Queen Ginny

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Nymphadora Lupin(nee Tonks) - Ashley Greene(I think she looks better in short hair, which is Nymphadora's preferred hair style)

Harry watched as Nym kissed Ginny heatedly. And Ginny was reciprocating it. Both of them had athletic, toned bodies. But Nym was clearly winning out here. She quickly pinned Ginny's hands above her head and kissed her hard until they both separated for breath.

"Merlin!" Ginny moaned out. "That was so hot to watch master fucking you in my form." She then turned to Harry. "Please Master. Release me. I want to feel your cock in my pussy."

Harry made a show of thinking about it, but unexpectedly Nym spoke up. "Yes, Harry." She said. "Release her."

He looked at her and she just smiled back deviously. Harry watched her expression and curious to see what she had in mind, unlocked Ginny's chastity belt with a wave of his wand. As Nym took it off, she looked surprised at the amount of fluids on her pussy.

"Merlin!" She exclaimed. "Did you cum just from watching Harry fuck me while you were restrained to the bed?"

Ginny blushed, but nodded. Nym laughed. "Well that's a surprise." She said. "But you said you wanted a cock, you will get it. But you are not getting Harry's cock tonight without my permission."

"Please mistress." Ginny immediately begged. "Please let me have master's cock tonight. I want it so bad, mistress."

Nym looked surprised when Ginny called her mistress, not that Ginny noticed. But she recovered immediately. She moved forwards till she was straddling Ginny's face and looked down at her.

"Lick my pussy, you slut." She said in a condescending voice. "After that I'll decide if you deserve a cock."

Ginny immediately raised her head and started licking Nym's pussy. She licked along the length of her pussy before pushing her tongue inside her slit. Her actions had Nym moaning immediately, especially as Ginny's hands went behind her and started playing with her butt. Right now, she was in her normal form, with short brown hair. Her round ass was bulging outwards, firm and supple, and her tits were huge with dark pink nipples.

Meanwhile Harry didn't want to stay just on the sides. Watching two hot girls snogging each other and then Nym ordering Ginny to eat her out had made him hard again. So, he moved forwards and went to stand beside Nym, his cock just ion front of her mouth. Nym opened her eyes and looked at him as she is slapped by his hard cock. Immediately, she leans her face forwards and starts to lick him. She could taste her own juices on it and it only made her more excited. And then she took him in his mouth, just going forward till her nose was pressed in his pubes. It was amazing to feel her throat stretching around his cock, and Harry moaned out as he put his hand on her head and grabbed a handful of her hair.

Nym came up to breath, strands of saliva connecting her mouth to his cock. It was a messy job, her saliva was coming out of her mouth and falling down on her chest. She smiled wicked after she regained her breath, and then she leaned forwards slightly. Pushing her huge tits together and engulfing his cock between her soft tits, she started moving up and down. The sight of Nym fucking her huge tits with his cock was amazing, and the sensation of being buried in her deep cleavage with her soft tit flesh surrounding his cock was even more amazing. And he could also see her lower body humping on Ginny's face which excited him further, especially as he could hear her moans.

"You have amazing tits, Nym!" Harry moaned. "It's like they are trying to choke my cock."

"Yes!" Nym moaned, as his cock moved between her sensitive tits. "I love your cock between my tits. They are so sensitive for you. Fuck! Yes Ginny. That's the spot."

Even though Nym had enlarged her tits right now, Harry's cock head peaked out on each move. And Nym didn't miss a chance to worship his cock. Every time his head peaked out, she would lick his head. One time, she even held it in her mouth, sucking on his head, while pushing her tits around his cock.

And then her moans changed. They became louder. The reason became clear a moment later.

"Yes, slut." She screamed. "Lick my ass. Push your tongue deeper. Make it wet. Prepare it for your husband to fuck. Yes!"

Each order was emphasized with a hump to her face. Harry wasn't going to complain. It was hot. And he also wanted to fuck Nym's ass. And he could see that even as Nym's ass threatened to suffocate her on each downward motion, Ginny was trembling in a way that indicated her orgasm approaching.

And he was not wrong. Just a few seconds later, Ginny screamed out her orgasm, though her screams were muffled by Nym's ass. It started a chain. Her moans pushed Nym to her orgasm, and she squirted her juices all over Ginny's face whose tongue was pushed in Nym's asshole. He slipped out of her tits as Nym's gripped loosed during her orgasm, but as she came down she again pushed her tits together, determined to make him cum this time. Watching them cumming had already excited very much, not to mention the tit fucking Nym was doing. So, he didn't last much longer.

