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Chapter 8

Ginny sat up, finding a large button-down shirt on the floor and putting it over her shoulders, doing up enough of the buttons to hold it onto her. She stood from the bed and her eyes ran over the ridiculously handsome man lying almost starfish-like across the large bed. Her eyes stopped on his exposed bottom and she felt another tingle go through her. Fuck, but he was gorgeous.

She turned and went to the French doors that led out to the balcony. She inhaled the warm morning air and leaned against the railing, looking out over the fields that surrounded the villa.

Her body gave a shiver in delight. She was in Italy and had spent the night shagging Blaise Zabini. And it had been incredible. She now understood why he liked sex so much—he was fucking good at it. She supposed he had to be if he had not only a wife to please but a girlfriend as well. She wondered if they also pleased each other, but remembering his words about Pansy having a wicked tongue, she assumed that they did.

She sighed and looked down. This was really a beautiful place. She looked down over the terrace where she saw a pool and then a conservatory and greenhouse beyond that. She hated that she needed to leave.

She heard the door click shut behind her and looked back to see that Blaise was now standing with her on the balcony, looking over her body—barely concealed by his shirt—with hungry eyes and her tingles returned full-force. He walked up to her and stood behind her, his hands on either side of hers on the railing and he pushed himself against her back.

‘Good morning,’ he said softly into her ear and she moaned at the contact.

‘Morning,’ she said breathlessly.

He pushed her hair away from her face and bent to kiss the side of her neck. ‘You look good in my clothes, Red.’

She shivered again. His body was so warm against her, and her body was responding to him already. His hands ran around to her front, one touching her breast, flicking his thumb across her suddenly stiff nipple and the other running down towards her pussy.

‘Blaise,’ she moaned.

‘I’m assuming you enjoyed last night,’ he said hotly into her ear, his fingers finding purchase on her sensitive nub as he began circling it.

She pushed back against him and let out a whimper. ‘Yes,’ she breathed.

She could feel him smile against her neck and massage her breast again. He pushed forward against her again and she could feel his hardness. She had felt so full when he had been inside her last night, and she wanted so badly to feel that again. She didn’t have to leave quite yet—practice didn’t start for another couple of hours.

‘Morgana’s tits, Blaise, come on,’ she whined out, ready for him to take her again but he was taking it slow and teasing her.

She could feel him stiffen against her in pleasure and he pushed her hips forward again. She held onto the railing as he shoved her feet apart and pushed her upper body forward, pulling her hips back towards him as he lined himself up and then he was filling her again and she let out an indecent moan, letting it echo over the terrace below her.

He dragged his cock out of her and then pushed it back in, holding her hips and pulling her back against him. ‘You might want to be a bit quieter,’ he said against her ear when another moan escaped her lips. ‘Otherwise nonno might come out and watch us.’

She closed her mouth and grabbed the railing tightly as he continued pushing into her, involuntarily letting out sighs and whimpers between her tight lips. Why the fuck hadn’t she let him do this in school? Her mind was having trouble remembering as his cock filled her fully and she pushed back against him. She had found the rhythm now so he was able to release one of her hips, playing with her clit again as he thrust again and again, making that coil in her belly wind up tighter and tighter.

Her lips stopped being useful in holding in her moans and she was letting the noises free as Blaise began moving faster into her, getting closer to his release and she was almost there too. ‘Merlin!’ she cried out and his big, warm hands took her hips again, pulling her back against him with each movement and she was so close—almost there!

She heard his low growl against her neck and it skyrocketed her off the edge, her body convulsing around him as he pushed deep into her, nearly lifting her feet off the ground as he filled her, her body quivering to take everything he had offered.

Her knees were weak and she let herself fall back against him. He pulled back and turned her around, his lips taking hers as he lifted her up in his arms and brought her back into the room. He laid her down on the bed and grabbed his wand to do a cleansing spell.

‘You’re on the potion, yeah?’ he asked as he lay down next to her. ‘I’ve got some if you need it.’

She flushed with guilt but nodded quickly. ‘Yeah, it’s fine,’ she said and he smiled and kissed her again. When he moved away, she groaned. ‘I need to go,’ she said. ‘I’ve got practice soon.’

He frowned and tilted his head. ‘I’m sorry, but that’s not possible.’

She shook her head. ‘Why? You can’t keep me here.’

He chuckled darkly. ‘No,’ he said. ‘But there’s only one portkey a day from this area. And it’s not until this evening.’

