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Chapter 4

Hermione’s favourite part of spending most of her weekends at Malfoy Manor was Afternoon Tea on a Saturday. Though they had started by taking it in the sweeping gardens behind the Manor, as the weather grew colder, they had moved to the conservatory which was at the back of the Manor and caught the afternoon sun just right to be warm and cozy—even without clothes.

It was just the girls who took Afternoon Tea as it was something far too feminine for either Draco or Blaise to be a part of, and if they were honest, the reason that they liked it so much was because it gave them that time to themselves without having the boys around.

They had spread themselves out across a lush blanket on the floor and the food and drinks were on two coffee tables next to the blanket. They had finished the sandwiches and had had a few glasses of bubbly already and were now tucking into the cakes. Hermione practically moaned as she took a bite of her scone. She had lathered her scone in chunky strawberry preserves and thick clotted cream and the mixture was like heaven in her mouth.

As she took another bite, a bit of jam dropped from the scone onto her chest and she groaned to herself and swiped it up distractedly with her thumb. As she absentmindedly lifted her thumb from her chest towards her mouth, it was intercepted by Astoria, who brought the thumb to her own mouth, suckling the jam from Hermione’s digit.

As Astoria cleaned Hermione’s thumb, Pansy—who was on her other side—proceeded to clean the remnants of the jam from Hermione’s chest with her tongue—though Hermione was sure that that she was being a bit more thorough than was needed. ‘Clumsy Hermione,’ she said as she pulled away.

Pansy dipped her teaspoon into the pot of cream and then reached over Hermione to offer it to Astoria, but as Astoria opened her mouth, Pansy tilted the spoon and a dollop of cream slipped off the spoon onto the top of Hermione’s breast. Pansy smirked and made to wipe it up but instead purposefully smeared it even further over Hermione’s body. ‘Clumsy me,’ she said innocently.

Hermione smiled back at the Slytherin girl. ‘Oh no,’ she said with the same faux innocent expression. ‘Guess you’ll have to clean it up.’

Pansy was happy to obey and dipped her head to begin licking the cream off of Hermione’s body. Astoria grinned as well at Pansy’s obviousness and then leaned over to kiss Hermione, who groaned in pleasure as Pansy’s mouth covered her areola and she began sucking it softly.

Astoria then pulled away from Hermione’s mouth and trailed her fingers down her body through the cream and brought the fingers back up to her mouth, sucking them with a moan of her own. Hermione’s breathing was heavy as she brought Astoria back to her mouth for another kiss.

Pansy’s mouth was then travelling further down and though Hermione was sure that there was no more cream left on her, the other witch seemed to have a new mission in mind. The witches shifted Hermione so that she was lying down on the plush blanket and Pansy continued down to lie between her legs, spreading her open with her fingers and quickly pressing her tongue against Hermione’s clit and giving it a swipe, making her shudder.

While Hermione was busy moaning and crying out at Pansy’s treatment, Astoria had moved back over to the coffee table to grab a bottle of bubbly. She looked at Hermione with a wicked smile and then tipped the bottle over Hermione’s stomach, spilling some of the fizzy liquid into Hermione’s belly button.

‘Oh gods, Astoria,’ Hermione said softly, one of her hands in Pansy’s hair and the other in her own, grabbing it in pleasure as Astoria lowered her face to Hermione’s tummy, licking and sucking the bubbly away and laving at the area that Hermione found sent tingles straight to her core.

Astoria repeated her actions a few more times and by the time she had finished and started licking her way back up Hermione’s body, it was shaking with the aftershocks of the orgasm that it had just experienced at the mouths and tongues of the two witches surrounding her.

When Pansy moved away from her, Hermione pulled herself up and pushed Astoria down onto the blanket, her fingers finding the pot of cream and dragging the cream-covered digits across Astoria’s body. She looked at Pansy, who was now sitting next to her and kissed her deeply, what was left of the cream on her fingers painting Pansy’s hair as Hermione grabbed it to bring the witch closer.

They pulled away and then both looked hungrily down at Astoria. Hermione started at her tummy and then licked down towards her slit, resting herself there to slowly bring the witch off with her tongue and Pansy had started at her tits and moved up towards her mouth, the two kissing fervently as Astoria’s fingers found Pansy’s cunt and they all licked and sucked and finger-fucked each other to another climax.

