Queen Ginny

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Fleur Delacour - Dakota Fanning

The week was filled with all sorts of enjoyable experiments for Harry, Ginny and Luna.

Tuesday went the similar way for them. Harry went to work. Luna had been ordered to help Ginny with the household chores. Ginny had ordered her around the house, demanding perfection in every chore. When Harry had returned, he had freshened up and went to the dining room, he had told Ginny to sit down with him. He ordered Luna to set up the table. And he and Ginny had proceeded to make out heavily, while Luna set up the table. As they were eating he had asked how their day had gone. Ginny had taken the lead to answer and had told him how she had directed Luna do the chores. And then he had turned to Luna and asked how she felt about it. Luna had said that it was satisfying. Oftentimes, she was ridiculed for her different views, so when she did a good job following someone's orders, and was praised for it, it left her feeling content.

That night, Harry had bound Luna to his bed in spread eagle position, her body completely exposed to him. And then he had proceeded to fuck her while Ginny sat on her face. He had put Ginny on the top of her and fucked her while Ginny and Luna were kissing, Luna unable to do anything with her hands and legs bound to the bed posts. When he had finally released her, she had jumped on him and kissed him passionately, saying she had never been more excited before.

On Wednesday, Harry returned with gifts for both of them. He had put it on the dining table and ordered them not to see what it was. By the time the dinner was over, both of them were squirming with anticipation. And finally, when he told them after they had gone to the bedroom, they couldn't move fast enough. When they finally opened the gifts, they squealed with excitement. Luna had got sexy french maid costume, complete with black stockings and high heels. And Ginny had received a chastity device.

Luna immediately changed costume on Harry's order, while he kissed Ginny, his hands exploring her body while removing her clothes. By the time Luna came out in her sexy costume, they were both naked. Luna looked hot in her costume, perfectly pulling the innocent maid look. Harry immediately pulled her and kissed her. Then he ordered Luna to eat out Ginny's pussy. He slowly started stroking his cock, as he watched Luna lick Ginny's pussy, observing her reactions. And when he sensed that she was close, he ordered Luna to stop. His commanding voice caused her to stop immediately. Ginny let out a whimper as her pleasure stopped. He ordered Ginny to stand in the middle of the room. He quickly and efficiently locked the chastity belt on Ginny, causing her to groan as she realized she was not getting that release she was so close to getting. Harry put the key on the table beside the bed. It was an erotic torture for Ginny, the key was just in front of her, but she didn't have permission to take it. Harry then proceeded to fuck Luna hard in her pussy and ass, not even paying attention to Ginny for the most part. When he did turn to her, it would be to remind her that she was not getting to cum soon. Ginny was experiencing excitement beyond anything she had ever felt. She couldn't touch her pussy, so she was pulling and pinching her nipples and kneading and squeezing her tits, trying to achieve her orgasm without touching her pussy.

Even when Harry had finished fucking Luna in her maid costume, he didn't release Ginny from her chastity. And it continued for the rest of week. He had ordered Luna to wear only the french maid uniform he had bought for her. She had just nodded, blushing hard. The dresses were short, showing peeks of her panties and her butt, which was not fully covered by her underwear. Ginny was ordered to keep the chastity belt on her at all times. It was enchanted, so she didn't have to worry about using toilet. It was self cleaning, and it was comfortable on her skin. When activated it also had a vibration function, but it was keyed to the key holder. The key was mostly symbolic, as the belt mostly operated with magic, most of the time not even requiring wand.

That night Harry had tried spanking Luna. After dinner he had told her that the house was not properly cleaned, though it was hard to find dust in the house, due to cleaning charms. But Luna had not protested. Like an obedient maid, she had accepted her punishment. Ginny was forced to sit down in the chair, while watching as Harry pulled Luna's skirt up, and her underwear down, before spanking Luna. When he was finished, Luna's pale butt had turned dark red and her pussy was flowing. He had then fucked her from behind, standing in front of Ginny. He had also pulled her top down to free her tits. Ginny was very much excited from watching Luna's pussy getting stretched by Harry's cock so near to her. Her eyes were staring at Luna's stretched cunt and her bouncing tits, still unable to touch her own pussy. She again tried to get an orgasm by playing with her own tits, unsuccessfully. The belt also had an enchantment to stop orgasm. She had went to bed, unsatisfied, sleeping beside Harry, while Luna slept on Harry's other side, Harry's cum flowing out of her holes.

