The Education of Hannah Abbott

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STORY TITLE: The Education of Hannah Abbott
CHAPTER TITLE: A Different Education
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SUMMARY: Hannah's Education Begins
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June 9th, 1994
Hufflepuff 3rd Year Girls Dorm
After Dinner

At last! The exams were over and they could relax for a few days! That was the main thing on Hannah's mind as she and the rest of her roommates walked into the Hufflepuff Common Room. They had just finished dinner, and were heading for the couches by the fireplace where they usually sat. Hannah was surprised to see Heidi Macavoy, the Fifth Year Prefect waiting for them. When she had their attention, she said, "You lot need to head up to your dorm, I'll be there in a couple of minutes, I've got to talk to all of you about something important."

They were more than a little curious, because as far as Hannah was aware, none of them had done anything to be in any trouble, so they just headed up the stairs to the Third Year dorm. They were all sitting on Susan and Hannah's beds when the older girl walked in, carrying a copy of 'Hogwarts, A History,' with a large bookmark holding a place about the middle of the book. Shutting the door behind her, the older girl cast a spell at the door and the walls. "Just a privacy spell so the younger girls can't hear us. They'll learn what I'm about to tell you when they are your ages, not before."

Heidi pulled one of the chairs from the work area and said, "Okay girls, you're old enough to learn the answers to some questions that you've probably wondering about."

The girls looked at her with interest, and Hannah said, "I'm sure we've all wondered about a lot of things, like has Snape ever smiled, or who dresses Professor Dumbledore? But what did you have in mind?"

Heidi chuckled, and it sounded like she said 'mini-me' before she said, "Those are good questions, but I don't know the answers to either of them, sorry. But what I was referring to, is the area in the Common Room that is reserved for the Fourth Years and above."

The girls looked at each other, excitement on their faces. They'd been curious about that room ever since they were sorted, and now they were finally going to find out the secret! Heidi grinned at the expression on their faces, and said, "Alright, alright, listen up! Before I can let you in the secret, you need to know that you won't be able to mention it to anybody who doesn't already know. That is, another witch or wizard who is in the Fourth Year or above, or who has already graduated. The only exception is, if you happen to be chosen as the Fifth Year girl's Prefect, you can tell the incoming Fourth Years, that's you lot, after you have taken your last exam at the end of Third Year."

Hannah's mind was racing, wondering what could possibly be behind the door that needed this much secrecy? The only thing that came to mind had to be something to do with sex, because she had seen some of the Fourth Year boys earlier in the year looking embarrassed as they used their wand to cast a spell and open the door, but they always came out with big smiles on their faces, and a strange walk. She blushed at the thought of what might be going on in there, and wasn't sure if she hoped she was right, or not.

She realized that Heidi had gone silent, and she looked up, to see an amused, yet somehow pleased, expression on the older girls face. Heidi said, "Well, it looks like Hannah may think she has an idea of what I'm about to tell you, want to share, Hannah-hon?"

Hannah looked at the girl in surprise, not expecting that kind of pet name, but said, "I'm not sure, but, from what I remember seeing, how the boys would look going into the room, and they way they acted after they left... does it have to do with," she blushed, "sex?"

The other girls gasped, but Heidi just laughed, "Okay, you're definitely a Mini-Me! I asked the same question when I was a Third Year. And, yes, it does have to do with sex." The girls looked nervous, and Hannah opened her mouth to ask a question, because she remembered what her mother had told her about the contract, and she didn't want to break it.

But Heidi's next words reassured her, "Now, don't get your knickers in a twist. I'm not talking about shagging, or letting one of the boys bugger you. That's not what this is about. Let me explain what I'm talking about, and then you can ask questions."

Hannah closed her mouth and nodded, and Heidi continued. "First off, the room, to give it the name everybody calls it, is known as the Comfort Room. It's where all the girls in the house, from the time they begin their Fourth Year, until they graduate, are expected to spend at least an hour a day in. To put it bluntly, while you are in the room, you are available to any of the boys and girls in the house who are also in the Fourth Year and up, to provide what the founders called 'tension relief'. I'll go into the reasons in a little bit, but basically, if you are in the room, and one of your fellow 'Puffs approaches you, you're expected to take off your top and give the guy a knobber, or, if it's a girl, to use your mouth and fingers to get her off."

