Reviews for The Paths We Take

BY : Slytherin-Goddess214

  • From saxman66 on May 25, 2020

    Well that was hot and like 1_luv215 I also found Harry's joining in with Draco and Hermione very funny, although it was obviously somewhat traumatic for him. I wonder which of Harry or Draco will be the most embarrassed when the four gets back and they find their effectively had a threesome with Hermione!


    Like Draco I was initially confused when Hermione insisted she didn't love him. It took until that added “to” that it clicked.


    Like Pansy's reaction as well but glad that Harry took control in the way he did. That shows more of his character and also that he's gaining the confidence in the relationship to be himself.


    Its going to be Ron suffering the worst with both his ex and his younger sister ending up with people he has reasons to hate and mistrust.

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  • From 1_luv215 on May 24, 2020

    Okay first! That date was so amazing and I so want to visit that resturant! It sounds amazing. Second, I love how Pansy was so sweet and gentle with Harry. All things concidered Harry's life has not been the easiest and the poor dude never got to experience being a teen without all the added Volde drama. I'm glad he finally gets to experience being a young adult for once and I'm honestly really happy it was with Pansy. Your Pansy is amazing and so complex. I love her! It's nice to not see her as the bad guy for once and Ron, sweet Ron, I love how you've protrayed him in this story ass well. Everyone you write for stands out and are written so well. I feel like I'm actually there with them when reading this story.

    Now about the latest chapter! Fuck yeah! Smut central! Finally Draco and Hermione get to have some fun and it was definently worth the wait! But poor Harry. I should feel bad for him but truthfully I couldn't help laughing during multiple parts when he realized what was happening. Although I guess it worked out in his favor because he got to learn a few things from Draco which he used on Pansy in order to return the favor of her taking care of him. I do feel though that when Hermione gets home, it's going to be awkward for Harry. Poor man.

    Now omfg that ending line! WHAT! Draco better not die! I will literally cry if he does. But you did say "in the end" so I'm assuming that whatever will happen will happen during the last era. Oh I am so scared and excited, and worried and nervous and happy to see what you have planned. Your twists always get me and no matter how hard I try to think of what you may do, you do a 180 and shock us all. I love it! The feels of this much better than a tv show! Can't wait for next week! Of course take your time. no rush. We will all still be here when you decide to post. And thank you so much for continuing even though you're working in real life on top of it all. I can't imagine the stress and hard work you're going through but your dedication to your readers, makes me want to follow you as an author no matter what you may write! Great work!

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  • From saxman66 on May 12, 2020

    Well things went quite well there all things considered. Harry and Pansy are settling down as a couple and feeling comfortable enough that they can both have a night together and also make public their relationship.


    I have a feeling when Pansy selected the menu items that Harry would have a shock when he realised what escargot was. :) According to the books he did a lot of cooking when with his aunt and uncle but I suspect nothing sophisticated.


    Also good development of how inexperienced and nervous Harry was both in terms of simple social interchanges and also sexual experience. Given how hectic his life has been so far he hasn't had much time for a 'normal' existence so probably all too accurate in what he would be like in such a scenario.


       As I've said before no hurry with the story.  RL always comes 1st and take your time with this.  Have a good time anyway and keep well.

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  • From saxman66 on May 03, 2020


      Well some fascinating exchanges in both 1999 and 1888.  Hermione and Draco still continued to stagger from disaster to disaster but are gradually opening up to each other.  I wonder how things will go when the pair of them wake up side by side.


      Harry and Pansy seems to be getting more confident with each other as well and some well organised match making by Luna.  Love the way Pansy was panicing about what people were saying to each other about her then finds out she's made herself an hero to a lot of the girls. :D  Hoping the date will be a success and it looks like it will be so far.


      Not sure if Lucy has realised yet the gang's secret, although Draco especially gave a lot away if she's educated enough to understand a lot of what he said and doesn't just assume he's ranting.  Definitely gave a clear hint their not the children of the friends Cabel knew during Gettsyburg but the original articles.  Suspect there's going to be a chat with her father at some point.


