Reviews for Vampire Bites

BY : LovablePuppy

  • From unneeded on November 10, 2012

    oopsie, looks like har's instincts got away from him a bit there. it's going to take time for har to face up to that and for sev over look that... which is going to make feeding interesting for a while.
    i'm glad dumbles and edge have reached an accommodation. that will make things a bit easier on har.

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  • From ANON - JesterCat on November 07, 2012

    Oh my - so yummy! Really I am lucky I browsed trough the Harry/Snape section today!

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  • From Polfso on November 06, 2012

    def really enjoying this story!!!! Vamps and magic hell yes!!!! Im sure other people complain about this but i like how the chapters are medium length not too short but not too long. And I love how harry has the vamp side that kinda takes over and does as it likes!!!

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  • From ANON - delia cerrano on November 05, 2012

    Great 8 chapters! Fun idea. I thought Harry was falling for Edge then along comes Snape (one of my two favorite partners for him). Then I thought Oh Oh a threesome which I hate because I am too possessive & jealous to even want to read about it. But I read your authors' note & now I'm loving it & looking forward to more Snape/Harry & find out who Edge will end up with.

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  • From ANON - unneeded on September 22, 2012

    hmmm, that revelation went pretty well. And considering ron and mio are pseudo family to har it think Edge may accept them as well and they him. All theses interesting little plot points. animalis and mooney allowing har to feed (though it's understandable why he'd want his mates neck to himself). Snape being a willing feeder too. I look forward to seeing where they lead.
    oh good, maybe now Edge can find a ready source of blood and a safe place to hole up at night. I'm sure har would appricate having him around more too.

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  • From DragZ on September 21, 2012

    oh goodness... hope you still update this story.. please will you let me know when you update again .. puuuurty please. Love the line of the story. can not wait for more :)


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  • From unneeded on August 22, 2012

    most interesting. So a possible Edge and Sev huh? cool.
    Is har's development going to speed up a bit now that he's getting real blood?
    Why did Har dodge Siri's shoulder? Was Remi's influence very strong there or something?
    I can understand why Remi's wolf would be restless, Godson or not, his mate is feeding a Vamp.

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  • From Morbid_and_Sexy on August 21, 2012

    great story! Can't wait for more!

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  • From TalisRuadair on August 20, 2012

    The wolf is waiting for Harry to find his mate, isn't it? The wolf fears that the new vampire is interested in it's own mate, Sirius, however I'm guessing that Severus is Harry's mate. What would happen if Harry drank from Snape's neck? I look forward to your next update and cannot wait to see what happens next.

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  • From LeaniaSTL on July 21, 2012

    Oh this is getting interesting; I'm guessing a vampire form of a compulsion? Keep up the good work, hope to read more soon!


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  • From unneeded on July 18, 2012

    it happens to the best of us. When the plot bunnies bite it's best to go with the flow in case the rabid little buggers decide to chew bits out of us for ignoring them.

    well, that's interesting. Edge now has Siri on side. I wonder what that 'magic touch' is going to do to dear Sevie. *insert evil cackle here.

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  • From ANON - Anon on July 16, 2012

    This is really good so far. I can't wait for Harry to start feeding from Snape. Please update soon!

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  • From Analah on June 18, 2012

    I will admit, I was skeptical at first. Not anymore. Please, please! write more!!!! I like the description you gave of exactly what it was that Harry turned into. Very nice. Thanks :)

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  • From Kitkatislovely on June 13, 2012

    Definitely a chapter worth the wait. Please update soon! :D I truly love this story.


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  • From unneeded on June 13, 2012

    sigh, the light side never really did get har did they. for all dumbles goes on about the power of love, he hasn't seemed to pick up just how lonely har is. If Edge is desperate for companionship, i imagine har is equally so. I hope har remembers that siri and remi love him still.

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