Hermione looked up at the two witches and smiled broadly. They were both breathing shakily, but Hermione wanted more. She rolled Pansy over and pushed her back down onto the blanket next, covering her body with her own and kissing her deeply, before making her way down Pansy’s body, pinching and laving at her nipples lovingly. Then she moved down to her stomach and then even further.

Hermione licked and laved and used her fingers to press one into Pansy’s arse—as she knew she liked—and another two into her cunt. Astoria had taken over pinching Pansy’s nipples and giving her long, deep kisses. Pansy’s hands were gripping Hermione’s hair as she slowly and deliberately licked her to another release, Pansy crying out her name into Astoria’s mouth as she shuddered below her.

Hermione sighed and lay back, happily licking her lips, still tasting the cream and jam but also the flavours of Pansy and Astoria mixed with it, and it was decadent. And just as she thought that they were done, she felt a body move against her as Astoria took her lips in another kiss, which tasted very strongly of strawberry jam.

Hermione moaned out and pushed her tongue into Astoria’s mouth, thinking that perhaps her favourite thing about Afternoon Tea was that Pansy and Astoria never let any jam or cream go to waste.


Blaise was bored. He tapped his foot a few times and stood up. He knew that the girls were busy with Afternoon Tea and he didn’t like to interrupt their time together. He had been down to the library already this morning, but couldn’t find any other books that interested him at the moment and he really didn’t feel like socialising or wandering about in London on his own.

He paced for a few minutes. He could go out for a fly around but it was getting colder out as the summer came to an end and he didn’t feel like wrapping up for it. He turned and decided he would go see what Draco was up to. They did need to go over how they would market Granger’s new potion properly to bring in the highest profit.

He made his way down the hall and opened Draco’s door. They rarely knocked or announced themselves when in the Manor, but this was the one time that Blaise thought that maybe he should have.

It wasn’t uncommon for Draco to bring other people to his bed—although Blaise had noticed that the number had been dwindling as of late—but Blaise had to blink a few times and shake his head, not quite sure if he was actually seeing what he thought he was. It was only when he spotted a pair of familiar spectacles on Draco’s bedside table that he was absolutely certain that it was in fact Harry Potter who Draco was currently shagging.

He watched for a few minutes in awe. Potter was on his hands and knees, his lithe and muscular body pushing back against Draco as he thrust heavily into the brunet’s arse.  Potter’s face was turned away from the door where Blaise was and he was moaning out, ‘Fuck, Draco!’ as Draco pulled his hair back as leverage to shove more solidly into his arse.

Draco released Potter’s hair and grabbed both of his hips, pulling him back so he could really start ramming into him hard and Blaise knew that Draco was close. He stepped forward and let out a moan at the sight and Draco turned his head quickly and spotted him, smiling wickedly.

Draco deliberately slowed down his thrusts, grabbing Potter’s hair again and making him look towards Blaise. ‘We’ve got a voyeur,’ he said and Potter’s eyes fell upon Blaise standing by the doorway. ‘Do you want to suck his cock, Harry?’

Potter let out a moan and pushed back against Draco’s slowing thrusts. Draco leaned forward over Potter and said something in his ear and Blaise could see Potter’s cock twitch at whatever Draco was saying to him. Potter looked back up at Blaise and down at the bulge quickly presenting itself through his trousers. He then dropped his head and nodded. ‘Yes,’ he said huskily.

Blaise could not believe what was happening. Not only was Draco buggering Harry fucking Potter, but Blaise was about to get a blowjob off him as well. He wondered quickly about what had happened to Potter's wife but decided that now was not the time or place to discuss it. He quickly undid his shirt and unfastened his trousers, moving towards the bed. Draco pulled out of Potter long enough for everyone to get into position and once Potter’s mouth covered Blaise’s cock, Draco sank back into his arse and began fucking him again strongly.

Blaise’s cock went almost immediately straight down Potter's throat and he gasped and grabbed the messy black hair in his hand in surprise. ‘Fucking hell, Potter,’ he cried out. Draco looked at him with a smirk. Blaise smirked back, ‘How do you keep finding these Gryffindors with fucking amazing mouths?’

