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A/N: For the best possible experience, ‘Purebloods’ (twoshot) and ‘The Interview’ (oneshot) should be read first before delving into this story.

A few people have asked for a continuation of this plotline and this will be multi-chaptered, though I have no idea at the moment how long it will be and exactly what will happen. I have a few ideas, but would love some input on what you guys want to see. I’d love to dig deeper into the main 5’s relationship. I’ll start off with this chapter and you can let me know what you’d like to see happen later on in the story. 😊

Chapter 1


Dark brown eyes bored into amber ones and then they both looked down at the blonde sprawled over the desk.

‘You’re fucking him?’ they both said at the same time.

Hermione snorted and Charlie gave a chuckle. There was a moment of silence and then Hermione propelled herself forwards towards Charlie and jumped up on him, taking his lips in a frantic kiss as his arms wrapped around her, holding her up against him.

They kissed passionately and when Charlie pulled away to start kissing down Hermione’s neck, she moaned breathlessly, ‘Missed you so much.’

He growled into her neck, ‘Missed you too.’ He sat her down on the side of the desk and ripped open her dressing gown, looking over her naked body and smiling. ‘Fuck yeah, I missed you.’

Hermione giggled and then moaned again as he took one of her nipples into his mouth, lying her down onto the desk. Her hand went into his hair and she tugged it as he sucked her nipple hard. ‘Why haven’t you been to visit?’ she whined.

He licked his way across from one breast to the other and said huskily, ‘Fucking mating season. Far too busy.’ He licked her other nipple and then bit it and she arched her back and groaned. ‘Went to your flat tonight,’ he continued. ‘But you weren’t there.’

Hermione brought him back up to her lips to kiss him again and then said, ‘You didn’t owl.’

‘I wanted to surprise you,’ he said with a grin. ‘Never thought I’d find you here.’

Hermione laughed out loud. ‘Likewise.’

Their lips met in another fervent kiss and Charlie’s hand ghosted down her body to find her slit as he began caressing her strongly with his fingers.

‘Well, you kept this pretty fucking quiet, Granger.’

Charlie continued his kisses on her neck as she turned towards the voice. Malfoy was now standing next to the desk and he made a gesture with his hand towards the two of them.

Hermione moaned loudly as Charlie shoved three fingers into her and started fucking her with them as he bit her neck, not at all caring about Malfoy being there. ‘I told you,’ she stammered out through Charlie’s ministrations. ‘There was a lot you didn’t know about me.’

Malfoy crossed his arms over his chest and actually looked a bit impressed for a moment before he covered it up with indifference, raising an eyebrow. ‘You continue to surprise me.’

Charlie’s mouth made its way from her neck down her body, licking across her nipples again and then over her tummy and her navel and as he reached her soaking slit, he rested himself on his knees to start eating her cunt, spreading her legs open wide as she lay back against the desk. She grabbed his hair and panted.

Malfoy suddenly grabbed her chin to force her to look at him. ‘It was him, wasn’t it?’ he said, his eyes bright as if he was having an epiphany.

‘What do you mean?’ Hermione said, her voice squeaking slightly as Charlie licked her.

‘It wasn’t the Weasel who taught you all that stuff,’ Draco said. ‘It was him,’ he said, gesturing towards the redhead between her legs.

Hermione moaned and then nodded. ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘Yes, Charlie—gods—Charlie fucked me,’ she got out finally.

Charlie chuckled into her cunt. ‘Yes, I fucking did.’

Malfoy pinched her nipple. ‘And taught you how to swallow a cock?’ She nodded again, groaning at both of their actions on her body. ‘And fucked your arse?’

She moaned. ‘All Charlie.’

Malfoy turned to Charlie and said seriously, ‘Thank you.’

Charlie looked at him with an eyebrow raised. ‘For what?’

‘For showing her the potential of this absolutely fuckable body.’

Charlie gave a laugh and then giving Hermione one last long lick, he stood up. ‘Shall we show her some more?’

Draco’s eyes lit with desire. ‘What do you have in mind?’

