. She wasn’t a big girl so he’d had to pick her up by her ass to do it. She consciously controlled her claws, both placement and retraction as he held her up and forced her to straddle his vein riddled flesh.


“I want to try something.” Harry whispered into her lips, the shower running down over the two of them.


“Okay.” She replied breathlessly, she didn’t care what it was. Her body ached, and she could feel his hand stroking the base of her tail. When the hell had he learned to do that?


The slight squeak made them both wince as he pulled the shower curtain back. Stepping out he gave her another kiss as he set her feet down on the bath mat, causing his manhood to sprint free and them both to wince as it slapped him in the stomach. Without words it took a little bit to coerce her to sit down. Lid closed, she leaned back curiously on the toilet as he spread her legs and leaned in. The tongue was a thing of magnificence, but it was certainly nothing new. Hell she could do herself, feline privilege. He seemed to really enjoy it though, but if he made one crack about eating a  pussy she was going to leave marks.


“Okay,” Harry breathlessly uttered her own word back to her as she watch him sit up and scoot closer, on reflex she closed her legs as she watched him take his cock in his hand.


“Harry.” She warned, “I can’t.”


“Just the tip, We’ll go slow.”


There was a moment of silence as she looked up at him, both of them panting softly.


“Just the tip.” The boy nodded, and Landala licked her lips as she watched him rub the head of his cock through her folds. Up and down, side to side, he was stirring her up; both emotionally and physically. “Are you going to put it in?” She asked impatiently as she felt him bump her entrance yet again before grinding that fat head up through her lips and crushing her clit.


“In a second,” He smiled as he leaned even further forward, and the feline girl watched him lay the flat underside of his cock against her. He was so off the mark his balls were where his tip should be! She was about to speak up, until he took his other hand, and rubbing circles on her mound began to stroke himself.


“Oh my….” Landala’s eyes strained as she watched the boy rolled the skin of the head of his cock again and again. It was pointed straight at her face, she could reach out and lick it if she wanted to.


So she did.


Harry let out a groan as he watched the girl begin to suckle the tip of his cock. Her flexibility was astounding, and he realized if she could bend that far she might be able to lick other things, the thought made him pulse, and the moan from the girl under him told him his pre-cum at least didn’t taste horrible. He could feel himself getting close, so he pulled back from her mouth and placed himself at the entrance of her core.


Landala bit her lip, and legs out in a ‘V’ she let her claws out on her curling toes as he began to apply pressure.


“It’s okay...” Harry whispered, though he didn’t know which of them he was reassuring more. With a gasp from her and a slight kick of her legs he felt the glans pop inside her opening.


“It hurts.” She cried softly, and Harry reached up to caress her face. He didn’t want to risk leaning over her and pushing more inside. As he worked her sex with his left hand his right stroked her pretty face, before he knew it the girl was sucking on his thumb, mewling into it as he continued to circle her clit.


“I’m gonna start.” He said, watching her eyes fill with worry. Leaning back they could both clearly see every inch that would be impossible for her to take. Gingerly he took it in his hand, slowly beginning to pump himself as she watched.


The girl was transfixed. This wasn’t sex, but it was so dirty. Watching him finger her as he jacked off inside…. Her sex tingled from the pain of his girth and yet all she wanted was to be filled with that pain.


Harry leaned back further, watching the girls face as she squeezed down on him. After about a minute she took his hand off her clitorus, he looked at her confused as he stilled. Looking up at his eyes she smiled and leaned up, then down further and further.


Looking down at the back of her head between her own legs Harry felt her tongue brush against the top of his shaft, and without a word he began to stroke himself, this time adding a little rocking motion gently that caused her to grunt. After a few minutes of this he felt her begin to quiver and clench, knowing they both were getting close.


“I’m close.” Harry warned as his rocking grew a little more forceful, causing the girl to squeeze.


“Will this count?!” Landala looked up at him, her eyes wide as the sensation of his cock actually beginning to split just a little deeper took her breath away.


“We’re about to find out.” Harry growled as he threw his head back.



Teak listened carefully from where she sat on the bed. They’d turned off the water a while ago and by the sound of it were quietly conversing, perhaps Harry was more skilled in lovemaking than she’d assumed and he was actually pleasuring the girl.


She was pondering this as the light flashed under the doorway as all hell broke lose. She was on her feet in worry as...well, it sounded like someone was torturing a cat. She could hear sounds of a light struggle, then the methodical bang of porcelin. She made it all the way to the door when a roar sounded from the other side. The tone was deep and rich, and it made the picture frame beside her on the wall rattle as the light under the door flared again.


The door swung open, and all she could see was a black furred chest, wide and muscled. She looked up into the face of a god. Firm muzzle, a majestic masculine mane and eyes like emeralds...she was wet just watching him breath heavy.


“On the bed.”



Ginny was sprinting, and she lamented her girlfriends weaker constitution. She’d left Gabby in the dust two hallways ago. Sophia was keeping damn good pace and even beating her on the straightaways. Hoofs were shit for turning on tile floors though.


Banging into the door she rubbed her nose and pulled, they’d probably made the doors to the hospital wing a ‘pull’ for people like her. She dashed past the front desk and down the wing she was supposed to. At this point people were peaking around corners and leaning out of doors but she didn’t care. She didn’t look human, so she wasn’t breaking any laws.


She slid to a stop in front of the doors. It was open. There was her Harry.


Sitting in a chair at the foot of the beds, his elbows on his knees and his head to his chest.


Softly and quietly Ginny walked in. The two girls in the bed couldn’t look any different if they tried, but she knew they were mother and daughter.


Landala was a ball of fur,curled up on the bed so that only her head was out. She looked like a donut under the sheets. The other woman, Ginny could only assume it was Ms. Teak.


It had been a long time, since she’d gone to visit Bill on vacation with her family, that she’d seen a woman who looked like this. That caramel skin, those eyes, that nose. Whatever traces of humanity lie in her blood to be surfaced belonged in the lands of sands and curses. Ginny found herself jealous of the Egyptian woman’s skin, as far as she was concerned freckles weren’t sexy; this, this was sexy.




Her gaze turned to the boy sitting up, tears in his eyes.


“We got told from-- what happened?” Ginny whispered as she put a hand on his slumping shoulders.


“I wasn’t careful.” Harry sounded like he would choke up any minute, “I got too excited. Dolly… she tore a little bit I guess they said….” He bit back a sneer, “I just...I thought she was fine...” he couldn’t bring himself to finish his lame excuse.


“Harry it’s okay,” she drew her hand back as he shrugged it off. “No it’s okay, We knew...they new the risk.”


“They trusted me.” He was nodding his head, the barest of trickle of tears breaking free and running unchecked down his cheeks as he looked at both of them vigorously nodding. “I let them down. I got excited, and I...I wasn’t paying attention and I tore them up inside.”


“Harry!” Ginny grabbed his face, grateful he didn’t pull away as she searched his eyes, “you are just a guy.” She held tight as he tried to turn away, “No stop. Harry you are the...probably the first guy ever to try this sort of thing.”


“Seems like a big ol’ failure to me.” He sniffed.


“I swear you get anymore emo on me... and you’re going to wake up with Hermione’s candle in your ass!” She barked out, and the two of them shared a chuckle as he wrapped his arms weakly around her waist as she clutched his head. He was hurting, Harry helped people and for the first time since Sirius he’d watched someone he cared about get hurt knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was his fault. “Harry, this is a setback.” She held him in a headlock as he tried to pull away. “Nope, knock it off. Look at me. Those girls do not regret this. It was an accident, they will get better. You won’t accept anything less will you? Yeah I thought not.” She smiled seeing the fire blazing in his eyes. “Do you really want the first thing they see when they wake up to be you blubbering? You are their husband,” she smiled letting go of his head, “my husband. Stiffen your fucking lip, you walk them out of this hospital, take them to our room and we can all cry together. But until that time, you stand.” She grinned as the man she married treated it like a command, swearing he’d grown an inch just from the little speech.


“Tell the girls I’m going to take my meals in here. No one’s banned from visiting, but I’m not going to leave them like this.”


“You’d think the bond would be some mystical power or something to keep this from happening.” Ginny grinned and watched Harry get a curious far off look. “Why is Teak in um...why is she human.” She saw Harry wince and almost tear up again. “Harry, Harry remember what I said.”


“I know….Teak got it worse than Landala.” He was looking at the floor, “I told you I was excited and not being careful. She’s only claimed.” He turned and looked at a very confused Ginny.


“But you said you tore up her—OH!” Ginny’s eyes went wide as both her hands went to her own ass, “oh my god.”


“Yeah,” Harry looked down at the woman sleeping soundly, “I’d just sealed Landala too, so it lasted a bit.”


“And you had—so she—with your—oh fuck...” Ginny was trying to imagine that kind of pain. “Do the doctors know when they’ll wake up?”


“Its just the medicine to keep them out till some healing takes hold….tomorrow or the next day?” Harry shrugged emotionless, “I’ll let you know when I know.” Ginny smiled as she watched him step forward, taking each woman’s hand and holding them as he stood between the beds.





Hermione Granger nervously carried the tray down the hall smiling at everyone pointlessly as she gave a little head dip in passing. Be as friendly as she wanted, she was in a damn Burqa. The thing had been her common article of clothing since arriving here anytime she left the private wing. For the first week it had all been fine, but as the heat had been turned on in the old mansion and the winter months were getting more stifling indoors she’d trimmed the wardrobe a bit. For two weeks she’d brought it down to undergarments, a comfortable bra and underwear set that was practical but let her breathe under that stifling layer.


This week she’d tried it once so far and loved it, today was her second day without a stitch on but the burqa. It was freeing and yet discreetly pleasurable to have nothing on and be completely covered at the same time. She felt like she’d gotten away with something.


The Head Nurse nodded politely to her and opened the door as she walked past into the foyer of the royal medical room. Landala and Teak were sitting up in bed, conversing softly and gesturing to one another in their native tongue. It had been interesting to learn how significant their heritage played a part in the transformation. Apparently they were more Mau Aa than Cait Sith tribe, their ancestors captured by wizards centuries ago, sold in England, and later freed. The girls were intrigued to learn about their new found bloodline that had not been ever fully discovered. The two girls where in human form, flipping through books in their lap. Harry was in a chair at the foot of the beds fully reclined and sleeping softly. “He been out long?” Hermione whispered to the girls as she sat the tray on the table in front of him.


“An hour now I think.” Teak smiled, “He really is a good man. I’ve finally got him to shut up about the whole business this morning. He almost dare suggest I remain unsealed.” Hermione was nervous about the smile she was giving, and felt bad for however that conversation had went for poor Harry.


“Well, the two things Harry is always good at is blaming himself when it’s not his fault...and helping others without asking for anything in return.” Hermione smiled sitting on the foot of the bed.


“Oh, it’s his fault.”


Teak nodding pursing her lips, “He let the rutt take him, and he lost his senses. This wouldn’t normally be a bad ordeal but he didn’t shrink much during the change. Poor Landala, it was her first time and she can’t even remember it.” The woman reached out to stroke the blushing girls face, “as for me, I will never forget my husband’s teeth in the back of my neck as he bled my ass.”


“I’m so sorry.” Hermione had her hand over her chest, “if there is anything I can do--”


“what’s done is done girl!” Teak waved her hand dismissively in front of her face, “I cannot change the past, and neither can you. I will live with that memory for the rest of my life, and so will he. If he is a good man like we all think he is, it will gird him, teach him the value of restraint and control. It was a high price to pay but anything won in blood is rarely forgotten.” She sighed wincing, “Plus it is a bargaining chip that you never loose value in.”


She couldn’t see Hermione’s face but she must have read the confusion. “Honey, I want a new car.” Her voice dropped an octave, “you know we can’t afford it.” in her normal voice she carried on “remember that time you raped me in the ass?” Hermione gawked as the woman dropped her voice again, “any color but red?” she cackled swatting the girl on the shoulder. “I’m joking girl! Gods be praised, lighten up. Perhaps us magically blooded women are just from a different stock of mind. As a witch, I imagine any prejudice, hatred, and abuse went out centuries ago for you.” The women’s eyes were heavy, “My first job was licking wizards boots clean, I was 10. For some of us..the burning trials and wild hunts never ended.”


“They will some day very soon.” A groan came from the chair at the foot of the bed, and Harry sat up looking at the three of them. Hermione felt a little tickle in her heart as he seemed to linger on her with a big smile.


“Good Morning Husband,” Landala spoke up, bashfully blushing as he rushed to his feet to hold her hands. Hermione felt the tiniest spike of jealously as he kissed her hungrily. Cupping her face his best friend watched him pulled her tongue out of her mouth with his lips as he pulled away sucking the length of it drawing a moan.


“That is no way to kiss a wife.” Teak grumbled, her lips clearly fighting a smirk. Hermione leaned towards the foot of the bed as Harry wedged between them, only seeing the back of his head as Teak moaned. “Much better.”


Sliding back to sit almost knees to knees with Hermione, Harry sat and took a very deep breath.


“I want--”


“If you are going to say you’re sorry one more time,” Teak grinned menacingly, “I will make certain you mean it.”


“I want to apologize,” Harry held up his hand to stop the wrath of his oldest wife in the room, “to Hermione.”


“Me?” the girl in the burqa rocked back confused, “I don’t remember you doing anything to me.”


“I did.” Harry ran his hands through his hair, “the other day, I made how I felt about you...It sounded like a threat.”


“If I remember what Gabrielle said about it, it sounded like a damn good time.” Teak decided to butt in, “this coming from the woman you put in a hospital bed.” The boy winced at the joke but muscled on.


“Harry, you don’t have to apologize to me.” Hermione bit her lip behind this layer of fabric, so much of her body language was being lost she assumed under this thing. At least it was hiding the epic level full blush and the rock hard nipples. “I know it’s not easy. We..We’re friends first. I don’t want to risk losing that. It’s why I’ve never said anything... until now.” She watched the boy’s smile light up and rolled her eyes.


“So you’re saying….?”


“Ohhhh…...” She scrunched up her face even though she knew he couldn’t see it, “Potter….”


“Yes Potter?” He quipped back and she flushed tingles, she was his claimed…..that was technically her last name now on paper.


“I have,” she tilted her head with a little side bob, “feelings for you.” She bit her lip to keep from making a retort as he waggled his eyebrows.


“And what kind of feelings would those be?”


The eyes were cold as she deadpanned her response with as much sarcasm as she could muster. “Strong, romantic, lusty feelings of undeniable desire.” she rolled her eyes looking at him.


“And how long have you been shaving that into a lightning bolt?”


“I--” Hermione went stiff as a board, “what did you say?”


The boy who lived stood up, his knees touching hers as he produced a pen from his pocket. “I didn’t understand why she insisted until I woke up. Do you know what you’re wearing Hermione?” The question made the girl extremely nervous. “That, I’m told, is an Ambassador’s Haram Chadari. It is enchanted; I mean, stupidly so. No one can take that off you without your permission or strike you without going through something very akin to the cruciatus until you feel safe.” Harry smiled sitting down playing with the pen in his hands. It was gold trimmed, very well made, and the same Cobalt Blue as the robes she was wearing.


“That’s very kind of Gabrielle.” Hermione mumbled putting her hands nervously in her lap, wondering and dreading where this was going. His last comment had been….unnervingly accurate about something very personal, and she wished he’d get around to explaining it.


“It is a very special piece, a very heavily warded and threaded outfit made to be the ideal outfit for a very powerful man’s wife.” He grinned, “It also happens to come with one very, very nice feature. To whoever is master of this pen.” Harry closed his eyes smiling at the ceiling, “it is completely transparent.”


Everyone sat completely still except for Hermione who was slowly folding in on herself, one arm trying not to be so obvious about going across her chest.


“Hermione” Landala smiled softly, “are you...not wearing--”


“Oh she’s completely fucking starkers.” Harry’s grin was almost touching his ears he was so amused by this, watching the girl fold a little harder, “and she is beautiful.” Hermione looked up as he cupped her face, the pen still in his hand, “The very best part of it is no one can see it but me.”

“Harry...” Hermione knew he could see her now, her blush as she searched his eyes.


“You two should get a room,” Teak spoke up from the head of the bed, “preferably not mine, the shock-wave would--”


“You’re right,” Harry smiled pulling back, and Hermione felt a piece of her heart go with him as he sat on the other bed.



“End of day tomorrow,” Harry looked around the dinner table, “the girls will be out, I’m sorry that we broke the schedule so hard. I wasn’t my intention I swear.”


“Trust me Harry,”


Everyone turned to see Meredith stroking the box in her lap, “the fact that you would not abandon your women, even for the sake of each other is rather endearing.” The little box would not stop jumping in her lap, “I will feed Baz again tonig--”


“No.” Harry waved his hand, “it’s time we were done with this. I don’t want to risk anyone else suffering anymore for my comfort. Quanza...” The smallest woman at the table looked up, her fox tail flipping side to side, “you will have the absolute worst issue with taking me as a human. Tonight I will seal you.”


“I can’t wait!’ the girl was practically bouncing in her seat, a little happy dance that made Ginny want to giggle.


“Anyone else who had not been claimed, I would like to join us, as well as anyone already sealed.”


“Oh my!” Meredith seemed to light up, “are we—I mean is this really going to be that kind of marriage?” She seemed to wriggle in her seat like the fox girl, as if he’d promised the world to her.


“I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to include... everyone that I did.” Harry sighed with a smile, “I only ask that everyone be safe and consensual, and everyone... take your bloody potions ...please!” He went a little dramatic at that, fists in front of his throat head thrown back pleading.


“I am obviously not getting something.” Gabrielle chuckled looking around the table.


“Darling,” Apolline spoke up, a wry smile on her face, “you are unfortunately the forbidden fruit here, so you should be warned, and I will make sure you have numbing potions in the morning.” Seeing her daughters incredulous stare she eyed Harry who nodded. “Veela are feminine creatures, we take from men to make more of our kind. Similar to Dryads and the northern pixies.” She watched her daughter nod, waiting for her to get to the point.


“Huldr and Succubi are...let’s say, self-pollinating.”


Everyone looked down at Meredith who looked like someone had thrown her a surprise birthday. “I thought...for the sake of my people I assumed, that I would be stripped of this; to live a human witch for the rest of my life.” The woman looked like she was in tears, “Harry, I cannot tell you what this means to me, the gesture to my people.”


“As long as I don’t have to fight to be the man of the house.” Harry smirked, he was blushing to his roots and keeping his chin tucked the whole conversation.


“Oh please,” Meredith rolled her eyes dramatically, “Almost everyone woman at this table has felt your wand, I’m not stealing anyone with this thing.” this drew a chuckle from a few. “I do think a word of caution though should be advised though. My little forbidden fruit will have to wait.”


“Oh,” Bethsemene piped up, “you thought of it to? I was wondering if anyone else had.” The verbal tennis match continued and everyone whipped their head back around to Meredith who was cleaning her nails nervously.