Her eyes widened. ‘Fuck,’ she said. She couldn’t fly that far and she didn’t even have her broom, and she couldn’t possibly apparate that far either, at least without really splinching herself.

‘We can do a fire-message to let them know you won’t be there,’ he said. ‘But there’s no way you’re making it today.’

She was annoyed until he put his hand on her hip again, pushing the shirt that she was still wearing up with a dark look in his eyes and she groaned again. Well, she might as well enjoy herself while she was stuck here.


Harry opened his eyes. He blinked blurrily and threw his arm out to the side, hitting it against the bedside table and feeling around for his glasses. His fingers wrapped around them and he brought them over to pull onto his face. Looking back over to the other side of bed, he realised that what he saw was right. Now in focus, Draco Malfoy lay sleeping on the other side of the bed.

Harry’s stomach twisted with some strange unknown feeling. This was the first time that they had actually spent the night together, that Malfoy had stayed for longer than just a shag or two.

Or three, Harry thought with a grin, and then looked at his watch. It was still quite early, only a quarter to six, so he wasn’t going to wake the sleeping wizard up. He frowned as he thought that he would need to get ready for work soon and so would Malfoy. He wished he could just stay in bed with him all day.

As he got up from the bed, however, he quickly rethought that wish. He was actually quite sore. As Harry had gotten more used to his body being stretched and fucked, Malfoy had gotten a bit rougher with him. Not that Harry disliked it. It actually felt freeing almost, like he was able to just let himself go and have no inhibitions and didn’t have to try to hide what he was feeling.

But the downside of this was that his arse was sore, the back of his head was throbbing a bit from where Malfoy had tugged on his hair so many times and he had bruising hickies on the back of his shoulders where he had been bitten while Malfoy had fucked him deeply and completely. When he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror, he thought that he looked thoroughly shagged.

He gave a little tremble. Yes, he was sore, but he had enjoyed it, and it was a good kind of sore that made him remember everything that had made him feel that way. And he loved picturing that. He turned the shower on and walked into it, intent on cleaning himself up from their activities, and his mind turned to reliving moments from the night before.

Only a couple minutes later, while Harry was recounting in his head how Malfoy had shoved him over the back of the sofa to fuck him while they had been waiting for their takeaway to be delivered, his thoughts were interrupted when he felt a cool rush of air fill the shower and he looked behind him to find a very naked and aroused blonde standing by the shower door. ‘Are you showering without me?’ he asked in a husky voice.

Harry felt his breath catch. He hated that it always did that around the Slytherin. ‘Didn’t want to wake you up,’ he said, with what he hoped was a nonchalant shrug.

‘Honestly, Potter,’ Malfoy said, his grey eyes raking over Harry’s body, making him flush. ‘If you’re naked in a shower, I’d rather not sleep.’

Harry’s cock, which had already been steadily growing after thinking about the activities of last night, hardened further at these words. Malfoy’s eyes lingered on it and then he moved fully into the shower, pushing Harry back against the cold tile wall and taking his mouth in a deep kiss.

‘Gods,’ Harry sighed as he felt the strong body against his, pressing his body deliciously into the tiles. His lips were occupied again as Malfoy’s fingers lingered over his strong stomach muscles and then wrapped around his hips, pulling them fully together.

After several minutes of intense snogging, Draco pulled back slightly, his tongue once again licking over Harry’s lips. ‘You’re sore, aren’t you?’ he asked.

Harry groaned and pushed his hard cock against the blonde’s. ‘A bit,’ he said. ‘But Merlin, I want you.’

Malfoy grabbed Harry’s bum, and held their bodies close under the warm spray of water. ‘You had me three times last night.’

Harry’s cock jumped again and he could feel his stomach twist even more, his mind once again replaying the ways that Draco had taken him over and over again. ‘Please!’ he moaned out.

Malfoy smirked. ‘Alright,’ he acquiesced, ‘But come with me to MZE before you go to work and I’ll give you a potion that will help.’

Harry just nodded, he would agree to anything to have that cock inside of him again. Malfoy’s lips crashed down against his again and he grabbed Harry’s hips to slowly turn him around and push him face first against the wall. Draco’s lips found purchase on Harry’s neck as he slowly pushed a couple of fingers into Harry’s arse.

Harry groaned. He had not expected the fingers to be lubed—he had even been eyeing up Hermione’s conditioner to determine if it could be a suitable replacement—but somehow they were. He looked around quickly, trying to see if Malfoy had his wand. ‘I’ve been practicing it wandless,’ Draco said hotly into his ear. ‘For situations like this.’ Harry groaned again, feeling his body flush with arousal at the words.