‘Go lay on the sofa,’ Charlie said to Malfoy while pulling Hermione up from her lying position, bringing her lips back to his for a wet kiss. Malfoy made himself comfortable on the sofa as Charlie pulled away from Hermione’s lips. ‘Go sit on his cock.’ Hermione didn’t need to be told twice. She jumped up from the desk and walked quickly across the room to straddle Malfoy on the sofa. He grabbed her hips and positioned her to sink down onto his hard cock. They both let out sighs of pleasure and Hermione began grinding down against him.

Charlie came up behind her on the sofa and put his arm around her, his hand coming up to her throat as he brought his lips to her ear. ‘Has Malfoy discovered how fuckable your arse is then?’

‘Yes,’ Hermione moaned, her head falling back to look into his face.

‘Good,’ Charlie said. ‘That means I won’t have to waste any time preparing you.’

Hermione felt a wand tip enter her arse as Charlie said a couple spells and she felt a cool sensation in her bum. She distantly heard wood clinking against the tiled floor before she felt Charlie’s cock push against her back entrance.

Malfoy held her hips steady and she yelled out as Charlie thrust into her fully. She and Malfoy hadn’t actually done this since the weekend before so it was a bit rough with no preparation. But it didn't take long for Charlie to build up a rhythm and start playing with her tits again and the lube was helping to soothe the sore muscles.

As Charlie was fucking her almost desperately, Draco’s strong hands were gripping her hips and moving her in time with Charlie’s thrusts so that they were both fully inside her at the same time and she was babbling incoherently at the incredible sensations rolling through her. ‘Oh fuck,’ she moaned out. ‘Gods, Charlie!’

Between seeing Charlie fucking Draco, and then Charlie going down on her and now having both of them inside her at the same time, Hermione could already feel herself building towards an orgasm. Malfoy’s cock was filling her absolutely perfectly as usual, and the tightness caused by Charlie also stretching her arse with his wonderful cock just made it better. They were thrusting into her but she was also bouncing against them, trying to get them to fuck her as hard and as deep as possible.

Draco moved one of his hands off her hip and put a thumb against her clit and she moaned out. He didn’t move it or put any pressure against her, but she found that when she moved her hips forward, it would brush against her and she moaned out again, fucking herself against his cock and his thumb until she felt herself explode, her body trembling from the force of her release.

Malfoy smirked and licked his thumb, then he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down to lie against him. He reached around to grab her hair, pulling her head back and biting her neck as Charlie continued to fuck her arse. ‘Draco, that’s…so good,’ she panted, grabbing his hair in one of her hands.

She heard Draco’s husky voice against her ear. ‘You fucking love this, don’t you Granger?’

She yelled out again in pleasure and gripped his hair even tighter, pulling him closer to herself. Charlie leaned forward and bit her other earlobe. ‘Answer him, Hermione,’ he commanded as he thrust harshly into her again and again.

‘Ye—oh fuck, yes! I love it,’ she groaned out. ‘Love your cocks inside me.’

Charlie growled and grabbed her shoulder, pulling down against it as he shoved himself up into her arse fully, holding himself there as he released himself inside her, biting her earlobe again which made her scream out in another climax, shaking against his body and clenching around Draco’s cock. Charlie made a few more shallow thrusts to make sure he was fully spent and then finally, he released her and pulled away, sitting back onto the sofa and lying his head back. ‘That was fantastic.’

Draco pulled her off of him and switched their positions so that she was now lying back on the sofa and then opening her legs up wide—one off the side of the sofa and the other bent against the back—he thrust back into her, fucking her urgently for another minute before he too succumbed to the pleasure, sinking deep into her to empty himself into her cunt, twisting her nipple hard and bringing her to another shaky orgasm with a moan of his name.

Without leaving her heat, Draco managed to pull her up and sit back against the sofa next to Charlie with her straddling him, his semi-hard cock still inside her. She moaned and her head fell against his shoulder as he distractedly played with her tits.

‘So have you done that yet, Hermione?’ Charlie asked. ‘Two cocks inside you at the same time?’

Hermione shook her head and looked at him. ‘Not like that.’

