The Truth Will Out

BY : BunnyBopper
Category: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Snape/Remus
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At first it was nothing, the lightest touch of an open palm on Remus' bare flesh. When Severus had asked him to bend over the desk - 'No, not like that. Hands down flat. Spread your legs wider. Wider. Good.' - this hadn't exactly been what he'd expected. Remus had heard about people doing this of course, but it had always sounded silly, if not outright ridiculous, rather than sexy. And, indeed, that's how it had first anyway.  

But Remus had underestimated just how quickly those light slaps to his backside would build into an almost pleasurable heat.  

"Do you deliberately try to disappoint me, Lupin?" Severus punctuates his question with his first hard smack. The sound of its impact - along with Remus' yelp, more of surprise than pain - echoes around the stone dungeon room. Remus hopes that it's soundproof.  

When another blow doesn't appear, Remus realises Severus is expecting an answer. "N-no..."  

"Really?" He starts his rhythmic motion back up again, each one the same intensity as the last. "Then wanted this?"  


Remus' words are lost to a sharp intake of breath as the blows start coming harder and faster, the sting has barely started to fade before another one comes. Instead of shying away from them, Remus finds he's craving more, leaning his burning ass into each hard slap. He's moaning now, almost as if he were being fucked. It almost feels like he is. Remus is starting to wonder if there was something in that lubricant as his cock has grown impossibly hard again.  

"Look at you," says Severus, never once letting up his pace. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were actually enjoying this..."  

His taunt elicits the loudest groan from Remus yet. The desk shifts and creaks under him as Severus continues to spank him over and over.  

Then the slaps suddenly stop, replaced instead by a feeling that's almost unbearable; Severus running his fingernails lightly over Remus' tender skin. Remus winces, shrinks away from the sensation, but, being pressed up against the desk, there's nowhere to go. Severus' touch is unrelenting and there's no escaping it.  

Then, all of sudden, it stops. The relief is short-lived as Remus finds himself craving more. He can feel Severus moving in closer behind him, hear the rustle of his robes being shifted out of the way, making his pulse quicken with excitement. Remus cranes his neck to look at him only to be chastised immediately – 'Head down. Now.'  He obeys. Breathing hard he stares down at the knotted wood in anticipation.  

"I was going to fuck you, Lupin."  

Remus lets out a whimper of impatience at the feeling of Severus' cock pressing hard against him.   

"But I just don't think you deserve it yet..."  

Severus leaves one hand free to continue caressing Remus' red-hot ass while stroking himself with the other. Remus keeps both his hands and his eyes glued firmly to the desk, but he knows exactly what's happening from the heavy breaths and the motion of his hand that is becoming increasingly urgent despite his continued effort to remain composed. Remus wants Severus inside him desperately. Wants to see his harsh features soften with pleasure. And he wants to be the one to give that pleasure to him. The fact that he has to simply lie there, splayed out over the desk, a mere object for Severus to get himself off to, is a special kind of cruelty.  

It's cruelty, but the sweetest kind.  

It isn't long before Severus lets out a poorly suppressed groan and Remus feels the first warm drops of release hit his cheeks. Severus collapses on top of him, shuddering as he rides it out to the end. His rests a steadying hand on the desk, so close to Remus' own. Before he knows what he's doing, Remus reaches out to touch him. Just the barest brushing of fingers. At first, he expects Severus to pull away, but he doesn't and, for a moment, it's pure bliss.  

But afterwards come the inevitable clearing of throats as Severus awkwardly extracts himself. Remus remains bent over, awaiting permission to get up and secretly hoping their encounter isn't over quite yet, as Severus sorts his robes back into place.  

"Clean yourself up and get dressed," Severus says. "I shall prepare your potion. It's what you're here for, after all."  

Remus does as he's asked, his blissful state fast turning back to one of sickened confusion. Severus' voice had been filled with just as much contempt for Remus as it usually was. But he thought he could detect something else behind it, too.  

Once Remus is decent, Severus hands him the smoking goblet without meeting his eye and Remus understands what it is.  


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