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It was Wednesday morning and Hermione was doing her usual running through the Malfoy building. Her unruly brown curls were piled high on her head with no less than four quills, one muggle pen and her wand stuck in there. She was dressed in a knee-length brown skirt with a white blouse and sensible matching kitten-heeled shoes that Draco hated with a passion. She'd tried to explain to him on more than one occasion that while he sat behind his big and disgustingly expensive desk she was running from one side of the building to the other and up and down stairs to make sure that their quotas were met in a timely fashion and she needed comfortable shoes to do that in.


Malfoy Inc. specialized in a little bit of everything from buying and selling companies to representing people as magical lawyers. Hermione had asked Draco how they managed that but he only said that Malfoy's could do whatever it was they wanted, she never got a straight answer from him when it was about business which bothered since she was working for them. As expected, the Malfoy money kept them out of jail after the war six years ago but getting their reputation back was a little harder and they almost had to close the doors of their business. Hermione was the only reason that they stayed open. She'd been working at the ministry for two years and was attempting to figure out how she could get another job, one that she didn't hate so much. While Harry was still weary around Draco and Ronald flat out hated him Hermione had become rather good friends and while he'd been complaining about losing the family business she'd mentioned expanding in to the muggle world where their names weren't slandered. Next thing she knew she was receiving a large check from Malfoy Inc. and offered a position


Hermione handled all of their muggle accounts and went to all the meetings with Lucius and Draco to make sure that they not only knew what the hell was being said but that they didn't do anything that may offend and loose potential clients. She worked five days a week and usually had eight meetings a week and that was on a slow week, she had to take notes, type notes and distribute them to any area that needs to know what's going on with their new clients. Hermione was just entering a meeting on Wednesday morning, she was late and knew that Lucius, who was glaring at her from the front of the room, would give her an ear full once everyone was gone. The meeting was half over and from the look of irritation on Draco's face it hadn't gone well.


“I'm sorry, Mr. Malfoy's” A man said, as he stood up and stacked his paperwork high, this was a move that Hermione was used to seeing and employed a few times herself, it was a move that clearly said 'I've been trying to leave for a while now and you won't let me, but I mean business this time' and she smirked “But Mr. Stark isn't interested in tying himself to your company nor is he interested in selling anything to you”


“But...” Lucius tried weakly but the man simply turned away and walked to the door.


“Good day, sirs” He said before leaving. Hermione bit her lip and attempted to leave the room before Lucius's temper took over, it always did when he didn't get his way.


“Where” Lucius said without turning to look at her “The hell were you this morning?”


“I'm sorry, Mr. Malfoy” She answered instantly “Harry called me over to watch Teddy while he...” Lucius turned his cold, gray colored eyes towards the bushy haired woman “He said he'd only be an hour at most...”


“You come in here two hours late” Lucius said coldly, behind him Draco bit his lip nervously, knowing that once his father took on that tone there was no saving the person on the receiving end “You missed a very important meeting that could have gotten us a very influential client. You look like shit, your clothes are wrinkled, you wearing no make-up, your hair has a life of its own and I believe there is stuff stuck in there” Hermione lowered her eyes “You should be fired”


“Father...” Draco tried but the look he got made him shut his mouth.


“This meeting may have ended this way had you been on time” Lucius continued “But then again your presence may have led to them rethinking our offer and wanting to do business with us...if I keep you on here tell me what will you do to make it up to us?”


“I don't know, sir” Hermione answered, she lifted her fiery honey colored eyes to Lucius and fixed him with her withering glare that made even Draco shiver “However, I would just love to see you do half of what I do in a day, in an entire week!” She slammed her hand on the table “So don't threaten me!”


Lucius turned away from the little lioness and smirked to himself, her temper was an impressive thing at best and terrifying at all points. His turning away looked like he was being rude but to be honest he was just buying himself some time before facing her again. Though he was grooming Draco to take over in a few years he was still the boss in the building and knew that he had to punish her somehow. Draco would tell him that he was just acting out of his frustration and anger and maybe that was true which was why he was taking a few minutes to breathe before he came up with something. He knew that if he spoke out of anger he would risk losing a valued employee, Hermione was the reason his business was still running. She'd found clients when he thought there weren't any, she found business when he'd been so sure that he'd have to close the doors to a business that had been in his family for generations. But the fact of the matter remained that Hermione Granger, though a great worker, a fierce witch and brightest one of her age, had come in to work two hours late looking like she'd spent the night partying. He had to teach Draco that weather it be a friend or a low level employee an action of some sort had to be taken so it set an example to the others that you aren't some pushover boss.