“I’m not sure if it would apply, but I’m not willing to risk it.”


“Okay,” Ginny grumbled, “less mystery more history. This family is really getting bad about secrets.”


“Harry killed a man.”


Everyone turned back to see Bethsemene’s face grim, almost as grim as Harry’s as she continued speaking. “His magic recognized someone who was hurting and planned to take Emelia from him. It reacted rather violently to something, while not innocent mind you, as pulling hair and the very threat of rape.”


“What do you think...” Meredith posed the question slowly, letting the gravitas build, “his magic would do to someone... who wasn’t part of this marriage...putting their cock in one of his wives.”


“Oh fuck me.” Ginny’s eyes went wide.


“I’d love to,” Meredith quipped frowning, “later, when I won’t explode.”


“So no ‘extra-marital’ pollination so to speak.” Hermione spoke up trying to concisely determine things. “That does make tonight a little more difficult.” She added with a blush.


“It is quite an exceptional quality,” Luna quipped as she sipped her soup, “being able to make an orgy sound like gardening. Hermione, you have a gift.”



Harry was sitting in his wingback by his fire. Gabrielle had insisted he start having a glass of wine after dinner before bed while he worked to keep him sane. He’d not thought anything of it till she brought him ‘the house’ vintage. It was then he learned that the Veela made their money in a very peculiar way.


Modeling would have been too obvious, but it happened. Glamor porn was beneath them, though a few destitute occasionally indulged. No, the real money was in alcohol. They offered their services only to the most wealthy elite vineyards, an age old tradition that spanned back a thousand years when the first squibs made the bargain.


The first night had been odd. Harry didn’t normally dream of sex, but that night he did. He was a beach, laying in the sunset, ravaging a Veela of incredible beauty. She laughed with him, held him tightly as he chased his release. Together they cried with joy at the sensations, making love in every way conceivable and a few that didn’t allow conception at all. He’d woke up refreshed and eager to hold his wives in his arms. This went on, always the same girl, for almost all of last week before Gabrielle had come to nudge him one night, blushing and asked him to switch labels before the girl got the wrong idea.


Harry hadn’t understood until he’d looked up and dinner. And saw her.


The girl from his dreams stood before him in a maid outfit. There could be no chance of mistaken identity. He knew every curve, every inch of skin, how heavy her breasts felt in his hands. He was staring until his eyes reached hers and she looked away with a blush.


She knew.


Aphrodina had taken him aside and explained that one thing a Veela was uniquely suited for was pumping their Alllure into aether...or in this case alcohol. The wine was embodied with the essence of the Veela who helped make it, and in the minds weakest state it visited them with glorious dreams of ecstasy and relaxation. Harry was trying to process this, but he was still thinking about the night before on a beach when he’d pushed a strange girl’s face into the sand and forced her ass open slowly.


Since then he’d been thinking, and as he looked down at the official request he smiled.


Anyone with an Allure could do it after all.


The soft clopping of a heavy foot mixed with the pater of a lighter step filled his ears, and he turned his head to see Ronald Weasley limping up his hallway with a Huldr girl on his arm.


“I didn’t think you’d ever get out of bed.” Harry returned as pleasant smile as he could muster. He watched the young man limp over to him, and with a little help from his doting girl knelt on his remaining knee at the young man’s feet.


“Harold James Potter.” Ron bowed his head, “I pledge my life, my wand, my fortune and my death to yours. I am your servant, till you release me or death take me.” He looked up at the flash of light passed between them.


“Ron,” Harry put down the papers down, “...why?”


“I’m a coward,” It took him a second, the redhead shrugging as he thought, “I’ve always, I don’t know, I’m not jealous of you.” He frowned, “I mean, not really. I wanted to be there, with you, when all the great stuff happened. I wanted to be part of the story. With the troll, and the trolley and the car, and then the dementors and the ministry...” He bowed his head, “I’ve never been good enough, I’ve never been the guy that--”


“Stop, stop, stop,” Harry held up his hands, “I never asked you to be some action hero with me Ron, I just needed a friend.” Harry got up out of his chair, “and when things got the toughest you bailed on me.”


“I know,” Ron looked like he wanted to cry, but he was refusing through sheer force of will, “ I can’t.” He hardened his chin, “you deserve a better friend than me, but I will damn well be around till he gets here.”


“I have exactly who I need,” Harry patted him on the shoulder, and pointed at a chair the two of them sat down together.”


“So...” Ron worked his mouth nervously as he held onto Manza who sat squarely in his lap leaning back and to the side, “when do we head back?”


“Sometime next year,” Harry replied casually, then looking up and seeing his friends worried face, “Ron I’m not abandoning people to die, I just need to be ready so I don’t get everyone killed. Look here.” He offered a single sheet of paper to the boy who’s girlfriend took it and handed it to him.


“I can’t read a bloody thing.” Ron shrugged.


“Sorry,” Harry lamented, “it’s Portuguese. It’s a letter from the Veela Court in South America. They are building a militia right now to aid their sisters here in the Isles fight for their freedom.” Harry leaned forward a bit, “This won’t just be three scared kids Ron, we’re building an army. A real one this time.”


“Veela hide out in Brazil?” Ron curiously turned the page this way and that eyeing the Stationary.


“They’re not hiding Ron,” Harry smiled, “Carnival is the single largest gathering of Veela on the planet. Magical Beings are as diverse as Humans.” He shook his head, “as wizards, we know so little and teach so little about them. I found out this week that Teak and Landala are Egyptian, well that their ancestors are, something they didn’t even know because wizards like to just own shit. Magic or not we humans just kind of take over.” Harry ran his hand through his hair.


“Least we don’t blow shit up like the states.” Ron chuckled, hugging the woman on his lap intimately, “Harry I...I want to thank you for Manza.” He kissed her arm, “I never would have left that bed without her.”


“Your both good people,” Harry smiled leaning back in his chair, “incredibly pig-heated screw-ups with hearts too big for their chests, but good people.” he smiled as Manza gave him a mock glare. “I’m going to fully take your sister tonight as my wife.”


“I would have liked to be there,” Manza whispered sadly.


“I can’t let you close or I’ll steal you away from this git.” Harry reached over patting her hand. “So why don’t you just seal the deal on this relationship?” Harry watched the two of them shift uncomfortably.


“What are you talking about?” Ron asked quiet and defensive.


“I am learning a little about my gifts from my wives even if they’ve yet to teach me,” Harry spoke while tapping the side of his glasses. “You’re...well, your all over her mouth, and her ass I could use as a night light.” Harry left the other part unsaid as the two of them blushed.


“We didn’t know,” Manza looked sullen, “if this was a permanent arrangement. Ronald does not want to father children he cannot raise. I have bound my magic to him...” she looked at Harry, “of my own will for seven years, but he still will not risk a union that could concieve with me.”


“Ron,” Harry looked at the man, “what about Lavender?”


“I...” He blushed, “I think I love her...but I know I love Manza. She’s just can’t help her with.” He grinned blushing and almost hiding behind her.


“So if we find Lavender I assume you will--”


“please!” Ron sat up, hugging Manza tight to his chest, “she’s out there, hurt, because of me. They used her to get to me. I will never forgive them for that!” Harry patted the guy on the shoulder, and in an odd move caressed Manza’s cheek causing her to blush.


“Alright then,” Harry sat back smirking, instantly watching Manza’s back arch.


“Did you just make her pee on me?” Ron held onto his girlfriend curiously with a nervous chuckle.


“No,” Harry shrugged, “I put her in heat.” Harry grinned as the girl in question forced her tongue into Ron’s mouth spinning in place to straddle him. “Why do the three of us go over to the bed and help her take care of that.”


“Three?!” Ron jerked his mouth away from his girl to look at Harry standing offering his hand to the girl who took it nervously. Ron watched them take a few steps, and was on his feet as he followed. Harry led the girl all the way to the foot of the bed before turning her around. Ron watched her glance nervously back and forth between him and Harry.


“Why don’t we see that that mouth that made Ron fall in love with you can do?” Harry smiled gently placing his hand on top of the girls head as she slowly melted to her knees. “Well,” Harry looked over his shoulder to Ron beside him. “Your wife, you go first.”


Ron breathed a nervous sigh of relief as Harry took a half step off to the side. Walking up to his kneeling soon to be wife he let her do the unzipping like she preferred. With a yank on his unders he flopped free. It was a good thing she was Huldr, because otherwise he didn’t think he could comfortably get hard infront of another bloke. A kiss on the tip and he was bulging and rock hard. She started slow like always, bathing it with her tongue before finally forcing her lips down the shaft to cave in a pull up. In less than a minute Ron forgot where he was, who his was, all he knew was that he had a dick, and it felt amazing.




Ron’s eyes shot open as he remembered the situation.


“She’s really good at that, save some for the main event mate, budge over.” Ron took a half step to the side as Harry tugged down the front of his sweatpants.




Harry grinned down at Manza, completely missing the horror on Ron’s face as the unbridled shock ran across hers. Heavy and sweaty, it covered her face from chin to widow’s peak, the girth enough that he could barely see her shrinking pupils. “I hope I don’t disappoint?”


Ron watched his wife panting under the weight of a massive fat cock and couldn’t help but feel himself pulse in his own hand. The girl reached up nervously, gripping it in both hands as she pointed it at her face. The redheads heart sank and his balls ached as she slid the tip into her mouth and moaned.


Harry watched the girl at his feet use both hands and her mouth to pleasure him, smelling the need rising up from her, growing more fragrant with every bob of her head. Placing a hand on top of her head he panted from the sensation as he turned to look at his best friend. The poor guy was pumping himself like crazy.


“Easy mate, you still got a put a bun in the oven. Otherwise I gotta take care of it.” She moaned loud and long as the redhead groaned. Harry took a step back, the cock in her mouth audibly popping free with a plaintifu whimper. “Why don’t you get up on the bed on your knees, for your husband?” Harry smiled as the girl nearly jumped to her feet. Turning around she put her knees up on the bed, pointing her ass straight back and dropping the tights she’d been wearing under that skirt. It just so happened that that pointed her straight at Harry.


“So um...” Ron stepped forward, grateful when Harry just slid out of the way with a smile, “you’re saying..this will...”


“Oh yeah,” Harry nodded, “you’ll be lucky if its only one kid at this point, I wouldn’t keep her waiting long.” Ron didn’t waist time at that point and Harry took the head of his cock in his hand, giving tiny strokes as the ginger bottomed out in his wife and began pounding.


“Oh Ron….Oh….OH…..” Manza cooed over her shoulder, finally joining with the man she was beginning to fall for. He was smarter than he or anyone else gave him credit for. He wasn’t lazy he was just unmotivated by half the world’s sensless worries. The soft slap of his hips on her ass rang in the air for several minutes before with an exultant cry Ron spilled himself over into her core. The warm afterglow of having her heat sated rocked her body, and she reached back to hold his hand on her ass as she panted in bliss. “Congratulations, daddy.” Her comment was met with a chuckle by more than one man.


“Okay, my turn.” Harry stepped up, and Ron was a little hesitant to pull himself free. The small dribble was barely noticable compared to the look of apprehension on Manza’s face as he rubbed his hand across her ass. “Looks like….two little balls of light.” Harry smirked rubbing his hand up her back, sliding up her spine with his finger tips causing her to gasp and shudder.


“What did you do?” Ron asked concerned seeing the girl looked shocked and slightly pained.


“Turned it back off.” Harry smiled at him, “This night if for you two, I don’t think I’d make a good dad yet.” Ron gaped as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet lips, and finding her opening began to push.


“OW!” Manza sat up on her hands, rigid as he began feeding his bulging member through her widening opening. “Oh gods….Harry slow down...” She trembled, nervously looking over at Ron, “you’re’re too big.”


“I sure hope your sister doesn’t think so,” he mused as he brought their hips together with a sudden wet smack.


“OH!!!” Her eyes went wide in shock, her legs trembling. Her face fell to the mattress as she lost feeling in her arms, her eyes glazing over. “Don’t! Ah! I’m gonna break if you-AH!”


Ron felt himself growing hard. He’d been spent just moments before. Now he was sitting here, watching his….his pregnant wife, getting plowed by his best friend. He knew he should feel ashamed, but the only thought on his mind was watching it closer, seeing that fat rod cause her insides to run over with ecstasy.


“Damn,” Harry grunted, slowing his pace for a moment as he admired her body. Grinding his hips side to side he listened to her mewl and wriggle trying to fight the stirring he was giving her. “If I’d had known how good fucking you would be, I’m not sure I would have given you away.” He hooked his index finger in the bend of her hips, yanking back to supplement his almost upward thrusts as he grunted in satisfaction.




Harry stopped, and the girl raised her head off the bed so the two of them could stare at the man leaning against the bedpost stroking himself feverishly. “Fuck her harder, she’s loving it.”


Harry paused only long enough to grin before yanking back and slamming his cock home hard enough to take her knees up off the bed. Ron watched with dick in hand as Harry began to slam his wife stupid. Bawling and moaning, she was barely sentient as Harry began to slow, his strokes growing more deliberate. Ron realized he was leaning to one side, turning his body slightly so the redhead would get a good show. Coming to a decision the ginger crawled up the bed. Manza raised her head to look at him just in time to feel the head of his cock press to her lips. She sucked him hungrily as Harry laughed.


“I’m getting close,” Harry called out, staring down at where the pink lips inside her body kept dragging out to chase his cock only to get slammed back in, “where am I putting this?”


“All over my ass--”


“Inside.” Ron cut her off, and the girl looked up at him startled, “It’s where you want it, isn’t it.”


He never got an answer, the girl mashed her pillowy tits against his sack, stroking his cock fast and rough as she tilted her face up for a kiss. He heard Harry groan and his wife screamed into his mouth as the waves of magic overtook them. His balls felt like they were dying a worthy death as she stroked him dry across the top of her pillows. Pulling back he watched his wife.


The dreamy expression made her look drunk, her eyes fluttering as she slowly lowered her head to his spent cock. There was no magic trying to get him hard this time, she merely nursed at his member in loving caress.


“Whew.” Harry chuckled, and as he pulled out Ron could hear the sound of fluid hitting the floor in abundance. “That was fun. Okay...I need a favor from you two.” He looked nervous, “Manza, I need you to get him hard again. I can feel that we don’t have a connection but I want to make sure.” He watched the girl curiously turn around, and she couldn’t see what happened but he could see Ron’s face wince and knew he was up for round three whether he liked it or not. “Okay, Ron I need you to put it in. You don’t have to have sex, I just need to test something very, very important.”


The boy nodded, totally not understanding the last 30 minutes of his life but loving it. Rolling them over after a quick kiss he let her legs wrap around him. Pushing under the bits he didn’t want to think about usually he found her opening by the river running from it. A sigh, a gasp, and then the pleasure of her heat.


They lay like that, and after a few seconds Ron looked over his should at Harry looking contemplatively, possibly at his balls?!




“Oh!” He looked up startled from deep thought, “good, you didn’t die, thats all--”


“What the fuck?!” Ron popped free of a protesting Manza to sit on his ass, “what the bloody fuck you mean I didn’t die?!” He pulled the girl upright and the two sat together in quiet contemplation. They would have a lot to talk about when they got back to their room.


“You bonded with her, in matrimony and fasting.” Harry gesturing, “My magic respected that bond, I didn’t take her from you. If I had...” Harry looked sheepish, “there would have been serious consequences if you ever put your dick in her again.”


“Wait,” Ron held up his hand, “ could have stole Manza from me….killed me….” Ron looked up with a bit of anger, by his standards, in his eyes. “That’s playing pretty dirty Harry.”


“Tough,” Harry retorted and Ron was taken aback, “I play my way, If I do this time next year Manza will be having your baby.” Harry smirked, “and Lavender will probably be having hers.” The two teens on the bed looked at each other blushing as Harry picked up his robe.“Lock my office when you guys get dressed, I’ll see you both at breakfast.” he walked out of the room. The two teens fell back on the bed, tenderly kissing each other as they petted quietly.


“And you better not fucking name it Harry!!” the voice rang out from the hallway as a door shut.




Molly, Ginny, Bethsemene and Apolline sat nervously in the foyer of the medical wing. It was a half an hour till the little event Harry had planned, but he’d sent a message with a servant to wait for him here about an hour ago.


“It would have to be important,” Apolline reassured them as the women held hands on the bench. They had nothing to go on other than it was urgent. But Urgent did not make you wait fifty bloody minutes!


“Sorry,” Harry came up, and Bethsemene sniffed, “I see someone’s been having fun.”


“Testing an idea actually.” Harry smiled before turning to Molly, “first off, let me congratulate you. You’re going to be a grandmother.”


“The fuck she is!!” Ginny took a step back holding her stomach, “since when?”


“Not your baby, baby,” Harry grabbed her face with both hands, “Ron and Manza, just happened.” He turned to Beth, “thats what the little pinprick of light in the belly mean right?” The woman smirked.


“What color?”


“Uh..” Harry rubbed his neck, “Silver and green on one….the other one was gold and kind of pulsed.” He tried to think back, the night had been a blur.


“Oh my,” Beth smirked, “good for him. She accepted his magic strong enough to have a son. The golden one will be another Huldr. The green was bright?”


“Meh,” Harry rocked his hand, “half and half?”


“We will get her on potions right away,” Bethsemene went into full mom mode, “If the green goes out the child will be a squib.” Turning to Molly, “We should--”


“Ladies! Ladies!” Harry laughed, “not the reason I called you here. Well, I mean, yes that is the reason I called Beth here. Molly, Polly,” he grinned seeing them eye each other, “I want you to stay out of tonight’”


“O-okay?” The older Veela looked at him curiously.


“I found out something about my magic that I can use to...” he blushed, “well look. I...I just had sex with Manza.” Everyone but Ginny looked surprised.


“Was it good?” Ginny bit her bottom lip with a grin.


“Oh her little sister is in deep shit.” Harry chuckled low as he held hands with his wife. He’d made sure to fill her in and get permission so to speak on the whole thing. She’d seemed far too into it at the time, and now Harry felt suspiciously curious.


“So Manza is going--” Molly stopped when Harry shook his head vigorously.


“No. That is his wife, those are his babies. I had my fun later.” He kissed his own wife’s lips softly. “And I expect this is not going to be a one time thing.”


“She fall in love with the dick that fast huh?” Ginny teased as Harry looked away blushing.


“Honestly I think he enjoyed it more than she did.” Harry grinned whispering, “He swore an oath of fealty too.” Harry blinked seeing his wife look surprised, “before all that went down.”


“I don’t need to hear this,” Molly looked irate, “what does cuckolding my youngest son have to do with ANYTHING important in my life other than making me out to be a bad parent?”


The rest of the people gather looked at her, blinking. Harry actually laughed, then stopped seeing she was too wound up to find anything funny.


“It can help me find Arthur.”


All color and rage drained from Molly in an instant. “W-what?”


“My magic forms a bond.” Harry held up his hands, “It reached out for...for a mate. Well, tonight I proved, I’m not selfish.” He looked at Ginny and shrugged, “very, very territorial, but I’m not selfish.”


