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Chapter 4

There was a part of him that was sceptic and expected to be stood up when he left his quarters at eight thirty to make his way to his own classroom. He didn't have particularly good experiences with meeting Malfoy at night and given how odd the blond man was acting, Harry didn't have much faith in him actually showing up.

He didn't even understand why they had to meet at his classroom specifically until he came across Sprout doing her rounds and he realised that the hallway where his classroom was, was the one not listed in the rounds tonight. With how big the castle was, there was no way to cover all the corridors and hallways and hidden passages with two professors, so depending on the night, certain hallways weren't patrolled. The schedule was changed every week so that the students wouldn't manage to sneak around.

Obviously Malfoy knew the patrolling schedule as well, so him wanting to meet here made sense if he wanted some privacy. Did Harry want privacy, though? He doubted the meeting would go that sideways, but that would all depend on what exactly Malfoy wanted to talk about.

He unlocked the door of his classroom, because he wasn't going to stand outside like an idiot. Some candles automatically lit up when he entered the room and with the moonlight pouring through some of the windows, it meant the room was bright enough not to accidentally walk into something.

Leaning his arse against his desk, he crossed his arms and waited for the clock to struck nine, promising himself he would wait only five minutes before he would leave again.

At exactly nine o'clock, though, footsteps echoed in the corridor and Malfoy appeared in the doorway, resting his hand against the doorjamb. He smiled wryly upon seeing Harry at the desk and took a couple of steps forwards.

"So, you did come," he remarked, halting a few feet away from Harry.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "You expected me not to come?"

"You sounded pretty pissed off last time we spoke," Malfoy said lightly. "I wasn't sure whether you would want to meet up after that."

The dark haired man spread out his hands. "Well, you said you would finally start explaining things, so I'm here and I'm ready to listen. What's up with your wings, your eyes and your odd behaviour in general?"

Malfoy pursed his lips, but if he was offended by Harry's brusque tone, he didn't remark on it. Instead he asked, "Have you tried to figure out what's happening?"

"What do you think?" Harry gave him a deadpan look, which for some reason made the blond smirk.

"Silly question, of course you've been trying to figure it out. You never could leave a mystery alone."

"Not if it potentially leads to something bad happening," Harry retorted clipped. "You're deflecting now. Start talking."

The other man hummed thoughtfully. "How much do you know about Veela?"

The non-sequitur question had Harry staring at him bemused. "Not much, I guess?" he answered after a pause and shrugged. "Bill's married to one. They're magical creatures with enhanced beauty that they can use to influence non-Veela. And that's about all that I know."

While he and Fleur often chattered when the Weasleys happened to organise a gathering for the whole family, she never talked about her Veela heritage. He didn't think it was really taboo to talk about it, but there had never been any reason to discuss it and so it never came up.

What did Veela have to do with whatever was going on with Malfoy, though? Had he pissed off a Veela and now they had hexed him perhaps? That seemed unlikely, however, and where would be the sense in hexing someone to occasionally show wings? Malfoy hadn't been surprised either time when Harry had mentioned the wings or his eyes, so they couldn't be a result of a hex.

"So you don't know a lot about them," Malfoy surmised and nodded almost absently, as if he had been expecting that.

Harry bristled, even though the comment hadn't necessary been meant as an insult. "Yeah, well, forgive me for not looking up the lore of every magical being in existence," he said sourly and crossed his arms. "If this is going to be some kind of weird Magical Creature exam, I'm going back to my quarters."

"So impatient," Malfoy clucked his tongue, resting a hand on his hip.

Harry narrowed his eyes. "Considering you've been deflecting my questions since I first mentioned your wings, I think I have the right to be impatient when you're still avoiding answering me."

"I'm not avoiding answering you," Malfoy insisted and rolled his eyes. "This is called leading someone into a conversation; I'm sure you've heard of that."


"Fine," Malfoy sighed. "Considering your affinity for bluntness, I'm going to take a page out of your book here."

"What are you – Merlin!" Harry jumped, slamming his ankle into one of the legs of his desk. Pain instantly shot up through his leg, but he ignored it, his eyes fixed on the pure white wings which had suddenly appeared behind Malfoy.

They stretched out to the sides, spanning nearly three metres, and fanned out before they retreated slightly behind Malfoy; the tips of it looming over his head slightly. The eyes which looked at Harry were no longer a simple grey, but instead had a silvery sheen over them, which made them glitter oddly in the light.

"Perhaps you have made the connection already, but just in case you haven't: I'm a Veela," Malfoy said simply, his hands resting on each side. He looked completely relaxed, even though those large wings must be quite heavy on their own.

