Goddess of the Moon

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“What the fuck, Luna!” shrieked Ginny, cornering her friend after breakfast the day after Slughorn’s party. “I told you! I spiked the punch so that I could get Harry to fuck ME after the fucking party! Not so that McClaggen could paw all over Hermione and you could get fucked by Harry!” 


Luna looked over Ginny’s flushed complexion and grinned.


“Relax, Ginny,” she said, “he didn’t fuck me.” She saw with satisfaction that Ginny’s face softened. 


“He couldn’t,” she continued, “I’ve told you, I’m a Size Queen, and he’s about five inches short of my minimum.” 


Ginny blanched, her mouth dropping open. She had known for years that Luna liked to sleep around and that she demanded big dicks, but the fact that she knew how big Harry was, and that he was short (by a long shot) of her eight inch minimum left her flabbergasted. Could the man of her dreams not be a real man? 


From Luna’s descriptions, small dicks were incapable of providing the right kind of pleasure. If he didn’t have any oral talent, what good would he be, besides arm candy? Was she the kind of girl who could sideline her famous boyfriend while she fucked other people? Or maybe she could get by with a small cock. After all, she wasn’t nearly as experienced as Luna. She’d only used her own fingers, and they weren’t very big. How bad could Harry be? Maybe it was for the best that Luna had broken him in: it would be horrible if she ruined their first time by reacting badly to his size.


“So are you two together now? Is he your boyfriend?” asked Ginny, her heart racing in trepidation.


“Not really,” said Luna. “More like a pet? Do you want to play with him? I can make that happen.” She grinned when Ginny began to blush. This would be fun.




“You did well, my little whore,” her Master drawled as Luna bobbed her head up and down on his impressive shaft. “It’s not a surprise that Potter is hung like a toddler, but I’m quite impressed that you made him yours so quickly. Have fun with the Weasley bitch tonight, and try to get her brother and Granger involved soon. Cormac says she’s a decent cocksucker, and those nerdy girls are all freaks. Cormac would be a good one to use, too, now that I think of it. Especially if he has Granger trained by the time you bring her in.”


Luna’s cock twitched with excitement at the prospect of bringing Cormac into her Master’s game. He might be a total boor, and his attitude towards her identity was disconcerting, but the third forearm he had between his legs was frankly lovely compensation. Not that he had anything on her Master’s glorious manhood. She redoubled her efforts and within minutes her Master filled her mouth with his savory cum. Like a well-trained slut, she swallowed every drop with ease.


“Good girl,” he said, patting her on the head. “Have fun tonight.” He gave her plug a tweak, tucked himself back into his pants and left the room. Luna sat still for a few minutes to let her cock calm down before she dressed and headed for the Room of Requirement to meet Harry and Ginny.




Harry looked at the note, and pondered yet again how this had happened. Just one night ago he was viewed as one of the peak male-specimens of Hogwarts. Despite his discomfort with flirting he could have had any girl in the castle. Now, he was standing over his bed in extremely tight jeans transfiguring his underwear into feminine panties. Odd as it was, however, this felt right. Hard muscles and lean physique were meaningless if his cock didn’t match up. Hell, Luna was a ninety-pound woman, and her cock put his to shame. Thinking of Luna’s cock caused his own pathetic member to strain against its cage painfully, causing Harry to wince.


Just as he finished packing his new panties into his schoolbag, the door to the dormitory opened and Neville walked in. 


“New look, Harry?” asked the other boy, indicating Harry’s new jeans. “You’re actually pulling that off.”


Harry blushed nearly imperceptibly at the compliment from his classmate. Neville had always been the pudgy, nervous member of his year, but their adventure in the Department of Mysteries and a late puberty growth spurt had helped him momentously: he now stood an inch taller than Harry’s five feet eight inches, his pudginess melting away with his new height and added muscle.


“Erm…thanks, Neville,” he stammered. “I’ve got to run. Homework.” He held up his bag as evidence and dashed off. 


Luna was waiting for him outside of the Room of Requirement dressed in a pair of tight black pants, black stiletto heels, and a black halter top.


“Hello, little bitch,” she said with a giggle and pulled him into a kiss. Harry tasted a vaguely familiar flavor on her tongue. Having never tasted it before the previous night it took him a minute to identify the flavor of cum. Was it her’s, or another man’s? He could feel her cock harden in her pants as the kiss intensified.


“Get on your knees, boy. Your Mistress needs to cum.”


“In the hallway, Mistress?” Harry whimpered, “but anyone could see!” Luna slapped him hard across the face.