"I'm cumming Nym." He moaned out.

If anything, Nym pushed her tits closer and with a shout, he started cumming. His spurts hit her face, some of them landing in her open mouth. by the time, he was finished Nym's face and tits were painted with his cum, and Nym looked excited about it.

"That was hot!" She exclaimed, even as she rubbed her tits, smearing her cum over her tits. She moved sideways so as to not choke Ginny, who was lazily licking her asshole after her orgasm. "But I was speaking the truth. I want this in my ass next."

Harry nodded, chuckling. "Well, how can I say no when such a hot slutty woman asks me to fuck her ass." He said.

Nym laughed. She looked down at Ginny. "Get on all fours." She said, her voice turned stern while addressing her. And it looked absurd, seeing her talking sternly with her face and tits covered in cum. But Ginny complied, and excitedly got on her hands and knees.

"Yes, mistress." She said, as she felt Nym's fingers in her pussy. "Yes! Fuck my cunt."

Nym fingered he roughly for a while, making Ginny moan loudly. Then she pulled her fingers out, which were drenched in Ginny's juices, earning a whimper from Ginny at the emptiness in her pussy, but it turned to moan as Nym entered those wet digits in her ass. She moved to fingers around to stretch her asshole. And then she added another finger. And then she leaned forwards, pushing her tongue out to lick Ginny's ass. Ginny moaned loudly as she felt something wet licking her asshole. And Nym was skilled with her tongue. She spit on Ginny's asshole and then spread it around with her tongue, all the while moving her finger in and out of Ginny's ass. Ginny was moaning loudly, her juices starting to flow again.

"Come on Harry." She said turning to Harry, not stopping her fingers from roughly moving in Ginny's ass. "Fuck my ass. Your wife has made it all wet and ready for you to fuck."

Harry moved forward and spanked her butt, which jiggled from the force, "Nice butt" He exclaimed. "I will fuck your ass so hard you will have trouble sitting down for a week."

He put his cock between her ass cheeks, poking at her asshole. He was alternately spanking her butt cheeks, which were now red from the impact.

"Yes!" Nym moaned as his cock head stretched her asshole. "Stretch my ass! Fuck my ass hard!"

She shouted loudly as his cock entered her, feeling each centimetre of his cock as it stretched her ass. She moaned loudly as she felt him bottom out in her ass.

"Wait." She said.

Harry stopped moving, looking at her curiously. Nym pulled her finger out of Ginny's ass, and gripped her ass. She was standing on her knees, moaning as she felt pleasure even from slight movement, as she felt his cock deep in her bowels. Harry was looking over her shoulder. He could tell she was concentrating on something. But he couldn't stop a gasp of surprise, as he saw a dick growing out of her crotch. It was not as big as his, it was average, but it was a cock. It was not veiny like his cock, quite smooth and oddly feminine.

"How?" He asked, bewildered.

"I have abilities." She said, grinning at him over her shoulders. "And I experimented during my Hogwarts years. I want to fuck Ginny's ass while you fuck mine."

"What?" Ginny asked. She turned back and looked at her. Then she saw Nym's cock and her eyes widened.

"Well." Nym said. "I told you I would decide if you get a cock. And I have decided that you are getting this cock."

And then she moved forwards, moving her cock to Nym's asshole. They both moaned as Nym's cock stretched out her ass.

"Fuck!" Nym moaned. "This feels amazing! I can completely understand why guys are always eager to fuck. Oh Merlin!"

She felt Harry moving his cock as he got over his surprise. It took a moment, but they settled into a nice rhythm. Nym was moaning the loudest as she felt her ass getting fucked by Harry and Ginny's ass getting stretched around her cock. Ginny was also moaning loudly. The cock invading her ass wasn't as large as Harry, but she had been in chastity for a few days. So, she was experiencing every inch of the cock moving in and out of her ass. And she was feeling force of each thrust, as Nym's tits pressed in her ass. As for Harry, it was a completely new experience. He had seen Ginny with other girls, but had never seen her penetrated. And as he watched her getting fucked by Nym's cock, he felt oddly excited. It may have helped that he was fucking Nym's ass at the same time. he doubted he would feel the same way if it was any other case, but right now, it was hot.

