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Warnings: Hm, nothing special, I suppose, except for Harry getting annoyed

I hope you'll like this third part!

Chapter 3

He had experienced a lot of strange things. One could even say that he had experienced nothing but strangeness the second Hagrid had set foot in the dilapidated cabin on Harry's eleventh birthday.

So no, he wasn't a stranger to odd things. Basically came with the territory of being Harry Potter, really. He'd grown used to it by now.

For all the strange things that had occurred, however, he could confidently say that never in all the years before had he woken up to find a stone of all things on his pillow. The thing that disturbed him even more than the appearance of the stone did, was the fact that nothing should be able to get through his wards. His were one of the strongest put in place in Hogwarts – as strong as the castle would allow – and he had entered very few exceptions into them. The only ones who could send him something were Hermione, Ron, Andromeda, Teddy and McGonagall.

So how had this stone managed to get through his wards without setting off any sort of alarm?

Warily, Harry cast several spells over it, even some which leaned closely to being dark, but none of them revealed any hidden traps or curses attached to the stone. Suspicion not exactly decreased yet, he cautiously picked it up and rested it in the middle of his palm. The stone felt smooth but cold and he traced the ridges resembling the wing cut into it. He could only think of one person who might have given him this stone, but that didn't answer his questions about how the stone had got through his wards in the first place.

Well … He stirred finally and placed the stone on his nightstand before getting out of bed. He wouldn't get any answers if he just kept staring at the aventurine stone. Guess he had another reason to seek the other man out.

Hopefully he would be a bit more forthcoming with replies than he had been yesterday.

"Well, hello, you're far from your territory, don't you think so?" Malfoy raised an eyebrow, leaning his shoulder against the doorjamb of his classroom.

With only half an hour left before classes would start, Harry realised he was cutting it quite close by going all the way down to the dungeons when his first class took place on the fourth floor. He also knew himself well enough that the matter of the aventurine stone would keep bugging him the entire day if he didn't get any answers and the last thing he needed, was being distracted while explaining how to defeat a Boggart to his third year students.

"I've got a question to ask you," Harry said, not beating around the bush and decidedly ignoring Malfoy's use of the word territory. What were they, a bunch of animals?

"Oh? What kind of question?"

Without preamble, Harry took the stone out of his pocket and showed it to the blond man, who didn't even twitch nor look surprised. "You got any idea how this got through my wards, Malfoy? You know, one of the heaviest wards present at this school?" he stressed.

"And why am I supposed to know anything about it?" Malfoy smirked. "I appreciate that you think I'm all knowing, but - "

"So me receiving a stone cut in the shape of a wing not even a full day after I questioned your wings is merely a coincidence?" This time, Harry quirked an eyebrow. "I might have elected not to become an Auror, but that doesn't mean I can't connect dots anymore. What the hell is your game here, Malfoy?"

"Call me Draco," Malfoy said abruptly.

His comment was so unexpected that Harry physically reared back and stared at him incredulously. "I'm sorry, what?" he demanded once he found his voice back.

"Call me Draco and I tell you what my game is here," the git smirked, crossing his arms. "Shouldn't be too difficult, no?"

"What the hell, no! I asked you a question first, you don't get to demand anything from me until you've answered it!" Harry retorted, clenching his fingers around the stone. Had Malfoy been hit with a Confucius spell? Or had he just walked straight into a door? That would explain his odd order.

"Ah, but who says you'll call me by my first name if I do answer your question? You're just as sneaky as a Slytherin, Harry." His smirk deepened when Harry frowned.

"How about you tell me what your game is with this stone and I might consider not retaliating for breaking through my wards," Harry smiled thinly. "Which, by the way, also needs an explanation. I'm waiting, Malfoy."

"Are you really going to behave this difficult about using my first name?" Instead of offended, Malfoy looked almost intrigued and amused at the same time.

"What's your sudden obsession with getting me to call you by your first name? You're getting off on it, or something?" Harry asked irritated.

He tensed up when Malfoy leant forwards and a strange metallic sheen seemed to slid right across his eyes, intensifying the grey colour of them. At once all sound became muted as if Harry was dunked into water. "And what if that's the case, hm?" Malfoy murmured; a strange lilt in his voice, almost like a croon.

For just a brief moment, no longer than three seconds at most, Harry couldn't move as if he was stuck to the floor. Then his entire body started to rebel, every cell screaming in protest, and he lurched backwards, catching his footing just in time before he could trip.

"What the hell did you do with your eyes just now?" Harry snapped, whipping his wand out of his pocket and aiming it straight at Malfoy.

While he looked apprehensive at least at being held at wand point, he appeared satisfied as well, as if he had something confirmed for him. "That basically confirmed what I suspected for a little while now," he said, which did absolutely nothing to solve Harry's confusion.

