The Issue of Mine Enemy

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Chapter 28 – Spiders Flee
Before It


Harry, Belle and Marietta redirected their wand lights toward the ceiling of the chamber. 


The ceiling was alive with
multilegged creatures with multiple multifaceted eyes.


The acromantulae had found
a new home.


The three humans were
welcome guests.


Welcome for dinner.


“Harry would ye be knowin’
any good spells t’use against really big spiders?” Marietta asked, her Irish
accent coming to the fore an indicator of how nervous she was.


“Steady now, yes I do but it
only works against one at a time.”


“How about an inflamare?”
Belle offered.


“We’ll keep that one in mind”
Harry said, remembering that a ring of fire had protected him and Dumbledore
from the inferi just a few months before.  The only problem with that plan was
that the spiders would drop on them from the ceiling, they would have to keep a
wall of fire on three sides and that would use up most of the oxygen in the
chamber before it could renew itself.


“All right now, back into the
mouth of the statue, nice and slow, keep an eye out for sudden movement,


A large acromantula had
dropped from the ceiling, Harry’s cutting spell sliced it from tip to tip, the
two halves quivered on the ground in front of them.


The three mages backed
through the knee deep water then sidled into the open mouth just as three more
acromantulae dropped from the ceiling three diffindos followed by an inflamare
left the arachnid pieces smoldering at the mouth of the statue.  The humans
slipped inside, the spiders waited outside, they were in no hurry; they had
food enough for a while thanks to their more fool hardy brothers and sisters.


“I’m going to close the
mouth” Harry told his ladies, then in parseltongue whispered *close.*


As the mouth closed a
candelabra flared to life giving soft but substantial light to the room.


“Belle, Marie, can I get you
to stay here while I make sure these rooms are clear?”


He saw the determined looks
in their eyes as they both brought their wands to a ready position.


“Never mind, okay, Marie, you
watch left and above, I’ll take right and above and Belle,”


“I’ll cover your rear, oh
yes” she vamped.


He chuckled “you’re
incorrigible, please don’t ever change.”


There were several rooms set
up for various functions, a potions lab, a library, one comfortable bedroom
with a large bed one smaller room with a one person sized bunk.  A larder, a
loo and a washroom with a large footed tub, all fed off a long passageway that
seemed to go into a hole in the floor.


“Belle, can you please
transfigure a grate to go across that hole, I’d like to avoid any surprises.”


“Done, m’lord” and it was
with a cross hatch movement of her wand the hole was screened against anything
larger than a blue bottle fly.


“If you would do the same for
the air vents in the rooms please?”


“Of course.”


And none too soon it seemed
for a large hairy acromantula was even then trying to fit through the vent in
the master bedroom.  Marie’s reductor curse was so violent that the giant
arthropod was literally smeared back through the vent.  All three scourgified
the duct so that the remains inside wouldn’t begin to putrefy.


They blocked and warded all
of the possible entries, even the plumbing before settling in to plan their
escape.  The three of them were resting in the study when Belle let out a small


Both young aurors were on
their feet, wands at the ready when they say that Harry’s bondmate was
shrieking at or because of a book.  Harry groaned, Belle it seemed, was
channeling Hermione.


“What have you found?” he


“This is Salazar Slytherin’s
personal diary – look”


Salazar’s writing was small
and precise, it almost looked typeset it was so neat.  He was it seems, quite
the calligrapher.


“It is the nine hundredthe
and ninety seventhe year by the common reckoning, the end of a millennia.” 
Salazar wrote “the dvarfes hath done fine fashioning the chamber; it shall be
our secret, the dvarfes and mine.  Vorke continues apace on the castle above
our students shall have a place of safety to become learned and groe in their


“He wrote this” Belle said
with reverence “just before the school was completed a thousand years ago.”


A later entry from the diary
“the egg hath hatched, the egg of a chicken incubated by a toade hath rendered
a serpent, a basiliske that only I or one of mine heirs can master. The eight
legged beasties of the forest shall not enter this sacred place of learning.”


“Don’t you see m’lord?  Lord
Slytherin never meant the basilisk to harm anyone at Hogwarts regardless of
blood status; its commission was to keep the acromantulae away from the
castle.  The basilisk was subverted by that half-blood bastard who calls
himself ‘winged death.’  So a guardian of the castle became a monster instead.”