Heidi waited calmly for the noise to die down, as Susan, Megan, Lilith and Sophie started yelling and crying, while Hannah just sat there thinking. Sure, the idea of having to suck a guys cock or lick another girl no matter who it was didn't really appeal to her, she knew that it was going to be required of her, and, frankly, the other girls, if they ever dated or got married, would be probably be expected to do the same thing, so why not get used to it?

When the other girls had yelled themselves out, Heidi looked over at Hannah and said, "You're awful quiet there, Hannah, why is that?"

Hannah blushed a bit at being singled out but said to the other girls, "Look, we've all had the sex talk from Madame Pomfrey and Professor Sprout, right? So why are you so upset? Are any of you thinking you're never going to date, or get married? Because, unless you are going to go into the Muggle world and become a nun, we're all going to be in a relationship with a boy or a man at some time in our lives. Do you think that you won't end up on your knees with your husband or boyfriend's cock in your mouth?"

Megan and Sophie looked a little rebellious, but Susan and Lilith were nodding, and Hannah continued. "Sure, I'm not crazy about the idea of having to suck just anybody that asks, but, which of you would say no if Cedric or Greg Munslow came up and asked you to do that for him? I know I would, in a shot!"

Hannah heard a sound and looked over at Heidi, who had snorted and was nodding with a smile on her face, and gave her a grin. Looking at the other four girls, all of them were nodding, not that enthusiastically in Sophie's case, but they understood what she was saying.

"And if you are worried about licking another girl? I'm sure I'm not saying anything that Heidi isn't aware of, and probably did herself, but come on! We've all watched each other rubbing our pussies, and licked our fingers afterward, you know as well as I do, that you're just as curious as I am what another girl would taste like, and knew, deep inside, that it was only a matter of time before one of us got up the nerve to try and kiss somebody in the room."

Looking around the room, the other girls were looking at each other and blushing, while Heidi was watching her with approval. "And if you are worried about getting a reputation? First, every girl our age and above is going to be doing the same thing, right Heidi?"

Heidi nodded, "The different houses have different ways of doing things, but, yes, all the girls in Hogwarts are expected to participate. And, I'm sure you don't want to think about it, but any female relatives you have, mothers, older sisters, aunts, cousins, grandparents, going all the way back to the time of the founders, did exactly the same thing!"

She snorted, "Hell, even old Minister Bagnold, when she was a student here, spent time on her knees, and so did Celestina Warbeck and any other English witch who went to school at Hogwarts. You don't have to worry about what anybody would say about you, because they did it too!"

Hannah said, "Exactly! Although now you've got me imagining Professor Trelawney on her knees, and I didn't need to picture that!" The other girls giggled, and she continued, "I am worried that I won't know what I'm doing, though." she admitted.

Heidi reached out and put her hand on Hannah's shoulder, "Don't worry about that part of it, Hannah-hon, you'll all get months of training before you have to do anything, and you'll know exactly what to do when you get there."

Looking around at the other girls, she said, "Any other questions?" When they all shook their heads, looking a lot calmer than before, Heidi nodded. "Okay, now, there is a reason why the founders set things up this way. It's actually part of Hogwarts, A History, but will only be available when you are at the end of your Third Year of Hogwarts."

Sitting down, Heidi opened the book at the marked page, and said, "I'm not going to read this to you word for word, you can read it yourselves later. Just go to page 769 when you get home this summer. It won't open for you until after the leaving feast. Anyway, a few years after the school opened, when their students were 13 and 14 years old, the teachers noticed that almost all of the boys and most of the girls, were having problems in class. Difficulty in concentrating, not able to focus on learning the newer magics, and, even worse, there were several duels in the corridors between different students. When they investigated the problems, it all came down to a common cause, they were noticing the differences between boys and girls, and that was taking all of their attention."

Hannah snickered, and the other girls laughed, including Heidi, "Now the founders accepted as natural that the students would be interested in exploring the differences, and, if that was all it was, there wouldn't have been a problem. Where the problem came is that with no outlet for their energies, the students were getting frustrated, and fights were common all over the school. Nowadays it wouldn't have been such a problem, the students would just pull the curtain around their bed if they wanted privacy and take themselves in hand, relieving the tension that way." Heidi smirked, "Hell, I do it just for fun, because it feels so damned good! Right?"

