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A/N: I just want to say thank you so much to my amazing reviewers for the great feedback on the first chapter of this story: Smile317, Hedwig_927, Oceangirl, Billy and Nari-Chan. 

I’m excited to write more of this and have even now written down a few scenes that I want to happen later on in the story (including the last chapter!) but there is still tonnes of leeway on what can happen between then and now so I would still really love to hear any suggestions that you have.

Also, the first chapter was obviously a continuation of the end of ‘Purebloods,’ and this one is a continuation of the end of ‘The Interview’ so is about 2 months after Chapter 1 (I have assumed that Hermione would most likely have quite a lengthy notice period).


Chapter 2

Four hours.

Hermione moaned.

Only four hours into her first day at Malfoy-Zabini Enterprises and she already had a cock inside of her.

Blaise’s cock, which surprised her, but she wasn’t complaining.

She whimpered as he thrust into her again. She was lying back over his desk with her legs around his waist. He was leaning over her, kissing her fully as he filled her, again and again. ‘Merlin, Granger, I’ve wanted to do this to you for ages.’

‘We just had sex a few days ago,’ she said, then moaned again as he pushed solidly into her.

‘But not on my desk at work while you’re on your lunch break,’ he said with a smirk and she felt her tummy tingle again. To be truthful, she had been looking forward to this as well.

As much as she loved being with all of her lovers, it was sometimes a bit much having three or four different people trying to please you and be pleased at the same time and it was a nice respite when she was able to be with just one of them at a time. It seemed more intimate and she loved it.

She had had several intimate moments with Draco and Astoria and even Pansy, but she rarely got time with just Blaise and it was very welcome to just be able to let him fuck her slowly and completely on his desk.

He was touching her hair and when he wasn’t actively kissing her, his lips were hovering over hers, breathing in her exhales. She moaned. He was taking his time. He wasn’t being rough, but it was solid and sure and the slow, almost torturous pace was making all of her nerve ends tingle.

‘Fuck,’ he moaned out. ‘You have such a perfect cunt, Hermione.’

She pressed her head back against the desk and lifted her hips towards him in pleasure, feeling herself clench around him. ‘You’ve got such a nice cock,’ she replied with a groan.

He gave her a cheeky grin, ‘Oh, I know.’ She smiled and hit his shoulder playfully.

He kissed her again and then licked the line of her jaw and nudged her head to the side so he could kiss down her neck. He palmed one of her tits through her robes as he moaned against her neck, starting to move faster.

‘Blaise, please,’ she cried out and he brought his face up to look at her.

‘What do you want?’ he asked in a breathy moan.

‘Make me come,’ she panted.

He grinned and then kissed her again, this time hard and quick and then pushed himself up a bit, slinging one of her legs over her shoulder so that he could press his cock into her even more fully and she gasped in pleasure.

‘Fuck Blaise, that’s perfect,’ she said loudly, shoving her foot into his arse to try to pull him deeper into herself as he began a more determined pace. She had her hands above her head, grabbing onto the other side of the desk, trying to push down against him and now he was giving her everything he had, pushing into her hard and fast.

Her breath was coming in sharp pants as he continued to plunge into her and she could feel herself building rapidly towards her peak. She was close, but not quite there and his hands were too busy holding himself and her leg up, so she pushed one of her own hands down her body to find her clit and began rubbing it lightly in line with his thrusts.

He was now letting out animalistic grunts each time he slammed into her and she was lifting her hips to meet his with each motion. ‘I’m so close,’ Hermione said, pressing her clit harder and feeling her breath hitching.

‘Fuck, me too,’ Blaise said, staring down at her with a look of complete lust and she could not think of anything sexier in that moment than dark brown eyes so glazed in need that they looked black and his beautiful face glittering with sweat from the efforts of giving her his cock again and again and—.

‘Merlin, Blaise!’ she shouted, her body reaching its peak and she pressed firmly against her clit as it pulsed under her finger. Blaise thrust into her a few more times before he grabbed her thigh to push fully into her and she felt his cock spasm as he emptied himself into her with a groan.

He dropped her leg and leaned forward over her again, pushing his cock further into her as he bent to kiss her again. ‘Welcome to MZE,’ he said with a grin.


Hermione yelped as a strong hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her into a storage cupboard off of the main hall while she had been walking back towards the lab the following morning.

The hands moved quickly, grabbing her shoulders and pushing her roughly against a wall and Hermione felt her head hit the concrete behind her. ‘Wha—’ she managed to get out before the body slammed into hers and one of the hands moved down to forcefully squeeze her arse.

