Queen Ginny

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Ginny Weasley - Mia Sollis

Hermione Granger - Emma Watson

It had been a week since Harry and Ginny had returned from their honeymoon. It was extremely good trip for both of them like normal couple. Unlike normal couples, they had shared their honeymoon with one extremely hot Veela. Apolline had moved in with them for the rest of their stay. Harry had got to fuck a Veela, Apolline had got the vacation she wanted and more, and Ginny had fulfilled her darkest fantansy of being a cuckquean. Harry and Apolline had fucked very frequently. Mostly Ginny would be in the same room, but sometimes, in an extremely humiliated way, she was asked to make snacks and food for them. So, Ginny would prepare every meal while hearing her husband fucking the insatiable Veela milf. And however humiliating, she had loved it. They didn't allow her to cum without their permission. She had to beg them to allow her to cum, sometimes they would allow it, most of the time she was denied. But she always got to clean up after Harry and Apolline. She would be allowed to lick Harry's cum from Apolline's ass and pussy, even though it was after begging and they humiliated her while she was licking it. Over all, they all got what they wanted and more. So, the trip was a success, and all the members included had left on a very happy note, along with an always open invitation for Harry and Apolline to fuck the next time they met.

Right now, he was sitting with Hermione. It was lunch time, and as they had done many times before, they sat together for lunch. As they were both working for ministry, they would sit together for lunch about three times a week. This was the first time they were sharing lunch after Harry's honeymoon.

But Harry sensed that Hermione was deep in thought about something. "Is something wrong, Hermione?" He asked, concerned for his best friend.

She jolted out of her thoughts. "No,no. Nothing is wrong Harry." She said.

But she was never the best liar, and Harry could easily tell she was not being truthful. "Hermione, is someone harassing you at work?" He asked.

"No, Harry. It's nothing like that." Hermione said. Harry just stared at her. After a moment she sighed, sensing that Harry was waiting for her to continue. "It's just between Ron and me. It will soon pass over. Nothing to worry about."

Ron and Hermione had married straight out of Hogwarts, not waiting for an year like Harry and Ginny. And they were a good couple, knowing each other as good as they knew themselves. So, if it was something wrong between them, Harry felt he needed to find out about it.

"Certainly not so trivial, if you are worrying so much about it." Harry said, taking his wand out, adn casting some privacy charms. After all, they were celebrities. And the media was always after gossip. When Hermione didn't say anything, he said, "I had thought after all the ups and downs we went through, you would be able to say anything to me. But obviously, that's not the case."

"It's not like that Harry." She replied immediately. She huffed. "Alright. It's about our sex life." When Harry didn't say anything, she continued. "How would you describe me, as a dominant or submissive?"

Harry didn't have to think for long. "Obviously, dominant. Always wanting to be in control."

"Exactly." Hermione said. "So, marriage is one aspect of my life where I want to let go of that control. I had thought Ron would be able to take charge in bedroom. But he is even more submissive than me. At first, I didn't realize what was wrong. It was naturally me that took charge. But I was not completely satisfied with that. We experimented with many things to find out what was missing. Once we decide to experiment with him being in charge. I was more satisfied that day. But it was not as satisfying for him. He revealed that he never took charge, and as I reflected on it, I realized that I couldn't expect him to be controlling. He is the youngest son. He always followed his elder brothers and parents. Even with us, it was you who always took decisions. He is not the one to take charge. Since that discussion, our sex life has become boring. We do it sometimes, but it isn't what it used to be."

"Since when did you have such problems?" Harry asked.

"Before your marriage." She replied.

"Then why didn't you talk to me." He asked. "I would have talked to Ron. You are clearly not happy with where your marriage is going. I understand that this is your personal matter, but I want to help when this makes both of my best friends sad."

"And that's why we decided not to tell you." She cut him off. "It was your marriage Harry. That needed to be your priority, not our marriage. And there's not much you can do about it now. While you were gone, Ron admitted one of his fantasy to me."

"What fantasy?" Harry asked.

"He said he loves me." She began. "And then said that he couldn't provide me the satisfaction that I deserved. So, he had sometimes imagined me getting fucked by someone who could give me the satisfaction he thinks I deserved. And that got him all turned up. He wants to be a cuckold husband Harry."

Harry was shocked. "Are you serious, Hermione?"

