Reviews for Vampire Bites

BY : LovablePuppy

  • From horsesrules on October 06, 2013

    write more its really good

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  • From ANON - SlythindorMalfoy on September 26, 2013

    I Just About Cried When I Reached ThE End And There Was No 'Next Chapter' Option. :( Really Great Story. I Enjoy Reading It And Looking Forward To More!

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  • From Jester on April 26, 2013

    So lovely! Edge and Remus would make a lovely pair altough I feel bad for Sirius... I look forward to the next chapter!

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  • From ANON - delia cerrano on April 23, 2013

    Glad to see you back on this story. Poor Sirius is right. It's like he gets gipped...Remus lives "forever", Harry has Remus as a guardian & Severus, Severus has Harry, Albus always gets his way & Edge (cool name by the way) could care less
    and Sirius gets?? Remus for a little while like he's on loan or something and even during his time with remus he's planning & plotting what he'll do when Sirius is dead right in front of him! Basically he gets bupkis, nada, nothing, zip, zero. And he is so brave & understanding about it!

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  • From ANON - nox_lumen on April 04, 2013

    Enjoyed the story so far, but I had a thought on the whole guardian thing. If Harry is so protective of Snape, than it stands to reason that either he or Edge will turn him at some point so he won't leave Harry by way of death from old age. Would it not also stand to reason that a werewolf and his mate would also want to protect their cub from losing his love and the associated suffering that Remus is facing in the future? Though normally with the hardship a werewolf suffers and the nature of Remus I would not suggest it, why can't he turn Sirius who could then bond to Severus? Within the context of your story, it would be perfectly within reason.

    Please don't answer by way of an AN. I would prefer for you to simply write the chapters as you will and learn your response as the story unfolds. This is by no way a request for a spoiler.

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  • From ANON - EmeraldEyed on March 29, 2013

    Really love your story, please keep up the great work!

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  • From ANON - Blinded_HP on March 06, 2013

    Hi there!

    Just read your fic and wanted to say that I enjoyed it very much! I love the whole fic and the character "Edge". One thing though, I'm guessing where you're going with the "Dante" thing, is he "Edge's" sire? If he is, then what you said about the Childe taking the same form of the Sire as an animal form - feline for Harry and Edge, is not taken into consideration when talking about "Dante", since he is a wolf and not feline. Just wanted to point that out in case "Dante" is "Edge's" sire....

    Other than that, very cool fic and I'm looking forward to the next update!

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  • From DanielTae on March 01, 2013

    This so great. I can't wait to learn more about this dante fellow!

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  • From jujukitty on February 27, 2013

    glad to see another chapter, and i have to wonder what exactly has changed in harry that he's not acting like the typical vamp in regards to edge, not to mention the thing between him and sev that's got edge all puzzled. keep up the good work :D

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  • From Luminari_Lilium on February 27, 2013

    Interesting chapter. I hope Dante doesn't prove to be a problem. They don't need that.

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  • From LJ on February 13, 2013

    omg i absolutely love this story i cant wait to read more!

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  • From LadyFreak on February 12, 2013

    i am really loving this story. Please update soon!!

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  • From Naxx on February 06, 2013

    I'm only on chapter four, but I absolutely love this story so far! Great job!

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  • From unneeded on February 02, 2013

    looks like i missed a chappie or two. eheh, oops. anywho, ouch. way to smack him down sev.
    wow, har's friends rock. so, basically, being bonded with har could help remi lose the wolf mad?
    Well, not hard to guess who silver is. what is he? an animagus?
    still sev's reaction was interesting? har's gone and bonded him or something hasn't he?

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  • From Jester on January 31, 2013

    So yummy! A jealous Harry - I cant wait so find out what he will do when Severus spills it and how he will react to Harrys possesiveness

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