The Education of Hannah Abbott

BY : red_jacobson
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STORY TITLE: The Education of Hannah Abbott
CHAPTER TITLE: Heading to Yule
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AUTHOR: Red Jacobson ( )
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SUMMARY: Hannah gets Closer to Harry and Cho
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WORD COUNT: 10,019
SPOILERS: None, if you don't know how the Harry Potter story goes by now, why are you reading this story?
WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect, Oral, anal, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and Femme-cest.
AUTHORS NOTES: I'm quite sure I'm going to hell for this, but the story just started flowing through my fingers onto the keyboard. It's a P w/minimal Plot, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: With this chapter, and the remaining chapters, I'm going to be having some scene's from Harry or Cho's POV, because there are things that are happening that Hannah won't be there to see
AND YET ANOTHER NOTE: I know that in canon, Cho wasn't the Fifth Year Prefect, but it works better in this story if she is.

Hufflepuff Common Room
Sunday, December 6th, 1994
9:30 am

Hannah was feeling incredibly relaxed when she woke up that morning, even Susan's complaining about her cramps didn't bother her, she just got dressed and helped her friend to the infirmary to get a relief potion, before the two of them went back to the Sett and got ready for the day.

As they were drying off from their shower, Susan said, "So, when are you going to tell me where you've been sneaking off to after dinner? I know you weren't in the library, because I was there last night and didn't see you."

Hannah didn't even consider lying to her, she and Susan had been friends since they were in nappies, practically, but... "Please don't say anything to anybody else, but, there's a guy in another house that I've helped out a couple of times. Heidi knows, and helped me find a place to go, but, you know how people would talk, especially since I'm not supposed to be going on my own yet!"

Susan looked at her seriously, "Okay, Han, but, you aren't doing anything you aren't supposed to, are you?"

Hannah shook her head emphatically, "No, he hasn't put his hands on me, other than hugging me after we finish."

"Okay, so who is he? Is he in our year at least?"

Hannah nodded, "Yes, he's in our year." She paused, "Sue, you can't say anything to anyone, at all, that I'm going to tell you. Do you swear to keep it quiet?"

Susan jerked back as if struck! "Of course I'll keep your secrets, you should know that by now Hannah Penelope Abbott! I'm kind of offended you would even ask me that!"

Hannah said, placatingly, "Sue, if it was just my secrets I wouldn't even have to ask, I know you can be trusted with them, but, it's not just my secrets that I'm protecting."

The red head closed her mouth, considering, before nodding, "Okay, yeah, that makes sense, and I swear I'll keep it quiet unless you tell me otherwise. Is that okay?"

Hannah grinned in relief, "Yep, now, lean closer, I'm going to whisper a name in your ear, and I think you'll understand why I'm keeping it quiet."

Susan grinned in anticipation, this had to be good for Hannah to go this far to keep it secret. When she heard the name her eyes widened and she had to bite back a squeal of excitement. "Really? Oh wow, tell me about it? How did it happen?"

Hannah took a quick look around to make sure they were alone, and said, "It started, I guess, with the morning that I told off Malfoy about those badges..."

They were still standing really close and taking when Megan came in to the shower room, yawning. She took a look at the two of them and snickered, "If you two are going to be working on the homework that Heidi and Maxine assigned you, I think one of your beds would be more comfortable, don't you?"

Hannah flipped her the two finger salute before laughing, and Susan laughed too, before they finished drying off and went back to their dorm.

As they were dressing, Susan giggled, "It's too bad that Heidi and the others didn't assign us homework, I think we'd spend all weekend doing it!"

Hannah giggled, and said, "True, it's just as much fun as being with a guy, for me anyway."

Susan gaped at her, "You mean you've been with somebody already? Is there anything you haven't done yet?"

Hannah grimaced, "Just the one thing I really want to do, and I discussed it with him last night, because he wants to do it to me as much as I want to have it done to me!"

Susan shuddered, "I don't know, Hannah, aren't you afraid it would hurt? I mean, even an average sized guy would stretch you pretty bad, and you said he's bigger than average?"

Hannah laughed, "Not worried at all! I found some spells in a couple of the 'marriage books' my mother has, and there are several that make it easy to take him that way. Just wish I could try them out without risking my magic!'

Her stomach growled before she could say anything more, and the two of them finished getting dressed and went down to the Great Hall.

The Great Hall
Sunday, December 6th, 1994
10:15 am

There were only a few students still at the tables when Hannah and Susan got to the Hufflepuff table, and Hannah had to hide a smirk at seeing Cedric sitting by himself at the end of the table. There was a noticeable gap between him and any of the other 'Puffs. Even his roommates were noticeably cool to him this morning. 'Serves him right,' Hannah thought, 'loyalty isn't just to your house, arsehole!'

Sitting with the other Fourth years, Hannah started filling her plate while glancing around the hall. She looked across her table toward the Ravenclaws, and was able to clearly see Cho sitting with Padma Patil and a younger blonde that Hannah thought was named Luna something, but she wasn't sure. Padma was talking to the two of them conspiratorially, at least that's what it looked like from where Hannah was sitting, and she wondered what they were saying?

It was when she saw Padma holding her hands about eight inches apart that Hannah realized she was describing Harry! How would Padma know... Oh, her twin sister! Now, how is Cho going to react?