The girls all laughed, and Hannah, who had discovered the joys of masturbation early, was especially enthusiastic.

"Unfortunately, at the time of the founders, pleasuring yourself was actually severely frowned on, for some reason, and the idea of boys turning to other boys for release would have gotten them killed, because sons were expected to carry on the family, and have more sons to work the farm or whatever. After lots of discussions with the other teachers and the older students, they came up with the idea of the girls providing relief to the boys and other girls if they needed it. Nobody really cared if the girls played together, since they could still give birth to the next generation. Which really isn't that different from how things are now, honestly."

Susan said, "But didn't the girls parents object? I would think they would have a problem with their daughters having sex when they were so young."

Heidi shook her head, "They didn't much care, from what I've been able to discover. You have to realize that, around the time of the founding, girls were being married as young as 12 years old, as soon as they were old enough to have babies themselves, so the age wasn't that big a deal. Also, the attitude of the Fathers, because they didn't care what the mothers thought, was that if the girl was skilled enough, she might interest a noble's son, and make a better marriage for the family." She shrugged, "It's just the way things were then, for the most part."

Megan snorted, "Not that different from today, then."

Heidi nodded, "In a lot of the older families, that's true. But, anyway, the founders instituted the practice at the beginning of the next term, and the problems started disappearing almost immediately. The attitudes about pleasuring yourself and other things have changed since then, but, it's become a tradition, and, honestly, it's not hurting anybody, and can be enjoyable, so nobody sees any need to try and change it."

Megan said, "It's sounds like a great deal for the boys, but what do we get out of it?"

"More than you might think, Megan," Heidi said, "There is magic in a wizards seed, and when you swallow it, or, at times, rub it into your skin, you absorb the magic, and it gives you a burst of pleasure, not quite a toe curler, but still a damned good feeling!"

Hannah had to admit, she found the idea kind of exciting, and she really liked the idea of being able to get some satisfaction without having to worry about cramping fingers!

When Heidi saw that the girls were at least accepting the idea, she closed the book and stood up. "I'm going to put the book away and be right back Wait here for me." Dropping the privacy spells, she opened the door and walked out, closing the door behind her.

When the girls were alone, Susan turned to Hannah and said, "You didn't seem surprised, why not? Did somebody tell you about it before today?"

Hannah saw the other girls were looking at her as well, not accusing, but curious, and she sighed, "Okay, you know about the contract I'm under, right? Well, I had a really embarrassing talk with my mother over the Yule holiday, and she told me about what the contract specifies might be required of me as far as sex goes. There was the normal stuff, to make sure I have the heir that contract requires, but, the contract also goes on to talk about oral sex and being with the other wives in the family, plus being buggered if the man wants to do that to me!"

Susan gasped when Hannah mentioned being buggered, and Hannah nodded, "That was my reaction at first, I'd never even thought about it, honestly! But, ever since then, I've been even more curious about sex, all sorts of sex, and, when Heidi mentioned the private room my mind just started putting it all together, and, well, it seems I was at least partly right."

Megan snickered, "Oh, is that what it was? I thought you were just your usual randy self and your mind automatically dived into the moat and started swimming around when Heidi gave you the opportunity!"

The other girls laughed, and Hannah found herself laughing as well, because Megan was right, she did tend to be thinking about sex more often than the other girls, but they didn't pick on her because of it, they just accepted that it was part of her, and went on being her friends.

When Heidi got back to the room, she smiled in relief seeing that the girls were all laughing and joking with each other. Getting their attention, she said, "Okay, now that you know what's going on, it's time for you to see what I've been talking about. I'm going to be silencing and disillusioning you, so that the others won't be disturbed. Don't worry, they know you are going to be watching, but distractions are considered extremely rude."

Once all of the girls were silenced and nobody could see them if they moved slowly, Heidi led them down to the common room and walked right up to the closed door. Tapping the knob with her wand, they could see a little spark of magic going into the door, and it opened silently.

Following the older girl into the room, she guided them to a corner of the room where they could be out of the way but still see what was going on. Hannah felt Susan stiffen next to her, and turned to see what had caught her best friends attention. She gasped when she saw Cedric Diggory leaning casually against the wall, his trousers opened, and Heidi's roommate, Maxine on her knees in front of him, her large breasts swaying as her head bobbed on his cock! She didn't want to stare too long, especially since there were so many other people to watch, and Hannah wanted to see everything.