With how many times they had shagged the night before, Harry was very quickly ready to take him again and Malfoy pressed himself against Harry’s back. One of his hands insinuated itself between Harry and the wall to take hold of Harry’s cock and the other positioned his own cock at Harry’s backside.

As he felt himself being stretched again by Malfoy’s thick cock, he moaned out, in a mixture of pain and pleasure. It was sore on his already abused bum, but it felt so good having Malfoy inside him again. ‘Gods, Draco,’ he exhaled as he was once again stuffed full, his hands trying to find a grip on the slick tile wall in front of him.

Draco moaned harshly against Harry’s neck and it just inflamed Harry’s desire more for the wizard that was pummeling his arse. He knew that he would be really sore after this, but at the moment he couldn’t care because that cock was filling him again, sliding against that spot inside him that gave him shocks and shivers with each thrust. Malfoy’s hand was squeezing his shaft tightly as he pushed up and into him over and over again and Harry let out an obscene whimper when Draco’s lips caressed the side of his neck.

Harry was bucking forward now, his movements becoming unrestrained as he pushed his cock into Malfoy’s hand and pushed his arse back onto the cock inside him. Malfoy hissed against him. ‘You’re such a slut for my cock, Harry,’ he moaned and Harry felt himself harden even further. Merlin, he was, wasn’t he? He had just been thinking earlier that he was too sore to take Malfoy again, but only a few heated snogs later and he was suddenly begging for it again.

Harry thrust into Draco’s hand, desperately trying to reach his release as the blonde fucked him. He whimpered shamelessly as Malfoy began jerking his cock and he knew that he was close. He could tell Draco was close as well, his body thrusting up and more firmly than before.

‘Ugh, oh fu—fuck! Draco!’ Harry cried out as his cock jerked and his cum spurted out against the tiles. His arse tightened around the blonde behind him and he could feel Malfoy thrusting almost incoherently into him several more times before pulling out suddenly and grabbing his own cock to spill his cum over Harry’s lower back and bum.

Harry groaned as his head fell against the shower wall. As the pleasure of his orgasm left him, he could feel the pain lingering and he sighed heavily. ‘Shouldn’t have done that.’

Malfoy leaned against him, now rubbing a bar of soap over his back and bum, cleaning the sticky residue off of him. ‘The potion will make it feel better.’

‘You not fucking it four times would make it feel better,’ Harry said with another groan.

Malfoy hissed against his ear, pushing him roughly against the shower wall. ‘You not begging for my cock every time I get close to you would make it feel better.’

Harry moaned out in pleasure at the words, and then disappointment as Malfoy moved away from him and stepped out of the shower. ‘Draco, wait,’ he said and Malfoy turned around, annoyance clear in his eyes. ‘I wasn’t saying I didn’t enjoy it.’ Harry winced as he shifted his weight and felt the discomfort again. ‘I’m just sore now.’

Malfoy’s eyes softened a bit. ‘Then get out of that bloody shower and come with me to MZE and I’ll give you that potion.’

Harry nodded and grinned softly while turning the shower off. ‘If this potion does what you say it does, I should probably invest in getting a bit of it, you know for ah—future occurrences?’

Malfoy relaxed and chuckled and Harry stepped up to him, kissing him lightly while pulling two towels out to dry them off. ‘That’s probably a good idea,’ Draco said.


Hermione was in her office, which was off the side of the research lab and held only her desk littered with books, inkwells, rolls of parchment and quills. Her mind was still a little foggy from the night before, thinking through everything that she and Astoria had talked about, but especially what the other witch had asked her.

Hermione had woken up this morning next to her girlfriend. She closed her eyes again and hummed in pleasure at the thought. She had a girlfriend. Only a few months ago, she wouldn’t have thought that that was something that she would want, but now she was blissfully content and happy. She actually had two girlfriends, and a boyfriend, she supposed, but until she actually talked to Blaise and Pansy, she would just consider Astoria her girlfriend.

She let out a short laugh. She was in a relationship with Malfoy’s wife.

What had happened in her life to bring her to this moment? she thought to herself. How had she gotten so deeply involved with four Slytherins that she was thinking about a possible future with them? At least with three of them. She wasn’t sure what would happen with Draco. She knew that he was shagging only her and Harry at the moment, but she pegged him as more of the type to get bored quickly and move on eventually, and she couldn’t imagine him ever declaring words of intent or—gods forbid—love to her.