Watching closely, but trying not to be noticed, Hannah bit her lip to keep from grinning as Cho's face flushed and her breathing changed as well. From her experience with the other girl the day before, Hannah could tell that Cho was extremely turned on, and she was glad, because it most likely meant that Cho wouldn't mind watching her taking care of Harry sometimes. She didn't know what it was, but she realized after her first time with Harry that knowing Heidi was watching just added a little extra thrill to what she was doing, and wanted to see if it was just Heidi watching, or if Cho watching would be as big a thrill.

There was a stir in the entrance way, and Hannah looked over to see Harry walking in, with Hermione next to him, but, surprisingly, the other girl was walking with Dean Thomas! Hannah smiled, 'so she made her move after all! Good on ya, Hermione!' she thought, looking at the others with Harry. It was no surprise that Neville was with him, but seeing Lavender and Parvati there, and the three Chasers? They must have really enjoyed themselves the day before!

Her attention was drawn to the Ravenclaw table when Cho stood up, a smile on her face, and she came around the table and headed toward the door. When she got to Harry, she surprised him, and the rest of the Hall by grabbing him and snogging the life out of him in front of everyone!

Hannah looked up at the Staff Table, expecting Snape or one of the other Professors to object, but, while Snape looked furious, he didn't say anything. She also noticed that Dumbledore was watching Snape very closely, and wondered what that was all about.

Harry certainly didn't object, as his arms wrapped around Cho and he started kissing her back, making the students in the hall cheer and applaud, before the broke apart and, taking Harry's hand, Cho led him over to the Ravenclaw table where he joined Cho and her friends for breakfast. Harry's friends just shrugged and smiled as they went to their own table, although it looked like Parvati was tempted to follow Harry and Cho, interesting...

Hannah wondered what happened to waiting before going public, but she figured she would find out from one or the other of them soon enough, and turned back to her breakfast. She didn't notice Cedric glaring at Harry from his end of the table before getting up and walking out in disgust.

As they were leaving, Susan looked around to see if anybody was listening to them and quietly asked, "Did that bother you? Seeing her kissing him like that?"

Hannah laughed, "Not a bit! I helped get the two of them together, so why would it bother me?"

Her friend shook her head, "I don't get it, it's obvious that you are having feelings for him, but don't care that he's snogging, and probably a lot more, with another girl?"

Hannah said, "Look, it's not that big a deal. I know and he knows that, unless we are the ones named in each other's contract, that nothing is going to come of us, so why should it bother me. I'm going to do my best to stay friends with both of them, and if we do end up together, at least she will be more willing to accept me."

She paused, "Do I hope that we end up together because of the contract? Hell yes! But that's still several years away, and I can't put my life on hold and wait, there's too many things I want to get out of Hogwarts to let that happen."

Susan looked at her thoughtfully, but didn't say anything, and soon the two were making their way back to the Sett.

The Great Hall
Ravenclaw Table
About the same time

Harry had a bemused smile on his face as he ate his breakfast, and, after swallowing, he said, "Not that I have any objections, whatsoever, but I thought we were going to keep things quiet for a few days?"

Cho blushed slightly and dropped her hand into his lap under the table. Stroking him through his pants, she said, "I know that was the plan, and there are a couple of reasons. First, if a girl is in a serious relationship, she's not expected to spend that much time in the comfort room, which is a benefit, but, honestly, after hearing what Parvati and the others did for you yesterday, well, I got so turned on that I didn't want to wait any longer!"

Looking around them, she saw that Padma had managed to distract Luna from what Cho was doing, and Cho leaned closer and softly said, "Hannah and I found a great place to spend time yesterday, and I want to show it to you after breakfast, if that's okay?"

Harry barely managed to nod calmly, her hand was really getting him going, and she continued, just as softly, "I'm not ready to have sex with you, not yet anyway, but I really want to get you into my mouth! From what Hannah told me, the orgasms are amazing!"

He was having a hard time keeping control, and turned to Cho so his mouth was at her ear, he said, through gritted teeth, "Cho, unless you want me to tell you to slide under the table and start sucking me right here in the Great Hall, where everybody can see what you are doing, I need you to stop what you are doing. I'm enjoying it very much, but I'm only human and you're driving me crazy right now!"

Cho's hand froze in place and Harry felt her stiffen against him, and he was worried that he'd upset her, until he pulled back to look at her face. Her eyes were wide open and staring at nothing, but she was flushed and her mouth was closed, her teeth biting her lower lip as she started breathing harder. He grinned as he realized what was happening, having seen Hannah and the girls in the Comfort Room in a similar state, and he put his arm around her, saying "What part of that is getting you so turned on, Cho? Is it that anybody could see you, or that you'd be doing what I told you to do?"

"Both! Damn it!" Cho gasped, as she buried her face in the shoulder of his robes and did her best to keep her moans quiet as she shuddered against him. Harry smiled at Padma when the girl looked over to see what was going on, and Padma's eyes widened and she grinned as she realized what was happening, before shaking her head in amusement. Luna seemed to be distracted by making a face in her oatmeal and wasn't paying attention to the byplay.

When Cho was able to sit up and had herself under control, she said, "Harry, please tell me you are finished with breakfast, because I really need to get out of here!"

Harry smiled at her, and wiped his face with his napkin. Taking her hand, he said, "I am now." Standing, he said, "So tell me about this room you found..." as he helped Cho to her feet, and, nodding to Padma and Luna, he led her out of the Hall.

When they were out the door, Luna turned to Padma and asked, "Didn't you want to go with them Padma? Or are you going to join them later?"