“Selfish how?” Ginny hugged his waist leaning back hard to look up at him.


“I didn’t take Manza from him.” Harry leaned down and kissed her. “I won’t overwrite a bond, I won’t steal someone from someone else in a relationship that is at least possessively sexual.” He looked up at Molly, then over at Apolline who was starting to get a look of hope in her eyes. “Arthur and Jean went down with the ministry office. They went missing, but they’ve never been openly declared dead and rubbed in our face in the papers like...” Harry faltered, “like others.”


“So you’re saying...” Molly looked like a leaf in the wind, her resolve all but gone.


“If we...if we bond,” Harry grimaced, “he’s gone. There’s nothing there to stop that. But… Molly you loved that man for almost half a century, you gave him seven children. You don’t get much more territorial than that.”


“So if our bond forms, we are widows,” Apolline spoke softly, “but if they don’t, we’re adulterers.”


“I will look either of your husbands in the eye and tell them what I did.” Harry stood straight, “I needed, we needed to know. If there is even a chance I want to know. You deserve to know, and Ginny and I need….I respect you, Mrs. Weasley.” Harry’s face was tight, “but if it means giving you closure, I’m going to give it to you.” He blushed, “Closure, I want to give that to you, closure...closure.”



Emelia looked about the room nervously. The atmosphere in the bedroom was heavy, the girls all shooting glances at each other. This would be the first time many of them had been acquainted romantically, some even socially. That was starting to change though. Ferra and her mother had never seemed to get along for some reason. It didn’t help that there wasn’t a single common language between any of them. Her own french was atrocious and her bulgarian she only used to argue with her mother. English got you about a third of the way through the crowd.


“J'en ai ral le cul.”


She turned to see Gabrielle shaking her head reading a letter. The girl looked disgusted with life as she folded it and stuck it back in her drawer by the bed.


“You okay?” She winced as the princess cut her the eye, then stepped forward as the girl gave a bit of a sob. The two hugged each other, and Emelia was a little shocked at how tightly the girl she’d served tea a hundred times for fun as a little girl clung to her now in need.


“My sister,” Gabrielle sniffed letting go, “they are having problems over there. Her husband is having to pay an additional tax for ‘raising animals’ on his land. When he complained they asked if he wanted to sell them off.” Her eyes wet with hatred, “my niece is not yet one. How can anyone hate with that much--”


“Wizards are stupid,” Emelia sighed petting the girl’s head as she pulled her back into her breast, “no, I shouldn’t say that. SOME wizards and witchs, they just want nothing from us. They don’t want to know us or see us. We’re in their way.” She felt her own eyes wet as she thought back on her years.


“I don’t know if Harry can change all of that.” Sophia had slid off the bed behind where she’d been seated behind Gabrielle, wrapping them both in a hug, “but I’m going to help him try. Alright then!” All the other girls and women’s heads raised as Sophia walked to the center of the room.


“You want something dear?” Ferra looked up, slightly irritated at being interrupted talking to Eveline.


“We need to figure out the pair offs.” Sophia shrugged, “And lay down some ground rules.”


“This isn’t a game.” Majesta chuckled.


“Then why is there a prize at the end?” Gladda giggled, infecting the rest of them.


“Okay okay,” Eveline took Ferra’s hand and gave it a squeeze before walking up to Sophia and patting her on the shoulder. “I get what she’s saying. Harry is not going to be able to tend to all of us, all the time.”


“Sucks to be you.” Meredith grinned throwing back the last of the can she was holding.


“What I mean is...” Eveline glared with a smile, “we should all find someone, well, that we don’t mind getting intimate with. We will all be together for a very long time I hope.”


“Rule number one!” Sophia held up a finger, “If you can be human, be human.” there was a groan from a few. “I don’t want to get a tit stepped on by a hoof or take a tail to the face. Besides that we’ll all get the harmony thing, right Majesta.”


The girl nodded, then blushed and pushed up her glasses as everyone stared at her. “Um..we did some tests,”


“Of course you did.” Gabrielle rolled her eyes only to be elbowed gently by Emelia playfully.


“If you are the same...species...” Majesta chose her words carefully, “as Harry when he begins to ejaculate, the orgasm is almost three times as strong and lasts longer.”


“How..” Eveline was grinning and Ferra was chuckling, “how do you test something like that.”


“We needed a control model,” Majesta blushed hard, “so I volunteered. From there we obtained non-sexual release in as many forms as we could safely test. It has been confirmed in my native and communal forms.” She folded her hands into her lap with a sigh.


“It sounds very methodical, but what does that mean exactly?” Hermione asked from the corner, nervously raising her hand.


“For the last week she’s been having him take any shape that would fit in the house or could reach it’s own dick,” Sophia grinned as they all looked at the girl, “why do you think he always comes to lunch looking really relaxed and she is always, always, cleaning off her glasses.”

“Oh my,” Hermione put a hand over her mouth, pretending to be scandalized, “I can’t imagine how that feels.”


“Warm,” Majesta smiled, nervously rubbing her face, “warm and….good.”


The bushy bookworm got up and walked across the room with purpose, making everyone stop. After getting over her nerves she held out her hand. Majesta looked up and with slight nod took her hand. “I found my study partner.” Hermione smiled as she called out.


“Good good,” Sophia waved them off dismissively, “Lick latin into each other or something. Sunshine , how about--”


“Sunshine,” Emelia spoke up, “I think you and I have a date with a candle.”


“I pick Emi!!” The busty girl was on her feet and practically skipped over as Sophia watched a little heart broken, she expected the hoof girls to stick together. 


Her moping distracted her.


“You,” a soft hand landed on her shoulder, and she turned to look over it and up at the smiling face, “are a very brave girl. You are a warrior. Not like these others, you are different. I can respect that.” Sophia felt her body tingle as Ferra’s hand stroked her face. The big woman leaned forward, and Sophia’s body grew unbearably hot as the woman pecked her lips lightly and trailed kisses along her cheekbone to her ear. “Two or three?”


“What?” Sophia whispered back.


“Two or three fingers back there, which would you prefer I use?”


“Um...” she felt the goosebumps on her arms as she smiled into the woman’s ear, “I usually use two fingers when I play with myself.” She was a little startled when the woman chuckled and hugged her tight.


“You are a good girl, very honest. I like that.” Ferra nibbled the earlobe in front of her, “You do not seem to understand my english well. I will try again. This...” she slid her index finger until she was drawing circles around the tight little belly button, “this gets three fingers.” The woman pulled back until they were forehead to forehead, and Sophia actually initiated the next kiss. Ferra growled happily as she pulled her bottom lip out of the younger girls teeth. “what I want to know. How many fingers do you want in your ass?”



Harry heard the room long before he saw what was going on.


The first thing he noticed opening the door was an ass, naked and wide and glorious. Hips that begged for children and a clean little set of lips below that upturned bubbled that demanded them. He knew what Eveline looked like as a human, but it never failed to astound him how good she looked, how inviting.


“I’m beginning to see the appeal,” Bethsemene mused standing beside him with a raised eyebrow as they surveyed the room. Total debauchery. On the bed, Gabrielle and Sophia were flat on their backs locked in a kiss. Their asses were raised slightly as they leaned toward each other knees high, Ferra lay on her belly before them, a thumb blatantly inside each pucker as she pushed their hips side to side. She would savor the taste of one then the other, going back and forth between them making a slick mess as she compared their flavors pumping her thumb into their back doors.


“H-Harry’s here!”


Most of the girls turned in one shape or another to acknowledge him, the squeal had come from Hermione. At the foot of the couch she was prone to the floor, hands pinned to her chest as she moaned softly. Kissing her neck laying flat on top of her was an adorable asian girl in coke-bottle glasses, her hips moving furiously to mash into the larger girls ass as hard as she could.


“I see my daughter has gotten into my toys...” Bethsemene sneered as she began digging into her bag. Harry watched as she the dark elf woman walked into the room holding a large black phallus at waist level. “your bride is over there,” she gestured, “best to not keep her waiting.” Ginny elbowed him pushing past as he’d gotten caught up by the very erotic sight of Meredith teach Luna how to give her a handjob. The hunger in her eyes told him the Succubus wanted far more than that.


Harry followed the lazy gesture and saw Quanza sitting alone on the desk, playing with herself. Her eyes watching everyone hungrily as she hugged her knees to her chest. Seeing Harry when he came in made her world light up, and Harry couldn’t keep the smile of his face as she dashed to him and leaped into his arms.


“I’m ready.” She chanted in his ear while he laughed, walking her back the way she came, “I’m so ready.” She felt her ass hit the wood she’d warmed up while waiting for him. He grinned as her knees went to either side like they were spring loaded. He almost had to fight her to let go of his pants, she was desperately pawing at him to undo them herself.


“Get yours.” Harry commented only to blink as the girl grabbed the center of her panties exposed between her legs, balled them in her fist, and ripped them off her body in one fluid motion.


“Huldr are strong.” Ferra chuckled from behind him with a mouth full of Gabrielle by the moans.


“Lay back,” Harry huskily whispered as he put one hand on her knee sticking up as he took himself in the other. The entire room held it’s breath as Quanza’s plaintif cry of joy rang through the air.


“Don’t stop.” the young woman’s back arched and everyone watched her petite little socked feet cross and lock behind his ass. “Don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” Her moan’s took on a hiccup quality as he bottomed out in her again and again. The women seemed to notice the climax of the night approaching as they slowly broke off their little engagements two by two to come watch the main event.


“How is she taking that?” Sophia whispered. Everyone watched the girl’s sweaty and reddened face as she stayed arched off the desk on the cock pounding her.


“Perhaps we should help this along,” the tall asian woman in the kimono began sliding a delicate hand down his shoulder blade.


“Beth if you put your fingers anywhere near my asshole, you’re not getting any for a month.” Harry growled as his thrusts grew more forceful, and everyone watched with a smile as the woman pulled her hand away like he was on fire. The woman smirked and leaned back in.


“So does that mean no tongue as well?” Harry stopped mid thrust, bottoming out and holding poor Quanza down to the desk. The girl writhed like she couldn’t breathe for a few seconds as he looked over at Bethsemene’s human guise. The two looked at each other, then shared a smirk. “Thought so.”


Everyone took a step back as the woman got behind their husband. She was about to fall to her knees when Hermione reached forward catching her arm.


“Is there...I mean...” She blushed looking.


“No need to be so bashful child.” She leaned over, whispering something in the girls ear who looked surprised, then nodded nervously. Beth looked around at everyone else, a single finger over her lips. The only sound in the room was the wet slap of balls on pussy as Hermione knelt quietly facing Beth and scooting backwards underneath him.


Harry’s world exploded into color and lights as he stopped mid thrust, “Oh shit.” He gasped, “I thought you said—OH!” He leaned over the table, pressing him and his lover flat as the asian woman buried her face between his cheeks. Everyone else stood wide eyes as they watched the man who’d decimated them sexually tremble helplessly. After a few seconds Beth pulled back, tapping Hermione on the chin to stop her hungry assault.


“Does that feel good Harry?” Beth couldn’t keep the smirking tone out of her voice.


“How are you….I can’t breathe...” He panted, almost laughing as he gave a few weak thrusts into the girl under him. “I’m so close.”


“You hear that?” Beth smiled, raising her voice theatrically, “you’re going to make him cum sucking his balls like that... Hermione.” She’d tapped her partners chin as she spoke, so as the name left one mouth balls entered the other.


“OH FUU—MMPH!!” Harry hunched forward hard, nearly dislodging Hermione from her prize as the girl he’d been stretching out kissed him. The light flared and everyone heard the squeal of surprise and then what could only be the throaty moan of complete satisfaction.


Hermione knelt there, awestruck. The sheer girth of the orbs had popped them from her mouth, and she was glad she hadn’t tried to contain it or she’d have a broken jaw right now. The man above her panted, no one spoke. Risking a glance higher than his enormous balls she could barely see tufts of hair and a set of abs that begged to be licked.


“Is she okay,” Hermione heard the mumbles from above, “god she looks pregnant.” Easing back onto her heels she took each orb in front of her, testing one in each hand feeling the weight. She was so distracted she wasn’t even thinking about things other than his balls. Honestly they seemed bigger than his centaur form had been.


“Hermione look out!” it was Ginny, whispering for some reason.


She ducked reflexively, and as she felt it her body began to shiver with anticipation it happened…..again. The hot, heavy smack of flesh on the top of her head, his cock so big it strained her neck to keep it upright. And then the deluge form behind, creamy heat pouring out of wherever that cock had just come from, spilling down her hair into the back of her shirt. She was soaked. She was basking in the shame and secret thrill of that as she felt him shrink. His size much more manageable as he lifted the cock off the top of her head. She was disappointed, but she wasn’t going to say anything.


“Hermione” his voice was strong, deeper than he usually talked. Hermione looked up out of reflex and flinched as the cock came down between her eyes. She looked up into those deep pools seeing a hunger, even flaccid she could see the fire in him for her. “Tonight is the last night we stay apart. You’re sleeping in my bed tonight. I’m going to hold you.” He smiled, raising the tip of his flesh up and smearing it across her forehead. “In the morning, I’m going to wake you up. We’re going to make love.” He licked his lips, smacking his cock gently on each of her cheeks as she stared up at him like a deer in the headlights. “I’m not going to use any special tricks, your looking at it. You don’t get to run this show anymore. If you want out tell me now otherwise there is no going back after tonight.”


The girl looked up at him, Ginny held her breathe as the bushy haired woman slathered in cum seemed lost in thought. Finally nodding to herself she leaned back, and back, and back. Ginny smiled big as Hermione’s mouth closed over the tip and began slowly working him deeper.


“Zoey,” Harry looked up, “you alive.”


“Barely,” The fox girl sat up, two fingers in her leaking sex as she smiled, “you thinking of that thing?” She got a nod.


“Ginny, Gabby.” Harry looked over at them apprehensively, “the thing I talked to you about, are we sure?”


“We’re...” Ginny bit her lip, “I’m okay with it.” she looked over at Gabrielle who nodded emphatically, “if you’re sure. I want a turn, but I definitely don’t wanna go first.” She smirked.


“Alright then,” Harry smiled, putting his hand on top of the girl gently sucking his softened cock clean, “Sunny, Zoey, if you would please?”


Hermione looked up into Harry’s eyes, questioning him as she felt two hands on her shoulders. Everyone leaned back as a flash of multicolored light went off and the girl grunted in discomfort around a mouthful of cock. Pulling him free she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.


“Harry..” Hermione’s voice came out a bit strained as she held her stomach. “What...what did you do to me.” She watched Harry step over to the bed, and everyone slowly started dispersing to more comfortable places to stand and sit.


“Tomorrow morning,” Harry sighed, resting on his ass on the edge as Ginny and Gabrielle came to his sides, “we’re going to start with a clean slate Mione. No bad blood, no bad history. Just you, me, us.”


“No.” Hermione grimaced, “I mean what did you do inside me?” She got help standing from Sunshine and surprisingly Quanza-now-called-Zoey. The girl was build like a third year but she practically ripped her arm off standing her up.


“Family magics.” Harry grinned, and each of the girls who’d helped her up claimed a kiss and sat on the edges of the bed beside Ginny and Gabrielle. “Things I learned about only just last night and this morning.” Hermione stepped up to him,her knees inside his as he took her hands. “Tomorrow morning, you’re going to wake up a new woman, literally.” Harry smirked, “Your going to open your eyes, feel the sun shining on your face. Your going to roll over and look into my eyes and just smile.” Harry himself was smiling as he told the story, and the tickling in her stomach only got worse.


“It...It sounds really nice.”


“Your going kiss me like you’ve never kissed a boy in your life.” He grinned watching her squirm, “And when I roll you on your back and kiss your neck till it’s hard to breath...I’m going to look down at you and know three things beyond a shadow of a doubt.”


Ginny squeezed his arm, smiling softly as she watched her childhood friend clutch at her insides nervously. Harry held up a hand, three fingers extended dropping each as he spoke.


“One: I love you, without shame or mercy.”


“Two: When I push inside you, you will be a virgin.” He watched her eyes go wide as she put a hand over her mouth.


“Three:...” he dropped his hand, taking hers and pulling her close enough to look straight up at her holding her by a handful of ass in each hand. “That when you wrap your arms around me neck and pull your knees up high to let me cum inside you as deep as I can...” He kissed her stomach, and Hermione felt herself growing fient. “When you look up at me, and I kiss you and you feel it inside...” He grinned, leaning back in to kiss her stomach and resting his forehead against it.


“Harry...” Hermione couldn’t find her breathe.


“We both know what it’s going to do, don’t we?” He spoke softly, face buried in her lap as she stood. Slowly her arms wrapped around his head, clutching him to her. Her nervous fingering scratching at the back of his head as she looked around the room.


The only women who’s face wasn’t showing shock were Gabrielle and Ginny. No one else knew. She would be the first.


“Yes.” She spoke the words quietly, “yes we do.”



It had taken everyone getting settled down for them to realize it.


There was another person in the room.


“Baz’cuta?” Meredith, now a fully human(minus penis) form and voluptuous to a fault knelt beside the couch, cooing to the corner of the room. “Cutie? Darling come to me? It’s Mary honey…..theeeere we’s okay. Don’t be scared, no one is going to hurt you.”


Ginny covered mouth to hide it, but Gabrielle gasped, drawing those eyes.


Nude as the day she was born, which Ginny supposed was technically today, the girl was white as a sheet. No, whiter than that, she was clear. Her veins on full display, her large curious eyes pink as she looked around at everyone fearfully.


“What….” Ginny found her voice as everyone else tried to give the woman cuddling the nude teen room, “did she used to be?”


“There was once a very common and dark practice.” Meredith spoke, rubbing the girls bald head lovingly, the girl from her pose of being knees to chest in the woman’s lap was showing off the fact she had not a single hair on her body. “Wizards, both dark and light, sought to make immortal armies for themselves. Camelot, long forgotten as a true Empire, banned the practice. This only made less civilized lands seek it out more.” She tilted the girls chin up, and Ginny watched the girl almost fearful as it was obvious that Meredith was trying to force the squirming girl to kiss her.


“Stop.” Ginny called out, “She doesn’t want to, can’t you see she’s scared?”


“She’s afraid,” Mary said, “that the kiss will kill me.”


Everyone watched as the woman forced there lips together. The struggle lasted less than ten seconds before the girl opened her eyes startled, then began kissing her back with hunger. Open mouthed and sucking on each other’s tongues they pulled back, the girl was panting and clearly wet with desire.


“It is a very simple process, but the practice is one of the most unforgivable crimes in the world.” Mary stroked the girls chin, “most think the actual process has been lost for a thousand years, all the better since that means no one will ever have to suffer like my poor Cutie has suffered, ever again.”


“What did they do to her?” Gabrielle was beside her wife, holding hands to show support as they dared to ask the woman more.