“Miss Granger” Lucius said, turning around to look at her again “What I'm about to say isn't to stroke your ego at all”


“Yes, sir” Hermione muttered, looking at her hands nervously.


“You are a good employee” He told her, causing her to lift her head and look at him with something akin to wonder on her face because praise from Lucius hardly ever happened “Your work is always done correctly, always handed in on time, early even. But I can't just look the other way when you come in late looking like you just did the walk of shame out of some guys dorm room at University” She lowered her lashes again “This is the first time that you've been late, that is why I've said something but its not the first time that you've looked like shit, with your hair a complete mess and I've seen you numerous times running in to the bathroom to fix it up or to wash your face in the morning, what's going on?”


“This morning I had to watch Teddy for Harry” Hermione explained “He watches him when Andromeda works the late shift at Saint Mungo's, he got called in to office early because of some case he can't tell me about and asked if I could watch him...he said he'd be back in an hour but he took longer and when I was able to get home I just threw on the first thing I found”


“That explains this morning” Lucius said “Not the other times”


“I have nightmares, okay?!” Hermione snapped at him “I don't sleep well some nights and then I am groggy in the morning and my last thought is about doing my hair or picking out an outfit that looks perfect...I'm sorry”


“Okay” Lucius muttered, he watched his son walk around the desk and over to her, slowly rubbing her arms and whispering to her to make her feel better “I can't argue with that one, we are all still suffering from the remains of the war” He looked at his hands for a moment and then looked at back at her “On the nights that you have nightmares, I want you to send an owl to us and then take a little extra time getting dressed and calming down. But don't just throw together whatever and come in, you need to look professional and approachable but not messy”


“I'll do better” Hermione promised “Thank you for being so understanding, Mr. Malfoy”


“I want you to go to New York” Lucius said “With the Christmas holiday coming up I think getting away from here for a while would do you some good...since your parents...” She nodded quickly, not wanting him to say words like 'accident' or 'death' because it made her chest hurt.


“Why New York?” She asked.


“I want you to meet Mr. Stark” Lucius said “You are charming and able to make our case much better, for muggles at least, than Draco or myself” She blushed “I think that you may be able to convince him to do some dealings with our world”


“But why?” She asked, she understood that business was business but what it was he wanted with this particular man was beyond her “Why him, why not someone else?”


“Tony Stark is a beacon of change” Lucius said “I am pureblood so the thought of technology” He sounded the word out slowly “Bothers me in a way maybe it even...scares me. But Stark is lighting the way for the future for the muggles and I think that if we could get him to sign with us and meet with us he could help get our world out of the past...think about it”


“Granger” Draco said, walking over to a chair and sitting down “You've said it yourself, the wizarding world is still stuck in the early eighteen hundreds...we could be the ones that drags this world out of the dark and in to the light with the rest of the world even if we stay hidden”


“You will be” Hermione told them “If this works in the future they will talk about how Malfoy Inc. saved us all and made our world so much better, that has nothing to do with me”


“Tell you what” Draco said, he looked towards his father and took a deep breath wondering how his father would take this “If you can get Tony Stark to work with us then I will make you partner” Hermione's eyes snapped over to his and then Lucius's when she heard him suck a breath in. Surprisingly, the older Malfoy didn't say anything.


“We'll have to set up a transatlantic port-key” Hermione said “Talk to the ministry here to get the okay about telling him about magic because you know I will need to at some point” They nodded, both looked excited about her being okay with her going to New York “We'll have to get the okay in America as well”


“Sounds like a plan” Lucius said, clapping his hands together and moved around the table “You...” He looked at her for a second “I will have Narcissa take you out to get you some new clothes tomorrow morning because we have no meetings. We'll get you a whole new wardrobe and get you packed up and ready to go to America and meet him”


“A man as rich as Tony Stark is going to be hard to get a hold of” Hermione pointed out “I will likely need some sort of clearance to meet him”


“We'll take care of that” Draco answered with a grin.