Ginny endured the same for the next two days. When Harry had returned on Friday night, Ginny had resorted to begging for cum. But Harry had refused. He said that Ginny's pussy was for Harry's pleasure, and right now he had Luna's tight pussy. As her pussy was unneeded he had locked it up. And then he had continued to fuck Luna's pussy right on the kitchen table to demonstrate it. On Saturday, Harry had enjoyed watching Luna's behind as she packed for her trip. Halfway through her packing he had ordered Luna to pull her breast out, so he could enjoy watching them as they moved side to side on each turn. Harry was so excited that he had fucked her as soon as her bags were packed, while Ginny was preparing their meal. With how loud they were moaning, she was sure to hear each sound. But Harry knew her well enough to know that she would be aching to touch her pussy with how excited she would get from their sounds.

Harry was in the ministry atrium. He had come here to see off Luna, as she went for her trips. He had just came out of the ministry, intent on going to get an ice cream before going home. He still took pleasures from small things in life. As he was going towards the ice cream shop, he heard a voice call him. It was not that uncommon for people to call him, but it had reduced slowly, and now people just admired him silently. As he turned in that direction, he immediately recognized Fleur. She was looking stunning in the blue gown,which went down to her ankles and had high neckline. Her blonde hair fall down in waves on both sides of her shoulder. He waited till she came up to her.

"Hello, Harry." She greeted him with a hug, as she reached to him. "How are you?"

"Excellent." Harry said. "What about you? What's going on with you?"

"Lots." Fleur said. "Let's talk over a lunch." She took his arm in her hands and started directing him away from the ice cream shop. "We haven't spent any quality time in a long time. Come on, I know a new restaurant that's opened up on the muggle side. I'll apparate us there." When Harry nodded, she smiled playfully. "Fair warning, it's a bit expensive."

Before Harry could reply, she apparated them to a nice looking restaurant. They went to take a seat, Harry asking for a private table. They were directed to a corner table, and after they ordered their food, Harry put up a privacy charm. They spent the time talking about their jobs and what was going in their lives. Harry removed the charm for a few moments when he spotted the waitress coming with their food. After she had gone, the charm went up again and they continued their talk. As they were eating their dessert, Fleur called him.

"Harry." He didn't know why but he felt the mood change. She had not turned serious, but he knew that whatever she was going to say was serious. "I talked to mum recently. She had interesting experience to share." And he knew, or suspected, where she was going with that. "I think you should visit Shell cottage."

Harry sat up. "And what about Bill?" He asked. "Are you also in an open relationship?"

Fleur smirked. "Nope." Her smile widened. "I'm sure mum told you that Veelas are dominant." Harry nodded. "Well, let's just say that I take that to a new level. So, trust me. Bill won't be a problem."

Harry was surprised. "I don't think you are the type of woman who would fuck with other men. Have you done it before?"

"I think you know me better than that." Fleur said with a mock glare. "I don't sleep around. You are the first person that I have invited to my marital bed."

Harry raised his hands up in surrender. "Relax, Fleur. I know you are not that type of woman. That's why I was surprised by this. Can I ask why you are doing this?"

"You know, how Ginny has fantasies about seeing you with other women." When Harry nodded, Fleur continued. "Bill has similar fantasies. He just recently told me about it. And I was not sure that I would do it. I may have done it to make Bill happy, but there were not many wizards as option for that. I don't know many wizards who would keep quiet after fucking a Veela, especially a married one. And I couldn't just do it with anybody. I needed someone I could connect with, and who could keep a secret. And then mum talked to me about you. I know I can trust you, and now that I know Ginny wouldn't have problem with this, I'm hopeful that you would agree."

Harry stayed silent for a moment, finishing his dessert. He was skeptical, but he trusted Fleur. And he knew she loved Fleur. And even if he didn't know that, he could feel her sincerity and knew she was telling the truth. She wanted to make Bill happy by fulfilling his fantasy, but didn't know anyone who could help. He was almost sure that she had shared her problem with Apolline and Apolline had recommended him, as she knew about him and Ginny. "Alright. I agree. This is a win-win situation for all. Bill and Ginny gets to satisfy their fantasies, and we get to fuck. I don't see any problem."