“It is a process involving a squib that lasts 30 days I’m told. You have to bury them alive as long as the sun is up, and torture them under the moon while it shines. The process robs the body and soul of all kindness, happiness, hope….” She looked up at the girls who seemed to be dawning recognition. “The ritual is an immortal torture that has never been undone in the history of the world, until tonight.”


“She is a very beautiful Dementor.” Luna stepped forward, surprisingly with Beth on her shoulder. “My name is Luna.” Luna frowned when the girl looked down at her hand confused.


“She will need time love.” Mary smiled, looking up at Beth who nodded, “she has been alive for more than a thousand years, tortured within those robes daily. She does not remember yet how to speak more than likely, or even her own name. Baz’Cuta is a name she took on after a while.”




Everyone looked down at the girl slowly starting to nod off. Ginny realized things like sleep and food, she hadn’t need them in physical form for probably a millennia.


“Did she just?” Gabby looked at her wife, who only stood silently smiling.



The morning sun took its time, slowly filtering through the drapes. The bedroom was a cacophony of snoring and murmurs. The debauchery had pretty much lost it’s steam with the discovery of the mystery girl ‘Cutie’ as they were now calling her. They’d ended up having a second dinner of sorts, bringing snacks into the room and hot chocolate along with extra blankets to spread everyone out on the floor. They really hadn’t planned things well, when it came to sleeping arrangements, and Harry had declared the bed off limits until they could all sleep there together, however that was going to work.


Hermione was just beginning to stir, her arm draped over the body in front of her lazily running her fingers across it as she slowly woke from the most amazing dream. Harry had insisted she have a drink with her the night before, just a night cap as they talked. It was good to get things out in the open, and the four of them...Ginny, Gabby, Hermione and Harry...had sat up well into the night talking as the rest passed out after entertaining a very sugar-rushed Cutie as she ran about the room like a psychotic cat.


Slowly sitting up she slid down the pallet out from between Ferra and Harry, who was practically wearing Gabrielle for a hat and Ginny like a coat, and made to stand. The soft hand closing around her wrist made her look back, her heart skipping a beat as he leaned up and stood with her. His imagery and declaration the night before had been met with blanket approval and applause, and now it was making her heart race at the memory.


Looking around the room, she held onto his elbows keeping him close as they stood in each other’s shadow. Smiling up at him she took his hand, guiding him over to the couch that no one was sleeping on. The man did his best not to laugh as she reached up under the bottom of the oversized black shirt she’d worn to bed and began shimmying out of her white cotton panties. She bit her bottom lip, covering her smile with a fist as she kicked the article off her foot in his direction hitting him in the chest.


He let it slide off him forgotten as he stepped towards her. She put her hand out, stopping him as he looked at her confused. The girl took a few steps backwards, gingerly avoiding bodies as she picked up a heaving quilt from the pile of unused blankets. Harry watched as she walked over to the couch, tossing it across the back as she gently laid herself down. Harry couldn’t keep the lecherous grin of his face as she crooked a finger at him and spread her knees slightly.


Hermione watched nervously as Harry sat on his knees at her feet. Looking around he tilted his head at her, the unspoken question. She merely sat up slightly, her finger over her lips as she tugged on his neck pulling him down on top of her. The heavy quilt was pulled down on top of them, hiding them from the neck down from the world.


“Shhh...” she hissed in his ear, and Harry could feel her nails across his back as she kissed his temple. “Just close your eyes, pretend it’s the common room and your old cloak.” The words sent a shiver down his spine, and he tugged down the front of his shorts to his thighs and let his heat lay against her as they began to kiss.


Slowly he rocked, listening to her breathing as the underside of his shaft slid back and forth across her sex in time with his rolling hips. The two weren’t in any rush, slow slippery pace they ground out their passions, every so often gasping into each other’s mouths as the pressure applied grew more intense.


“I’m ready.” Hermione closed her eyes, and Harry slid back as far as he dared, taking his tip in his hand. He usually had light or the ability to look down, but he rubbed back and forth with the head till he felt a catch and began to push. “There….right--” Hermione’s breath hitched, and Harry felt her nails in his back dig as he felt his cock sink to the circumcision ring. He held himself there, feeling her heartbeat. “Wait...” she gasped breathlessly in his ear, her nails retracting as she soothingly rubbed his back. “give me a second. Ohhh...” she kissed his cheek, and he couldn’t hear it be he could swear he felt a laugh as she kissed his cheek a second time, “why do you have to have such a big dick?” Harry didn’t answer, he pushed. The girl’s nails returned, and Harry felt a shift in the blanket as her feet rested on the small of his back, her knees out as wide as she could manage. “Oh….oh….oh….” Harry listened to her passion filled little gasps for as long as he could take. Feeling more comfortable with things, he drew back till only the head remained inside her, then pushed forward, not stopping till he was hilted.


“Oh. Yes.” He smiled as he looked down at the girl beneath him. Hermione’s mouth was wide open, her eyes as well. He could feel the hands on his biceps trembling, and at the base of his cock he began to feel a pulse, clenching down on him rhythmically. “Hermione...are you--” He stopped his question when the girl gritted her teeth and began nodding vigorously with her eyes squinted shut. Smiling he pulled back, doing it again. This time she arched till her forehead hit the arm of the couch, breathing through her teeth into puffed out cheeks as quietly as she could.


“Harry,” her face was a flustered mess as she looked up at him with those bedroom eyes, “you’re so full… big….” she closed her eyes, and Harry felt the pulsing beginning again, only this time the woman under him only turned her head to the side, letting her mouth hang open she closed her eyes, her tongue pressed hard to the back of her teeth as she arched and Harry felt her consciously squeeze down on him in the midst of her ecstasy.


He wanted to keep playing the game, but he also wanted to win. Looking around the room to make sure everyone was still asleep, he drew back, and with a muted clap slammed his cock home. He got a shocked whimper from his wife, but her facial expression didn’t change. He did it again. And again. By the tenth thrust he no longer cared if anyone woke up, he just wanted to stuff his cock in his best friend until she could no longer make those sexy little noises.


“Hermione...” His voice was rushed and ragged in her ear.


“I know...” Her moaned, finally opening her eyes. Looking up at him, he saw nothing but love and devotion. “ it.” Harry sealed the kiss with a scream of his own as he felt her nails digging hard enough to draw blood into his ass cheeks.


The sound of his cry was drown out by every woman in the room waking with a startled outcry of spontaneous orgasm. The woman writhed on the floor as wave after wave took them. Ginny was wide awake as she wiped the sleep from her eyes, watching her best friend and her husband laying together under the blanket on the couch, the tiniest trickle of jealousy beginning to form deep inside her.


“Holy shit.” Emelia pushed her wild unmanaged hair out of her face, “is this how we are waking up from now on? Best life choice ever.”


“I volunteer,” Ferra smiled raising her hand theatrically, “to be tomorrow’s alarm clock.” the comment caused the room to break out in laughter as everyone eyed the newlyweds snuggling on the couch.



Hermione was a little uncomfortable at breakfast. Everything was fine, everyone was having fun and joking around. Harry had flipped his shit and run to Landala and Teak as they walked in from the hospital. He’d insisted on going to get them, which was probably why Teak insisted on surprising him. The woman had lived an insanely tough life by all accounts, and she did not take shit or charity off anyone.


No, what was bothering her was the looks. Not from the girls, they were always glancing at her belly now, smiling mischievously like it was some kind of a secret. Harry had impregnated her, he’d told everyone he would, she was fine with that surprisingly enough admitting to herself. She’d given her body, willingly, it was something they’d both wanted for so long. Harry was one of the very few people she confided in, that shared her interest in a large family. She assumed that was part of why she gravitated to the Weasley Clan so easily. Ron was a moron but he came with a full size family baggage cart. No it wasn’t the looks the girls were giving her. Only two looks were bothering her. Harry, and Bethsemene. They were staring, suspiciously at her. Every so often they would look at each other, then back at her stomach.


As soon as breakfast finished she raced to catch up to Bethsemene. The woman walked as fast as she could without appearing to run. Hermione did not give two shits about appearances.


“Beth!” she called out and the woman froze in the hallway, “talk to me.” The woman turned, and Hermione saw that she was genuinely nervous. “What is going on.”


“I don’t know--”


“Please don’t.” Hermione felt like she wanted to throw something, “This is one of the most important days of my life, and I’m scared by something I don’t even know.”


“We shouldn’t have this conversation without our husband, Hermione.” The woman looked as pensive as she did compassionate. She wasn’t hiding anything, Hermione could feel it, but she was holding back.


“Is it about the baby?” Hermione watched the woman lose her mask for a split second. “What’s wrong with it?”


“There...” The Dokkalfar stood to her full height, and Hermione felt herself being reminded that this woman was once nobility supposedly, “is absolutely nothing wrong with that child. Because she is yours….and she is Harry’s. That alone is enough to make her perfect.”


“She?” Hermione’s face lit up, both hands going to her stomach suddenly.


“The rings of magic spinning inside the light are tighly woven,” Beth smiled placing her hand on top of the girls head, “not sporatic and loose. Even she does not know it yet...but yes, it will be a girl.” Beth pinched both lips between her teeth, “and that in and of itself is a problem.”


Hermione took a step back curiously, “why would that be a problem? Because it’s not a boy? Harry isn’t like that.” She stared off into space, “No that can’t be the problem, there’s something you’re not telling me.” She began running theories on alternatives in her mind as the woman pulled her by the hair into her arms and hugged her tightly.


“Hermione...” Beth leaned down, “the aura….it is you remember what that means?”


The girl thought back, “Manza’s baby, one of them was….” she looked up at the older woman, “I don’t understand.” the statement alone brought weight to how serious she was taking the situation. She let herself be lead to the bench on the side of the hallway and Beth threw a protective arm around her as she continued to whisper.


“Harry and I are of the same mind,” she reached into her robe, and Hermione flinched as she saw a flash of metal. When she looked down she was holding a blade covered in runes, “yours, by the way, I have not simply being laying about smoking a pipe and getting buggered.” She grinned.


“Beth. Please.” Hermione looked up at the woman who sighed heavily as she took the blade.


“The child in your belly is not a witch.” Beth lowered her head, speaking in dulcet tones as she reached out to hold Hermione’s hand, “It is not Squib, or muggle….the golden glow is that of a magical creature.” She looked up, “I would not be able to guess at which, if I did not know the mother and father so intimately.”


“What...what is it?”


“Hopefully,” Beth bounced her head off to the side, “or not depending on your is a Merlin.” She looked down at the girl who was smiling brightly, and Beth watched the light fade as confusion set in.


“Wait. I thought it was a male only condition?” She looked up to see a single tear roll down Beth’s cheek.


“It should be. No one has ever heard of a Female Merlin, but can you imagine the kind of infighting and wars something like that would produce? The weight of the responsibility on a woman like that?” Beth sighed, “That is why Harry worries, why I worry. The thought of his daughter being pressured into some political marriage, even if of her own free will, makes him...well, violently ill-tempered.”


Hermione stopped and shuddered realizing the implications. Tied and bound socially, being used by a dozen men both politically and physically every night. She clutched her stomach and wanted to cry until the soft hand landed on her shoulder from behind.


“I had hoped you would never fully understand us.” Hermione turned, tears wetting her eyes as she looked into the compassionate grim smile of Teak. The older woman surrounded her in arms that promised strength beyond her size. “It is a heavy burden, to think of the world you will bring a child into, to know it will hurt them. It is a blessing to us to hand it off, and a curse for them to bear it when we are gone.”


“I weep for the world actually.” Beth wrapped the hug in another layer, “The little time I have known him, and the stories from Ginerva make me fearful.” She kissed the forehead of the girl in their arms, “The world that would treat his child so dreadfully is little more than ankle deep ashes in the making.”


The three of them stood there for a second, contemplating this turn of events, Hermione most of all. “That’s it.” Hermione’s eyes brightened, and the other women confusedly let her wiggle free. “I need to talk to Harry.”



Harry Potter was sitting behind his desk, trying to get things in order when his door slammed open. He looked up half startled until he saw it was his best friend jogging towards him with her eyes beaming.


“We need to build a city!”


“Um..” Harry nodded his head off to the side, “o-oh-kay?”


“A place,” Hermione put both hands on the desk, leaning in excitedly as she spoke, “where magical beings, not just wizards, can be themselves! We could start with one, and then put them all over the world, like strongholds!”


“Interesting idea,” Harry nodded sagely, and Hermione was taken aback as he seemed to be mocking her.


“H-” she stood straight, “Harry I’m serious.”


“No no, I completely get it.” He grinned wide, and Hermione was feeling a little silly and embarrassed with the way he was treating her as he reached for a stack of papers, seeming to ignore her ideas. Harry wasn’t like this.


“What are you doing?” She leaned back over the desk, and he flicked his wrist to make sure she didn’t snatch the paper from his hand with her reach, “Harry, I’m trying to talk to you.”


“Hermione,” his eyes finally softened, “I know...I get the idea.” He tapped the papers straightening them. Hermione wanted to cry, it wasn’t like Harry to be this way.


“Do you think it’s a bad idea?” She felt her old insecurities coming back, and he must have felt it because he instantly melted his features. He leaned over the desk and took her hand.


“Hermione I love you so much,” he shook his head ruefully, “you immediately think anyone that doesn’t agree with you is wrong, and anyone who agrees with you without enthusiasm is patronizing you. Do you have any what it takes to build a city?”


“Well we could--”


“Laborers, Craftsman,” he started ticking off on his fingers, “architects, ward-stones, enchanters, security forces, you’ve got to levy yourself to merchants to come live there so everyone doesn’t starve or go naked.” He chuckled. She felt a little ball in her stomach tighten, and he let go of her hand to rub her face. The two stared into each other’s eyes, and then slowly he reached for the folder he’d been stacking and tossed it lazily on the desk. Hermione looked down at the manila page that had bumped her hips as she picked it up.


“What is this?” She opened the cover.


“Oh….” Harry shrugged looking over at the window trying not to crack a smile, “Just, you know… Security force plans I’ve had Malcom and Sophia doing….Laborer union contracts and Craftsman Guild Requisitions Apolline’s been working on...” he turned back watching his newest wife’s eyes grow bigger, “the specifications on the Wardstone Array for the city that Majesta and Bethsemene have been proposing….”


“You’ve been planning this from the beginning?”


“Hermione,” Harry smiled sweetly, not trying to make her feel bad, “if there is one thing I know about people, magical or muggle….it’s that change is hard. They’re not going to just go ‘oh merlins here, stop raping the veela and free the elves!’... you know?” His deep voice impersonation of Dumbledore made her giggle a bit. “I need to be honest with you, this is a three step plan that’s going to be bad before it gets better and I want none of you involved in the thick of it.”


“Harry,” Hermione warned.


“Hermione,” Harry cut her off, “you are pregnant.” He watched the scowl cross her features, “you are brilliant, you are brave and you never listen when you think you are right, but you need to now. I need someone to run the war, not win a battle.” He walked around his desk to hold her as she lost herself in thought. “I will ride any plan you come up with straight to hell with a smile on my face, knowing it’s going to work. I will not risk our baby so you can prove what I already know, that you’re just as tough as the boys. I can lead a charge,” he kissed her forehead, “I need someone to help me steer the damned thing..”


“So I’m going to be pregnant and barefoot at home while you go off to war, that it?” Hermione was trying to fight it, but dammit he was making sense.


“Wear clogs for all I care while you’re home.” Harry got slapped on the arm for that one, “you belong where thinking can do the most good. I’ll go where dumb luck and quick wits are king. Gabrielle and Ginny are going to run our face of things, Majesta will handle the shadows with Emelia’s help. I need someone who can talk to both camps so we don’t look like silly kids to the international community.”


“If you’re sure about this Harry, I can get behind this plan.”


“You should know by now,” Harry chuckled, “Planning ahead and forethought were never my strong suit. I’m almost tapping myself out with what we’ve come up with already. The girls are doing most of the heavy lifting.”


“The girls?” Hermione raised her head with a smirk.


“Would you prefer ‘The New Queens of the Free World’?” Harry smiled down at her, and the two slowly came together in a soft kiss.



“So,” Emelia smiled at a very disgruntled Ginny sitting on the bed while the room continued to explode in fabrics and color, “not going well I take it?”


“She just won’t do it!” Ginny fell back on the bed, holding her hands over her mouth as she screamed, “she refuses to wear a stitch of clothes, Luna is NOT helping with the situation...” she glared over at the girl who was currently helping Cutie streamer the room with fabric and odds and ends clothes as they ran around laughing and playing together. “And the girl has no idea how to be... ‘human’ I guess?...anymore.”


“Well,” Emi sighed, “try to be easy on her, the next year or so is going to terrify her, let her have some fun.”


Ginny looked over at her barghest friend in human form and the canine-ish girl frowned, “according Mary….Cutie is a squib, and she’s Pre-Arthurian...” Ginny’s eyes watered trying to do mental timelines, “nothing outside this room is going to look right to her. You think wizards have a problem with understanding muggle fashion?” She guffawed, “Imagine the first time we try to get her in an airplane or something.” Ginny had to admit as scared as she was of muggle things, Cutie was probably going to be just as bad with ‘modern’ wizardry. After all no one carried a sword anymore.


“SO,” Ginny changed the subject, “what happened this morning with Harry and Hermione….”


“Lucky bitch,” Emi grinned, then saw the look of concern on her friends face, “ are alright with all that, aren’t you? You did tell him you were.” The two sat there in silence for a second before Ginny sighed.


“I mean...I am...but I always pictured it would be me.” Ginny tapped her heart, “just gives me the flutters. I’m not ready to have kids yet. Hermione wants a huge family too, so I’m glad for her getting a head start.”


“Well, she certainly got that now. The seals broken so now we all get a turn.” Emi grinned and Ginny smirked tight lipped.


“Yeah, okay,” she shrugged, “I just...I want to...but I’m scared.”


“Scared?” Emi raised an eyebrow rolling on her side, “The Ginerva Molly Weasley I know isn’t scared of the Potter’s Plow. I remember a little detail I got told about you, being the first pink crater he ever made.” This got a giggle from Ginny so hard she picked her knees up. “so what are you scared of?”


“My mom,” she bit her lip and sighed, “well, I mean….becoming my mom.” Ginny rolled on her side to face the girl. “My parents, they weren’t exactly shy about having kids. I’m afraid that once Harry and I start...” she rolled her eyes at how dumb it sounded, “I’m not gonna be able to stop.”


“So?” Emelia’s immediate answer made Ginny startled, “what’s the problem with having a bunch of kids? You realize I am a rare case right? Only one Barghest baby per pregnancy is almost unheard of.”


“My folks were really in love,” Ginny shook her head giving Emi’s tummy a scratch watching the girl fold in on herself out of reflex, “but they had a kid almost every year they were married after the first one. By the time I came around it was a miracle they were still having sex.”


“Ahhh...” Emi nodded your head, pretending to understand, “so you’re afraid becoming a mom will ruin your sex life with Harry?”