Charlie looked up at her. ‘But you have had two cocks?’

Hermione nodded, moaning a bit at Draco’s wandering digits. ‘Draco and Blaise.’

‘Who the fuck is Blaise?’ Charlie asked, reaching over to pinch the nipple that Draco didn’t currently have in his mouth.

Malfoy chuckled against her tit. ‘Oh, you’d like Blaise.’

‘So you’ve become a bit of dirty slut since you got back to London,’ Charlie said seductively.

‘She’s also fucked Blaise’s wife and my wife,’ Draco said with a grin, squeezing her breast from underneath, which made her nipple jut out and he laved at it, making Hermione moan again.

Charlie cocked his head and looked at Malfoy. ‘You have a wife?’ he asked in surprise.

Malfoy shook his head. ‘Honestly, does no one keep up with current events in Romania?’ he said sarcastically.  

Charlie shook his head in wonderment. ‘Well, Hermione,’ he said after a moment, sliding his hand down her body to rub her clit, making her squeeze her cunt around Draco’s quickly re-hardening cock. ‘I didn’t know you would become such a desperate little slag once you’d been fucked properly. Is there anyone else I should know about?’

Hermione started to move her hips to get some friction against Draco’s cock, but he held her still. ‘Tell him, Granger,’ he said in a commanding voice. ‘Who else have you fucked?’

She groaned. ‘Alright, there’s one more, but he doesn’t even count,’ she whined. ‘It was barely even a shag,’ she said softly, dropping her head.

Charlie pulled her hair back to look at him. ‘Tell me his name.’

‘Ernie McMillan,’ she said in a small voice.

Malfoy gave a laugh, ‘You fucked McMillan? That was the sex you had before me?’

Hermione blushed in embarrassment. ‘He seemed nice.’

They both chuckled and Hermione gave them an annoyed glare. ‘What?’

‘I mean,’ Draco started. ‘Nice isn’t exactly what does it for you, is it, Granger?’

She groaned and pushed her hips down onto Draco’s cock again. ‘That’s why it doesn’t count. He didn’t even get me off.’

Charlie shook his head then smiled and stood up. ‘Do you have a fucking shower in this place? I need to clean myself off properly before I fuck you both again.’

Draco smirked. ‘There’s one in my room. Also a very lovely bath.’

Charlie grabbed Hermione under her arms and pulled her off Draco—making her yelp out in annoyance, but he hauled her up and easily threw her over his shoulder and then made a gesture to Draco towards the door. ‘Lead the way.’


Hermione woke up to a soft caress on her face. A finger trailed over her lips, then down her neck and then a soft hand squeezed her tit firmly. She opened her eyes. ‘Pansy,’ she said softly.

‘Come on,’ Pansy said. ‘It’s our turn.’

Hermione, who was lying on the side of the bed, facing the door, tried to roll out of the bed, but there was something solid around her waist. She pulled the sheets off and tried to dislodge the arm wrapped around her but it caused the wizard behind her to moan in protest.

Pansy’s eyes darted from Hermione to the muscular and freckled arm and then back to Hermione. ‘Who the fuck is that?’ she whispered in awe.

Hermione breathed out quickly through her nose. ‘Charlie,’ she said, trying to move the arm again.

Charlie’s head came up from the bed and he kissed the side of her neck. ‘What’s going on?’ he asked sleepily.

Hermione tried to pull away again. ‘Charlie, I just need to nip into the other room for a bit.’

He looked into her eyes. ‘Why?’

Hermione looked up at Pansy. ‘This is Pansy,’ Hermione said and Charlie still looked confused. ‘I’m sleeping with her and Draco’s wife, Astoria, as well. They want to shag me.’

Charlie’s eyes were wide and he looked up at Pansy and then back down to Hermione. ‘I’m coming with you.’

Hermione sighed and looked at Pansy. ‘Is that okay?’ she whispered, trying not to wake Malfoy at least.

‘Absolutely,’ Pansy said breathlessly, still staring at Charlie.