Fleur nodded, as they stood up. "That's what I thought. So, when are you coming over? I'll send Victoire to Molly for the night."

"I will come tomorrow after dinner." He said as he hugged her. He put his mouth to her ear, and whispered. "Wear something sexy for me."

Fleur nodded excitedly, and they left after paying for the food.

After dinner, harry and Ginny were going to their bedroom. Ginny was just wearing bra and chastity belt. She was very much excited to have an orgasm after four days of orgasm denial. Harry was walking as slowly as possible, squeezing her butt. But finally, they reached their bedroom. Ginny eagerly turned to him and started undressing him. As his shirt cam off, and Ginny started moving downwards, he said. "I met Fleur today."

Ginny stopped and looked up at him, but his look prompted her to continue, As he removed his pants, and started to lick his cock, she kept eye contact with him. He continued. "It seems she had talked with Apolline. And apparently, Bill also has similar fantasies to you. Oh fuck!" Ginny had took his head in her mouth and started to suck him. She was eager to please him after 4 days of being denied any sexual pleasure by him. "Fleur wants to fuck with me." Harry started fucking her mouth, as he said this. And he started describing how he would fuck Fleur's pretty face. After he gave Ginny a facial, he took off her chastity belt finally, and saw that her juices were flowing. He didn't have any problem entering her and he didn't bother with slow and gentle pace. As he fucked her hard, he described how he would be fucking Fleur tomorrow, and it seemed Ginny was much excited by the idea. She had started cumming from the first thrust, and never really managed to ride it out before she was going from orgasm to orgasm. Harry didn't know if it was a result of feeling his cock in her pussy after 4 days or the idea of Harry fucking Fleur. Either way, it was an enjoyable night for them.

Harry was standing in front of floo. He was ready to go to the shell cottage. Ginny kissed him good bye, and he could feel her excitement in her kiss. But she won't be able to relieve herself due to the chastity belt. He was sure that when he returned, she would be horny as hell. He took a handful of floo powder and entered the fireplace.

He had imagined what he would see on the other side of floo. But the reality was better than imagination. As he exited the fireplace, he looked up to see Fleur, who was wearing a sexy transparent night gown. Her lacy underwear was visible, and it didn't conceal much. And with her blonde hair coming down in waves, she looked like a sexy angel. She immediately greeted him with a kiss, which lingered for than a minute, her body pressed against his. Her hands moved up and down his back, while his went directly to her ass. Fleur didn't have a wide ass, but it bulged outside very much. She moaned as he kneaded her ass.

Finally they separated, and he spotted Bill standing to the side. He looked very much excited.

"Hey, Bill." He greeted casually, as if he had not been kissing Bill's wife a moment ago.

"Hello Harry." Bill returned the greetings. "Come on. Let's go to the bedroom. It would be more comfortable."

Harry nodded. "Lead the way." He said, even as put his hand around Fleur's waist, his hand resuming playing with Fleur's ass.

Bill turned red as he turned. He could hear Fleur's moans as they followed him, and occasionally he could also hear meaty smacks. He knew what was happening behind his back, but he couldn't look.

As they entered the bedroom, he sat down on the chair, while they walked towards the bed.

Harry turned Fleur towards Bill, her back pressed against his chest. He moved the straps of the gown off her shoulders, causing it to pool down. Then he removed her bra. As he put his hands on her tits, he put his mouth to her ear.

"Look at your husband." He murmured. " He is so excited that I'm going to fuck you." It was true as Bill was rubbing his cock through his shorts.

"Of course, he is." Fleur said, loud enough that Bill could hear. She grinded her ass into his crotch. "He knows he is a wimp, so he wants to see a man fuck his wife."

Harry's cock was becoming harder, Fleur could surely feel it. He moved his right hand downwards, into her panties, and swiped it over her slit. "Seems like he isn't the only one excited."