      Which brings me to a question.  Is there any connection with the restuarant Harry and Pansy are at and Cabal's 'new' surname?  That would be a very interesting way of closing a circle. :)

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  • From EGT on April 28, 2020

    I adore this story! Cannot wait to read the next chapter! 

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  • From saxman66 on April 19, 2020

    Very good chapter. Especially like the handing of Ron as its very rare in fan-fiction he's not shown up as some sort of buffoon or stupid bigot. The anima mea denigrata is a nasty little twist as any of the people who went through the war could have an attack of it and Pansy was looking distinctly frightening during her bout.


    I was wondering why Harry was reacting so badly but as you explained he's still a young lad, with relatively little experience with girls and a hell of a lot on his mind so what seemed like a snub to Pansy was actually just a young lad showing his nerves.


    Loved Elizabeth's outburst with Kingsley and her inability [or unwillingness] to get his name right, although I have a lot of sympathy with him as he has been put in an awkward position.

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  • From 1_luv215 on April 19, 2020

    Wow I missed so much! I'm alive btw! Sorry about that. I haven't checked out this site in awhile. Quarantine with the kiddos has kept me away. I'm so glad you're updating again and I loved being able to binge read the chapters I missed. I can't wait to see Hermione's response next chapter and omg the way Draco poured his heart out was so good! And Pansy. Holy hell I did not expect that! She is a badass! I'm happy McGonagall didn't punish her for that. I do wonder though. She mentioned that it wasn't the first time it happened. Will you put in the backstory to that? Ohhh things are getting so good! I can't wait to see Hansy's date too if you show it! Btw, Caleb is amazing! he's so sweet and caring and I'm glad he was able to help Draco open up finally. Wise man and I'm really glad you choose to bring him into this era as well. Theo cracked me up that last chapter when he wiped the potatoes off that ass hat Dan, I think his name was. Kid deserved what he got! Now about the adults. I understand where Elizabeth is coming from but I couldn't help but chuckle some when she started to freak out again and rambled and everyone tried to pretned it wasn't happening by looking at random things lol. But I do love that she got to finally yell at someone. Poor Molly too though. That woman raised all these kids and now she hardly gets to see them anymore on top of that her youngest about to be tried. I can't imagine the pain they are all going through. great job on this story, seriously! it's so amazing! Can't wait for next week! Stay safe!

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  • From saxman66 on April 12, 2020

    Well, interesting. Draco has finally said how he felt about Hermione, albeit by denying it in a lying game.;) However as she's at least half drunk at this point how will she respond and how much will she remember in the morning? Hopefully, having done it once he can actually say he loves her openly soon, preferably the following day.


    Not a lot of stuff obviously happening on the wider picture, at least for the moment. However a few new characters introduced and suspect Evelyn and Adeline will have roles to play. I hope that the distressed Dr Hammond isn't going to end up being the ripper but that's a possibility that came to mind.


      Take your time with the story and post when your ready.  If real life gets in the way no problem, as there are far more important things going on, especially at the moment.  Keep well.

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  • From saxman66 on March 23, 2020

    No problem with any delays. The story will come when it comes and everybody has something more important to think about at the moment.


    There was a big reveal with Caleb's research. If anyone who sees them use magic, except possibly members of Osiris's family, dies almost immediately then that's a serious restriction on when they can use their power.


    Still a lot of tension between the two couples and also between Draco and Blaise, although at least Draco and Hermione are half way then in calling each other love and definitely being interested in getting physical.


    It also sounds like that spell Caleb remembers from the page he brought back from Egypt could get used. I'm wondering whether that will be part of the last test with the other three lending the fourth, who I suspect would be Draco taking some sort of time travel trip.


    One question is has Caleb realised yet that this trial probably involves the ripper? That would really send his concerns about his daughter, as well as the 4 through the roof.


    Anyway look after yourself and hope you keep well.

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  • From saxman66 on March 08, 2020

    Good to see that Caleb survived and that he at least found someone else as he has a daughter. I had a feeling when you said Lucy had a southern accent you meant US rather than UK. ;) However he's definitely worried to see the party again, which is rather concerning.


    Sounds like their in hot water with the ministry, but hopefully Kingsley will understand when its explained. Although he's likely to be unhappy about not being told earlier and as they discussed he could have problems politically with pressure for him to do something.


