Potter’s Creature Inheritance

BY : Demon1
Category: Harry Potter AU/AR > Threesomes/Moresomes
Dragon prints: 675
Disclaimer: Character belong to JK Rawlings and Plot and Oc character belong to me


Warning:Anthro,Bestiality,Hand jobs 

Harrys spells
Non dueling and school like spells

Accdio,Imperio,Lubricante charm,invisibility charm

Since we starting with Ron I have decided to start basic Handjobs and OC thing called come Jar

Harem:Top/Bottom Harry / Bottom Ron weasley/ ..............

Hogwarts - train (End of 4th year)

Harry and Ron sitting inside the room alone Without neville,Harmoine,Luna and Ginny they were gone in another room Becuse Ron say he want a Harry train out

Harry then said Ron Get closer to me now 

Ron then did so

mate what do you want say ron

Ron do you trust me 

Ron said yes

Harry  whisper then say Accdio a Come jar (that look like a Normal jar but Top but had been opened that have a fit a cock inside that will when a boy cum It will go it will  inside.The reason why Harry need it is for a Plan)

Ron I'm sorry Imperio Said Harry

Ron Take your cock out please

Ron did so showing a Nice looking Cock that was average 6 inches and 10 thick 

Harry then Say Ron put your cock in this jar  then zip your pants and Rember Your ass and cock and mount belong to me and my mates and Other masters.

Ron then said Yes Master 

Harry then undo Imperio before that cast a Invisblity that hide it from Weasley only those who Have his Mark or Mate can see

Ron do you want pleasure I could give you a handy

Ron then said Harry that gay are you gay 

Harry then I said I'm Gay

Harry Do it said Ron

Harry stroke and stroke Ron cock then 2 Mintues Ron release it all into Jar.Ron then be knock out.

Harry then pull down Ron cock out to see the jar filled 2 thirds and he think he need 3 more.So Harry decided to Taste Ron He Lick Ron's Balls and cock then said he haste good and like a cock slut whore.

Harry then Use Spell Voldemort give death eater his mark but he use it on Ron hand it look like a Mark of Demon like mark of Fairy tail.Harry then cast  a Spell that make Ron cock to make it hard.

Harry kiss Ron lips And I love you my Pet.


Ron woke up Then he see Harry snuggle to his side

Harry wake up it time to go home 

Harry woke up then walk down to Waiting place for Dursleys

In the car of dursley was Ripper in a cadge and Vernon petunia and dudleydursley 

Harry then Cast Imperio on Vernon and dudley to follow him to his room and Bring ripper with him 

TIMEskip Harry bedroom

Harry got a letter form Griggots then portkey there with password Cock is money 

Harry then see a Naked Gripptooth Sitting there waiting he have a 12 inch cock that make Harry jealous he not use him like Ron.

Too be contuie 





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