But at the same time, she knew that she would want to be with him for as long as he wanted to be with her, because though she loved being with Astoria and Blaise and Pansy, it was Draco that gave her those heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, mind-boggling orgasms that made her feel like she had died on the spot for a good thirty seconds before she had to force her body to breathe again.

She wasn’t quite sure what was in store for her for the future. She knew that neither Blaise nor Malfoy would ever intentionally get her pregnant as heirs outside of wedlock were a fate worse than death in the higher echelons of Pureblood society, but she knew that she wanted a family at some point. She frowned. Maybe she could get Charlie to sprog her up at some point. She didn’t want to marry him as he would never leave Romania and she knew that she was only one of many people whom he shagged, but perhaps he could give her a child?

She shook her head, she wasn’t ready for that anyways. She had actually felt a pang of jealousy when Harry had mentioned that Ginny was pregnant. She had hoped that she would be married and on her way to thinking about a family by this point in her life, and she cursed her body for not responding to Ron the way that it did to her other lovers. They might have been able to make their relationship work if the sex was anything as heated as the arguments.

Banishing these thoughts, she turned back to her parchments on her desk. She was nearly finished for the day but was quickly making a few notes about some of the interactions of the two ingredients that she had been trialing with the potion to see if she could get it to last longer.

Soon, there was a quick chap at the door, and she looked up to see Malfoy standing in the frame. ‘Can I keep you back for a few moments?’ he asked.

She sighed and nodded, dipping her head back down to write a few more things, then signing off on the day’s experiments with a flourish.

She startled when she felt Malfoy’s breath at the back of her neck, not having realised that he moved while she was engrossed in her work. ‘Malfoy, what are you doing?’ she asked.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her up from the chair and then moved it out of the way. ‘I’m going to fuck you, Granger,’ he said, grabbing her wrists in one hand and pulling her head forward with the other to take her lips in a strong kiss.

She broke the kiss by pulling her head back. ‘But I’m meeting Astoria,’ she panted.

‘Not yet, you’re not,’ he said. He whispered a binding charm and she looked at him with surprise in her eyes. Looking down at her wrists and trying to move them, she noticed that they were now stuck together.

‘Malfoy,’ she warned.

He leaned forward and nibbled her earlobe. ‘Snowdrop,’ he said in a hot whisper and she shivered from the sensation, though she had no idea why he was saying that. He suddenly grabbed her hips and turned her around to face the desk, lifting her arms and pushing her forward over it. She heard him say another charm, a sticking one, and when he pulled back, she now found that her bound wrists were stuck to the other edge of the desk, pulling her body across it with her hips at the edge closest to Malfoy.

Malfoy,’ she whined.

He had lifted her lab cloak and skirt and when she whined, she felt a stinging pain across her bottom, though thankfully cushioned by the soft material of her knickers. ‘Call me that again, Granger,’ he said through gritted teeth. ‘I dare you.’

She pressed her head down against the desk and groaned. She actually had plenty of time before she was supposed to meet Astoria and she had finished all of her work for today. And from the way that he was talking and treating her, she knew this was going to be nice hard fuck and that she would hopefully have one of those aforementioned orgasms she had been thinking about just a few minutes ago.

‘Did you at least lock and silence the door?’ she panted out.

She knew he would be smirking. Her question was her way of consenting to this, of giving him permission to continue. ‘Of course,’ he said in that seductive voice that he had. ‘I do not want anyone to see what I’m about to do to you, Granger.’

She felt her knickers go slick. Fuck, this was hot. He had barely touched her, but she was bound to her desk with her hips at the edge. Her feet were on the floor, but were being pulled up onto the balls of her feet by the height of the desk and that put her arse right in position for Malfoy to have full access to her.

His hot hands held her hips and he pushed his clothed erection against her lower body. Gods he was hard. And she was already soaking thinking of what he was going to do to her while she was like this. He slowly pulled her knickers down, groaning at the wetness that was so obvious in front of him.

She felt another stinging slap against her right arsecheek and she moaned out, even as her body twitched from the impact. She heard a noise and looked down and behind her enough to see that Malfoy was now sitting on her chair behind her. He spread her legs a bit, now making her support them with only her toes and then she felt his tongue on her left arsecheek, laving gently at the skin.

She had just let out a sound of pleasure when his right hand smacked her again, mixing the pleasurable sound with a groan of pain. He licked her bum again, slowly moving closer and closer to her centre, but not close enough to give her relief.