"What the fuck did you do, Malfoy?" Harry growled, seriously growing pissed now. What the hell was going on here? Why was Malfoy refusing to answer his questions and just what the fuck had he been doing with his eyes?

Malfoy raised a finger to his lips and Harry opened his mouth, thoroughly incensed now, when he caught it too: the approaching footsteps of students on their way to their Potions class.

God damn it.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to continue this conversation another time, Harry," Malfoy said lightly.

"Not likely, bastard," Harry scoffed and pocketed his wand. "You send anything through my wards again and I can assure you, Malfoy, that's the last thing you'll ever do."

"I don't think Minerva would like hearing you threaten me, Harry." Grey eyes – the metallic sheen completely gone now which just confirmed that the arsehole was in complete control over whatever shit he was pulling – narrowed slightly.

The nasty smile Harry gave him had him drawing up warily. "Oh, I'm sure she'll make an exception if she hears you go around, breaking through heavy wards. Especially given the implications attached to that. Have a nice day, Professor Malfoy," he said mockingly and walked away, ignoring the curious looks several students favoured him with.

He should have known coming here would do nothing. When had Malfoy ever been helpful anyway?

"Where's Ron?" Harry asked, brushing off the soot and narrowly avoiding tripping and falling on his face when he stepped out of the fireplace.

Hermione tilted her head to the left. "Still with George. There were some problems with a couple of the deliveries apparently and they're trying to sort it out. Not that I mind having you over, but what are you doing here? Tomorrow is still a school day, no?" she questioned bemused.

She was still dressed in her official Ministry robes, meaning she had arrived home fairly recently and had probably been on her way to change into more comfortable clothes.

"I need your help," he announced.

"Okay," she said slowly and pursed her lips. "Is it an urgent matter of life and death?"

He paused and considered it. "Not at the moment, I think."

"Huh. Well, give me a bit to change and then I'll make some tea for the both of us." She disappeared upstairs then; her heels tapping on the staircase.

Figuring the least he could do was prepare tea now that he was bugging his friend again, Harry moved to the kitchen and set about preparing the first tea he found, which turned out to be Earl Grey. Not exactly his favourite, but it would have to do. He didn't think he would be drinking much tea anyways.

Ten minutes later saw the both of them curled up on the couch, two steaming mugs placed on the table in front of them.

"All right, lay it on me. What do you need help with?" she asked, her eyes bright and curious.

He took a deep breath and started explaining, "Malfoy agreed to another Quidditch game with me last night and there I saw again that he had wings. This time they weren't visible for long either, but they were there, and he didn't deny them when I called him out on them."

"How did he react exactly?" she inquired, furrowing her eyebrows.

"That's the odd thing: he asked me if I could really see them and then demanded I describe them to him," he answered, running a hand through his hair. "When I asked him what those wings meant, he refused to answer and just said that it was interesting. We went our separate way and when I woke up this morning, I found this on my pillow." He showed her the stone.

"That's an aventurine," she recognised immediately, which didn't surprise him. "In the shape of a wing?"

He nodded. "Yeah, it got straight through my wards. They didn't even raise any alarms."

That had her frowning more severely, realising what it meant. She had been there when Harry had raised those wards and knew just how strong those were. There was no easy way to just break through them and definitely not without an alarm being sounded. "You think he gave you the stone?" she guessed correctly.

"I don't think it, I know for sure," he corrected her. "I confronted him with it right before classes and while he tried to be an evasive git about it, I saw that he recognised it."

"So what did he tell you?"

"Nothing. He demanded I call him by his first name before he would tell me why and how he got me that stone."

"And you didn't do that," she concluded, pulling her right leg up.

He wrinkled his nose. "Of course not. He did something strange then, though. When he looked at me sometime during our conversation, I swear his eyes turned this metallic silver and all sounds just became … muted, sort off," he fumbled to explain. "Like I was dumped into water or something, or had something covering my ears. Whatever he was doing, I managed to shake it off, but that only led to him saying that he had something confirmed now."

"You think he was trying to put you under a spell?" She rubbed her index finger across her lips, looking worriedly.

"I don't know," he said slowly and licked his lips. "I didn't see him pulling his wand and those changes … they looked almost natural, like he's used to doing them. Like … I know it's going to sound stupid, but it looked like it's just part of him, not the result of a spell or so."

He had felt magic rising in the air, but it hadn't been the same kind that he felt when curses or spells were being cast. Whatever Malfoy had done to his eyes, it was something he could do without using a spell. A potion perhaps? But what would be the point in that when he was the one taking the potion and not Harry? As far as he was aware, potions only affected the person taking them, not any outsiders unless they got hit with the liquid. He was sure he would have noticed it if Malfoy had tried to dump a potion on him.

"All right, let me get this straight so that I have everything," Hermione said, straightening up and slipping into what Harry and Ron called her Research Mode. "You saw wings on Malfoy's back, he managed to get a stone through your wards and he can apparently change the colour of his eyes, correct?"

