Convenience and Inconvenience

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“Can’t believe you have to go sit with that git.” Ron grumbled.

“You’ve ridden with us every year. Hermione. It’s a tradition. You can’t go and break tradition.” Harry whined cheekily.

“Harry, Ron, I’ve already explained, I have to. It’s a part of my-”

“-duties as head girl.” Harry and Ron finished for her. “Still, We don’t have to like it. I mean I get you as head girl, but DRACO? Draco Malfoy as head boy? Madness.” Ron added.

“He probably had his dad threaten to sue the school or something.” Harry hypothesized. Hermione just rolled her eyes.

“Look you two, you aren’t going to be going at it with Malfoy this year, got it. Like it or not, he’s my peer in this, and it’d be easier if he didn’t have a reason to be an ass.” Hermione lectured.

“Like he needs a reason to be an ass.” Ron snorted.

“Well, you got me there.” She laughed. “But promise me. It’ll really make my life easier.”

“We promise Hermione, as long as he keeps his distance, we’ll keep ours. Right Ron?” Harry said, nudging his pouting best friend. “RIGHT?”

“Alight! Alright, I’ll give the git a wide berth. Happy?”

“Yes actually.” Hermione said with a smile. She stood and gathered her things. “I’ll see you two during the feast.”

Hermione left the train car, and headed to the specially designated head boy and head girl cabin. She was so excited to have been chosen for the honorable position of head girl. Realistically, there was no other candidate; She had the singular best grades in all of Hogwarts, and she served as a prefect in her 5th and 6th year. Still, when she got the letter by owl, she nearly leapt out of her shoes from excitement. Perfect thing to receive before going on holiday to Spain for the summer.

She got to the cabin and opened the door; Draco was already there sitting with his legs kicked up on one of the seats. He looked up at her, and gave her a signature smirk.

“Granger.” He said.

“Malfoy.” She replied.

“Well don’t just stand there staring. Have a seat.” Draco drawled. Hermione just rolled her eyes at the blonde, taking the opposite seat to him. Draco frowned a bit. He uncrossed his legs and stood, moving across the cabin to sit on the same side as Hermione. He leaned next to her, crowding her space.

“Malfoy…”She warned warily.

“Come now Hermione, we both know we’re past last names.” He crooned, grabbing her chin and turning her face toward him, and quickly pressing a kiss to her mouth. She stiffened for a second, before melting into it, bringing her hand up to his cheek and rubbing it gently.

“Mmmmppf...Draco-” She breathed out, pulling back from the kiss. “Jeez, you could at least make sure the cabin door was closed.”

Hermione cast a quick spell, securely closing the cabin door.

Now, one might ask ‘Why in the name of Merlin are the brightest witch of the age, and the pure blood nobility of Slytherin knacking on each other. After all, they were the antithesis of one another,’

Well, the simple answer is Spain.

As it happened, while Hermione and her family were on holiday in Spain over the summer, Draco and his were there too.

In the same town.

Now the forces of magic seemed to have a sense of humor, because Hermione and Draco couldn’t go a full day without running into each other SOMEWHERE. At the café, the store, restaurant, beaches. Their destinations and destinies seemed to always overlap. And of course when the two of them were in the same vicinity as each other, they barked at each other like dogs. It was the natural state of their relationship. It was normal

However, what wasn’t normal was their inability to take their eyes off each other. Holidays in Spain seemed to bring out the best in people - where they cut loose and their inhibitions lowered, as Draco and Hermione seemed to notice about each other. Draco took notice of the curves of Hermione’s body for the first time, not helped by the fact that she walked around in her swimwear half the time. Draco wondered if she purposely bought her bikini a size too small, because the coverage was MINIMAL. And Hermione took notice of the fact that Draco was cut like a Greek statue; his pale skin making him resemble one even more. Hermione wondered if he ever heard of a shirt given how often he had his off.

In short, they had the hots for each other.

This all came to a head one night, when Hermione decided to take a night stroll on the beach. And just like clockwork, Draco happened to be there too. They both happened to be walking the same general direction as well. And also like clockwork, the two began to bicker; nothing new, just reiterating their general disdain for each other.

But this time, rather than storming away from each other like normal, their new found attraction to one another seemed to override their animosity.

And the two of them ended up tearing off each others clothes, and fucking right there on the beach.

There wasn’t much loving or nice about it: It was hot, heavy, with a lot of biting, scratching, hair pulling and cursing.

