Convenience and Inconvenience

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Hermione hadn’t dedicated this much time to her appearance since the Yule Ball.
She had a date. A real one. Not a school dance, or going to some school event with Cormac to make Ron annoyed. 
This was an actual date, that she was asked to go on. With a boy!
Granted, Draco had put her in a position where saying no wasn’t an option. It was more of an order, after he used her throat, but that little detail aside, this was a large step for Hermione. 
She had always seen the idea of a date as a waste of time. Why go out when you could spend time in each other’s company, reading comfortably in the library. Harry and Ron told her she was the least romantic person they knew. She took it as a compliment. But now, she found herself fretting over appearance, trying to control her wild mane she called hair, checking her face for any blemishes, even making sure to push her bra up so that her breasts were perky and apparent. Hermione did not do anything half-assed, so if she was going on a date, she’d look the best she could. 
She realized how dreadfully plain her wardrobe was when she looked and didn’t see anything to would WOW anyone. She thought for a moment to ask one someone for something to wear, maybe Ginny had something with a little more flare to it. They were about the same build - though begrudgingly Hermione had to admit Ginny was a bit bustier than her. But then she thought better of it. After all, she was still trying to keep her...dynamic with Draco under wraps. Asking to borrow clothes would raise too many questions.
She hadn’t realized in her mania that the time was 10:10am, ten minutes after she said she’d be ready.
“Bugger!” She swore, as she threw on a pair of jeans and a jumper, and rushed out of the dormitory. In her hurry, she didn’t notice Draco standing at the entrance, bumping into him
nearly toppling over.
Draco caught himself, and brushed off the front of his shirt.
“You're late.” He said sternly. His tone caused her stomach to drop, and she frowned.
“I-I’m sorry. I swear I wasn’t standing you up or anything. I just didn’t have much to wear, and my hair is always and ordeal in itself, and-”
Draco placed two fingers in her lips, silencing her rambling. He looked as if he was trying to hold in laughter.
“Merlin Hermione, I was kidding.” He snorted. Hermione’s face burned a bit red. “You obviously need today. You’re wound tighter than an ashwinder”
“Oh stuff it Malfoy.” Hermione pouted.
“Let’s see how the date goes first.” Malfoy retorted slyly. Hermione opened her mouth to give some sort of witty remark, then thought better of it. “...What’s the plan for today anyway?”
“Not everything needs to have an itinerary, Granger.” Draco said, arching an eyebrow. “We'll go out, and have a good time. We’ll see where the day leads us.”
Hermione didn’t really like things without structure, but she figured she needed to loosen up a bit. She pushed down her tendency to try and control everything and sighed.
“Alright then. Let’s go have….a good time.
Hermione was initially skeptical about letting Draco take her to Hogsmeade. Her and Draco did not have a lot in common to say the least. Hell, he was a Slytherin so even the sorting hat decided on that, but she had to admit, she was having a great time. When Draco wanted to, he could be the perfect gentleman. Given his high-class upbringing, it shouldn't have been too much of a shock to Hermione, but Draco spent so much time being a little snot, his manners were never on the forefront. He held doors for her, fed her, didn’t allow her to pay for a thing - Hermione couldn’t deny it, the ferret was down right chivalrous. Hermione would never be considered a girly girl, but even she blushed and giggled as the blonded attended to her and treated her like a princess; it was nice. She fought the urge to take his hands as they walked the streets, or lean on his shoulder as they sat together at the Three Broomsticks Inn. She needed to keep a layer of aloofness to all of this. They weren’t dating. They were two acquaintances who happened to jump into each other’s beds...and beaches….and hallways...and the back of drinking establishments.
Hermione had lost track of time because before she knew it, it was the early  afternoon. Draco was carrying the various books and magical equipment he had bought her. She wanted the day to go longer, but she knew it was about time they headed back.
“Draco…” She said, stepping in front of him. “I’ve had a wonderful day, but do you think it’s time we head back?” 
He gave her a smirk. “Probably. Don’t think I can carry much more for you. But there’s one more place I wanted to visit.”
Hermione raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. One more store couldn’t hurt she supposed. She was surprised however when he led her to a store she didn’t remember being there last year.
Madame Malkin’s Luxury Clothes.