Draco chuckled. He was grabbing both of Potter’s hips, holding them tightly, but ignoring his cock. Blaise thought that was odd, as Draco always helped him get off while he was fucking him in the arse, but Potter seemed happy being fucked and taking Blaise down his throat, moaning in pleasure.

Blaise could tell Draco was getting close again as he really started hammering into the brunet’s bum and Blaise was getting close as well with the treatment that he was getting to his own cock and as Draco slammed forward into his arse, Potter pushed even further down onto Blaise and Blaise pushed up, his cock twitching out its release. He pulled Potter’s head back so he wouldn’t choke as he finished coming in the Gryffindor’s mouth.

Potter’s arms were shaky and he nearly collapsed but Draco held him up, his cock still fully buried in his arse before he slowly pulled out and let Potter roll onto his back, his breaths heaving and his cock still hard and aching. Potter grabbed the base of his own cock and gave it a quick squeeze.

Blaise looked at it and when he heard Draco’s answer, he instantly regretted his next question, ‘So, what’s happening with that then?’

Draco looked at Harry and then replied with a grin, ‘He’s going to fuck you with it.’


When Blaise returned to Astoria’s room a while later, the girls were in the shower. He walked in and was almost instantly hard again seeing them wash each other up. Kissing and groping and wandering fingers and mouths made Blaise’s breath grow shorter.  

‘I’ve just walked in on Draco and Potter,’ he managed to get out. Hermione smiled while the others’ faces showed surprise. ‘Is he still with that Ginny chit?’ Blaise asked Hermione, whose breasts were currently being soaped up by Pansy.

‘Er, yeah,’ Hermione said, confused. ‘They’ve had a fight though. Harry’s wanting to try some new stuff out before they make up.’

Blaise smirked. ‘I think I might have a plan that could help him out.’


A fortnight after Harry had first arrived at Hermione’s flat, he was still sleeping in her spare room. He had tried to owl Ginny and had tried to go see her, but she refused to see him or answer him and he was losing hope of his marriage ever being able to be reconciled. Ginny had even told Ron that she refused to see Harry, but it seemed that thankfully, she hadn’t told him why.

Harry was just finishing up at work for the day—Ron had left a bit early as he had had a date with some witch that had been eyeing him in the staff canteen for the last few weeks—when he heard one of the other Aurors saying something about having a potion to analyse and Harry’s ears pricked up.

‘This is the most important bit of evidence in this case, we can’t just let the twits down in the research lab deal with it,’ one of the wizards was saying. ‘It needs to be more thorough than usual.’

Harry looked up at them and one of the witches joined in. ‘They’ve been contracting some out to MZE lately, we could go on Monday to see if they would take this one on.’

Harry cleared his throat. ‘I could take it,’ he offered, trying to sound casual.

They looked over at him with a questioning glance. ‘You’re not on this case though.’

Harry thought fast. ‘I’m er—having dinner at Hermione’s tonight,’ he said. He also didn’t want to mention that his marriage was in a shambles and he was actually staying with her. ‘And she works there now, so I could give it to her. Saves the trouble of a trip.’

They all looked at each other and shrugged and nodded. ‘Yeah, that’s actually quite a good plan.’

‘Thanks, Potter,’ one of the witches said, giving him the vial and the paperwork.

‘No problem,’ he said. ‘Happy to help.’

Harry was, of course, lying through his teeth. He didn’t even plan on seeing Hermione today as she was away for the weekend at a Potions Conference somewhere in Scotland, and even if she was home, he was planning on apparating straight to Malfoy Manor after this to give it directly to Malfoy. He hadn’t seen the wizard since earlier in the week and he was actually quite desperate to see him again.

Once he had finished up, he arrived in the foyer of the Manor and almost immediately, a house-elf appeared.

‘Can you please let Mr Draco Malfoy know that Harry Potter is here to see him for Ministry Business,’ Harry said, wanting to keep it formal just now. The house-elf bowed and disapparated.

It was several minutes before the house-elf appeared again and beckoned Harry to follow him. Harry was starting to get excited—as he always seemed to do when he was about to see Malfoy. He had grown entirely too fond of the prat in the last couple of weeks and actually really enjoyed the time that they spent together.

