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Part 2

*The Headmaster's darkened, somewhat cluttered study, considerably later then tea time...*

Albus Dumbledore and his new bond mate Severus Snape-Dumbledore tumbled out of the massive fireplace in a cloud of soot and dust. Severus stepped out and stood stiffly with his back to the older wizard brushing gray soot from his black robes.

He felt confused, numb, but mostly just relieved that he was finally away from those dirty-minded fools of the Wizongamot.

Once the Bonding paperwork had been filled out, the rings were exchanged: damnably gaudy, if expensive looking gold monstrosities complete with ruby-eyed Gryffindor Lions. The short ceremony was performed, and then the entire Wizongamot had been called to celebrate Dumbledore's marriage and impending fatherhood.

It had been absolute Hell.

Severus had found he was surrounded by over fifty men, all in their eighties or older, each with his mind firmly entrenched in the gutter! All they could do was pinch his arse and make sly coded references as to what Dumbledore would do with his new 'wife' as soon as the happy couple was alone.

Yes, as if it were not bad enough already, by the end of the evening they had all used the term 'wife' when referring to him. Consensus amongst the entire somewhat inebriated bunch of perverts was, to quote Phillip Walters, "Look, Old boy, let's get down to brass tacks. Severus has a cunt, right? He is going to be the one to spread his legs, right? And he is the one who is up the duff, right? That obviously makes him the wife."


Those dirty old men were positively obsessed with thoughts of the Grand High Wizard's mighty 'wand' and what he would do with it once he got Severus in his bed.

Did they think he could not hear them? Or were they so certain that he was unhinged that he could not comprehend that they were treating him like some empty headed child? He supposed that he was like a child to them seeing as he was nearly fifty years younger then any of the lot. But their drunken lusty ogling and disgusting comments were intolerable!

GODS! Those men were disgusting! Severus Snape never wanted to hear another clever euphemism for a penis, vagina or sex again in his life!

And for the record, he had been right. By the end of the day, Dumbledore was being vigorously congratulated for his virility. After all, a man of almost one hundred sixty years had knocked-up someone considerably less then a third his age. That was cause for celebration in itself to the old men.

"Like a sniper! Every shot a hit!" Oh, how he loathed Phillip Walters. Between making an ass of himself where Severus was concerned, including attempting to cop a feel off him any time he was near, and offering every one of his aged colleagues fool enough to speak with him something called 'Viagra' the man was positively obnoxious!

That sodding sniper remark would have driven the young wizard to cast an unforgivable. At least he would have if he knew where his wand was. He had not seen it since escaping Dumbledore's study weeks earlier.

The prickling feeling of eyes on the back of his neck made him turn, suddenly being drawn back to the present, to the Headmaster's study. His mind reeled, and his black eyes widened as they found the old faded Persian rug on the floor before that hideous floral print couch.

Black eyes found the place where he had been raped.

"A-hem," the Headmaster cleared his throat causing Severus to finally look in the old man's direction. Dumbledore's bright blue eyes twinkled as they appraised him. Snape swallowed, suddenly coming to the realization that he was alone with the man he had once thought of as a trusted friend, a father.

"Would you like a lemon drop, my child?" Dumbledore asked gently, he was holding up the little silver candy dish from his desk, looking at him affectionately.

Severus was alone with the man who had raped and impregnated him.

"How about some nice hot tea?" the Headmaster asked with a gentle smile.

He was alone with Albus Dumbledore.

Panic welled in his heart.

Stiffly he turned and bolted to the door, not caring where he ended up, he just need to get out of the room where he had been violated, away from the presence of Albus Dumbledore.

"Where do you think you are going, Severus?" the voice was as it always had been, calm, soothing as the old man set down the candy dish on his cluttered desk with an over loud clatter.

"To my rooms." Severus refused to look at the Headmaster. With an effort he managed to keep his voice even. His hands were shaking as he attempted to turn the doorknob.

To his horror, the large brass knob refused to budge. "I am going to my rooms, Headmaster," he said quickly, though he still twisted the knob as if the door would actually open for him. "I have been stuck in a small cell for four weeks. Now having been thoroughly humiliated and spoken to as if I were a backwards toddler for the past several hours. I am tired and wish to go to bed." He had to work hard not to hyperventilate.

"But these are your rooms, Severus. Have you forgotten? You are my bond mate now," the Headmaster noted brightly.

"Not by choice," his hair whipped around his face as he whirled to face the Headmaster.

"You had a choice, Severus, you chose the bonding," the blue eyes had ceased to twinkle.

