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Severus watched Remus Lupin, Marauder, werewolf, enemy? The man that held his tiny son gently in strong cradled in strong capable arms.

And to his own shock, Severus did not feel afraid for Godric.

Though he could see at a glance that there was something very different about his old, well, he could not call Remus a nemesis. The ex Marauder had been in on a few of the more minor tricks on him, but Lupin had never been present when Black, Potter and the little rat Pettigrew had truly hurt him.

For reasons he could not name the Slytherin felt oddly safe in the company of a man he had once reviled for his unfortunate choice in friends. Perhaps it was the gentleness in those brown eyes, even with that odd highlight of yellow that seemed to have appeared in them.

After all of the pain Severus had endured these last few months, the beatings, the rapes, he felt strangely drawn to the other man's strong protective aura. "He is beautiful Severus," the words startled him, as did the soft brown eyes as they seemed to bore into him.

"He is my life," Severus said almost to himself.

They looked into each other's eyes, black bottomless pools exploring tawny brown depths that had once seemed almost dull, yet were now as deep, as wild as the darkest forest. He almost did not hear Remus Lupin's words. "I saw the pensive that you gave to Malfoy."

Lupin watched Severus stiffen. His cheek twitched then he turned away.

"Granger, Malfoy and I want to help you." He kept his voice low, and reached out with his enhanced senses to be sure that no one caught them unawares. The words he intended to speak to Severus could cost both of them their lives.

After a moment Severus wrapped his arms tightly over his chest. "I told Draco to use that only as a last resort. No one can help me."

"How do you know?"

"Dumbledore is too powerful. If I took Godric and tried to run he would find us. I do not know if we would survive his vengeance." Severus met his eyes. "But, there is someone that you might save. Dumbledore and Black, they are trying to seduce a girl in this school. Black went after her last night with an aphrodisiac potion but failed. I do not know who she is, Dumbledore will not tell me, but you must find her. Save her before they force her to marry Black and..." He shuddered, but did not say what was in his heart. 'Save her before they do to her what they have done to me.' "They will try to break her. You must stop them."

"I will find and help that girl. And I swear that I will find a way to help you." Severus felt himself looking at Remus. He wanted to believe what this man said, but held back.

Hope was a dangerous thing that could be used against him.

He did not know why he said it out loud, but the words escaped before he could stop them. "The only way for me to ever be free is for Dumbledore to die."

"If that is what it takes Severus." The Slytherin gasped at the heartfelt answer. "I know what he does to you. I..." Remus froze, the wolf sniffed the air. "Sirius is coming."

The wolf growled deep in his throat, but otherwise Remus managed to look normal for his, old friend.

"Hey Moony!" Black called smiling as he sat down much too close to Severus. "I had begun to think that you had gone without saying goodbye! Where have you been?"

"I was ill, it was just a bit of flu. But I kept to my rooms until I was completely well. Did not want to risk giving something to the baby," he said, looking down at the child, who he noted had begun to earnestly nuzzle his chest, mewling. "Oops, I think he is hungry," Remus noted with a bit of a blush.

Severus took his son cradled him gently in his arms, then took a blanket from the bassinet and lay it over Godric to cover them both as he was obviously baring a breast to feed him.

Remus watched with rapt fascination as Severus gave nourishment to his son from his own body. He took in the contentment on the other man's face. It was the most beautiful things that he had ever seen.

The wolf arose in him. It wanted to snuggle up with them, to keep them warm and safe.

But then a smell caught his attention. It made the wolf claw at his skin with rage. He smelled intense arousal. It was coming in waves from Sirius. His eyes flashed as he found his one time friend staring intently at Severus. He felt his fingernails elongate and sharpen to claws. He dug them deep into the blanket to hide them.

'No.' He growled back at the wolf, exerting his dominance. 'To kill him now would be to lose Severus forever.' He tried to send pictures of Azkaban, of Dementors.

He felt his hands slowly return to normal. The wolf did not understand all that he tried to impart, but it very clearly understood being bound. Never being able to run free in the moonlight again. It was still angry. Yes, it wanted Severus, wanted its mate. But even the primitive animalistic creature knew that a mother nursing its cub must be protected, not taken.

It was a shock to Remus, when he realized that the wolf, the animal, found Sirius' desire obscene.

Lupin had calmed himself when he was startled by a voice. "I am a very lucky man."

Dumbledore seemed to have appeared behind them. Lupin would have sworn that he neither heard, smelt, nor felt, anything.

"Sorry I was delayed my Love." He sat down beside Severus, kissed his cheek. And, Remus would swear, the old man managed to casually move the blanket enough to get a look at Severus' breast as Godric released it.

Remus expected the wolf to go berserk on him, but it became unnaturally calm and quiet.
It was angry, he could feel that, but it knew that Dumbledore was powerful, and dangerous. It would follow Remus' lead.