And so he continued thrusting in and out of Nym's ass. He could see Ginny's ass stretching as the feminine cock moved in and out. He moved his hands to Nym's tits, squeezing it and playing with her nipples. He leaned forward, putting his mouth near Nym's ear.

"You like fucking my wife's ass while getting your ass fucked by me." He growled. He spanked her ass as he said.

"Yes!" Nym shouted. "I love fucking Ginny's ass while you fuck mine. Harder!"

Harry didn't know if she was referring to the spanks or his thrust, so he started thrusting harder, while also spanking her harder. Her ass was now deep red.

"Fuck!" Ginny moaned. "Yes! Go deeper, mistress."

Nym moved her hands beneath Ginny and pinched her nipples. She pulled on it almost painfully, and Ginny screamed. But her ass clenching around her cock told Nym that Ginny was enjoying this. She moved her hand downwards to her pussy. It was wet, drenching her hand quickly. She fingered her roughly, and she pinched her clit. Ginny was pushed over the edge with that. Her juices squirted all over Nym's hand and she fall down on her stomach. The ass contracting around her cock pushed Nym over the edge also, and she moved down with Ginny, burying her cock in her ass, filling it with her cum, which was noticeably thinner than Harry's.

Harry was able to hold out till Nym was finished but he too had his limits. His thrusts became harder and erratic, and after a few thrust he bottomed out in Nym's ass, and started shooting his cum in Nym's ass.

"Fuck!" He exclaimed as he finished cumming and rolled over beside Ginny. Nym also came to lay beside him. He noticed her cock had disappeared and her cute wet pussy had taken it's rightful place.

He kissed Nym, heatedly. Ginny moved so that she was half laying on Harry and moved her mouth to Nym's ample chest. She started licking her tits. She took her dark pink nipples, which were rock-hard, in her mouth and started sucking it. As he felt himself hardening Harry sat up. Ginny was pushed to the side as he moved. He pulled Nym with him so that she was also sitting and then he pulled her over his lap.

Nym felt his hardening cock below her pussy and started to grind it. Harry had now started to move his lips over her tits, sucking and licking it, and slowly moving towards her nipples. He wrapped his lips around her nipple and sucked hard.

"Yes!" Nym moaned. "Suck it! Suck my tits." Her arms moved behind his head holding him in place. "Ginny, push his cock in my cunt." She ordered, raising her hips slightly.

"Yes, mistress." Ginny said breathlessly. She took Harry's cock in her hand. His cock which had been in Nym's pussy and ass once, though admittedly she looked like Ginny one time. But still, it was wet, and so was Nym's pussy, which was slowly descending. Ginny guided his cock in her pussy, and she could feel Nym's pussy stretching around his cock. Nym was moaning as she engulfed all of his cock, and Ginny removed her hand. This was such a humiliating act. She was putting her husband's cock in this sexy woman's pussy for her to be bred. But it was so hot. Her juices were flowing almost continuously. And this close to her crotch, she could see Nym's ass leaking Harry's cum. The smell was also strong, overwhelming her nose. She couldn't control and swiped her tongue over Nym's asshole.

"Fuck!" Nym groaned out. "Yes! Lick my ass. Eat your husband's cum from my ass while he puts his baby in my womb. Fuck!"

"She really is desperate for my cum." Harry said, as he thrust in Nym's pussy from below. He could feel Ginny's tongue, as it occasionally licked his balls. "I'm sure her pussy is leaking."

"Yes!" Nym moaned as she bounced on his lap. "I can feel how excited she is for your cum. Her tongue is deep in my ass and it feels awesome, even more while stretching my cunt on your cock." She was feeling so much sensation. She had already climaxed twice for the night. Her pussy was stretched out, and Ginny was licking her asshole thoroughly, probing for every drop of Harry's cum she could find, and it was doing wonders for her. She had never experienced this much pleasure in both her holes at the same time, and it was driving her towards her next climax quickly.

"It feels so good to have your tight pussy wrapped around my cock." Harry said, thrusting up to meet her downward motion. His hands went down to her ass, kneading it, spreading it to give Ginny better access to her backdoor. And Ginny was taking full advantage of it if Nym's increased moans were indication. Occasionally, he would push her butt cheeks together almost trapping Ginny between them, but Ginny's muffled moans indicated she wasn't unhappy about it. Nym's pussy was perfect fit, stretching around his cock. And his excitement showed, in each thrust, in each smack of their skin, in each of their moans. He was equally entranced by her full tits bouncing in front of him and Nym rode him. And he couldn't stop his mouth from leaning forward and capturing her dark pink nipple, which were hard from excitement. Not that he wanted to stop.

