The Education of Hannah Abbott

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STORY TITLE: The Education of Hannah Abbott


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SUMMARY: Hannah Abbott learned a lot more than just magic during her time in Hogwarts. Follow her as she prepares for her Marriage on her 18th Birthday.

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The Leaky Cauldron

August 14th, 1998

7:30 am


Hannah Abbott woke up that morning, in her rented room at the Leaky Cauldron, in a state of nervous excitement. This was it, her 18th birthday, and now she was going to find out who she was going to be marrying! Her appointment to meet her future husband was at Gringotts at 9:30 am, and she had decided that she would take a room in Diagon Alley the night before so she didn't have to rush to get there.


She had known, since she was 11 years old, that there was a line continuation contract that would activate on her 18th birthday if her father didn't have a son by then, but he told her not to worry about it, because he and her mother were still trying all the time. He had laughed at her blush, and said that she would understand in a few years. He said that he knew who it was with, but the magic of the contract prevented him from telling anybody, in case, for whatever reason it failed to activate.


Hannah had gone off to Hogwarts and been sorted into Hufflepuff with her best friend Susan, and her first couple of years had been fun, except for the whole Heir of Slytherin thing, where she had been convinced that Harry Potter was the Heir. She was still embarrassed about that, even if he had accepted her apology for it. She chuckled to herself, things certainly had changed, she and Harry could no more embarrass each other than Ron Weasley could pass up a free meal, after the time they spent together during the Tri-Wizard Tournament and afterward.


Hannah smiled at the memories, holding onto the hope that Harry was the one she was contracted to. They both know it's a possibility, but he wouldn't know for certain unless he was the one Gringotts notified after she arrived. It was frustrating, but the Goblins stuck to the letter of their contracts, and could care less if it inconvenienced anybody who wasn't a Goblin!


Cho had offered to let her stay with them the night before, but, even though her parents were well aware of how close she was to Harry and his wives, her mother had insisted that it wouldn't be 'proper' for her to spend the night with another man, and just didn't feel like arguing about it.


She still remembered being scared when her mother had taken her aside over the Yule holiday her Third Year to let her know that the contract was going to be activating, that the healers had told her and Hannah's father that they would not be able to have any more children. Hannah had accepted that calmly, but then her mother had explained what she knew about the particulars of the contract. She didn't know who it was with either, but the contract was quite clear on the sort of 'wifely duties' would be required if her husband desired it, in addition to bearing the Abbott Heir.


She had just barely avoided rolling her eyes at the way her mother phrased it. She knew damn well that her mum and dad still shagged each other stupid every chance they got, so why did her mum have to make it sound like sex was an imposition? She doubted she would ever understand her.


The majority of the 'duties' didn't bother her at all, she'd seen and heard enough in the dorms to know that things like giving him oral, or being with any other wives were considered normal to her. It was one item that really intrigued her, because she'd never even considered the possibility that somebody would want to bugger her!


Of course, once her mother had made her aware of the possibility, her mind wouldn't let the idea go, and she found the whole idea fascinating. She'd even convinced her mother to let her look through the 'boudoir spells' as she called them, to see if there were spells related to it. She'd been amazed at the variety of spells for all different things she found, but she had focused on the spells that would prepare her, if her husband wanted to take her that way.


She didn't tell her mother that she had actually dreamed about it that night, and when she woke, the dream was still on her mind, and she ended up biting her pillow to muffle her screams of pleasure as she fingered herself furiously. She still blushed at the memory of working three fingers into her arse while her other hand was pumping into her pussy!


Unfortunately, even as eager as she was to try it, her mother had explained that the contract would cost her her magic if she let any man penetrate her who wasn't the one she was contracted to before she gave birth to the Heir. It was a requirement to ensure that the Abbott Heir was actually fathered by the person in the contract. There were times over the next few years, especially after she really got to know Harry, that Hannah cursed the limitations of the contract, but even at her most frustrated she didn't try and violate it, she didn't want to risk her magic!


But now the wait was almost over! Hannah still was having a hard time believing that she wouldn't be a virgin by the time the sun set that night! She was a little nervous about it, but her husband to be would have been informed of the clause in the contract that ensured she hadn't opened her legs to another man.


At least she wasn't totally without experience, no girl who graduated Hogwarts was, since the Founders had ensured that all the students, once they reached their Fourth Year started having their 'tension' relieved. And wasn't that a surprise after exams at the end of Third Year?


Hearing the alarm chime, she saw that it was almost eight o'clock, so she rolled out of bed and hurried to the bathroom to take a shower, and prepare herself for the meeting and afterward. She took some extra time on her grooming, including trimming her lush brown curls into a neat triangle, not knowing if her future husband (and please let it be Harry!) wanted her to be completed shaved or not.