‘Draco, please!’ she cried out. He smacked her again and this time it was more painful as he kept hitting her in exactly the same spot and the skin there was now tingly and sensitive.

‘I’ll get to it when I get to it,’ he said, and then muttered something else that she couldn’t hear.

Several long, excruciating minutes later, his tongue finally touched her slit, but only long enough to dip into her, pulling some of her slick wetness up to rub it into her tight rosebud with his tongue. She groaned again as her body started to shake from his attentions. He repeated his actions a few more times, pushing more and more wetness into her arse with his tongue, before stiffening his tongue and shoving it deep into her back entrance.

‘Oh fuck,’ she cried out, pushing her face harder against the desk and pulling on her bound wrists. Her tummy was doing somersaults and she couldn’t stop it. She didn’t have the right friction to be able to come, but it felt so good and so naughty.

Then she felt an odd sensation, there was something pressing against her cunt, but it wasn’t anything natural. It felt plastic, like her toy that she had bought, but less realistic. He pushed it into her and though it felt wide, it wasn’t very long and she tried to look back again, confused at what he was doing.

‘Snowdrop, Granger,’ he said mysteriously again and then he removed it from her slit and slid it up to her arse, pushing forcefully against her tight muscles.

She yelled out, not expecting it and not feeling nearly prepared enough for how thick the thing was that he was pressing against her. She was panting and felt her body tense against the intrusion. ‘Malfoy, what—?’ she tried to ask but then felt another stinging slap against her bottom, this one harder than the last had been.

And all the while he kept pushing this thing into her bum. It was slick with her juices, but it was so damn big. ‘Draco,’ she cried out, pushing her forehead against the desk. ‘Please stop,’ she said.

He stopped and got up, pulling her hair back to make her look at him. ‘You keep talking about your muggle toy, Granger, so I've went and gotten one to use on you. I want to fuck you while it’s shoved deep into your arse, but if you really want me to stop, say snowdrop.’

Then he was back behind her, pushing what she had now gathered was a butt plug back into her arse and she cried out again but didn’t say the word. She knew that it would slowly get wider until it was fully inside her, but she wasn’t sure how big it was and she didn’t know how much more she could handle.

Tears leaked from her eyes as she felt herself stretch tighter and tighter around it and she had very nearly shouted out his given safeword when she suddenly felt it lodge itself within her and her muscles tightened again around the now much smaller bit holding it steady within her.

Draco groaned behind her, pressing against the bit outside of her bum a few times to let her feel the fullness of it inside of her. ‘That’s fucking delicious,’ he said lowly and she moaned again at the pleasure of him praising her, now pleased that she had been able to take it. He leaned over her, bringing her head back again to give her another harsh kiss. ‘I’m going to fuck you so hard while that's in you,’ he moaned against her lips and then let her head go again, knowing that the angle was making it uncomfortable for her.

‘Fuck, please, Draco,’ she moaned out, wriggling her hips as much as she could given her current situation and he let out a hiss and smacked her arse again, which made her body twitch again and tighten around the thick bit of plastic stuffed in her bum.

Without really being able to see behind her, she had to gather from the sounds that he was making that he was now unbuttoning his trousers quickly and pulling his cock out, giving it a few strong wanks before he finally moved behind her. Pushing his hand against her lower back to hold her still while he positioned himself, he then—without any preface—shoved himself forward and fully imbedded his cock into her cunt.

He held himself still, falling slightly over her as he panted. ‘Fuck, that feels amazing,’ he said hotly. Hermione could feel it too, the skin between her arse and her cunt being squeezed between the plug and his cock and she was sure he could feel it pressing against his cock as well.

She squeezed her inner muscles around him in pleasure and he jerked forward again instinctively which just made her cry out again. He pulled back, holding her hips for support and then pushed forward again, both of them moaning out at the sensations.

On what was probably only the fourth or fifth thrust, Hermione already felt herself tipping over the edge of her first orgasm, the feelings and the buildup so strong that she couldn’t hold herself back anymore and Draco hissed again feeling her flutter around him.

He grabbed her hair and used that and his grip on her hip as leverage as he began slamming into her harder. She was soon lost to her senses, she couldn’t tell what was up or down anymore, only that she wanted—no, needed—more. Explicit and indecent words were falling from her mouth as he filled her over and over again and she stopped caring what she said anymore as long as it wasn’t fucking ‘snowdrop,’ because she did not want this to stop.