“And if I had understood my
gift earlier, I could have reasoned with it, maybe I could have kept it alive
to continue its work here.”  That revelation made Harry think long and hard
about rushing into any circumstance when he didn’t have enough information.


“Yeah” Marietta said “and
there would have been no army of spiders between us and the exit either. . .” 
She stopped talking as Harry and Belle both snapped their heads in her
direction as if struck by the same thought at the same time.  Of course they
did, they were bonded; they literally did have the same thoughts at the same


“Why not?” they both said.


“Certainly worth a try!”
Harry agreed.

He held out his sleeve and
spoke in parseltongue with the little boa.


“Marie, Belle, come with me
to the end of the corridor.”


The three of them moved to
the grated hole in the floor, where Belle removed the grid. 


Harry sat against the wall
and began his relaxation exercise so that Belle could access his thoughts


“All right, m’lord.”


“Harry, just Harry please.”


“All right, my Lord Harry, I
can see the basilisk in your mind now let me see if I can speak to Iris.”


*Irisss, can you help usss?*


*What would you have me do?*


*There are many
ssspidersss outside that want to harm usss, make usss food


*That isss the way of
thingsss, we eat or we are food


*Would you not rather eat
than be eaten


*I am sssmall*


*I can make you great and
terrible to the ssspidersss, and they can be food for you


*You will do thisss for me?*


*If you will allow it,


*I will allow*


Belle pulled the details of the
images from Harry’s mind, the size, texture, smell, sounds, and even the pain
of the venom in the basilisk fangs and began the biggest transfiguration
project of her life.


Late that afternoon the
remaining staff members reported seeing hundreds of acromantulae of all sizes
literally boil up from the ground and run into the forbidden forest as if the
spider’s vision of the devil had been visited upon them.  Many of the smaller
(merely dog sized) spiders were trampled by the larger (hippo sized) arachnids
as they all ran in a blind panic away from the castle.


Dekaliters of fresh
acromantula venom were collected that day, much to Horace Slughorn’s delight.


A new guardian of the castle
patrolled the hidden chambers and sub-subbasements of the school ensuring that
there would be no spider infestation in the castle itself for the next few
hundred years.


The sun had long set before
Harry and his ladies emerged from the chamber looking drawn and exhausted.


“Was it my imagination or
were there more steps coming up than there were going down?” Belle groused.


“No, ooph” Harry said as
Marietta elbowed him in the side, they were fresh out of training and Belle
wasn’t yet used to the exercise, “oh yeah, well, coming back up was all uphill
and going down was all, y’know, down.”


Marietta rolled her eyes.


“It’s all right Marie, I know
what he’s thinking and he’s right, I do need to be in better shape, I will
begin training with you as soon as we get back to base, but now I believe
there’s a Prefect’s bathroom near here somewhere?”


“It’s um, on the sixth floor.
. .” Harry almost quailed at Marietta’s withering glance.


Belle just groaned, “let’s go
then shall we, but I want a thorough massage when we get there, and I mean


Her voice lowered a whole
octave when she said “thorough” such that Harry was tempted to just pick her up
and carry her up the four flights of steps, but she did need to get into shape
and steps were great for that.


“Harry, please wait, just a
moment” the ethereal voice of Moaning Myrtle called out.  The ghost drifted
down from the high window where she had been sitting and touched down on in
front of the trio.  She couldn’t bring herself to look directly at any of them
so she picked at her ethereal skirt as she asked “can you ever forgive me? 
I’ve been so alone for so long that I go a little, you know, crazy here and I
took it out on you, and you were right of course and I’m so, so sorry.” Her
remorse was palpable, and as deep as her regret was, it was eclipsed by her
loneliness.  She started to drift toward the ceiling “You won’t have to see me
anymore, I won’t bother you again, when I see you I’ll just fade away.”


Harry’s inane sense of
empathy kicked in.  He thought about the young girl’s spirit having to exist in
plumbing for five decades, ridiculed in death as she had been in life, and felt
for the girl ghost.  “Please wait, Myrtle, I think I understand now, and it’s
all right.  I’d hate it if any of my friends started to avoid me over an honest


“Friends” she whispered, as
though the sound of it was foreign to her, “are we friends Harry?”