"Yes." She said. "He outright told me he wanted to see me getting fucked by someone who would take charge and give me what I want. And I don't think I could break my marital vows and fuck with someone else. The only other person I ever thought to have sex with was you, and that was when we were on the run, and Ron left us." Hermione didn't meet his eyes after that confession.

Harry remained silent. After about a minute, Hermione looked up at him. Harry said slowly, "I think I can help you Hermione."

"How?" She asked, completely confused. "Ron is now almost obsessed with that fantasy. He said that the only problem in our marriage was sex, and I agree. But I don't agree about his way to solve that problem."

"You know," Harry started, leaning back in his seat, their lunch now forgotten. "Ginny is similar to Ron. She fantasized about watching me fuck other woman."

"What?" Hermione was shocked. "When did you find out?"

"On our wedding night." Harry replied.

"And did you try that?" She asked tentatively, after a moment.

"We met Apolline on our honeymoon." He said.

Hermione was gaping at that. Harry continued. "So, you see. If you want I can solve your problem. You don't have to get fucked by a stranger. Ron gets to watch. I get to fuck you. And Ginny also gets to participate. That is only if you want. If not, we will forget we ever had this conversation, and go back to normal."

"I'll think about it." She said. And that was the end of discussion for that day.

It was on Thursday that he again shared lunch with Hermione.

He had a passionate sex with Ginny after he went home after their last discussion. Harry was fucking Ginny, all the while explaining how he would be fucking Hermione. As Ginny heard all that he intended to do with Hermione, she got more and more turned on. They were fucking for almost four hours. And that was after Harry fucked her face before dinner.

"So, what have you decided?" Harry asked. "Did you talk to Ron?"

"Yes, I did." She replied. "And we have decided we want to try it."

"You know this will change our dynamics?" Harry asked, not wanting to lose his friendship for fucking one night. "If this is not what you thought, then we go back to before. You agree that this will not be a sore point between us?"

"Yes, Harry." Hermione said. "We discussed all of this. He agreed that if this doesn't work, he won't hold it against you, and neither will I."

"Good." Harry said. "Then I think it would be best that you come to our house for the weekend. You will come with me tomorrow, Ron can come there directly after the shop closes. Ginny will be home. We will have a fun weekend, and you can go to work from there on Monday."

"That seems wonderful." Hermione smiled. "I'll tell Ron to come to your manor tomorrow after work."

"One more thing Hermione." Harry said. "I want to know all the things you have tried till now to make your sex life interesting."

And that was how the rest of their discussion went. Hermione revealed that they had experimented with bondage, spanking, role play. They had even tried strap-ons. Ron had loved it when Hermione had used a strap-on to fuck Ron's ass. But one thing that was common was that they both enjoyed being on the receiving end. They had liked when they were bound, when they were spanked. Delivering that hadn't been as much fun for either of them.

Ginny was in the kitchen, making dinner for four. Ron and Hermione were coming today, and they would spend the rest of the weekend with them. She was turned on just from thinking what they were going to do. Harry had told her that Ron and Hermione were both submissive. So, she would be able to dominate them alongside Harry. She had experienced being a submissive cuckquean during her honeymoon, now she was going to be a dominant cuckquean. She was so excited. And then she heard the floo. She went to the floo room, to see Harry and Hermione coming out of the floo.

As soon as they came out, Harry immediately turned to Hermione and started to kiss her, his hands going down to grab a handful of her tight ass. Hermone was moaning from the kiss. Harry's kiss was forceful and dominating, exactly what she wanted. As his tongue moved over her lips, she parted them, giving Harry access to her mouth. And Harry immediately entered his tongue in her mouth. They parted after a couple of minutes. And Ginny went to greet them.

"Welcome home, Harry." She kissed him on the lips, and turned to Hermione. "Hello Hermione." And then to Hermione's surprised, she also kissed her on the lips. It was brief, but she moaned as Ginny bit her lower lip and pulled before she parted. "Come on. Freshen up. I'm just preparing dinner. It's almost ready." And she went out of the room, swaying her lips. Harry's smack on her ass brought Hermioine out of her trance. "Come on. You can stare at that ass later. And you will be doing much more than staring."

Hermione blushed, but followed Harry up the stairs to freshen up.