Turning her attention to the couch that was against the wall, across from the corner she was in, she saw the Sixth Year Prefects together, with Rosa Puffett rubbing Cyril's cock over her smaller breasts, and moaning as the stiff rod was brushed against her nipples. Hannah smirked, glad she wasn't the only girl who enjoyed having her nipples played with!

There were several other people in the room, but, other than Cedric's roommate Greg, they all had their backs to the corner and she couldn't see who they were, but she could see Greg enjoying the attention of Leanne Creswell, who was a Fourth Year, and the leading choice to get the Prefect badge this summer. Hannah grinned, next year, it would be Leanne's turn to explain things to the younger girls. That would be an interesting discussion, and she didn't envy Leanne at all!

She had to admit, her eyes kept going back to Cedric, and she licked her lips when she got a good look at his erection. She wasn't able to judge his size from across the room, but he did look pretty big to her inexperienced eyes. She was watching when his face grew strained and he reached down to tap Maxine on the shoulder. The kneeling girl didn't stop what she was doing, but Hannah did see her pulling her head back so that only the head of Cedric's cock was in her mouth, and then her throat started moving as she swallowed.

It was only when Maxine released him from her mouth that Hannah noticed the wide smile on the girl's face as she closed her eyes and moaned in obvious pleasure. 'Well, I guess that's what Heidi meant about getting a burst of pleasure from swallowing. Looks like fun.' Hannah thought, and realized she was really looking forward to being back the next year!

Heidi took the girls out of the room at that point, because it was getting close to their curfew, but Hannah stayed up for a good while, laying in bed with her hands busy, as she remembered in great detail, everything she had seen.

The last two weeks of term flew by as the girls eagerly anticipated spending a couple of hours a night in the room! After the first night, Heidi didn't bother disillusioning them, and the students were in the room smiled and greeted them before going back to what they were doing.

Hannah did notice that there were a few girls who seemed to be in the room every time Heidi led them in, and wondered why. She asked Heidi about it after they had left one night, and Heidi explained that the girls she was noticing were finishing either their OWL or NEWT years, and they were using the pleasure they got from being in the room to relax after the stress of the exams.

Hannah thought about it, and realized that Heidi was right, all of the girls were either in Heidi's year, or their Seventh Year. She teased Heidi about how the girl was dealing with the stress, since she had just taken her OWLs too?

Heidi had laughed and said that after she took the girls back to their dorms, she would go back to the room and relieve all the tension she wanted! She leaned in and whispered "There are times when I get Leann or Tasmin or one of the other girls to lay on the carpet so I can straddle their face while I'm relieving one of the guys, they are relieving me at the same time!"

Hannah's eyes widened and she moaned, "Oh Merlin that sounds so damn hot! I can't wait until next year!"

Heidi pulled her into a one armed hug as she laughed, "Oh, Hannah-hon, you are so much like me it's scary, it's going to be so much fun next year, I promise!"

Hufflepuff Private Common Area
September 1st, 1994
8:00 pm

When they finally arrived back at Hogwarts, Hannah was practically bouncing with excitement, but so were the other girls in the dorm. She couldn't care less about the Tri-Wizard Tournament, she just wanted to get back to the Sett so she could start her training!

Heidi had laughed at their excitement when they gathered around her after the firsties had been sent to bed, and paired the each of the girls with an upper year girl who would teach them everything they needed to know.

Hannah had been thrilled when Heidi had chosen her to partner with, because she'd looked up to the girl for as long as she'd been at Hogwarts. She almost fainted from excitement when she saw Cedric in the room, and he smiled at her in a friendly manner as Heidi sat down on a couch and patted the seat next to her for Hannah to sit.

Cedric walked over to the two of them and grinned at Heidi, "So, showing Hannah the ropes, are you? Care to give a demonstration?" Hannah couldn't believe he just casually asked that, but Heidi just laughed and slipped off the couch, and Cedric sat down. Heidi knelt down between his legs, pulling her top off and removing her bra, before turning to Hannah, who was standing next to them.