Padma was watching the two of them and said absently, "No, I'll let her have him to herself the first..." She realized what she was saying and turned to Luna, "Wait! How do you know about it?"

Luna smirked, "Padma, I've known about the room even longer than you or Cho have. My mother kept very good journals from the time she was a first year, and I found them when I was younger, and, well, you know how I love to puzzle out codes..."

Padma stared at her young friend in disbelief before shaking her head and laughing lightly. "Only you, Luna, only you. But, Cho is going to ask if I can be there at other times, although I hope she can avoid going too far today. He really had her worked up, did you notice?"

The younger girl snickered, "I think the entire Hall noticed, but after what Harry did with the Dragon yesterday I don't think even Malfoy is stupid enough to push him, but then, I could be wrong..." she trailed off, her gaze going to the Slytherin table.

Padma looked over to see what had distracted her friend, and saw Draco and Pansy Parkinson in the middle of what looked like a very quiet argument. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but she did see Pansy stand and stalk out, followed by her room mates, and all of them were glaring at Malfoy hatefully.

She wondered what that was all about, but shrugged, her sister or Lavender would find out soon enough, and Parvati would let her know if it was important. Looking at Luna, Padma saw that the girl had finished her breakfast as well, and the two of them left to head up to the Aerie. Luna to work on an essay for Charms, and Padma to join her mentor Paige in the Comfort Room.

The Room of Requirement
A Few Minutes Later

Harry watched as Cho walked up and down the hall several times in front of the ludicrous tapestry and grinned in amazement as a door appeared in the wall. When Cho opened the door, he followed her inside, curious to see what had been created.

His eyes widened when he saw the different things in the room, but they weren't as important as the girl in front of him. Reaching out, he turned her around so that they were facing, and Harry lowered his face to hers, kissing Cho as passionately as she had in the Great Hall. Cho melted against him, her mouth opening eagerly to his tongue, and their fingers were fumbling with the buttons on her blouse trying to get the clothing opened. When they popped open, Harry's hand was touching the warm skin of her belly before sliding up to cup her bra covered breasts. Cho moaned at the roughness of his hand on her body and broke the kiss, to Harry's disappointment, but then she slipped the blouse off her body and reached behind her, unhooking the bra and letting it fall, so that she was topless in front of him, her arms at her sides and her head slightly bowed.

Harry didn't know what it was about the gesture that affected him so much, she certainly wasn't the first girl he'd seen topless, nor were her breasts the largest, but the way she opened herself up to him with that simple gesture was far beyond anything he had experienced in the last several weeks. She hadn't even touched him yet, and he was already close to losing control! Resolving to think about it later, he pulled her close and kissed her again, before whispering "You are so beautiful, Cho, thank you for showing yourself to me like this." He didn't know where the words came from, but they seemed to be the right thing to say as she kissed him back, and her hands dropped to fumble with the buckle of his belt.

He didn't want to be fumbling around with their clothes while leaning against the wall, so Harry reached down and his hands cupped the cheeks of her arse, lifting Cho off the ground and stumbled over to the couch, where he set her down on her feet and his hands moved to the button on her skirt, popping it open. Cho released his belt and tugged her skirt off, stepping out of it, leaving her standing there in just her knickers as she started working on his trousers again.

While she was busy, Harry stripped out of his shirt and vest, breaking the kiss to pull the vest over his head, and then helped Cho get his trousers and pants off, so he was standing completely nude before her. Cho's hand wrapped around him and she stroked him roughly, making him break the kiss and say, "Unless you want me to rip those knickers off your body and take you right here on the couch, slow down a bit, Cho! I'm already having a hard time controlling myself, and I don't want to go too fast!"

Cho looked up and saw the strained look on his face and released him, a pleased look on her face. He put his arm around her, and the two of them sat down on the couch until Harry lifted Cho and sat her on his lap, kissing her again. Cho shifted her legs until she was straddling him, and rubbed her knicker covered center against his cock, moaning at the feelings that were pulsing out into her.

Harry released her mouth, and lowered his face until he was at her breasts, running his tongue over each of her nipples before sucking the erect nubs lightly. He could feel that Cho was getting closer and closer to losing control, and he was straining to hold himself back at the same time. Harry wanted her to peak at least once before he exploded! He continued sucking on her breasts, but he dropped his hands to her waist and held her in place, his cock rubbing between her wide spread lips, the thin cloth of her knickers keeping him from impaling her on his erection.

He moved against her, pressing against her sensitive flesh until he felt her tense against him and then moan loudly, Cho's body collapsing against him shuddering as she came. He held her as the pleasure washed over her and softly stroked her back, whispering in her ear how beautiful she was and how happy he was that she was his.

While Cho was enjoying the afterglow, he leaned back and looked around the room curiously, He had seen the expected couch right away, but hadn't bothered looking any further at the time. But now his eyes widened and he smiled at the other furniture, if it could even be called that, in the room. There were a couple of wooden frames that had chains at the corners, and the leather cuffs dangling from the chains, that really caught his attention. He was familiar with the idea of bondage for fun and games, of course, Sirius had managed to get access to his porn collection somehow, and sent Harry copies of some of his favorites.