They removed themselves from Draco’s bed and followed Pansy down the hall to Astoria’s room. Charlie’s eyes widened as he saw Astoria and Blaise lying on the bed, kissing softly and looking up when they entered. They both looked surprised at the new addition.

Hermione cleared her throat. ‘Charlie, this is Blaise, who is Pansy’s husband, and Astoria. Astoria, Blaise, Pansy, this is Charlie—he’s…’ Hermione stopped for a second, not quite sure how to introduce him. ‘He’s…I was with him when I was living in Romania. He stays there and he’s come to visit.’

Astoria stood up and stepped up close to Charlie. She ran a hand down his arm, over his tanned and burnt skin and then looked up into his eyes. ‘Welcome, Charlie.’

‘Well, you’re fucking beautiful,’ Charlie said bluntly. ‘How the fuck did Malfoy get you to marry him?’

Astoria smiled a heart-stopping smile and blushed. She looked at Hermione. ‘I like him,’ she said softly.

Hermione smiled back. ‘Me too.’

Charlie cleared his throat and looked around. ‘Alright, so there’s five of us,’ he said in an authoritative voice. ‘I want to watch you two together,’ he said to Astoria and Hermione and they both nodded. ‘And I’m going to fuck you,’ he said to Pansy, who looked absolutely delighted. ‘Blaise, was it?’ Charlie said to the man still sitting on the bed. ‘Do you want Pansy’s mouth, or do you want to join these two?’

Blaise looked slightly unsure of letting this stranger take control of what was happening, but Pansy answered for him. ‘I want to suck Blaise’s cock while you fuck me,’ she said to Charlie.

‘Okay,’ Charlie said with a smirk. ‘Let’s start there.’

Hermione looked at Astoria and grinned, pulling the witch to her for a kiss. Astoria’s mouth opened straight away and Hermione pushed her tongue inside, caressing it over her teeth and then pushing it against the other witch’s tongue.

She heard Charlie groan and she pulled away to take a deep breath. Astoria licked the side of her neck as she pulled open and pushed the dressing gown off Astoria’s shoulders, her hand automatically going up to caress one of her breasts.

Astoria moaned and Hermione looked up from her tit and into her eyes. ‘You really are beautiful,’ she said and then leaned forward to kiss her again, grabbing her bum with her other hand to pull the witch closer.

‘Merlin, Hermione,’ Astoria moaned against her lips.

Charlie, while watching them, directed Pansy towards the bed. ‘Suck your husband’s cock then,’ he said. Blaise pulled himself up against the headboard and Pansy crawled onto the bed, giving Blaise a wet kiss before licking her way down his body towards his cock.

Charlie was now scanning his eyes over Blaise’s dark and strong body. ‘Malfoy said I’d like you.’

Blaise looked up at Charlie in surprise, and then down at his cock. He moaned as Pansy’s mouth enveloped his own cock. ‘Maybe later,’ he choked out.

Charlie smiled and then lifted his eyes to find Hermione and Astoria again, who were still making out passionately. He kneeled on the bed behind Pansy and from where he was he could see a cushy armchair next to the bed on the other side of the bedside table. ‘Hermione,’ he said gruffly and Hermione tore herself away from Astoria’s mouth to look at him. He pointed to the chair. ‘There,’ he commanded.

Hermione looked at the chair and nodded, putting her hands on Astoria’s hips and pushing her back towards the armchair and then onto it. Astoria sat down on it and pulled Hermione down with her so that Hermione was straddling her and they could start attacking each other’s lips again. Hermione’s were red and swollen but she couldn’t seem to get enough of Astoria’s taste.

As she shoved a hand into Astoria’s hair to hold the witch close, she felt the other witch’s hand move down and start caressing her clit and she bucked up against her, deepening the kiss further and grinding against her hand.

Charlie moaned watching it and then turned his attentions back to Pansy, who was going down on her husband with fervour. ‘How does she like it?’ Charlie asked Blaise.

‘Bit rough,’ he said, his hand on the back of her head. ‘No hair pulling,’ he moaned out.