"We always take our tops off in case the guy has too much for us to swallow, or if he wants to shoot onto our tits, which happens fairly often. Besides, seeing our bare tits gets the guy excited, and that makes it even more fun!"

Hannah laughed softly, and, shoving aside her nerves, unbuttoned her uniform blouse and shrugged it off, before reaching behind her and unhooking her bra. She was reaching for her school tie, when Cedric's voice said, "Leave the tie on, it looks really hot!" She shivered in excitement, seeing the look of lust in Cedric's eyes as he looked at her, and she smiled at him, leaving the Yellow and Black tie hanging in the valley between her breasts.

Heidi had grinned when Hannah had taken her top off, saying "You really are an eager one aren't you? I'm going to have fun training you! Just so you know, you are allowed to get yourself off while you are helping a housemate, so don't be shy!"

The older girl didn't need to tell her twice! Reaching down, she opened her skirt and slid it down her legs to the floor, and stepped out of it, leaving her in only her knickers and stockings. Putting the skirt on top of the bra and blouse, she knelt down by Heidi and watched her as she opened Cedric's belt and tugged his trousers down, before reaching into his boxers and pulling his erection out the hole.

Hannah felt like her body was on fire, her blood was pounding in her head as she watched Heidi lick Cedric's shaft before taking him in her mouth and sucking. She slipped her hand under the waistband of her knickers and rubbed her fingers along her lips, feeling the juices that were already seeping out. She looked up to see Cedric staring at her, and that just made it even better. She tried to focus on what Heidi was doing, but kept imagining that it was her kneeling in front of the handsome boy, her mouth drawing those wonderful sounds from him, and it all became too much for her to take!

She'd gotten herself to climax before, of course, but, other than that first night after her conversation with her mother, she had never been overwhelmed by the pleasure until tonight! She lost all sense of where she was, that people were watching her and enjoying the sight of her teenage body shuddering in the most massive orgasm she could imagine!

When she came back to herself, she blushed at the applause from the others in the room, and Maxine called over from where she was kneeling in front of Cedric's roommate Garvin Summers, "Hey Heidi, I see what you mean about having a Mini-Me!" Susan was kneeling next to Maxine, but she was still fully dressed, as were Megan, Lilith and Sophie, but Hannah didn't care, she felt too damned good.

Heidi was licking Cedric clean, apparently he had cum while she was distracted, but then the older girl smiled at Hannah and said, "I knew I made the right decision when I chose you! I did the exact same thing my first night back Fourth ear!" and, laughing, she added, "I think that Cedric is looking forward to Yule even more now!"

Hannah blushed at what Heidi was implying, but Cedric was smiling at her and nodding, "Heidi isn't lying, That was the hottest thing I've seen in a long time!"

Hannah grinned at the older boy and said, "I'm looking forward to it, so make sure you leave some time for me before the Feast!"

With that, Heidi put her bra and top back on, and cast a mouth cleaning spell on herself, as Hannah put her clothes back on as well. When they were dressed, Heidi said, "Normally we stay here for at least an hour, if not more, but because it's your first night, we're going to end your training early."

Heidi grinned when she saw Hannah looking slightly disappointed, and said, "Besides, you're coming up to my room, so I can teach you how to relieve my tension!"

Hannah giggled, "These lessons are a lot more fun than Potions, that's for sure!" which made Heidi laugh and the two of them headed for the door.

Hufflepuff Sixth Year Girls Dorm
A few minutes later

When they got up to Heidi's room, they were just removing their clothes when the door opened and Maxine came in, leading Susan, and three other Fifth Years led Megan, Lilith and Sophie in, before closing the door and casting a silencing spell on it. Maxine grinned, "Don't want to disturb the other girls with Mini-Me's enthusiasm!"

Heidi laughed, "You're not one to talk, Max, remember last year when Professor Sprout had to pound on the door because you were keeping the firsties awake? They thought you were being attacked and went and got her to come and help you!"

The other girls laughed, but Maxine just said, "Hey, it was our first night back after Yule, and I'd been without relief for almost two weeks other than my fingers! I was ready for one of you girls to take care of me!"

When the girls chuckles had died down, Heidi said, "Alright, when another girl in the house needs relief, we usually go up to our rooms, just because there's more room, and we can have privacy. There are exceptions of course, like if you have a girl relieving you at the same time you're taking care of a guy. You noticed last term, and tonight, that when we are with a guy, the knickers stay on, but when you are with another girl, obviously that goes right out the window!