Nym's hand came up behind his head to keep him in place. She couldn't believe how much pleasure she could experience as her cunt was being stretched repeatedly, her asshole was being licked by an enthusiastic tongue and her nipple was being sucked by a different but equally eager mouth. Within moments she was pushed to her orgasm. She screamed as she came again. Her juices squirted over his cock, and even on Ginny's face. And the contracting of her tight pussy pushed Harry over the edge, as he pushed her down and shot his seed in her pussy.

Even as they both finished cumming, they just sat there catching their breaths. Harry's face was buried in her tits, his softening cock still in her.

"Hmmm." Ginny moaned as she licked their juices, which were leaking out of her cunt. "This is so nice. I love your cum."

Nym stood up abruptly, causing Harry's cock to smack down on Ginny's face with a wet smack. She looked at Ginny who looked startled for a moment as his wet, soft cock slapped her face, but then she started to lick it.

"That's right." Nym said. "Lick it clean. That's the only way you are getting that tonight." Then she smiled. "And being the generous person that I am, I will also allow you to lick his cum from my freshly fucked pussy." As she said this, her hand went down to spread said freshly fucked pussy. She collected the juices on her fingers and brought it to her lips, licking it seductively.

Ginny quickly finished cleaning his cock till it was shining from her saliva and then dove eagerly in Nym's pussy with a 'Thank you, mistress', though the last part was muffled by her pussy.

"Harry." Nym said, between her moans, even as she pushed Ginny deeper between her thighs. "Do you think she will be able to stop herself from playing with herself tonight?"

Harry made a show of thinking, and shook his head. "Hard for her." He said. "Without restraint, she would be very much tempted to play with herself, especially with how much excited she is right now."

"Well, we can't have that." Nym said. "What do you say? We should restrain her tonight. Maybe tie her spread eagles? Or we handcuff her to the bed again?"

Ginny looked at them with wide horrified eyes, but didn't stop eating out Nym, even as they talked about restraining her for the whole night. It seemed Nym was a hard mistress, rewarding her, but not allowing her very much liberties. As long as her master was ok with that, she wouldn't say anything.

"I think we should handcuff her to the bed." Harry said. "She will be in the same room then."

"Alright." Nym said, turning to Ginny. "You heard that Ginny. You get to be in the same room after all. Isn't that nice? Being handcuffed to the bed, while we sleep together."

Ginny came up. "Yes. I would like to be in the same bed as you."

Harry stood up and enlarged the bed to have them all sleep comfortably. And then summoned the handcuffs.

Harry laid down in the middle with Nym curled into his side and Ginny in the other side with her hands handcuffed above her head. They were all satisfied, well, Ginny was not satisfied, but she was content.

Harry woke up early with a content feeling. It may have something to do with two huge tits pressing to his side. Sometime during the night, Nym had rolled over and now half of her body was on his, her head resting on his chest. Ginny was also sleeping beside him, but it seemed not as peacefully as them, with her hands cuffed to the headrest.

He just laid there, watching two naked women sleeping beside him, until he felt Nym moving. he looked down to see her waking up and then she looked up at him with almost innocent expression.

"Good morning, Nym." Harry greeted.

"Good morning." Nym replied. She looked at Ginny. "I think we should release her."

"Yeah." Harry said. He waved his hand, and released the cuff. In her sleepy state, her hands moved to a comfortable position, but remained above her head.

"Wow." Nym said. "Even in her sleepy state, she is following your orders."

Harry smiled proudly. "Yes." He said. "She is like that. In the public, she is as headstrong as anyone, but she loves to follow my lead. After I proved my strength to her, of course. Now, come on, I want to have a shower. You want to join?"

"Definitely." Nym replied immediately. As they got up, Nym walked ahead of Harry to the bathroom, putting an extra sway in her hips. And as expected, Harry's eyes followed every movement of her ass.

He came forward and turned the shower on before Nym turned to him and started kissing him. The water falling down on them didn't stop them from exploring each other's body. The water was at a perfect temperature, neither hot nor cold. Harry's hands moved up and down her wet back before zeroing in on her ass, squeezing and kneading it. Nym moaned in his mouth as her hands went to his head and pulling him even closer. She felt his excitement poking her stomach, and she separated from Harry as she went downwards. Kissing his chest, she went down on her knees and took his cock in her hand.

