Goddess of the Moon

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Ginny had arrived at the Room of Requirement a little over four hours prior to meet Luna and Harry. She had been shocked when, after Luna let her into the room, the tiny blonde petrified her and tied her to a chair and magically silenced her. Next, Luna had added the muggle touches of a ball gag and rope, entirely unnecessary, but which framed her tits in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Next, she covered the other girl with Harry’s invisibility cloak.


“Now,” she purred, patting the redhead on the cheek and then giving a tit a squeeze. “I’m going to go meet Harry, and you’ll get to watch us have some fun for a bit. Then I’ll let you decide if you’ll join in or not.”


She left, leaving Ginny seething on her chair. Several minutes later Luna re-entered the room accompanied by Harry in a massively slutty, feminine ensemble. She was shocked. Harry Potter: the sex-god of her early pubescent fantasies in short-shorts? And heels? How could this be? 


The following hours began as agony and surprise, from Luna’s reveal to the depths of Harry’s emasculation and submission. Slowly however, Ginny’s disgust became arousal. She wanted to be where Luna was. She wanted to own Harry. She could make him do anything for her. He clearly got off on the threat of having his secret exposed and on being dominated by a woman. She would just need to convince Luna to give Harry to her. 


She was also enraptured by the complete, physical eroticism of Luna. The way her cock—not large by normal means—contrasted with her lither and luminescent body made Ginny ache with longing. Maybe before she got to Harry, she could have a turn with Luna?




“He’s doing quite well. Don’t you agree, Ginny?”


Harry’s attention snapped, his pleasure vanishing as he sagged to the floor, all eight inches of the fake cock sliding painfully into his ass as his legs splayed out. He stared, flabbergasted, as Luna pulled a silvery cloth off the empty chair, revealing a bound and gagged Ginny, who was blushing furiously. Luna pulled the gag out of her mouth and repeated the question. Ginny’s expression hardened a bit and she smiled, matching own Luna’s wicked grin.


“I think so! Is it my turn yet?”


“Sure is! Help yourself!”


Ginny walked over to Harry, who tried his best to disappear in plain sight.


“You,” she purred, yanking his head by the hair to look at her, “should still be training your holes. I don’t remember your Mistress telling you to stop.”


Both Harry and Luna were shocked by Ginny’s order. Luna had expected Ginny to rage or cry, or to release Harry from chastity and try to fuck him. Harry hadn’t even recovered from the initial shock of Ginny’s presence, but he would have bet on being ordered to pleasure her immediately. For a fan-girl like her, the opportunity to use him as she pleased should have been overwhelming. Maybe being forced to watch his debasement at the hands of Luna had finally kicked the pedestal out from under him in Ginny’s mind?

“I believe you were given an order?” said Luna with a meaningful stare at Harry.


With increased humiliation, Harry collected his legs beneath him and resumed bouncing on the cock. Ginny walked up to Luna and pulled her into a kiss, allowing Luna to divest her of her clothing before forcing the small blond girl to her knees and pulling Luna’s face into her pussy, moaning in pleasure as her tongue got to work.


“Oh, Harry,” she gasped, “this tongue is divine! Pity you’ll never get to experience it!” She gave a little yelp as Luna snuck a finger into her red-haired snatch. Ginny enjoyed Luna’s ministrations for a few more minutes before pulling her back to her feet and into another kiss.


“Onto the bed, Harry!” she ordered “Lie on you back!” When he obeyed, Ginny climbed onto his face and arched her back. 


“I came her tonight to get fucked, and damnit, I’m going to! And since you’re something less than a man,” she flicked Harry’s caged prick for emphasis and then toyed with the top of his stocking, “Luna’s going to get that honor!” She lowered herself so that her clit was over Harry’s mouth and beckoned to Luna, who shimmied over to the bed, gave Ginny’s cunt a few thrusts of her fingers, and slammed her dick in. Ginny shrieked with ecstasy as she was filled to new levels by the gorgeous cock. 


Feeling Luna’s cock separated by only a thin barrier of flesh, and hearing Ginny’s ectstatic moans, Harry redoubled his efforts on Ginny’s clit, helping to bring her to her first, gushing orgasm, filling his mouth and covering his face in her juices. Letting Ginny come down slightly from her orgasm, Luna pulled out and shoved her member into Harry’s mouth.


“Put it back in!” ordered Ginny. “And you! Get back to licking!”


As Luna resumed fucking the redhead, Ginny inserted a few fingers into Harry’s ass and began to lick up and down his cage. The taste of Ginny’s pussy, the occasional brush of Luna’s cock against his tongue, the light pressure of Ginny’s tongue, and the forceful thrust of her fingers soon had Harry back on edge. Harry was briefly hopeful that Ginny would let him cum again in her inexperience, but his hopes were dashed by Luna.