“What did I say about obeying my orders?” she snapped. “Now I have to make this worse for you.” With a wave of her wand Harry felt his plug expand and begin to vibrate. At the same time his jeans, already ridiculously tight, shortened to barely cover his ass; his shirt transformed into a tight mesh tank top; and his shoes heightened into a pair of blue suede pumps. The heels forced Harry to stagger forward and Luna shoved his shoulders, forcing him to his knees before her.


“Disobey again, and you’ll be doing this in nothing but fishnets and high heels and I’ll be sure to make a lot of noise to attract attention. Suck.”


Harry unzipped her pants and brought her cock out. Luna was fully erect and dripping with precum, her earlier session coupled with ordering Harry about had her on edge. Harry started to suck her shaft, finding that he was no longer concerned by the potential for an audience. Nor was he conflicted by his actions. This is where he belonged: on his knees, serving his Mistress.


Luna collapsed back against the wall, gasping as she neared her release.


“Faster, slave,” she whispered huskily, kneading her own breasts.


For the first time in their relationship, Harry felt momentarily in control, but he also felt the need to please her. This was his opportunity to satisfy her enough that she might let him cum! He moved his head back and forth more vigorously, ignoring his gag reflex as her tip entered his throat, and ran his tongue over her. 


Now Luna threaded her hands through his hair and slammed her hips forward, holding his head against her as she emptied herself into his waiting throat. After he swallowed, Harry began to clean her dick, just as he had the night before. Once she came down from her orgasm and was satisfied with her dick’s cleanliness, Luna tucked herself away and pulled Harry to his feet and pulled him into a long deep kiss.


“You’re a fast learner, Harry,” she said cheerily, “I can’t wait to see what you learn next. Let’s have some fun!”


She opened the door and ushered Harry inside. The room was large and lushly appointed, with a teak four-poster bed in the center of the room, plush couches scattered throughout, a large fireplace, and a marble tub sunk deep into the floor.


“On the bed, Harry!” ordered Luna. Once he complied, she waved her wand again, leaving them both naked. Green silk ribbons snaked from each post to pull Harry’s limbs into a spread eagle pose. Luna quickly removed her butt plug and straddled Harry’s face. Harry inhaled her intoxicating scent and extended his tongue to taste her.


“Eager, aren’t we?” asked Luna seizing Harry’s nipples and twisting, “but I don’t recall telling you to worship my ass yet. Beg.”


“I’m sorry, Mistress. Can I please worship your beautiful ass?”


Luna smirked. “You may.”


With that, she lowered herself fully onto his face, draping her balls on his chin as his tongue went to work, probing into her hole as deeply as possible. Luna moaned and started to harden again. With another wave of her wand Harry’s vibrating plug transformed into a perfect model of her cock and began to pump in and out of his ass of its own accord.


“Remember, pet,” panted Luna, relishing the moans that Harry was letting out, amplifying her own pleasure, “no cumming without my permission!”


As she rode his face, Luna began to play with Harry’s caged penis, teasing his balls and rubbing the plastic of the cage over his pathetic excuse for a cock. Harry could feel the pressure build inside him again and began to squirm. Luna pressed down on his face, trapping his mouth and contstricting his air. With the ease of practice she waited for his cock to give the telltale twitch and then vanished the dildo and got up, Harry’s orgasm stopped in its tracks. He moaned pitifully.


Smirking, Luna positioned herself at the juncture of Harry’s legs, and, after waiting several moments longer, thrust two fingers into his gaping anus and began to thrust, curling upwards every few strokes to stimulate his prostate.


“Please!” gasped Harry, “Can I cum, Mistress?”


“Not until I do,” she said, forming her fingers into a gentle hook to tease his prostate on every stroke, watching in satisfaction as the look of optimistic rapture returned to his face.


“Mistress! I’m going to…”


Luna removed her fingers and wrapped them around his balls, squeezing them painfully tight. Once again, Harry had the unpleasant sensation of his orgasm cutting off midstream. Luna wickedly bent forward and ran her tongue over his cage before engulfing the whole thing in her mouth and giving it a few sucks. Harry instinctively bucked his hips as his member strained against the cage, struggling to feel the blowjob, yet no sensation other than humiliation came to him. With a wink, Luna jammed her fingers back into his ass and resumed teasing him.


Harry had no idea how long she teased him. Every time he thought he might cum, she removed the stimulus and waited just long enough to get him off edge. Sometimes she would fuck his face or use his tongue during these breaks, during others she would pace the room and pose tantalizingly on the furniture. During one break, she summoned a feather duster and alternated between running it over his skin and jabbing him with the electrified end of her wand. During another she used a riding crop on his exposed balls and nipples, mingling pain and pleasure to further addle his mind.