"Choice! You call this a choice? Either be bonded with you or face life as an inmate of St. Mungo's? This was the lesser of two evils," Snape hissed as he glared at the older wizard.

"I do not think that I like being called a 'lesser' evil, Severus," the old man's eye had completely lost their sparkle. Severus realized suddenly that he was in big trouble. He swallowed nervously arms crossed over his chest. He pulled in on himself waiting for the anger to erupt.

Though surprisingly the old man kept his voice calm; it was only the deep blue eyes that were turning slightly cold.

"We are married now. And I will prefer to have my spouse share my bed. In fact, for the bonding to be legal we will need to consummate the union."

"I have already been thoroughly consummated today!" Severus growled bitterly before he had the chance to think.

Fortunately this time Headmaster chuckled, his eyes seemed less cold. "I do love your sense of humor, Severus. Among other things," the old man snapped his fingers. "Speaking of which, it was your 'posterior' excretory cavity."

Snape just looked at him blankly.

"When you were being a smart-ass to the council, my boy - you said I was going to forcefully insert my member into your anterior excretory cavity. You forget, I had already forcible inserted my member into the anterior cavity. That's your pussy, by the way," he noted with a wink. "It was your rather cute 'posterior' that I was intending to fuck at that point. Though, under the circumstances, I suppose that you can be forgiven for not knowing whether I was coming, or, well, coming."

"I, ah..." Severus just blinked uncomprehending, and then he realized what the old man had said. He frowned as their eyes met. But he had to suppress a shiver, as he realized that he was under intense scrutiny from the older wizard. "Why do you keep staring at me?"

"I'm just looking at my lovely bond mate. You are quite lovely you know, Severus. Yes, Severus Snape-Dumbledore. I like the sound of that. Fairly rolls off the tongue. Though eventually, you will drop the name Snape altogether. Once the students are used to the change," Severus gapped at the other man, too shocked to retort. "Funny, with everything that had happened in my life, I have never been married before. That's sad when you think about it, over one hundred fifty years on this world and never had the time to marry," the older Wizard suddenly realized that his bond mate was desperately attempting to open the door again. "Severus, what is the meaning of this?" he sounded hurt.

"I will not stay here!" the younger man yelled louder then necessary.

"Yes, you will, Severus," the voice was frighteningly calm. "You will come with me to the bedroom and our marriage will be consummated now," the Headmaster's eyes and voice grew diamond hard. This was not the kindly old man that puttered around Hogwarts offering sweets to the children. This was the Wizard that Voldemort had feared. "I have always found you attractive, Severus, and would like to spend a lot of time in bed with you, getting to know both of those tight little cavities intimately. However, if you become too much of a liability, I can and will have you shipped off to St. Mungo's where you will spend your days drooling in the room adjacent to the Longbottom's," Snape gasped in utter disbelief! Was this really Albus Dumbledore speaking to him this way? Where had the real Headmaster gone?

His heart went tight as he realized that this might be the real Dumbledore and the kindly old Headmaster the mask.

"You look shocked, my boy. Do you think that I would not do it? Obviously you did not read the fine print of our bonding agreement, Severus. Due to your publicly admitted fragile state of mind, I have been made not only your husband but your legal guardian as well. All of your money and property are now in my name," black eyes went wide.
"You do not even own the clothes on your back. As far as the Ministry is concerned, you are nothing more then an adjunct to me, a place for me to deposit my seed. You are now legally less then a house elf. If I say you are dangerous to the students, you will be in a straight jacket before you can say Gilderoy Lockhart."

"I see," the Potions Master stood straighter pulling the robes that he did not own more tightly about him. "So, is this to be the basis of our so-called marriage? You threaten me with life in a mental ward any time that I do not put out for you?"

"I would prefer not to have to resort to such threats, but I will not be denied. Now get that lovely little arse of yours into the bedroom."

"Damn it, Albus, how can you expect me to do this? To let you or anyone else touch me! First the fucking Death Eaters took turns with me for days at a time; hardly a month ago you raped me! I..."

Severus Snape was sprawled on the floor before he knew what had happened. He stared wide-eyed at Dumbledore as the pain flared and blood flowed from his split lip. The old wizard had struck with the speed of a striking snake. Snape had not even seen the blow coming.

"You will never, ever utter that lie again, Severus!" the Headmaster took a step towards him. He seemed to grow as a red glow of raw power surrounded him and his darkening robes swirled in a sudden cold wind that sent papers flying about the room.

Snape scuttled away in fear. He whimpered as his back struck the wall, curled himself into a protective ball around his stomach, his child.

It was as though Voldemort had returned!

He waited for more blows, or a curse, but nothing happened.