So when he was taken into the dining room instead of to Malfoy’s room and the only person there was not Malfoy, but Malfoy’s wife, Harry felt a bit confused and deflated. ‘Erm…what?’ Harry asked, not really able to get anything else out.

She stood as Harry approached her. ‘Draco is away with Hermione at the conference this weekend,’ she said. ‘He decided at the last minute that it would be beneficial for him to attend as well,’ she continued at the forlorn look on his face. ‘I was just about to have dinner and thought you might want to join me?’

Harry’s mouth gaped a bit. Though he had been to the manor a couple of times over the last two weeks, he had never really spoken to Malfoy’s wife. She was always busy with her other lovers when he was here as he tended to only spend time with Draco, though there was that one time with Zabini. ‘Where are the others?’ he asked, wondering why she was alone.

She sighed and sat back down, gesturing to the chair next to her for him to sit. ‘Blaise and Pansy are having dinner with Blaise’s mother and she is—not too keen on me.’

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed but he didn’t push what that meant. How anyone couldn’t like Astoria Malfoy was a surprise to him. ‘So, you’re here alone?’ he asked and though he hadn’t actually agreed to have dinner, the house-elves had come to start serving it and he decided he might as well eat while he was here. ‘Er…Mrs—’ he stammered, not quite sure how to address her as he had never actually been formally introduced.

She gave a short laugh. ‘If you’re wanting an honorific, Lady Malfoy would do just fine,’ she said, smiling.

Harry raised a dark eyebrow. ‘Lady?’ he asked, nearly choking on the quiche that he had been served as a starter. ‘So, Malfoy is—Lord Malfoy?’ he asked with a bit of pink rising to his cheeks.

She gestured around at the Manor and gave a smile. ‘Yes, but if you called him that, he would have your head—he finds it far too formal,’ she said. ‘And you can call me Astoria.’

Harry nodded. ‘You can call me Harry,’ he said, returning her smile.

‘Harry,’ she said. ‘I’ve heard that you quite enjoy being buggered by my husband then,’ she said nonchalantly.

Harry nearly choked again and had to take a drink from his glass of wine. His cheeks pinked again and he looked shyly up at her. She was grinning madly and he realised that she was winding him up. He looked down at his food and swallowed. ‘Erm, yes,’ he finally said. When she continued smiling, he asked, ‘Why do you, you know, just let him shag who he wants?’

She seemed to think for a moment and then said, ‘Well, I was with Blaise and Pansy before we got married, so I couldn’t very well force him to become celibate when he was so understanding with the ones whom I liked being with.’

‘But then, why did you agree to marry him at all if you were already with Blaise and Pansy?’ Harry asked.

‘I did tell him that,’ Astoria said. ‘When he asked me. I said that I wasn’t the right fit for him, that I was already in love. But he and I were good friends,’ she said. ‘We had started talking when I was in fourth year and then I continued to write to him when he left school and we just kept it up until I had graduated Hogwarts. We saw each other sometimes in the summers—at parties and such. It was at one of these that he found out that I was seeing Pansy.’

Harry raised an eyebrow so that she would continue. ‘He ah—caught me under Pansy’s dress robes,’ Astoria said with a small smirk.

Harry gave a laugh. The main course was now being served. ‘So even though he knew you were with them, he still asked you to marry him?’

Astoria smiled again. ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘He said that he would rather spend his life with someone that he knew was his friend and who he knew would be a good mother to his children, than someone that he was only attracted to sexually or someone that his parents made him marry. He was actually supposed to marry my sister Daphne, if his parents had any say in it, but he chose me instead.’

Harry nodded. ‘That’s fair,’ he said. ‘Honestly, your sister is a bit of a—’ he stopped, trying to find a way to put it delicately.

‘She’s an absolute bitch,’ Astoria said frankly.

Harry laughed again and found himself warming to Astoria and her sense of humour. ‘I was going to go for cunt,’ he said with a laugh.

‘That too,’ she smiled.

They ate a bit in silence and then Harry spoke again, asking something else that he had been wondering. ‘Why don’t you and Malfoy, you know, shag then?’