One of the older girls said, "Yeah, kind of hard to get your tongue in when you've got knickers in the way!"

Heidi nodded, "Exactly, so, when it's just us girls, we strip to the skin." She had finished removing her clothes as she was speaking, and Hannah quickly followed her, leaving her standing naked next to the older girl. Her roommates hesitated for a few seconds, but they were soon standing there naked next to their trainers.

Hannah didn't bother looking at her dorm mates, they had all seen each other naked more times than they could count, but did look at the older girls. She was surprised to see that all of them were nearly hairless between their legs, with just a small patch of hair there.

Heidi spoke again, "One more thing, the guys don't know this, but, with them, the goal is to get them off and move on, but, when you are taking care of another girl, the goal is to take your time, and make sure you both enjoy yourselves, understood? Now, one or more of you may decide as time goes on, that you prefer being with another woman more than you do servicing the guys. If you do, don't worry about it, it's not that uncommon, and, as long as you give your eventual husband an heir, the vast majority of men will turn a blind eye to your 'visits' with your lady friends."

"Of course, the majority of you will discover that you enjoy both nearly the same, to which I say, 'Welcome to the Club! Meetings are every night here in our room!'"

Hannah joined the older girls in laughing, and the younger girls laughed as well, if a little uncertainly.

With that, Heidi reached out and took Hannah's hand, "And, since Mini-Me is just as much a horny bitch as I am, I'm going to start the lesson by showing her what it feels like when another woman pleasures her. You lot can watch and take notes, or you can go with your own trainers, just, don't disturb us, I've been looking forward to this all Summer!"

Hannah didn't bother to look and see what the others did, her attention was focused on the older redhead who was leading her to the bed. She was a bit nervous, she'd never really thought about what it would be like to be with another girl. She was mostly focused on her fantasy man who shagged her cross eyed in her dreams, before sliding into her waiting arse.

Before she knew it, Hannah was stretched out on Heidi's bed, and Heidi was laying beside her. The older girl was on her side, propped up on one elbow, and she softly said, "Don't worry that the other girls aren't acting the way you are, Hannah, there's almost always one or two of per year that are more adventurous than the rest. There's nothing wrong with you, Hell! My first night back my Fourth Year, I actually started sucking the guys eggs while my trainer was sucking him! Made the guy flood her mouth and end up on her tits. I practically jumped her and started licking her clean! That's why Maxine called you my Mini-Me, it's because we are so much alike."

Hannah softly said, "Can I ask a question?"

"Of course, Hannah-hon, ask away," Heidi said with a smile.

"Well, I'm under a Line Continuation Contract, so I have to stay a virgin, but I've been wondering about getting buggered, have you ever tried it?"

Heidi's smile widened, "Oh yeah! Not with a guy, mind you, but all of us girls have our favorite toys, and, some other night when it's just the two of us, I'll let you feel what's it like. It's a little too soon for us to be playing with toys, I've got lots of other things to teach you first."

With that, Heidi leaned down and kissed her softly. Hannah kissed her back, hesitantly, she'd never kissed anybody but a relative before, so this was completely different. She felt Heidi's tongue running over her lips, and Hannah parted them, giving her access, and the kiss deepened.

Hannah moaned, she couldn't believe the feeling she was getting, just from a kiss, but then Heidi moved her mouth away, and moved down, kissing her throat, and sucking gently, one hand caressing her belly. Hannah reached for her, not sure what to do with her hands, but Heidi murmured, "Just relax and enjoy, Hannah-hon, there's lots of times for you to play, for now, let me show you how good it feels."

She lay back, trying to relax, but she felt like she was going out of her mind! The warm feeling of Heidi's lips on her skin, the teasing way her fingers felt on her belly, brushing the top of her curls, but not touching her where she wanted to be touched, how could she relax?

It was the sweetest torture as the older girl slowly kissed down her body, kissing her shoulders and neck, before going lower and softly blowing her warm breath across Hannah's nipples. Hannah arched her back, trying to get Heidi to touch her, but she just heard a soft chuckle, "anxious little minx, aren't you?"

"Please, Heidi, please, don't tease me!" Hannah hated the whine in her voice, but she couldn't help it, the soft touches were driving her out of mind!