“How?” Hermione asked “Nothing illegal!”


“We'll take care of it, Granger” Lucius said a little more firmly “Leave it up to us”


~~~~~~New York~~~~~~


Tony walked in to the new tower that had been built in the city. Loki had utterly destroyed his other building. It was an opportunity to Tony though, he took that as a way to make his workshop bigger, to add more bedrooms in for the other Avengers, to make an office for Banner as well as a bigger one for himself and a library that he'd been slowly filling. It was just him and Banner in the apartment but that could change at any moment because Barton or Romanov could come back from their missions at any time. Steve could decide to give up on attempting a normal life with a normal apartment in Brooklyn and come back. Sometimes, when Tony was feeling lonely, he wished that Steve would come back or that Thor would visit but he knew that the god was busy dealing with his brothers trial and whatever they were choosing to do with him.


“Sir” JARVIS interrupted his thoughts as he stood in the window of his office and looking out over the bustling city “There is a Mr. Carl that is here to talk to you about meeting with a young lady from Malfoy, Inc. from England”


“I don't remember that appointment” Tony muttered to himself.


“Would you like me to send him away, sir?” JARVIS asked.


“No” Tony sighed, he was human so the thought that he'd forgotten something wasn't too unbelievable “Show him in to my personal meeting room”


“Yes, sir” JARVIS answered.


Tony made sure to take his time getting to the office, while he took his time fixing his clothing and making sure that he looked as imposing as possible. Especially since this meeting had caught him by surprise, while he got ready he had JARVIS give him a rundown about all he knew about Malfoy, Inc. which he was a little surprised to realize wasn't all that much. The company had just made an international splash just a few years prior to this meeting, they were a father-son team that worked well together. They were millionaires, not close to his wealth by any means but still respectable, he'd sent his best man from London to meet with them when they initially made contact with his company but the report back told him that father and son acted strange. Like they didn't understand the simplest technological terms which didn't make any sense since they wanted to do business with him. Five minutes after the man had been shown up in to his office Tony finally came swaggering in, wearing an expensive black suit with his tinted glasses on though it was a gray day outside the window and he sat down.


“I will admit that I don't remember making this appointment with you” Tony said by way of greeting, the man sitting before his desk was slightly glassy-eyed and his eyes almost glowed but Tony ignored it and continued on “Furthermore I don't know what you want me to say about Malfoy, Inc. I had a man meet with them from my London office and he gave me a report I didn't like”


“The two Mr. Malfoy's apologize for the meeting they had with your man there in London” Mr Carl said “A staff member had been out that morning, she had all the information on your company and they were unprepared”


“Not my problem” Tony said, he leaned back in his seat and wondered how long this man would fight with him “They should have been better prepared”


“They understand and agree with that” Carl said “They want to send over the employee that should have been there that day during the meeting. She is a young woman of twenty-four who is very smart and driven and they believe that she'll be able to show you the best of their company if you give her chance”


“Where is she going to be staying?” Tony asked “And for how long?”


“I was told that she could likely find a hotel to stay at for her time there” Carl answered “She will likely stay throughout the Christmas season”


“So he expects the poor girl to leave all her friends and family behind during the holiday season to convince me that I want to do business with them?” Tony raised a brow “Not the best way to go about it”


“She is an only child” Carl answered “And her parents were killed in an accident when she was eighteen years old, they assured me that she wants the distraction from the holidays more than they want to send her” Tony rubbed his hands over his face, he really didn't care about doing business with this company but there was a part of him that felt bad for the young woman who would rather work than enjoy the holidays. However, wasn't he the same way?


“Fine” Tony sighed “I'll have a room set up here for her”


“Are you sure you want her staying here?” Carl asked, looking shocked.


“Navigating ones way through New York is difficult during the best of times” Tony answered “But doing it during the Christmas holidays is impossible and on top of that there will be no rooms at any reputable hotels this time of year. She would likely end up in one of those pay by the hour joints that hookers are so fond of, she could get raped and/or murdered there” He sighed “She's safer here”


“I will tell Mr. Malfoy” Carl stood up “Thank you, sir”


“Yeah” Was all Tony said.



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