“Not just the sex,” Ginny worried her hands in front of her as she curled into a fetal position, “my folks rarely talked unless it was dinner, and unless something needed a ‘family emergency meeting’ they were hardly ever in the same room.”


“I don’t think Harry plans on neglecting you or avoiding you.” Emi patted her new friend’s head, “I’m pretty sure if he finds out you want to get pregnant, you’re going to have to go into hiding.”


“I never said I want to do it right now.”


“No, but you haven’t let go of your stomach almost this entire conversation.” The redhead looked pensive as she slid her hands out from the bottom of her shirt. “So tell me,” Emelia bumped foreheads with the nervous girl, “did you actually tell him you didn’t want to have kids or something? You’re acting like this is a really big deal or something.”


“No.” Ginny shook her head, “not in so many words...I told him I wanted a couple of girls to go first, see how it went?”


Emelia rolled onto her back, chuckling. “Who’s the next poor victim on the list?”


“There are a few in consideration,” Ginny’s voice was strained, and Emelia looked over to see her on her back chewing her bottom lip. After a few second she glanced at Emi out of the corner of her eye, flinching and looking away at getting caught.


“You didn’t.” Emelia scowled playfully in shock, “you bitch. Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me?” She growled in mock anger.


“Harry’s a really sweet, gentle guy.” Ginny smiled nervously at her, but the tone was almost a question.


“Not a single fucking thing between his navel and his knees on that man can be called “gentle” and you know it!” Emelia pushed her hair back with both hands, “Oh my god, I’m fucking knot bait.” She heard Ginny giggle and her expression grew vicious. “Oh you think that’s funny? Let’s see if I can use this to my advantage.”


“Wuh--” Ginny turned getting a kiss on the lips. The ginger watched the Barghest melt into her birth form and sit up on the bed.


“I think I’ll go broker a deal with the Merlin,” The girl swatted her human friend on the thigh as she hopped up and ran to the door. “I think its a fair trade at least, considering what you’ve unleashed!” she peaked only her face around the door as she slipped in the hallway.


“What the hell just happened?” Ginny turned to see Luna sitting cross-legged on a pile of pillows, wide beaming smile as the nude albino girl ran circles; yards of fabric around her like some demented may pole.



Gabrielle walked slowly to the edge of her family back decking, watching the girl who had obviously been crying try not be too loud. Harry had shut himself away in his office till dinner he’d said; he, Hermione and her mom had been talking quite excitedly about a few things that she needed to really get in the loop on.


The figure leaning on the railing reached behind her, and Gabrielle smiled as the small girl in the schoolgirl uniform stood on her toes, arching her back and digging at a wedgie. About 3 hours after her change to human, the sustaining magics on her body had given out.


“Those never did fit me right.” Gabby smiled at the girl who spun and scowled at her, “Can’t imagine they’d do you any favors.”


“Wish someone would,” the girl spit over the railing, crossing her arms, “I’ve been getting the short end of no stick all day!” Gabby admired the bushy haired girl, Olive skin dotted with brown freckles, an overbite, big ears…. The slight hint of what might become acne. There was really no favors to be had here, that was for certain.


“So, about your age.” Gabby crossed her own arms.


“I didn’t think he’d take me seriously!” The tangly middle eastern girl threw her hands in the air, “No one takes you seriously at our age! Alright? I didn’t want to lie to him...I just figured if I look more ...mature he’d listen to my proposals.” The girl leaned back on the railing, “Is he mad?”


“I think he’s processing too much ‘other’ right now to really let it sink in.” Gabby walked up next to her leaning on the wood, “If I were you I’d get an apology and an explanation in before he thinks you were trying to manipulate him. You’re a good person Meredith, he knows this.”


“This is all so weird,” the former succubus rolled her head, “I loose my boobs, my good looks, my dick...” she seemed especially perturbed by that one. “How did you deal with it? I mean you’re a knock out even when you’re not a Veela. I’m….” she waved her hand, fingers splayed, back and forth in front of her face aggravated as she sighed.


“You’re really pretty...sorta? You have character.” Gabby tried to ease into it with an uneasy smile.


“My head looks like a loaf of Panettone is getting gang-banged by shag carpeting and some chiclets.” The girl’s deadpan delivery made Gabrielle snort when she laughed, which in turn made Mary laugh. The two shared a comfortable silence as they looked out at the girls on the lawn. It was still warm enough outside that Sunshine and Snowfall were excitedly doing the archery thing again. “Thank you.”


“For what?” Gabby slid closer.


“For trying to make me feel better,” Mary shrugged, “for trying to help me not be so scared of being trapped inside my own body. Take your pick.” The girl bit down on her tongue in the corner of her mouth as she went digging for gold again up her backside. “How the hell did you wear panties in these freaking tights?”


“I didn’t.” The veela shrugged when the girl looked at her, “it wasn’t sexual or anything, I just didn’t get chafed or sweaty so it never really became an issue. Also almost no one in my family enjoys underwear, if I have my say Harry will never wear another pair of undergarments again after New Years.”


“You are my hero,” Mary hip bumped her. “I’ve been meaning to ask you, how are you dealing with the whole family situation?” She saw the look of confusion in her eyes, so the Succubus tried to explain. “Harry, he’s been with Aphrodina and, unless she contracts some sort of venereal chastity, soon Apolline.”


“We’re Veela.” The girl shrugged hoping that would explain things, Mary’s eyes shrugged right back. “We have as I understand it very diametrically opposed beliefs on sexuality than wizards. Ginny gave me the impression when we were first together that they are...complicated.”


“Repressed beyond measure is more like it.” Meredith blew a raspberry. “They funniest thing is more than half of them talk down and berate the very thing they’re desiring.” The bushy haired former Succubus began to tap her foot impatiently, “would you mind reigning that in? No offense.” Gabrielle turned, and a spark of realization hit her before she closed her eyes and Meredith sighed in contentment. “Thank you, I don’t even have the right parts anymore and that stuff still effects me.”


“I’d forgotten that you could be effected.” Gabrielle smiled.


“Well, it wouldn’t be fair to you if we weren’t.” Mary chuckled, “We do to the body what you do to the brain.” the girl cupped the front of her skirt, “well, succubus do anyway. I don’t know what I’m going to do stuck in this body forever.”


“It’s only temporary.” Gabby patted her on the shoulder.


“Pfft...yeah okay.” Meredith hung her head, “Gabrielle, you have been a great hostess. I appreciate all the kindness you’ve bestowed on those of us less fortunate.” The young woman stepped up and hugged the girl, “but I’m pretty sure this,” she gestured to herself, “is not what Harry is looking for.”


Gabrielle didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but the laughter just wouldn’t stop. She held onto the girls shirt so she couldn’t get away, holding up a finger as she tried to let herself calm down.


“You think,” Gabrielle threw her head back and took a deep breath, “you think your appearance is a problem?” she shook her head, “I knew of a girl in Harry’s life who was like you. She had horrible teeth, her complexion was...less than perfect lets say, and her hair was atrocious. On top of that she was bossy; pigheaded. Worse she was usually right about anything she talked about, only further fueling her arrogance. She abandoned her looks almost completely until she was well into her teens. She didn’t really even consider taking her looks seriously until she was about my age.”


“Well,” Mary worked her lip, “I suppose you’re going to tell me Ginny was some--”


“Oh no,” Gabby smiled, “Ginny has always been the picture perfect tomboy, my love at first sight.”


“Then who are we talking about exactly?” Mary looked down at her hands as Gabrielle took them.


“He pined for that girl for seven years.” Gabby smiled, “the first time he touched her as more than friends was this morning….when he split her legs, carved out her belly and planted seed.” Mary’s eyes grew wide as the Veela girl brought the hands to her face and kissed them.


“You mean...they’ve”


“He was afraid to tell her how he felt,” Gabby smiled, “for fear it would make her a target, she was afraid to tell him how she felt ...for fear of being refused.” Gabrielle leaned in, and both girls closed their eyes out of reflex as their lips met in a soft peck. “I will teach you how to hunt him.”


“Umm...I think I know how to tease a man.” Meredith blushed looking away.


“Veela can smell virgins,” Gabby cocked her head with a grin, “did you know that?”


“ were saying.” Mary swallowed hard.


“Hard to get, Innocently Lewd, situationally exposing yourself,” Gabby shook her head, “all the common tactics fail with him.” She cupped the taller girl’s face. “Starting today, you will wear your hair in ponytails. I will get you all the cotton bra and underwear sets I can find in your size. You will dress comfortably, not provocatively.” The former Succubus watched the girl take something from her pocket. “I want you to apologize to Harry, and tell him the truth of why you misrepresented yourself. He will not hold it against you. Then I want you to talk to him, honestly, nothing else for as long as you can stand it.”


“...just talk?” Mary raised an eyebrow as she watched the girl fiddle with the small object.


“Tell him your dreams, your hopes...” Gabby smiled, “when you are alone tell him your fears and insecurities. Let him see you as weak, unbalanced, needing….”


“That doesn’t exactly sound like sexy pillow talk.” Mary chuckled.


“There is one thing I know about Harry now,” Gabby grabbed the other girls hand, placing the object in it and closing her fist, “he wants to be needed. You show him that you can’t be without him, that you need him for who he is, not for what you can manipulate him into doing...and he will take you on the spot the moment that clicks in his brain.”


“Eeehhhh…..” Mary held up the little object, “so what does this have to do with it?” The little thing was made of leather, looked to be a small cigar.


“This is a whore’s bit. Its cotton braided with a leather covering.” Gabby smiled softly at it, “I had a talk with my grandmother after my first time with Harry, and we agreed for a few years I should keep one on me. I’ll give this one to you and get another.” Mary looked at the girl, watching her blush as she continued to explain. “My first time with Harry...I did not tell him so you cannot either. I chipped a tooth clenching at his size. He put it in me so hard and fast I’m lucky I didn’t bite off my tongue. It was amazing.”


“You girls talk about it like its the most amazing thing, but also like its...horrifying.” Mary leaned forward, nervous of anyone else around.


“It was the single most painful thing in my life I have ever wanted to do again and again.” Gabby smiled closing her eyes, “if I could give him my first again, I would do it every day. Make no mistake, even after you change back, you will not survive him intact.” Gabrielle stepped to the girl, forcing their bellies together as she continued to whisper, “He is the single most loving man I have ever heard of, but below the waist he is a weapon. When he comes for you the first time, slow him down with talk and your hands. Do not let him near you down there without letting him focus on you instead of the pleasure. If you let him he will rip your knees apart and gore straight into your dignity to the bone.”


“I don’t know if I should be thrilled or terrified,” Mary quipped.


“Both. Just make sure you put that thing in your mouth when the time comes and remember to breath, even if you scream, so you don’t pass out like poor Maggie.” Gabrielle grinned maliciously, “poor girl, Harry’s finished inside her three times now and she’s not been conscious for any of them. Now come on, let’s go get you changed.”


Mary took the hand of the shorter blond girl and together they walked back into the house.



“So….that sums up the majority of it.”


Harry looked up at Apolline Delacour as she finished her monologue reading the report.


“That’s fine,” Harry smiled leaning back in his chair and reaching over to pat Hermione’s thigh as she sat on his desk, “now tell me your opinion of how to move forward.” He held up a hand as she began to frown and open her mouth, “I’m not asking you to tell me what to do….I just want to hear your thoughts on how to proceed.”


The older Veela woman watched the two hold hands gently with a smile as she straightened the papers she was clutching to her chest.


“Yes, well, first order of business is to clear things with Gringotts to make sure they know you have no designs on their business.”


“I’m not so sure about that.” Harry shrugged grimacing, “they’re really entrenched in wizard politics, is there any way we can separate our economy without an all out war?” He looked at the woman who might be his wife one day as she puzzled her brain.


“Well, there” she shook her head, “I’m sorry but there--”


“No,” Harry held up another hand, “please, I want to hear it. Even if it is a bad idea, it’s still an idea and might find us a better one.” he got a pat on the hand for that from Mione.


“Well, goblin-wizard treatise says that a dwarven bank may not be allowed to flourish that is not naturalized or bonded.” She grinned, “technically, you’re pretty much considered any race you lay with so….”

“So marry a dwarf, open a bank.” Harry rubbed his chin grimacing, “that is literally marrying for money.” He looked at the woman who was raising her eyebrow at him with a smirk. “I did just marry like...20 women, originally for the sake of consolidating power, so I suppose I should shut up on the holier than thou crap. Can we send an letter?”


Apolline shook her head, “No, they’d never respond. Dwarven security is a dead wall. We’d have to go in person to speak to anything other than a ledger, and even then you’d have to talk them into letting you into the city.”


Harry looked down at the floor, then up at Hermione. “Well, you think anyone wants to go on a honeymoon?” He grinned wide.


“To pick up chicks?” Hermione’s lips were drawstring tight as she delivered the question, and Harry flinched before she smirked at him then beamed. “When do you think we can leave?” The girl looked at the older woman who was watching them astonished.


“You realize this will cut your ties with Gringotts completely.” Apolline Delacour shook her head, “you are a boy without fear.”


“No,” Harry smiled, “I just know when something is worth doing, worst they can say is no.”


“What are you gonna do if someone says yes?” Hermione poked him in the ribs with a finger.


“Compliment my new wife on her immaculate sideburns? OW, OW-ow-ow-stop-I-give-I-give!”



Majesta Potter sat behind her desk, her jeweler’s loupe in place as she looped and sawed at the air with the tiny blade. The intricate pattern of words and symbols stretched from one side of the plate to the other, hanging in mid air. As she leaned back for a second she grabbed the plate, spinning it slightly so she could write words in a completely different rune-set, perpendicular to the first. The whole thing looked like a three dimensional crossword puzzle by the time she finished the last line.


“Finally,” she breathed a sigh of relief as she spun the scalpel like athame in her hand, tapping the plate twice with the butt of the knife. The magic hovering above it shrank in an instant into a ball of light and stuck to the tip of the blade. “Mom, the last one’s finished.”


Bethsemene looked up from her own table, the large hunks of wood laying across it covered in glowing dots matching the one Majesta was walking over cautiously. “Good girl...good….easy….” Beth smiled as the girl with steady hands placed the glowing pinprick of an orb of light into the last socket, causing a shock-wave of blue light to ripple down the wood.


“This thing is terrifying,” Majesta breathed as she watched her mother lift the object off the table and hold it reverently. “The other’s I might finish scripting for tomorrow, I still can’t believe you really wanted to make this thing--”


“It was necessary,” Beth caressed the staff as she leaned her head against it, “I am not so naive as to believe we will be the last women he will accept into his life. I want my gift to him to last longer than his next two bed fellows.”


“He’s not going to like it.” Majesta shook her head, getting a scowl from her mother, “its far too immobile. He’s survived his whole life being quick.” The older woman answered the comment by holding the shaft straight out in front of her, in a blink it shrank to a rod barely the width of her palm.


“He will need to learn to control his magic in new ways,” Beth smiled, “some forethought and preparation forced on him will do him good. The man is far too impulsive.”


“Hey,” Majesta pouted, “I like the impulsive.” she watched her mother set the piece down in the wooden case. “I’m pretty sure the reason we’re standing in a palace lab is because he makes quick rash decisions.” She watched her mother run her fingers over the remaining pieces on the table.


“He is going to rely too much on us,” Beth sighed, “if we let him. He wants to please us, and he thinks that means listening to every little thing that comes out of our mouths. That is no way for a king to act.” She picked up two more staves, testing the weight and shrinking them down into boxes.


“He’s never going to stop listening to us.” Majesta warned, hefting a large axe and carrying it over to her work table. “I’m not sure I want him to.”


“I didn’t say he should go full misogynist!” Beth laughed as she began stacking the boxes on the far side of her desk. “I just want to make sure we don’t ever jeopardize his priorities on an impulse. Speaking of which….”


Majesta looked up and promptly dropped her scalpel. Beth had slid the robe from her shoulders and was stretching to the sky nude as the day she was born. With a groan she dropped her heels back to earth and lowered her arms. The younger dark elf watched nervously as the older woman sauntered over.


“We need to deal with a glaring inequality in this coven.” Beth sat her nude rear on the edge of Maggie’s desk and crossed her arms. “Veela...Huldr...Succubus….even the Cait Sith, we need to….deal with the elephant in the room before we fall behind. I’ve already spoken to Snowfall, Ferra, and Eveline. This will be uncomfortable I think at first, but as long as we keep an open mind I think we should be fine.”


Majesta looked at her mother and picked her athame scalpel off the floor, putting it on the table gently. “Mom...You are going to have to explain yourself here, I’m a few steps behind.”


“Those four races,” Bethsemene looked down at her daughter, and Majesta realized it was the first time she’d ever seen her mother look pensive, “they are communally sexual. They do not discriminate between family bond and partners, sexual love and emotional attachment.” She watched her daughter’s eyes go wide as she nodded, “I guarantee you that will be a thing that comes into play going forward. It will also cause a strain...”


“Harry,” Majesta shook her head, “is not going start demanding that kind of thing.” She felt the tingle of her skin as her mother laid her hand on her shoulder.


“I don’t think he will either, but I know that you and I may be a little strained with it still, as are Gladda and Ferra. Sunshine and Snowfall have at least been in the same room. I am comfortable with it on at least an intellectual level. Do you think you could stay in a bed and not be a little….unsettled as Harry and I made love?”

Majesta felt the tension in her stomach at the mental image, “I...I see your point.” She grimaced. “So how do we...” she didn’t trust her voice for a second as she focused on the hand on her shoulder, “how do we fix...that sort of thing.” Her answer made her feel faint as her mother slowly slid to her knees with a smile. The younger girl nervously gripped the arms of her chair as her mother wrapped her fingers around the tops of her thighs.


“Scoot to the edge dear,” Bethsemene’s voice was far more tender than Maggie had ever heard it, “This will be strange for both of us, but I have far more experience with women so I’ll go first.”


“Mom I--” Majesta winced as she felt the inside of her thigh bitten.


“Beth,” The older Dokkalfar nuzzled the spot she’d marked with her teeth, “until I wash the taste of you out of my’s just beth.” She closed her eyes, lifting the girls knees up onto her shoulders. “Let me show you the tongue that tamed an Empress.” The older woman’s fingers slid back and forth across the girls thighs as she settled in deeper to the lap of the girl looking down at her in a borderline panic. “No panties….you are your mother’s daughter.”


“B-beth!” the younger girl’s back arched as she sank her fingers into the long white hair flowing from between her legs and down that slender ebon back. For several minutes the only sound was light kisses , slurping, and panting gasps. Finally the girl with her toes in the air let out a soulful moan along with the breath she’d begun to hold in a great woosh of ecstacy.


“There we go...” Beth cooed, kissing the inside of the thigh beside her face as she pumped her fingers roughly, “that’s my girl...mmm...” The older woman continuing to suck at the girl’s bud as her young partner held her knees apart and high with trembling arms.