She smiled uncertainly as she examined her nude body in the mirror of her room at the Leaky Cauldron. She knew she wasn't a classic beauty, but her skin was clear and smooth. She reached up and cupped her breasts, they were still nicely firm and perky, even if they weren't the largest, but they were just fine for her small frame. She knew that her body didn't compare to some of the other girls in her year, like Susan or Lavender Brown, but it was a decent body, at least she thought so. And certainly none of the boys in Hufflepuff had complained about the size of her boobs when it was her turn to provide service.


Well, Zach Smith had made the mistake of making a rude comment about her figure when they were in Fourth year, but he only did it one time, since she had grabbed his nadgers and given them a twist, and he didn't say anything for quite a while. It would have been difficult for him to talk anyway, since he was curled up in a ball on the common room floor whimpering until Cedric had stunned him and dumped him on his bed. The girls in the common room had all applauded her, nobody liked the arse anyway.


After that, none of the girls in the house would have anything to do with him, not even Eloise, who very few of the boys approached, because of her overbite. Things had gotten so bad for the arse that he had tried to disguise his robes and sneak down to the dungeons and use the Slytherin Service Closet.


He apparently he didn't realize that the girl can see who it is she's servicing, and Pansy recognized him and sounded the alarm! He spent three days in the hospital wing, after having 'fallen down the stairs'.

Of course, the entire school knew what had happened, and Pansy actually found herself being thanked by several members of the Hufflepuff house. The girl had actually seemed to be pleased, and was even a bit friendlier to them the rest of the year.


Hannah didn't really understand why the Slytherins insisted on using the old closet system? In Hufflepuff, if a guy needed a bit of relief, he could approach any of the girls who happened to be in the Comfort Room, and they would take off their top and give him a suck, or let him wank on their tits. It was only the polite thing to do after all, and the girls got experience for when they were in a relationship.


All of the houses had something similar, and it was supposed to be restricted to members of the same house, but there were exceptions, of course. During the Tri-Wizard, Cedric found himself welcomed in Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and there were even a few girls in Gryffindor who weren't fans of Harry Potter and chose to demonstrate their support for Cedric on their knees. Of course, that had eventually blown up on Cedric when Cho found out he was visiting certain other girls more than he was visiting her, and they broke up before the Yule Ball.


She wanted to feel badly for Cedric, but, truthfully, he was pretty disrespectful to Cho, when they were supposed to be dating. She had been fairly good about accepting that he would occasionally visit other girls for relief when she wasn't available. It was her OWL year after all, and she had stopped providing relief to the other Ravenclaws when the two of them got together. But Cedric had still behaved as if he were single, and had started to spend a lot of time with a Sixth Year Gryffindor who didn't like Harry very much. Cho had put up with it for almost a month, but after the First Task she had confronted him about it, and they broke up very publicly.


Naturally Harry had been there immediately to publicly provide support for her, and they were together by the Yule Ball. Hannah had even helped him get ready for his date, since the two of them were already very close by that point, even if they couldn't date because of the contract.


He had scored major brownie points with Cho by introducing the two of them when he started dated her. They had explained the situation with the contract, and how Hannah had taken steps to help him when he was under a lot of stress before the First Task. Cho was fine with the two of them continuing to be together, since she knew about it before hand. There was even one interesting night when Cho asked to be in the room with them, and when Hannah finished with Harry, the Chinese girl was so worked up that Hannah had helped her out too!


That was one of the reasons that Hannah hadn't argued much with her mother not wanting her to spend the night at Potter Manor. She knew herself well enough that she wouldn't have been able to stop from going to Harry and Cho and the other wives, and she never would have gotten any sleep at all! Of course, she would have been an extremely happy witch, but it was probably best that she was rested. She'd need to be at her best when she got to Gringotts, after all.


She sat down at the dressing table and applied the light makeup she'd decided on for the meeting, emphasizing her deep blue eyes, which Harry used to laugh and claim should be a lethal weapon. Of course, he used to say that when she was kneeling between his legs with his cock in her mouth, so he might be a bit biased.


She closed her eyes to hold back the tears. Hannah had been placing so much hope on the possibility that it would be Harry that was named in the contract that she didn't know what she would do if it wasn't him! Ever since the first time the two of them were together, and she found out that he had a contract as well, to activate on the girl's 18th Birthday, she had clung to that like a lifeline. She knew that there were a lot of contracts out there, but almost every one of them that she'd heard about activated on the girls 17th birthday, not the 18th!