    It sounds like Ginny's going to be threatened by the ripper, which since he, as far as we know, only went after known prostitutes is a bit odd. It could be that somehow she is mistaken as such, that she is playing the role to try and trap him or something else. However given what's happened so far its going to be bloody traumatic for her so that's going to be an issue. Then we have the 5th challenge which will presumably affect them all, or just possibly Harry in some way as, while the 4 don't know it he is now linked into them.


    Good interchange between Pansy and Luna about Pansy's relationship with Harry and how she shouldn't try to be too much like Hermione. :)


    My thought with what they can and can't do is they don't know in detail who lives and dies so for instance if in slightly different circumstances one of them saved Tala's life that could have been what's intended.  Similarly here, if the timing is after the Ripper's final victim its quite possible that he's not heard of again because they actually stop him - probably by killing him given his nature and that he obviously won't be arrested and charged with his crimes.  Which I would quite like to see happening. :)


      Anyway, see what you come up with.

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  • From Lady Dracona on March 08, 2020

    Loved the twist at the end with Caleb! I cannot wait to see what Ginny's trial is. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I thought I read somewhere that the Ripper had a preference to red heads or something for his victims (that or I'm just remembering the movie From Hell). Either way I cannot wait to see how the story works itself out. I have a suspicion the Ripper will be a patron of the tavern. It would make sense how they run into Ginny honestly if they stick around the place.

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  • From 1_luv215 on March 06, 2020

    Once again another fantastic chapter! i love how you intergraded the past and the present and showed everything happening at once. But I have to say that I literally cried when Tala's scene came up. That Ohiyesa man is a ruthless asshole and I hope that spell Hermione used on him kills him in the end. I hate that dude. And my god poor Caleb! That man needs a break from everything.

    I do also love that Ron could see past that hate he should have for Thorfinn and without hesitating called him in to help with harry.

    I know I missed the deadline for guessing and I'm okay with that. I have a strong feeling where the group his headed but I can't say for sure what month you're starting in. But I can't wait to see what you do with them in Jack the Rippers time! I loved studying him in school!

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  • From HaplessParadox on March 02, 2020

    Another totally awesome chapter! I'm glad they're finally getting out of the Civil War era though, rememebering the way my native ancestors were treated is always upsetting.  The next era is pretty easy to figure out, but I have no guess on the date for it. I like being surprised anyway. :)

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  • From saxman66 on March 01, 2020

    Damn I was hoping Tala and Caleb would come through OK. Had a feeling Ohiyesa would cause problems but didn't think the worthless little s**t would sink that low. :( Hopefully Caleb survives but he's now both a Confederate deserter and hated by the tribe he befriended. I shouldn't be surprised if Ohiyesa seeks to play on that and possibly even tries to blame Caleb for the attack.


    Given that the Confederates are possibly only really hunting in this area because their after Draco and gang their already changed history so would have preferred seeing them go to town on the attackers. In the chaos of battle its unlikely that any survivors who got back to rebel lines would have been believed and a lot of innocent lives could have been lost.


    Sounds like Harry's connection to Draco is getting more intense. Which is going to cause him a lot of problems and possibly Draco if it starts going both ways.


    I have my suspicions about where their going next, although that might be too easy, as one word in particular seems to be a give away.  Mind you I was totally wrong last time. ;)

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  • From 1_luv215 on February 25, 2020

    Oh wow okay, first blinny was unexpected but totally worth the wait to see them fianlly get together together. I love a stuttering Blaise and how he admited he loved her. It was too adorbs! But that O dude is an asshat! I can see why Tala chose Caleb over him. He's definitely someone to keep an eye on.

    Second! That dramione moment was so cute. I love that even though Hermione didn't trust Draco in the beginning she still accepted his gift and tried to give him a chance. Even though it took awhile for her to fully accept that she really liked him and wanted to be with him. Which is understandable due to their history with each other.

    Now for that ending! I am legit on the edge of my seat and can't wait for the next update. I hope everything will turn out alright but knowing how you are writing this story, twists and turns will be all over the place haha! I'm excited though to see the clue for the next era! Each chapter just keeps getting better and better!

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