Smart wolf.

"I am very glad to find you here Remus. As I recall, you still have your teaching certificate? Yes?" He nodded, but still looked puzzled. "Good, could I persuade you to stay and take over the Potions class for the rest of the year?" The Werewolf blinked. He had actually been expecting the Headmaster to start hinting that he had stayed too long.

"I thought Professor Praetorius would be staying till the end of the year?"

"So did I. In point of fact, he has been escorted off of the grounds by Aurors sent by the School Board. I told them that I did not want that man at the beginning, but I was outvoted." Dumbledore barely hid his annoyance at having his sage advice ignored. "It seems they did not do their due diligence in checking his background. I should have fought them on it. I should have trusted my instincts and called you in the first place. Everyone thought him strange, but it seems he has been working with an outlaw wizard in Germany. According to the Germany Ministry, they were dabbling in Necromancy." Even Albus Dumbledore had been shocked at this turn of events.

"Merlin!" gasped Remus. "Was he trying anything at the school?"

"I told Albus this morning, he was growing human like creatures as experiments. He showed them off to me!" said Sirius still unable to believe it. "The freak was proud of it!

"If you think that it will not cause any problems with the students I will be happy to stay. But I do not think that I could be ready to teach any classes today."

"Do not worry Remus." Dumbledore smiled, being the gentle Headmaster. "I have taken the liberty of canceling all Potion classes today. Severus can help you get up to speed on the syllabus. I think we can have the classes back to some semblance of normalcy by next Monday."

"Miss Granger would actually be more up to date on it then I would," said Severus truthfully, gently patting Godric on the back as the child lay against his shoulder.

"I think that we have been placing much too much responsibility on Miss Granger's shoulders," noted Albus. "The girl needs time to do her school work. And I have another project that I would like to start her on." He and Sirius both smiled.

Remus shuddered, and closed his eyes. Surely he must be misreading this. Even they would never try to subjugate Hermione. She was Harry's friend for Merlin's sake! They would not want him to know of their perversions.

"I am looking forward to teaching her some special lessons." Black smirked as if to confirm Lupin's suspicions. A glance at Severus confirmed to him that he had come to the same conclusion.

"Sirius, take Remus up and give him the paperwork to sign so that he can start officially working for us again. Do not worry Remus my boy. You are a hero of the war now, no one will object. The only one's who did last time were the Slytherins." Dumbledore, being the caring Headmaster, smiled again.

Then, he placed a hand on Severus' thigh.

Remus did not want to leave Severus alone with Dumbledore, but knew that at the moment, he had no choice. Besides, the older man had all but ordered him to meet with Severus later, to discuss his classes.

They had a lot to discuss. But first, he needed to find Hermione.

Severus watched Remus Lupin follow Black back to the castle, he wanted to run after him. He wanted to be anywhere but here with Albus Dumbledore.

"You were flirting, My Love." Severus cringed as the hand on his thigh tightened to bruising intensity.

"No! I was not, Albus, I swear!" he gulped clutching Godric tightly to his chest.

"Put him down Severus. I am not going to hurt you, yet." Knowing better then to protest or fight, Severus gently placed Godric in his bassinet. "Up on your knees, here where you have your back to the castle." Severus complied. He slowly edged his way around the blanket till he was kneeling before Dumbledore. He bowed his head awaiting orders. "Now, pull up your robe, slowly."

Albus licked his lips as he watched Severus very slowly draw the velvet robes up over his bare legs. When it was in his lap, he meekly parted his thighs so that his cock was exposed. "Touch yourself. Perhaps I will forgive you for flaunting yourself before Remus." Unless someone was standing on top of them, they would not be able to see what he was doing

"Funny, thing is, that I was not am not late because of Praetorius, the Aurors met me in my office and took him almost immediately. Before I could leave the Wizongamot contacted me. A member of the council died last night," he said watching as Severus ran a hand along his cock.

Severus knew that he had no choice but to become aroused. So here he was trying to get off sitting here where anyone might see, hoping to avoid a beating. Such intense pressure was naturally a BIG help.

He was only half listening to Dumbledore's words. Until he said, "You might remember the, deceased Severus. Phillip Walters."

Opening his eyes Severus could did not succeed in stifling a snort. Oh, he remembered Phillip Walters all right. The moron who had been the first referred to him as Albus' wife, among other things. "How could I forget him? The man's hands were magnetically attracted to my arse!"

"Understandable." Dumbledore chuckled as he noted that Severus' cock remained flaccid. "The man was a fool. Probably burst his heart. I told him not to stoop to muggle cures for his, difficulties, but he ate them like candy."

"Those, Vigoria? Vadlia? Or whatever he called those pills he was handing to everyone?" Severus stopped touching himself and looked at Dumbledore.