‘What the fuck are these, Granger?’ she heard Draco’s voice hiss angrily against her ear.

Hermione whimpered as he grabbed her bum in a painful grip and shoved her back against the wall again. ‘I—’ she muttered, but couldn’t think straight with his body so close to hers. She couldn’t see well in the dark cupboard but could tell his eyes were dark grey.

‘What are you wearing?’ he clarified with another hard squeeze and she panted against him.

‘Erm—trousers?’ she mumbled.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back strongly to look at him. ‘Why the fuck are you wearing trousers?’

She panted and licked her lips. ‘They’re ehm, comfortable?’

He was not amused. ‘It very clearly states in your contract that you are only to wear skirts or dresses to work,’ he said in a clipped tone.

Hermione whined as he continued to pull her hair back. When he mentioned it, she did remember reading it in her contract but had thought of it as some kind of misogynistic joke. ‘You can’t be—’ she started.

‘Serious?’ he said. ‘I’m very serious.’ He pressed her against the wall again with his body. ‘I require easy access to your body, Granger, and these,’ he grabbed her arse again through her trousers and growled low in his throat, ‘are a fucking hinderance.’

Hermione was still panting. ‘Just vanish them,’ she said.

‘That’s not the point,’ he said with another shove. ‘You were given explicit instructions and you’ve disobeyed them.’

Hermione moaned.

He sighed heavily, looking down at her with what looked like pity. ‘I wanted so badly to fuck you today,’ he pushed a hand against one of her breasts as he ground his hard cock against her tummy. ‘To make you come again and again.’ He moaned. ‘Fuck, you know I love making you come, Granger.’

She whimpered at the dark look in his eyes.

‘But after this little stunt,’ he said. ‘The only place you’re getting my cock is in your mouth. And you will only be allowed to come when you get back to work tomorrow, dressed fucking properly.’

‘I can—I can transfigure it,’ she whined almost pathetically. Was he really denying her an orgasm until the next day?

‘It’s too late now,’ he said darkly. ‘And don’t even think about running to Zabini either. I’ll make sure he knows what you’ve done.’

Hermione cried out as he pulled her hair back again and leaned down to take her lips in a bruising kiss.

He pulled away far too quickly for her liking. ‘Now get on your knees and show me how sorry you are.’


Hermione was resting on the sofa in her flat and reading a book when there was a knock on her door. Her wards did not allow anyone except for herself to apparate or floo directly into her flat, so any visitors had to wait at the door until she let them in.

She walked over to the door and looked through the peephole. A shock of messy black hair met her vision. She let out a long sigh and ran a hand through her hair. She was still quite frustrated from Draco leaving her with no release today and she didn’t think she could handle her friend just now, who was probably here to accost her about what had happened at the Manor the other week. She grumbled as she opened the door. ‘Harry, it’s late, what is it?’

Harry looked sheepish for a minute and tried to look inside. ‘Do you have any…visitors?’ he asked.

Hermione raised an eyebrow and breathed out heavily through her nose. ‘No, Harry, none of my lovers are here,’ she said sarcastically.

‘Ginny and I have had a spat,’ he said. ‘Could I stay here for the night?’

Hermione sighed and opened the door further, ushering him inside. ‘Of course,’ she said. ‘What did you fight about?’

Harry shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. ‘Don’t really want to talk about it.’

‘What do you want to talk about then?’ Hermione asked, sitting back down on the sofa and pushing her book to the side.

Harry, trying to talk about anything other than the fact that he had moaned Malfoy’s name in the middle of a blowjob from his wife, grabbed the book from Hermione. ‘Muggle Ailments?’ he asked, ‘What’s this for?’

‘Research for my contraceptive potion that I’m working on,’ she said. ‘I’m wanting to make it an all-in-one,’ she said, now sounding quite excited. ‘It will be a contraceptive, but also stop anything that might be spread sexually. So, I was reading about the Muggle ones that sometimes get spread into the Magic community.’

Harry nodded, ‘That sounds ideal, Hermione.’

Hermione nodded her head and then looked to the side and then back at Harry. ‘So are you going to tell me or not?’

Harry shook his head. ‘Are you going to tell me how you ended up fucking Malfoy and his wife?’ he asked with a bit of heat. There it was, she thought.

‘Can do,’ she said with the same heat, then said defensively, ‘And her name is Astoria.’

Harry looked up in surprise at the tone of her voice. ‘Hermione, do you care about them?’

Hermione looked a bit embarrassed at the accusatory tone of Harry’s voice, but then she squared her shoulders and met his eyes. ‘Yes,’ she said, admitting it to herself at the same time. ‘I do care about them, Harry. All of them.’