At least until he felt a warm, gentle hand touch his head. It began to lovingly stroke his hair. After a few strokes, that hand wrapped tightly around his long black locks and slowly pulled his head back until he looked the older man in the eye. "Do not force me to hurt you, Severus."

Face with madness, the pale man did the only thing he could.

His left hand came up slowly, tentatively and began to stroke Dumbledore's chest. Nervously, he carded his fingers through the long soft beard. When this gesture of submission was not rebuffed he rubbed his cheek against the older wizard's hand like a cat. These actions obviously pleased the Headmaster who took his hand and gently kissed it.

Severus Snape had learned at the feet of a madman, prostrate before Voldemort how to deal with a dangerous, powerful lunatic. It mostly consisted of a single strategy. You give him whatever he wants.

And if what he wants happens to be your body, you give it to him, and tried not to cringe too much.

However, he was totally confused by the older wizard's behavior. Why was Dumbledore acting this way? He had always been manipulative; at times a total bastard with a ruthless streak a mile wide, but the old man had never been violent.

But he was now violent and unpredictable.

Dumbledore again gripped his hair with one hand and stoked his cheek with the other. The hand on his cheek was gentle, his voice soft, but his eyes were still very cold, frightening. "You know that I will not force you to my bed, Severus. I would not do that. But you are so needy. You want to be touched, you need to be taken."

"Yes, Albus, please take me," he almost choked on the words as Dumbledore's finger traced his lips. Severus opened his mouth, allowing the slightly bloody finger to enter. He closed his eyes and sucked on it, delicately swirling his tongue.

"Eager, my little one?" Severus nodded enthusiastically fighting to keep from vomiting on the coppery taste of his own blood.

"Come then, my darling," the Headmaster helped him to stand, and guided him to the bedroom door. The older wizard bowed him in. They entered the darkened cluttered room.

Everything involving the Headmaster seemed cluttered Severus noted absently.

Severus felt like he was going to his own execution as he was lead over to the Headmaster's massive bed. It was soft, fluffy looking, piled high with numerous warm plush quilts. Most of these were in the Gryffindor house colors of red and gold. One even had the Gryffindor lion on it.

Dumbledore took hold of the collar of the younger man's robes and deftly opened the clasp as he began to undress Severus. His breath became heavy as he carefully worked on the frock coat, taking his time with the many tiny buttons. Severus meekly allowed the older man to caress and stroke him as he bared his skin. The younger wizard could no longer conceal the shudders that raced up his spin as the older ran a hand down his side, touched and licking the pale flesh as he exposed it to his sight.

The Headmaster paid special attention to the swellings of the 'stunning' breasts that Severus had kept bound down. It took a few moments to unwrap the gauze and free them.

Like his other female sexual characteristics Severus had tried his best to hide them and forget that they existed.

To be honest, it was not easy. They were big, full, C cup, sort of teardrop shaped, with delicate pale rosebud nipples. "Lovely," the old man suckled the right one. Severus tried not to flinch at the much too intimate touch, though he supposed that he should be grateful that Dumbledore did not bite them until they bled this time.

Much too soon he was completely naked, and shivering before the Headmaster.

"Get up on the bed my sweet," submissively Severus crawled onto the soft bed until he reached the center, where he stopped, pale skin almost white with fear, he lay his head down on his arms and pushed his narrow hips high in the air waiting. "Gods, that is an exquisite view, but not what I want tonight. Lay on your back. I want to see your face when I take you."

Albus Dumbledore chuckled at the spectacle of Severus Snape's pale form laid out on his bed, knees up, legs spread, face turned away and his eyes screwed shut. The long elegant fingers of each hand were clenched around a white knuckled fist full of quilt. He was trembling like a virgin bride.

The Headmaster crawled up onto the bed smiling beneath his beard. If only the students could see him now. This was certainly not the intimidating Potion Master they knew and feared!

He kissed his frightened new plaything on the lips, pushing his tongue in, plundering his sweet mouth. He licked and nibbled the split bottom lip, tasting blood. Then he moved sensually down the slender form, kissing his neck, a lick over the collarbone, down his chest. Hungrily he licked a nipple.

Merlin he loved a nice pair of tits!

He caressed the mounds, pinched the pert nipples, getting only a slight reaction. Then his hand ghosted down lower over the flat stomach to caress his bonded's lovely cock. But it showed no sign of arousal.

Lost somewhere in his own mind, Severus knew that he should make some attempt at a response. That he really should try to pretend that he wanted this. But he could not move. He felt paralyzed. With what little of his mind he could harness he prayed to any deity who might be listening that Dumbledore would just take what he wanted and not beat him.