Harry was excited. He had already talked to Ron. Not directly, but he asked if everything was ok as Hermione looked tense. After some convincing, Ron finally came forth. He admitted about his and Hermione's sex life. All the experiments, their discussion, even his latest fantasy. After hearing all about it, he told Ron that he had already talked to Hermione, and had told him, not asked, to come to his manor for the weekend.

He had noticed Hermione as a girl for a long time, but he knew Ron liked Hermione. It had been very hard for him to restrain himself, when it was only the two of them in the tent. It was not intentional, but they had seen each other in indecent state, even Ron. And he was very stressed at the time, but he knew Hermione liked Ron, and deep down knew that it was Horcrux's influence on Ron that caused the fight. And he always tried to remember Ginny when he was tempted.

But now, he had talked with both of them, and they wanted this. He would be fucking Hermione, and essentially taking control of their bedroom and marriage. He had cleared it with both of them that if they entered his manor on Friday night, he would expect them to follow his every command. And he had noted with some amusement that they were both excited when he had told this. And his wife not only knew about it, but was encouraging him and would also participate in it. So, right now he was very excited.

The dinner was extremely interesting. Harry sat at the head of the table, with Ginny on his left and Hermione on his right. He had directed Ron to sit next to Ginny instead of Hermione. Ron had turned red at that silent humiliation, but complied after a moment.

The whole conversation at dinner was full of innuendos. Harry and Ginny were the ones who talked the most, insulting Ron's sexual abilities in a subtle way. Hermione sometimes agreed with them, but mostly remained silent. And Ron was not able to say a single sentence without being humiliated. By the time dinner was completed, he was red with humiliation, but he was also hard.

During the dinner, Harry kept caressing Hermione's thighs, sometimes even touching her inner thighs, going so far as her pussy.

As they finished eating, Harry pushed his chair back, and said. "Ginny, I'm taking Hermione upstairs to the master bedroom. Clean this up and join us. Ron will help you."

He didn't ask Ron, he just said that he would do it. It was at that moment that Ron realized that Harry truly meant what he said. His opinions would not matter now. The realization sent a shiver down his spine. He watched as Harry took Hermione upstairs to their bedroom. He saw Harry's hand was on Hermione's ass, and he was molesting it and even smacking it, causing it to jiggle. His sister's voice jolted him out of staring. "Come on, Ron. We haven't got all night. I want to join in the fun too."

He nodded and started to help her. "You want to see her happy and satisfied, don't you?" He heard Ginny ask.

"What do you mean?" He asked back.

"Don't feel ashamed." Ginny said, smiling at him. "I feel the same way about Harry. I know he would never cheat on me. But I want him to get all the happiness and satisfaction that he can get. All the satisfaction I can't give him."

Ron nodded slowly. "Yes. She is just so perfect. Always in control. And this is one area where she wants to let go of it. But I can't give that to her. I don't think I can sexually satisfy her. That's why I want this."

"You are a good husband, Ron." She patted him in a patronizing way. "You have recognized that you are not man enough for her. And you want her to experience a man. Don't worry. Harry is a proper man, with a big thick cock. He will fuck her so hard, she won't even want you to fuck her again." And she turned away and went to the kitchen. Ron just stood there, feeling humiliation and arousal at once. His sister had told him he was not a man enough, and at the same time she had told him that his wife would be fucked so hard, she wouldn't ever ask for his cock, or ever need his cock. He hastily started to clear the table, so he could join Harry and Hermione and watch her get properly fucked.

Hermione was breathless by the time they reached the bedroom. Harry had started molesting her ass and kiss her before they left the room. By the time they reached the steps, his hands had started exploring more of her body, and he had ripped her shirt, her buttons flying everywhere before they reached the upper floor. Her clothes were thrown all over the steps. Her shirt, bra, skirt and her panties were removed just outside the bedroom, creating a trail for her husband to follow.

He forcefully threw her on the bed. As he moved in the top of her, he removed his shirt and pants, along with his boxer. This time he didn't kiss her in the lips, but started sucking her neck, and biting it. He was surely going to leave some marks there.

He moved downwards and buried his face in her tits. She had a large pair of tits. Harry took it in his mouth and licked it with his tongue. He wrapped his lips around her tongue and sucked hard. His hands were downwards. One was playing with her ass, while other teased her pussy. She tried to get more of his finger in her by pushing her hips up.

"Oh Harry." She moaned loudly. "I'm so close to cumming."