It was more than a little embarrassing to realize that he actually recognized several of the people in the pictures, although it did give him an appreciation for what his dad and the others had seen in his mum! It was the pictures of a much younger Madame Rosemerta that really caught his attention though, because there were several pictures of her in bondage, and more than a few taking on Sirius, Remus and his dad at the same time! It was seeing Peter with a woman who looked a lot like Professor Vector that really shocked him, and it drove home the fact that the four of them really were the closest of friends in school.

Turning to Cho, Harry saw that she was alert again, and he said, "I like what the room created from your imagination, but maybe we can hold off on the bondage games until we are more sure about things?"

Cho was actually blushing, and she nodded, licking her lips nervously, "I wasn't planning to have those things in the room, but I guess I was thinking about it without meaning to, and the room picked them out of my mind. They don't bother you, do they?"

Harry chuckled and pulled her against him, her soaking knickers rubbing against his stiff cock. "I think you can feel how little they bother me, can't you?" Her eyes widened as she realized he was still fully hard against her, and he said, "That's right, I haven't cum yet, can you take care of that for me?"

He was actually surprised at how he was talking to her, but the words just appeared in his mouth and he let them out. He was worried that Cho would be offended at how he was acting, but Cho didn't seem to object at all, in fact she smiled widely and slipped out of his arms kneeling between his legs. He started to put his hands behind his head, but realized this was a completely different situation than one of the girls in the Comfort Room, so he rested his hands at his sides and watched as Cho opened her mouth and took him in.

Speaking softly but firmly, he said, "Cho, while you are serving me, I want you to take your knickers off and rub your pussy, I want to see you cum again when I flood your mouth. Can you do that for me?"

Cho nodded eagerly and moved so she was able to remove the last bit of cloth hiding her from Harry. She didn't know how he was able to read her so well, but she didn't really care, he was pressing buttons she didn't even realize were there! Cedric had seemed to want to treat her like a little China doll, and that was fine once in a while, but she really needed someone who could give her what she really needed! She was determined to wait before she gave herself to Harry, but it was going to be damned difficult when a part of her was screaming to climb up on his lap and take him all the way into her body!

She would tell him later that she was deliberately concentrating on the bondage equipment, wanting to see how he would react, and he didn't disappoint her at all. Maybe the next time she would ask him to put her in the frame and use the paddle on her?

Cho felt his hands rest on her head, and she held still as he moved, pumping his cock into her eager mouth. She used her mouth and tongue as best as she could, the heat of his flesh practically steaming in her mouth. Her fingers were working in her pussy as he used her mouth and she could feel the pressure building inside of her, picturing the time to come when he would be sliding his cock into her virgin opening, claiming her and making her his!

She was so lost in the images of his body on top of hers, and her legs wrapped around him, that she almost missed the way he swelled in her mouth, until the first of his seed splashed against the back of her mouth! She was shocked at the way her magic wrapped itself around his, and the overwhelming burst of ecstasy that flooded her body, she barely managed to keep sucking him, as each blast sent another wave of pleasure rolling over her, until she couldn't tell when one orgasm ended and the next began!

The last conscious thought that Cho had, before the pleasure got to be too much and she collapsed onto the carpet, was 'Hannah was right!'

Harry watched in amusement, having seen Hannah having a similar reaction, as Cho experienced the greatest orgasm of her life. Sliding off the couch, he stretched out beside her and put his arms around Cho, holding her and stroking her body while she enjoyed herself.

When Cho was conscious again, she smiled as she felt Harry's arms around her, and said, "That was absolutely amazing Harry! I've never had a reaction like that before!"

Harry's arms tightened around her, and he said, "As amazing as it was, I'm just curious why you and Hannah had just a strong reaction to my magic. The girls in the Comfort Room get a burst of pleasure from swallowing, but nothing like the orgasms you two experienced. I think we might need to talk to Madame Pomfrey about it, see if she has ever heard of a reaction like that."

Cho sighed, "I think you're right. But, if we could, I'd like to wait a few days, so that I can get you access to the Ravenclaw Aerie. We really aren't supposed to be doing this here, even though it was my idea, because there's nobody to interrupt if things start getting out of hand."

She felt the rumble of laughter in Harry's chest and he kissed her on the temple. "Well, I can certainly understand that, it took all of my self control not to jump you earlier!" Cho nodded in agreement, and then he said, "You know, now that my brain is functioning again, I remembered that we were told to bring a set of Dress Robes with us this year, did your letter have the same thing in it?"

Cho nodded, "Basically, yes, we were told to have a formal gown ready that could be delivered."

"So, it sounds like there will be a Ball of some sort this year. Miss Chang, if there is a Ball or other event requiring a date, will you do me the honor of allowing me to escort you?"

Cho giggled, and said, "Well, considering that I'm laying here naked in your arms, recovering from the greatest orgasm of my life, and happier than I've been in years, I don't think I'll be accepting any other invitations!" Rolling over so she was facing him, Cho tilted her head up and kissed him, "Of course you can escort me to whatever Ball or event they are having, Harry!"

Harry captured her lips again, and there was no more talking for quite a while.

Thursday, December 10th, 1994
After Transfiguration Class

Hannah gave Harry a quick smile as she and the other 'Puffs walked past him out the door. Hermione and Dean were waiting at the door, along with Neville, Parvati and Lavender, so she just nodded at Hermione and headed to lunch. She was slightly curious why Professor Mcgonagall wanted Harry to wait behind, but figured it had something to do with the Yule Ball, since he was one of the Champions.