“I’d like to consider you my
friend Myrtle, if that’s all right with you.”


Myrtle began to weep silver
tears again but this time they were tears of gratitude.  Marie and Belle were
moved as well.  Belle had an epiphany that she shared with Harry over their
bond.  He smiled and nodded his agreement.  Belle stepped up to the sad little
ghost hovering just above the stone floor and said, “Myrtle, we’re just going
up to the prefect’s bath, if you’d like to . . . join us?”


Myrtle’s ghostly eyes grew
wide behind her spectacles and she said “oh, that’s so naughty, I mean, I just
. . . couldn’t . . . could I?”


Belle took off out the door
like a shot and called back over her shoulder “last one there is a rotten
basilisk’s egg!”


Harry and Marietta looked at
each other and smiled; gave Myrtle a ‘come along’ gesture and took off yelling
“hey, no fair getting a head start!”


Myrtle squealed and dove into
the nearest sink to follow the pipes up.


When the two teens arrived at
the prefect’s bath the door was shut and Belle was nowhere to be seen, Marietta looked up and down the sixth floor corridor and called out “Belle?”

She was getting concerned
until she saw Harry smirk, “she’s in with Myrtle, our little ghost girl gave
her the password and Belle's waiting for us to come in.”


“Well, what is the password?”
she asked, slightly exasperated.


Harry’s smirk grew to become
an evil grin as he sent over the bond, “whatever you do milady, don’t think of
saying the password, don’t even think about the password, and don’t tell me the
password is . . .”


“Sandalwood; damn it Harry, I
couldn’t not think of ‘sandalwood’ with you putting to me like that!”


“Sandalwood” he said aloud
and the door unlocked for them.  Belle was still dressed in her emerald green
dress and white chemise, but the lacings were undone so that she could slip it
off easily.  She was puttering about with the towels laying them out on the
floor to form soft cushions on the cold stone floor and had set warming charms
to heat them; she had already set the many taps to fill the swimming pool sized
bath.  A pleasant, fragrant haze drifted up from the water that the three
corporeal people in the room found very relaxing.  Myrtle seemed very calm
herself as she drifted alongside Belle while they whispered together.


“You could easily have been
in Slytherin, m’lord” she said, good humor crinkling her eyes.


“He is smart enough to be in
Ravenclaw as well, milady” Marietta rejoined “just too bloody noble to be
anywhere but Griffindor.”


“More like stubborn,
actually” he added, “seeing as ‘floppy’ wanted to put me in Slytherin.”


“Floppy?” Marietta asked.


“The Sorting Hat” Belle
answered for him, “that’s what Harry calls the Sorting Hat.”


“Tell me love, when will I be
able to read your mind as well?”


“You’re already a pretty good
occlumens; legilimens should be fairly easy for you.”


“Or you could do the same
thing I did” Belle said with her Mona Lisa smile.


“We’ll have graduated from
auror training by the end of this month, and I’m not going to renew the
contraceptive charm” she looked at Harry with real longing in her eyes “unless
you’d rather not . . . ?”


“How could I say no to those
beautiful brown eyes?  But could we wait until Riddle has been escorted to ‘the
next great adventure’ first?  I want our children to grow up in a
Voldemort-free world.”


Marietta went weak in the
knees to hear Harry talk about having children with her, she knew he wanted a
family, a Weasley sized brood to cherish; and the fact that he wanted her to be
the mother of his children made her eyes fill with happy tears.


“Riddle?” Myrtle mused “I
knew a Riddle when I was still attending classes” apparently, like most ghosts
Myrtle didn’t refer to being alive, but rather referred to doing things the
living did “I think he was a Slytherin prefect.”


“Myrtle, please join us over
here for a moment” Harry said, and he gestured for her and his ladies to sit on
the soft, warm towels.


“Myrtle, you do know what,
um, got you, right?”


“Oh yes, I found out when you
killed it, it was a basilisk.”


“Do you know who set the
basilisk on you in the first place?”


“No, I never found out.”


“It was Tom Riddle.”


“Oh” the ghost said in a very
small ethereal voice, “do you know why?”