Madame Malkin was a staple of Diagon Alley. Hermione hadn’t known she expanded into Hogsmeade. A dark haired witch was sitting at the counter. She was wearing luxurious looking robes, which gave the name some credence. When she saw the pair, her eyes lit up.
“Welcome!” She said excitedly as she rounded the corner to greet the two. “Welcome to Madame Malkin’s Luxury Clothes. I’m Verona, madam in training. Please if there’s anything you need assistance with, let me know!” 
Hermione thought her excitement was a bit strange until she began to browse the store and saw the prices of everything. No wonder she was so glad to see them - no one else could afford to even window shop at this store.
“Malfoy,, this is all too much.” Hermione blurted. “A tie costs 20 Galleons for Merlin’s sake!”
“I can afford it.” Draco stated “Well, my parents can.” He added off-handedly.
“Draco, really. This is sweet but-”
“No buts.”
“HERMIONE.” He interrupted. “Have you considered that I WANT to take you out and spoil you? I mean, a boy can only spend so much on himself. Really, you don’t have to rationalize everything. Live a tad.”
Hermione wanted to have an argument against his point, but in reality she had none. He didn’t seem hung up on buying her things, so why should she be?”
“...I don’t know much about fashion.” She said after a moment. “I wouldn’t even begin to know what’s in style.”
“Don’t worry your bushy little head.” Draco said. “Luckily for you, I do.”
Draco pulled Hermione around the store, perusing the wares. If he saw something he liked for her, he grabbed it and threw it in her arms. By the time he was done, Hermione was barely able to hold the small mountain of clothes in her arms. Verona led them to the back of the store where the fitting room resided behind a curtain. The section was small, with 2 booths for changing, and a sitting area to wait.
“If you need anything else, just holler.” Verona said, before returning to the front.
Hermione felt a might out of place trying on all these expensive clothes he never thought of getting herself. Outside of special occasions, Hermione was quite the pragmatist with his clothing. No to the level of Harry or Ron, throwing on whatever ratty clothes from their hamper on, but she kept things simple, functional. These clothes were, well, luxurious. Expensive fabrics, intricate knits and patterns, FLASHY. She awkwardly tried them on, and presented herself to Draco. She was afraid he’d realize how ridiculous she looked in them, and laugh at her. But he would just smile, and tell her how good she looked in them. After a bit, Hermione began to get into the impromptu fashion show she was giving Draco, giving him a twirl or a pose. Draco just smiled wider, and continued to reign down praises on her. Hermione herself was beginning to appreciate the clothes. The skirts that were a bit shorter than she’d have picked, the blouses that were a bit more form fitting - she felt sexy.
After a half hour of going through the clothes, Hermione thought they were done.
“Well that’s everything?” She said. “Everything fits well enough. Are you ready to go?”
“That’s not quite everything.” He answered. He pulled a small package from his side, and handed it to her. Hermione looked down at it with an arched eyebrow, eyes widening at the realization of what it was.
“M-Malfoy!” She exclaimed, face going red. “This is highly inappropriate!”
“Inappropriate? Granger, yesterday you had my cock in your mouth in the Three Broomsticks. I’d say me giving you underwear is pretty tame.” He retorted, leaning back in his chair.
“T-this isn’t under wear. It’s lingerie.”
“Yes, it’s a bit more adventurous than your standard white panties.”
“And it’s GREEN.”
“The best color.”
“Look Hermione, if you don’t want it, that’s fine. I just think you’d look REALLY good in it.”
The way he purred his last words shot a bolt of excitement between Hermione’s legs. Well, Draco was footing the bill for everything. She wouldn’t get them, but what harm could it do to indulge him a bit.
She went back into the booth, stripped down completely. The underwear Draco had picked out was a Slytherin green pair of lace underwear with a push up bra to match, and a garter belt to attach to her stockings. She pulled it all on, having a bit of trouble with the garter never having worn one before. Once she was in it, she looked at herself in the mirror. She barely recognized herself. This wasn’t the bookworm Hermione. This was a sexy witch who apparently really could rock the color green.
“You alright in there?” Draco asked. She hadn’t realized she had been looking at herself for several minutes. She opened the curtain of the booth, and Draco’s breath hitched and his eyes widened. He knew it would look good on her, but he hadn’t anticipated her bein an absolute knockout. 
Hermione saw his reaction, and popped one hip out, resting her hand on it. A smug smile spread across her face. It was nice to know that she could make the prince of Slytherin speechless.