That he would not harm his child.

Seething, the old man let out a low growl. He would not allow such insolence to continue. Severus would react to his touch!

His own cock was hard; it ached to return to that sweet, moist, warmth he had only been able to taste once.

A smile spread over his face.

Taste? Hmmm....

Tossing his beard over his shoulder, he knelt between Severus' thighs. He ran his tongue over the younger man's balls. He mouthed them, and then traced the shaft with his tongue. Still there was no reaction from Severus. His lovely slender body remained almost completely unresponsive. This angered the Headmaster beyond words.

'You will not deny me, Severus,' he squeezed the limp organ, though this only garnered a grunt but no arousal. That was not what Albus Dumbledore wanted. He wanted the boy to whimper and moan, to wrap his long legs around his waist pulling him deeper, begging.

"You are mine!" he hissed aloud as his eyes found the hairless slit just below the balls. 'The Greek Alphabet, I believe,' he smirked to himself and after he had exposed the tender little nub hidden within proceeded to use his tongue to trace the letters over it.

Caught by surprise at the intense sensation, Severus yelped and tried to escape. His body screamed: every nerve on fire. Dumbledore caught his hips and forced him to remain still. By the time he reached Omega, his prize was gasping for breath, and writhing as his body was forced to react.

He did not know he could feel anything so overwhelming! When the Death Eaters had taken their pleasure it had been little more then, cock in, pain, cock out, pain eased. None of them had cared if he felt anything.

Now that talented tongue stroked and teased him mercilessly, it brought him to the very edge; he started to shudder with his climax, when he was forcibly pulled back. This time Dumbledore caused trembling gasps and a confused whimper.

Very pleased with himself, the old man slid in two fingers, causing a moan, and arched back, then when they were slick, withdrew them. These he then inserted into the other hole.

Added equipment aside, Dumbledore was well aware that Severus was gay, and that he had been trained to be a bitch. The Headmaster had watched from the shadows, as most of the Slytherin upper classmen had used him while he was a student.

His mind almost drunk on images of a sweating, panting, whimpering Severus bucking against one of his housemates, begging to be fucked harder, as Dumbledore had stood in the shadows and stroked himself through his robes.

Of course the old man was also well aware that after these swift, often violent sessions, when left alone and forgotten in the dungeons, or one of the towers, Severus would lay curled up in a heap and sob.

Dumbledore pushed in hard to stroke his prize's prostate, at the same time he used his other hand to tickle the swollen clitoris, while he swallowed the now erect and weeping cock to the root.

Albus Dumbledore was a master of multitasking.

In seconds three things happened at once. Severus screamed, hot seed poured into Albus Dumbledore's eager mouth, and the distinct sound of tearing cloth rent the air. As the old wizard surveyed his handy work he could not keep from chuckling. Severus lay with the torn bits of the quilt still clutched in his hands, pale skin flushed and damp with sweat. He was panting as his black eyes stared up at Dumbledore with surprise, and fear.

The Headmaster licked his lips, savoring the taste. "Did you like that, my sweet? Need more?" he shrugged off his robes revealing the rock hard shaft Severus still had nightmares about.

He also revealed a surprisingly youthful body.

The ancient wizard had broad shoulders, washboard firm stomach, narrow waist, and he was hung like a centaur! Snape gulped in amazement. Dumbledore had kept his robes on the first time. He had really seen only that purple head of the cock before it had disappeared into his body in a sea of pain.

And, as could be expected with their past relationship, Severus had never had occasion, or inclination to see the man naked. He could not believe that anyone over sixty could look like this, let alone someone who was nearly one hundred and sixty years old!

No wonder the Headmaster had been able to manhandle him so easily!

Poor Severus was so terrified that he could only gap at Dumbledore, eyes wide with confusion, mouth open like a fish out of water.

How could this be? Past the wrinkles on his hands and face the older wizard had well defined muscles that fairly rippled as he moved, like an athlete.

Could it be natural? He very much doubted it unless Albus was not completely human.

Was this done with the aid of a potion or some powerful magic? This was much more likely.

Though very quickly Severus realized with an almost fatalistic calm that it did not matter how the old man had come to be that way. Because whether it was accomplished with magic or by natural forces, Albus Dumbledore's Herculean body, was about to fuck him into the mattress!

"It is time to consummate our marriage," Dumbledore smiled. Severus whimpered and tried unsuccessfully to disappear into the thick colorful quilts. "Yes, little one, be afraid," Dumbledore did not even try to suppress a very smug smirk as his hand moved to guide his cock into the tight opening. "I have not yet begun to debauch!"


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