Once she got herself under control, she finished brushing her long blonde hair, sweeping it back over her shoulders. Standing from the dressing table, she went to the wardrobe and removed the outfit that she had chosen. Her mother had wanted to help her pick out her clothes, but Hannah had refused all of the woman's suggestions, and forcefully told her that she wasn't going to dress like someone out of the 1800's!


Honestly, the woman grew up in the 1960's and went to Hogwarts in the 70's, did she completely forget how people dress in this century? Hell, she'd seen some pictures of her mother as a teenager, and the outfits she was wearing then would have gotten people arrested even 10 years earlier. The short shorts and halter tops? Granted, her mum had a great figure when she was a teenager, but now she dressed like a 50 year old woman when she went out in public!


Shaking her head, she grabbed the garter belt and stockings that she had bought for today, and sat down on the edge of the bed. Rolling the sheer white fabric up her legs, she smiled as she remembered how Harry and the others had reacted when she had shown up for the private birthday party wearing nothing but the black stocking and garter set, with the crotchless knickers, under her robes. She wasn't sure if it was Cho or one of the other women who levitated her onto the dining room table, but she did remember that Cho was the first to spread her legs and slide her tongue inside!


All of the wives had tasted her that night, and she'd lost count of the times she'd came, and that was even before she had Harry in her mouth. Of course, the one she remembered the most vividly was one that she gave herself, as she sat in the chair, and watched as Harry had tied Cho's hands behind her back, and had her kneel on the carpet in front of the chair, so Hannah could see everything. Harry had started off by spanking Cho, who obviously enjoyed what he was doing, and then he summoned his wand and put it at Cho's arse, casting the cleaning and preparation spell.


Hannah could hardly breathe from excitement, she couldn't believe she was actually getting to watch, and started stroking her pussy in anticipation. Harry put his wand away and gripped his cock, rubbing it up and down the crack of Cho's arse, before pressing against the girl's rosebud, and Hannah didn't know if she or Cho moaned louder as he pushed through the ring!


It was such an unbelievable intimate moment, and Hannah was overwhelmed that Harry and Cho were willing to share it with her. Harry had known for years about her obsession with anal sex, and how she was anxious to experience a real cock in her bum. She'd taken toys up there in the past, and loved the feeling, but to actually have a living cock stretching her out, making her cry out in pleasure and pain was the focus of so many of her fantasies.


She already had her legs draped over the arms of the chair, spreading herself wide open, and three of her finger were pumping into her core, shooting ribbons of pleasure through her body, when she took her free hand and started licking and sucking the fingers, getting them as wet as she possibly could. When she was satisfied, she changed positions in the chair, moving down so that her arse was exposed, and reached between her cheeks and started rubbing circles around the ring. Feeling the muscle relax, Hannah slid her index finger inside and started moving it around, loosening the ring even further, so she could get a second finger inside.


All the while, she watched as Harry's cock pumped into his wife's arse, and listened as Cho begged him to pound her harder, her cries muffled by her position face down on the carpet. Hannah heard the moans coming from the other three wives, but her eyes were locked on Harry and Cho as she worked a third finger deep inside her arse and started pumping. The pressure in her center was building to an almost unbearable level, but she was determined to hold off until Harry and Cho had cum as well.


Finally, when the pressure of holding back had gotten to the point it was almost painful, Cho stiffened and started crying out her pleasure on the floor, and Harry grunted as he exploded inside his wife. That was what Hannah was waiting for, and she buried her fingers in her arse and rubbed her thumb over her clit, releasing the orgasm that had been building for so long!


She had passed out from pleasure at that point, and the next thing she knew, she was soaking in the master bath, their elf, Winky washing her and humming happily. When she was clean to Winky's satisfaction, the devoted elf popped her into bed between Harry and Cho, and she kissed the two of them before the others leaned over and kissed her as well. She fell asleep wrapped in their arms, and was almost sorry to wake up and have to leave the next morning.


As she was leaving, Dobby and Winky had both smiled at her and Dobby said, "We'z be seeing you on your birthday, M'stress Hannah!" She didn't know what to think, were they just expecting her to be there for a party, or could they see a magic connection between her and Harry?


Hannah swore! Was every single thing today going to remind her of Harry? She hadn't meant to fall so deeply in love with him, and tried to fight it when she realized it was happening, but it was impossible to stop, and when she found herself falling in love with Cho and the others? It was the happiest and saddest times of her life all at once! And the worst part, she was sure that Harry was just as much in love with her as he was with the rest of his wives. Cho had made no secret of the fact that she cared for Hannah as one of her sister-wives, and the others had said the same thing in their own way. Hannah knew that all of them would be torn apart as much as she was if they ended up not being together.