Astoria looked up, looking slightly surprised. ‘We’ve tried it,’ she said, taking a sip of her wine. ‘But honestly, it just doesn’t work for either of us. I think we’ve just been friends for so long that it’s hard to move on, maybe? I care for him deeply, like I said, he really is my good friend, but we just don’t—do it for each other?’ she said with a slight question at the end.

Harry frowned, not sure how two people so sexy couldn’t turn each other on, but perhaps there just wasn’t that chemistry.

‘How are things with your wife?’ Astoria asked. ‘Hermione said you’re going through a rough patch.’

Harry breathed out quickly through his nose. ‘Rough patch?’ he said sarcastically. ‘My marriage is fucked.’

Astoria frowned. ‘How’s that?’ she asked, seeming genuinely concerned.

‘She hasn’t answered any of my owls, and she’s put up wards around the house to keep me out. She’s really upset. Honestly, I can’t blame her. I don’t know what I would have done if she had said someone else’s name during sex,’ he said.

‘Have you told her how you were feeling?’ she asked. ‘That you feel like you need to experience something different?’

‘I’ve tried,’ Harry said. ‘I told her that I wanted to try things out with Malfoy. I haven’t told her yet that we’ve actually done it quite a few times now,’ he said—his cheeks going pink again. ‘And that if her ultimatum is her or…him,’ Harry stammered and shook his head. ‘I don’t know if I can choose her.’

‘What do you want?’ Astoria asked. ‘What would be your ideal situation?’

Harry sighed and pushed a hand through his hair. ‘I want her back,’ he said. ‘I do love her and I want to stay married to her, but I also really want this to continue with Malfoy. I just really don’t think she would be okay with that.’

Astoria took a sip of wine and then another bite of food. She placed her cutlery down on her plate signaling she was finished, and then cleared her throat, looking back at Harry. ‘What if you offered her the same?’

Harry’s fork clattered against his plate as he looked back up at her. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean, ask her if she has a fantasy lover?’ Astoria said. ‘Someone that she’s always wanted to shag, you know? But she wouldn’t because she was with you.’

Harry’s mouth gaped open. ‘What like—give her permission to sleep with someone else?’ he asked.

Astoria shrugged. ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘You’re getting to sew your wild oats, yeah? What if she’s feeling the same? I’m assuming you were each other’s only—’ she trailed off, but Harry understood her implied meaning.

‘Yes, she’s the only witch I’ve been with,’ Harry said.

‘So maybe,’ Astoria said. ‘If you just gave her that little push to go after what she might want, then she would be more willing to piece things back together with you. As long as there’s that understanding between you that sometimes you don’t always give each other exactly what the other needs.’

Harry ran his hand through his hair again. Why was she making so much sense? Harry thought that he would feel jealous thinking about Ginny with another man—or woman—but instead he actually felt relieved. What if that was what they needed in their marriage? Harry knew that he enjoyed being with Malfoy and didn’t want that to stop anytime soon. What if Ginny needed something that Harry couldn’t give her? As long as they were still together at the end of the day—as long as they still had that friendship and passion that they had shared together before this whole debacle with Malfoy—then maybe they could make things work?

A strawberry tart was placed in front of Harry. He looked up at Astoria and smiled, feeling lighter than he had in a long time. ‘I think that’s a great idea,’ he said, digging into his tart. ‘The only issue being if she doesn’t actually want to be with anyone else,’ he said, deflating a bit.

Astoria smiled a knowing smile. ‘I’m sure there’s someone.’


Draco rounded the corner at the end of the hallway in the hotel where the Potion's Conference was taking place in Edinburgh, and the sight that met his eyes—for some reason beyond himself—made his blood boil.

Granger was being pressed against the wall by a man with dark blond hair. His hand was squeezing her arse, and his tongue was deep in her mouth. Her hands were on his chest, gripping his robes in her hands.

Draco felt himself growl as he moved to step closer when he heard, ‘Aargh!’ and the man pulled away from her. He held his tongue out for a second and then looked down at Granger. ‘You bitch!’ he said. ‘You bit my tongue.’

‘Well, it shouldn’t have been in my mouth, McLaggan!’ she said angrily, shoving him back from her while he was distracted.

McLaggan grinned cockily and moved towards her again. ‘C’mon, Hermione, you know you want it,’ he said, his hands moving out to touch her again, but as he approached her, she shoved her wand under his chin.

