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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. I don't make money from writing this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

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It was the happiest day of Ginny's life. Today she was getting married. And that too not just to anyone. She was getting married to Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived, the-man-who-won, defeater of Voldemort. But that was Harry Potter to the world. To Ginny, he was a man who she loved with her whole being. Someone, she knew, who returned that love. And she knew he would go to any length to make her happy and safe. So, she considered herself really lucky.

When, they said their vows, with magic as their witness, to cherish each other for their lives, she knew that she would never regret this decision. Right now, they were returning to Potter Manor, which Harry gained along with his other inheritance after the war. Along with Potter, Black and Peverell inheritance, he also received inheritance from many minor families, which made him their heir, in the hope that it would go to a good cause. And it did. Harry had started orphanage for orphans of the war, as well as it was shelter for muggleborns who were not accepted by their parents or guardians. Along with money, he had received books, heirlooms and three grand manors. His current residence was Potter Manor. He had a Black Manor and a Peverell Palace. And he also had some residential houses as well as vacation homes across Europe and a few in America.

Ginny was excited, as after going to Potter Manor, they were going to a vacation home in France for their honeymoon.

Harry was looking handsome in his black robes, with emerald green lining, while Ginny wore a pure white wedding dress, which was hugging her curves nicely. She also wore elbow high hand gloves. It was time for their first dance as wedding couple, and they were both excited. Harry may never be a professional dancer, but after attending many ministry parties as well as other gatherings, he could do a decent dance. And with Ginny as his partner, he was even enjoying it.

"Are you enjoying it?" Harry asked as they swayed on the spot for the moment.

"I'm living my childhood dream. So, of course I'm enjoying it." Ginny replied with a smile. "Also, it doesn't hurt that you are so much more than I dreamt."

"You know, your smile makes it so much harder for me not to just fuck you senseless here and now." Harry said, leaning closer.

Ginny was aroused, feeling his breath on her ear and the power in his voice. "And you know, I wouldn't say no." Her panty was starting to get wet.

"I know." Harry said, "but we have to stay a while longer. After all, it's our wedding dance." They danced for two more songs and then mingled with their guests. As this was the wedding of the legendary Harry Potter, there were many important guests, from the ministers, wizengamot members and businessmen.

Finally, after two long hours, they left for Potter Manor, and as soon as they apparated in their living room, Harry turned to her and kissed her hard, thoroughly exploring her mouth with his tongue. Ginny leaned into the kiss, allowing Harry to dominate her mouth. Her hands came up to rest on his chest. Harry's hand wandered down her back, and grabbed her ass. He squeezed it hard, claiming it possessively. Ginny moaned in his mouth. Finally Harry pulled back, the need to breath overpowering the lust. His hand continued to play with her butt, as he rested his forehead against Ginny's.

"You are mine." He stated, as he pulled his right hand and spanked her left butt.

Ginny moaned at the slight stinging sensation, and said breathlessly, "I'm yours."

They climbed up to the bedroom, kissing all the way. Randomly, Harry would spank her ass, and each spank would earn him a loud moan, though mostly it was muffled by the kiss. Harry opened the bedroom door, and pushed her on the bed, causing her to fall on the bed.

She loved Harry. He was everything she needed. He could and would take charge of every situation. And even his presence inspired attention. His body language could make anyone comply to his wishes. And most importantly, he could fulfill every needs and wishes of her submissive mind.

No one who knew her could say confidently that she was submissive. Her headstrong personality, and independence caused everyone to assume she was dominant. But that was not completely true. Granted, she was dominant in general, but to someone like Harry, she was submissive to his strength. Their first few sexual encounters were more of equal lovers fighting for dominance. Ginny had tried to dominate him, the same way she had tried with her previous boyfriends. If Harry had allowed himself to be dominated, he would have been dumped the same way they had been. But Harry had not allowed that. He had instead asserted his own dominance over her. And that had set the tone for their relationship.

This relationship had benefited both of them. Harry, who was a natural leader, had grown by leaps and bound with this relationship. As he had assumed the role of dominant, he had also become powerful to take responsibility. In his sixth year, when they started the relationship, he had gone from an average student to competing with Hermione. Granted, Hermione beat him in theory, Harry was the top of the class in practical. His magic had always obeyed his wishes in dire situation, and with the non verbal casting, he truly established such a bond with his magic, that incantations became more hindrance than help. Potions was average for him, as was theory, but charms and transfiguration was where he excelled. And applying those in Defence, he was a prodigy there. Even Snape had not been able to find anything to criticize. And finding motivation, he had started to learn occlumemcy in room of requirements. The room provided the materials for learning.

On the other hand, Ginny became more relaxed. Whereas before, she was a typical red head with temper, she then learned to control her temper. The relaxation also caused her to become better with magic. She may be submissive to Harry, but no one could say she was weak.

After Voldemort was defeated, Harry came back for his seventh year, and though he had more knowledge than others, he still finished his formal education. Ginny was also in her seventh year. They were head boy and head girl that year, with the privilege of separate dorm for head boy and head girl. No one knew what went there, except them. Harry had added his own wards, which he had learned from the black library, before the golden trio had to start camping in the open. It was there that their relationship went to next level.

They were dating for whole seventh year and one year after Hogwarts, and then Harry had asked to marry her. It was an year later now, and they were finally married today they were finally married.

And she was finally his.

As she looked up to him, his eyes said it all. She was his.

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