He turned her to face him. "Of course I'm excited." She said. "I'm going to be fucked by a big cock instead of that small dick." She turned to him and started kissing him, her hands moving to unbutton his shirt. She moved her hands up and down his toned chest, while Harry smacked and kneaded her butt, directly in front of her husband. He unknotted her lacy panties, as he played with her ass. He moved his mouth downwards, and sucked on her neck, leaving a mark behind. After leaving his marks on her neck, he started moving towards her tits. He licked the outer flesh of her tits, and slowly closed in towards her nipple, moving his tongue to circle it. Fleur was very much excited. She was running her hands through his hair, pressing his face to her tit. Harry wrapped his lips around her nipple and sucked. He was pleasantly surprised when he felt a liquid secreting from her tit. It was delicious. He pulled back, looking at Fleur with questioning glance.

She seemed to understand it. "Veelas lactate for longer than normal witches. And it's a pleasurable experience for us when it's sucked." She pressed his face back to her chest. "Now, start sucking." He obliged and started drinking her milk like a thirsty man, switching between both tits. She was getting excited from getting her milk sucked out of her.

As she started to feel her pussy getting wet again, she decided to move along. She pulled his head up and kissed him, before she moved downwards, kissing his toned chest as she got on her knees. She kneeled down, pulling his shorts down, while Harry removed his shirt. She gasped.

"Wow." Fleur exclaimed, as she wrapped her hand around his cock. "It's big. Look Bill, it's bigger than your hard cock, and it's still soft."

It was not exactly true, as he was getting harder. But it got Bill excited enough that he took out his cock and started stroking his 4 inch pecker.

As his cock got harder in her hand, Fleur started licking it from base to the tip, while her hand started fondling his balls. Harry gasped on feeling her tongue on his cock. Fleur took his and in her mouth, causing him to moan loudly, his hand coming up to her head. He moved his fingers through her hair. Fleur started to swallow his cock, and it became harder for Harry to not cum immediately as he entered her throat. Her own fingers were playing with her pussy. She moved her head up and down, not doing same thing again and again. She would suck his head, while her hand stroked his cock, or she would take him deep down, caressing the underside of his cock with her tongue. But when she took his whole length in her throat and started humming, he couldn't stop himself from cumming.

"I'm cumming Fleur." He managed to get out. Fleur immediately raised her head, till only the head was in her mouth. His cum landed directly on her tongue, and she moaned at the taste. His grip tightened in her head, as his pleasure increased. Fleur swallowed all of his cum, though some of it came out of the side of her lips, trailing down her chin. She took it with her finger, which was already wet from her own juices, and turned to Bill. Harry watched closely, observing what Fleur was doing. He saw that Bill had already came once, his shorts were down to his knees, freeing his cock, with white stains on it. He also noted that Bill was already hard again from watching them. Fleur walked up to him and put her finger on his lips, with a stern look on her face. Bill knew what were the juices on her finger, he had seen her swiping Harry's cum from her chin, but looking into Fleur's eyes, he knew refusing to suck it was not an option. So, he took it in and started sucking her finger, cleaning it of all the juices. She pulled her finger back and leaned down to kiss him, with her mouth full of Harry's cum. It was not a simple peck on the lips. Fleur's tongue entered his mouth, pushing Harry's cum. And Bill had no choice but to swallow it. Fleur's hand came down to his cock, stroking it.

As she separated, she said, mockingly. "How does the cum of a real man taste? Isn't it so much better than your own?" Bill nodded. She laughed and turned to Harry, her hand still on his cock. "Look Harry. Did you ever imagine, such a cool and masculine man would be such a sissy in bedroom?"

Harry played along with her and shook his head. "I had thought he would be able to satisfy a wife as sexy as you. But I guess, he doesn't have it in him."

Fleur nodded with a disappointed look. "I know. His cock is just not capable of satisfying me. If he masturbates too often, he can't get it up later. Once he masturbated three times for his mistress. But then he couldn't get it up for the next day." She was looking at harry, ignoring Bill, even if her hand was stroking his cock with a tight grip. "That's why I have to put it in a cage. His whole body now belongs to me, including this cock. So, I have to make sure he doesn't use my cock without my permission." She sensed that he was close, so she sped up her stroking. "But today, he's got a treat. He will be able to cum twice. Regularly, he gets to eat his mistress' cum and ass, and if I allow him to cum, he licks it all like a good wimp. Even if he cums on my feet or on the floor, he will lick it up. After all, a good wimp eats his cum, without leaving a mess. But today he is getting to eat his mistress' juices mixed with a man's cum. Isn't it exciting, wimp?"