‘I have never, and will never want anything from you, Cormac,’ she said. ‘I told you to get away from me.’

He seemed unconcerned about the wand tip digging into the bottom of his chin. ‘You’ve been single for what, a year now?’ he asked, moving his hand out to touch her hip and she slapped it away and dug her wand further into his skin. ‘You have to be pretty desperate for a shag now,’ he said, trying to be seductive.

‘Well, the fact is, I’m not nearly desperate enough to shag you,’ she said with fire in her eyes. ‘Even if it had been a year since I was last shagged.’

His eyes flashed and he pushed her wand away to press his body against hers again. ‘Hermione,’ he said. ‘You can’t deny there’s always been something there between us. I can feel it, and I’m sure you can, too.’

‘The only thing that I feel for you is revulsion,’ she said. ‘And if you try to touch me again without my permission, I will hex your bollocks off.’

But McLaggan only sniggered. ‘You know I like when you’re feisty,’ he said.


McLaggan’s head snapped to the side and Granger’s hand was high, her breath heavy in her chest. He rubbed his cheek and looked back at her, his expression unreadable. ‘Not bad,’ he said finally and Granger looked up at him with annoyance in her eyes.

‘Get away from me,’ she said with a low voice.

He rubbed his cheek again and then stepped away. ‘I’ve got all weekend,’ he said with an evil grin. ‘I will wear you down eventually.’

‘Because that’s what every girl wants to hear,’ she said sarcastically. He blew her a kiss and then moved away from her, walking down the hallway towards where Draco was standing and shoving him with his shoulder.

‘What are you staring at, Malfoy?’

Draco’s eyes met McLaggan’s and he smirked. ‘Absolutely nothing at all.’

McLaggan narrowed his eyes and then walked away, disappearing around the corner.

Draco listened to make sure that he was gone before moving towards Granger. She was shaking and looking at him. ‘How long were you there?’ she asked.

‘Just about when he had his tongue shoved down your throat,’ Draco said casually, bringing his hand up to touch her cheek and she shied away from it.

‘He surprised me,’ she said. ‘I couldn’t get to my wand and he just—gods, he’s so—’ she couldn’t even finish what she was trying to say.

Draco leaned in closer to her, his body pressing against hers and she looked up at him in surprise. ‘Malfoy, what are you doing?’

‘That was sexy,’ he said softly into her ear.

She gave him another confused glance. ‘What, me being nearly raped?’ she asked.

‘Oh, it never would have gotten that far,’ he said and then breathed against her ear. ‘Sometimes I forget how powerful you are.’ Her breath caught in her throat as she looked into his face. He grabbed her hand and brought it down his body to his cock, which was hard against her palm. He hissed, ‘This is what happened to me when you smacked that self-righteous look right off his face.’

She gave a little smile and squeezed him through his trousers.

‘And when you bit him,’ he continued, his hand coming up to caress her tit through her shirt. ‘I was so looking forward to seeing what hex you would come up with.’

She gave a sharp sigh. ‘Well, he did say he was going to have me by the end of the weekend, so maybe you’ll get to see that yet.’

Draco suddenly stopped and grabbed her hip in his hand. ‘I don’t want him fucking touching you again, Granger.’

‘He’s not going to get that close again,’ she said staunchly. ‘I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll have my wand in my hand rather than in my holster for the rest of the conference.’

Draco looked into her eyes for a few moments and nodded, but silently made another plan in his head. ‘That’s good Granger, because this mouth—’ he pushed against her and took her mouth in a deep kiss, pushing his tongue against hers and pressing her fully into the wall. ‘—this mouth is taken,’ he said as he pulled away a bit breathless.

She nodded, looking lustfully up into his eyes. ‘Yes.’

He pushed against her again and grabbed her bum in one of his hands, squeezing it fondly. ‘And this arse—is mine,’ he growled against her lips.

She pushed her head back against the wall and moaned. ‘It’s yours,’ she whimpered.

Draco looked around quickly and then pulled his wand out and cast a few charms and Granger looked at him knowingly, her eyes now glazed in lust. ‘I’m going to take you right here,’ he said. ‘Right where McLaggan was trying to take what doesn’t belong to him.’