Abruptly Harry pulled back. "No. You are not going to cum."

She was whining from the loss. "Please, Harry. Make me cum."

Harry shook his head and said firmly. "You are going to earn your pleasure." And then he pointed towards his cock, which was already half hard.

She immediately understood and stood up. Harry also stood up and pushed her down to her knees.

"Oh Harry." She said, wrapping her palm around his cock. "You are so much bigger than Ron."

Harry laughed. He put his hand in her brown curls and pushed her face towards his crotch. "Come on. You are going to take that down your throat. Get to work."

Hermione licked it from base to the top. And then she kissed his head. She opened her mouth and started to swallow his head but couldn't take much before she had to come up.

Hermione was nothing if not persistent in her goals, and right now, her goal was to take whole of this cock in her mouth. So, she repeatedly choked herself on it, gagging on it with every forward push. She was completely immersed in the act, so much that she didn't notice the door open and her husband coming in with her sister-in-law.

Ron entered the room, and stopped at the door, taking the scene in front of him. Hermione, the always-in-control Hermione was kneeling in front of Harry, chocking herself on his cock, which was so much bigger than his own. Harry had his hands in her head, grabbing her brown curls tightly.

He was pushed forward by Ginny, who came up behind him. She moved her hand across his back, and said. "Look Ron. That's how a man treats a woman. Look how much she is loving it." As Ron followed her finger, he saw that her cum had started to pool below her thighs. But Ginny was not done. Her other hand came to his front, and she grabbed his cock through the trousers. "Look how your small dick is excited from seeing your wife getting fucked by my stud of a husband."

She directed him towards them and pushed him down to his knees, and going to kiss Harry. Harry's other hand came up to smack her ass while kissing her. He separated and commanded. "Strip." And Ginny eagerly followed that command. Within seconds she had thrown her clothes around the room, and then she started to strip Ron. She first pulled his shirt over his head and then told him to get rid of his pants and underwear. Ron looked hesitant to be naked in front of his sister, but one look from Harry spurred him into action.

But Ginny didn't pay him much attention to him. She knelt down beside Hermione and started licking and fondling his balls. She grabbed Hermione's head from behind and said, "I think you don't know how to deal with such a big cock. Let me help you with it." And then she pushed Hermione down on his cock. She was forcefully choking Hermione down on Harry's cock, pulling her up and allowing her a deep breath and repeated the action.

To his shame, his four inch cock sprang up, as he was watching her wife debasing herself on this much superior cock.

"Do you like it Ron?" Harry asked. "Watching me fuck your wife's face?"

Ron nodded. But it was not enough. "When I ask a question, you answer it verbally." Harry said sternly. "Tell me if you like it. And what do you want me to do to her."

"I like it, Harry." Ron said, so excited that precum was leaking from his cock. "I want you to fuck her slutty pussy. I want you to fuck her like a man. I want you to claim her body."

"Don't worry, Ron." Harry said, mockingly. "I will claim her body. When I'm done with her, my seed will be flowing out of all of her holes. You would like that wouldn't you? You would clean it up like a good wimp husband."

"Yes, Harry." Ron said, his hand was now rubbing up and down his small cock, not that much movement was required to cover his cock. He was getting excited from imagining it, and hearing Hermione gagging on Harry's cock. "I will clean her holes after you have fucked her." And he came all over his hand. It was thin white liquid, completed in three spurts. Harry suddenly tightened his grip, and pushed Hermione down on his cock, her nose touching his crotch. "Swallow it all." He commanded. "Swallow my cum in front of your husband."

Hermione didn't have much choice, not that she wanted one. She tried her best to swallow all of that heavenly liquid that Harry was providing her. She could distantly hear Ginny telling her to choke on that superior cock. But she was not used to this much cum, so she had to come up. Harry was still cumming and it all hit her face, the last few drops hitting her tits. Before she could regain her breath, Ginny forced her mouth to her and started kissing her, wanting to share the cum in Hermione's mouth. Then she separated and started licking it from her face and tits.

"He cums so much more than you and it tastes so much better than you, Ron." Hermione said, as she finally caught her breath. "And his cock must be double your size, and so thick."

Harry was now sat on the bed. Ginny also sat beside him. She spread her legs and said, "Hermione, after my husband and master gave you such pleasure, I think you need to repay. Come here and eat this pussy. And Ron, you can lick her pussy. Make sure it's wet enough to take master's cock inside her." As she said this, she wrapped her hand around Harry's cock, and started to give him a handjob. She knew it wouldn't take much time for Harry to get hard again.

