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Reviews for Ceding Control (formerly Goddess of the Moon)

By : Wimp36
  • From Fan_of_debauchery on July 02, 2023

    Oh shit, McGonogall's found them. I wonder how they are going to get out of this one.

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  • From Fan_of_debauchery on April 22, 2023

    Great to see this story updated again. Always great to see what you come up with next.

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  • From Jeda26 on July 16, 2022

    Hot damn and god have mercy. Those lastest three chapters were a gorgeously glorious, smokingly hot, sensually spectacular and erocitvally amazing, smuttily brilliant mess. That awesomely plumbs the depths of sexual depravety and debasedment as the humilating and sultry saucy wantonly lewd sexual adventures of Harry and Hermione continue. 

    Was utterly fabulous to see that now Harry is permanently caged and kept in chastity unable to cum with his cockexcept like as a sissy apart fromwhen his masters allow 24/7 is stupendously momentous and kinkily fantastic newest set down the rabbithole to him becoming what he was meant to be, asultry slutty cock whore and sissy cuckold and now marked and bred as such.

     Great to see Harry and Hermione no matter how far they go and how far they sink into the depths of sexual fetishes and activities that they are still in love and happily doing all of this together like any good couple. As their sexual horizons and activities coninued to be expanded upon and introduced to enthralling debased new ones.

    Do like that apart from brief segment in last posted chapter that Harry and Hermione have neglected their mistresses in shape of Ginny and Luna of late. Think it would be brilliant if they celebrated their sluts latest step forward in their relationship by durther transforming Harry into a more feminine volupteous feminised sissy slut dressed in a wedding dress and have Hermione gift him to them as their sissy bride to fuck and breed with their futanari cocks as she has all the cocks she needs to stae her desires. 

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  • From Elishasinger on July 14, 2022

    One of the Best Harry Potter Smut I have ever read. Perhaps one of the best smuts I have ever read for any fandom. Great work. Please continue writing this story.

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  • From Jeda26 on May 30, 2022

    Hot damn and gods have mercy. That was another fantastically awesome, gorgeously glorious and wantonly lewd humdinger of a new chapter. 

    Absolutely loved how you had Luna come up with all sorts of new humiliating kinky and diabolically wickedly alluring ways for Luna to emasculated and further Harry's sissydom.

    Really hope that Harry loses the match due to being distracted abs thus by extension the bet, causing him to be punished not just by his teammate, but by his mistress, who as result leads him further down the rabbit hole and makes him a sissy boi fully out in the open and starts to feminise him as well. 

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  • From Jeda26 on June 15, 2021

    Hot damn and god have mercy. That was a smuttily sublime, seductively sultry, erotically gorgeously glorious and sensually exotically smokingly hot mess of a new chapter. 

    Such a shame to hear that this story will soon come to an end like all great and stupendously magnificent. Though will enjoy reading the last few chapters and all of your new stories to come afterwards. 

    However, before the end would love to see a chapter where, fast forward to end of the year. Ginny and Luna persuade Harry having come into possession of his inheritance to allow them to stay over the holidays at potter manor with Hermione. To be joined later by others. Where they spend all of the summer, wantonly and debauchly. Using Harry as their crossdressing and further feminised sissy slut in a number of sex games and role plays alongside Hermione. Culminating in the final week, where in a beautiful romantic sissy wedding, Harry dressed as the nearly totally feminised bride called Harriet is married to his beloved Hermione . Whom pledges to love, dominate and fuck her sissy wife and give him children by her futa and male lovers. As Ginny and Luna fuck and breed the slut full of their children as Harriet pleasurably watches on:  

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  • From Fan_of_debauchery on February 18, 2021

    Brilliant story just wondering if that's it finished or if you have plans to update it in the future?

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  • From Jeda26 on December 13, 2020

    Oh my word and god have mercy. That was a fantastically awesome and stunningly kinky, wantonly depraved humdinger of a chapter. Great to see Harry and Hermione celebrating reuniting during the Christmas holidays after their time apart and enjoying some passionately hot and sensually spectacular loving and reuion sex in all its seductively sultry and sensual alluring details.

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  • From DEVIOUS_WRITER on November 20, 2020

    welcome back, great chapter cant wait for the next update 

    cant wait for harrys full feminization, maybe have Cormac sell harry to a new mistress like daphne greengrass or maybe narcissa malfoy, he is getting a little too happy with herminone 

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  • From Alpha_Potter on November 20, 2020

    The only negative thing for me in this story would be sub Harry.

    Don't take me wrong. I really think the scenes are good, and had Harry been one of the dominant ones this would have been enjoyable for me. But I guess to each his own.

    I don't like sub Harry stories, because even after all the hardships he endured, Harry never took anything lying down. And especially cuck Harry. With all the things he has suffered, I doubt he would take a betrayal well, especially from someone he trusts so much. He would be devastated if those he trusts with life(Ginny, Luna, Hermione, Neville) works against him and conspires with his sort of enemies(Cormac, Draco, maybe Blaise as he never got along with any Slytherins).

    That's just my opinion. Sorry if it offends you. But other than the character chioce, I like the concept and scenes of the story.

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  • From Jeda26 on November 17, 2020

    Oh my word and god have mercy. That was a sensationally sublime and stunningly sensually, alluringly smokingly hot sexual mess of a new chapter. Utterly love how kinkily and seductively erotically, you have Hermione corrupt her own mother easily around to her way of thinking through her description of her own fun games with Harry and the gang over the last few months. That it sets the groundwork for Jean following in her daughters footsteps and aided and abetted by libedo and inhibition stripping potions, and dragged down the rabbit hole by lord Cormac able and pleasurably irresistable sexual ministrations until, she is completely and utterly under his thrall and wnating horny to embrace and have the same kind if life that Hermione has with Harry for herself.


    Ragerly looking forward to the next chapter and a return to the Burrow for the rest of Harry's christmas break to see what further fun treats and sexual humilations, his mistresses have in store for him, during the remainder of the holidays. 

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  • From PennilessRonin on November 17, 2020


    More generic smut where somehow, miraculously it's somebody other than the main cast getting cuckedoh wait, that's not right at all. It's just generic smut where for some reason, the main cast puts up with getting cucked. With their significant others being a group of whores better left to their "studs" and the inevitable death by STD.

    tl;dr Get this fucking trash-tier shit out of here and write something creative for once in your life you goddamn loser.

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  • From Wman613 on October 06, 2020

    Please write the next chapter and have Ron get changed into a girl, already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.

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  • From DEVIOUS_WRITER on August 19, 2020

    when will this be updated? 

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  • From G_Gabb on July 28, 2020

    I found your story yesterday, idk how I could not see it before, it's the best adult/kink themed fanfiction I think I've read in a very long time (if not period) can't wait to read the following chapters ^^ thanks for this wonderful work ❤❤❤
    PS : In all honesty, if you don't mind me saying, I think you could gain visibility if you posted this story, not only here, but elsewhere, like AO3 too (but that's a minor thing, & just my opinion)

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