Bill nodded, very much excited from getting a hand-job, while Fleur talked about him. He was moaning loudly. As Fleur gripped his cock in a vice like grip, and moved her nail over his balls, he spurted out his cum, all over her hand. Without saying anything, Fleur brought her hand up and Bill started licking it beautifully. She put her whole hand inside his mouth, choking him. She fucked his mouth with her fingers. And Bill accepted it. By the time, she was finished, her hand was shining from his saliva. Harry watched fascinated, as she stood up in front of him, and Bill started licking her pussy.

"Yes!" Fleur moaned, gripping his head tightly and moving it deeper in her pussy, while humping her hips. "Get it wet! Make sure it's wet enough to take that big cock in it."

And as Bill followed that order, Fleur took her wand from the table beside Bill, without removing her pussy from his mouth and waved it. A cock cage came to her from the drawer. She moved away, and sat down, and quickly and efficiently locked his limp cock in the cage. Bill still kept eating her pussy and she came all over his face. She then tied his hands to the chair and moved away. Turning to Harry, she said. "See, what a wimp my husband is. But he is a good boy for his mistress. Now, he won't cum for the rest of the night, and he will also eat out your cum from my pussy. And look, he even got me wet for you."

As she reached him, he pushed her on the bed on all fours, climbing on the bed behind her. Fleur looked at him behind her shoulder. "Yes! Take me like a man!" She said.

"Oh, don't worry about that." Harry said, as he put his cock on her pussy. "I'll fuck your holes so hard, you'll be screaming out my name!"

And before she replied, he entered her in a single push.

"Aah!" Fleur moaned. "Yes, that's it. Fuck me hard, Harry!"

"You are so tight, Fleur!" He moaned. "It's like you have never been fucked before."

"You are so big, Harry!" She replied between her moans. "So much bigger than my husband. I have never been stretched so much. Yes! Fuck my cunt!"

He was fucking her with hard thrusts, moving his hand over her butt. He raised his hand and brought it down on her ass with a resounding clap. Her ass jiggled from the impact, and she moaned loudly. "Harder!" She cried out.

And Harry obliged her. Even as he fucked her, he started spanking her ass, and she was moaning loudly.

"Your husband won't be able to give you such satisfaction again." He said above the clapping sounds of their skin. "You won't be satisfied with that small dick ever again."

"He never satisfied me this way, Harry." She said, thrusting back into him. "Go harder, Harry."

Harry started fucking her faster, each thrust producing loud smacking sounds. He was stretching her pussy. He put his hand in her hair, and pulled her. They both were now on their knees. Harry was thrusting slightly upwards, and Fleur's moans became louder as this angle stretched more of her pussy. Harry's hands went to her tits, and started pulling her nipples. Fleur also put her hands on his, roughly kneading her tits. She turned her head sideways and with her right hand, pulled his mouth towards her by gripping his hair, in a searing kiss. Fleur was close to her orgasm. She moved her left hand downwards, towards her clit. She started rubbing it furiously, even as she bounced on Harry's thighs to meet his thrust. Within just a few moments she came hard, squirting her juices all over their thighs.

Harry also came as he felt her walls contracting around him. He slowly leaned forwards taking her with him. She lied on her stomach and Harry came on the top of her. As she finished cumming, Harry rolled off her. She turned sideways and looked at Bill, while Harry spooned her from behind, also watching Bill. Bill's cock was straining against the cage, while his face was red.

"Please mistress." He begged as he saw them looking at him. "Please release my cock."

"Not at all, wimp." She said sternly. "You have had your fun. Now let me have my fun, while you watch your wife getting fucked by a man. If you were man enough, it would be you fucking me in such a way." As she said this, she pushed her ass back towards his cock, which was now starting to harden.

"I'm going to fuck your ass now." Harry said, as he put his hand on her pussy, rubbing it lightly and gathering her juices. "Has he ever fucked you there?"

"No." She said, moaning as his finger rubbed her over sensitive clit. "He tried to once, but his small dick couldn't even penetrate my ass properly."