She stroked it up and down, before bringing her mouth closer. She licked from the base to the tip and then kissed his she opened her mouth, taking it in her mouth. She kept swallowing, coming up for breath as it hit her back of throat, before going back again. As she took him fully in her throat, her lips touching the base, Harry couldn't stop. With a shout of 'Nym', he started shooting his seed down her throat. She quickly pulled back enough so that only his head was in her mouth and started swallowing his seed. As Harry pulled back after he stopped cumming, she opened her mouth to show her mouth filled with his seed, and then she closed her mouth, swirling his seed in her mouth before swallowing it.

It was hot for Harry and he quickly pulled her up, turning her around towards the shower. Her hands rested on the walls as Harry hugged her from the back, his right hand going to her tit, while his left hand moved downwards towards her own leaking pussy. Within seconds Nym was moaning as his hand squeezed and kneaded her tit while pulling and pinching her nipple, never doing one thing for long, constantly stimulating her sensitive tits in different ways. His other hand was also the same. Two of his fingers were in her pussy, sometimes going in and out, sometimes massaging her walls, sometimes hooking his fingers and moving it so that it brushed against her walls. His palm was grinding on her clit. It didn't take long for her to reach her climax and with a scream she was pushed over the edge, her juices squirting over his hand.

Harry didn't give her a long time. In her excitement movements, her ass was grinding in his cock, and it was now hard again. He turned her and almost instinctively, Nym's legs wrapped around his waist, both of their weights supported by Harry and his hands on her ass holding her safely. It was a good thing the bathroom was enchanted to not be slippery.

"Yes!" Nym shouted. "Fuck me! Give me that cock."

Harry lifted her slightly and slowly pushed her down on his cock. He was facing the door, and so he didn't miss Ginny coming in the bathroom, and her excited expression as she took in the sight. He signaled her to be quiet with his hand behind Nym's back, and waved his hand. A dildo came flying in the bathroom and Ginny caught it, smiling widely as Harry pointed at Nym's ass. Nym was moaning loudly, to lost in her pleasure to notice the silent conversation done behind her back. She was busy bouncing in his cock, enjoying her pussy walls getting stretched around it.

She was pleasantly surprised when she felt something poking at her backdoor. She knew it had to be Ginny.

"Fuck! Yes, lick my ass." She moaned loudly. "It feels so good. Don't stop!"

Her body was already wet and she obviously didn't required lubricant, so Ginny stood up, despite Nym telling her not to stop. Nym could feel Ginny's tits pressing in her back She gave a whimper of loss, before it turned to moaning as Harry gave a particularly hard thrust. Harry was kneading her ass cheeks, and spreading them. Then she felt something hard poking at her asshole, but before she could turn back to look at what it was, Ginny pushed forward and the whole dildo entered her ass. Nym screamed loudly as she started cumming from both of her holes getting filled.

"Merlin!" She shouted. "This is so good!"

"Yes!" Ginny said, thrusting in tandem with Harry. "I like fucking your ass. Just look at you! Taking it like a champ."

Ginny's hands had moved to her front and she was squeezing Nym's tits, almost painfully. But at this point, even that was a stimulation for Nym. Her pussy was leaking juices continuously over Harry's cock. She was going from one orgasm to another, like a single long orgasm.

"Fuck!" Harry moaned. "Your pussy feels even tight this way."

He was feeling the contractions of her pussy and it was pushing him towards his second climax of the day. But Nym was in no way able to reply, except for moaning and some incoherent sounds.

"Now I understand why you like fucking ass so much." Ginny said. Her strokes were becoming harder and erratic, as she came closer to her climax. This was a specially enchanted dildo gifted to her by Harry. It made her feel similar sensations to what a male would feel through his cock. She would even cum like a male. No one knew who invented these dildos, but it was believed to be enchanted for those witches who also looked other witches. The stigma was less in the wizarding world about homosexuals as long as the heirs are provided to continue the families. And Ginny was taking full advantage of these enchantments. "Fuck! I'm going to cum!"