Hermione quickly went between Ginny's thighs and started to lick it. She had never done this before, but her enthusiasm made up for her inexperience. Ron laid down on his back beneath her and brought his mouth to Hermione's pussy. He noted that it was already wet from giving Harry a blowjob.

As Harry got hard again he stood up, and pushed Ginny to lay on the bed, but her head facing the foot of the bed. He roughly pulled Hermione up on the bed on all fours, her face above Ginny's pussy, "Lick that cunt in front of you, while I fuck your pussy like it has never been fucked before."

Ginny and Hermione were in a 69 position. Hermione brought her face down on the cunt in front of her. Harry brought his cock to her pussy, and pushed it in in one hard thrust. "Oh my God, Harry! Your cock is so big." Hermione moaned. "You are stretching my cunt. It feels so good."

"Fuck, Hermione!" Harry exclaimed, pulling his dick out until only the head was inside her and then thrusting in, picking up pace. "Your cunt feels so tight. It's like it's never been stretched before."

"Fuck her pussy hard, Harry." Ginny said from below them. She had raised her head and was licking the juices constantly flowing out of Hermione's pussy, and when she could, she would lick harry's balls and cock. She had put her hands on Hermione's ass, and was spreading her cheeks to give Harry easier access to her cunt, spanking it occasionally. "Make her feel good."

Harry was now fucking her faster. each forward thrust resulted in loud sounds of his thighs colliding against her ass. "Fuck me Harry!" Hermione screamed. "Fuck me harder. Merlin! You are stretching my cunt. It feels so full. I wouldn't be able to feel Ron again."

Ron was sitting beside them on the bed, stroking his cock, on the verge of his second orgasm. When Hermione said she wouldn't be able to feel him again due to Harry stretching her pussy, he came all over his hand. Though it was only a few droplets. "Fuck!" He had never cum twice in such a short time.

"I am going to cum in you Hermione. You are going to take my load in your cunt." Harry said, keeping up the fast pace. "Maybe you will even get pregnant."

"Yes!" Ron exclaimed still stroking his rapidly softening cock. "Fuck her hard. Fill her with your seed."

"Yes!" Hermione was continuously moaning now. She felt Ginny move her hands, and a moment later felt a finger applying pressure on her asshole. "Breed me Harry. I'm cumming Harry."

She was not able to hold long due to Harry's hard fucking, Ginny playing with her asshole and the idea of bearing Harry's children pushed her over the edge. Ginny had already cum once from Hermione eating her pussy. Harry could feel Hermione's tight pussy contracting. He pushed his cock deep inside her, and stayed there, cumming inside her. The feeling of his thick seed hitting her walls prolonged her orgasm. She had never cum this hard with Ron. She fell forward as her orgasm ended. Ginny rolled out from under her, and took Harry's cock in her mouth to lick the mixture of his and Hermione's juices from his cock.

"Ron." Harry said. "Come here and clean your wife like a good cuck husband." He moved sideways to give Ron the space, and Ron immediately went face down in her pussy with a loud "Yes" to get all the juices he could get. And he got plenty as Harry cum in great amount while Hermione had multiple orgasm. He licked all that juices like a thirsty man. His wife, who was laying on her stomach, didn't give much reaction to her husband drinking mixture of her and Harry's cum, other than moaning.

Ginny was licking his cock from the base to the tip. She didn't neglect his balls. While she was licking the shaft she fondled the balls with her fingers. Then, she moved her mouth downwards and took turns, taking each of his ball in her mouth and sucking it. Harry was loving it, and was rapidly hardening under her ministrations. He moved his hands to her tits and squeezed them, eliciting loud moans from her. He pushed her so she was lying on her back so she was lying next o Hermione and moved his face to her pussy. It was very much wet from her orgasm. He started licking her juices, getting louder moans from Ginny. Ginny grabbed Hermione's hairs and turned her face sideways to kiss her. Hermione put her left hand on her tits and played with it. Hermione had larger tits, but Ginny had nice dark pink nipples which extended almost an inch when she was excited. Not that she had small tits, but Hermione had truly grown to be a buxom woman. Hermione pulled on her nipples and pinched it. And in a short time, Ginny was screaming from another orgasm due to Harry's talented tongue and Hermione playing with her sensitive nipples.