She was sitting down at the Hufflepuff table when Harry walked in, a smile on his face, and walked over to the Ravenclaw table where Cho was sitting with her friends. Hannah saw Cho smiling at Harry and felt a slight twinge of jealousy, even though she knew that Harry didn't belong to her. She watched as Harry actually bowed to Cho, before saying in a clear voice, "Miss Chang, will you do me the honor of being my date to the Ball being held on the Evening of Yule?"

Cho blushed at the way Harry was talking, and Hannah wondered what that was about, before she smiled and nodded, "Thank you, Mister Potter, I would be happy to be your date to the Ball." Harry grinned and nodded, turning back toward the Gryffindor table, but Cho stopped him and invited him to join them for lunch. Padma and Luna slid down slightly and Harry sat down next to Cho and began filling his plate.

Hannah was amused at the various reactions to seeing Harry asking Cho out, most of the guys seemed to realize they needed to get a date as well, and were looking rather nervous, but a few of the older boys just got up and approached the girl they were dating and did the same thing Harry did, down to the bow and over the top way of speaking. Of course the Weasley Twins had to ham it up even further as they approached Angelina and Alicia, and Lee approached Katie Bell, but that was to be expected.

Out of curiosity, Hannah looked over to where Cedric was sitting, still by himself, and saw that the older Champion was glaring at Harry and Cho furiously. Shaking her head, Hannah reached for the platter of sandwiches and crisps, wanting to get something filling in her belly before heading to Double Potions.

Hannah kept watching the room as she ate, half listening to Susan and Megan chatting about the Yule Ball, and half keeping her ear open to anything unusual. Glancing toward the Slytherin Table, she saw that Pansy and the other girls were still keeping their distance from Draco and his goons, and was very curious what the story there was? She hadn't had a chance to talk to Hermione to see if Parvati had found anything out yet, and made a mental note to spend time in the Library that night to catch up with her Gryffindor friend.

The rest of the meal passed quietly, except for when Ernie lead the rest of the Fourth Year Boys around the table to her and the girls and each of them, following Harry's example, asked Hannah and her roommates to the Ball. With a laugh, the girls accepted, and they all went back to eating.

After Dinner
The Library

Hannah smiled at Hermione when she saw the other girl sitting at her regular table. Hermione grinned and waved, and Hannah slid into the seat across the table, before pulling out her Potions book. Putting up the privacy charms, Hannah said, "So, have you got your date lined up yet?"

Hermione grinned, "Dean asked me as soon as we left the classroom, although he did tell me at lunch that if he'd known Harry was going to show off like that he would have done something similar. I had to take him up to the Comfort Room after we ate to let him know that I was perfectly happy with how he asked me! I don't even have to ask you, since I saw Ernie and the others asking you at lunch."

Hannah nodded, "Yeah, although I feel sorry for Sophie, she got stuck with that prat Zach Smith, who made it obvious he was only asking because the other boys in the dorm pressured him into it. But Ernie and Justin said that they would make sure he behaved himself or he'd regret it!"

She wrote a couple of sentences on her essay before something Hermione said registered, and she looked over at the girl in surprise. "Wait a minute, did you say that you took Dean into the Room? By yourself? I didn't think you were able to do that until after we got back from Yule?"

Hermione shook her head, "Not in Gryffindor or Slytherin, but I understand that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaws do have to wait until after Yule. No, in Gryffindor, when your Mentor says you're ready to go solo, she sends a message to Mcgonagall and then you have a meeting with her and your Mentor, and if Professor Mcgonagall gives you the go ahead, you can be on your own from then on. And let me tell you, having a discussion about giving a guy a knobber with your Head of House is probably one of the more embarrassing things I've had to do since I've been here!"

Hannah laughed, "I can only imagine! So, who else in your year has a date?"

"Pretty much everybody, Neville is going with Ginny Weasley, Seamus is taking Parvati, and Oliver Wood, of all people, is taking Lavender. I think that Seamus and Parvati are just going to have fun, because Seamus is more interested in trying to conjure rum than dating. But it looks like Oliver and Lavender might actually turn into something, because he always goes to her when she's in the Comfort Room, and the two of them were seen heading toward the Shrieking Shack the last time we were in Hogsmeade."

Hannah snickered, but then froze, "Oh Shite! I can't believe I forgot!"

Hermione looked at her in concern, "Hannah, what's wrong? What did you forget?"

"I was going to have Susan write to her Aunt Amelia, who's the Head of DMLE about the Sirius Black situation, and it totally slipped my mind until just now!"

Hermione gasped, "That, that would be brilliant! Do you think she would help?"

Hannah nodded, "I think so, she's really strict, but also very honest, and if she can prove that he never got a trial, she's going to raise all kinds of hell about it. If anybody can help Harry and Sirius, it would be her."

"That would be great if she could help, I'm sure Harry would be ecstatic about it. Can I say anything to him?"

Hannah thought, "Tell him that I'm going to ask Susan to write, but try not to let him get his hopes up too high, because there's no guarantee that she'll be able to get him a trial, but I know she will do her best." Leaning forward, she continued, "That's enough of the serious stuff, has Parvati or Lavender found out what the deal is with Pansy and Draco yet? She's still giving him the cold shoulder, and he doesn't look happy about it at all!"

