Tainted innocence

BY : D-lilith
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The storm was raging outside Malfoy Manor. Sky rumbling, a flash of light illuminating the room, almost blinding her, before lightning striking the earth in a deafening rumble. 


Yet, she did not move. Despite what she had just done, Hermione Granger was strangely at peace with herself. 


No regret, no remorse, nothing. 


She had thought long and hard about it, the pros and cons, the repercussions, the disdain, the hatred. It was now all for naught. 


Hermione had made her choice, a choice she chose for herself, for her and her alone.
For the first time since she joined the wizarding world, she felt like she finally had her destiny in her own hands.


Yes, she had done it. 


There was no turning back now. 


Hermione Granger had betrayed the Golden boy, Harry Potter.


She remembered it well, the feeling of betrayal on the boys faces as she sold them out in the hall of the Manor. Bewildered at first, as if they could not phantom what had just happened, the reality of it all crashing down on them as they witness Voldemor’s right hand, the one Harry despises for the demise of Sirius, placed a chaste kiss on her cheek for a job well done. 


Denial soon turned to anger. Curses, slurs, defaming names as they realized that she had no intentions of helping them, not now, not ever.   


Screaming at her, until their voices went raw from exhaustion, Ron more than Harry, she took it all with an impassive face as Bellatrix stood right behind her, embracing her and watching the boys being dragged to their potential demise. 


Even as the door to the cave closed, they could still hear them over the deafening storm outside. 


And then no more shouts. 


They were left alone in the grand hall, rain hitting the bay windows with full force. 


She and the one for which she had betrayed them for, the one everyone thought to be crazy, insane, lunatic even. 


Hermione knew otherwise though, she was anything but deranged. 


Bellatrix Black, from the moment she had met her, realized is the most brilliant witch she ever had the pleasure of meeting. The brightest witch of her age, beautiful, cunning, smart. 


The dark witch ever since their first meeting at the Ministry of Magic, secretly sought her out,  had seen the first seed of doubts in Hermione’s mind. Doubt for the Order’s true intention, using mere children as soldiers in a war they had no part in, and most importantly Dumbledor’s scheming.


Bellatrix harvested those seeds, meeting her late into the night far from the prying eyes of Dumbledor and while Hermione had been dubious, even scared at first, she soon was enthusiastic to attend those secret encounters. 


The dark witch, contrary to most, recognized Hermione’s talent, was interested in her knowledge and despite her blood status saw great potential in her. To the Black eldest daughter, the fact she was already questioning Dumbledor’s machination instead of blindly following his orders was promising enough. 


It was a welcome change to be able to hold a conversation with someone without losing them in the first few seconds. Bellatrix challenged her intellectually, shared with Hermione, her vast knowledge about magic, the wizard society, the world as a whole, subjects she would have never been able to learn at Hogwarts.


She titillated Hermione curiosity, poked at her mind, made her see the world in a different light and it was fascinating. 


With every meeting, under the guise of studying in the library late into the night, one third of the Golden trio wanted to discover more about this woman’s brilliant mind. With her, she could see herself fulfill her full potential, no limit to the knowledge she could gather, her wildest dreams could become reality, no more boundaries, no more abuses.


She was tainting her.


Hermione knew it. 


Bellatrix knew it. 


Yet, neither of them did anything about it. 


The older woman captivated her, intrigued her. 


Bellatrix was simply unexplainable. 


She is everything, she’s smart, she’s cunning, she’s gorgeous, honest and you never know what she’ll do next. 


And it just happened that Hermione happened to have a thing for intellectuals, a weakness for clever minds such as Draco’s aunt.


Many times during their philosophical debate, she would zoned out, eyes locked in the woman's mouth, dreaming about her full wet lips along her ear, her neck, slowly down her spine and then ending between her legs, fantasizing about the woman licking her and letting her explode in her mouth. 


She could not help it, philosophical discussion was her foreplay


Whenever she snapped out of her thoughts, Bellatrix would be looking at her with a devious smirk, heat in the eyes, wild desire laying repressed in her pupils before moving on like nothing happened. 


Now though it was different, she had broken the meager wall that separated them, stepping into the dark’s witch’s world with her treason. 


Said witch who was currently circling her, steadily, gradually, finger softly dancing across the young witch's delicate face, the latter leaning against them. 


Bellatrix was now standing right in front of her. Head tilted to the side, she observed her thumb caressing Hermione’s blushing cheeks, leaving a burning trail in its wake as it soon reached her mouth, brushing against it, back and forth, tugging down at her lower lips, Hermuine’s knees threatening to turn to jelly at the intimate gesture, a needy whimper coming from deep within her.


Heart fluttering, she wanted more. 


Brown eyes gazed down at red full lips. She could not tear her eyes off them, needed to know what it would feel like when they would mold against hers. 


Leaning slightly forward, hypnotized, she wanted her reward, fantasizing about it will no longer be enough for her, she wanted to taste it, the real thing. 


Gap was closing in, eyes locked on her prize she was this close to her goal. 


Yet, she was stopped at the very last moment.


A lone finger prevented her from crossing the distance, smirking red lips tutting at her neediness before the woman’s voice reached her ears. 


“ Eyes on me, pet’’ She reprimanded as she slightly pushed Hermione’s face. “Always on me”.