"Well, since you begged so nicely...." Heidi chuckled, as her mouth locked on one of Hannah's nipples, and her fingers stroked her lower lips. Hannah sighed happily and spread her legs wider, giving Heidi access to her needy pussy.

She moaned when Heidi slipped a finger inside her, and started rubbing the sensitive lips, sending pulses of pleasure radiating out through her body. The girl added a second finger pushing her excitement even higher until she didn't think she could stand it much longer.

The fingers kept moving along her lips, but then one of them moved deeper and brushed against her nub, which pushed her already over stimulated body over the edge and into an ocean of ecstasy. Her back arched as she yelled out her pleasure, before collapsing in a quivering mess on the bed, incoherent sounds pouring from her mouth as every nerve in her body felt like it was hit with a cheering charm at the same time.

When her brain finally reset itself and she could see clearly again, Heidi was holding her in a hug, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I think that's enough for tonight, Hannah-hon, you need to build up to things, tomorrow I'll show you even more, and then we have the whole weekend to play!"

Hannah smiled tiredly, barely able to stand without help as Heidi helped her get dressed and walked her back to the Fourth Year Dorm.

The other girls were already in bed when she got there, and Susan was the only one still awake. She had a wide grin on her face, and, when she saw Hannah's expression, started giggling. Hannah looked at her in confusion, and Susan said, "I like these lessons a whole lot more than Transfiguration, how about you?"

Hannah snickered, "I wonder if they'll assign homework?"

That set Susan off in gales of laughter, eventually waking the other girls, who told them to stop acting like hyena's and go to sleep!

It took a while, but they did go to sleep, and this time Hannah dreamed it was Heidi who shagged her stupid and buggered her, and when she woke up, she had to take a shower and wring out her knickers before putting them in the hamper for the laundry elves.

Time Passes

Hannah was surprised how much easier her classes seemed to be this year, when they were supposed to be getting more difficult, but Heidi explained they actually were more difficult, it's just that with the relief she's getting on a nightly basis, it's easier for her to concentrate on what she is learning and retaining it.

Hannah wasn't sure if that was the only reason, but she certainly wasn't complaining, her grades were improving and her homework was always done the night it was assigned. There was a house rule that all homework had to be completed before seeking relief, or providing it. The upper years were amused by how eager the Fourth Years were to complete their assignments every night, but, they were just the same, even though they had more work to do.

She was still getting training from Heidi, but she was starting to actually participate, not just watch, and the boys in her year were starting to show up at times. Well, Wayne, Brian and Zach were, Justin and Ernie didn't seem too interested. She hadn't had to help with one of them yet, but already knew that she wasn't looking forward to Zach. He'd been an arse ever since he was a first year, just because he was a distant descendant of Helga Hufflepuff. It's not that was unusual, there were several hundred of them still around, but he acted like he was due special privileges. In fact, if his hair had been blonde, it would have been easy to mistake him for a Malfoy.

The only thing that got her attention that year, was the arrival of the other schools, and the drawing of the champions for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. She had cheered just as loudly as anybody when Cedric's name came out, but then, when Harry Potter's name came out too, she wasn't sure what to think. She actually talked to Cedric that night, after she and Heidi finished with him, and the two of them nearly gave him a heart attack when Heidi kissed her and shared his cum with her. Cedric told them what Harry had said, and what happened in the anteroom. He also said that he believed Harry, and that was good enough for her!

When Malfoy came around the next morning, and tried to give them the Potter Stinks buttons, Hannah refused, and was loud enough in her refusal that none of the other 'Puffs took one either. She didn't notice Professor Sprout standing in the doorway, watching, a proud smile on her face. Later that day, in Herbology, Harry had stopped by her work station and said, "Thanks, I heard what you did this morning, and it means a lot that you and the others are willing to believe that I didn't want this."

She gave him a friendly smile and said, "Cedric believes you, Harry, and that's good enough for me." She paused, "Besides, I thought the worst of you during the whole Heir of Slytherin thing two years ago, and I was wrong, and I'm not going to make that mistake again!" Harry looked at her in surprise, and smiled slightly, but then Hannah blinked, "Did I ever apologize for that? If I didn't, I really am sorry that I believed the rumors when I should have known better, especially since your best friend is a Muggleborn."