‘All of them?’ Harry asked. ‘You mean he was serious when he said you were shagging the other two as well?’

‘Blaise and Pansy,’ Hermione said. ‘Yes, the four of them, and sometimes Charlie when he comes to visit.’

‘And Ron,’ Harry said.

Hermione furrowed her eyebrows. ‘I’m not shagging Ron.’

‘You did at the Manor,’ Harry said.

Hermione groaned. ‘Harry, I…I really don’t know what happened there. He was just…he was looking at me differently, in a way that I had never seen before and I just needed to see if it would—or could—be better than it had been before.’

‘And?’ Harry asked. ‘Ron seemed to think that it was a new leaf for the two of you.’

Hermione groaned again. ‘It was good, Harry,’ she said. ‘But—fuck…’ She cut off and Harry raised an eyebrow and looked at her, imploring her to continue. She put her head in her hands and mumbled, ‘It wasn’t him that got me off.’

Harry shook his head, ‘What do you mean?’

She raised her head and her cheeks were flushed. ‘What Ron was doing felt nice, but it was watching Draco suck you off that made me come.’

Harry flushed this time. ‘Really?’

Hermione nodded, looking away. ‘He’s such a wind-up. He knows it turns me on to watch him with other guys and I think he was trying to show me, you know, that he can always get me off, even if I’m with someone else.’

Harry shivered at Hermione’s words but he wasn’t sure why. He suddenly realised that it was dread. ‘Do you think that’s the only reason he did it?’

Hermione looked back at him at the vulnerability in his voice. ‘I—’ she said, but then stopped and looked at him more closely. ‘Why?’ she asked. ‘Did you want it to mean more?’

Harry groaned at her astuteness and his head fell into his hands this time. ‘I don’t know!’ he said, louder than he expected. ‘I—’ he looked up at her. ‘I fucking said his name while Ginny was going down on me.’

Hermione snorted and then covered her mouth with her hand, trying to hide her smile.

‘Hermione!’ Harry whined. ‘It’s not funny!’

Hermione snorted again and then tried to straighten her face. ‘Of course,’ she said, trying to be serious. ‘Of course, you’re right Harry, very serious.’ She broke into another grin and this time Harry couldn’t help but copy her.

‘Ginny went off her fucking nut,’ Harry sighed.

‘I can imagine,’ Hermione said. This time she did straighten her face and asked more seriously, ‘Do you want more?’

‘From Malfoy?’ Harry asked and Hermione nodded. ‘Fuck, I don’t know, Hermione. I’ve never been with a guy before and…what if it’s…what if it’s something that I’m missing out on?’ He paused and looked at her and she had an encouraging look on her face. ‘It felt really good,’ he said softly.

‘I didn’t know that it could feel so good with a witch until Pansy and Astoria,’ Hermione said. ‘And I still love being with a guy as well, but there’s just something different. They give you something that you didn’t realise that you needed. Like with Ron, I didn’t realise that the reason that we were fighting so much is that we were both trying to make something work sexually that just wasn’t keeping either of us happy. And I didn’t know that until I went to Romania and Charlie showed me what it could feel like.’

Harry’s eyes were wide listening to her. ‘And was it that much better?’

‘Definitely,’ Hermione said. ‘It’s not that Ron isn’t good, or that he’s a bad person. I still love him, Harry, but he just can’t satisfy me. And then when Draco came along and showed me what else I could do and what else I could have, I realised that even what Charlie had shown me wasn’t everything that I needed. I needed that balance, the hard and rough with the soft and passionate.’

Harry was nodding with her and then they both fell silent for several minutes. Finally, Harry gave a big breath out. ‘I think I want to try it, Hermione. Do you think he would do it?’

‘Please,’ she snorted. ‘He’ll fuck anything with legs.’

‘You said you’ve watched him with other guys?’ Harry asked.

‘Blaise and Charlie,’ Hermione said.

‘And what’s he like?’

Hermione smiled and touched her head. ‘He’s going to love your hair.’

Harry ran a hand through the messy mop, sounding a bit wary, ‘Why?’

She was suddenly serious. ‘He is rough, Harry. If you want someone who will take it a bit easier, I can ask Blaise. He’s not as bad.’

Harry shook his head. ‘No,’ he said. ‘I’d really like for it to be Malfoy.’

‘Do you want me to ask him for you?’ she said.

‘Could you?’ he asked.

‘Of course,’ Hermione smiled. ‘Also, you’d better get used to calling him Draco. He really doesn’t like to be called Malfoy while he’s shagging you.’

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