She screamed out as she reached another orgasm, her body sweating and shaking and she was pushing back as much as she could against him when she felt him start to jerk forward, losing his rhythm and she groaned in annoyance that he would dare come and put an end to this.

At the same time she felt him pushing into her, she suddenly felt a pulling and could feel the pressure high again against her arse, and as he slammed her hips hard into the desk, flooding her cunt with his cum, she felt the equally as excruciating but pleasurable feeling of him pulling the toy from her bum.

She distantly heard it hit the floor and then Malfoy collapsed forward onto her, trapping her hips hard against the desk and pulling another strangled growl from her chest.

After a few long moments of deep breaths and panted sighs, he pulled away. She heard him rustling around and muttering a cleansing charm as he pulled her knickers back up and righted her skirts and cloak. His heavy footsteps alerted her to the fact that he was now on the other side of the desk and she looked up at him.

‘Sufficient,’ he said with a smirk and then tapped his wand to her wrists to release her, turning to leave without so much as a backwards glance.


Ginny wasn’t quite sure what made her wake up. She had been napping after another thorough shag from Zabini but something made her quickly regain consciousness and she opened her eyes. She was lying on her side, facing the door. The curtains were all closed and it was dark in the room despite it only being mid-afternoon, but there was a bright light coming in through the door.

She closed her eyes to only slits when she saw that Blaise was at the door, speaking to Pansy Parkinson—er, Zabini? His wife, anyways. Ginny then thought that alerting them to her conscious state would be a bad idea and she pretended to continue sleeping as they talked.

‘Astoria’s owled,’ Pansy was saying. ‘She’s asked her what we’ve been talking about.’

Blaise’s body seemed to hum in anticipation. ‘And?’ he asked.

Pansy smiled—and Ginny errantly thought that a proper smile, not a sneer or a smirk, actually looked quite nice on the Slytherin witch’s face—and said, ‘She’s said yes.’

Ginny couldn’t quite make out Blaise’s face as he was turned slightly away from her, but his sudden exuberant hugging and subsequent passionate snogging of his wife made it obvious that he was quite happy about whatever, what was it, Astoria, had owled with. Ginny frowned slightly, she had a feeling that she knew that name, but she couldn’t quite remember why.

‘Blaise,’ Pansy admonished when he pulled away. ‘What if she’s awake?’

Blaise pulled away from his wife. ‘Trust me, she’s out. She was practically purring like a kitten the last time.’

‘So, it’s going well?’ Pansy asked and Ginny almost smiled as well. It was strange that Blaise’s wife was so enthused about him sleeping with another witch, but she seemed genuinely happy.

Blaise’s next words, however, made her shiver. ‘She won’t be able to kick up a fuss after this.’

What the bloody hell did that mean? What would she be kicking up a fuss about?

Pansy sighed. ‘That’s great Blaise. Even Astoria has said that he just seems so much more content now.’

‘He does, doesn’t he? I can’t wait to get back to the Manor now, to be honest.’

Pansy smiled again. ‘Me neither. Anyways, I’ll let you get back to it. Not long until the Portkey, though if she wanted to stay another night, I wouldn’t mind joining you.’

Blaise gave her another kiss and she walked off. He closed the door and the room was once again thrown into darkness.

In the darkness and without their voices interrupting her thoughts, Ginny’s mind started racing. Astoria—she wracked her brain—where had she heard that name? It must be their girlfriend that they were talking about, but she wasn’t sure Blaise had mentioned any name except Terza. And what would Ginny kick up a fuss about? She knew that Blaise knew about Harry sleeping with Malfoy because he had said that he had walked in on them.

Because he was at the Manor from time to time.

They couldn’t wait to go back to the Manor, they had said. To see their girlfriend. Ginny’s head almost exploded and she remembered where she had seen the name before. It had been in an article in Witch Weekly, where Pansy and Astoria had done a spread to show off the dress robes that they had designed for Astoria’s wedding.

Astoria’s wedding to Malfoy.

Blaise and Pansy’s girlfriend was Malfoy’s wife?

They were shagging the wife of the man who was shagging her husband? (She quickly wondered if anyone else had ever had to ask themselves that question before?)

And they were at the Manor from time to time when supposedly Harry had been there as well?

Blaise rolled himself back into the bed and was slowly moving towards her, trying to wrap and arm around her waist, but she pushed him back and in the very dim light she could see a look of surprise on his face. ‘What’s up, Red?’

‘What’s up?’ she asked, her voice angry and annoyed. ‘Harry fucking put you up to this, didn’t he?’

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