Charlie nodded and pushed two fingers into the witch and she moaned around Blaise’s cock. His other hand ran down her back and then he smacked her arse, not too hard but enough to make her moan out again. He smirked. ‘So you all just fuck each other?’ he said to Blaise.

Blaise’s head fell back as he thrust up into Pansy’s mouth. ‘Granger’s new,’ he said. ‘But we like her.’ He moaned again. ‘The girls and I have been together for a few years.’

‘Lucky fuck,’ Charlie said and Blaise smirked this time.

Pansy moaned again and wriggled her arse against Charlie’s fingers and he smiled, pulling his fingers out and lining up his cock with Pansy’s cunt. He grabbed her hips and pushed into her fully in one thrust. She pulled her head up off of Blaise to moan loudly. ‘Oh gods,’ she panted.

Blaise bent down to give her a strong kiss and then sat back and pushed her head back down onto his cock while Charlie began a strong but leisurely pace behind her.

Hermione was moaning loudly against Astoria’s lips. Astoria now had three fingers in Hermione’s cunt and Hermione was riding them, her hips grinding down against the slick digits. Hermione was panting, her forehead resting against the other witch’s and her fingers flicking over her nipple. She was so close and she moaned as she let her head fall back and pushed down hard against Astoria’s fingers and the thumb that she had just started pressing against Hermione’s clit.

She cried out, ‘Oh gods, oh Merlin. Astoria!’ Her body shuddered and she had to hold onto the side of the chair to stabilise herself as she rode out her orgasm against Astoria’s body. When she could finally get a breath back, her head fell forward and she looked into the beautiful dark eyes of the witch below her and smiled.

‘You’re so lovely when you come, Hermione,’ Astoria said, pulling her hand away and bringing it up to her lips to lick off the juices. Hermione growled and joined her, sucking her fingers and then kissing her again enthusiastically.

Hermione pulled away after a minute and then moved herself back off of the chair and kneeled down on the floor. ‘Your turn,’ she said, pulling Astoria’s hips up to the side of the chair and spreading her legs wide to examine the magnificent cunt before her. She let out a low moan as Astoria’s hands sunk into her wild hair and pushed her down. Hermione smiled and began laving at her folds in big, long reverent licks. She wanted to take her time and really enjoy being able to just focus on Astoria.

Charlie was grabbing Pansy’s hips now, plunging into her harder and a bit faster. He was so turned on watching Hermione go down on Malfoy’s wife. They were so fucking gorgeous and beautiful together. He groaned and wanted so badly to grab Pansy’s hair and just fuck her hard but he also wanted to make it last until the two witches were finished. He watched as Astoria’s chest started heaving a bit more, her breasts pushing out and she started moaning as she reached an orgasm, but Hermione just kept at her cunt, continuing to lick and caress her, now bringing her fingers up to push into the other witch.

He felt his cock twitch and knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. He looked at Blaise, who was sweating and pushing up into Pansy’s mouth and Pansy was moaning and pushing her head down as far as she could onto her husband’s large cock. Charlie reached around and began rubbing Pansy’s clit as he thrust more erratically into her and he heard Blaise groan loudly as his hips shot up and Pansy sucked him eagerly, swallowing down his release before pulling her mouth off of him and saying huskily through her now somewhat sore throat, ‘Fuck me harder, Charlie!’

Charlie grabbed both of her hips again and began pounding into her at a frantic pace and as he felt her contract around him as she keened out her orgasm, he pulled her hips hard onto his cock as he shot his cum inside of her.

‘Merlin, Hermione!’ Astoria wailed as she was brought to another orgasm by the witch between her legs, collapsing against the armchair, breathless, and tugging Hermione’s hair to pull her up for a languid kiss.

The sounds of panting and heavy breathing filled the air as they all struggled to find their breath and calm down. Charlie pulled out of Pansy, much to her chagrin and lay back against the bed for a few moments. Pansy had crawled up Blaise and was kissing him contentedly and Hermione and Astoria were practically cuddling on the armchair. They were all happy and sated.

‘Okay,’ Charlie said, taking another deep breath. ‘New plan…’

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