“I can’t say for sure, but I
think it was because you were muggle born; and, unfortunately because you
happened to be the ‘mudblood’ in the bathroom just as the basilisk was emerging
from the opening of the Chamber of Secrets” Harry’s pained expression was apologetic
“as far as Riddle was concerned it was perfect.”


“Did he hate me so much?”


“He hated, and still hates
all who are muggle-born, anyone who isn’t ‘pure blood’” Belle offered.


“Still hates?  He’s still
walking about?”


“Yes, Myrtle, he is, he’s Lord


“Will you please excuse me,”
the little ghost asked “I think I have someone to haunt . . .”


Belle cried out “No Myrtle,
don’t go!”


“Why not?” she spat back,
rising about half a meter into the air “I can go wherever water flows; that makes
precious few places I can’t go so I can and I will find him.  What can he do to
me he hasn’t already done?  It’s not like he can kill me again – can he?”


“Oh Myrtle, he’s had nearly
sixty years of experience dealing with vengeful spirits, he’s killed hundreds
of people, perhaps thousands, so he deals with ghosts everyday; he can make you
suffer, he can rob you of your afterlife!  I’ve seen him set a dementor on a
ghost and it shred that poor spirit until nothing was left.  I remember him
laughing at its misery and despair!  It would break my heart to know that he
hurt you; please don’t go.  Stay with us, help us to destroy him!”


The little ghost was overcome
by Belle’s genuine concern and her voice was filled with emotion as she said
“No one has ever, and I mean ever cared about me, not in the children’s
home where I was raised, not in school, certainly not since.”


“We care Myrtle, and after
tomorrow, when we’ve killed off a few stray dark soul pieces we’ll be that much
closer to putting paid to Riddle’s accounts.”


“Oh I hope I’m somewhere
nearby when that happens, I’ll be happy to escort him to his afterlife!”


“I don’t think he’s bound for
the same place you are Myrtle” Harry stated as if it were an immutable fact.


“Actually, he is.  I can’t
tell you how I know this but the next great adventure is the same destination
for everyone, but not the same destiny.  I don’t know why, but it’s so much
clearer for me now, it’s like heaven for one person is like the fiery pit to
someone else.  We’re going to the same place, but for the truly evil it is
punishment indeed.”


They all pondered what Myrtle
was saying when Belle stood and announced “I’m going in for a dip, who’s
joining me?”


Harry and Marietta scrambled
to their feet and Myrtle drifted to hers.  The three corporal beings began to
remove each other’s clothing with practiced efficiency as the ghost girl began
to blush a brilliant blue around her cheeks.


“No need to be embarrassed,
Myrtle, you don’t have to undress and you can always turn your back if you
don’t want to see this” Belle soothed.


“I know, but I really want
to, um, join in; but I’ve never, y’know . . .”


Myrtle seemed to solidify
just a bit as she stood on the floor, her expression one of pure determination,
and began to undress, first her Hogwart’s jacket, followed by the starched
white blouse revealing a lacey looking bra that seemed to have points on the
cones, she unbuttoned then unzipped her ghostly grey skirt and let it fall to
the ground revealing high-waist pants of the type worn by girls in the mid to
late 1940s.  She stood in her white bra and knickers, knee-socks and loafers
waiting as the living stripped down to their skins.


“Oh my, you have no hair
‘down there.’”


“No we charmed it off, except
for Belle, who keeps just a small thatch above her -”


“I see Harry, I see” then she
giggled “and I see Harry and Harry isn’t hairy!”


“Cute Myrtle” he grinned,
appreciating the ghost’s attempt humor.  He stepped into the bath and helped Marietta in as well.  Just as he was about to offer a hand to Belle he heard her yell
“Woooo Hoooooo!” and watched her cannonball into the middle of the bath.  She
stood laughing a sputtering, much as Marietta had the day before, this time it
was Harry’s turn to roll his eyes.


Myrtle was bent over double laughing,
she hadn’t had this much fun since, well, ever!