“Okay….okay….” the younger woman laughed, dropping her legs and huffing loudly in joyous satisfaction. “wow...I didn’t think...I mean.” the girls posture slowly started to grow tense as she remembered where she was, and who she was with.


“My turn,” Beth cooed as she kissed slowly up the younger woman’s body, ending in a set of nervous dry lips that grew eager the longer she was fed her own taste. “let’s go to the bedroom, I’m curious about that toy you were using the other night on that human girl. It looked….promising.” The young girl stood, only to be caught in her mother’s laughing arms as her legs gave out. “Easy love, my tongue is not to be taken lightly. Let’s get you to bed.”





Harry’s body shot up like a bolt from his chair, nervously looking at the door as his favorite redheaded wife walked in the door of his office. It was late, he should be in bed, and he should have figured someone would come looking for him.


“Hey Gin,” he ran his fingers through his hair taking a deep breath, “How was your day, sorry I got a little tied up with paperwork.” He stood and let her melt into his arms as he covered her in his arms. The two stood there in silence as she nuzzled into his chest breathing in the smell of musk and cologne. He’d taken on a much more...she couldn’t describe the smell. It was in some ways reminiscent of how she thought her father smelt, but at the same time not nearly so innocent. He made her feel safe, unequivocally so.


“I was just dealing with some things. Can we just lay here a while?” She wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on her toes as she searched his lips with her own, looking for that taste she missed so badly. She didn’t find it on her own, he gave it to her with gusto as he lifted her by her ass and carried her to the chair where he sat down. Folding her up into his lap he cradled her like a babe as they softly kissed. Feeling his arms start to shift she tensed. “Harry, I don’t….I don’t want to--”




She looked up at him as the hand slid off her breast, cupping her back again as he simply held her as the two chased each others bottom lip, each trying to capture it for their own. Finally with a giggle she caught him, and he growled into her mouth as she nibbled on him playfully.


“I love you Mr. Potter.”


“I love you Mrs. Potter.”


The girl climbed his body, shifting from her cradled position to straddle his hips.


“Harry...I want to have your baby—wait.” she put her finger on his lips as she felt him beginning to surge upright. “I don’t want one TONIGHT.” she shook her head at him in disbelieving mirth. “I need to know though...that we can keep control of this.”


“Control of what?” Harry was no longer stroking her rump, his hands on the small of her back steadying her curiously.


“We both know.” Ginny closed her eyes smiling, “that you want a big family. I want a big family. Hermione want’s a big family...” she popped his cheeks with her palms softly and playfully. “I’ve already seen that little stunt with Hermione. Which um….?” she paused nervously not knowing how to ask the question.


“Centaur magic.” Harry answered it for her, “growing plants, fertilization, animal husbandry...kinda their natural magic thing. Snowfall was very informative.” he got a pink on the collar bone for that one but he took it with a smile that matched her own.


“Anyway….I know the second we decide to have a’s going to happen.” She rolled her eyes, “give or take 10 minutes of me screaming.” She squeaked as he reached down an pinched a butt cheek. “I need to know..that we’re not going to go overboard. I know what I said before but...Harry I have no self control when it comes to you.” She shook her head, burying it in his neck as she laughed at her own absurdity. “I’m not the butter dish fan girl I was….but Harry, you’re still my hero.” she kissed his neck, “I know deep down, I’m not going to say no to you once we get started. I don’t want a bazillion kids.” She lifted her face and in a rare turn kissed him on the forehead as she held his face. “I don’t have the will to tell you no, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life a baby factory. I know it sounds so stupid, but my biggest fear is that you’re going to knock me up every year for the rest of our lives.” She hugged him tight around the neck.




Harry’s words were soft in her ear, and she released the vice grip on his neck to look at him in the eyes as he smiled at her softly. “Give me two times, no matter how many that makes….and that’s enough for me for a lifetime. I don’t want to lose your trust in me, I will do my best to limit my….well, dad urges.” The two sat in silence for several minutes, just held in each other’s arms as the soft glow of the fireplace off to the side began to slowly die down.


“Emelia...” Ginny stiffened, “didn’t happen to drop by--”


“Oooohhh yeah.” Harry smirked then chuckled softly, “she did. That was an interesting conversation.” His soft hands on her back massaging away her tension almost distracted her. “she found out about your little request I guess…..made one of her own.”


“What did she say?” Ginny pulled back, having to hold onto his shoulder as she nearly lost her balance leaning back so far.


“She wanted to make a trade,” Harry smirked, “she’s willing to take one to the baby maker, just as soon as she gets to see you….take it in the butt.”


“NO!” Ginny shrieked in a laugh, “that’s not even funny...harry you’re like twice the size of my fist.” She shook said appendage in his face playfully. Letting it drop into her lap she worried her bottom lip looking off to the side. “I mean...I’m not saying it’ll never happen, but that’s going to take a lot of, um, patience.”


“Beth does it.” Harry supplied helpfully rubbing her back, he leaned back in his chair as Ginny stuck her hand back up in his face, ticking off fingers.


“1; Beth is older and more experienced, 2;” Ginny grinned, “don’t tell her I said this, but she’s got a big ass. And 3; she’s just really into butt stuff. The other night--” Ginny shut up suddenly blushing.


“Wait,” Harry’s grin slowly crept across his face, “what about the other night.”


“When you and Zoey finished sealing the deal,” Ginny tucked her chin to her chest, “afterwards, we kinda played around.” She felt her husband’s hands get firmer on her backside and she knew he was getting off on hearing this.


“...go on.” Harry wasn’t even trying to hide his grin as he looked up at her.


“Well, she put her finger ‘in me’ in me.” Ginny put her hand on her stomach, “and that felt good but...then she kinda did this--”


“She put her tongue in your butt didn’t she?”


“OH MY GOD YES!!” Ginny bust out laughing wide eyed, “what is that? That is not supposed to feel like that! She completely made out with my butt, and the weird part felt sooo good?!” Ginny was blushing but she was laughing having to confess her little taboo.


“So you might like it, say, if I try?” Harry wiggled his eyebrows. He got a very perturbed look from his wife, confusing him as she shook her head.


“Leave that stuff to her. Harry I love you, but twice now you’ve kissed me with….me on your lips.” She made a face and Harry cocked his head.


“But you and...I mean Gabby...”


“That’s Gabby’s taste...” Ginny tilted her head to match his, “would you want to kiss me if I had….you.. I mean your stuff in my mouth?” She knew she’d gotten through to him, “I mean, other girls is one thing….I know I’m weird--”


“You’re not weird.” Harry said with finality, clutching her into a hug. “I can understand it I guess...but honestly I’m fairly certain there is no comparing my taste to yours.” He grinned, “after all, Gabby seems to love it.”


“That’s the other thing I wanted to talk about.” Ginny sat back on his thighs, collecting her thoughts, “Harry...I really like….no...I love Gabrielle.” She looked in his eyes, “Not the same way I love you, but just as strong. I know we’re never going to be apart now, but I need you to understand that before I keep talking.”


“Okay,” Harry tried to speak slowly, “I can respect that. Ginny I don’t ever want to lose you, and I don’t want to lose anyone who matters to you ever again.” His words put a pain in her chest remembering the uncertainty looming in her family. “Gabby holds a candle in my heart all on her own, don’t think for a second I’m only accepting her because you do. It may have started that way at first, but she’s….special to me.”


“Good,” Ginny smiled, her eyes welling for a second as she rubbed the moisture off her cheeks, “then that makes this next part easier.” She closed her eyes again, taking a deep breath. “I...” she opened them, looking at him with a smile. “I want to share that with her.”


“...okay?” Harry grinned in that way a guy does when he has no fucking clue what a woman is talking about but loves to hear her speak. “Share...what….exactly?”


“She’s my wife,” Ginny nuzzled his face, kissing him softly for a moment, “just as much as yours. If we’re going to start a family, I start a family.”


Harry’s eyes went wide, “ mean you and...and I ...and Gabby too?” His redheaded wife beamed at him seeing him taking it so well.


“I want the three of us to do it together.” Ginny blushed again, “If...well if I were like Mary or Zoey I’d do it myself...” she rubbed the back of her head in a very Harry-like way, leaning lightly to one side.


“Did you just sniff your armpit? OW.” he blinked away the shock of being slapped on the chest by the woman trying to look angry through a smile.


“I do not sniff my pits, thank you very much.” She crossed her arms, “so is it going to be a problem or not?” She was almost grateful for the way Harry seemed to take the tension out of the conversation.


“So let me get this straight; you want to be in some kind of pregnancy pact with Gabby? Does she know about this?”


“No.” Ginny licked her lips, “I really don’t know how to tell her about something like this.” She tensed as Harry pulled her in hard, squeezing her in a hug.


“I’m fairly certain if you look her in the eyes and tell her you want to have a baby with her, the girl is not going to have the most negative of reactions.” He chuckled as he felt her working her fingers into his ribs. “Hey….HEY...W-WAIT--” Harry bust out in a laugh as the girl began mercilessly tickling him.


Finally letting him breath she fell back into his arms, laying comfortably against him until she felt his hand scoop up her body. Before she knew it she was being carried bridal style out of his office. His frame was like it had been when he’d finished with Quanza—Zoey, she preferred Zoey now….it must have been his new form, a male Huldr.


“Let’s get you to bed,” Harry’s voice came out a rich rumble, and Ginny felt her body reacting to just his voice alone. The veela were built for beauty and awestruck mental attraction. Huldr were just sex, physical and blatant. They were made to be arousing naturally by sight, and their version of the allure did nothing to the brain. “I think I’ll skip the ‘alarm clock’ in the morning the girls are joking about.”


“Umm...please don’t.” Ginny mumbled, “and….if you can manage….maybe, use this on Gabby?”


Harry looked down at his blushing wife, his bride clinging to his shirt as she let herself be carried far more timidly than he’d ever known her to be.




Harry sat bashfully at the breakfast table, looking around at the women who barely managed to make it to their chairs on shaky legs. Ginny’s little request for this morning had been a fiasco. Gabrielle had been hesitant until he’d kissed her, and then all hell had broken loose.


“They’re...” Apolline spoke up from the doorway, helping a very satisfied and moon eyed Gabrielle to her seat, “the veela’s natural predators you know. Magical Nature works very similar to the mundane. I wouldn’t recommend doing that often if you value your and other’s health.”


Harry nodded, he now knew his limits. Looking around the room he realized several had been pushed way beyond theirs accidentally. The Veela Allure worked on ‘most’ Huldr, with the exception of Harry it seemed, as well as on a couple of the magical creatures among his cherished lovers. The Succubi, the little waif that she was now, chiefly among them. Also for some reason they found out that Teak and Dolly were susceptible, even though they possessed no masculine qualities whatsoever.


“Thank you once again,” Apolline nodded to a blushing Mary in the corner, the shy girl trying to not look anyone in the eye, “you have taken a great burden on yourself for my daughters sake, I will not forget it.”


“Its….” the curly haired girl shuddered and clutched her stomach before answering, “it’s not that big a deal, Ma’am.”


“Polly,” Apolline walked over once she’d set her daughter in her husband’s lap, “you will never have to call me anything else.” She kissed the girl on the forehead, a simple gentle gesture that sent the girl to her knees with a moan. Harry felt almost ashamed but at the same time incredibly amused. “You think this is funny? Perhaps you’d like to go through something like this?” Polly grinned at him viciously and he raised his hands defensively.


One quality of Huldr that Harry was apparently unaware of was their body fluids. They were incredibly powerful aphrodisiacs and the more sexual the fluid the more powerful the effect. Most men who managed to make a Huldr woman orgasm were themselves subjected to the unending rapture of their own release, over and over, till the beast woman decided to let up on her incredibly strong grip and allow him to pull out. Equally as ravished were the women who received a belly full of their more masculine qualities. It was said the more powerful the huldr, the shorter the tail, the more potent the magic, and the more terrifying a lover. This had given him pause looking over at poor human Melci, Zoey’s mother… remembering that cute little rabbit tail on that juicy rump.


Harry wasn’t a female, in fact he wasn’t really a Huldr but that was beside the point; magically he was packing...dangerously packing. Gabrielle had been the morning alarm clock like Ginny had planned, but at the moment of release in his ‘huld-ish’ form, what was a moaning orgasm turned into a screeching wail of panicked bliss. The girl had practically jumped off the length of his manhood, curling into a ball of panic as she clutched her stomach. It wasn’t till Harry’s natural wave of bliss finished that everyone noticed Teak, Dolly, Zoey, Melci, and Mary all moaning pitifully as the writhed on the bed in time with poor Gabrielle.


Finally in a roar of defiance Mary threw herself between Gabby’s legs and began ferociously going voracious on the girl who was fighting her off with claw and kick until after several confusing tense seconds everyone but Mary herself seemed to have calmed down.


Harry’d held the girl, that nerdy little bushy haired human wrapping the soul of a Succubus, cradling her confused as she continued to spasm and twitch for another half hour. Gabrielle explained that his seed had been like a wildfire inside her; every breath was pleasure, her own heart beat inside her skin enough to arouse her. In such a state Gabby had been unable to contain her Allure, at full blast and flaring again and again, like some kind of magical muscle cramp, the other girls were moths to her flame.


Mary had fought through the bliss and pain of her unending rapture to….


“It’s not the first time I’ve had to clean up your mess.” Mary smirked nervously as she caught his gaze. The statement had caused a groan from the other end of the table, where Ferra was looking down with a blush. Gabrielle cupped her husband’s face as he laid it over her shoulder to rest his chin on her collar bone. The family began eating as one quietly, the only ones who seemed to be confused out of the bunch was Ronald and Manza.


“Now that we’ve all officially gathered,” Harry put his spoon back in his bowl of cereal, “I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on some things.” He saw everyone slowly look his way, putting down breads and meats gingerly waiting patiently for him to speak...well, everyone but Ron who had a sausage hanging out of his mouth. Funnily enough Manza looked like his mirror image with a carrot.


“Is this about the trip what we talked about?” Hermione spoke up, getting a smile and a nod from Harry as she gently slid her hand into Ginny’s under the table giving it a squeeze.


“I plan on making a business trip,” Harry crossed his arms around Gabrielle pulling her off his thigh to the center of his lap, “I can only take a few of you, for safety reasons. This will not be...” he chose his words very carefully, “dangerous, but we will need a bit of discretion. I want to discuss this openly so we can plan out the best way for everyone to help if they can.”


“Well,” Beth raised an eyebrow, “where are we heading?”


“First, Germany.” Harry kissed Gabrielle’s neck nervously, “then….I’m making a quick stop to London.”


“I want to come.” Ron and Manza both spoke up at once, then looked at each other. Every watched a silent conversation pass between them, and Hermione couldn’t help but smile as the two of them rested their foreheads on each other. “Take Manza,” Ron’s voice was calm and quiet, “she’s gifted in Healing, and she’s strong. Just...”


“No Ron,” Harry shook his head, “I’m not stealing your wife away.” He faltered for a moment and the three of them blushed, immediately followed by several other select members of the table, “I know what I mean.”


“I’ll go,” Zoey raised her hand, “it’s not a bad idea, Huldr magics are tied to regeneracy and healing. My sister was always more of the meat head.” the girl snickered as her sister scowled. “Until you get a grip on how to do it, it’s better to have someone around born to the talent.” She reached for her mother’s hand on the table, giving it a gentle squeeze.


“You’ll need someone who knows London,” Hermione smiled raising a hand like she was smug about knowing the answer to a question. “I’m in.”


“I’m your shield,” Sophia actually stood to full height in her spot, “if there is any chance of danger, I should be at your side.” Harry blew her a soft kiss, causing the girl to fluster a bit and completely lose the composure she was showing.




Everyone turned to see Gladda, working her bottom lip almost bloody as she seemed to be nodding to herself staring down at the table. “I want to go, I want to help. Wizards and Mugga’ alike use stone for everything. Stone can tell us much if it comes to it.”


“That’s something I didn’t think of.” Ferra spoke up, patting her girl on the shoulder, “No one thinks to ask the stones, the rock there will be old, many tales to tell in those streets.”


“That just leaves two more,” Harry smiled, and everyone followed his gaze to the girl who was looking at a notebook on the table, seemingly scanning the lines and nodding to herself as she flipped back and forth between to pages. As if sensing the tense moment she looked up, swallowing hard as she realized every single being in the room was staring at her. Harry licked his dry lips nervously and chuckled as the dark elf girl wilted under the stares, her ears drooping. “Maggie, I think our last excursion out went horribly, but care to try another date out on the town?”


The girl seemed to brighten, if only barely, as she closed her book. “I would love to Harry, however I need to be here to finish--”


“Your work is done for the moment,” Bethsemene spoke up putting her hand on top of her daughters, “your husband calls you to his side girl.” She kissed the younger woman on the cheek as she turned to face her mother startled. “The man is trying to use you for what’s between your ears instead of what’s between your legs. You should be ecstatic.” This drew a chuckle from the older women in the room.


“If the trip goes perfect, I’m hoping to sample both before we come home.” Harry smiled and hugged Ginny who was sitting beside him with one arm, “I don’t plan on doing anything that would upset my chances of coming home to my family, or endanger the one’s I take with me.”


“Is there….” Sunshine looked nervous, “is there anyway I can be...of help?” She seemed especially downtrodden to be left out of the mix, so much so that Harry stood and placed Gabrielle in his chair to walk around to her. Ginny’s heart melted watching the girls single tear run down her cheek as her husband kissed her lips, then her forehead softly.


“Downtown Stuttgart is not a place for centaurs I’m told.” Harry grimaced as he held her face, “We are going to speak with the dwarves there, but if you really want to go...”


“I don’t want to be a bother...” Sunshine shook her head solemnly as she held onto his hands. The boy kissed her one last time before in a surprise move lifted her up out of the chair by her armpits. “Harry what—oh!” The girl looked around at the other girls at the table, blushing as she was promptly plopped in the lap of the boy who took her seat.


“Now then,” Harry continued talking as he played with the muscles of the nervous woman’s stomach looking at everyone. “As soon as we have a way to defend ourselves we will be on our way. How soon do you think we can make that happen Beth? Maggie?”


The older woman looked to her daughter, smiling and making the girl’s eyes perfectly round. Her mother never deferred to anyone really.


“W-we finished your staff yesterday.” Majesta blushed, “Hermione’s scepter and Ginerva and Gabrielle’s Athame are expected to be completed by nightfall.” She looked down the table, “the list is rather long, but I suppose I can move the items belonging to the members our your-- our,” she smiled, “little group to the front of the line...I’d say end of the week.”


“Great, well. I want everyone to meet me in the library for lunch so we can discuss more in depth magic training. As it is wednesday I want to have a lazy day of spending time with my wives. Starting with...”


All the girls started to murmur and chuckle as Harry began nuzzling into Sunny’s neck, his hands gently sliding up her frame to cup her bust tenderly.



