The Truth Will Out

BY : BunnyBopper
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"But there's certainly room for improvement."   

Severus hooks both arms under Remus who suddenly finds himself dragged to his feet. He starts putting Remus to rights  immediately,  buttoning up the front of his trousers quickly yet carefully, straightening out the rest of his robes, smoothing down his hair. Remus can't speak and even if he could, he wouldn't have the first clue what to say, so he just lets Severus fuss and manhandle him until he's satisfied. Then he puts his hand on the small of  Remus'  back and guides him to the door. "Tomorrow night I'll come to you," Severus says pointedly.   

The door shuts and Remus is left to make his stunned and still rather wobbly way back to his quarters.   

The next day passes painfully slowly. Remus is distracted and it shows. He finally got through his day of teaching only to be dragged to the staff room by Aurora. Twice already she’s tried talking to him only for Remus to stare straight through her. The third time she had to  actually snap  her fingers in front of his face to drag him back out of the rabbit hole his mind was wandering down.   

"Remus, you're really not yourself today," she says, peering at him with concern. "Is everything alright?"   

"I'm fine I just-" At that moment a flurry of black robes swoops into the room causing Remus' words to come to a halting stop. He tries to recover himself quickly but he's too late: Aurora's noticed.   

She leans in closer to him, raises her hand to cover the side of her face that faces Severus – a pointless gesture as he has his back to them and is clattering cups angrily while brewing another pot of coffee, the two of them having just finished off the last one.    

"Is he making it hard for you?" she stage-whispers.   

Remus snaps upright. "I'm sorry?"   

"You he making teaching here difficult," she clarifies, sending a disapproving glance towards Severus' back. "I heard what happened when he covered your class last time..."   

"What? Oh no, no, not at all, I'm just... a little tired."   

Aurora nods sympathetically. At least his condition is good for something. In truth, he was up half the night torn between wondering what Severus had planned for him today and imagining what he had done about the raging hard-on Remus had left him with. Had he just ignored it? Gone back to his research as if nothing had happened? Or was he touching himself the moment he pushed Remus out the door? Calling out his name the way Remus did for him all those times? Try as he might... Remus couldn't quite picture it, somehow.  

"Something keeping you awake, Lupin?" Severus calls out, still turned away from them, spoon scraping loudly against the inside of his mug as he stirs. Had he heard all of that? Probably.   

Remus clears his throat. "Just the usual, Severus," he replies, vaguely polite as always.   

Severus turns around slowly, stares at Remus over his mug before taking a long sip. "Perhaps you should cut down on the coffee. It would leave some for the rest of us, at least."   

With that, he walks out of the room, not staying long enough to watch Remus blink in surprise or Aurora shake her head in disbelief.   




After a dinner that mostly involves pushing mashed potatoes around his plate and trying to avoid looking at any of his colleagues (or students - heaven forbid) in the eye, Remus retires to his quarters early. He expects an evening of endless waiting, of worrying his hands until the skin is raw, of listing off all the reasons why this is wrong, wrong, wrong  only to be interrupted by a zing of exhilaration each time the clock inches closer to curfew.   

So  he's taken more than a little off guard when Severus strolls in half an hour later, Wolfsbane in hand, without so much as a knock at the door. Remus drinks it quickly, eagerly, in a hurry to move on to whatever's in store for him, all previous thought to his moral standing forgotten. But, once he's done, all Severus gives him is a bland smile and polite bid goodnight before leaving  Remus’  office as abruptly as he'd entered.   

Remus can do nothing but sit, stunned and confused until the gaggle of chatter echoing down the corridor has long stopped and the castle falls into darkness.   




The same thing happens the next night, and the night after that, and the night after that. By Saturday Remus is ready to pin Severus against a wall and either demand to know just what kind of game he was playing or have his way with him right then and there. He does neither, of course.   

By the time Sunday rolls around, Remus is ready to count his losses and move on. Now Severus know that he's not only a werewolf but also a pervert, he has two forms of blackmail up his sleeve. Remus would be out of Hogwarts before the year's end. Perhaps he should just leave now, but he’s terrified of what sick insinuation Severus might make to whichever grasping journalist gets to him first, eager to smear Remus' name with as much mud as possible, all over the Prophet's front page no doubt.   

He would take the potion tonight and enjoy one more transformation free from the fear that has plagued him for so long, but before that he would confront Severus. Find out exactly what he was planning. He wouldn't let that stiff, smug smile go unchallenged yet again.   

It's seven o'clock and Remus is still waiting, tensely poised in front of the door as though braced for attack.   

Eight o'clock and he's still in the exact same spot.   

Nine o'clock gives way to agitated pacing.   

Before the hand of his rusted watch hits ten, Remus has palmed open his door and stormed his way down to the dungeons in a bind rage. He pushes into Severus' office abruptly. The startled expression on Severus' face as he looks up from behind his desk disappears almost instantly, replaced by that infuriatingly placid smile.   

"Lupin, how may I help you?"   

"Just what kind of game are you playing?!" Remus blurts out, forgoing all plans for a reasoned conversation.   

"Game?" Severus puts down his quill. "I'm not quite sure-"   

"Just get it over with! Whatever you're going to do to me – just do it!"   

Something like softness creeps into Severus' expression, then. He clicks his tongue slowly. "So impatient..." he murmurs. Then he clicks his fingers.   