Harry moved up her body, and straddled her stomach. "Ron, lick her asshole and make it wet." Harry said. "You should be thankful, I'm giving you the chance to prepare that nice ass for me to fuck." And he pushed his dick between Ginny's tits. Ginny pushed her tits together making a nice passage for Harry to push his dick.

Ron moved up from Hermione's pussy to her asshole. He swiped his tongue on its edge before pushing it inside. Hermione moaned loudly. She was an anal virgin. And it was so pleasurable. She couldn't imagine the pleasure she would feel when it was Harry's cock in there instead of Ron's tongue. But she didn't have to imagine for long.

"That's enough Ron." Harry said, as he stood up on his knees, and moved behind her, positioning his cock at her backdoor. Ginny also moved beside him, holding Hermione's cheeks open for Harry. As he pushed in, her asshole resisted, but he pushed his head inside, both of them moaning loudly from the sensation. He slowly pushed till he was completely bottomed out in her ass. Hermione couldn't believe that she had whole of harry's cock inside her ass. He gave her a moment to adjust, before pulling out. And again the friction caused both of them moaning from pleasure. Ginny was kneading Hermione's butt, while pulling it aside. She was also licking at the edge of her asshole to help her relax.

And soon enough, Harry was moving his cock in and out of her ass. "My God, Hermione. Your ass is so good." He spanked it to emphasis his point, earning a moan and a shout of "Harder" from her. "I bet your husband never fucked your ass. Did you, Ron?"

"No, Harry." Ron said submissively. He was still stroking his stroke, though it was at its limit. He had never cum more than twice in one night. "I have never fucked her ass."

"And you never will." Harry said, sternly. "You don't deserve this. From now on, this ass belongs to me. Understand." His order was emphasized with spanks on her ass.

"Yes Harry." Ron agreed. "That ass belongs to you. I don't deserve to fuck that." And as he said that, almost miraculously, he had orgasm for the third time that night. Though it was mostly dry orgasm as there was nothing left in his balls to ejaculate.

"See Hermione." Harry said, thrusting hard. "Your husband has now said that this ass belongs to me. And I'm going to claim it."

"Yes Harry." Hermione replied, thrusting her ass back to meet Harry's hard thrust. "Fuck my ass and claim it as yours. This ass belongs to you. Fuck it hard. I belong to you master. Fuck me!"

Harry knew he wouldn't be able to last long inside her tight ass. So, he pulled her by her hips, so she was on her knees, her back pressing against his chest, and started squeezing her tits. He signalled Ginny, and she immediately moved in front of Hermione, entering two of her fingers in Hermione's cunt. She moved down to capture her clit with her mouth. Hermione was screaming with pleasure, never having experienced this much pleasure and came hard, squirting her juices all over Ginny's face. As he felt her ass clench around his cock, he buried deep in her ass and started filling her bowels with his cum. Ron was just watching it, fascinated. He would be stroking his cock. but it was now completely soft, spent for the night. Finally, they stopped cumming. Harry sat down, resting his back against the headrest. Hermione and Ginny immediately got on all fours, kneeling on either side of his legs, and started to clean his cock with their tongues. But not before Hermione turned to Ron, and said with a condescending tone, "Ron, come here. You had promised master that you would clean my ass like a good wimp husband. Now, get to work." Ron immediately obeyed her orders, kneeling behind Hermione to clean her asshole, as well as lick up all the cum that had flowed down her thighs and pussy, as she cleaned Harry's cock. Harry just leaned back and enjoyed Hermione and Ginny cleaning his dick, and sometimes kissing each other with his cock in between their lips. He had his hands on each of their heads, moving through red waves, and brown curls. He knew Hermione and Ron were submissive in bed. She had told him. But he didn't know they were submissive enough to call him master. But he wouldn't mind. He was giving them sexual satisfaction and that was all that mattered. Who knew that Ron, who used to be jealous over slightest of thing would grow up to be a humiliated cuckold who would beg him to fuck and claim his wife's ass. He would gladly fulfill that request of his friend, especially when the ass in question was such a nice one.

As he laid down with Ginny and Hermione on either side of him, with Ron sleeping on a mattress on the floor, he thought that it was going to be a long enjoyable weekend.

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