Even as she said this, she buried her cock deep in her ass and started filling Nym's ass with her cum. It was an amazing feeling. This was the first time Ginny had used this dildo and she was now determined to use this more often... if Harry permitted, of course. She stayed like that for a few moments, with her cock in Nym's ass, only Harry's thrust causing them to move.

Harry was just at his limit. Nym's pussy had been contracting around him continuously since Ginny had started to fuck her ass, and he could also feel Ginny's cock in her ass. The sight was also hot. Nym's face showed pure bliss, she was completely drunk with pleasure. And then Ginny was cumming in Nym's ass. He couldn't hold out much longer. With a few hard strokes, he bottomed out in Nym's pussy. His cum was hitting her walls with force, and it was a little struggle for him to support Nym's weight while he was cumming, but he managed.

As they stopped cumming, her stumbled out of the bathroom, casting a drying charm on them and moving on the bed. Nym slowly came out of her trance.

"That was brilliant." She said. "I never thought that it would be so pleasurable to have both my holes fucked at the same time."

Harry grinned. "Indeed." He replied. "You learn new things everyday, I suppose."

"I agree." Ginny said. "I also learned that I love fucking with that dildo. And Nym has an amazing ass."

They all laughed at that.

The lunch was a little uncomfortable for Nym. Not that the food was bad or that she had a problem with the company. In fact, the food was delicious and she had the best companions she could have, except her husband, mother and her son. No, her problem was a sore bottom. She supposed that's what you get when you fuck continuously for two days. Even then she couldn't say she regretted her actions.

They had spent a very enjoyable two days. They had fucked anytime they felt like it, which was most of the day. And they had fucked in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and anywhere they could. Harry had filled her with his cum so many time that it would be a miracle if she didn't end up being pregnant. Ginny was also not left out of the fun. Even when Harry was recovering after fucking, Nym and Ginny had fun with each other. If it had Harry recovering faster, that was just a bonus.

"I think you will be explaining to your coworkers why you are walking funny." Ginny said, laughing.

"Yes." Nym said. "I suppose I should take a holiday and just rest for the day."

"Don't worry." Harry said. "There's not much work around DMLE these days. And I'm sure Remus would not say no to you both spending some time together after your argument is over finally."

"I guess you are right." Nym said. "The argument is finally over. I'm glad we reached a solution everyone agreed to. Did you guys have fun?"

Even though she asked with a very happy expression, the question seemed a loaded one.

"Yes." Ginny replied. "I had very much fun. Intense at times, but very much satisfying."

"I also had much fun." Harry replied. "Though I don't think I have room for saying otherwise. I get to fuck hot witches with the encouragement of my wife. And you won't believe how many fantasies I had regarding you during and after my fifth year."

"I can imagine." Nym said dryly. But then she turned serious. "So, does that mean that you will be agreeable to repeat of this weekend?"

Harry and Ginny were both stunned. They both had very much fun with the metamorphmagus during the weekend, but they both knew this was the one time thing. And it was only because Nym wanted a child while Remus didn't. So, they had tried to have most fun while the opportunity was there. Harry was saying the truth when he said Nym had starred in many of his fantasies. She was beautiful when he first saw her, and then he had known about her ability. And Ginny was no different. She could appreciate a beautiful woman, and she was at least bisexual with how many experiments she had done with her friends.

"Are you saying you want me to fuck you again?" Harry asked, recovering from his surprise quickly.

"Yes." Nym said. "I know this happened only because Remus and me had an argument about a child, but frankly, this weekend was more passionate than anything I had with Remus for a long time, even before our argument, and I realized that I missed this. Obviously I will talk to Remus and it will only happen with his consent. But I am sure I will be able to convince him. I just wanted to ask you guys before I asked him."

"Nym." Harry said. "I enjoyed the weekend. Very much. But are you sure? I would very much like to have you again in our bed, but not at the expense of your marriage."

"Yes, Harry." She replied. "I'm sure. I wanted to make sure that you are also ready to do this before I asked Remus. And as I said, it will only happen with his consent. And I'm not going to do this at the expense of my marriage."

"Well." Harry said. "If you convince Remus, we don't have any problem with such a hot witch joining us."

"Alright." She said, as she stood up finishing her food. "I think I should go. It seems I have some convincing to do."

"Alright." Harry said, as he and Ginny also stood up. "I hope you manage that. That was an enjoyable experience. Good Bye."

"I also hope that." Nym replied, as she went to the floo. "Good Bye. See you later."

"Good Bye." Ginny said.

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