"Along with a half dozen other assorted muggle anti-Impotence drugs. The man was a walking apothecary. And I do not think he even had a lover. Disgusting. Stroke your cock my boy."

"Please Albus, I am trying..."

"Now, stop whining child." Dumbledore smirked. "Poor Phillip dying alone in his bathtub. You need not fear on that score love, I will be around for a very long time. Now when I do eventually end this life, I intend to be balls deep in a hot bitch. Hopefully you."

The shudder of disgust amused the older man. "Just so you know, in case that devious little mind of yours was to get any ideas, just remember this. If I should happen to shuffle off this mortal coil you, my poor mentally ill spouse, will be in the custody of Sirius Black. And if he should have an accident, you would be come the ward of the Wizongamot."

"Ward, meaning I would be the private whore for half a hundred perverts." Severus had stopped stroking himself several moments ago.

Albus ignored Severus and slipped his hand into the picnic basket. "Hmm, ah..." He smiled, eyes twinkling. "The elves are so very good at following orders." He held up a long obscenely thick sausage. Severus froze at the thought of what the man could do with that thing.

He almost bolted.

Albus bit it then held the greasy, dripping thing out to him. "I love these, would you like a bite?"


After signing the paperwork on Dumbledore's desk Remus had been glad that Sirius had a class to attend. This left him free to find Hermione. As he recalled since there was no Potions class today she would have a free period, so he immediately went to the library.

As expected she was there at a table alone, surrounded by a pile of books. "Hermione."

"Hi Remus." Her smile made him feel better.

"Actually, as of about thirty minutes ago, it became Professor Lupin again. I am now your Potions teacher." Remus had to smile at this since he was at best a barely adequate potion brewer. It was fortunate for him that to be certified to teach potions, one only needed a passing NEWTS score, and the ability to follow directions from the textbook.

Fortunately for him, the ability to cast very quick, powerful cleaning and containment charms was much more useful in that particular subject. He sat down beside her. "Do not ask, I am sure there will be some explanation at lunch."

Then glanced around to be sure that they were alone in the Library. "Hermione, did anything happen last night?"

"Such as?" Her face flushed, eyes went to the floor as if to answer his unasked question.

"Sirius." The name made her cringe. "Did he hurt you?' He whispered hastily.

"You mean did he rape me?" She hissed angrily. "He tried, but Praetorius walked in on it."

"I wonder if that has anything to do with his sudden termination?" Remus shrugged. "Severus said Sirius used an aphrodisiac. How did you counter the effects?"

"I did not." Hermione blushed. "He used a fertility potion as well. I may be pregnant."

"But I thought Sirius failed?"

"He did. But I..." She swallowed, her face flushed. "Draco Malfoy found me in a compromising position. Before you fall into Gryffindor righteous anger, he tried to run and I jumped him. Even after the potion on my skin began to affect him, he tried to do a contraceptive spell."

"I have no anger for Mr. Malfoy. But we have to keep you away from Sirius," Remus whispered. "He is not one to give up easily. You should not be alone."

"I have it planned out. I will only come here or be outside when Professor Black is in class." She held up something that looked a bit like a small, clear Rememberall. "This is charmed to go red when Sirius Black is within fifty feet of me."

"Good. Just be careful. Do not be alone with him, or Dumbledore. Our Headmaster is even more dangerous then Sirius. And from what I saw in that pensive, I doubt that he would feel any qualms about taking you himself if he had the chance." Remus stood. "I am to meet Severus later to discuss the Potions syllabus. Maybe I can learn something useful. Just be careful."


Waiting for Remus was torture. Not that Severus minded spending some time alone in his office. It was the fact that Dumbledore had given him thirty lashes, fucked his arse bloody and took his wand and forbade him from using any healing potions or pain relieving spells.

Severus leaned against the wall, shuddering violently at the memory of what had happened as soon as they had gotten into Dumbledore's office. The bastard had snatched Godric from his arms, placed him in the bassinet which he had set on his desk, then ordered him to strip.

The sadistic monster had beaten and raped him while their child slept not two meters away! And all the while Severus could not keep the image from his mind, of Dumbledore placing a switch into the hands of a slim black haired, black eyed boy. Showing the trusting child the best way to swing it. How to punish 'mommy', how to make him bleed so prettily.

Damn the monster!

Severus began to cry again.

"Oh, there you are Severus." Remus walked in, but his smile faded as he saw the black haired man whimpered and turn away to hide his face. Remus did a quick silencing and locking charm. "Did he hurt you? Is there anything that I can do to help?" The words had just left his mouth when the overwhelming smell of blood and semen assaulted his enhanced senses.

"Severus?" His voice went horse with rage. "What has he done to you?" Before he could say more, the wolf screamed into life.

"Remus?" Severus turned, then gasped in horror as Remus' face began to stretch and convulse!

Severus backed up against the wall, his heart clenched in fear. He was trapped with the werewolf!


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