Remus doesn't understand what's happening to him at first. All he knows is that his arms have jerked upwards and his whole body is stretched uncomfortably taut. A panicked glance upward confirms that he's been bound by the wrists again by tight, black cords, suspended from the ceiling so that he  has to dance on tiptoe to stay upright. By the time he fully understands just what is happening, Severus is already up and walking slow circles around him.   

"It's clear from last time, Lupin, that you have little self-control," Severus is saying, raking his eyes over Remus as he continues his prowling. "Something I'd be more than happy to help you with."   

The buttons of  Remus'  shirt are slowly undoing themselves one by one. The feeling of the fabric brushing against his chest as it falls open is enough to make his skin burn. As if he's already being touched.   

Severus stops his circling to stand behind him. He's so close that Remus can feel a few strands of dark hair tickles the back of his neck.   

"So," he says, reaching around to undo  Remus'  trousers with his slender fingers. "I'm going to have to be more direct with you about what I want this time. First, I don't want you to all."   

Remus lets out a small whine as Severus traces his hand over the waistband of his boxers.   

"Second, I don't want you begging me to get you off either."   

The whine becomes louder and more pathetic when Severus’ hand moves lower to graze the outline of  Remus'  stiffening cock.   

"Come now," Severus breathes. "Surely this won't be so difficult? Having said that, if you do genuinely want this – what was it you called it? 'Game'? - if you want it to stop all you have to do is say-" he pauses for a moment and Remus feels him turn his head as if he's looking around the room for inspiration, "-flobberworm."   

Despite everything, Remus snickers. "Really?"   

"It has to be memorable," Severus says with an edge of defensiveness. "Soon you won't be thinking clearly to recall anything more...mundane."   

Then Remus makes a sound that is certainly nothing like laughter when Severus reaches down and curls those fingers around his cock. Remus has been used to his own touch for so long that the feeling of someone else's hand is strange at first, but it all too quickly turns divine. The slow controlled strokes, the unsuspected pauses and changes in pace, the feeling of relinquishing compete control to another person. It's enough for Remus to risk sinking his body back and resting against Severus with a contented sigh. To his surprise, he's rewarded with a hot tongue on his neck, the hand on his cock pumping faster and faster still with each moan of pleasure Remus lets out. Soon he's feeling the build of pressure, the rush of heat, every muscle in his body tense and on the edge.   

And then Severus stops, lets his hand fall away cruelly. Remus strains against his bindings, a writhing, panting mess.   

"That was good," Severus purrs in his ear, "for a start."   

A start? Oh god.   

As the rest of  Remus'  clothes fall away, leaving him naked yet still warm despite the chill of the dungeons, he had to admit that Severus had been right – his thinking had gone so far out the window he'd almost forgotten what the point of their  game  even was.   

Severus disappears for a moment before coming back into view, every inch of his body still covered by his usual black robes, making Remus feel more exposed than ever. There's something in his hand but Remus is too busy clamping his mouth shut and forcing himself not to start pleading already to notice what it is. Severus’ mouth twists into a smirk as he looks up into  Remus'  face. When he touches Remus again, his hand is slathered in a hot, tingling lubricant and it isn't long before a string of curses  are  tumbling from  Remus'  mouth.   

He continues like this several more times. Whether it's a slow, torturous build or relentlessly hard and fast, Severus always manages to stop once he's painfully, impossibly close. Remus hisses and groans and bucks into the air, but, somehow, manages not to beg for release. Despite the fact that the inside of his head is a constant chant of please, please, please, fucking PLEASE.   

Severus manages to keep a cool, distant composure throughout it all...except once. When Remus, having lost count of the number of times he's felt an orgasmic hitch in his belly only for it to ebb bitterly away, hears Severus' moan along with him. Then he presses cock, hard and wanting beneath his robes, up against  Remus’  thigh. This causes Remus to dare and think that maybe – finally – Severus won’t stop this time, that he’ll keep working that glorious hand until he's drained every drop from him. But, of course, he isn't that merciful.   

Instead, Severus lays his head on Remus' chest, listens to him almost sob with frustration before saying in a whisper: "I'm going to use my mouth now. Do you think you can handle it?"   

No. Remus most certainly cannot  fucking  handle it! He's amazed he hasn't come from the threat alone, right then and there. But what choice does he have? He's certainly not going to use Severus' ridiculous safeword.   

Remus closes his eyes to avoid the sight of Severus on his knees in front of him. He's imagined it enough, and - not that he has any hope of surviving this - could do without the visual stimulation. He needn't have bothered, though, for the moment Severus wraps his hot, wet mouth around him, Remus is unable to stop his hips from thrusting back into it. Any thought to the consequences forgotten as he rides wave after wave of blinding pleasure, releasing into him with a cry of pure ecstasy.   

Once it's over, Remus goes limp in his restraints, rests his head on one of his arms, still suspended in the air... and waits.   

"Dear, dear," says Severus.   

Even through his haze, Remus can tell that Severus is trying to put some of that commanding, fierceness back into his voice but it just comes out sounding raw with desire.   

"Can you not even follow two simple instructions, Lupin?" He stands up, wiping his glistening mouth on the back of his hand. "Or did just not care about the punishment for not doing so? I did mention there would be a punishment... didn't I?" 

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