Hermione laughed and nodded, "Oh yeah! It seems that ferret boy was really upset about Cho snogging Harry, and demanded that Pansy head to the Service Closet so she could take care of him, and Pansy slapped him down, hard! It seems that what he did was a major, major breach of pureblood etiquette, and Lucius actually had to apologize to the head of the Parkinson family. As a result, Draco and his goons are all forbidden from using the Service Closet until the end of term, and if Draco embarrasses his father one more time like that, he's going to be kicked out of the Malfoy family!"

Hannah whistled softly, "Damn, Ferret Senior must have been furious! To threaten to disown him, without having another heir available? That's almost unheard of, and you know that having to do it would have caused Lucius to lose a lot of respect in the Ministry! I'll have to write my father, to see if he's heard anything more about that side of things."

Grabbing a clean sheet of parchment, Hannah started writing a letter to her father, to let him know what she had just heard, and asking if the information would help the Abbott family in the Wizengamot? Hannah had always tried to pay attention when her father would discuss the family, even more so since she found out that she would be responsible for keeping the family name going. She finished the letter and looked up, to see Hermione watching her in amusement, and Hannah blushed, "Sorry about that, I guess I got a bit distracted. So, anyway, how are the others treating Harry now, since he did so well against the Dragon?"

Hermione scowled, "How do you think? He's their hero again, and everybody wants to be his friend. Fortunately, ever since you pulled his head out of his arse about things, he's been a lot more confident, and he basically ignores them. Those of us who were supporting him all along, he's still friends with, but the others, he's polite to, but that's about it." The scowl dropped and she chuckled, "Of course, after what we did for him after the Task, just about all of the guys in Fourth Year and above seem to want to worship him. I think that Fred and George were kidding about setting up an altar to him, but I'm not really sure."

Hannah snickered and shook her head, before the two of them concentrated on finishing their homework.

Saturday, December 12th, 1994
Late Morning

Hannah and Susan were walking toward the carriages that would take them to the village when Hannah saw Harry and Cho up ahead. Nudging Susan, her friend saw them and the girls started walking faster, catching up just as they were getting to the carriage. "Hey, Cho! Hey Harry! Hold up for a second, please?"

The two had turned back at Hannah's call, and were standing there smiling at her and Susan as the two 'Puffs came up to them. "Thanks, I wanted to ask the two of you to share a carriage down to the village, we've got some news for you."

Harry glanced at Cho, and when she didn't seem to object, nodded and reached for the door to the carriage. Harry helped Cho in, and then offered his hand to Hannah and Susan, making them smile, before climbing in himself. When they were all seated and the carriages were moving, Hannah said, "Okay, first of all, did Hermione talk to you the other night about what I was planning to do Harry?"

Harry looked at the two of them questioningly, and said "About my godfather? Yes she did."

Hannah noticed that Cho seemed to be aware of what they were talking about, because she was leaning forward watching them intently. Harry said, "Cho knows about him, and that he's innocent, we talked about it Sunday afternoon."

Susan said, "Okay, so I don't have to dance around the subject. Hannah talked to me Thursday night and I sent a letter to my Aunt Amelia asking her about it, and she contacted me this morning, she wants to meet with us at the Three Broomsticks as soon as we get to the village, before we get started with our shopping. I'm sure that she won't mind if you are there as well, Cho, since you already know what's going on."

Harry turned to Cho and softly said, "Would you like to come with us? This is really important to me, and to Sirius."

Cho smiled, "Of course I'll come with you, and then we can get some lunch before wandering the shops."

Harry smiled back, before turning to the other girls, "What about Ernie and Justin? Won't they object to losing their dates for the day?"

Susan snickered but shook her head, and Harry looked at her curiously, "Okay, I know why Hannah wouldn't be calling it a date, but what was it that made you laugh, Susan?"

Susan stopped snickering and looked at him, "You didn't know? Oh crap! Please don't say anything, but I thought you knew already. Ernie and Justin are a couple, they only asked us because Wayne wanted to ask Megan, and talked the others into asking the rest of us at the same time."

Harry shrugged, "Makes no difference to me, but yeah, since Ernie is a pureblood I guess his family wouldn't be all that impressed, would they?"

Hannah shook her head, "They actually don't mind that much, since Ernie's older brother has already had a son to continue the family name, but it's still nothing that gets talked about, the same way that nobody really cares if a witch prefers to spend time with other witches, as long as she marries and provides an heir at some point."

"There actually is a clause in that contract that gives the wife permission to have outside lovers, as long as it's after the heir is born, and she makes sure that any other children are mine as well." Harry said, nodding. "I wondered about that at first, but it makes sense now."

They passed the rest of the time with general conversation, until the carriages arrived at the Hogsmeade station.

The Three Broomsticks
30 Minutes Later

The meeting with Susan's Auntie was very quick and to the point, as soon as Susan had introduced Harry and Cho to her, she asked Harry for the story of that night, and had it written down by what she called an 'evidence quill' that was unable to be tampered with. Then she asked for a copy of the memory of that night so she could use it as proof that Pettigrew was still alive, and his confession. She warned them to keep things quiet, because there were people who were very interested in preventing the truth from coming out, and if she could get the case put together without those people being made aware of it things would go a lot smoother.

Harry quickly agreed, but asked if she was going to want to talk to Hermione or Ron? She shook her head, saying that because Hermione is a muggle-born that her testimony would be discounted, and the Weasley's wouldn't be able to keep things quiet long enough.

With that Amelia asked Susan to stay behind, so they could catch up, and Hannah left with Cho and Harry. Hannah had been worried that the two of them would resent her being there while they were on a date, but, surprisingly, they seemed happy to include her in whatever they were doing.