"Yes, and he's being an absolute bastard about actually explaining anything," Harry added annoyed. "You have any idea what it could be?"

"I don't think it can be anything dangerous," she said hesitatingly, worrying her lip between her teeth. "I would assume the headmistress would have noticed something wrong by now if he was some kind of dangerous creature."

"That or he's very good at hiding it," he suggested. This was after all the same bloke who had managed to sneak around the castle for nearly an entire year to fix a cabinet in order to allow Death Eaters entrance to the school.

"Maybe," she allowed. "But aside from somehow getting through you wards and trying to use his eyes, had he actually attempted to really attack you so far?"

"I suppose not, though I don't know what he was aiming for with his eyes either," he replied, rubbing his left arm. "He looked like he was expecting me to break whatever he was doing, but if so, why try it in the first place, whatever he did?"

"I don't know," she admitted chagrined. "I can't immediately think of anything that connects all those dots, but my speciality has never been any type of creature. I'll go take a look in the library at the Ministry tomorrow and in the Records Room. I might be able to find something."

"You think they'll allow you to go into the Records Room?"

The Records Room, from what Harry had understood when Hermione had explained it, was near the Department of Mysteries and was so large people could get lost in it for weeks if they weren't careful. As the name stated, it contained every sort of record you could possibly think of, including extensive knowledge about every wizard and witch who'd been born so far.

Considering the amount of sensitive information stored there, you had to get a special permit in order to enter the room and even then you couldn't remain as long as you wanted.

"Of course they will," she said confidently, pushing her bushy hair over her shoulders again. "I've been there before and really, why would they suspect that I'm planning to look up information about a certain family instead of looking up records for my cases?" Her voice was overflowing with innocence, but her brown eyes were positively gleaming and there was a faint smirk curling up her lips.

It made him laugh and he leant forwards to hug her, getting a face full of her curls. "Thanks, 'Mione, I really appreciate it."

"Any time, Harry," she said softly and hugged him back. "We'll figure it out, like we always do."

"Yeah, we will," he agreed, letting her familiar scent soothe him. He'd been tense the entire day after that weird encounter with Malfoy and only here, at his friends' place could he feel himself relax completely.

He had managed to figure out that Malfoy had been up to no good during their sixth year, so how difficult could it be to discover what he was up to now?

"What is this, Uncle Harry?" Teddy's high voice inquired and when Harry looked away from the chocolate milk he was preparing, he saw that his godson had somehow managed to get his hands on the aventurine stone.

Shit, he thought he'd put that thing out of sight. "That's a gemstone, Teddy. Pretty colour, hm?" he smiled patiently and held out his hand. "Where did you find it?"

"I saw it and I want to hold it, so I got it," Teddy answered rather blasé, which must mean that he had accidentally used his magic again to get his hand on the stone.

He was going to have to be more careful around the boy if he didn't want him hurting himself accidentally by summoning the wrong thing.

"It's pretty, look, like the wing of a bird!" Teddy chirped, pointing at the ridges of the wing.

"Yes, just like a bird's wing, that's true," Harry agreed and the six year old boy grinned, dropping the stone in his godfather's hand before hurrying back to the couch where he had been drawing a picture.

Andromeda was meeting up with some old friends and had asked Harry whether he would mind looking after Teddy for the day. It being Saturday, Harry didn't mind and he had agreed immediately. It had been a while since he had been able to spend some time with his godson after all.

He would have liked to take the boy down to Hagrid's hut and let him hang out with Fang, but it was raining quite hard to the point where Harry could barely make out the towers across his quarters whenever he looked outside. Not exactly the type of weather to walk through even if Hagrid's hut wasn't that far from the castle.

The familiar pop noise had Harry frowning and when he walked into the living room, he saw a house elf hovering near the table, carrying a tray with two pieces of treacle tart and some slices of chocolate cake of all things.

As Harry stood there, quite perplexed, the house elf bowed and lowered the tray on the table. "Plinky is bringing Master Harry Potter and Master Harry Potter's godson some sweets."

"Erm, thanks, but I didn't ask for anything," Harry said tentatively.

Teddy's eyes, meanwhile, were already fixated on the chocolate cake; his drawing completely abandoned for now.

"Plinky is following Master Draco Malfoy's orders, Master Harry Potter," Plinky answered, blinking his large blue eyes rather owlishly. "Master Draco Malfoy be sending a letter as well."

Warily Harry accepted the letter and the house elf disappeared again, no longer remaining now that he had finished his task. When Harry opened the note – because calling it a letter was a bit too much – he could only stare at the content while Teddy softly whined to have a slice of the chocolate cake.

Consider this as a way for me to make it up to you. I'd like to meet you tonight at nine at the DADA room to talk. I'll make things clear then.


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