“How about we switch this up?” she suggested, grinding into Ginny in a circular motion. “I think Harry’s getting ready to cum again, and we can’t have that. Let’s have you ride me, so that I can get some more of his tongue up my arse.”


Ginny giggled and followed Luna, who swung her hips over the edge of the bed. Ginny climbed on and Harry slide to the floor to kneel between Luna’s legs, and, as Ginny began to bounce up and down on Luna’s cock, he began to alternate between worshiping the two perfect asses in front of him. Before too long, Ginny orgasmed again and Luna, nearing her release as well, flipped the other girl over onto her back so she could fuck her harder. In the process, she knocked Harry over sensing his glasses skittering across the floor. He made a move to grab them.


“No! No! No!” snapped Ginny, “Get that tongue back up my arse, you useless twit!”


Harry bent further so that he could position his head underneath Ginny’s ass as Luna thrust, faster and faster into her pussy. The position was incredibly uncomfortable, but Harry managed to get his tongue worked into her hole while his chin added extra stimulation to her pussy, driving her over the edge once more.


“I’m coming, too!” shrieked Luna, and she released another torrent of cum into Ginny’s previously virgin womb. Ginny planted her feet on Harry’s shoulders and pushed him down to the ground, following and planting her cunt over his mouth.


“Drink it!” she ordered, beginning to push Luna’s semen into his mouth. Harry drank deeply, working his tongue into her pussy as deeply as he could to reclaim every drop of his Mistresses cum. As he worked, Luna straddled his chest and pulled Ginny into another kiss, the two girls exploring their bodies with their hands.


“That was incredible, Luna,” panted Ginny. “I couldn’t have asked for a better first time!”


“Thanks, Ginny! That was actually my first time with another girl as well, and I loved it!”


They kissed again and sat together on the edge of the bed, looking at the cum-stained Harry lying on the floor.


“He did a good job, don’t you think, Ginny?” said Luna, flicking her wand to return Harry’s glasses to his face. “Should we let him cum again?”


Harry’s eyes shot open and he moaned, rightly guessing that it was better he not say anything.


“Hmmm,” purred Ginny, “He was helpful, but he also had a few slip ups…I know! Go bend over that chair, little bitch.” Harry obeyed, as Ginny whispered into Luna’s ear. The blonde girl giggled. 


Ginny stood and went to a cupboard against the wall that had just appeared and pulled a large red dildo attached to a harness and a many tailed flogger out of it. She stepped into the straps as Luna pushed Harry back and sat on the chair in from of him.


“All right, Harry,” she cooed, stroking his cheek, “here’s what we’re going to do. Ginny is going to punish you for stopping your training when I revealed her, for hesitating when you were told to resume, and for reaching for your glasses instead of focusing on our pleasure. I think ten strokes per infraction should do it.” Harry gulped. “Once she’s done with that, Ginny is going to fuck your ass. While all of this is going on, you’re going to pleasure me with your mouth. If you can cum before I do, you win. If I cum first, Ginny will stop and we’ll be done for the night. Understood?”


“Yes, Mistress,” Harry nodded.


“Good,” said Ginny and brought the flogger down on his ass. Harry lurched forward and Luna guided his mouth onto her rapidly swelling cock. As the blows rained down—on his ass, back, thighs, and balls, Harry busily bobbed his head up and down while swirling his tongue around Luna’s gorgeous cock, taking her as deeply in his throat as he could. She moaned and held his head in place, thrusting her hips into his mouth. 


“Last one!” cried Ginny after several minutes of torment. Harry’s ass and back were raw and red, and his balls felt like a giant bruise. “You were a good boy, so you’ll get a little treat.” She tapped her wand on his cage and it vanished, bringing Harry to instant hardness. “No hands, though!” With that she burried the strap-on in his ass and began to fuck him. Having never done this before, Ginny’s fucking was more animalistic than skilled, but Harry was already so close, and the strap-on filled him so completely that it didn’t matter.


He pulled his head off Luna’s cock, replacing it with his hand so he could ask, “Can I cum, Mistress Ginny?” He immediately lowered his head back onto Luna’s member and resumed his blowjob.


“Yes you may, Little Boy!”


With a pathetic whimper, Harry drained his balls onto the rug. Luna increased her own tempo and eased Harry back so she could stand in front of him.