“HARRY!” The centaur girl cried out gripping the foot board post of their massive bed, her hoofs making slight scrapes on the hard wood as she tried to keep her footing. Her heavy naked chest swung freely, pillowy flesh flopping in time with the thunderous clap of her lower half accepting it’s mate.


“Just a little more...” Harry was grunting rhythmically as he used one hand to cup her throat lovingly from behind and the other to balance himself higher up on the four post bed. His own throat was parched and cracking as he panted from the exertion.


“Take it out,” Sunny lowered her head as her legs began to fail her, “please.” Her breathless plea did not fall on deaf ears and as he slid off her back she collapsed into a panting mess on the floor. Shifting back he went to her form, cradling her as she took on a smaller shape to accommodate the cuddling.


“Are you okay?” Harry rested his chin on her forehead as he cradled her in his arms. What started as a gasp for air turned into a laugh that softly died away as she reached up to cup the nape of his neck.


“My Darling,” she took a deep steadying breath, “you are not a small man, that would be enough. But your stamina is unnatural.” Harry felt his neck tugged on and let himself be dragged into a kiss. “A centaur man rarely...” she huffed, “lasts more than 20...”


“It’s barely been 10 minutes.” Harry smiled into her lips as he nuzzled forehead to forehead.


“Darling….” Sunny grinned, closing her eyes dreamily, “20 thrusts.”


“OH.” Harry looked sheepish. The two shared a chuckle before he scooped an arm under her human legs, carrying his bride to the bed they’d used as a brace earlier and laying her on the pillows. “Maybe next time we should try humans?”


“I still do not know how I feel about laying on my back to be bred.” She winced, “I love the idea of holding you in my arms, wrapping my legs around you...but to be honest?” She frowned, “It’s enough of an ordeal to take you standing up...the idea of being pinned between you and the floor is terrifying.”


“I at least have more..control.” Harry whispered, “I still can’t keep my urges in check when we do things your way.”


“The fact that you cannot control your own body when you make love to me is quite possibly the second biggest complement of my life.” She laid back on the pillows, wriggling into the mattress propped on her elbows.


“Really?” Harry smirked, “what’s the first?”


“It was between my legs a moment ago,” Sunny grinned, “it has since shrunk.”


“Are you two done with your sexual intercourse?” Harry looked over at the door to see Luna standing there. “Or should I come back later?”


“He is not done,” Sunny grinned, “but I fear he has stomped the last daisy in my meadow for today.” She waved the girl in and watched as Luna walked straight up to the man.


“Hello Harry, Harry’s penis.” Luna actually gave both a slight bow, “I was wondering if I was still under consideration or if I should move into the guest rooms down the hall.” the girl cocked her head, “I have enjoyed the orgasms, but as you have no interest in me I suppose I should make more room for potential candidates. You are going to go get more on this trip, If I am correct?”


Harry looked confused but smiling as he stepped closer to the girl, “Luna...why do you, you are still ‘under consideration’ if you must know. I don’t want to pressure you into this, I do want you...I’re a very small girl.” He tried being diplomatic, and thought he might have gotten through when her lips parted slightly in an ‘oh’ sort of way.


“You are worried that your enormous penis will cause me pain during penetration.”


Harry really couldn’t fault her, and he was pretty much used to blunt Luna talk, or so he thought.


“Don’t worry, I’ve been stealing Hermione’s candle ever since you started having sex with her. She doesn’t miss it. I’ve had Bethsemene help me insert it, she even helped me with the engorging charm. It was quite uncomfortable at first, but I can barely notice it now.”


Harry stood stiff as a board, looking at Sunny out of the corner of his eye. “ you have it on you right now?”


“On is a poor way to phrase it.”


Harry watched the lithe blonde figure took a half step to her left, putting a foot up on the mattress like a pirate standing on a treasure chest.




The sound might as well have been a cannon blast for the way Harry flinched, looking down at the glistening candle next to her foot, it’s girth easily a match for his closed fist.


“Luna, would you like to--”


“I did not think it would feel so uncomfortable to be empty again,” Luna scrunched her nose up, “Do you think we could possibly have sex now? I would very much like to consider being considered.”


“I think that sounds perfect Luna.” Harry smiled, his eyebrow raised, “actually I think I have an idea if you’re feeling adventurous.”


“I have learned there is rarely an instance in life involving Harry Potter that is not an adventure.” she smiled up at him as the soft glow of light grew in mass. “Oh good, that looked ever so much fun this morn—NING!”


Her last word strained as the beast before her tossed her bodily up on the bed.



Sunshine couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight next to her on the bed anymore than she could tear her fingers from her own folds. She’d thought her body incapable of experiencing any more passion today. Instead she was shamelessly masturbating next to a couple of true sexual masters.


How Luna was doing it was beyond her, but she wanted to study at the feet of this grandmaster of lust.


Reading the little blond girl’s expressions was borderline impossible, so she merely watched and waited for the slight overflow of clear fluid to tell her the little woman was experiencing the height of climax. Her eyes never stopped fluttering after Harry’s first orgasm, but she barely made a sound as he continued to force her body to open for him again and again. 


They had started on the flat of her back, but shortly after seeding her belly with what was supposed to be torturous, rapturous seed; they’d rolled to his back and kept going. Luna barely looked phased as she took him to the hilt again and again, her fingernails in his chest as she arched her back with a smile.


It wasn’t till he pulled her down, tongue exploring her mouth and letting his waves of pleasure wash over the three of them again that Sunshine started to play with herself. Sunny didn’t even try to hide it, openly pawing herself much to the amusement and pleasure of the couple beside her.


After his second overflowing release of virulent creamy seed he sat up, and with a quick change of position sunk home in the girl now face down ass up in the pillow. Every so often she would reach over and lightly caress the larger woman’s breast like it was the most natural and relaxed thing to do. Meanwhile the man behind her continued to saw into her depth, crashing their hips together as his breath became ragged and fast.


“I’m close.”


It was the first words he’d spoken since they’d started, and Sunshine watched as the girl pushed herself up on her hands nodding vigorously. Time seemed to slow as Harry pounded her hard enough to keep her suspended an inch or so off the mattress as the girl tried to reach for anything to steady herself.


In the midst of the chaos Sunshine watched his grip slip. The blond girl fell boneless to the mattress, the man cock in hand chasing her down. Sunshine’s eyes were unfocused, but they rapidly came to clarity as she heart the protestant scream.


Harry was hovering several inches above her body, poised on his arms as he gave little more than a token thrust and a quiver before the waves crashed over them all, the body under him appearing to begin to seize up and tremble, it’s legs kicking in protestant lurches.


In her orgasm fueled high it was so hard for the former centaur to clearly make out what had happened, and quicker than her brain could process Harry was laying on his side, cuddling the young blond’s back to his chest.


“Sorry about that….” Harry sounded like he’d run a marathon as he buried his face in the dreamily smiling girls hair. Her eyes still hadn’t stopped fluttering, and Sunshine wondered if she was even currently capable of seeing with the way her eyes seemed half lidded and rolled up, and that was in the seconds they were open.


“It’s alright, I wanted to give you that hole eventually.” Sunny felt her chest grow tight as the girl reached behind her, obviously playing with whatever he’d been using to make her scream, “thank you for not using the whole penis. I do not think I would have enjoyed more than a few inches the first time.”


“Mmm….” Harry grumbled, “please just promise me this isn’t the last time I’m going to be in this ass….oh….” The older girl could hear the sounds of him kissing Luna’s neck, and the girl still seemed far too out of it to be carrying on any kind of conversation.


“Considering how powerful the orgasms are,” Luna’s eyes finally came into focus for a second, and Sunshine couldn’t believe it. Utter satisfaction, the girl looked like she was in the middle of the most intense build up anyone had ever seen...right on the edge; and then the moment was gone, “I think I can be persuaded to let you use my anus in the future. As long as we stay friends.”


“Luna,” Harry smiled as he leaned up and Sunny watched him kiss the girl on the cheek, causing a blush for the first time. “we are so much more than friends. You are family now. You are my wife….and hopefully some day you can be a mom too.” The girl’s facial expressions never changed, but Sunny watched a single tear roll out of each eye streaking sideways into the pillow.


“That sounds wonderful Harry…. I’ve decided you can put the rest of your penis in my anus now.”


“Oh no,” Harry chuckled, “Luna I’m spent. I meant ‘spent’ spent. How you can still keep going, I don’t even know.”


“It is quite easy, you make this very enjoyable.” Luna smiled dreamily over her shoulder, “I hope we can do this again soon.”


“I hope...” Harry blew out a woosh of air, “I hope I can bring backup.”



Sunny it turned out had a big mouth. 


By lunch everyone knew of Luna and Harry’s little tryst and the glorious little details. The fact that Luna could take him...3 a Huldr...till he was exhausted. Mary and Zoey were nervously giving her a wide berth, while Beth and Hermione were being exceptionally clingy.


“You don’t happen to know her heritage, by any chance?” Aphrodina slid up to the boy’s side as everyone was talking and laughing after lunch broke up.


“Not a clue, but if this is what it’s like for the rest of you.” Harry chuckled shaking his head, “I’m going to go a little easier on--”


“Don’t you dare.” Aphrodina teased, kissing him on the cheek as she patted his shoulder. The two of them watched Hermione, Ginny, and Luna talking rather animatedly. The older two girls were watching Luna tell a story quite intently, the blond lazily describing something as she pantomimed. Harry barked out a soft laugh, fighting it so hard he almost doubled over as both girl leaned in watching the blond hold out her hand like she was holding a cup, only to jump back as she slowly began uppercutting through her own grip to the horror and fascination of the other two.


“That girl is terrifying,”


Harry looked to his left, seeing Mary and Zoey standing there awestruck. He stepped closer, sliding behind them and throwing an arm over each shoulder that the girls clung to without looking away from the witch across the room making explosive gestures followed by pointing at various places on her stomach.


“What is she?” Zoey asked quietly, it had been Mary to make the statement but it was she who was full of questions. “How is she doing that? Is she really….human?”


“Doing what?” Harry leaned closer, curious now what had his brides so worked up.


“CUMMING.” Zoey gasped the word with a heavy emphasis, “she hasn’t stopped since she walked in the room. Anyone here with a good enough nose can smell it. I got within ten feet of her and the smell alone...” Zoey looked over at him and blushed, a rare sight for a Huldr, “I mean, when we did it, it was really intense, but I had mum help me to the bathroom after we magicked Hermione. I washed you out in the first 10 minutes, and even by then I was so shaky I could barely breath.”


The three of them watched, and Harry could finally see it. Every so often while one of the other girl was talking, Luna would get a dreamy(well, more so than normal) look on her face as her eyes fluttered, and then she was back in the conversation.


“Harry,” Mary interjected, placing her hand on top of his as he held her shoulder, “can we go somewhere and talk.”


“Mary,” Harry chuckled, “it’s going to have to just be a talk.” He kissed her cheek, watching her go stiff with a slight tremble and a smile. “I am...I never thought I’d say this, sore.”


‘That’s fine,” she turned to face him, “talking is all I really wanted to do.”




“So then when my mother died I became an orphan...”


Harry listened intently as the two walked in the woods. He really did love it out here, but it was getting so chilly it was almost uncomfortable. The heavy coat he was in was nothing compared to the pile of fabrics poor Mary was peaking out from under. Cold weather did not agree with her.


“I know what it’s like to not have a family.” He reached out, and after a hesitation stuffed his hand into the folds of the blanket covering the coat and held her hand.


“The master of the house was a wizard with ambition.” she looked off to the side. “he had...plans for me, so I couldn’t stay in the pit any longer. I ran. I hid my wings, changed my looks to what you saw when I came here...and I lived hand to mouth.”


“ did you end up ambassador of the Succubi race?”


“They thought it was a trap.” She shrugged, grinning as she saw his horror-struck expression, “no merlin in the history of our people has ever taken a Succubi as far as we know. Apparently there are rumors that The Prime Merlin, the one you all speak of, had a lover on the side that he never fully declared. The council however, assuming that it was just a ploy to reveal our secrets, decided to offer me an incredibly large sum of money to come see you and offer myself.” she smirked, “payable on my return, of course.”


Harry’s face went surprised, and then he went full Krakatoa.


“They sent a little girl to die, just for--”


“I am NOT a little girl.” Meredith cut him the eye, and was surprised when he crashed his lips into hers forcefully, holding her tightly in his arms for a second before coming up for air.


“You are fucking pennyworth soaking wet and you know it.” He shook his head, apparently his initial reaction fading as he forced the anger from his chest, “I cannot believe that supposed adults would sacrifice someone like that just for the….why not just get one of their own expendables. Surely they’ve got someone who could...I mean,” he shook his head, “you were a kid off the street.”


“Exactly.” Mary shrugged, enjoying the fact that he hadn’t let her go, “not someone anyone will miss, one less homeless kid on the street.” She leaned her head on his chest, feeling him stroke her back gently, breathing deeply. She hadn’t expected Gabrielle’s plan to work so quickly, perhaps the girl knew him as well as she said after all. “I’m sorry about lying,” she wrapped her own arms around his waist. “It was my idea, they didn’t put me up to it. I thought if I didn’t look so young, that you might...” she looked up, “in my defense, you do seem to have a thing for older women.”


“I have a thing for honest, smart women.” Harry kissed her forehead, “age has nothing to do with it. I’m not saying the old look didn’t have it’s perks...” he grinned and she immediately pouted, “but knowing that once we’re done with this whole business I’m going to get to see the real you, it makes me...happy.” He seemed to struggle with that word.

“So Gabby was right,” She smiled a bit before looking down, “I’m not gonna just be sent away.”


“Away?!” Harry pulled back, “are you joking me? Mary—Meredith.” he used her full name as he pushed her hood and scarf out of her face, “I chose you, on purpose. I did not do it on a whim. I listened to you, and then I had you talk to Ginny of all people. That girl is my first love.” He cupped her face, “I trusted you to talk to the person I love….beyond reason.” He chuckled. He leaned in, and Mary couldn’t keep her eyes open as those soft lips slid across hers. “I know...that when this is done you’re going to….well, you’re going to have extra parts.” He leaned back and Mary blushed as he looked off to the side uncomfortably.


“You have sex almost as often as you have meals,” Mary shook her head with a rueful smile, “how are you still uncomfortable talking about it?”


“Way I was raised.” Harry spit out his response without thinking about it, “anything that couldn’t be dragged into the middle of the street proudly was wrong, freakish, and evil. Hell, I was beaten and starved for even having the potential to do magic before I knew that it actually existed.” He saw her face fall and he held her in his arms. 


“Hey, hey, it’s alright. I’m alright.” He patted her ruffled emotions down and kissed her forehead. “ I get to live my life with a legion of beautiful intelligent women, so fuck them.” His disregard for those that has tortured him seemed to please her greatly, much to his relief. “I’m spending every night in the arms of the girls I love….girls like you.”


Mary looked up, and this time his kiss was….stoic. It wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t demanding, he simply was. It was like the touch of their lips was a promise, he wasn’t going anywhere. She felt her eyes watering as he finally pulled back. “If I knew back then that someday I would be trading my scars for kisses with girls like you, I would have asked for a few more.”


“That….” Mary smiled bitterly, “is the most fucked up romantic thing I have ever heard. I think I’m falling in love with you, Mr. Harry Potter…..falling hard.”


“Well,” he grinned, cheeky and wide as he waggled his eyebrows, “when you get close to the bottom yell, I’ll be down here to catch you.” He let his mouth fall open as the girl groaned and turned away form him beginning to stomp off theatrically. “What?! I thought it was a pretty good line! No? Okay….”




It was Thursday of the next week, and the older women gathered in the private chambers of the Empress.


“With Lady Delacour’s help,” Ferra gestured to the map on the table, “I made contact to north tribe. They are...reluctant to admit current allegiance. I told them my niece is bride of Merlin, and he wishes to free our people. They...” Ferra bit her bottom lip with a bit of a sneer, “they sent back... token response, I expected.”


“Is that why there is a wine barrel full of bull shit in my stables?” Aphrodina chuckled at the north end of the round table. Harry had mentioned it in pillow talk once, and she’d had a crafter start on it immediately. The Old Wives Coven, and they were now calling themselves, sat around the table discussing the moves that Harry had given to them on a nightly basis. Harry was not visiting them nearly as much as he used to, but they’d made a rather good system about it, with his blessing. Starting last week, every Monday a representative would take his directions after breakfast. Every Friday someone would meet him just after dinner to report on the results. 


It was never the same O.W.C. twice, and everyone was required to do it in rotation. Not that anyone complained, the first trial run had gone amazing. Well, if amazing meant that not only did they meet their goals working independently, but that Harry made it his personal goal in life to shag any woman who walked in his door with a report folder within an inch of consciousness. Last Friday poor Ferra had to be carried out in Harry’s arms. 


They’d all come running to the door when they heard the screaming. It took them a minute to calm down since they couldn’t unlock or budge the door, but the grunting and squeals soon told them what that rhythmic pounding noise was; the one that shook the dust from the ceiling. The old Veela woman glanced out of the corner of her eye at the woman who was still a little shaky on her legs. No one talked about it, but everyone could see plain as day the next morning; the two indentations on the corner of Harry’s desk between the fireplace and the window. Whatever they’d done had left perfect permanent indentions of the giantess’s ass in the pine tabletop.


“The barghest of Scotland, France, Wales, and Ireland are behind us.” Eveline spoke up as Ferra sat very tenderly. “They are as disorganized as you can expect, but I managed to rouse a few community leaders, numbers are still pouring in from the hills and the cities.” She smiled as a few of the women gave very light applause, “I only hope we find a fair few fighters among the legion of homeless, elderly, and parent-less children.”


“This is not just about raising an army.” Bethsemene spoke up, grumpily puffing on her pipe inside her little contained cloud bubble. She was allowed to smoke in the chambers, but as heavy as her fog was she looked like she was sitting in a fish bowl from the containment spell. “This will be a country, a place for all your peoples to gather and flourish.”


“I still say we should at least contact your people Beth,” Apolline reached across the table, patting the woman’s hand, “surely some of them may be interested.”


“They are a matriarch society,” Beth shook her head, “to follow Harry is wrong on an instinctual level for them. Worse, some might pretend to fall in line only to attempt to usurp us and dominate Harry in secret as a shadow puppet.” She grinned seeing the other women’s incredulous faces.


“That would go very poorly for them,” Snowfall smiled, “how is it that you come to...follow our ideals?” She chose her words carefully seeing the woman raise an eyebrow at her.


“In the beginning, that was exactly my plan.” She shrugged watching the other women tense, “however I find it is much more satisfying to raise my wand beside a husband who truly cares for those he owns.”


“You say something like that,” Eveline shook her head with a smile, “and then you expect us to trust you?” The others laughed as well, no one would question her loyalty anymore...but she was becoming rather bluntly honest for a spymaster.


“You all went through the same things I have,” she looked around the room taking a puff. “Any hope I had of planning to rule this coven died the moment I met Harry. Between the heart in his chest and the cock in his pants, there is nothing that boy cannot conquer.”