When they finished, both covered in sweat, cum and sand, they were both mortified. They promised themselves that it would never happen again; that it was a one time moment of shared temporary insanity.

They promised themselves that again after they got together in her suite...then again in his.

By the fifth time they jumped in bed with each other, they came to an understanding of sorts.

Were they together? No, that was too intimate of a term, and friends with benefits would imply just that, that they were friends.

This was more….of a convenience. They seemed to not be able to keep their hands off each other, so why bother.

That brings us back to the Hogwarts Express head girl and boy cabin, where Draco was currently trying his best to slip his hand under Hermione’s skirt.

“Draco, would you knock that off. It’s highly inappropriate.” Hermione admonished, pushing the blonde’s hand off her thigh. He didn’t seem too bothered by it, placing it right back where it was

“It being inappropriate makes it all the better.” He drawled, pushing his hand higher on her thigh, flirting with the edge of her skirt. Hermione frowned, but didn’t try and stop his advancing hand.

“We’re in PUBLIC.” She said sharply.

“You didn’t seem to mind on that beach in Spain.” Draco said through a lecherous smile.

“That was different. It was night, and no one was around.” She explained away. Draco’s hand creeped further up her leg, now fully under her skirt.

“And the balcony of your room?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow. Hermione blushed at the memory; Draco had her bent over her balcony, taking her from behind as she moaned and screamed into the Spanish air.

“That...that was-” She sputtered

“And in your parent’s carriage at your home?” Draco reminded.

“It’s just called a car. And what is your point, MALFOY.” She said with a huff. By now, Draco;s hand was well in her skirt, fingers skimming over her underwear covered slit, causing her to shudder.

“My point is, it seems like you might have a bit of a kink.” He purred, leaning down to suck on her collarbone.

“Nnnnnh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said breathlessly. Her words didn’t mean a whole lot, as she was allowing Draco to grope her freely in the train car. Anyone could walk past their door and look in and see their scandalous actions.

“Really now?” He said, withdrawing his hand from her skirt. Hermione’s hands worked on their own fruition, shooting out and grabbing his wrist to keep his hand from going anywhere. He gave her a toothy, evil looking grin.

“Not a bloody word.” She warned, face red. She let go of his hand and moved her own under her skirt. She hooked her thumbs under her panties, and began sliding them down her legs, lifting her bottom from the seat so she could slid them all the way down. Draco, doing his part, undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers, fishing his cock out from his expensive boxers. He stroked himself, bringing his well endowed member to rigidness. Hermione straddled his hips, het of his cock pushed against her opening. She shivered as the tip of his cock parted her lower lips, her wetness leaking over it. She began to lower herself, but Draco held her hips at bay with his hands.

“Malfoy, what are you-”

“Stop calling me Malfoy.”

“DRACO. What are you doing?” She whined, trying to wiggle her hips to sink down further on him, but he held her firm.

“You know what I want, Hermione.” He said simply.

“Are you serious?”

“You know I am.”


“Say it.”

Hermione let out a desperate breath. She hated doing this.

“Draco, please fuck me.” She mumbled out.

“Aht aht. The full title.” He corrected. Hermione let out a growl of frustration.

“FINE!” Draco, you SLYTHERIN SEX GOD! Quit being an ass and FUCK ME!”

With that, she slammed her hips downward, impaling herself on his cock.

“YESSSS…” She hissed out, feeling full. She began to bounce herself on his cock, setting a nice, pleasurable rhythm. Draco’s hands were on her hips, guiding her up and down on his rod. Hermione tried to stifle her moans, occasionally looking at the door to make sure no one was coming.

“Don’t worry Hermione. The Head cabin has privacy. No one’s coming.” He said, thrust his hips upward, electing a loud moan from her. He thrust into her repeatedly, loving the sound of her needy gasps and moans. Hermione had completely given up on trying to hid her voice, moaning out and yelling his name.


Outside the train car, Crabbe and Goyle stood awkwardly, just out of view on either side of the door. Their faces were a bit red, listening to their friend Draco dig out Hermione Granger. They just wanted to know if he wanted any of the snacks they just bought

“Should...should we knock or something?” Crabbe asked.

“I say we give it 5 minutes. They might be done by then. Goyle answered.

On the other side of the door, Hermione let out a particularly loud moan, and the pair could her the increased speed of flesh slapping together.

“Yeah, somehow I doubt that.” Crabbe said.

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