"Well, it's not really his fault that his dick is so small." Harry replied. "And your supple ass is bulging out so much." He spanked her ass to emphasize that. It was true. Fleur didn't have wide ass like some of the other women. Like Molly, or even Ginny had wider ass than her. But her ass was amazing because it bulged out so much, and still didn't sag. He supposed he could put his cock between her cheek and cum just from that. He pushed one of his finger inside her asshole, feeling it tightening around it. He moved his finger in circling motions. He cast a spell with his finger to clean and lube her ass. Fleur was moaning from his ministrations and the sensations in her ass. "Oh Merlin!" She screamed. "This feels so much better." And then he added another finger, spreading her asshole. "Yes." Fleur moaned louder. He kept moving his finger, spreading it. And then added another finger. He moved his three fingers around her asshole skillfully, making Fleur moan continuously, while her husband watched on. "This ass deserved to be appreciated." Harry said. "It's just inviting for anal. Pity your husband can't do it."

"He doesn't know what to do with this amazing ass." Fleur said. "It's still practically virgin. All yours to take."

Harry was hard again by now. He put his head on her asshole. He was fingering her pussy to help her relax. He put his mouth next to her ear. "Just relax." He licked her earlobe with his tongue. "Anal sex is so much fun when you have the right partner and you are relaxed."

His fingering had the desired effect and the skin around her asshole relaxed. He started pushing his cock in. And it was divine. It was so tight. At first, he couldn't seem to get it in, but after his head entered her ass, it seemed to hug his cock tightly. And he slowly, but consistently pushed it in till, he was fully inside her. he just stayed there, letting her ass adjust to having his cock inside her. And having his cock still inside Fleur's ass was not that much of a hardship. His hands weren't idle. His left hand came from beneath her to play with her tits and nipples, while his right hand played with her clit, helping Fleur relax and get more pleasure from having a cock in her ass.

Fleur was facing sideways towards Bill, holding her right leg pointing upwards to give Harry room to move between her legs. Harry was spooning her from behind. And Bill had the full view of his wife's gaping pussy and her ass stretching asshole, but his attention often went to her face which had the expression of pure pleasure on it. She never had that expression when he used his cock to fuck her.

As her ass adjusted to the sensation of filling up with a big cock, she started pushing back to get more pleasure. Harry getting the hint started to slowly move in and out. And that was much harder, to not just start fucking her ass as he fucked her pussy.

"Your ass is just amazing Fleur." He said, as he moved. "I could keep fucking it repeatedly."

Fleur was moaning, feeling pleasure beyond anything she had experienced before, just from his slowly moving cock in her ass. She had wanted to experience anal, but she didn't know it could be this pleasurable. "I would let you fuck it Harry." She screamed. "It feels so full. So good! Fuck it."

He started to pick up pace, earning a moan from Fleur on each thrust. Fleur was starting to push back to meet his thrusts halfway. There were loud rhythmic sounds of flesh on flesh as her ass smacked his thighs. "Yes, yes. Fuck my ass, Harry!" Fleur was moaning continuously as Harry fucked her hard. "Fuck my ass harder. Oh Merlin! I'm cumming!" She came hard, from his double assault. His fingers were going in and out of her pussy as his thumb played with her clit. And his cock fucked her ass from behind with forceful thrusts. And she was sure that she got more pleasure from the anal fucking she had just gotten.

Harry's hand was drenched from her juices, he kept his thrusts slow as he allowed her to ride out her orgasm, and as she came down from her high, he put his hands to her face. She started licking her own juices from his hand, and cleaned it thoroughly with her tongue. She looked back over her shoulder as his hand went to squeeze her tits, and Harry leaned forwards to kiss her. He was picking up his pace again. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer, so he was fucking her hard and fast. Both of his hands were pulling on her nipples, and she was moaning in his mouth. From the way she was pushing back, he knew she was also going towards her fourth orgasm of the night. He did his best to hold out till she came again, determined to enjoy their next orgasm together.

To make her cum faster he moved his right hand down, and started roughly fingering her pussy, his palm rubbing on her clit, as his finger brushed against her walls. He knew when he found her g spot as she moaned loudly, humping her hips on his palm while also trying to move back to meet his thrusts. Her moans were muffled as she kissed him, and Harry pinched her nipple with his left hand.

"I'm going to cum in your ass." Harry growled, not slowing down his pace. "All of your holes are going to be filled with my seed. Aren't you excited by it?"