His smile widened, and he nodded, "Your apology is accepted, Hannah, and, thank you again. Have a good day." he said, as he walked away, a bit lighter in his step than he had been. Hannah smiled as she watched him go, glad to have made his day a little easier.

When she got back to the Hufflepuff Sett that night, Heidi was just getting to the door. The older girl stopped and grinned at her, "You keep acting like you did this morning, and I can see you wearing a Prefect badge next September. Professor Sprout likes leadership and loyalty, and you showed both of those traits this morning. Well done!"

Cedric was actually in the main common room when she walked in with Heidi, and he gave her a smile and a salute with his bottle of Butterbeer as she went up to her room to get her homework assignments.

A few weeks later, as the excitement was building for the First Task, she was in the library alone when Hermione Granger walked in. Waving to the girl, Hermione saw her and gave her a slight smile, and walked over to the table she was sitting at. Hannah wasn't friends with the other girl, but they got along well enough, which was important, because she needed to ask her a very important question.

When Hermione was sitting down, Hannah put up a privacy charms, so they wouldn't disturb anybody else, and said, "Hi Hermione, thanks for coming over. I've got something important to ask you, and I don't want anybody else hearing me."

Hermione looked at her curiously, but slowly nodded.

Hannah said, "You know that I don't believe Harry entered himself into the Tournament, right?"

She nodded more certainly, and Hannah took a deep breath, "Okay, then I need to know, have any of the girls in your house sat him down and given him any relief? He was doing okay in the beginning, but every time I see him, he looks like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders."

Hermione looked embarrassed, but shook her head, "I've tried to get him to come to the private area, but the boy is too shy, he doesn't understand that just because a girl wants to help out a friend, it doesn't need a declaration of eternal love!"

Hannah nodded, "That's about what I expected, damn it! I know we aren't supposed to go solo until Yule, but, if he won't ask one of the Gryffindor girls, I'll have to do it!"

Hermione gaped at her for a minute, "What? No, I'll do... damn, he'd think it meant more than just a way of relieving pressure if it was me, and, he's a great guy, but not my type." She sat back and blew out a breath, "Okay, how do you want to do this?"

Hannah paused, thinking quickly, "Okay, if I could, I'd take him to the Sett, but that wouldn't work right now. How about this, tell him that I'd like to talk to him after dinner, and ask him to meet me outside the Hall after dinner. I'll have a place picked out by then." She gave Hermione a smile, "And thanks for not fighting me on this, I was afraid you were having feelings for him, and didn't want to complicate things."

Hermione chuckled, "No, he's like the brother I wished I had. And besides, if I were to make a play for him, Ron would go berserk, and he's not exactly the most pleasant person to be around when he's behaving himself."

Hannah snorted, but refrained from saying anything, and the two of them started working on their assignments.

When Hannah got back to the Sett, she looked around and didn't see Heidi in the common room, or the private area, so she headed up to the Sixth Year dorm. Knocking on the door, Heidi opened it a moment later, and Hannah sighed in relief.

Heidi stepped back and let her in, before closing the door.

"Hey, hon, what's up?"

"Got a question for you. There's a guy who really needs some relief, but is too shy to ask his housemates. I want to help him out, but can't bring him back here, obviously. Is there a place you know where I can take him?"

Heidi looked at her for a long moment, before saying, "First of all, you know you aren't supposed to go it alone until after Yule, right?"

Hannah nodded, "Yeah, and if this were an ordinary situation I'd just tell him to have a wank, but...."

"Second of all, it's Potter, isn't it?"

She didn't even try to deny it. "Yes. The last few times I've seen him, he looks like he's got Hagrid on his shoulders, and I asked Granger about him tonight. She's willing to do it, but Harry would put some huge emotional significance on it, and that would just make things complicated."

Heidi shook her head, "Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but, I'll show you a place tomorrow after your last class. When you meet him, I'll be there, disillusioned and silenced. I'll follow the two of you and stay in the room, just in case. Deal?"

Hannah smiled, "Deal! I don't think you'll be needed there, but I appreciate your watching out for me."

Heidi grinned at her, "Now, is all your homework done?" Hannah nodded, "Then why don't you come here and show me just how much you appreciate it?"

With a laugh, Hannah stepped forward, pulling off her top.



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