Finally however, it seemed that Luna was just as on edge as Harry and she slammed her cock into his now well-used hole and began to thrust as quickly as she could, bringing him back to his edge immediately.


“Mistress! Can I cum?” begged Harry, nearly incoherent from the constant tease and denial.


“With me, bitch!” she screamed, raking her nails over his chest, “in five…”


Harry’s mind could barely register the sense of her words. The countdown was all that mattered.




His entire universe was reduced to her thrusting cock and his desperate need.




If she denied him again, his balls would rupture and he would die.




Great Merlin, it was about to happen!





His vision began to go dark. Cock. His world was cock. At least she would get her pleasure.



She drove home once more and erupted, filling Harry’s ass with her cum. At the same moment, Harry experienced the strongest orgasm of his life, his caged cock spurting a shocking amount of cum onto his chest and face, splattering over his glasses and clumping in his messy black hair. All of his muscles contracted, pulling the straps to their limit and momentarily revealing every minute detail of Harry’s nearly perfect physique. His tongue lolled out of his mouth, instinctively gathering and semen that had landed nearby.


Luna collapsed to the bed next to Harry, trembling from the strength of her own orgasm. As she recovered, she began to collect the semen from Harry’s chest and face and feed it to him. Once her fingers were clean, she untied the straps and made him clean her cock, lying back like a queen as he worshiped her.


“Let’s get you cleaned off, too,” said Luna. “Get in the tub!”


Harry obeyed.


“Kneel down, close your eyes, and open your mouth.”


Harry obeyed again, still recovering from the orgasm to end all orgasms. How could any other pleasure match what he had just felt? His clearing mind began to churn, thinking about every other woman he had met and how poorly they measured up to Luna. Hermione was his eerily sexy sister-figure; someone he would do anything for and with whom he could see himself having great sex (if he used some sort of charm to grow himself) and leading a boring, vanilla life. Ginny was the fan-girl. If Luna left him he could surely get Ginny to be his girlfriend. So enraptured of him was she that he was sure she could take pleasure even from his wimpy dick. She might even be his slave. Every other girl he’d ever fantasize about—Cho, Parvati, Susan, Angelina, Fluer, Gabrielle, Tonks—evaporated. Luna. There was only Luna.


His thoughts were interrupted by the first stream of hot, acrid water hitting his tongue. He lurched backwards in shock. Luna was pissing on him! Sputtering, her realized that it felt good. Like she was claiming him in some primal way. Flushed with the pride of being wanted in that way, Harry opened his mouth and greedily drank her nectar, as it washed the remaining semen from his hair, face, and torso.


When she had shaken the last drops from herself, Luna filled the tub and climbed in with Harry, handing him a loofa. 


“You may wash me now, pet.”


After their leisurely soak, during which Luna and Harry kissed as he used his hand to bring her orgasm again, Harry toweled her off, and wrapped her in a blue silk robe. She gestured at an outfit folded on one of the chairs. 


“Get dressed, Harry. We’re not done yet!”


Harry went to the chair and, with some trepidation, picked up the outfit. It was a French Maid’s uniform of black cotton and white lace, with white lace thigh-high stockings, black stilettos, and a white lace bonnet. Gulping, Harry dressed himself as Luna busied herself with several other tasks. Once fully clothed Harry stood for inspection before her armchair.


“Give us a twirl,” she tittered. “Very nice. Now, bring me a cup of tea. Lemon and two sugars.” She gestured to the kettle she had readied while he dressed. Blushing, and walking awkwardly in the new heels, Harry did as he was told, returning with a steaming cup of Earl Grey. She took a sip and nodded with approval. 


“Now, I was impressed by how much your cocksucking has improved in one short day, so I thought I’d see if I can improve you even more. I’m also going to teach you to ride a cock, since I can’t be doing all the work all the time.” She pointed him to a large dildo mounted on the floor with another floating in mid-air. “Get on and ride,” she ordered, “and suck. I want to see lots of drool, and I want to see both those dildos vanish all the way in your hungry holes. And remember!” she added, as he moved to obey, “Ask if you want to cum, but don’t get any ideas. You haven’t earned a second orgasm yet.”


Luna watched with satisfaction as Harry began his task, gasping in discomfort as he sank his ass onto the first eight-inch dildo. She drank her tea while he rode the cock, taking more of it and its hovering twin in his holed as the minutes passed. She took the time to examine his transfigured panties, complimenting and criticizing as necessary, and making a few modifications.


After fifteen or so minutes, Luna set aside her empty tea cup, and strode across the room to an empty armchair where she casually observed:


“He’s doing quite well. Don’t you agree, Ginny?






Gotta love cliffhangers.


Haven't started chapter three yet, so it may be a while.

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