“Don’t swallow this time!” she ordered, and jacked herself into Harry’s open mouth. Ginny knelt and pulled Harry into a kiss, gathering all of Luna’s cum that she could before transferring it back to Luna, sharing it between them. Harry began to stiffen again, but, as if the magic controlling the thing could tell, the cage snapped back in place. Luna and Ginny pulled apart, their lips connected by a strand of mingled saliva and semen. As one, they turned and spat their mouthfuls into Harry’s face, before shoving his face into his own meager puddle on the floor.


“Goodnight, Harry!” said Luna in a singsong voice, skipping over to the bed and diving in.


“You sleep there, Golden Boy!” said Ginny, following the blonde.


The lights extinguished themselves and Harry, sore and exhausted quickly passed out in the pool of rapidly cooling jizz, hearing the unmistakable sound of kissing and rustling sheets coming from the bed.




Harry woke to a soft fuzz tickling his chin. Opening his eyes he saw red hair and pale skin, barely registering that it was Ginny before she began to piss. He spluttered and gasped as the warm liquid began to cover his face. She lowered herself a bit more and whispered, “Drink it, slave!”


Harry did his best to keep up with her flow and managed to swallow about half. When she was done, Ginny stood up and beckoned Harry over to the bed and the still sleeping Luna. She knelt to whisper to whisper in his ear, “Go put you mouth on you MIstress’s dick and wait for her to wake up. If she wants to pee, make sure you keep your mouth in place.”


Harry snuck under the sheets and crawled up between Luna’s legs, taking her flaccid member into his mouth. He could hear and feel Ginny get into bed and kiss Luna. “Good morning gorgeous,” she said. “Do you need a morning piss?”


Luna stretched, “I do, thanks!” she said. Harry felt her cock twitch and his mouth flooded with hot piss. He pushed his head further down her dick so that her head was pressed against the back of his throat, allowing her piss to flow straight down his gullet. Once she was done, Luna threw aside the covers. Harry could feel her growing hard and began to suck her cock. He felt the bed shift, and glanced up to see Ginny straddling Luna’s face. Knowing that both of his MIstresses were being pleasured, Harry redoubled his efforts, and, when he heard Ginny reaching her orgasm, he burried Luna’s cock as deep in his throat as he could and swallowed her hot cum eagerly.


Ginny rolled off Luna and grinned at her. Then she looked at Harry with a smirk.


“Clean up Mistress Luna’s face!” she ordered, “We don’t want to be late for breakfast!”


Obediently, Harry crawled up and licked Ginny’s juices from Luna’s face and neck while Ginny laid out his clothes for the day. When he was done with his task he knelt next to the bed, watching the girls get ready for the day. Luna cast a quick scourgify on him to remove the smell of piss, and Ginny gestured towards the clothes she had set out. Nervously Harry approached the pile and examined them. It could have been much worse.


He quickly reinserted the buttplug that was on top, pulled on the pink frilled panties, and covered them with the skinny jeans. The shirt was his regular uniform shirt, though it seemed tighter than usual and was made out of a finer, smoother material that felt almost sinfully good against his nipples. Throwing on the robe and grabbing his wand, he followed his Mistresses out of the room. Luna stopped when they reached the second floor.


“I have to go take care of something,” she said, giving Ginny a quick peck on the cheek. “I’ll see you after breakfast.” She gave Harry’s bum a squeeze and skipped off down a side corridor.


Harry and Ginny continued down to the Great Hall where breakfast was under way. Harry saw Ron, Lavender, Dean, and Seamus tucking into their food midway down the table, but Ginny sat him down near Demelza, Parvati, and a few of her other friends.


“Hi, Ginny! Hi, Harry!” said Parvati. They both returned her greeting as they helped themselves to food.


“So Harry,” continued Parvati, with an uncharacteristically sly voice, “did you and Luna have fun at Slughorn’s party? I haven’t seen either of you since you left for the party Friday night!”


Harry blushed a little at the suggestive tone, but he answered truthfully, if not completely.


“It was great, Parvati. Loads of fun.” Ginny choked on her eggs at Harry’s choice of the word “loads,” and he blushed deeper, realizing his slip up. “Luna’s great,” he continued, “but it’s not what you think, Parvati…”


“Oh,” she said, assuming from Harry’s blush that things had either gone very well or very badly. “I just assumed that everyone was getting some after that party. Ginny told me that she caught five or six couples going at it that night.”


Ginny gave Harry a little smirk and reached her leg out under the table to press into his cage.


Demelza giggled. “Didn’t you say that Hermione and Cormac were going pretty hot and heavy at the party? I haven’t seen either of them in two days either!”


Harry’s blood went cold and his ears roared as his world shattered. His cock, on the other hand, strained against the cage in excitement. From the look on her face, Ginny had noticed.





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