Everyone glanced out of their eye at the amused snort and grin from Ferra who said nothing but shifted uncomfortably as she continued to sketch in the small notebook in front of her.


“What is that?” Beth spoke up, “by the way, you’ve been jotting in that mess of pages for two days now.”


“Ummm...” the giantess looked up startled, almost cornered as she closed the book slowly meeting so many eyes on her. “It’s….”


“If it is private,” Eveline cut her off eying Beth, “you do not have to answer.”


“It will not be private for long...” Ferra mumbled, looking at the table, “these are….baby names...” Everyone kind of went quiet as she softly smiled, dropping into her native tongue, the women enjoying a chance to practice their english, but the table allowed all languages to be understood as part of it’s craftsmanship. “The other night...after he was done with me. Harry took me in his arms and walked me to my room like a sleeping babe. the dark of the hall he told me that he found it strange..” she looked up at the women in the room, “that I was the only one on this council who was not a mother by blood,” she grinned wide blushing as several of them slowly broke their masks into open mouthed surprise, “he said the next time I bring him a report, he is going to make certain I do not leave his office with that problem.”


“Oh my,” Eveline gave a little clap and held her hands as if in prayer under her nose grinning, “darling, I will gladly give you my turn--”


“No,” Ferra shook her head, “he told me not to skip ahead.” She pulled her lips tight as she nodded, “this will be only once, and he wants me to make sure I have picked good names, for girls and boys.”


“I am curious of one thing as well,” the Empress spoke up, leaning over the table and eager for a bit of juicy gossip, “you… you’re not the most inexperienced woman.” She saw the woman smile. “You’ve handled things fairly well since we all started this...the other night he had you wail--”


“It was different.” Ferra’s tin tucked to her chest as her english began to break again, “he used belt.”


“That sounds tasty,” Beth grinned, “I didn’t think Harry had the urges in him to strike, even in play.”


“He..he did not hit.” Ferra blushed, “he use belt. My belt.”


“Used your—OH.” Beth looked positively horrified, “oh my stars.”


“What?” Eveline swatted the elf on the arm, “out with it.”


“The giant’s ambassador belt.” Beth breathed the words out through a smile. Every woman immediately had mental images that made them feel feint. Ferra’s normal form shrank to just under 15 feet tall wearing her gifted belt for walking among wizards. The idea of Harry in such proportions, the power and size….Eveline actually began to whimper like a puppy.


“He take me,” Ferra smiled seeing the discomfort in others at what she had accomplished, “as human girl.”


“How...” Teak spoke up, finally leaning forward from her chair for the first time tonight, “how the hell did you take that?”


“with love,” Ferra grinned closing her eyes and tilting her chin back like she was basking in the women’s collective awe, “and screaming. Lots of both.”





Ginny stepped out of the way as Ron came hopping up the hallway and what would otherwise be a dead sprint, but for being a one legged man missing his prosthetic. Said ginger ponce promptly flung himself up on the dinner table. Army crawling through a plate of sausages on over the other side he began pawing at the window. It was still a half hour till breakfast, they’d all gotten up early to the sounds of Ginny gagging and retching on waves of Harry’s aura. It had meant to be playful fun, she hadn’t expected he would enjoy it so much as to finish. They’d all decided to get in to the hall early, none of the older women would be here for probably another hour. The servants had already laid everything out, warming charms keeping it fresh for them.


“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Ginny screeched as the rest of the women looked on confused. She walked the long way around the table, catching Ron’s hands, and finally having enough slapped the ever loving shit out of him. “RON! What. The. Hell.”


“Sp-sp-sp….it’s-a-big….did-you-see...” his eyes were wide with fear as he stared at the open hallway.


“Are you serious?” Ginny rolled her eyes and tried to tug him to his feet, “Come on, I’ll squish it myself.”


“Noooooo!!” He yanked his hand free and cringed in the corner.




Everyone turned to see Hermione standing bashfully in the doorway. “I didn’t think he’d have THAT strong a reaction. I just wanted a little revenge.” Her body was obscured by a very heavy robe, and her hair was more untamed than Ginny had seen it in years, it mostly obscured her face.


“What the hell did you do to this—oh fuck.” Ginny stopped mid sentence as Hermione let the robe fall off her shoulder, causing Ron to let out a high pitched squee and duck his face in his sister shirt crying obscenely.


Six arms, beautiful and delicate, waved experimentally in the air, dancing their fingers as the face on that body looked at each in turn. Ginny couldn’t look away as the girl experimented; touching her own face and body. Nude from the waist up and wearing only a set of pink pajama pants, she looked feral and lithe.


“When did this happen?” Gabrielle was the first to walk up to her, not even flinching as two of Hermione’s new form’s hands held hers, while another two took her hips in their fingertips.


“I tripped getting out of the shower this morning,” Hermione shrugged, “and I never hit the ground. I realized that it must be the same as whatever happened to Ginny to give her the wings and the pansy-pug nose--”


“bitch-don’t-judge.” Ginny stuck out her tongue.


“so the first thing I thought of was teasing a certain redhead,” she bit her lip, and Gabrielle noticed that in place of her normal eyes she had solid black orbs, a second set on her temples, and a third near her hairline above her forehead, “I didn’t think he’d go ballistic.”


“What part of my brother doesn’t scream over-react?” Ginny sighed, “can you please change back, I think he is actively pissing himself.”


“No, Just a second,”


Everyone watched Harry walk into the room, cupping the stomach of the newly transformed woman from behind. Hermione nervously looked over her shoulder, accepting his kiss in lieu of having to speak as he held her tightly.


“Bend over the table, I want to check something.”


Everyone heard the words, no one spoke. Walking her forward slowly until he could bend her at the waist; only the cheek of her face was touching the table. Gabrielle held her breath as he slid his hand down her back, forcing his fingers into the crack of her rear and down her pajama pants.


“Harry what-- we can’t--”


“Shh...” Harry smiled against her ear as he tugged her knickers and pants down her thighs. Everyone watched him stand up, and Hermione’s mouth fell open as the muscles in his arm began to flesh.


“What are you….” her sentence cut off as she glazed over.


“Just as I thought,” he smiled, “just let me get my fingers wet.” he looked over at the other women in the room, putting a finger to his lips before he stirred his wife’s sex. Just as she seemed to be enjoying it she froze as he got a look of concentration.


“Harry,” Hermione seemed to break from her daze, a curious look on her face. “Harry that n-OT!” Her entire went rigid as he bicep flexed hard with a grunt at whatever he was doing behind her. Everyone watched as her mouth opened and closed wordlessly, trying desperately not to climb up on the table to get away from his hand.


“Take it out.” Her voice was panicked and straightened, her face bright red and trembling.


“Almost got it...” Harry licked his lips as he gave another rough thrust with his fingers, and the girl beneath his grip squealed as she was brought up on her toes, “okay, I have a hold...”


Ginny was going to ask, but her own mouth fell open as Harry drew his hand back. Theoretically she knew what it was, but still seeing the creamy white strip of gossamer thread thick as her pinkie come stretching out as he tugged it; two fingers from somewhere behind her girlfriend was a bit surreal.


“Now clench.” Harry was gentle but authoritative, and everyone watched as the girl bit her lip and the thread fell away from her as if cut. Taking it in both hands, he seemed to gingerly handle it to keep it from sticking to him too well. “Majesta?”


“Um..” The dark elf girl stood up, “y-yes Harry?”


“You and Hermione have grown close,” He smiled, “could you come here a second?”


The girl stood nervously watching as Harry helped Hermione back up. He was softly blowing on the strip of thread as she approached. Unsure of what to do she didn’t react when he turned her around and stepped behind her.


“I was really fond of spiders when I was a kid,” Harry spoke softly, “never told Ron that, since he was so afraid of them. They were my first friends, I used to love learning about them.” He grinned as he started to tug at Maggie’s pants with the hand not holding the string.


“What are--”


“Trust me, you’ll love this.” He tugged her knickers down to her knees, seemingly not caring that the few other people in the room were watching fascinated. Pulling her to him, he hugged her from behind as he pressed her stomach to Hermione’s back. “Hug her tight.” He spoke with eagerness, like what they were doing was exciting. It was the same kind of tone Hermione used to have, to talk about homework. Majesta cradled a very out of it Hermione in her arms and felt the heat on her own back disappear. “Okay hold this here Hermione, you can turn back now.” The dark elf felt her partner’s build fill out, her body grow more robust as the sensation of something wet and warm ran across her labia, through her legs and up the crack of her ass and stayed there.


“What did you just do?” Maggie spoke out shifting her body uncomfortably, feeling the pull on her sex as the girl in front of her gasp and hunched. The dark elf closed her eyes in surprise as the girl’s shift in position tugged at every last inch of her sex, shifting her and rubbing her in all the ways that she normally did herself.


“Okay,” Harry clapped is hands, “now you two are more than welcome to go sit down and eat.” He took a few steps back and sat down himself, ignoring the two girls standing there with their panties around their ankles and stuck together ass to mound.


“What do you mean go sit down?!” Maggie was perturbed to say the least. She tried turning to face him only to end up torquing her bits in the process. “Harry undo this.”


“I can’t, only you two can.” Harry gestured with his fork, grinning, “once you figure out how. Don’t try to rip it off, once that stuff starts to dry it’s hard as steel.”


“Why did you do this?!” Maggie gestured to the two bodies standing their helpless. Harry stood back up slowly, and Maggie felt nervous as he stepped up to her, kissing her on the lips gently.


“Because you’re both amazing women, because we’re all... lovers here and no one needs to be embarrassed. Because I like watching how brilliant, and funny, and dirty, and gorgeous you both are. I like watching you both solve problems...” He shrugged, “and I think it’s about time you two admitted you have a thing for each other.”


Maggie bit her lip as she looked around the room, seeing faces of sympathy, amusement, hints of lust and embarrassment. She could feel it finishing its process, drying and gripping at her skin firmly apparently flattened out across her sex, every shift in their bodies rubbed across it and tugged, her lips and clit glued tightly to what felt like damp silk as she involuntarily hunched her partner.


“Don’t move.” Hermione whimpered embarrassed, clutching the girl’s hands across her stomach as they held to each other.


“We have to.” Maggie breathed in her ear tenderly, a flash of inspiration taking her, “Trust me, Hermione….bend over.”


Ginny felt the warmth in more than her face as the girl she’d known for 7 years bent at the waist over the table for a girl they’d known less than one. Majesta, her ebony fingers sliding gently across the pale flesh of the human girls ass, dug her fingers in firmly as she began to rock.


The effect was instantaneous, the two women beginning to gasp. The scene was positively lewd, and Ginny was certain if the two were capable of making love in such a way, this was what it would have looked like. Hermione was a tense ball of pleasure, biting her own hand gently and squinting as she rocked. Maggie was the exact opposite, head thrown back and mouth open in silent wonder as she rolled her hips controlling the flow of sensation. Ginny noticed for the first time, the dark elf girl looked like she had wickedly sharp teeth.


“Are you close?” Majesta whispered, even though everyone was watching them enraptured. When her partner didn’t answer she reached forward.


“AH!” Hermione had no choice but to throw her head back as her lover made a fist of an impromptu ponytail, wrenching her backwards as the motions began to speed up. “YES!”


“With me” Maggie squinted her eyes shut, fangs bared in open mouthed ferocity as she pounded their hips together in rolling waves of ecstasy. As their cries began to rise they grew disjointed in their rhythm, more grinding than slapping, until with a loud pop the two separated.


“OW!” Hermione fell to her knees, holding her poor pussy with both hands, a shocked look on her face. Majesta had fallen backwards on the out-stroke, landing on her ass needs spread showing off what looked like a large bandage where all the fun bits where.


“Oh,” Harry stood and he killed his laugh in an instant as Hermione glared at him, “I forgot about it pulling hair coming off. Sorry.” He got a glare from both of them, “As you guessed, the stuff is like steel, but you get it wet it melts. I hope you two had fun, I mean, before….” Harry pointed down at Hermione holding her crotch with both hands, swirling his finger like he was stirring a potion.


“You wait,” Hermione was snarling a smile softly, “you have to sleep sometime, and me and maggie are gonna….oh, you have you’re own ‘alarm clock’ coming, I promise...”

“Can someone help me get this off?” Maggie looked over at the two of them, “I can even….” She gestured to the gooey mess of white now slowly starting to soften. “Wait don-AH!” Maggie saw it coming, but didn’t react fast enough. She’d barely gotten her legs closed as Hermione was already on the out-stroke. Everyone in the room winced as the dark elf girl let a squeal of pain as Hermione held aloft a fist full of white.


“Only fair,” She grumbled, “you waxed mine.”


“I believe Ronald has lost consciousness,” Luna spoke up from where she was digging into a bowl of oatmeal, “should we take him to the physicians?”



The table was long.


That made Luna uncomfortable.


Long things tended to be trouble, they tended to be more bothersome and needy, with short attention spans and quick tempers. Like giraffes, serpents, Hermione’s lectures, and Harry’s penis. Long didn’t make something bad, it just meant it was going to require more attention and patience than something of lesser length.


Harry was there, he was next to Beth.


Luna smiled big, she liked Beth. Beth was sweat. Beth could see things. Luna could see things too, and for once she’d met someone who understood what it was like. She’d called it something, the gift Luna had. It didn’t matter the name, what mattered was that she wasn’t crazy.


That was not really a concern though. Luna was more interested in the little baubles they were handing out.


Hermione got a new wand...well, not really, it looked like a shrunken street lamp with that big thing at the tip, she even said so herself. Ginny and Gabrielle got knifes, big ones. Luna kind of wanted a knife, but she waited in line like everyone else to see what she got. Sophia received a short stick with a pointy tip. Luna thought it looked like a spear but it was to thin to hunt rabbits by the look of it. That was fine with Luna, she liked rabbits. Of course they were delicious once they were already dead, but there was no need to rush things.




‘Yes mummy?” Luna answered reflexively, causing people to blink as Bethsemene came walking up. Luna off-handedly wondered why everyone gave them looks. The woman had adopted her after all, it wasn’t Luna’s fault she was so pale that their wardrobes clashed all the time.


“Here baby,” Beth cooed, handing her a large glass….ball? “You’ll need a new...well something to focus magic with. Do you know how to use a staff or orb?”


Luna did in fact, but she hesitated as she looked over at Hermione with her peripheral vision. It was something she did constantly, it made her eyes more relaxed to take in everything not having to shift around so much. The older girl didn’t seem to want to answer so she decided that Hermione had decided to let her, since Hermione new almost everything obvious.


“You store the magic,” Luna held up the glass, watching the colors dance it in, just beginning to form as it made contact with her hand, “and then pull it out. The specifics are never taught to us as the ministry all but bans the use of anything other than wands for their own purposes.”


“True that,” Beth smiled, and Luna watched the woman stroke the orb like a pet in her hand. What little light within was sucked out in strands, chasing after her fingers and colliding with each other on the tip she held aloft. “Gather...” she began flicking her finger, and Luna was happy that she knew the spell before the womans finger even got to the end of the swish.


“Leviosa” Beth cooed, and Luna giggled as she watched the glowing finger tip bounce in front of her face, feeling her ear ring jingle in time with the tickling gesture. “You can gather your magic slowly this way, It takes more time, but you will never have to worry about exhaustion.”


Luna was so lost in her own little world for once, gawking at her mum’s gift. She looked up though as she felt the breeze in the room. Her hair blew back of her and everyone elses faces as they watched Harry holding his staff with both hands in front of him, the runes all along the surface glowing and pulsing as he seemed to be straining to look at it.




Luna felt the heat of her new sister on her back, and watched protective ebony hands scoop the orb and clutch it to Luna’s chest in a hug.


“Those runes have been welded on less than a day, are you trying to make it explode? Cause that’s how you make it explode.”


“Sorry!” Harry laughed and the wind died down, “I got excited.”


“It happens often any time he takes something long and magical in both hands.” Luna looked around the room, “Am I the only one who thinks that his staff is very practical for balance?”


Every turned to her but it was Landala that spoke up, “I would agree, acrobats have used rods for centuries for such a purpose.”


“We can also strap it to his back to prevent him from tipping over when he has an erection.” Luna added helpfully, smiling when she saw the embarrassed looks on everyone’s faces. She loved being helpful, and she always managed to find something no one thought of, it was something her late birth mother had praised on her on daily before she passed away.


That memory no longer crippled her the way it used to. Not because of Beth, but because of Harry. She didn’t feel alone anymore. This group of sisters, far more so than her dorm mates had been, looked out for each other. Mixed with the mum’s coming and going all the time, it felt like one big family, a bustling….multiracial..special….complicated family.


The dinner chime sounded, and everyone began filtering out. Luna was turned about face by ‘Maggie-moo’ as she’d come to call her. The little dokkalfar girl did not seem to enjoy her nickname that Luna had given her, but she would grow to love it in no time surely. It fit so well, with how her snores reminded Luna of the cows in the pasture beside her father’s house. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted the two giant women, Gladda and Ferra. It seemed their implements were far more….violent in nature. The lare single bladed axe that Ferra was wielding didn’t actually look all that sharp, unlike the tiny little spikes up and down the…


Luna blinked a few times. Gladda’s implement almost looked like a completely round cricket bat with spikes coming out. As if she could feel the eyes on her Gladda looked over, waving ecstatically at Luna. The motion apparently set something off in her implement though, because it spontaneously sprang to life. Well...larger than life.


“SORRY!” Gladda cried out as every held their chests in startlement. Luna only smiled and walked around the tip of the club that was now laying on it’s side and taller than she was.


“That’s going to scratch the floor...” Apolline moaned in complaint before the item was shrunk back down with a squeaky nail on chalkboard noise.


Once the club had been removed from gargantuan center of attention Luna could see Harry. He was leaning on the wall, arms crossed. His staff was no where to be seen but he was smiling wide talking to Melci.


Luna liked Melci, she was soft spoken, polite and wise. She talked with Luna on many things, telling her the names of creatures that no one else thought existed. Melci knew of them, the more Luna described the more Melci seemed to know. She gave the names for things in her own native tongue. Apparently Huldr were by trade naturalists when not forced into pornography and strong armed robbery to feed themselves.


The two walked off together, holding hands. Luna smiled. They should have sex soon. Sex was great, especially with Harry. He’d made love to her until he couldn’t move just to prove he cared. And then, when they were done, his magic kept going. Luna probably wouldn’t have to masturbate to concentrate for a month after that. No, no definitely sex. Melci needed to feel that love, also she needed her ears back. Her face didn’t look right with her ears on the side of her head.


All in all, life was good. Luna smiled as she stepped out into the hallway, nearly bumping face to face with Zoey. The younger girl blushed to her roots and looked to the floor trying not to stare at Luna. The blond girl just smiled and took the shaking girls hand. The two walked off together towards the kitchen, a bemused Majesta standing there watching them stroll off before putting her arm around Hermione as she passed and laughing together.


Life was good indeed.



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