The trio in the bath
frolicked and splashed for quite a while before settling in for a nice soak
where they gravitated together in a nice three-way hug.  They began to exchange
tender kisses that became more passionate by the minute, Myrtle caught Harry’s
eye as she removed her bra, which was apparently two sizes too large for her
tiny “A” cups and peeled out of her knickers and socks and shoes.  She neatly
folded her ghostly garments and placed them on a shelf.  She stood straight and
Harry could see what no man had ever seen before, a nude Myrtle.  He liked the
darkening puffy blue areole and her waspish waist which flared to form full
hips.  Her pubic region sported a downy thatch that obscured her mound.  Some
would call her bottom-heavy but Harry though her shape suited her.  Harry
removed his arm from around Belle and invited Myrtle to join them.


She did a very convincing job
of stepping into the water, although the water was not displaced has she had no
mass to speak of as she glided over to the inviting trio.


“I’d better not” she said
sadly “I know ectoplasm is very cold to the living and I don’t want to spoil
the moment.”


Harry and the ladies would
have none of it and moved to where Myrtle stood in the chest-deep water.  They
gathered her into their embrace and although it was cold they drew warmth from
each other as they gave some to the ghost.


Harry felt his todger begin
to react to the chill – things really do get smaller in the cold – and kissed
the closest living face, which happened to be Marietta's.  She placed the head
of his flagging member near her warm opening and deepened the kiss while rubbing
his gland with her folds to let him know she was already wet enough for him to
enter.  To emphasize the fact she hooked her left leg, and then her right
around his waist so that all she had to do was press down to feel his cock
enter her hungry pussy.


Ghosts are incorporeal
beings, but very strong stimuli, strong smells, sweaty bodies and teen hormones
are very powerful indeed because as Harry entered Marietta, Myrtle gasped as
she felt a sympathetic touch along her ghostly entrance, it was almost as if
she were being penetrated along with Marietta, and for the first time since her
death, Myrtle moaned not in sorrow, but in pleasure.


Belle moved in behind Marietta to help support her in the water as Harry began to pump with more vigor “move
closer” she whispered to the ghost girl and Myrtle was only too happy to
comply.  As Marietta began to climax Myrtle felt an irresistible pull and
suddenly Harry was holding her, kissing her, fucking the daylights out of her
and she was screaming her climax into his wide open mouth.  As she began to
settle down to a post orgasmic bliss she slid out of Marietta and literally
floated on air coming to a rest on the surface of the water.


Marietta, for her part looked
like she was equally boneless.


“Goddess I love this man” she


“Amen sister” Myrtle sighed.


Marietta’s eyes snapped open,
“Myrtle?” she thought to herself.


“Um hum, um, yes?” the ghost
said aloud.


“You can ‘hear’ me?” Marietta thought in her direction.


“Yes, why?” the ghost asked.


“Because I’m not speaking,
I’m only thinking” the girl replied.


“Myrtle’s ghostly eyes
snapped open and she stared back at the couple who were still, well, coupled.


The ghost drifted back to
them, and looked at Marietta curiously, but didn’t speak as Harry was beginning
to pump again and it was her turn to ride the climax.


His breathing became more
pronounced as though he were looking for that second wind and he began to feel
that familiar tightening in his scrotum that meant he was about to shoot when
Myrtle felt that same pull, but this time she was pulled into him as he began
to empty himself into his lover.  This time Marietta was in front of Myrtle and
she could feel ‘her’ cock inside the girl as all three of them began to scream
their completion, echoing around the Prefect’s bathroom for what seemed like an


As before, as the body she
was ‘visiting’ began to come down from its climax Myrtle simply drifted out, in
a post orgasmic fog. 


Harry and Marietta began to
chuckle as they shared the moment, “visiting?”


“Well” Myrtle smirked “I think
‘visiting’ sounds so much nicer than ‘possessing,’ don’t you?” she sighed a
sigh of utter and complete contentment “I’m the first person since Teiresias to
know how it feels to love as a man and a woman, and to think, until today I was
a virgin!”


“Glad to have that out of the
way?” Belle smirked.


“You have no idea” Myrtle
sighed, “I’m not complaining mind you, but I don’t understand why I was drawn
into you just now, I mean here in the prefect’s bathroom alone there have been
hundreds of Hogwart's students having sex – really, you wouldn’t believe who I’ve
seen in here bumpin’ uglies!”


“That’s just it, dear, all
those others were having sex, but we were making love, I promise you there’s a
difference, oh yes, vive le difference!” Belle sang as she moved in front of
Harry and began stroking him.