"I don't think Fleur has wings," was all that Harry could think of to say, still fixated on the pure white colour of the wings. He had only seen them in very brief flashes before; flashes which hadn't shown him just how big they were exactly.

The bottom nearly brushed over the floor while the tips were at least a head taller than Malfoy himself and Harry caught himself wondering whether it was possible for the blond to actually fly with them. Could they bear his weight or were they just there to look pretty and impressive?

"Oh, she does," Malfoy said confidently. "Every Veela does unless they somehow suffered an accident through which they lost them. It takes a lot to damage them, though, let alone break them to the point where they're no longer usable."

"But I've never seen her with wings before," Harry said confused and frowned.

"You haven't, no. But ask her husband and you'll get a different answer," Malfoy replied. "He'll have seen them before. Often even."

"Okay, so what's the difference then? Why can he see her wings, but I can't?" Harry asked impatiently.

It could be that Malfoy was simply lying about Fleur having wings too, but why bother lying about that when it would be so easy to find out the truth? He had nothing to gain with it, knowing how close Harry was to the Weasley family and in turn to Fleur.

"The same reason why you can see my wings and nobody else can," Malfoy answered lightly, but apprehension flitted across his face for a moment and his voice was almost flat when he continued, "Only a Veela's mate can see the wings. Only a Veela's mate notices our eyes change and only the mate can break out of the enchantment a Veela can put on someone. It's a bit ironic, all things considered. Everything meant to attract and lure people in is exactly what won't work on our own mate. The universe has a strange sense of humour, I suppose."

"Wait, wait," Harry said baffled and waved his right hand as if that would make everything start making sense again. "What are you talking about, only a mate can see the wings? Are you saying I'm your mate?" His voice went a pitch higher at the end and any other time he'd be embarrassed about that, but all he could think about now was that nothing made sense.

It just didn't make sense for him to be Malfoy's mate. So Malfoy was a Veela, all right, but how on earth could Harry be his mate? They had disliked each other for years, had even fought on opposing sides in the war! How could he possibly be his mate then? Wouldn't it make more sense for Malfoy's mate to be someone of his own House or even just someone who belonged to the same circle? Surely, a mate should be someone the Veela had a lot in common with?

They might get along better now, but Harry wouldn't say they shared a lot in common.

"That's exactly what I'm saying, yes," Malfoy said dryly. "I didn't expect you to be my mate either, you know. But everything adds up. The only reason you would be able to see my wings and be able to break my enchantment is if you are my mate. It's also why I managed to send you that gift: wards don't work between mates. There's no other explanation."

"So what, you just thought that it would be a good idea to put me under an enchantment? What if I wasn't your mate at all?" Harry asked outraged, realising that Malfoy had been testing him ever since he'd commented on the wings.

"Don't get your knickers twisted, Potter," Draco said annoyed. "The enchantment wasn't a real test anyways. I know you can break through the Imperius Curse, so throwing off an enchantment would be just as easy. I just tried it to cover all the bases, that's all. The real proof are the wings and the fact that your wards don't work against my gifts."

Harry frowned and pursed his lips. "You're a real git, you know that?"

"If I was a real git, I would just leave you floundering about, while you and your friends tried to figure out what was wrong," Malfoy pointed out with a snort. "Instead I'm here telling you the truth."

"Need I remind you that I did figure out early on that you were planning something in our sixth year?" Harry smiled thinly and grey eyes narrowed slightly, but oddly the blond remained quiet, ignoring the slight.

Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "All right, so what's going to happen now?"

"So you believe me when I say you're my mate?" Malfoy raised an eyebrow.

"Well, there's no real point in lying to me about it when I can easily go ask Fleur," Harry snorted and crossed his arms. "I'm sure Hermione would be able to figure it out as well if I went to her with this information. You'd be incredibly stupid to lie to me about this and while some of your past decisions haven't been the smartest ones exactly, you've never struck me as particularly stupid either."

"Now that's a big compliment coming from you," the blond said dryly before sobering up and tilting his head slightly to the right. "As for what will happen next – that's up to you."

Furrowing his eyebrows, Harry questioned, "Would you, I don't know, be in pain or die if I rejected you or so?"

His blunt inquiry had Malfoy wincing slightly, but his voice was even and calm when he answered, "No, nothing of the sort. Well, it would hurt and especially my Veela side would feel miserable for a while, but it's not like I'll die if you reject me. It just won't be pleasant."

Harry nodded thoughtfully. "Would you be able to find another mate?"

"Let me make this clear, Potter," Malfoy said abruptly, "I do not want your pity. If you accept becoming my mate, it's because you want to us to work, not because you would feel guilty otherwise or because you pity me. I have no need for your pity nor your guilt, so let's get that straight."