It wasn't until Cho had sent Harry off to Tomes and Scrolls to pick up a couple of books for her, while she did some shopping that the knut dropped for Hannah. Once Harry was out of sight, Cho grabbed Hannah's hand and led her down an alley between two of the shops to a part of the village that Hannah had never seen.

"Cho? Where are we going?" She asked, as Cho started walking faster.

"I'll tell you in a minute, we don't have a lot of time before Harry gets done with his errands." Cho turned a corner and stopped in front of a shop that made Hannah grin widely. There was a hanging wooden sign that identified it as Lilith's Toy Shoppe, and the items in the window made it very clear exactly what sort of 'toys' that the shop carried. There were leather cuffs and dildos, blindfolds and gags, as well as a bunch of potions in lurid colors sitting in the window display.

"There's an age specific ward around this part of the village, you have to be at least 16 to even see it, that's why you didn't see it last year." Cho explained as she opened the door and stepped inside. Hannah followed her, her eyes darting around, gazing at the lingerie until she noticed the sign reading "Bum Fun" and was drawn to that part of the shop. There were all different sizes of plugs, and strings of beads, and lubricants, and Hannah would have loved to spend the rest of the day just trying the different items out. But Cho got her attention and Hannah reluctantly headed over to where Cho was looking at the bras and knickers.

When she got there, Cho said quietly, "I'm going to be having sex with Harry after the Yule Ball, in the room we found, and I'd like you to be there. You know that Harry has feelings for you, and, since I've gotten to know you, my feelings for you are growing as well, and it just seems right that you be there with us. There is a connection forming between the three of us, I've even dreamed of watching Harry as he made love to you, and I've dreamt of the two of us together a few times. Did you know that I came just as hard from swallowing Harry as you did? None of the other girls that Harry's gone to have reacted like that, and there has to be a reason for it!"

Hannah smiled and said, "I'd love to be there with you, is that why you are here, wanting to pick out something special to wear under your gown?"

Cho nodded, "I've got some ideas and wanted to get your opinion, and also get something nice for you to wear too, of course."

The two of them spent several minutes narrowing their choices down, although Hannah could have happily spent all day in the shop, before taking their selections up to the counter and paying for them. They would have taken less time, except that Cho had suggested that each of them get a second set, but these would match, so they could surprise Harry that night in the room. When she heard what Cho had in mind, especially her idea for the grand finale, Hannah eagerly agreed. The two of them spent a few extra minutes picking out the same style knickers and bra, Cho's in blue and bronze, and Hannah's in yellow and black. She was surprised, but very glad, that Lilith's offered House Elf delivery and their packages would be put on their beds, waiting for them to get back to the castle.

They were just coming out of the alleyway when Hannah spotted Harry walking down the street toward them, carrying several packages.

The three of them went to the Post Office and had the packages shipped to Hogwarts, so that Harry didn't have to carry them the rest of the day, and they enjoyed the next several hours just wandering the village. They saw several of their friends, and fortunately, managed to avoid Draco and his minions, but they did see Pansy and the other Fourth Year Slytherins.

Harry actually surprised Pansy and the others by being polite and friendly to them, which led to Millicent saying, "Why are you being so friendly, Potter? Don't you hate all of us 'slimy snakes'?"

Harry shook his head, "Not at all, in fact, if it wasn't for the fact that Draco had annoyed me so much the two times I met him, I would have been sorted into your house. Don't you remember how long my sorting took? I was arguing with the hat to avoid being put in the same house as Malfoy, which is why I ended up in Gryffindor. The hat actually said that I could have done well in any of the houses, but, hearing that my parents were in Gryffindor made me want to go in the same house that they were in."

He paused, "And it's Ron that has the problem with Slytherin, although I have no idea why, since the Weasley's are related to the Blacks, and they're about as Slytherin a family as I've ever heard of!"

Pansy actually laughed, "You mean it's Malfoy's fault you ended up in Gryffindor? Oh that's priceless! Thanks Potter, you've just given us even more information to make the ferret's life hell!"

Harry smirked, "Of course, why else do you think I told you?"

Laughing, the Slytherin girls went on their way, and Hannah and Cho were both smirking as they imagined the effect of that bombshell in the Snake Den.

Room of Requirement
After Dinner

Harry was grinning in anticipation as Cho paced in front of the wall and the door appeared. He had a very good idea what was going to happen, but the fact that Cho had specifically invited Hannah to join them just made the whole thing even more exciting!

He wondered if Cho was going to have the bondage equipment in the room this time. He didn't want to overreact the last time, but the idea of having his girlfriend tied up and helpless really got him going, and the idea of having Hannah tied up next to her, as he stretched out the blonde's arse for his cock had featured in several of his dreams! He knew that Cho wasn't really as obsessed with the idea of being buggered as Hannah was, but she wasn't against the idea, at all!

The door appeared in front of Cho, and he and Hannah followed her inside. Once the door was shut behind them, Hannah walked over to stand next to Cho, who said, "Go over and sit in the chair Harry, Hannah and I have something to show you."

Harry looked to where Cho gestured, and his eyebrows went up as he saw that Cho had created a full sized bed in the back of the room, with a comfortable looking chair right by the side of it. Walking over to the chair, he opened his robes and sat down, trying to wait patiently.