Marietta added “and you were
invited, I’m sure that’s important too.”


“Milord, please lie down on
the edge here, there’s something I’ve been dying to try.”


“Hey” Myrtle quipped, “no
dying metaphors around the ghost!”


“Myrtle, did you just make a funny?”


“Well, yeah, I am a little
out of practice.”


“No, really, that was good”
Harry said encouragingly as he lay on the edge of the pool, “now what were you
– erp!”


The ‘erp’ was his reaction to
having his entire cock completely engulfed by his bondmate all the way back to
her throat; he could feel her petite nose on his scrotum.  She began to bob
back and forth taking his entire length from tip to base so that she could feel
his glans in her esophagus.  As she moved faster and faster he could feel his
balls tighten and he wanted to warn her when she suddenly stopped, pulled away
and walked to the shallow end where the water was only knee-deep.  She spread
her feet just more than shoulder length apart and bent over at the waist
placing her elbows on the edge of the pool. 


She looked over her shoulder
at Harry, lying there with a blue-steel boner and gave him a ‘come hither’ jerk
of the head.


You would have thought he had
apparated there he was so fast.  He could see by the way her pussy glistened
that she needed no foreplay, but he was too much the gentle man to not make
sure she was ready for him, so he knelt down and placed his mouth on her hot
wet entrance and teased it open with his tongue.


“Oh Harry My Lord,” she
gasped “I’m never going to let you go you jewel!”


When he was satisfied that
Belle was more than ready he placed his cock at her steaming entrance and
started to penetrate, then pulled out and said “Myrtle?”


The ghost girl squealed and
practically dove into Belle.  Myrtle/Belle straightened her arms so that she
would be a bit more comfortable when Harry started sliding in and out.  She
gasped as he entered her and with one long stroke bottomed out, then pulled
almost completely out to stroke in again, and again and again, faster now, but
still slow enough to feel every centimeter as he plumbed her depths, stroking,
stroking, stroking in and out, in and out. 


Harry could feel that
Belle/Myrtle was enjoying this but could make it better if they were on a nice
cushion somewhere.  They all looked at the towels and agreed non-verbally that
that was the place to be.  Harry reluctantly pulled out so that he could take
his lover(s) by the hand to where the soft towels were laid out on the floor. 
Myrtle/Belle lay face down on the towels and lifted her bum so that Harry could
place a rolled up towel under her.  She spread her legs again and he gratefully
re-entered her hot, wet tunnel, made even wetter by anticipation.  He brought
her legs together and began sawing in and out of her; the added pressure of her
closed legs adding even more sensation for both of them.  She mentally urged
him to go faster and harder and he happily complied.  Soon their sweaty bodies
were slap, slap, slapping as all three of them rocketed to a mind blowing
climax.  Myrtle’s and Belle's voices converged as they shrieked their
completion, Harry easily as loud as the two of them as he emptied his seed into


“Goddess, you’ve killed me
again” Myrtle moaned as she drifted out of Belle.


“But what a way to go” Belle murmured.


“Can we just sleep here
tonight?” Harry asked.


Marietta transfigured a tall
stack of towels into a king sized futon and some sheets.  Then cast an
inflamare so that the fireplace filled with dancing flames adding warmth and a
comfortable glow to the bath room.


“Come t’bed my beloveds” she
said “we’ve a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”


“One more dip in the bath,
then I seem to remember promising someone a massage.”


“Have I told you lately that
I love you m’lord?”  Belle asked dreamily.


Myrtle sighed basking in the
afterglow and thanked all three for the most perfect day of her afterlife.




In Salazar Slytherin’s
journal I tried to give the impression of a language related to, but far
removed from our own.  Anyone who has read (or has tried to read) Beowulf in
the original Old English will appreciate just how much the language has

Teiresias is a character from
Greek Mythology, an oracle who was a man who had spent seven years of his life
magically transformed into a woman, so he had a unique perspective in that he
had experienced sex as both.  Zeus and Hera were arguing one day about which
partner enjoyed sex more, the man or the woman, so they asked Teiresias, who
admitted that women got much more enjoyment from sex.  Hera, spiteful goddess that
she is, struck him blind.  Zeus gave him the gift of prophecy and blessed him
with longevity.

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