“How do I look?” She asked innocently. She gave a little spin, giving Draco a view of her barely covered arse in the lace. It took a moment for Draco’s brain to restart itself, and answer her.
“ really your color.” He said in a strangled voice. Hermione snorted back a bit of laughter, and moved a bit closer to him.
“That’s all you have to say?” She asked in a faux hurt voice. She didn’t get the opportunity to tease Draco a lot - he was always so in control. Watching him squirm a bit gave Hermione some very non-Gryffindor like pleasure. 
Draco however, did not respond to teasing well.
He suddenly grabbed her by her hips, and pulled her forward onto his lap, her legs straddling his waist. She gasped out, hands instinctively going to rest on his shoulders. Draco leaned his head forward, lapping his tongue out at Hermione’s pushed up cleavage.
“Draco!” She gasped as he lavished the skin of her breasts with his tongue. He began to grind his hips up into her, his clothed hardness rubbing against the thin material of the panties. “Draco...She’s...she’s right outside!” Hermione whispered harshly. Draco extracted his mouth from her breasts, just to attach it to the crook of her neck.
“I guess you’ll have to be quiet then.” He said between licking and biting at her neck. Hermione mewled helplessly as he continued to grind against her, one hand holding her hip, while the other went to her chest to roughly grope at her. Draco let his fingers trace over her nipple, causing Hermione to yelp out.
“Ma’am, did you need assistance?” Verona called from the front of the store. “I heard you call out.”
“N-no!” Hermione said urgently, slapping at Draco’s groping hands to little effect. “Just a bit of skin caught in a zipper. Draco stopped groping at Hermione’s breasts long enough to bring his hand between their crotches, and undo his pants. He adjusted himself so that his cock popped through his boxers, and rubbed against the fabric of the panties. The sensation felt just wonderful to Draco, especially with Hermione’s squirming to try and get off of his lap. Hermione was able to lift herself a few inches off Draco’s lap, which aided him more than helped her. He quickly hooked a finger under the fabric covering her slit, and moved it aside. With his hand still on her hip, he pulled her down, and thrust his hips up simultaneously, sinking her onto his cock.
Hermione moaned out, hands going to her mouth a second too late.
“Ma’am are you sure you’re alright?” Verona asked with a bit more concern in her voice. “If you want, I can-”
“No!” No, it's fine-” Hermione said, trying to control her voice as Draco ground her against him, and thrusted upwards into her cunt. She glared at him with a mix of hate and lust, and he just smirked back. 
“Well alright.” Verona responded. “I must run to the post office really quickly. I’ll be back in less than 10 minutes. Do feel free to grab more clothes to try on.”
“W-wait-” Hermione called out. The sound of the door opening and closing could be heard. 
They were alone.
Hermione looked at Draco, who had an absolutely predatory look on his face. 
“N-now wait just a moment-” Hermione tried. She was cut off by one of Draco’s hands burying itself in her bushy hair, and pulling her head back harshly. Hermione hissed out as Draco began to bounce her on his cock without a care in the world.
True to her word, Verone returned to the store after nine minutes and forty-eight seconds. Draco and Hermione exited the fitting are right as she walked through the door. Hermione was back in her normal clothes, but they looked as if they were hastily placed on, in a state of disarray. Her hair was also a mess, and she had a light sheen of sweat on her face.
“Find everything to your liking?” Verona asked politely.
“Oh absolutely.” Draco said cheerily. Hermione gave him a glare as she hobbled to the counter with all the clothes in hand.
“All right, let me ring you up.” Verona took all the clothes, and neatly folded and bagged them. “Alright, you’re looking at close 200 hundred Galleons, and 12 sickles for the clothes, plus a four galleon fee-”
“Fee?” Draco asked, raising an eyebrow. “I’m spending 200 Galleons here. What fee could you possibly add on?”
“It’s fee.” Verona said, looking between the students knowingly. Draco’s composure for a moment faltered, as his ears took a slight pink coloring. Hermione had her face buried in her hands, completely beet red.
“Erm...yes, the fee.” Draco said sheepishly. “Here, this should cover everything.”
Draco and Hermione took the bags and rushed out of the store, like two children with their hands caught in a cookie jar.
“Come back anytime.” Verona called after them.

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