The Issue of Mine Enemy

BY : PerfesserN
Category: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female
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Chapter 2

Name: PerfesserN

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Title: Family Issue

Summary: Mad Eye begins to train Harry, something happens between Harry
and Bellatrix that she does not expect

Categories: Drama, romance, dubious consent

Pairings: Bellatrix/Harry, Harry/Marietta, Bellatrix/Harry/Marietta

Author’s Note: The organization I’ve envisioned here is similar to the National Guard in that it is called out in the event of a national emergency.

Chapter 2 – Are You Real?

Harry was tired. Mad Eye Moody had entered his morning like the Regimental Sergeant Major he was. Alastor Moody had retired from the Ministry’s Auror Corps, but he was still very active in the Avalon Regiment, the training ground for the military arm of the Auror Corps. Avalon Regiment was under the titular command of the Ministry of Magic, but in time of war answered to the Monarch of the day, that is to say Elizabeth Regina II. When the magic world needed troops, they called on Avalon, their ‘Minutemen’ in times of crisis.

The fact was that Alastor Moody had been praying for just such an opportunity and he took his commission to train Harry with the same enthusiasm that Moses took his commission from the burning bush. The first thing Mr. Moody had set Harry to had been conditioning drills. Run, drop and roll, get up and run some more. Then things got really interesting as Mr. Moody had also enlisted the help of several of his auror friends. Harry learned several things that first day of training: he learned the difference between cover and concealment; he learned that the muscles needed to play Quidditch were different from the muscles needed for combat. He learned that there was no such thing as a fair fight, the winner was the mage still standing when it was all over. He learned that just because an opponent was down didn’t mean he was out and he learned that Mr. Moody enjoyed pain; other people’s pain. He knew that the rest of the summer was going to be sheer hell and he was grateful.

Harry went to bed without supper that night, unless four aspirins and half a liter of water counted as supper. He slept like a baby until just past midnight.

Maybe it was the ache of his hitherto unused muscles, maybe it was because he had gone to bed a little earlier that night he was restive; but whatever the reason he was more awake when his muscles locked up on this occasion. He felt her presence again; the sounds of silk gliding across skin, the smells of sandalwood and musk, the feel of warm soft skin against skin, the soft brush of dark hair and luminescent eyes seemed more vivid tonight than any time before. A voice that would make an ascetic betray his vows.

“I may not see you again darling, so we must be very thorough tonight. Let us begin.”

She pulled the sheet down to his feet and tugged the elastic of his shorts down to mid-thigh so that he was completely exposed. She straddled him as she had the night before but this time she swayed back and forth, forward and back stroking him with her soft dark hair as though she were marking him with invisible pigment and her luxurious hair was the brush.

She used her naked body to caress his, wallowing in his scent; trying to capture the essence of him for future fantasies. She climaxed over and over again rubbing off on his abdomen, his thighs his erect member, before even beginning to take him into herself. She especially liked surrounding his erect cock with her vaginal folds, she practically gushed from her arousal. She could trap his erection between their bodies and slide back and forth along his length rubbing her sensitive clit the whole length of his fleshy pole.

As Bellatrix was losing herself in the sheer sensuality of the moment something was happening insider her. Some of Harry's little swimmers from their encounter two days prior had traversed the watery mucus of her ovulating cervix and entered her uterus. Undulations of her uterine wall had helped the sperm reach the left fallopian tube. Cilia in the lining of the tube had modified the sperm before releasing it to the egg. A combination of magic and chemistry allowed the egg to select one lucky swimmer which was allowed to deliver its precious cargo – twenty-three chromosomes of pure Harry. The twenty-three chromosomes that were pure Bellatrix approached those of Harry forming the classic yin-yang pattern understood by all Asian philosophers. The single cell that was the egg began to divide. What had been the egg was now an embryo.

At that point several things began to happen. The forming embryo affected an embryonic link between mother and father. That link, more ancient and stronger by far than any bond formed by man or wizard, took the dark link between Bellatrix and Voldemort and subdued it. That done, the link solidified between Bellatrix and Harry forming a rudimentary bond that did not allow one mage’s magic to be used against the other; the body bind holding Harry was released. Harry wrapped his arms around his dream lover for the first time, and also, for the first time, initiated a deep soulful penetrating kiss pouring out his need, his desire for his mate. She felt an overpowering craving to be as close to him as possible and took him into herself as before but this time Harry rolled her onto her back putting her in the submissive position as he began the intimate dance of the ages to consummate their bond. His engorged organ, all twenty centimeters of it was just the vanguard of the pure sensuality being unleashed from a boy that had known no physical love, no intimacy for the nearly seventeen years of his life. I was a magic he had never known, it was a magic of a type the Dark Lord knew naught.

Harry pulled his throbbing organ almost completely out of her wet folds, then smoothly slid it back in so that their pubic bones touched, then pulled out again, repeating the motion so that with every stroke Bellatrix would feel his entire length and girth. After nine or ten long luxurious strokes he slammed into her a dozen quick times before slowing again, repeating the cycle, slow dozen, fast dozen followed by them both pushing their pubic regions together trying to force an even closer physical connection.

Bellatrix climaxed during each set of stokes or two, each pinnacle higher than the last until she was screaming her release. Later she was thankful that she’d had the presence of mind to cast a silencing charm on the room, otherwise the neighbors, not to mention the Dursleys would have known that murder was taking place in the littlest bedroom at Number Four.

A short time later as she lay there, completely sated, Harry mirrored her ministrations from earlier, worshiping her body with his lips, his fingers and his tongue. Bellatrix thought she knew about all things sensual and carnal, what she wasn’t prepared for was the depth of emotion this young man has stirred within her. She felt that she could die in his arms and for the first time in her miserable existence, she would be truly happy.

“Are you real?” she asked, lost in the depths of his green eyes reflected in the moonlight.

“Are you real?” he asked, sinking into her unbelievably large, dark orbs.

“If you are, please stay.”

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