"Yes." She groaned. "Cum in my ass. You have already claimed my mouth and pussy. Claim my ass by cumming in it. Fuck!"

Harry couldn't hold it any longer. He started cumming in her ass. Fleur moaned as she felt his seed filling her bowels. She started cumming for the fourth time that night. She was sure that she was going to be sore in the morning. But she didn't care. She had just experienced the most pleasurable night of her life.

"This ass is now mine." Harry said, as he came in her ass. "Your husband will not be touching it again." Fleur just moaned as she nodded in response.

They were both spent when they finished cumming. Harry rolled out of her, laying on his back. Fleur turned to him, putting her head on his chest, her blonde hair spreading around. They didn't speak for a while

"That was intense." Harry said. His hand was on her back, moving slowly, affectionately. Fleur nodded. Harry looked at her with amused expression. "I think you should release your husband."

Fleur looked up at him, almost as if thinking about his comment. "Yes, I think you are right." She stood up and turned to Bill, who was whimpering softly. His cock was straining against the cage, while his hands tried to get free from it's bonds. He thighs were closed, almost as if he was trying to get something to stimulate his cock. As he saw Fleur stand up, he looked at her with a hopeful expression.

Fleur laughed. "Look, Harry." She said, as she retrieved her wand. "The wimp is expecting me to let him cum tonight." She smiled at him. "No, wimp. You are not cumming tonight."

Bill's expression turned horror-stuck. "Please, mistress. I want to cum."

"Shut up." She said, as she vanished the ropes. "You are going to clean this pussy." She sat down on the bed and spread her legs. Harry sat up as he saw Bill come forward kneel between her thighs. He started to lick her. Fleur brought her hands up and grabbed his hair, pushing his face in her pussy. "Lick each drop of cum from my pussy and then you are cleaning my ass." Bill said something though it was muffled by her pussy. After about a minute, she moved his head downward, and he started licking his cum from her ass. "See Harry. This wimp likes to eat a man's cum from my ass. Look how eagerly he is cleaning it." She pulled his head back. "Go to the guest room. You are sleeping there tonight. I'm leaving the cage on, as I don't trust you not to start rubbing your cock, imagining me and Harry fucking each other, and cum all over your hand like the wimp you are. No, you are going to bed without cumming anymore tonight." As Bill looked like he was going to say something, likely beg again to cum, she commanded. "Go, now."

Bill meekly obeyed. Fleur returned to bed and laid down with her head on his arm, his arm wrapping around her shoulder.

"Did you enjoy tonight?" Harry asked. "Was it all you expected?"

"Harry." She said, softly. "I am a Veela, so I'm naturally dominant. As our relation progressed, we slowly transformed from husband and wife to mistress and slave in the bedroom. But I love him. I never even thought to betray him and fuck with other man. But he wanted me to. He shared that he had this fantasy, of another man satisfying me sexually. The thought of me humiliating him by fucking with other man excited him. Today was the first time I tried it. You are the only one I would trust with this. I know you would keep this a secret. And I know you have a dominating personality. And if Ginny's talks were to be believed, you are great lover. I can now surely say that she was not exaggerating a bit. I was going in blindly today. But you supported me fully on every step. I'm sure if you ask Bill in the morning he would say the same. Today was everything I expected and more." And she raised her head to kiss him. Unlike their earlier this was a tender kiss, conveying their affection for one another.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Harry said, after they separated. "I hope we can do that again sometimes."

"Oh we are doing this again." Fleur said excitedly. "Definitely."

AN: I tried to portray dominatrix Fleur. I hope I gave justice to her headstrong and dominant personality. I enjoyed writing this chapter, and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much. I don't have anything against Bill, I like his character. So, before anyone says anything that this was out of character for him, I tried to explain it in the end. This was Bill's fantasy. Bill and Fleur's relationship slowly progresses to mistress and slave relationship. And that is only for bedroom. In daily life, they are both equals.

AN 2: Tell me how you liked the chapter. Give reviews about what you liked, what you didn't like, any suggestions for future. Any ideas for next character, the actress for it, the scene for it, or any other is appreciated and welcomed. Please review. As I have said earlier, it helps me improve and also inspire me to write more.

AN 3: I have changed the actress for Fleur.

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