"Noted." Harry quirked an eyebrow. "Now, you didn't answer my question. Would you be able to find another mate if I rejected you or not?"

"Probably," Malfoy replied after a pause and sighed. "I don't know. As far as I can recall, no Veela ever got rejected by their mate. But seeing as we won't die from a rejection either, I'm going to assume that it will be possible for me to find someone else eventually."

"Okay." Harry took a bit to order his thoughts, curling his fingers around the edge of the desk. "Do you want this to work?"

Malfoy stared at him bemused.

"Well, do you? You've been mainly speaking from your Veela side, but do you as a whole want this to work between us?" Harry waved between the two of them. "Because just as much as you don't want me to choose you out of pity, I don't want you to choose me if you don't like me at all. Mate or no mate, that would just lead to us both being miserable."

"I … wouldn't be opposed to trying it out," Malfoy said slowly. "I'm still in control of the Veela; it can't let me choose anyone I don't want. It could have chosen someone way worse than you as my mate."

"That's quite the endorsement," Harry snorted. "Thanks. So all right, what's going to happen now, with us deciding to try it out?"

"I'm going to woo you," Malfoy said and it was anyone's guess how he managed to say that with such a straight face.

"Woo me," Harry echoed. "You do realise I'm not a girl, right?"

"Wooing isn't restricted to genders, you git." Malfoy rolled his eyes again. "Fine, if that word offends your sensibilities, then we can call it dating. We're going to date and I'm going to show you that I'm the best choice you'll ever get."

"My, we are confident," Harry hummed and couldn't help but be amused a bit. It was good to know that Malfoy being a Veela didn't mean he would turn into some simpering idiot, ready to do Harry's every bidding.

While that thought was amusing on its own, he knew he would get tired pretty quickly if Malfoy just gave in and did whatever Harry wanted him to do. That wasn't how they worked. They pushed and pulled and needled just enough to get underneath each other's skin without ever crossing the line to the point of no return. They had come close several times to crossing that particular line, that was true, but they had always steered away from it just in time.

Would he and Malfoy be able to make it work? They should be able to, right, because why else would his Veela side have chosen Harry? The Veela wouldn't choose someone completely incompatible, because there would be no point in that.

Well, he thought so at least. He would need to do some research on that, maybe even Owl Fleur and see if she was willing to tell him about Veela and their ways of choosing mates. Would that be considered too private? Whatever, if it was, she would just refuse to answer and that would be it.

Harry was pulled out of his thoughts when Malfoy took several steps closer until they were merely one foot separated from each other. "I'm confident because I know I'm the best," he smirked and his eyes positively gleamed before they softened somewhat. "So, it's decided then? We'll try dating?"

Harry took a deep breath and released it slowly. "Yeah, we'll try dating," he agreed and then poked his finger into Malfoy's chest, making the other wizard blink. "But if you ever try that enchantment crap on me again, you'll regret it for the rest of your life, am I clear?"

"Don't know why you're bothered about that when you know full well you'll be able to break through it anyway," Malfoy sighed.

"That's not the point and you know that," Harry said sharply. "I don't care whether it works on me or not. The second you try that crap again, Malfoy, I'm out and I will make you pay for it. Am I clear?"

"Crystal. I do want something in return, though."

"You want something in return for not being a controlling prick?" Harry asked sceptically.

"Don't word it like that," Malfoy said lightly. "Sometimes my eyes automatically change, depending on how I feel. That doesn't mean I'll be trying to enchant you again, just that my Veela is trying to impress you."

"How's it going to impress me that you can change your eye colour?" Harry muttered.

"Given that we're going to try dating now, I think that it's high time you start calling me by my first name, don't you think?" And again the eyebrow rose up. "Or did you call all your former partners by their last name?"

It was on the tip of his tongue to inform the blond that he hadn't had a partner since he'd broken up with Ginny, but Harry decided that that wasn't necessarily information that Mal-Draco needed to know.

"All right, Draco," Harry smiled, amused when the use of his first name made the Veela still visibly. "Let's try dating each other."

"You sound sceptic that this will work, but mark my words, Harry," Draco leant closer and brushed his fingers against Harry's, "I will woo you so thoroughly you won't want anyone else ever again."

"Big talk, Draco," Harry murmured and allowed their fingers to briefly clasp together before he pulled away from the desk and started walking to the door. "Now let's see whether your actions can back it up."

When he looked back, his breathing hitched at the way Draco's eyes positively glowed; his wings rising higher and spreading out behind him, catching the moonlight.

"I think we both know very well I never back down, Harry."

Yes, Harry knew that quite well. He discovered that he couldn't wait to find out what exactly that meant for them.

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