He didn't have to wait long, because the two girls walked over and stood in front of him, their robes hanging open. His cock hardened instantly as he saw that the two of them were only wearing their knickers and bras under their robes, and he smiled when he realized the two were wearing their house colors.

Both girls stripped off their robes, and first Cho and then Hannah leaned forward and kissed him softly before they sat on the edge of the bed. Harry watched as Hannah put her arm around Cho, and pulled the girl into a kiss, her other hand toying with Cho's breasts. Hannah moved the arm that was holding Cho to her back and unhooked the bra, before pulling it away from her chest.

Harry held his breath as Cho's breasts were exposed, her tiny nipples standing tall and firm. Hannah had both of her hands playing with the breasts, making Cho moan against her mouth. Hannah moved so that Cho was pushed back on to the bed, her legs falling open. The younger girl then tugged on Cho's knickers, sliding them down her legs and tossed them to Harry, saying, "Put those in your pocket for a memento Harry, she's not going to need them tonight!"

He laughed and did just that, saying, "Are you going to give me yours as well, Hannah?"

She snickered, "Don't be greedy, you're already getting to watch two hot witches having sex, save something for next time!"

Harry blinked at the mention of a 'next time' but kept his mouth shut, willing to wait to see just what the two of them had in mind. For now, though, he just enjoyed the sight of Hannah stripping out of her underwear and climbing naked on the bed, her legs straddling Cho's face. Cho had moved so that her legs were stretched out on the bed as well, and Harry watched happily as Cho's tongue started licking Hannah's pussy, pulling sighs of pleasure from the blonde.

He couldn't help himself, when Hannah lowered herself so that she was licking Cho at the same time, Harry popped the button on his trousers and pulled his zipper down, freeing his cock from the tight confines of his pants. He started stroking himself slowly, watching as the two girls made love to each other in front of him. It was obvious to him that Hannah and Cho were having sex as much because they cared for each other as they were to give him a show, and that made him very happy.

He hadn't consciously thought about it before, but he had to admit that his feelings for Hannah were just as deep as they were for Cho, and he was already starting to form a plan for trying to buy out Hannah's contract if it wasn't with him. Hell, depending on who the other people named were, he might even try to arrange a transfer. All he knew was, he didn't want to let Hannah get away, and, from the way she was acting, neither did Cho!

Harry just watched the two of them, enjoying the cries and moans of pleasure from each of them. When he could tell that they were getting close to cumming, he stopped stroking himself, wanting to hold off on his own climax until the girls could enjoy it too. The two of them hit their peak at almost the same time, and he smiled when the two of them almost unconsciously shifted around so that their arms were wrapped around each other, and they started softly kissing. It was probably the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his life.

Harry shifted in his seat, trying to avoid touching himself, and the noise brought the girls back to reality, making them aware that they weren't alone in the room. Without a word Hannah and Cho looked at each other and grinned, before moving apart and sliding off the bed. Cho spread his legs apart, even wider than usual, and she and Hannah knelt between them.

Harry expected one or the other of the girls to reach for him, but instead, they stayed in place, and Cho said, "We want to experience something different this time. We want to watch you stroking that monster and when you get ready to cum, we want you to paint our faces! We've already put protection spells on our eyes, so don't worry about that!"

He couldn't believe what he was hearing! Sure, he was aware of what a 'facial' was, but to actually have them asking for one? They really seemed to be looking forward to it, too. As he said before, he may not have been a Ravenclaw, but he wasn't stupid enough to turn them down! Reaching down he gripped his cock, stroking it quickly, because he knew how close he was, and within a minute, he groaned out his release, and the first jet burst out of him, landing across Cho's cheek and nose. He shifted and the second landed on Hannah's lips, with some of it hitting her tongue. He still had more inside of him, and he stroked urgently, until the final burst sprayed both of their faces!

He fell back in the chair, panting as the two girls turned to each other, and started licking his seed off and swallowing it. He found it vaguely interesting that, while they both seemed to get pleasure from it, it was nowhere near the massive orgasms he'd watch them have when they swallowed directly.

When the two girls had swallowed everything, he reached out his hands and pulled them both up onto his lap. He cast a mouth cleaning charm on each of them, before kissing them firmly, and just holding them in his arms for a little while.

Unfortunately, as much as they were all enjoying the closeness, Harry's legs started complaining, and he said, "I'm sorry, but we're going to have to get up, this position is killing my legs!"

The girls grumbled a bit, because they were comfortable, but they got up, and Harry stood, stretching his legs. Looking at the two of them, he noticed that they were both looking more than a little disheveled, so he decided to try something. He concentrated, and a shower area and a couple of dressing and makeup tables appeared at the back of the room.

Cho looked at him in surprise when she felt the room change, and Harry just gestured toward the back, and she smiled, "I guess we do all look like we've just been shagging, don't we?" And she took Hannah's hand and the three of them rinsed off before the girls got themselves back in order.

After checking that there was no one outside the door, Harry cast a disillusion charm on the three of them, impressing both girls that he was able to cover them all, before they slipped out, and started heading for the Sett.

After they left Hannah at the Hufflepuff door, with many kisses first, Harry dropped the disillusionment charm on her, and he and Cho headed for the main floors of the castle, before he removed their charms as well.

Neither of them noticed the scowling form of Mad-Eye Moody standing deep in the shadows as they walked past, or heard him whisper, "Enjoy yourself with your whores while you can, Potter, I'm going to ask if the Dark Lord will let me ravage them both in front of you before you die!"

End Chapter Five

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