Brushing away the tears that were forming, she wrapped the garter belt around her waist and hooked it closed, moving it so the garters hung properly, and clipped the garters to the tops of her stockings. Pulling the white 'barely-there' knicker up her legs and over the garters, she snickered at the tiny cherries embroidered into the cloth. She didn't know if her husband would notice them, but they appealed to her sense of humor, and she needed all the laughs she could get this morning.


Grabbing the front clasp bra, she slipped her arms into it and pulled it closed, reaching into the cups to make sure her breasts were properly positioned, not only for comfort, but to make the best impression when she unbuttoned her dress.


Looking at herself in the mirror, she briefly wished that she were a bit curvier. She was absolutely not going to think how often Harry had praised her figure! She really wasn't. Damn it, she was thinking about it again!


Turning away from the mirror, she pulled the powder blue dress over her head, and pulled her hair out of the neckline, settling it on her shoulders and down her back. Sitting back down at the makeup table, she fixed her eyes to remove the damage the tears had caused, and brushed her hair again so it hung properly.


Buttoning up the front of her dress, she stood and slipped into her shoes before putting a lightweight robe over her dress. She really didn't want to wear the robe, but she was going out in public, and, even with the dark families decimated, there were still enough traditionalists around that would cause a problem, and she had enough on her mind and didn't need to waste time putting the old biddies in their place.


Taking a deep breath, she released it and picked up her wand. Casting a cheering charm on herself, she smiled happily and walked out the door of her room to meet her husband.


(I briefly considered ending the chapter there, but decided I wouldn't be cruel)



9:15 am


Hannah stepped up to the counter and said, "Good Morning Teller, I have an appointment with Account Manager Gnarlspike at 9:30 this morning."


The teller looked up at her, then glanced at the clock on the wall. Nodding, he held out his hand, "Key please."


Hannah handed the key over, and the teller examined it, before handing it back and sliding off his stool. "Please wait on the bench against the wall, I will inform Account Manager Gnarlspike you have arrived."


Hannah took a seat on the indicated bench and sat calmly. She had only been sitting for a couple of minutes before the teller came up to her and said, "The Account Manager will see you now!" Turning away he started walking, and Hannah quickly got to her feet and followed behind the goblin. The goblin stopped in front of a heavy wooden door and knocked briefly, when the door opened, the teller said, "Miss Abbott for her appointment Account Manager."


As she was ushered into the office, Hannah's attention was drawn to the figure seated at his desk, the goblin was obviously older but just as obviously, extremely powerful, his suit was fitted tight against his frame, and she saw the well used battle axe hanging on the wall behind the desk. Her eyes flicked to the goblin's face and saw the scars and knew that he may be older but this goblin was still a warrior.


Stopping a few feet from the front of the desk, she bowed slightly and said, "Greetings honored warrior and Account Manager, I am Hannah Abbott, of the House of Abbott." She was glad that her father had spent so much time teaching her about goblins over the past several years, and introducing to the family Account Manager, because Gnarlspike actually looked pleased at the greeting.


"Welcome to my office, Miss Abbott. Please, have a seat at the table, I've informed the other party of your arrival, and they should be arriving momentarily."


Hannah sat down at the table and waited while the goblin gathered all of the documents and moved to join her. It couldn't have been more than a minute later that there was another knock on the door and a different goblin opened it. Hannah held her breath as her eyes locked on the open door, and she nearly fainted in relief when Harry walked into the room. She saw the absolute joy in his eyes when he saw her, although he did nothing more than smile politely and nod as he took his seat across from her.


The next several minutes flew by as the goblin read over the contracts and passed them to Harry and then to Hannah for their signatures. She barely heard what the goblin was saying, so much of her concentration was dedicated to staying seated and not jumping over the table into Harry's arms and begging him to take her right there on the table.


An eternity later, she signed her name for the last time, and Harry accepted the ring from the goblin and slipped in on her finger. She kept her hand in his as they stood, and Hannah managed to add her thanks to Harry's before they left the office.


As soon as the door closed behind them, and they were walking to the private apparition point that Gringotts apparently had for extremely valuable clients, Hannah said, "Husband, if you don't get me home and into a bed in the next three minutes I will be an extremely angry witch! I've been waiting for this for at least three years, and I don't want to wait any longer!"


Harry pulled her close and said, "I don't either, but I need to send a message to Cho so she can let everyone know." Pulling his wand, he concentrated and a silvery stag appeared and he said 'Beloveds, everything is wonderful! Hannah is the newest member of our family, and we will be there very soon!"


The stag turned and raced away, and Hannah walked with her husband (what a wonderful feeling!) to the designated area. Wrapping his arms around her, Harry closed his eyes in concentration and the two of them disappeared from the bank. She'd learned a lot over the last several years, and now it was time to put that education to use.


End Prologue


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