And Hermione did. Brown pupils met black ones.  As she did, the frustration for her missed chance soon evaporated. 


Heart beating frantically, she was getting lost in those eyes. Untamed wild desire, for her. There was no need to talk. She could see it, almost taste it. 


Hunger. Yearning. 


The promise that she will do something to her, something she has never done before. To use her, completely inside and out. To turn her into her darkest fantasy. 


The ache between her legs was now impossible to ignore, trembling constantly. She was a horny mess. 


Bellatrix snapped her out of her though as she gazed straight into her.


“You do know that Potter and Weasel are under us right, pet? She asked absently. 


Hermione gulped, heat rising to her face, at the implication, not out of shame, but by the twisted implication that the dark witch was implying. 


At this point she knew it was not just a mere crush. Bellatrix owned her. 




She would do anything for her.


Squirming, thighs rubbing against each other, she nodded. 


Red lips stretch in a sadistic smirk. 


“I want to know how much your body can take. To let those sensations take control of you. To have you exposed and bare. To make you feel and not resist.”


She’d taken her ability to think. Her sole voice heightens her senses, breathing ragged, dripping with desire.


“I’m not going to make love to you, pet-.” She began


Bellatrix was teasing her, taunting her. Giving her a taste of what’s to come. 


It’s terrifying and arousing at the same time. 


Face to face, arms her around her neck, tugging her down, forehead touching each other. 


“I’ll violate you in the most sensual way” was the whispered promise


She melted.


Lower body throbbing, badly. It was unbearable. 


Without breaking eye contact, she drew back, leaving just enough space for what she wanted to do. Needed to do. 


With trembling hands, she removed her clothes piece by piece. 


Hoodie, shirt, jeans, bra and then  soaked underwear. All disposed carelessly on the floor under the appreciative gaze of her mistress. 


Thunder roaring outside, she knelt at her feet, giving her mind, body and soul. Hermione entrusted herself to Bellatrix. 


Said woman made short work of her robes, leaving her in her matching black underwears. 


In the dingy room, brown eyes could see the lust soaking the older woman’s panties. 


Her pussy was right in front of her, she could smell her arousal, threatening to drive her crazy. 


No longer able to hold back, she reached forward, lightly kissing the creamy white inner tights reverently, drawing a sharp breath out of Bellatrix. 


She continued pleasing her, slow and meticulous, proud of the reaction she caused at the dark witch, before finally settling for the main prize. 


Parting the delicate lingerie aside, she basks in the moment, positioning herself low enough so she could make eye contact with her lover, she sealed her fate.


The irony of it was not lost on her. Here she was, one third of the Golden Trio, on her knees, planting a suffering kiss to who should have been her worst enemy, not far from a pledge of allegiance to her. It was taboo, she would be branded as a renegade for it and yet it was of no importance to her.


 On the contrary, it turned her on to no end. 


She stayed in that position for what felt like an eternity which she did not want to end, the world going quiet around her, it was only her and her mistress. One who approved of her action and yet wanted more. 


It all happened in a fraction of a second. One moment she was kissing the woman’s pussy in a daze and the next she was on the floor, Bellatrix's body lying upon her, the latter pinning her hands above her head, lips captured in a slow, seductive and primal kiss.


It was everything that she wanted and much more, fireworks exploded in her mind, heart soaring as she let Bellatrix kiss her, tasting herself on her lips. And then, she put her tongue in her mouth. It was incredible, she squirmed, writhe, arch at the sensation. She was burning for her, hips buckling as she submitted herself to her. Moans swallowed, she had never had such a primal feeling before. 


A delicate tongue, pushed back against hers, marking her territory, her possession, and she did not try to fight back, she just savored it all. 


When she felt her hand rubbing against the front of her drenched vulva, she almost convulsed in pleasure. She had been teased enough as it was, she was ready for her.


Bellatrix seemed to think so too. 


A single digit made her way past her folds and it almost made her come undone. She was too sensitive at this point. Gasping out loud, she did try to contain it. The slightest move inside her resulted in a throaty melodious moan.  Experienced fingers twisted and turned, in and out, familiarizing herself with her, getting to know her more sensible places. 


Flush against each other, legs spread for Bellatrix, never had she felt so safe, so free. 


She was almost delirious as the older witch increased the pace, a second fingering inserted, thump gently stroking her exposed clit at the same time, bringing her closer to the breaking point. 


Legs trembling, sweat dripping, deep in subspace, she was here and somewhere else. 


Loud were her moans, not even recognizing her own voice, she was letting herself go


Banging against the door, curses directed at her starting anew. 


Threats, insults.


Still, it did not stop the two lovers in the slightest.


It enticed them. 


Bella cackled above her at the boys despair and animosity. 


Her inside tightening, clenching against her mistress’s fingers, it was only a matter of seconds now. 


Continuing at the same rhythm, the black haired woman locked eyes with her for a last time, smiling delightfully. 


“Scream for me”


And she did. 


It was awe-inspiring, breathtaking. Hips arching as she came undone. Toes curling, eyes shut from the onslaught of passion, uncontrollable sensual screams of pleasure echoed in the Manor, sweet nectar dripping from her pussy, not letting her mistress fingers get away. 


It was too much. Her orgasm was too euphoric. 


The last thing, she registered was the pleased look on Bella’s face, almost proud of her, before her vision grew dark


And then, silence.



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