She nodded, her hand finding his cock again and fondling it through his trousers. His hand on her bum pulled her forward towards him and he brought his lips onto hers again, meeting her insistent tongue. When he pulled away to bite her collar bone, she let out a growl. ‘Please Draco,’ she said, her fingers now finding the buttons on his trousers.

She was wearing an oxford and a long skirt under her robes and he looked down at the row of buttons in annoyance. He pulled out his wand again and with a quick spell, she was now naked under her robes and he smirked at the look of surprise in her eyes. ‘Couldn’t be fucking bothered with that,’ he said and she let out a short laugh.

As she continued with the task of his trouser buttons, he now had complete access to her body and he grabbed her now naked arse again with one hand to pull her close while he dipped his head to take one of her nipples into his mouth, giving it a sharp bite and then licking and sucking over it. He knew she loved when he did that and he could hear her panting as she was still trying to undo his buttons.

He moved his hand from her arse and around to her front, slipping his fingers through her slit and finding her soaking. He pushed a couple fingers into her and used his thumb to brush over her clit as he bit her nipple again.

‘Oh fuck, gods Draco,’ she moaned out, finally getting the last button undone and pulling his cock out from its imprisonment. ‘Merlin, I need you,’ she groaned into his chest, wanking his cock lightly while he continued thrusting his fingers into her and playing with her tits.

‘Fuck, Granger, I need you too,’ he said after a minute, pulling his fingers from her and pushing her hand away from his cock. He brought his hands down to her bottom and lifted her up and she threw her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He pushed her heavily against the wall and she let out a breath from the impact.

Her hand moved down between them to grab his cock and put it into position against her soaking cunt and he pushed up and forward hard, impaling her against the wall. She threw her head back in pleasure and her hand came back up to grab the hair at the back of his head. He held himself still inside her for a moment, half-teasing and half knowing that he was so turned on that if he didn’t give himself a moment, this would be over far too quickly. Granger was so hot and so turned on and so fucking sexy right now.

‘Fuck,’ she breathed out. ‘Please—Merlin, please Draco!’

He shuddered in delight at the words. Hermione Granger, who had just nearly fucking knocked out a wizard probably twice her size and was the most intelligent and clever witch in a century was begging for him. He groaned into her neck and he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. His fingers gripped the bottoms of her thighs as he pulled out of her and then shoved back in, his teeth grazing her neck as he began to thrust into her roughly.

She was moaning and screaming, her body arching against his as he fucked her thoroughly. One of her hands was gripping his shoulder and the other was in his hair, pulling it harshly, but he was enjoying the pain and enjoying the pleasure of burying his cock over and over into this incredible witch. His hands gripped her thighs again and he started really shoving into her, getting close to his release.

He pulled back from her neck and met her eyes, his thrusts becoming stronger and more forceful. ‘Who do you belong to, Granger?’ he asked, squeezing her thigh and giving her another strong thrust.

She held his gaze and bit her lip, moaning through it. ‘Y-you,’ she got out.

He grinned and then kissed her strongly, pushing her hard against the wall, the fingers of one of his hands quickly finding her clit and pressing hard against it as he gave her a few more harsh shoves, feeling her tighten around him and wail out her climax as he too found his, making sure he was buried fully inside her to release it into her body.

They both panted and breathed heavily for a couple of minutes, slowly pulling themselves down from the high they had just experienced and eventually Draco had to let her go, her legs falling shakily back to the floor. ‘I know we have separate rooms,’ Draco started. ‘For propriety’s sake,’ he added. ‘But I’m in desperate need of a shower, and if you wanted, you could join me.’

Her eyes met his and that wicked gleam that he loved crossed them. ‘Well, how could I say no to that?’ she grinned.


Blaise sat at a café in the back of Diagon Alley. It wasn’t a well-known one and was enough out of the way that hopefully no one that he knew would see him here this early on a Saturday morning. He tapped his foot and took a sip of his coffee.

He had just checked the time on his watch again when he heard a voice stutter out, ‘Zabini?’

He looked up and his eyes fell upon the confused redhead standing before him. ‘Ginny,’ he said with a smirk.

She cocked her head and looked down at the scrunched letter in her hand and then back up at him. ‘What the fuck do you want?’

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